Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Greg Kelley: Is He Telling the Truth?

Greg Kelley was exonerated from the original conviction of molesting a child.

Is he telling the truth?
First Interview: https://www.kvue.com/video/news/local/raw-greg-kelley-calls-kvue-from-wilco-jail/269-6169


malke ursula said...

Expected: “I’m innocent. I didn’t abuse the child. I’m telling you the truth”.

”I believe I was unfairly targeted" is weak.

"he even put his hands in the crime scene”, he assures us that the crime scene exist.

"the jury they knew the truth”, I believe him.

"I did it”, I believe him.

"I believe they got the wrong guy" is weak.

"my accusation" he takes ownership of the accusation.

He is thinking about himself when he speaks about his inmates, the mistakes they made at his age and the years they needed to change their harts. He is worried that he’ll need so long to change his hart also. He wants to go back in prison to hang out with these guys he would introduce to his family.

He is selling himself as a christian man, an innocent man with a desire to do good in the world that wants to be a husband, a father a christian with principles and values. He has a need to describe himself as a good guy because he is not. “I want to do good”.

He feels the need to say that he is very very friend with an inmate that had a couple of life sentences.

“God, why me?” Deity.

“when an innocent man is in prison they are victims as well” not “I’m innocent” but somebody else.

“I believe that there are two victims” he is unable to say he is one of the two.

He has a dream of being a coach, how scary!

The final is priceless “there is not denying it, there is not denying it”, “there is no way of denying that”.

He never issued a reliable denial and said two times
Deception indicated.
He is guilty as hell.

how boring is this interview, why is he writing if he is recording everything?

Anonymous said...

yes, malke ursula is spot on!

Shy Covian said...

Agreed, watching a few minutes his language is tainted with sensitivity. A lot of "we know", "we believe" in his language and he shares responsibility at all times, he is unable to accept anything for himself and own.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even get through the entire interview. The guy's a terrible liar and a worse speaker. I agree with Malke and Shy. Guilty as hell.

Shy Covian said...

The interview is a difficult watch (for myself). I also agree, his eyes are shifting and he is more nervous than expected, however I will not delve into his energy as this is for pure statement analysis and his statements are ideal for statement analysis workshopping.

Shy Covian said...

I would love to hear what Adrian thinks!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the whole thing, but some things I found:

1. "I'm innocent. I definitely am." (Not reliable)
2. "I truly believed nothing happened." (Allowed to believe what happened was "nothing.")
3. Asked why he changed his opinion on what happened: Another name kept popping up "and I asked myself what if this did happen." (A way to shift beliefs from denial to allow the victim was abused).
4. "Now I'm waiting to see when all the truth comes out." (More to come, and "when")
5. Re: Lead cop/investigator: "He never really reached out to talk to me." (He repeats this several times, it's sensitive. But... "never, really" makes me flag it as questionable).
6. Re: Lead cop/Investigator: "He never really put his hand into the crime scene." (flagged/questionable, something about this comment made me flag it)
7. "I could be another guy who proves the judicial's wrong doing." (No denial, shifting blame).


frommindtomatter said...

I transcribed the second question Kelley was asked for those interested.

Interviewer: Basically how in your mind did all of this happen, was it a case of mistaken identity or…

Kelley: You know, at first, [at first I truly believed that nothing happened]. You know I stuck on that for a very long time, umm… umm…. As, as, as, as time went on an… investigation, my private investigation unfolded err… [I forgot that wasn’t the case] and that completely blew my mind. You know, I kind of, I kind of talked to my attorney and I decided not to so, so much talk about err… the new suspect in general, but yeah I know for the longest time I thought nothing happened. And now new stuffs come up with the Texas rangers and err… now I`m just, I`m just waiting and to see [if, when] the, when all the truth comes out.

“at first I truly believed that [nothing] happened”

By him saying “at first” in connection to “I truly believed that nothing happened”, we expect he is going to give us “a second” piece of information later in his statement which will reveal how his opinion has changed. The expected would be something like “I now know that” or “I have since found out” etc… What Kelley tells us is very revealing, he says –

“I [forgot] that wasn’t the case”

He is admitting to knowing something happened. In order to forget something one must first know something, in this case the knowledge is of the molestation of a 4 year old child. That’s a big problem. At bare minimum he knows what happened and failed to report the perpetrator to the authorities, or worse case he was directly involved.


