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Guest Submission: The Disappearance of Suzanne Morphew by Paul Maillardet

The Disappearance of Suzanne Morphew.

Guest Submission by Paul Maillardet

Suzanne Morphew, 49, disappeared 4 months ago on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10th 2020. 

The mother of two from Maysville, Colorado, was said to have gone on a bike ride that morning. Suzanne’s bike was discovered, but she has not been seen or heard from since.

Her husband, Barry Morphew, made a televised appeal a week later, but has chosen to avoid media interviews until recent weeks. 

The following analysis is based on a call between Barry Morphew and Lauren Scharf of Fox 21 News on the 3rd of September 2020. It should be noted that these are excepts and Lauren Scharf has commented there is other information from the interview that she has not yet shared. 

The interview we will examine with Barry Morphew is in response to an exclusive interview made by one of his employees, Jeff Puckett, to the UK newspaper the Daily Mail. In the interview Puckett alleges the room he was given by Morphew reeked of chlorine, had wet towels on the floor and had a bin with insurance papers in it, which he later turned-over to the FBI.

At the present time we do not have the interviewer’s questions with which to see if any of their language is mirrored or parroted. With this said, the answers give us valuable insight.

In Statement Analysis, we examine the words a subject uses, and we apply Principles and Specific Indicators of Sensitivity that we discern from what the subject tells us. We always start from the position that what the subject is going to tell us is truthful. Through the subject’s language, their priorities, what they say and do not say – amongst other ‘markers’ - we build a picture. This can allow us to determine whether the subject is being truthful or not, if they are deceptive or may have guilty knowledge. We do not rely on a single sensitivity indicator, but instead we build our picture using all of the indicators that may be provided by the subject.

Let’s take a look through the interview with Barry Morphew and let his words guide us….

Listen,” Barry said during a Thursday morning phone call, “Jeff Puckett was in prison for nine years.”

In Statement Analysis we always focus on a subject’s Order and Priority. Alongside their words, this provides us with valuable insight into their current mindset and what was, and is, most important to them. 

Here, Barry Morphew’s priority is not to address what Jeff Puckett has said in his interview. Instead he chooses not to address it, deflecting us away by attacking Puckett’s character.

Puckett has informed the media of a strong chlorine smell in the room rented and used by Barry Morphew. Why would the mention of chlorine be sensitive enough to Morphew that he becomes defensive? Why would Morphew need to attack Puckett’s character – and the credibility of his statement – if he has done nothing wrong?

Barry Morphew has an opportunity from the outset to confirm he has not killed or had anything to do with Suzanne’s disappearance, and to agree or disagree that there was a strong smell of chlorine in the room. He does not issue any denial, but instead attacks Puckett’s character. 

I said listen, I need to do this job, I will pay you good money to come and help me,” Barry said of Puckett. “I gave him a job and an opportunity and they all jumped on it.”

Barry Morphew does not say he called and asked Puckett to do a job. Listen to his words - he told Puckett to ‘Listen’ – this speaks of importance. He then tells Puckett of a ‘need’ to do the job, and that he will not just pay him, but will pay him ‘good money’.  Morphew appears to have an unusually urgent need to persuade Puckett.

Morphew then goes on to tell us he gave Puckett not just a job, but an “opportunity” – in Statement Analysis we call this the ‘Good Guy” (‘Person’) Principle. He has a need to convey himself as the good person by offering Puckett the job, he feels a need to tell us the audience that he is the good guy. 

Puckett felt that the room and strong chlorinated smell was unusual, and subsequently in context of Barry’s wife Suzanne’s disappearance he notified the authorities and spoke to media. He goes on to say “they all jumped on it”, not referring to Puckett specifically.

Note that Barry Morphew was happy to trust Puckett, who had been in jail, to help him on his job, but then seeks to use that against Puckett to attempt to destroy his statement’s credibility. He feels betrayed by Puckett, but his priority is again to attack his character rather than the information Puckett provided.

Here Barry Morphew shoots the messenger but not the message itself. This is often used where someone’s argument is weak, and a tactic employed by deceptive people.

“I rushed home, left all my tools at the hotel called my workers and said, ‘I have a family emergency, you’re going to have to figure this out on your own,'” he said.

