Thursday, December 19, 2019

What Happened to Heidi and Margot Broussard?


Autumn said...

"cutest little pucker lips" -> maybe he means the baby has a habit of pouting her lips as seen in this photo (on the right)? :

Autumn said...

Right at the start of the other interview he says - in the context of morning routine - "give them kisses goodbye" and immediately thereafter he wipes his eye and gives a sob. :

The thought of kissing them "goodbye" is making him emotional. The full quote is:

“Err basically err like every day we wake up around err 6:30 and err (…) every day err we err, I w… wake up first ‘cause I have to go to work first ehm and then ehm, I do my morning routine, do everything, they start wake up around 6:30 so like I start waking them up, I give them kisses goodbye, err, [sobs, wipes his eye] “have a good day at school” (…)”

Autumn said...

After the quote about the baby's "pucker lips" he says what sounds like "we just play". What does he mean by that? The word "just" means he is thinking about something else than playing. What is it. (Or am I mishearing it and does he say something else?)

A little bit later he says with regard to the baby "keeps you warm at night". Is that a normal expression in English (with regard to a newborn)? (at 3:09 and 3:44)

Anonymous said...

SC says "It was a basic Thursday..." and "..basically err like every day we wake up around err 6:30". I believe that is his way of telling us that it was a normal or typical day in their household, But then, soon after, he is telling us at least two things that are out of the norm. First, that it was a "late" day and he woke Heidi and the kids at 6:40 instead of 6:30 and second, that this was Heidi's first day to go alone to school drop-off with Silas AND the baby. Remember, the baby is only just two weeks old at that point and Heidi has probably needed help getting Silas to school as she recovers from childbirth and adjusts to the sleep disruptions and schedule of a newborn. In addition, it is unusual that Heidi is going to the book fair because the book fair only occurs occasionally, not on a regular basis. So we have a bunch of factors that make this far from the usual, typical, or "basic" Thursday for them.

Maria said...

Dear Peter

Please elaborate on why there is a need to explore for sexual abuse when he adresses both Heidi and Margot as "women".

Is it because that in his perception Margot is a women as is Heidi and therefore Margot becomes interchangeable with Heidi and thus making her an aim for his desire when Hedi could not or would not fulfill his sexual needs?


M said...

They may have found Heidi's body, and the baby alive.

Autumn said...

If it turns out Shane had nothing to do with it - and it kind of looks that way now - this case will be a very good lesson for me because I thought he was involved for sure (although I wasn't convinced of the sexual abuse). His body language seemed so unusual and inappropriate at times given the circumstances. The uncontrollable smiles, the looking down, the focus on himself. It may have been all nerves and fear for their lives. I feel sorry for him and Margo and Heidi's other children/parents/relatives. RIP Heidi

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess not as crazy as the people who cut pregnant women open to steal their babies, something which happened in the city I live in several years back. The woman who stole the baby showed up with her boyfriend the next day at a family cookout with the baby. And then fled to another state to a homeless shelter with the boyfriend and baby. These types of cases are so strange you can't really wrap your head around them.

RIP Heidi

MizzMarple said...

Good Morning, Peter,

Update on this case:

Missing Texas newborn found alive, mom found dead after weeklong search, family says

JERSEY VILLAGE, Texas — A body believed to be that of a missing Texas mother was found Thursday night near Houston, while her newborn has been discovered alive, a family member told NBC News.

Tammy Broussard, Heidi Broussard's mother, said early on Friday that police told her a body found in Jersey Village, Texas, is likely that of her daughter, who has been missing for a week.

More at Link:

Daphne said...

The only thing that is still freaking me out about Shayne is how he said in one of his interviews that "it was a later morning because it was the first time (Heidi) was dropping off Silas at school ALONE with the baby".

It's just so odd to say.

It sounds like he KNEW she was in danger and may have even helped Heidi's friend by giving her information on that fact that Heidi was going to be alone that morning or even made it so that she would be alone that morning by saying he didn't need to go with her and the baby and Silas to drop off...Info has not come out on exactly WHERE the abduction took place, but Heidi's keys and phone are missing...was she abducted right after the book fair? It sounds like 2 people are being questioned--one probably drove her car back to her apartment, pocketed the keys and dropped her stuff off in the apartment.

The person who abducted Heidi lives 200 miles away from where Heidi was abducted...was she somehow stalking Heidi on a daily basis??? That seems somewhat unlikely. Or did Shayne let the friend know when Heidi would be "ALONE" for the first time??? It may sound unlikely, something is weird about how he mentions that it was "a later morning because it was the first time Heidi would be dropping Silas off ALONE with the baby."

I think Peter is right that Shane is NOT telling everything he knows. I don't think he physically killed Heidi but I wonder if he could be an accessory to the crime.

Daphne said...

It's also totally strange that Heidi's body was still in the trunk of the friend's car???

Was there someone else in on the plan who bailed out? The one who was supposed to get rid of Heidi's body??

It's so deranged how baby stealers think they will get away with it when it is so very unlikely that they will...

MizzMarple said...


Report: Houston woman charged in Heidi Broussard case

10 a.m. update: Authorities have officially identified the Houston woman linked to the kidnappings of Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter, Margot Carey.

The woman is 33-year-old Magen Fieramusca, according to authorities.

Arrest records out of Harris County say Fieramusca is charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with evidence.

The evidence was a human corpse, according to arrest records.

8:40 a.m. update: A Houston woman and “close friend” of Heidi Broussard has been charged with kidnapping and evidence tampering, law enforcement sources said.

10 a.m. update: Authorities have officially identified the Houston woman linked to the kidnappings of Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter, Margot Carey.

The woman is 33-year-old Magen Fieramusca, according to authorities.

Arrest records out of Harris County say Fieramusca is charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with evidence.

The evidence was a human corpse, according to arrest records.

8:40 a.m. update: A Houston woman and “close friend” of Heidi Broussard has been charged with kidnapping and evidence tampering, law enforcement sources said.


Daphne said...

I feel Shane had to be helping that friend pull her plan off against Heidi...

The case that happened around where I live....the baby stealer who cut open the woman's stomach was also her "friend", but it made much more sense how she was able to pull it off because the woman she targeted was extremely vulnerable, lived alone, was poor, had learning difficulties and no boyfriend or friends except the woman who cut open her stomach and took her baby and yes the woman died.

It would make little sense for Heidi's friend to target her since Heidi was not all that vulnerable....she lived 200 miles away from her friend, she lived with Shayne, Shayne actually went with her to drop offs in the morning, Shayne seens to have kept normal hours so it is not as if Heidi would be alone at night's not like Shayne traveled on business etc or was a bartender working nights....

I think Shane was in on the plan...his linguistics reveal that he KNEW she was in danger when she went to the book fair ALONE

MizzMarple said...