Shy Covian said...

Thank you for the response Adrian, you consistently have great feedback and hard work and effort to share with us. Transcription helps greatly as well.

“I [forgot] that wasn’t the case”: The case weighs heavily on his mind instead of reality and the events taking place. Has he been spoken to about what he understands as right and wrong and no longer knows or is he following instructions to help him get out of jail as soon as possible? Two elements can be true at once, perhaps he is in denial yet I lean more towards fear of longer incarceration for this interview and his careful wording on camera.

frommindtomatter said...


Kelley has steadfastly maintained his innocence, telling KVUE News in an interview after his conviction that, "I wish I could reach for a mountain top and say I didn't do it. And I wish people would believe me, but apparently, that's not how this world works. If you knew me as a person, you knew what the things I want to do in my life. I would never have time or even the mindset of doing something that monstrous."

Interesting statement -

“I would never have time or even the mindset of doing something that monstrous.”


Shy Covian said...

He says he didn't do "it" yet with a qualifier of "I wish I could reach for a mountain top" which makes the statement very unstable. "I would never have time" he doesn't say straight he did not do it, he doesn't say he doesn't have time, he would never have time or "even the mindset". "something that monstrous" is a very distancing statement and tells me he understands how his behavior is perceived by "people", not just some people yet "people" in general.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

The body of a five-year-old boy has been found on an Alaska five-mile trail days after he and his mother got lost, and she left him to find help on her own.

Jennifer Treat, 36, and her son Jaxson Brown began hiking Lunch Creek Trail Wednesday afternoon and didn't intend to stay the night. But troopers said they 'became disoriented and lost the trail.'

They spent the night together on the trail but on Thursday morning the boy was tired and didn't want to hike any longer, and Treat left him to find help on her own.

The trail ranges from improved walkways and boardwalks to hard-to-traverse areas with mud in some places and snow waist-deep in others, Jerry Kiffer, Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad incident commander, said.

Kiffer described parts of the trail as 'really heavy with blow down. You've kind of got the gamut all the way up to the lake,' Kiffer added.

Treat's vehicle was parked at the trailhead north of Tongas Highway, and the trail extends for nearly 5 miles (8 kilometers) to Emory Tobin Lake.

'In her rush to find help, Treat reportedly tripped on a root and significantly injured her leg,' troopers said.

Troopers began the search Friday for the boy and his mother after receiving a request to find them around 10.30am, Ketchikan Daily News reported.

Searchers found Treat about three miles up the trail on Friday afternoon, and took her off the trail by a helicopter.

On Friday they also found a shoe belonging to the boy.

The Coast Guard Air Station Sitka began searching for the boy via helicopter around 1am on Saturday, using infrared technology to detect heat. They searched for two hours before being relieved by another team around 7am.

Meanwhile about 20 searchers scoured the area by foot.

The boy's body was found around 2.45pm Saturday further up the trail from where his mother was rescued, troopers said.

Troopers said he had been on the trail before but were 'not sure how far up the trail he's been'. 'He has never been alone,' trooper Sgt Grant Miller said.

Temperatures in the low 40 degrees Fahrenheit Wednesday evening dipped to lower overnight. Light rain, fog and mist persisted from Thursday through Saturday.

'An autopsy will be conducted to determine the manner and cause of death. At this time, while it is very tragic, it doesn't appear to be suspicious in nature,' troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said.


This sounds really suspicious.
What mom takes her son out in this weather on a hike which wasn't easy and then when they 'became disoriented and lost the trail' leaves a 5 yr old boy in the wilds in Alaska because the 'boy was tired and didn't want to hike Lunch Creek Trail in Alaska any longer' to go get help and then 'In her rush to find help, Treat reportedly tripped on a root and significantly injured her leg,' troopers said.'
A mother would never leave her child in such a situation and would carry or even drag the child with her, it is called maternal instinct.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the manner and cause of death. At this time, while it is very tragic, it doesn't appear to be suspicious in nature,' troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said.