We make a note of the Order here from Barry:

  1. “I rushed home”

  2. “…left all my tools…”

  3. “…called my workers”

“I rushed home…” Barry has been informed of Suzanne’s disappearance. He tells us he “rushed home” – in Statement Analysis we flag the Expected vs the Unexpected. Given the circumstances we would not expect that he would do anything but rush back. That he tells us this means that this could be important. Time is be sensitive to him, and we would examine whether there was any delay in this journey, and if so – why?

“…left all my tools at the hotel…”  In his response here we have several Principles of Statement Analysis that are flagged to us. We would expect him to tell us he 1. left his tools, 2. rushed home and called his workers. Where order is out of sequence this may be indicative that his account may be deceptive. 

Whilst leaving his tools speaks to urgency, why would Barry Morphew tell us he left all of his tools when he is recounting the point where he has been told his wife is missing? We only have his word here that he did leave all of his tools at the hotel, but he has a need to ensure we know this.

In Statement Analysis, Unimportant or Useless Information is considered doubly-important to the person or the subject saying it. Why would Morphew be concerned about his tools, or indeed mentioning them several months after Suzanne’s disappearance when he has apparently just learned his wife is missing? His wife is missing – he is recounting his experience – but instead of expressing any emotion, fear or worry, we are told he left his tools at the hotel.

The word ‘Left’, in Statement Analysis, in 70 percent of occasions can point to rushing or being delayed. However, in 30 percent of times this can also suggest that the subject is still psychologically present back where they were – in this case, the hotel. Often this can signify that an event may have occurred that keeps the subject’s mind back at that place or event. 

Could there be a psychological significance to Barry leaving his tools? This could be what we term as “Leakage”, where a subject may inadvertently provide information that could be important. 

“I did not go to the pool and I did not get chlorine,” he said. “I’m sure that they washed the rooms with that for the covid. I don’t know, but I [smelled] it too when I was in there.”

Barry offers what we would consider as a Reliable Denial here – ‘I’ (ownership) ‘did not” past tense “go to the pool” / “get chlorine”. We always look at what is said, and what is not said. Here, he does not say that he already had chlorine – and should the chlorinated room become significant in the investigation then this would underpin what we are not told here.

“I’m sure they washed the rooms with that for the covid” – How could Barry be so sure? He mentions ‘rooms’ in plural. Did he go to another room and smelled it there too. He does not tell us this, therefore we cannot say this for him. He then goes on to minimise his assertion with ‘I don’t know….”. We also note that in Analysis the use of ‘this’ is considered as being close, whereas ‘that’ is seen to distance from. He appears to distance himself from the chlorine here.

He therefore lacks certainty about the use of chlorine by the hotel, however he has a need to persuade us that rooms were washed with it. We have to ask ourselves why this may be.

“I did nothing wrong in the hotel,” Barry said. “There’s cameras all over the hotel, I did nothing wrong.”

Unfortunately, we do not know what was asked by the interviewer here, it would be interesting to know the context of the question. We always hope for questions to be open so the subject is able to choose their own words and start at where they feel comfortable.

“I did nothing wrong at the hotel” – the Law of Economy tells us that the shortest answer is likely to be the truthful one. Here, Barry could have told us “I did nothing wrong”. He does not. We follow what Barry tells us, he did nothing wrong ‘in the hotel’. If the interviewer’s question was open, we must consider something wrong may have happened outside of the hotel.

We also note in Statement Analysis that where there is repetition, there is sensitivity – Barry repeats he did nothing wrong. He has still not told us he did not kill Suzanne or had anything to do with her disappearance at this point.

“There’s cameras all over the hotel” – This statement is unnecessary and unusual. Morphew has a need to convey his innocence, however his mentioning of the cameras speaks of his awareness of them at the hotel. If we were to go to a hotel, would we make mental notes of all the cameras there? He tells us here he was aware the cameras were there – this could speak of concern that there may be footage of him, or that he knew where cameras were located, or that the cameras would place him at the hotel when he said he was.

If Barry was involved in his wife’s disappearance, he will have been aware of the locations of security cameras, and that security cameras are mentioned suggests that there may have been premeditation involved.  If he has knowledge or involvement in Suzanne’s disappearance, the site of any murder or disposal is unlikely to be covered by security cameras. His mentioning of cameras could be Leakage, and therefore significant.