"Daphne said...
I feel Shane had to be helping that friend pull her plan off against Heidi..."


I agree that Shane had to be involved. His statements were deceptive.


Daphne said...

Mizz Marple,

I agree...I thought it was peculiar how he said “IF YOU SEE “A GREAT MOM” OUT THERE”...He didnt say “if you see Heidi”...there is an implication in his statement that the “great Mom” people might “see” taking care of Margot would not be Heidi.

That one statement alone was major leakage that could have helped solve the case.

Daphne said...

He was involved.

frommindtomatter said...

Scroll down and you will see reports of domestic violence from a friend of Heidi`s and also:

“ can reveal neighbours have cast doubt on his version of events, with one saying that he heard an argument from next door just before 2pm. Alan G, who asked not to use his full name, said he heard a muffled row shortly after returning home from his job as a barista at 1pm.He told 'It was definitely after 1. I heard noises that sounded like an argument coming through the wall. ‘Alan, who lives in the neighbouring apartment, added: 'I didn't really know them very well – I would see them on the stairs and out walking the dog but that was it.”

So we have the next door neighbour saying he heard something between one and two.

When being interviewed outside his apartments Carey said:

“And [pretty much] I worked all day till [about one something], and then I got here [around two]. I seen her car, [walked] upstairs. She wasn’t here…, and her phone was off. So I thought she was at her friends house [cause] the friend lives in the same complex [so] she might be over there with her phone off [so] I thought [nothing] of it, but she was not back yet. [So] then I went and picked up my son from daycare and ahh… and brought him home and she, he didn’t finish his lunch, [so] he told me to grill it for him.

He gives us two time references the first is “about one something”. Note “one something” covers any time between 1:00 and 1:59 which is a huge gap. He uses two qualifiers to weaken his commitment to the time “about” and “something”. That is a very weak statement. His second time reference is “around two” which covers an area of time before or after 2:00. Note he has now created a window of time where his whereabouts are unknown which spans between 1:00 and 2 something??

His neighbour is quoted as saying “It was definitely after 1. I heard noises that sounded like an argument coming through the wall”

He makes a strong statement when he says “I heard noises”, he does not qualify it by saying “I think” or something similar so I believe he did hear noises coming from the apartment. The question is where Shane Carey was between 1:00 and 2:00, because he isn’t telling us. It seems like a bad coincidence that the time he will not account for fits in with the time his neighbour heard a disturbance?


Hey Jude said...

Did Shane know, believe, or suspect, that Heidi was at the house of her friend, with the baby? Did he try, but fail, to make contact with that friend while Heidi was missing? Could the “two women” have been in reference to Heidi and her friend (if not answering calls) as missing together, rather than to Heidi and Margot?

Maybe, if he knew or believed Heidi and Margot were at the house of the friend, “she couldn’t do anything mean” was not intended about the baby, but of the friend?

I wondered if he believed the baby was likely to be alive because he said, to “just feed the baby”. Maybe he had an idea where Heidi and Margot had gone, and knew or believed that Heidi would not be able to feed her?

frommindtomatter said...

The daily mail reports that “Megan Rose Fieramusca, aka Maygen Humphrey, who is described as one of Heidi's friends”

“She is being held in county jail on kidnapping and corpse tampering charges”

There is no mention of murder or suspicion of murder. I find it interesting she is being held on “tampering” with a corpse. It sounds like she was involved with moving the body. Shane has a big hole in his timeline and a neighbour hearing a disturbance during that missing time. He is withholding a lot of information and in this situation that’s a big problem. What would be so sensitive that it needed to be hidden?

If he thought she had left due to relationship problems why doesn’t he tell us? If they had argued why not reveal that if nothing serious happened. He had to pick his son up when daycare called to say Heidi hadn’t turned up for Silas. Most people would start to really worry at that point but Shane omitted from his statement, he said:

“[so] she might be over there with her phone off [so] I thought [nothing] of it, but she was not back yet. [So] [then] I went and picked up my son from daycare and ahh… and brought him home and [she], [he] didn’t finish his lunch, [so] he told me to grill it for him.”

We expect him to tell us daycare called so he went to get Silas and he really started to worry at that point, but he doesn’t include it. What is more important is that his son hadn’t finished his lunch. Note he makes a pronoun error “[she], [he] didn’t finish his lunch”. Was the baby with him?

When she didn’t pick his son up we expect him to phone the Police immediately, but again he doesn’t. What was he doing between “one something” and 7:30 when he called the Police?


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a friend, not the boyfriend.

Daphne said...

I’ll tell you what visualization was right from the previous blog post...Shayne said “she (Heidi) would want to help someone out even if she only had $4.00 in her bank account”

I guarantee this is what happened: The baby stealer showed up at the apartment between 1 and 2 pm....Shane was there & Heidi....the baby stealer told her she needed some money (probably along the lines of “I drove up here to surprise you & see the baby, my car ran out of gas/oil though etc....I just barely got it to your apartment....Heidi then “wants to help her out even if she only had ,$4 in her bank account” and so Heidi drives the friend (and Margot) to an ATM to try to use her overdraft to give the baby stealer money for gas, oil.....I believe there was a male in the car with her who killed Heidi near the ATM...Heidi’s body was thrown over an embankment...the body was later placed in the trunk of the baby stealer’s car....Shane was probably nervous looking around in dumpsters outside their apt bc he was pronably worried baby stealer had dumped the body in one of those dumpsters.
And yes Shane was in on it.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

"Making a Murderer" subject Brendan Dassey, who has spent over a decade behind bars for murdering photographer Teresa Halbach, was denied a bid for pardon on Friday, Fox News has confirmed.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced he will not consider Dassey's pardon request because the prisoner does not meet the necessary criteria. The 30-year-old inmate is best known as Steven Avery's nephew who appeared in the wildly popular Netflix series "Making a Murderer," which documented their crimes.

"Unfortunately, we are unable to consider your application for pardon because you do not meet one or more of the required eligibility conditions," Evers wrote in a letter to Dassey obtained by Fox News.

In the letter, Evers continued that he cannot consider the request for pardon for two reasons. The first is Dassey has not yet completed his "entire sentence for the conviction." Avery's nephew also has not yet registered as a sex offender.

Both are requirements for a pardon to be considered per Wisconsin law, Evers' letter states.

Dassey was sentenced to life in prison at age 16 in 2007 after he was convicted or rape and murder of Halbach, a magazine photographer.

Dassey's lawyers previously claimed that investigators took advantage of his youth and intellectual and social disabilities to coerce him into falsely confessing that he helped Avery rape and kill photographer Teresa Halbach in the Avery family's junkyard in Manitowoc County.