This screams suspicious.
Is he her bio child as they have different surnames?
Are they known to police/CPS?
Did he have any health issues?
What was the family dynamic like?
Is there a father/male partner in the house?
The Daily Mail comments section all seem to think this is dodgy.

frommindtomatter said...

Kelley said -

“I would never have time or even the mindset of doing something that monstrous.”

To say the above in connection to molesting a child is inappropriate and unexpected.

“I would never have time” – He is putting a condition (“would”), on doing something monstrous. The condition is “time”, so his reason for not molesting the child is he wouldn’t have time.

“or even the mindset” – He includes the extra word “even”. This shows he is comparing two thoughts in his mind. An example –

If someone said “I would never drink beer or [even] whisky”, we know that while talking of drinking beer the thought of whisky has entered their mind. This reveals that drinking beer is connected with drinking whiskey in their mind, those ideas go together.

Kelley said –“I would never have time or [even] the mindset”

He is comparing “time” against “mindset”, which reveals those two things go hand in hand in his mind. He puts “time” first in the order of his sentence which suggests that having time leads to “the mindset”.


Shy Covian said...

I did more reading on Kelley last night, there is a lot of potential money around this (a potential wrongly accused situation) so the vultures have circled accordingly. The potential money puts a lot of stress on the "case" and the words he is using now. I also discovered Kelley writes a lot of angry emails to those who doubt him, childlike behavior and this also makes a lot of sense given the context. Hope you are OK Nadine you keep throwing up!

Shari said...

"If you knew me as a person, you knew what the things I want to do in my life. I would never have time or even the mindset of doing something that monstrous."

In other words, his having the time or the mindset of doing something that monstrous is the fault of people not knowing him as a person.

Anonymous said...

It's not "potential" anymore. He's been exonerated. He is legally innocent now, or as the Chief of Police has been quoted, he's as innocent as OJ. He will receive $85k for every year he served in prison and he's been awarded a full ride to the University of Texas.

The Texas Ranger document reports that Greg lied in his statements and was not cooperating with their investigation.

Shy Covian said...

Terrifying he is now "innocent" and has so much money in pocket.

frommindtomatter said...

Shy Covian said...

"Terrifying he is now "innocent" and has so much money in pocket."

Yes I agree. Did he take a polygraph at any point? I would be interested to know if he did and what the results were.


frommindtomatter said...

OT - Gannon Stauch update.



General P. Malaise said...

Blogger frommindtomatter said...
Shy Covian said...

"Terrifying he is now "innocent" and has so much money in pocket."

Yes I agree. Did he take a polygraph at any point? I would be interested to know if he did and what the results were.


yes he did. passed every question but one as per Greg Kelley.


Shy Covian said...

OT for Gannon: Gannon suffered quite a bit at the house prior to being thrown away. The neighbor thought he looked drugged, perhaps he was severely injured at this point. "Eduardo" and "hispanic male" rape, a lot of excuses and throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks.

frommindtomatter said...

General P. Malaise said...

"yes he did. passed every question but one as per Greg Kelley."


Thanks for the link.


C5H11ONO said...

Is this a liar who’s pants should be set on fire!! Read it and weep. Literally.

3M Chief Executive Officer Mike Roman said it’s “absurd” to suggest that the company isn’t doing all it can to increase availability of masks in the U.S. and stop middlemen from jacking up prices.

“The narrative overnight that we’re not doing everything to maximize the delivery of respirators in our home country is false,” Roman said in an interview on Bloomberg TV. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Shy Covian said...

Reading the "news" now is not our friend. The news is tainted as we have discussed before, any testing or claims are highly suspicious and money making scams. The fear war is well under way with not enough toilet paper, ventilators, and overall our "systems" crashing down. The systems were a farce anyways, so we are likely better off. Stress, fear and helplessness is the enemy now and always has been. This is why Statement Analysis is so important, reality is important, understanding what is real is important.

Shy Covian said...