“I’ve heard the FBI lie and I know that they can legally do that in their investigations,” Barry said. “But it just pains me to know that they are doing this to me and my family.”

Here Morphew tells us tells us the FBI are lying to him. Why would this be sensitive to him if he has nothing to do with Suzanne’s disappearance? Why does he not say that he does not care about this, and they should be focusing on finding Suzanne.

But it just pains me to know that they are doing this to me and my family – Barry’s places his pain before the pain of his family with the use of “me and my family”. He could have used ‘doing this to my family – he does not. He could have also used ‘our family’ which could be seen to be more inclusive of Suzanne.

We also note his choice of the word “pains”, given the context of what may be a murder enquiry. 

“Absolutely not,” he answered. “I love my wife. I would never hurt my wife. She is the light of my and my daughters’ lives. This whole thing is killing us and that is why I want our privacy.”

Again, we do not have the question for context, however this is insightful.

If he has been asked if he has had anything to do with his wife’s disappearance, a reliable denial would be “I did not kill my wife or have anything to do with her disappearance”. Instead he has a Need to Persuade, “Absolutely not”.

The public would take it as a given that he loves his wife, that he mentions this can be a sign that, again, he has a need to persuade us of this.

“I would never hurt my wife” – This could be true if Barry knows that Suzanne is deceased. He cannot hurt her if she is dead. He also does not say “I did not kill Suzanne”. We cannot say this for him.

“She is the light of my and my daughters’ lives” – It is encouraging that Barry uses present-tense language here when referring to Suzanne. However, his use of “light” could also reference her spirit shining down on them. We know that Barry is a member of a church, so the biblical use of light here is noted.  We cannot exclude the possibility that he is referencing Suzanne in the present-tense knowing or believing she is dead.  

“This whole thing is killing us…” – What is Morphew referencing? In the context of his previous answers and language this does not appear to be Suzanne’s disappearance that is ‘killing ‘them, but rather the focus on him.

His reference to ‘killing us’ is unfortunate given his wife may be dead. In choosing his words he may be inadvertently telling us he thinks Suzanne may be dead. His choice of words speak again to Self, not Suzanne, and place his ‘thing’ on potentially the same level as Suzanne’s, if she has been killed.

Suzanne’s disappearance in Barry’s language here is a ‘thing’, not a tragedy. His words speak of annoyance, and of a situation he does not want to participate in. Let’s see what he tells us….

“…and that is why I want our privacy

Morphew wants privacy – Pronouns do not lie – “I want our privacy”, not ‘we want’.

Priority: Morphew wants privacy, not “and that is why we want Suzanne back”

There is no call for his wife Suzanne.

Conclusion: Deception Indicated

Suzanne Morphew remains missing, we hope that she will be found soon ~ our thoughts and prayers go out to her Family.


John Mc Gowan said...


"Oh Suzanne, if anyone is out there that can hear this, that has you, please we'll do whatever it takes to bring you back," Barry Morphew said in the video. "We love you. We miss you. Your girls need you."

"No questions asked, however much they want. I will do whatever it takes to get you back," Barry Morphew said in the video. "Honey I love you. I want you back so bad."



John Mc Gowan said...

In his vt plea it seems very controlled and scripted. It is not in responce to a question as far as I'm aware.

LuciaD said...

Nice analysis Paul. It is a strange case.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible this is a faked death for insurance money? He talks about his work, uses the word “opportunity” and “ co vid being a reason for the chlorine “ . If it was a planned disappearance for insurance fraud mother’s day may have been chosen to convince her of dire need for money for the family. Many businesses are failing.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Good job, Paul! I wouldn't have thought about "all my tools" though. Having relatives who work in construction, I have heard them in say in relating a family emergency that they just left their tools and went. In their cases, both men were relaying how serious the emergency was because their tools were very expensive and they would never leave a job site without taking their tools with them ordinarily (too expensive to replace). They both relayed that they didn't think about their tools in the moment, but after they'd gotten to the hospital and doctors had diagnosed the problem and their family members were admitted (things had calmed down). Then they realized it and called co-workers, asking them to pick up their tools and take them home with them.
Both said "I left my tools and just went."