While Dassey and Avery have attracted supporters over the years after the Netflix series about their crimes went viral, Dassey ran out of options in the court system after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear his latest appeal.

A rep for Dassey did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Anonymous said...

Breaking: Heidi was strangled to death with ligature

Also, how could the froend identified in picture with Heidi that daily mail is saying was the baby stealer be the same woman pictured in the mugshot of the alleged baby straler released earlier by the press??? They look NOTHING alike.

Hey Jude said...

According to, Megan Fiersmusca was present at the birth, and had been faking a pregnancy, claiming her baby was due Dec 1st, gift list for baby shower online. If she was close enough to Heidi to be present at Margot’s birth, her house should have been an obvious place for Carey to have expected Heidi and the baby to be found - instead he said he thought she had visited a friend who also lived in the apartment complex (so not Fieramusca).

Did he try to contact Fieramusca to find out if mother and baby were with her? He didn’t say that he had, which would seem to avoid the obvious person she might have been with.

Daphne said...

Hey Jude, Good point, Why didn't he suggest to police that they look for Heidi and Margot at Megan's house?!?? The only reason police found them is because someone tipped off child protective services. I wonder why noone suggested that she might have gone there???

So evil that that friend plotted against Heidi in that way...mindblowing.

frommindtomatter said...

I have made an accurate transcription of the beginning of the interview where Shane Carey answered a reporters questions outside his apartments. This segment covers the first 2m 30s of the interview. I will transcribe the rest and post when I can. I thought it was important to have an accurate transcript instead of relying on quotes from the media which can many times be unreliable. One of the issues with this case in my opinion has been working with small quotes which limit insight to the greater context they were made in. I myself am guilty of analysing small sections of his statements. I should have transcribed the full interview but I was lazy and didn’t. I will do it now however as I want to get as full an understanding as I can of the language.

R: Tell me what happened, tell me when Heidi and Margot first went missing?

SC: Err.. basically like every day we wake up around 6:30 and err… (SC phones starts ringing in his pocket)

R: Its ok you can take it.

SC: yeah.

SC father: Just hand me the phone.

SC: I don’t care about the phone (cancels call and puts phone back in his pocket.

Err, every day we err, I wake first cause I have to go to work first. Umm, and then umm, I do my morning routine, do everything. They start waking up around 6:30, and so I start waking them up. I give them kisses goodbye, err… (Becomes emotional, wipes eye), have a good day at school, and then she starts making their sandwiches. And umm, so I went to work. She took Margot with Silas, she dropped them off at school, to the book fair and err, after the book fair she called me err, around 8 something err, on her way home from the book fair said she spent 25 dollars. I was like that’s OK umm and I told her I had to go cause I was on my way out, and err I told you I love you, bye. And err pretty much I worked all day till about one something then I got here around two. I seen her car, walked up stairs, she wasn’t here and her phone was off. So I thought she was at her friend’s house cause her friend live in the same complex so she might be there with her phone off. So I thought nothing of it, but she was not back yet. So then I went and picked up my son from…. Daycare. And brought him home and she, and he didn’t finish his lunch so he told me to grill it for him. And err, basically, then we umm, after a little bit I called my Dad. He said don’t worry about it too much right now, and err, we, I called her friends and she hasn’t heard from them, her friends didn’t hear from her. So then I called the cops. And then they came over here I think it was around 7:30, I think err… Ever since then it’s just been trying to reach out. Just…. Just help, I don’t know. She`s a great Mom. She needs to be back.


Mizzmarple said...

Thank you, Adrian, for the transcript.

Willow said...

Hey Jude, true, makes sense. Shane Carey ought to have called Fieramusca immediately and he ought to have told publicly that he made the call whatever its outcome.
Geographical distance was only 200 miles.
H how long would it have taken for the police or SC to drive that distance to make sure?

Who moved the body of the deceased Heidi Broussard to the trunk of the car?

I cannot understand that F could have been physically capable to first strangle H.B. and then move her to the trunk. F. must have had help.

There has to be a lot of information behind the surface that is not revealed.

frommindtomatter said...

Shane Carey Interview outside apartments transcript part 2:

R: So the last time you heard from her was around 8:30?

SC: Yeah, yeah eight, eight, but even probably before then like 8:15, I would say.

R: And you called the cops around 7:00 right?

SC: Yeah seven ish, I think it was like 7:15 or 7:30 maybe, sumat like that, yeah.

R: And just tell me a little bit about Heidi and Margot.

SC: Err, they`re amazing, they`re umm, beautiful loving umm… loves everybody she has the best group of friends. Margot is the sweetest; she’s only 2, 3 weeks old and err… I mean she has the cutest little pucker lips… gorgeous little baby, and we just play. Umm, she doesn’t have, err, she’s not, she can’t do anything mean. I don’t know. Just beautiful people, loving people, loving friends, loving family. Everyone’s here to support. (Inaudible…), I don’t know. Like she’s only seven pounds err, so teeny tiny loveable baby….. Keeps me warm at night.

R: And Margot’s not your only child with Heidi right?

SC: No, I`ve a six your old boy named Silas. Which he`s amazing. Great at sports, great baseball player, does karate… beautiful little kid as well. So fun, very intelligent err, loving, he`s just like his Mom…. He needs his Mom back, he needs her back. Anybody, I don’t care if you think it’s a look alike, just call in and help. Please.

R: What have the last, what is it two days now, what have those been like for you. Have you guys received a lot of calls?

SC: Yes, we`ve received a lot, a lot of support err, off people. I mean news stations err, just random people on Facebook, old friends that I forgot about from like high school, they`re like I`m hoping you’re doing OK. So we have a lot of support, and err, it’s just people coming over here. I just sit back and just, I wish, wishing I could do more, and not knowing what to do is the hardest part. Cause I don’t where she’s at, I don’t know if she’s suffering, I don’t know… anything, and I can’t help, I`m helpless, and that’s the worst feeling in the world… Just to be helpless. And I know the cops and investigators are doing their job, they`re doing a great job, I just wanna do more, it feels like we could do more. And that’s where everyone comes in, this is a group, let’s all do it together.


Anonymous said...

These statements, from the original deleted interview, always bothered me:

" was a later day..."

"...cuz it was Heidi's first day to actually take Margo (pause), uh, by herself (long pause) with, uh, Silas (throat clear)..."

Knowing about the "friend", here's my interpretation:

A later day at 640am? Or a "later day" for HIM because HE watched Margo before allegedly going in to work late?

Therefore it was Heidi's "FIRST DAY" [since Margo's birth ] to take Silas "BY HERSELF".

However, I don't know if there's actual proof Heidi brought Margot to the school.

Do parents usually take car seats in and out of the car? I don't have kids.