The latest scam: opening testing centers to make a quick buck off of the fear of everyone. For everyone crowding into the line to be tested and paying money to be tested, what can we do with this information? Panic more? Check into a hospital which is already overwhelmed and likely a place to get more ill with everyone pouring in at once? Isolate from the world which is what everyone is already doing? Fear is the real enemy.

Shy Covian said...

On topic: Welcome back to the world Greg K., it is not what you remembered when you checked into jail. There is no safe space, your targets are gone. Nothing is as it was.

frommindtomatter said...

OT – “Duffy reveals 'dark story' of rape ordeal to 'help others who have suffered'


Some quotes from the article –

"It was my birthday, I was drugged at a restaurant, I was drugged then for four weeks and travelled to a foreign country.

"I can't remember getting on the plane and came round in the back of a travelling vehicle.

"I was put into a hotel room and the perpetrator returned and raped me.

"I remember the pain and trying to stay conscious in the room after it happened.

"I was stuck with him for another day, he didn't look at me, I was to walk behind him, I was somewhat conscious and withdrawn.

"I could have been disposed of by him."

She added: "I am no longer ashamed that something deeply hurt me, anymore. I believe that if you speak from the heart within you, the heart within others will answer.

Duffy said that she escaped by "fleeing", but did not provide an account of how she got away, adding she "cannot remember getting home".

She said that she initially feared going to the police, but eventually told a female officer what happened after someone threatened to "out her story".

Interesting article, are her words congruent with her being “kidnapped and raped”?


Shy Covian said...

@frommindtomatter: OT for Duffy, she speaks in simple present tense which is expected. She says "I was drugged", "I was", "I remember".

Her language shifts to potential and unknown when she says "I could have been disposed of by him", this language shift makes sense given the unknown and her state at the time, she may still be dealing with the fallout from the experience.

Not enough here IMO to determine if this is false, there are a lot of reasons she can't recall her own escape due to what she describes in present tense, what she recalls occurring to her.

Tania Cadogan said...

Re:Gannon Stauch.

It makes a change from the generic bushy haired black stranger.

frommindtomatter said...

OT - Duffy

Kidnapping is the act of abducting and holding someone against their will and rape the act of forcing someone to have sexual intercourse against their will. Both acts will cause the victim severe mental trauma. The nature of those acts will be reflected in the victim’s words, violent acts will be described through the language of violence.

The victim may say they were “taken”, “held against their will” or “forced” to do things, and that they were “shouted at”, “told” or “threatened” by their attacker. I don’t see any of that type of language included in her statement.

Her first statement -

“It was my birthday, I was drugged at a restaurant, I was drugged then for four weeks and travelled to a foreign country.”

If we read her statement with the intention of believing her, will she tell us things which will make us change our mind? It was her birthday and she went to a restaurant. It would be fair to assume she went with a least one friend, possibly more. She tells us she was drugged at the restaurant, but fails to include who did it or how it was done or who else was there. Where are the pronouns in regards to others involved? “He drugged me, they drugged me, someone drugged me”, that information is missing.

She then says she was drugged “for four weeks”. It is what she isn’t telling us that is important here. She doesn’t say she was held captive, she doesn’t tell us where or what or who she was with during those “four weeks”. We would expect her friends and family to be very concerned if she had dropped off the face of the earth for that period of time without making contact. Note she didn’t say she was “taken” to another country, but rather “travelled”.

She uses the pronoun “I” a lot which makes the focus of her statements about her. The pronoun “I” shows commitment to the words which follow and is strong, but one must consider that a person will many times be committing to what they “believe” (perceive) to be true. One of Peter’s examples is of an employee stealing money from the company they work for. The employee feels they have been overworked and underpaid, so in their perception of reality they have not stolen but simply reimbursed themselves what they believed was owed to them. This person can say “I didn’t steal the money”, they can commit to those words because in their eyes they really didn’t “steal” it.


Shy Covian said...

OT Duffy: Good point Adrian, "I was drugged" is her statement, not "they drugged me" or a specific person. "and traveled to a foreign country" she does not say she was taken to a foreign country, traveling indicates a journey she agreed to, not that she was taken against her will, this should be reflected in the language yet it is very careful. All of the wording is very careful and does not pinpoint a specific attacker.