“I rushed home, left all my tools at the hotel called my workers and said, ‘I have a family emergency, you’re going to have to figure this out on your own,'” he said.
If, Barry rushed 150 miles home first, home is Salida. So how did he then leave all his tools at the hotel in Denver (150 miles away), if he was in Salida? Where did he call his workers from, Denver or Salida? Home is not the hotel because he said he left all his tools at the hotel. So where did he rush home from?

"I would never hurt my wife..."- Hurt is not the same thing as kill. In a disappearance, suspicious death, or murder situation, hearing "I would never hurt________." makes me uncomfortable (unless the question is "Did you hurt_________?"). If that was the question, then I'm looking at parroting. I'd prefer no direct questions with just "Tell me what happened.", followed by "Then what happened?", and maybe "And what did you do?"

Barry had this to say in an interview here https://kdvr.com/news/local/barry-morphew-responds-to-explosive-claims-regarding-the-disappearance-of-wife-suzanne/ . It was not a last minute project, Barry explained, the job had been in the works for a month. If the job had been in the works for a month, what happened to the person he'd already contracted to repair the wall? Was Barry supposed to have done the wall, but was busy doing something else but needed someone to get the job done in a hurry (deadline fees for not completing the job on time)? Generally speaking contractors living in $2.5 million homes don't wait until the last minute to subcontract someone to fix a wall (much less someone with a criminal record), so when did Barry hire Puckett?

From the same interview https://kdvr.com/news/local/barry-morphew-responds-to-explosive-claims-regarding-the-disappearance-of-wife-suzanne/ . But Puckett said the crew couldn’t finish their work.

“We had nothing to work with,” he said. And he described what would have been necessary in order to complete that particular job.

“That has nothing to do with Suzanne missing,” he [Barry] said.

I'd be interested to know who did the bookkeeping for their business-him or Suzanne. Who writes the checks? Did they file income tax returns for the business by April 15th? Did they file for an extension? Do they typically file for an extension? Were the tax returns filed in May (or have they been filed at all). The IRS extended the deadline to July 15th, due to COVID-19, but extensions were still available beyond that.

His wife (the homemaker) is missing 4 months, with two minor daughters and a $1.5 million home, and Barry wants his privacy? He didn't say he wants her found. He doesn't express any concern for her/ call out for her beyond one initial appearance? He's not willing to put up with up people questioning him. He wants to be left alone; His daughters, in-laws, and Suzanne's friends want Suzanne back. Puckett's public interviews provoked Barry to respond though.

Unknown said...

amazing i having been waiting for someone to do this . i also thought why mention tools or hurt you wife because at this point shes only not answered a few calls hes acting like shes been kidnapped already or hurt already because he know she has . so in his mind it is a big big emergency but at this point i would be thinking shes just not back from bike ride yet . but because he knew what had happened it was all ready a missing person and thinking of his story as he would have had adrenalin running through his body like never before as he knows the ending

Anonymous said...

The photo is old, she looks young. Her daughters are young adults. She was alone with her husband when she disappeared, their two kids were off camping. That gives him time if he killed her.

Anonymous said...

CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — Four months have passed since Suzanne Morphew was declared missing, after she reportedly left home on her bike and did not return.

On Thursday, the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office issued an update on its investigation.

FOX21 News has reported on a lack of updates and information from the Sheriff’s Office. In Thursday’s post, Sheriff John Spezze wrote:

“Our investigative team would like nothing more than to disseminate information to the public in regards to our progress in this process however in any open investigation we cannot divulge any information as it puts the integrity of the investigation at risk.”

Sheriff Spezze also sent an email to FOX21’s Lauren Scharf on Thursday, which included the following statement:

“I, at this time, cant (sic) do on camera interviews as it only leads to no comment statements and that does nobody any good. I cant (sic) deny or confirm information as doing this is actually giving information. I am sure this is frustrating for you however my focus is Suzanne and the integrity of our investigation.”

While official updates have been sparse, people close to the Morphew family have agreed to speak about what they’ve experienced in the days and weeks following Suzanne’s disappearance.

Two contract workers who Barry Morphew hired for a job in Broomfield on Mother’s Day Weekend have questioned several events that occured.