Normal routine: since Margot's birth, Shane now has to take Silas to school on the way to work. Heidi stays home with Margot.

Change in routine: Shane offers to watch Margo so Heidi can finally take Silas "by herself". Now Shane and Margo are alone, coincidentally, on the day both disappear. And the friend (whom he knows) ends up with Margot.

He had to have plotted with the friend in way in advance of Margo's birth to create a time where she could take Margo.

Was he nearby when the friend Face Timed "her" new baby at the hospital?

The whole overt act the friend put on, pretending to be pregnant in advance, was to establish an alibi. Why would she she take Margot when she has her own baby, right?

Maybe the murder wasn't planned, but an unexpected necessity.

Daphne said...


There are a lot of SCAN sensitive areas following the morning routine beginning with the phrase “SO I went to work”.....SO is repeated over & over throughout the rest of the account...we also see the word CAUSE in the same sentence with SO

This sentence is key and could solve the case:

“SO I thought she was at her friend’s house CAUSE her friend lives in the same complex
SO she might be there with her phone off.
SO I thought nothing of it”.

A much more natural way for him to have said that would have been

“I thought maybe she was at her friend’s house who lives in the same complex and maybe she had her phone off.”

He was involved and he KNEW where she actually was...

Maybe the argument that the neighbor heard around 2:00 pm coming from their apartment was Shayne telling Megan that he was not going to help her dispose of Heidi’s body.

Daphne said...

@ Anon 3:30....I think you are prob right...about him watching the baby while Margot went to drop off Silas...funny how he doesnt mention anyone feeding the baby bc that is usually the very first thing you do in the morning when you have a baby....I also noted that the baby does not seem to be “personified” in the morning routine ie. baby is not crying, being fed, being held, etc....Shane mentions how the baby kept him warm at night....could Shane have slept on separate room with the baby and have disappeared the baby during the night? Maybe told Heidi “Oh the babys still sleeping in her room...dont go in there and wake her...just go drive Silas and have fun at the book fair.

With Silas he mentions eating....Silas didnt eat his lunch so he told him to grill it
Silas was dropped off at school

There is personification of Siras but not of the baby.
Baby may have been gone by the time of the morning routine.
Perhaps thats why he cleansed himself with water.

Anonymous said...


Anon 3:30 here...

When I saw he used the word "actually", indicating an opposing thought, I started thinking what the alternatives to the routine could be.

You made some interesting points.

"...funny how he doesn't mention anyone feeding the baby... the baby does not seem to be “personified” in the morning routine...."

I didn't notice that! Very strange, since he's not adverse to mentioning every little mundane detail otherwise.

"...could Shane have slept on separate room with the baby and have disappeared the baby during the night? Maybe told Heidi “Oh the babys still sleeping in her room..."

That's very plausible. Less likely for anyone to witness anything at night. HE WORKS FOR A MOVING CO. COULD HE HAVE USED THE TRUCK TO HIDE/TRANSPORT ONE OR BOTH OF THEM?

I thought that lunch description was odd. And I, too, wondered if the baby was gone before Heidi returned. Or did she lie down to rest after the fair, and he strangled her at a vulnerable time. Was the friend there?

"Perhaps that's why he cleansed himself with water."

That makes sense. In some interview he mentioned a door or doorway, and I believe that is a potential indicator of abuse (yes?), as is mentioning water.

Anonymous said...

Daphne, US banks do not have “overdraft” in the style of British banks. If you don’t have at least the smallest denomination bill the ATM holds in the account, you will be able to get any cash at all.

Hey Jude said...

Well, two hundred miles is not like a stroll down the road - so I think it’s reasonable to revise what I said earlier - it may not have been his first thought that Heidi was at the house of MF, in view of the distance.

Was the eldest child at home? She is not accounted for - a friend said Heidi loved her stepdaughter as her own and would not have left her either.


R: Tell me what happened, tell me when Heidi and Margot first went missing?

SC: Err.. basically like every day we wake up around 6:30 and err… (SC phones starts ringing in his pocket)

Doesn’t answer either question. Is where he chooses to start important? He starts his “what happened” by avoiding addressing the day in question.


“She took Margot with Silas, she dropped them off at school, to the book fair and err, after the book fair she called me err, around 8 something err, on her way home from the book fair said she spent 25 dollars.”

Who was dropped off at the book Fair? Silas, or Silas and Margot? If he/they were dropped off, to whom? If they were just “dropped off” when did Heidi go to chose and purchase books? He doesn’t say she said she bought books specifically (maybe he did in the other interview) only that she had said, on her way from the book fair, that she had spent $25

Does “dropped off” mean “went to the book fair and chose books to the value of $25”? There is a last photo of Heidi in the school, in which she doesn’t appear to be carrying the baby, or books. Was the baby “dropped off” to someone? What about the older child? Maybe he meant to say the name of the older child rather than Margot, as one of the children who were dropped off, but that’s not what he said. I’m not convinced Heidi bought books because he says she “dropped them off to school, to the book fair”, rather than she took them to, or went to the book fair, but maybe that’s a different use of “dropped off” to mean “stayed a while”? Is that a usage?


When he says Heidi was making “their sandwiches” - is he referring to his older daughter and Silas? Margot obviously doesn’t eat sandwiches - or get “dropped off” to school yet. It was Heidi’s first day of taking Margot by herself, “with, uh, Silas” - I’m curious why he doesn’t include the other child, but perhaps that’s not relevant.

Hey Jude said...

Isn’t it the good guy principle, when Carey says he grilled Silas’ sandwich for him? He’s doing as his son told him, grilling his lunchbox sandwich after collecting him from Daycare - he’s showing himself as a good parent.

How did Silas get dropped off at school yet picked up from Daycare? Did he change location, or does Carey consider school to be Daycare, or is it a change in language?

frommindtomatter said...


I agree that there is a lot of sensitivity in his language; he has a need to justify his behaviour. I think we need to consider that this interview was a couple of days after she went missing. He may well be feeling guilty that he did not call the Police sooner or have done more when he got home finding her missing. That’s why I want to transcribe the full interview so we can look at it in full context and balance it against where he was (mentally) in relation to everything that was happening. He may want to show himself as a good guy, someone who cares and also justify why he did not do more.

There was a case on the blog some time ago about a schoolteacher “Kristin Westra” who went missing from her home in the middle of the night. I can’t find it on the blog just now after searching so it may have been removed. Her husbands statements were full of sensitivity and his behaviour very strange. His wife was found some time later close to home and her death ruled a suicide. Peter commented on the discussion that was going on pointing out that if the husband knew his wife was a risk (she might try to commit suicide) then he would feel guilty as he would be thinking he should have done something to prevent anything happening. After re-evaluating his statements and factoring that in I saw his language made sense in that context. He was feeling guilty and became defensive in his language, in his own perception of reality he probably thought everyone was thinking he should have took better care of her etc…

I will get the rest of Shane Careys interview transcribed and posted tomorrow and then I think it will be good to analyse it in its greater context. Will it read differently from another contextual viewpoint?