Shy Covian said...

OT Duffy: Furthermore, reading on the event, she is avoiding labeling an attacker, and I am not clear on why reading further. She does not want to call out or blame, this is highly unusual if she is in fact a victim as she clearly states she was/is.

Anonymous said...



frommindtomatter said...

OT - more on Duffy.


Duffy, 35, whose full name is Aimee Ann Duffy, released an emotional Instagram post to tell her fans why she stepped back from making music. Her last album, Endlessly, was released in 2010.

She wrote: "[You] can only imagine the amount of times I thought about writing this. The [way] I would write it, how I would feel thereafter." She added: ‘Well, not [entirely] sure why now is the right time... I cannot explain it."

She has thought about the “way” she would write her story. This reveals that she has considered different ways of writing it. There should only be one way, and that involves divulging the facts as they happened.

“Well, not [entirely] sure why [now is the right time]”

The first thing is there is no pronoun “I” (I`m) fronting her words, this shows lack of commitment to them. This is backed up when she qualifies her surety by saying “not entirely sure”. She is sure, but just not entirely, which reveals she knows more than she is saying. She frames the words “now is the right time”.

I think she is making a comeback after quite a few years of obscurity. It`s likely this story will bring her name back into the public eye? She will be doing interviews based on it which will also include talk of her new record etc… In general when people post such personal stories online on social media they know their words will provoke a response. It will bring attention to them.


Anonymous said...


Shy Covian said...

OT Duffy: If she is a victim and not promoting a new album, why not accuse openly versus carefully choosing her words? Duffy as the focus versus an attacker or rapist or kidnapper points to her wanting the focus, for a re-entry perhaps, to set the stage for her to be the main story instead of justice. Agreed Adrian, why does she ponder how to write the facts of what happened instead of writing the facts as they happened?

Anonymous said...

@Shy...the Duffy story is merely an example of a "fire burning below" per your statement pertaing to the Tiger Kingpin of Oklahoma. Either that or fracking.

Animal tranquilers and unsavory characters is what they are NOT telling.

Ad revenue is what they want. Fake charities is what they promote.

It is what it is.

Statement analysis can't cure them.

They can write all the books in the world and produce all the third rate films they want......it still doesn't change who they are and what they stand for.

Anonymous said...

Re: Gannon Stauch

That might explain the additional movement on the burglar alarm system.

However, where was the other children when the not black nor bushy haired intruder happened upon them?

I have a hard time believing anyone could be beat to death with a piece of particle board.....so, that's people with personality disorders attempting to play act at being a journalist I presume. The rest of us are too stupid to figure it out.

Can't wait to see how she got to Fla. with him decomposing all the way.

If he looked drugged, he likely was. Perhaps that's the role Eduardo played in their lives?

But, hey, the good news: the dogs look fetchin' in their new coats!

Shy Covian said...

@Anon I completed the Tiger King series, and I regret it. There was more than fracking going on with the fire beneath, Joe runs for governor after losing it after losing one of his husbands (who looked absolutely miserable more and more each day until he took himself from this world), the awful treatment of the cubs (including the allegations Joe made regarding what happens to the cubs when they are too old for cute photo shoots in hotel rooms), and the reality of more tigers living in these conditions in the States than in the wild. I regret watching this series and lending viewership to it.

For Gannon: Leticia accused an "Eguardo" not an Eduardo, my mistake. An exhausting block of time documented in her life, what a difficult farce to hold up and continue to dedicate herself to.

Anonymous said...

@Shy.....Youtube posted Eduardo. I haven't watched it; not interested. Her entire antics are exhausting and that's before you put a clock to it. That's they way people like "T" are-exhausting. They put more effort into their diabolical exploits than needed for some odd reason.

I knew all I needed to know about her crime from: pet store, off ramp at county line road, googled tracking of phone, some one similar to her photographing a neighbor's Ring camera, and the wackiness of the alarm system on the day he went missing.

But, in spite of it all, she bought dog coats cuz it was cold out.

There likely is some truth to some Hispanic male involved somewhere along the way...maybe long before this crime. There's typically a little truth mixed in with these worrisome people if you don't nod off trying to get to it.