Morgan Gentile came forward after her friend and coworker, Jeffrey Puckett, spoke to FOX21 News.

Gentile says the case has broken up her family, forced her to relocate, and is keeping her from finding employment.

“I got treated through all . this just like I’m the other woman, even though I’m not the other woman,” Gentile said. “I just happen to be a woman.”

Gentile said several people have accused her of having an affair with Suzanne Morphew’s husband.

Barry has also denied accusations that he may have had affairs.

Anonymous said...

Everybody’s out there saying, ‘oh, you got a girlfriend, you must have an affairs.’ Where is it? There’s nobody. There’s never been another love in my life,” Barry told FOX21 News.

Suzanne and Barry Morphew hold hands in an undated picture
Gentile corroborated Puckett’s claims concerning a hotel room in Broomfield, where Barry had also spent time.

“We opened the door and I mean, like, the chlorine hit you and you’re, like, my eyes started watering and burning. And, like, the towels were like super wet on the floor, and it looked like he had, like, made the bed before he left,” Gentile said.

And, she said, Barry’s behavior that weekend had seemed strange.

“Barry had worked on the beach site Friday evening,” Gentile said. “Saturday, he had asked me to clean it up and rake it out, because we were going to bring it out to level – so it would be a beach sand and not muck.”

The “beach site” located off County Road 105, east of Salida
That area, a construction site off County Road 105, east of Salida, is the same area where investigators spent three days searching for Suzanne, just a week later, on May 21-23.

“He was acting really weird about [the beach area], I was like Barry what’s up,” Gentile said. “He seemed stressed. He definitely seemed weird on Saturday.”

Anonymous said...

And, although Gentile had agreed to work in that area for the day, she said Barry dismissed her from the job early – at 11 a.m.

“He said that he had to go make the wife happy – do some hiking or biking,” she said. “And I found out, like, later that day that he was in town all day.”

Gentile said she heard Barry was out shopping by himself.

The original plan for the Broomfield job – a retaining wall – included only Gentile and Barry, she said.

“We were originally supposed to go out there at the end of April,” Gentile explained.

She said, the plans changed, pushing the project to the first of May, then changed again to the weekend of May 10. Gentile said she was surprised when Barry called her asking her to assemble a crew for the job.

“Last minute he changed everything. In fact, he called me that Sunday – Mother’s Day – and was really frantic, really didn’t sound like himself,” Gentile said. “I hung up the phone and I thought he just had the worst night of his life.”

Still, Gentile agreed to pick up Jeffrey Puckett and head to Broomfield.

Barry called again around 6:10 p.m.

“Barry said that he had been up there all day, like getting the job ready for us,” Gentile said. And, he also told Gentile, he was leaving. There’d been a family emergency, he said. He left some tools behind, at the hotel.

“But we didn’t have the tools that we needed,” she said. “It looked like Barry had emptied out his truck… all kinds of stuff that we didn’t need to do a retaining wall.”

>> Exclusive: Barry Morphew responds to explosive claims regarding the disappearance of wife, Suzanne

But Barry had asked the crew to finish the job. So, they waited at the hotel for further instruction. Gentile said Barry called, distraught, on Monday morning around 8 a.m.

“He said like, Suzanne has gotten gotten attacked, or a mountain lion has got her,” Gentile said. He told Gentile they were going up the mountain to find his wife. He asked the crew to wait for a delivery of bricks, so they could finish the job they had traveled to Broomfield to do.

Anonymous said...

“I wasn’t gonna bother Barry with these phone calls because, you know, his wife is missing and I feel like this is a little problem compared to his problem,” she said.

Gentile said she and Puckett packed up and drove back to Salida, where the investigation into Suzanne’s disappearance was well underway. She said, back in town, she was approached by two men, both linked to Barry, who told her, “We would give you your paycheck, but we don’t want it to look like hush-hush money. You have rights, but you don’t have to give CBI your phone.”

Still, Gentile reports she did cooperate with most of what investigators asked of her, including, she said, five interviews. She also turned over her phone, but said she declined a polygraph.

“I know my rights and I don’t have anything to hide,” she said.

She says she heard from Barry again, days after, through text.