Anonymous said...

I didn't understand why he said daycare either and that maybe he was really uninvolved with his kids.

I kinda thought about that lunch/good parent thing too since he said HE woke everyone up, implying, to me, that Heidi wasn't a responsible person.

And in one interview said he said the car door was unlocked and he always told her "over and over to lock it and pushed her" to do it (pushed her, eh?). Again, as if she was irresponsible - subtle blaming of the victim.

HOWEVER, later on he said she always locked it!

Guess he couldn't decide between looking like the better parent or providing a false clue to avoid suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this? I don't always believe this source, but it fits.

frommindtomatter said...

Shane Carey Interview outside apartments transcript part 3:

R: And just, I mean to talk about you know the way that the car was left, the way that the home was left.

SC: Err, everything was… like she was home. I mean that’s why I thought she was at her friends house, like she walked to her apartment complex. The cart seats upstairs, her purse is upstairs, her ID wallet. There’s no signs of… her taking the baby. She, her, she would never leave her car door unlocked, her car door was unlocked. So that’s, that’s a weird sign. So umm, err… I don’t know anything about that. And her purse was inside her car with all the money still inside of, of it. Her ID, her cards, her full purse. It’s just the only thing that had gone… is her, the baby, her keys and her cell phone, which has been off since I tried to call her at 1:40.

R: And her keys is that her car keys or…

SC: Car keys, apartment, mail box, It, it, it’s, like a set of keys

R: Weird.

SC: Yes… And she never leaves her car door unlocked. But I mean she does have a three week old baby so… I don’t know. But she, she, she would not leave the car door unlocked. I`m, I`m, I`m a big pusher on that it`s I, I push her to look everything… so.

R: One of, one of the first things we talked about when first got here is that obviously there’s a lot of scrutiny on you. I mean I imagine that’s got to be tough. You’re going through this absolute nightmare…

SC: Yes.

R: and then obviously people have to check you off…

SC: Yes.

R: the list, I mean that’s got to be really difficult.

SC: yeah, it`s, I mean I like I, I, don’t even, I like just pretty much ignore that. I, I don’t know how to handle it, but like I know it’s a question, but (small chuckle) I mean, I don’t… I don’t know. I like I don’t know how to, I just ignore it cause I know it’s, it’s not true.

SC father: It’s negative.

SC: Yeah, it’s negative so I don’t want to…. (Shakes head), yeah.

SC father: We`re trying to be positive and, and find her. You know, you know we can’t do, help anything about what anybody thinks.

SC: Yeah, I, I haven’t even seen any comments.

SC father: We know what we think, and that’s all that matters.


frommindtomatter said...

Shane Carey Interview outside apartments transcript part 4 FINAL.

R: And just talk about, you know, you trying to find her, talk about things you guys are doing. It seems like you’re doing a ton.

SC: Yeah, I mean the, the first day we, I was going through dumpsters over here just in case she threw her keys. I was just walking around the apartment complex. I sat outside to see any suspicions, anything that’s was weird. I didn’t see anything. I asked, like the next morning I just sat out here for hours and asked everybody if they’d seen or heard screaming, any, anything that was off or suspicious. Everyone’s no, but like their all saying no…. and err.

SC father: We checked for cameras.

SC: Yeah, we went across (inaudible), we asked everybody if they had cams on their cars, I don’t know. We were just asking them all the questions that we can, and looking through everything. That’s, that’s what I`m saying like there’s only, I don’t know what else to do cause its, it’s already the third day and it`s getting scary.

SC father: (talks about checking local cameras on a store and other stuff)

R: how do you deal with this, I mean you`ve still got kids at home?

SC: Yes, I haven’t, I haven’t told them. But I just to, I mean like there, there with this other (inaudible) part of the family right now until we at least get an answer. So that’s why I`ve great support, and there’s kind of juggling with them right now while all this is going on over here. So I don’t want to put that in their brains yet cause I`m, I`m an adult and I cannot even handle it, so I`m not going to put that in their head until we know… something. They’re too young.

R: What else do you want people to know?

SC: That this is an amazing family. I mean, she’s so supportive and she just wants to help everybody as well. She wants to help. I mean she’s the most giving person. She only has $4 in her bank account and she’s still helping somebody out, you know. She’s a great person, she would, she needs to be back. Her son needs her, I need her, her family needs her. Just if you see anyone with a little baby that kind of looks like her please just give anybody a call. News, 911, I don’t care.

SC father: We`re open to anything

SC: Anything, any hope, any, any hope.

SC father: (talks about setting up a cell phone number for sightings etc...)

R: Thank you so much. Is there anything else that I`m missing?

SC: Just, everybody be on board. The more shares the more likes, comments, any platform that you can do, share. If you don’t know me I don’t care, just put it out there, and just let it get around. You don’t have to know me, just post and share as much times as you can, it only takes one second. For our family to be happy, just one second.

SC father: We got to find her we`re not taking no for an answer.


frommindtomatter said...

Something that stood out to me when I was transcribing the interview was a lot of sensitivity in connection to Heidi`s keys and her car door being unlocked. There is a lot of stuttering (transmission problems) whenever he talks about that topic. He repeats “car door unlocked” at least four times in his statement. The strangest though is when he says:

“Yeah, I mean the, the first day [we],[ I] was going through dumpsters over here just in case [she] [threw] her keys.”

Why does he select the word “threw”? If he had said “dropped” I could understand that. When something is thrown it is many times due to anger or frustration. Shane reveals that he believes she (Heidi?) may have thrown her keys, and for him to entertain that thought he must hold knowledge to support it. Did Heidi leave after an argument or does Shane think she was abducted and that she threw her keys during abduction.
What happened in reality is not as important as what Shane believed happened in terms of analysis. What Shane believes is his perception of reality. What does Shane believe happened the day Heidi went missing? Or is he telling us he knows what happened?



General P. Malaise said...

Blogger frommindtomatter said...

SC father: We got to find her we`re not taking no for an answer.

thanks for transcribing Adrian. NOTICE, the father said .."We got to find her ..." he did not say "find them".

Daphne said...

Some schools have aftercare till around 5 or 6 for parents who work


Very interesting about THREW THE CAR KEYS

It’s very odd.

embedded statement

He knows what happened. She must have throw the car keys when either he or kidnapper friend or her accomplice was
trying to wrestle them from her.

Maybe Heidi did not willingly drive friend to the ATM.

OR Was someone (Shayne?) trying to take Heidi’s keys and Heidi THREW them to her friend???