Anonymous said...

Trump is looking into pardon for Tiger King.

It seems Okies and media can't get enough of homos or abuse. It is to be applauded.

Fortunately, in Oklahoma, the abuse is levied more on women and children.

Although, they cost me alot by abusing my pet-once found hanging by the tail over a creek-and baiting my other dog out with a huge bone thrown up against the fence (I don't know if it was animal or human bone considering the people they hunt down and butcher). He wouldn't leave or follow like the first dog I had to have put to sleep. I thought he'd been poisoned, but he was old and it wasn't worth the expense at that point.

So, to applaud some he/she male that makes videos of shooting a female doll....that's just the role model they are searching for.

They have no stalking laws that amount to much and the police aren't in the least bit interested in helping anyone other than their own friends and family members.

It isn't surprising the shemale would hire a hitman to do the dirty work. Less surprising others would make a hero out of him for doing so.

Thus is the world in which we live.

Anonymous said...

Besides, the case full of white stuff you, Shy, claimed to be meth...I doubt that what it was. Likely cocaine since he was a world traveler and had money for more shemales to abuse others.

He's incarcerated in heroin area and they need stuff like that to ease the pain of those they torment or jump into their lifestyle. Yep, a little KY jelley and loads of drugs is what keeps those people mobile.

Meth is for the shake and bake crowds that can't afford bail or don't live in gated communities. The poorer people. It's easily manufactured with a DIY lab or in the back of a rolling van. They like the white ones for some reason.

There's a lot of Texans in the state; there are more guns than ever before. More ignorance, too. Especially since they deemed education as a job mostly women work, therefore should be unpaid.

An example would be merely observing the college educated crowd to see where their priorities are. ...gotta get drunk and they sure do dread it.

Anonymous said...

The 'hep the little children' fake charitie is operated mostly by the crankster-pranksters. The name came from smuggling meth in the gas tanks of motorcycles.
The proceeds go toward funding the spread of Hepitis C and the upstarts of more tattoo shops around the state to help promote causes and make a mark that will last a life time.It's easy to see the trend via the missing/murdered children genre the media promotes.

The faggots are now in charge of domestic violence which includes stalking in Oklahoma.....hmmmmm.

Never met a homo that didn't have a friend in Tulsa Oklahoma. It must be a hotspot much like San Francisco.

Grandpa has one foot in the grave and the other on a bananna peel....they now have legalised marijuana to supplement their heroin sales and fake charities. It's the world they always wanted others to live in.

Gonna be superstars. Yep. Gonna go Hollywood to cover up their crimes against humanity.

Thank goodness they failed to hire and train a real police force or more women would be in prison for defending themselves against their "system" of charity and causes.It's mainly people they drag off a military encampment and it pay-to-play extortion type system that keeps people beat down and in fear for their lives for the luxury of being allowed to exist in their state.

Anonymous said...

The drug drop areas help promote their civil rights litagation and fewer than women and children become victims of their 'system' other than the occasional cop like Holtzclaw who got 263 years for being a 'bigot' so they wouldn't have an uprising.

Someone needs to be thrown under the bus to demonstrate how 'civil' they really are.

Letting the Tiger King go under pardon would be indicative of what the morons hope to acheive.

Others would think they are KOOL and what a great state it is to live in.

A few more days and they'll be chasing the storms and victimising those who've lost everyting. It's who they are; it's what they do best.

The death toll from Covid19 will pale their claim to fame: the bombing deaths of 168 in 1995.

Anonymous said...

Someone on the other post agreed statement analysis was fascinating and wondered if it wasn't merely slander....Lol! They obviously aren't from the states.

It can be used for slander when they cherry pick and choose based on bias or the temperture of the media or the cause driven purpose of the analist.

I checked youtube for gannon stauch updates. Now they are putting the Tiger King in the same category, either by algorithm or mere meaness, and making the connection of animal abuse vs. child abuse. To some, there is no difference. To others, it's clickbait which means more money to snort whatever it is they do that keeps them babbling on and on about the cases or subject matter in jail to pretend they are doing charitable deeds much like Letecia.