“He fired me because I gave up my phone, I wasn’t staying quiet and I was complying with CBI,” she said of that interaction. “I feel like if he was innocent, he would have talked to me. I worked with him every day for a long time.”

But Barry Morphew has questioned Gentile’s character in conversations he’s had with FOX21.

“She’s a meth head,” Barry said. “She’s mad at me because I fired her and don’t let her work for me anymore. She’s mad. So they’re not gonna say anything good about me.”

“I’m scared of Barry,” Gentile said. “I don’t want to see him again, ever again.”

Barry, Puckett, and Gentile have said a third employee, Cassidy Cordova, was also hired to work on that Broomfield job. Cordova has declined all interview requests, but did send the following text message, after being asked to share his side of the story:

So far, no suspects or persons of interest have been named in connection to the disappearance of Suzanne Morphew.

“I am innocent. 100% innocent,” Barry told FOX21 News. “The social media and the news media has made it seem like I’m a bad guy.”

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

There’s nobody. There’s never been another love in my life,” Barry told fox

Have there been people in his life he doesn't "love" (one night stands) if he is guilty of her disappearance will people come forward to say they have been with him, but it was purely sexual, no ties and no "love" involved.

John Mc Gowan said...

Barry Morphew and Tyson Draper uncut/unedited

Here he states that he/we have searched a "200 hundred mile radius, and all of the mountains have been covered". He then goes on to say that she may have been abducted or taken by a mountain lion. Then he blames LE for possibly contaminating a possible crime scene.


John Mc Gowan said...

People don’t know the truth”: Suzanne Morphew’s husband breaks silence after three months.
-Lauren Scharf, 4 weeks ago.


I also came across this statement.

@ 6:50

"Its been three months, I'm devastated. I'm still in a lot of pain, my heart is breaking for the loss of my wife"


Anonymous said...

Hey did anyone else see this

Bridgett Floyd, sister of George Floyd, speaks Sunday in downtown Minneapolis at the launch of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation. Its first gift, of $5,000, was donated to the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center, where George Floyd worked security for several years.
Christine T. Nguyen | MPR News

Out of the 13 million they received from Gofundme they donate a paltry 5 grand. Nineteen people died as a result of the protests over his death. WTF Words of Truth Forensics. I wonder if they will compensate the pregnant woman he terrorized by holding a gun to her belly during a home invasion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this, Paul! Great job! I've kept watching and hoping this case would come up here. Red flags for me immediately were that Barry didn't report her missing, and he didn't cry out for her for a week. Barry left ALL his tools but his helper said it looked like he'd just cleaned his truck out. She said he left nothing they needed for the job he'd hired them to do, and the needed material was mysteriously never delivered as he'd promised. Wonder if he detailed his truck while he was there? I think they took his truck as soon as he got back to town Sunday night. There's an YT interview of Barry by Tyson Draper (from early on) that I'd love to see an analysis of as well. I hope the truth comes to light soon in the case, it's too sad. :'( Justice for Suzanne!

John Mc Gowan said...


The shortest sentence is the best. Its strong and to the point. Additional words weaken a statement and shows a NTP. It also tells us it can't stand alone and needs support.

Chelsea Clinton blames Trump for 200,000 coronavirus death toll

"I blame him pretty fundamentally," Clinton responded. "I think it is unconscionable that he lied to the American public about COVID, that he continues to lie to the American people, that he has such blatant disregard to public health and the advice from public health experts."


John Mc Gowan said...


Search warrant details items police found in Braylen Noble's home

A public copy of the search warrant police used to investigate the apartment where 3-year-old Braylen Noble went missing Sept. 4 lists what officers found inside.

In the document, police say they searched all property of Braylen's mother Dajnae Cox and his grandmother Bobbie Johnson, including Johnson's Jeep Liberty.

During the search, officers seized six cell phones, two tablets, a cigarette butt, a claw hammer and some trash bags.


John Mc Gowan said...


SEARCH WARRANT. Braylon Noble.


Tania Cadogan said...

if anyone is out there that can hear this, that has you,

Spot the oopsie.


Surely if he believed she was/had been abducted then he would use the word TO

Anonymous said...