Argument around 2 pm
Heidi is trying to leave the apartment) with friend)
Shayne tries to take her keys
Heidi THROWS the keys to her friend

Heidi’s car door was left open: Was she trying to leave in her car and was she dragged out of her car and placed in a VAN or IN FRIEND’S CAR?

frommindtomatter said...

In the article it says “Surveillance footage obtained from slain mother Heidi Broussard’s Austin apartment complex showed her willingly getting into a car on December 12 with a woman she had been friends with for years, sources told ABC 13.”

This would mean there was no struggle as she was going with a friend. Shane told us Heidi’s car door was unlocked and her purse with ID and cash was inside her vehicle. I find it strange that even though going with a friend she would leave her purse etc… in her unlocked car. Hopefully more details will be released soon such as what time she got in her friends car.


Daphne said...

From Mind to Matter,

Did she have the baby with her when she went with her friend willingly??

It might make sense that she left her purse etc behind if she and her friend were just taking a quick trip to the ATM—she may have just grabbed her bank card and left with the friend. Or is she just wanted to go for a drive and talk with her friend.

Where was the baby when she left with the friend? Where was Shayne?

Daphne said...

Was the baby disappeared during the night?

Did Heidi’s friend say “Shayne gave me the baby to watch. Come with me”
Could Heidi’s friend have showed up and demanded money from Heidi if she “wanted to get her baby back safe?”

Did she go willingly or was she threatened with a weapon? Did Shane make her leave her stuff behind when she went with the friend?

I think the friend demanded a ransom as a lure to get Heidi in her car, saying she would take her to the ATM, and then killed her.

Daphne said...

Shayne used the word “look-alike”


frommindtomatter said...


This article states:

"Video at Broussard's Austin apartment complex captured her getting into Fieramusca's car willingly on Dec. 12, the day she went missing, said sources. Margot was with her. They were old friends."


Anonymous said...


--He or the friend may have thrown them in the dumpster, then he later fished them out, realizing the cops would probably check it.

--Or he was simply playing the desperate fiance, claiming he was doing whatever it took to find his family. This, however, is in contrast to his later statement that his search consisted of "just walking around" and "sitting for hours".


--He said, "HER PURSE IS UPSTAIRS" (present tense)

--Then seconds later said: "AND HER PURSE WAS INSIDE HER CAR [past tense] with all the money still inside of, of it. Her ID, her cards, her full purse."

And how did he know all "the" (not "her") money was still inside her purse? Of course a controlling narcissist or sociopath probably would monitor every penny she spent of HIS money. Is that minus the $25 for the THREE (liar's number) books?

"It’s JUST the ONLY THING that had gone… is her, the baby, her keys and her cell phone"

"JUST" minimizes her, the baby, the keys, and phone, as does "ONLY" and "THING". And "only thing missing" is singular, but then he listed 4 "things".

He says: "Everything was…like she was home...that’s why I thought she was at her friends house...".

Yet: "There’s no signs of… her taking the baby."

He's reporting what he did NOT see. What signs would indicate this, as she wouldn't take the car seat if she walked to a friend's apt? If he thought she visited a friend, and it looked like she didn't take the baby, why wasn't he worried about the baby? Why not call/visit the ALLEGED friend, since Heidi's phone was allegedly off?

"And she never leaves her car door unlocked. BUT I mean she DOES have a three week old baby so… I don’t know"

This reads as: she never leaves the car door open, BUT since she has a baby with her, she may have. Whaat? Subtle blaming of the victim.

"She, her, she would never leave her car door unlocked, her car door was unlocked. So that’s, that’s a weird sign. SO UMM, ERR…I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT."

Well he sure seems to know a lot about the unlocked car door because he keeps explaining and repeating. Clearly he DOES know about "that".

"...cell phone, which has been off since I tried to call her at 1:40". Is this when she was killed, and he turned the phone off/ditched it? It matched the time frame of the neighbors' hearing arguing.

However a controlling, demanding abuser would keep calling and calling, so perhaps she shut the phone off to stop it.

"I was JUST walking around the apartment complex. I sat outside to see any suspicions,... I JUST sat out here for hours and asked everybody..." and "...I don’t know what else to do." 

Seems like he failed to talk to the two neighbors who heard arguing.

To find them, he "just walked around" the complex and twice he "sat" just watching and asking passers-by, and allegedly checked some cameras with his dad. Very passive attempt. I would've been frantically going door to door, canvassing the neighborhood, and posting flyers.

"SC father: (talks about setting up a cell phone number for sightings etc...)"

It was the third day and they hadn't done that yet? You download an app and sign up. Takes two minutes.

Daphne said...

Anon I def think Shayne threw them in a dumpster.

After reading all the points you made in your post, I’m starting to think that
A) the baby was sold to the friend (by Shane?)
B) That is what THE MONEY is
C) Heidi’s death was not preplanned....
Ligature strangulation
Body left in car trunk in driveway for a week (she was not even recognizable when she was found)

I hate to say it, but was money changing hands when Heidi went willingly with the friend or was it supposed to change hands or not enough was paid?

There is no proof the baby was with Shayne or Heidi during morning routine & beyond

Shane mentions nothing about the night before.
Did he or Heidi get up with the baby during the night? One of then would have had to bc babies that age wake up at least 3 times at night to be fed.

JMO I think the baby disappeared before the night before.
Could that be why it was Heidi’s first day ALONE dropping off Silas? The baby waa already at her friend’s so she didnt need Shane’s help?

Why did Shane say it was OK she spent $25? Is it bc more money was expected to come to him (them) soon since the baby (may) have been purchased?

I am getting Dior Kuntz vibes as far as lack of personification of baby during the night/morning/day indicatong possibly the baby was not where they imply she was during that time period (with them).

Anonymous said...

I thought early on that someone might want to sell the baby but dismissed it. I'm now revisiting this possibility and going full-on "Lifetime" with it. Sorry, this not Statement Analysis based. I sound like a nut, I know, but the more I wrote, the more plausible it seemed.

This is a theory.

Friend and bf can't have kids or afford adoption (or have been turned down).

Friend talks Heidi and Shane into selling/giving Heidi's baby to her and faking the kidnapping of Margo. Maybe Heidi got pregnant for that purpose and that's why Friend pretended she was pregnant and tried to follow Heidi's pregnancy timeline (I read that somewhere).

To prevent authorities from questioning it, Friend overtly publicizes her fake pregnancy as "proof". Friend even Face-Times that "her" baby is born while in the hospital.

If this was actually Friend's kidnapping plot, why take the chance that Heidi or Shane could easily find out?

Clearly Friend can't tell loved ones what they're doing, so they think she's delusional.

But Heidi gets scared or wants to keep Margot. Friend: "Come with me and let's talk about it." Heidi: "Well, okay."

Shane was not part of the murder, but he's involved in the baby scam, so he has to cover his a**. So all the red flags we catch from his statements and behavior are due to THAT cover-up, not the murder.

Variation 1:
Friend pretended to want baby in order to sell it. Maybe went halfsies with Shane, who talked Heidi into it. Heidi finds out Friend is selling baby, or decides she wants it, and one or both kill Heidi.

Variation 2:
All are hard up for money. Friend has a baby buyer. Shane talks Heidi into faking a kidnapping in order to sell the baby. But Heidi chickens out, or wants the baby, and one or both kill her.

If he's a narcissist or sociopath, his blatant duping delight is part of who he is. Remember when he chuckled in the raw interview and said, "This is hard"? Not hard emotionally due to grief, but that his skills in deception are challenged by all the questions he thought he practiced well enough for.

He looks down to concentrate because "this is hard." Laughs to stall while he comes up with an answer.

Anonymous said...

And speaking about the car, he knew Heidi’s car was at the apartment therefore he must have known she wasn’t picking up their son but he still waited until he received a call from the school to go pick him up.... /cecilia

Daphne said...


Whoah we're on the same wavelength with this case.

"The money" is central to the case. I believe that baby was sold and with Heidi's knowledge.

You make an excellent point about Megan's pregnancy following the timeline of Heidi's pregnancy, Megan even being pregnancy at the baby's birth. It reminds me of the behavior of someone who has hired a surrogate to carry their baby. Not saying that's what happened, just that it has the vibes of "You're carrying that baby, but when it's born, I'm buying it and you're giving it to me."

Did Heidi for real think nothing was up when her friend, who had a Dec. 1 due date, simply became "unpregnant" once the due date came with no baby???

As far as the scenarios you propose, I'm not sure if the friend said she had a buyer or simply wanted to buy the baby and keep it...I tend to think that that was what was going on, since the friend pretended to be pregnant?
I think you are absolutely correct though that it was a deal gone bad in that either the friend did not pay the full amount she had promised OR Heidi changed her mind, and the friend/Shane/or accomplice killed Heidi.

I think Heidi went in that car with the friend because she had changed her mind: and that is why Shane says "The Money" was still there (in her purse)....Translation: Heidi told the friend she did not want to go through with the sale anymore, but did not return the money to the friend due to perhaps not even having the purse with her at the time or simply being killed before she was able to give back the money.

frommindtomatter said...

@ Anonymous December 22, 2019 at 5:55 PM

You mentioned a contradiction with Shane saying the purse being upstairs and then saying it was in the car. Shane first stated “The cart seats upstairs, her purse is upstairs, her ID wallet.” He is telling us where they are located now at the present moment (is). By him telling us the purse “was” in the car shortly after his first statement it reveals he has taken it upstairs into the apartment. He has moved it. It is not a contradiction.

Also you said how did he know “all "the" (not "her") money was still inside her purse?”

It is possible Shane knew how much money was in her purse. Later in the interview he says “. She only has $4 in her bank account and she’s still helping somebody out, you know.” He knows she has four dollars in her account which shows money is an issue in general. They may have spoken about the money with each other that morning or the evening before as budgeting would be important. How much money she had may have been revealed during that conversation. He may have checked the purse on finding it in her car and deducted the $25 off spent at the book fair and concluded what was left inside was correct. Or consider we know she had no money ($4 in bank) so Shane may have given her a certain amount of cash (“the money”) and based his conclusions from that.

Shane is essentially telling us that he has concluded she was not robbed. If we believe he is innocent then we would expect that would leave him in a bad place mentally, as if the motive was not robbery more sinister possibilities will be running through his mind.

He did say “I don’t know anything about that” in relation to the car door being unlocked which could be viewed as sensitive and a need to convince. We need to consider he had just been talking about the car seat, purse etc… which are things he does know about so he may be saying I know about this (car seat etc..) but I don’t know anything about that as in I can’t work it out. It could be a case of “this and that”.

Also you said when he says “"And she never leaves her car door unlocked. BUT I mean she DOES have a three week old baby so… I don’t know"

I don’t think he is blaming her for leaving the door unlocked I think he is trying to work out why it was left unlocked. It reads as he is saying maybe she forgot due to having to carry the baby etc… from the car, she had her hands full so to speak.

Shane does show sensitivity in his statement, and a need to convince but we must explore to see what is behind it. Being short of money will lead to sensitivity when speaking about it, but does not mean someone has killed their wife. Also a person feeling guilty because they are reflecting on the things they could have done to have prevented something which has happened will lead to a need to convince in their language.

“Err, everything was… like she was home. I mean that’s [why] I thought she was at her friends house, like she walked to her apartment complex”

“why” is sensitive as it justifies in this case why a thought was held. But imagine if Shane thought she was at her friends and never did anything to check on her, all that time he sat at home watching television or whatever. In his mind on reflection he would be thinking “if only I had checked on her” etc… This would lead to his sensitivity and a need to justify to himself why he didn’t do anything.

We need to explore all the things we flag against the greater context to get a fuller understanding.


Anonymous said...

The money thing makes sense. How else would Shane know it was all there, aside from him tracking every cent.

Megan needed privacy when she killed her. If she wasn't in Heidi's house, then Megan may have driven Heidi to her house under the guise of giving back the baby.

Did the footage show that Heidi wasn't carrying her purse? I wondered if Shane drove to Megan's to get Heidi's things to "show" she left her things at home and must've been kidnapped.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the breakdown. Last night I discovered the following examples, among others not listed:


Dec 20
Heidi Broussard Found Dead But Baby Alive, at Least 1 Person in Custody: Reports

"Speaking to KTBC earlier this week...CAREY SAID HE WENT INSIDE, FOUND the baby’s car seat and BROUSSARD’S KEYS."

Dec 16
Texas Mom Heidi Broussard, 2-week-old Daughter Mysteriously Vanish



Dec 16
She Would Not Do This By Herself’: Fiance Says No Signs Of Struggle...

"'EVERYTHING WAS LIKE SHE WAS HOME,' Carey told FOX 7. '…..Her car seat is upstairs, HER PURSE IS UPSTAIRS, her ID, wallet..."

Dec 19
Friend Reveals Heidi Broussard Went Through A Rocky Break-up...


Willow said...

Anonymous at 1:27 says:
..."I wondered if Shane drove to Megan's to get Heidi's things to "show" she left her things at home and must've been kidnapped."

1. Earlier in the discussion we focused in what Shane didn't mention, what he particularly omitted in the interview.
He must have known Heidis best friend F. who should have been first in his list of calls when Heidi disappeared.

Shane didn't mention anything about F.