Chelsea Clinton blames Trump for 200,000 coronavirus death toll

"I blame him pretty fundamentally," Clinton responded. "I think it is

The only book title I could read behind her was the title “ the Answer Book” . Was that her book shelf? Her parents have always put her out into the public eye as their one good accomplishment. Good for her writing children’s books. Maybe one day she’ll form her own opinions.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris praises BLM, says ongoing protests are 'essential' for change in US.

Do you think Chelsea ‘s husband, an investment banker, agrees with the Harris Biden platform on continued unrest and protests that almost always precede riots and the looting and destruction of businesses, both big and small? And too often the death of a protester or a member of LE? Why are people encouraging this mostly unwarranted behavior? I’m guessing it’s for their own personal gains

jaxhellokitty said...

wow that's a lot of cell phones for 2 people. Why so many? Who paying bills for 6 phones?

John Mc Gowan said...


A farmer's wife is found impaled on a corn rake — was it a horrible accident or murder?

Contains 911 call


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Justice walk planned for dead 2-year-old after a month with no answers

Family still wants answers on Maliyah Bass’s death
Police are still investigating the strange circumstances surrounding Maliyah Bass's death, while her family seeks answers.

HOUSTON - It’s now been more than a month since a 2-year-old girl from Houston went missing then turned up dead in Brays Bayou. Houston police are still investigating the strange circumstances surrounding Maliyah Bass’ death.

“We still don’t know the cause of death for Maliyah, so family wants a few answered questions,” said Rosalie Jimerson, Maliyah’s grandmother.

It’s been a painstaking wait for answers for Jimerson, who was one of Maliyah’s primary caretakers. She has organized a justice walk for Maliyah, scheduled for Saturday at 1 p.m

“We’re having a justice walk not only for Maliyah, but for all who wants justice for a loved one that has been wronged,” said Jimerson.

The 15-minute walk will end at the location where Maliyah’s body was found, Jimerson told FOX 26.

“At that time we’ll be placing a cross with her name,” said Jimerson. “I just don’t want Maliyah to be forgotten.”

As of Friday the Harris County medical examiner’s office told Fox 26 autopsy results are still pending. Houston Police declined to disclose to Fox 26 whether Maliyah’s death is being considered a murder and whether they are looking for suspects.

Maliyah’s body was discovered August 23 by a jogger in Brays Bayou in the Gulfgate area 18 miles from her mom Sahara’s apartment complex where she disappeared August 22.

“I talked to Sahara a couple of days ago,” said Jimerson. “She said she misses Maliyah. She said she’s sad…just a lot of crying.”

Jimerson says she used to take care of the toddler for up to several months at a time, but police say the little girl was with her mom when she vanished.

She hasn’t deterred from her story,” said Jimerson, referencing her conversations with Sahara. “That she took Maliyah to the park around 8 or 9ish, she stepped away for a few minutes, and when she turned back, Maliyah was gone.”

Jimerson is inviting all members of the public to the justice walk Saturday in hopes of raising awareness in getting answers in Maliyah’s case.


Anonymous said...

“She hasn’t deterred from her story,” said Jimerson,

DETERRED . There’s no such word. Maybe she meant to say deviated.

Anonymous said...

verb (used with object), de·terred, de·ter·ring.
to discourage or restrain from acting or proceeding:
The large dog deterred trespassers.

Anonymous said...

It was at about 8:30 that Justins sister, whose room is closest to the baby room, awoke and started moving about the house in her Saturday morning routine (Routine: a theatrical act it skit)

Anonymous said...

In the waiting, in the searching
In the healing, in the hurting

Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every minute, every moment

Where I've been or where I'm going
Even when I didn't know it
Or couldn't see it
There was Jesus

Anonymous said...

Luke 6:45
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

Anonymous said...

you will find THAT LITTLE MUNCHKIN-( Justin is the munchkin ) probably in the tupperware cabinet again.

"Derek has a cabin that Justin visited to party"


She’s Alive!

Anonymous said...

Blogger John Mc Gowan said...
OT Update:

Justice walk planned for dead 2-year-old after a month with no answers

Family still wants answers on Maliyah Bass’s death
Police are still investigating the strange circumstances surrounding Maliyah Bass's death, while her family seeks answers.

Diabolical mimicking of the current black lives matter protests replete with the weird chanting. Disgusting!!! Maliyah deserves better!!!!