What you say, Anonymous, about driving fits in the scenario.

Shane may have driven those 200 miles, 320 kilometers, in some three hours, to Megan F.

What Shane encountered at F. may have been a tragic surprise. Maybe it was an accident that Heidi died.
Shane could not take baby Margot with him as he needed to maintain the script of kidnapping. He brought back home the purse etc. to support the story.

If Shane drove to F. he may have been the person who moved Heidi to the car trunk.

So far the media reporting has said that Heidi was found in the trunk but left untold how she got there.

frommindtomatter said...

A quote from the first interview and my analysis.

SC: “By the time she drops them off I`m like getting in my trucks around like 7:40, 7:45 and [we always make contact like right before I get in my truck], and then go to work. They just went to the book fair and they just bought three books. It’s like $25 err… She couldn’t wait to read to err… Silas, whenever she err… whenever Silas got home. We just bought three brand new books which is right here inside the house. And err… that’s the last time I [actually] made contact with her.”

R: Yeah, yeah, could you just tell us a little bit more about when and where was the last time you saw Heidi?

SC: Yeah, it was err, [actually] like before I left this morning at 6:40. I left the house at 6:40 err… yeah. Err… yeah like I left the house, I won’t look at the light (points at light in room). I left the house at 6:40 err…… and that’s the last time I spoke to my err… [my son].

This above is taken from the first interview the one posted on the blog. Shane was having a hard time recalling what had happened that morning and was having major transmission problems. He uses the comparative word “actually” twice in relation to the last time he saw Heidi and also tells a lie.

To use the word “actually” in a statement you have to be making a comparison against something else relative to what you are talking about. It comes into language like below:
Question: So you arrived at work at 10:00 this morning?

Answer: No, it was [actually] 9:30 when I got there.

The person answering the question compares the interviewers’ suggestion of 10:00 with the time he knows he got there. The word actually automatically comes into the subjects’ language. You need two pieces of data to compare for this to happen.

If the question was simply “what time did you arrive at work?” then the answer is simply “I arrived at 9:30”, as there is nothing being compared. If the subject answers the question “what time did you arrive at work?” with “actually it was 9:30” we know he is comparing something in his own mind, as no one has introduced anything into the conversation that he could be comparing against. It could be the subject is thinking about how little traffic there was which allowed him to get into work half an hour early for instance. He is comparing the time he thought he would get to work with the time he did get to work in his own mind, and it has produced the word “actually” to come into his language.

Shane Carey uses the word “actually” twice in relation to the last time he saw Heidi. On both occasions he was not given anything by the interviewer to which he could compare what he knows against. This means he was comparing against something in his own mind.

I believe he is comparing the real last time he saw her against the one he wants us to believe is the last. That means he is being deceptive, and of course we ask why would he hide such information. But there`s more…

“I left the house at 6:40 err…… and that’s the last time I [spoke] to my, err……… [my son].”

I believe he was going to say my “fiancé” but realised he had just told us he had [spoke] to her at 8:00 at work on the phone. He pauses a while as he thinks of a way out and says “my son”. The problem there is we know he told us he picked Silas up from school. Brought him home and Silas “told him” to grill his unfinished lunch for him. This mean he has told a direct lie.

The two uses of “actually” and a direct lie point to Shane being guilty of deception.


Joe said...

@ 4:12 Maybe it was an accident that Heidi died? The cause of death was ligature strangulation - not a common cause of accidental death.

Willow said...

Joe, ty for spurring me to clarify.

I had in mind that the way a homicide may be accidental is that someone gets panicked. In this incoherent frame of mind they strangle without premeditation to kill.

frommindtomatter said...

Even though the baby has been returned to Shane Carey it is interesting that another man has come forward claiming the child is his. If the unknown man is genuine and believes that Margot is his, it means Heidi Broussard was seeing someone else. Would Shane have been aware of this? This introduces the possibility of a love triangle, and add to that the birth of a child where the identity of its real father is in doubt. This puts a new twist on the whole case.


Anonymous said...

Off Topic:

Another one of Tom's prostitutes beaten to a pulp--now in medically induced coma.

Anonymous said...

Tom asks Maddie and Jarryl if they have heard about Amanda getting beaten to a pulp, and also mentioning that Amanda's boyfriend had died a few months back....

Anonymous said...

Also note in the Maddie and Jerryl video, how nervous Tom is about the cops being onto him...

A state trooper pulled him over "for no reason"

Anonymous said...

I just hope Shane really wants Margot. His deplorable behavior in those interviews does not convey that of a loving, nurturing person.

Even if he was glad Heidi disappeared, you'd expect his interviews to be peppered with true concern for Margot and he would've been more active in trying to find them.

And if he knew Margot was safe (meaning: he supported giving Margot to the friend), then he didn't care enough about Margot to keep her.

Daphne said...

mind to matter,

That is crazy, but why is Margo in foster care awaiting DNA tests?

I thought the baby was given back to Shane? I wonder why another man claiming to be the father would cause the baby to go into foster care??

One thing for sure: The baby needs to be kept away from Shayne.

The baby doesn't look like Shayne and Shayne's linguistics show he is a predator.


Daphne said...

How do men come to believe they are the father of a baby born within another relationship??

HOw can they know they are the real father?

I wonder with my real Dad why he was so insistent he was my father, calling my grandparents over and over, demanding to know where I was.

frommindtomatter said...

@Unknown December 24, 2019 at 1:21 PM

“You got it wrong dude admit that, your “analysis ' is just like a lie detector machine all bullshit”

What is wrong, which part don’t you agree with?

For example:

“I left the house at 6:40 err…… and that’s the last time I [spoke] to my, err……… [my son].”

Shane picked his son up from Day care at 6:00pm after they rang him to tell him Heidi had not picked him up. He tells us he took him home. At 7:30 he called the police. The interview must have taken place after speaking to the police at some point in the evening. He tells us that last time he spoke with his son was at 6:40 in the morning. That’s not possible; he picked him up from Day care at 6:00pm so we know he spoke to him.

I haven’t got it wrong dude. It is Shane who has got it wrong, he did all the talking.


Tania Cadogan said...

Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year. Big hugs all round xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Christmas hug....warm wishes to you xoxo

Richard Straker said...

A lot of what gets written in these comments has little to do with statement analysis and more to do with conspiracy theorising.

Nadine Lumley said...

I'm worried cutest little pucker lips is him referring to the baby's anus, excuse my ugggg post. Uggg

Nadine Lumley said...

Thx. You cud always pay for training and then you cud hang out with the pros in their private FB group 😂

Nadine Lumley said...

I feel many men kill their victims out of blind stupid panic.


Nadine Lumley said...

Always made contact....

Thw word contact makes me think of hitting. He made contact with his fist... the wall... the road...