Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Gabriel: Mother's Letter to Judge

Statement Analysis had concluded that Baby Gabriel was dead, and not given away, by his mother.

Elizabeth Johnson remains in jail and other charges and has written this letter to the judge:

July 20, 2012
The Honorable Judge Kreamer,

I am sorry but I cannot accept how lightly you sentenced Tammie Smith. I was shocked 
when I found out (as were many). I can't understand it for the life of me. 30 days in Jail?
3 years of probation? How could you?? Are you mad?? blind? deaf? dense? I don't mean to
act like I know more than you, but really, I reall do- 
If you know what I mean. I don't want to be rude and disrespect you but you are disrespecting 
my case and disregarding the severity of it. It doesn't make any sense. She lost- on all charges
and the Jury found aggravating factors on both guilty charges. You don't even go by facts -you!
of all people should know better. Public opinion is what it is. I forgot to ask you if you gave
any explanation. All I can think is, " corruption". Again I'm sorry but I don't believe this is an
occasion to dole out a slap on the wrist. Not in the least. Well, I didn't have any priors either,
but I have been sitting in Jail for 2/12 years on a Million $ cash only bond for 2 f-4's and now
just f-2 for Kidnapping. Denying me of life, liberty, and limb without due process. I haven't even
had my trial. (my right to a Speedy trial) I am not taking responsibility - that will come. My side
hasn't even come out at all yet. 

Her only defense is pointing at me, throwing me under the bus for what she orchestrated saying,
" yeah, she probably did do it ! "  I may have alot to account for (SIC) but I am not likening myself
as Jesus Christ in my Suffering as Tammie Smith has openly claimed and using this as exploitation
to profit out of. I had to say at least that much- without going into details. I don't trust you to further
handle my case and future trial. There is something wrong in your Judgment. I firmly believe you've
been compromised. So I know it will be in vain but I got to ask you ( on the record) to step down and
withdraw as my presiding Judge over my case and trial. In hope's if you don't, and I lose at trial, I 
can use this for a reason for some sort of appeal. I probably should have talked to my lawyers about this
but I am pretty sure at what he'd say. I know it won't happen but for the record I wanted it stated. 
That I did not believe I would get a fair and impartial trial. SIC with you as my Judge. I don't mean
to be disrespectful but I have no other reaction for it. I can't get over it. I've tried all week. I did.
I don't think it's right and so have serious doubts regarding you. Honestly I think your sentencing was
completely asinine and ridiculously provoking. Old habits die hard. I'm just not the Kind of person
who can sit back and say nothing. Maybe I should try...! then again maybe not. Never! (mean face drawn) 

Sincerely Elizabeth Johnson


Juliette said...

Here is a link to an article I read from Friday, September 7th about jury selection in Elizabeth Johnson's case.


Anonymous said...

"I don't mean to be disrespectful.." Yes she does!

Anonymous said...

Isn't she the reason it hasn't gone to trial yet? Wasn't it her attorney that kept delaying? What a sad and pathetic attempt to set herself up for an appeal, which she boldly declares is the whole reason behind this letter to begin with. Elizabeth, where is Gabriel?

Juli Henry said...

Why would she write a letter like that to the judge in her case? Has she completely lost her mind? Where was her attorney when she sent it?

Anonymous said...

After reading this I goggled Elizabeth Johnson writes judge and found this is one of several nonsensical letters she wrote to the judge. I am in the process of reading them. I am amazed at her audacity!! She seems to be certain the point in which all things revolve around is her

Anon 19 said...

I don't mean to act like I know more than you, but really, I reall do-

"I know more than you"

Nic said...

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Jen said...

Im sure you all noticed but I just have to point out that she never even mentions her tiny, helpless and still 'missing' 8 month old baby and all that he has suffered because of Tammi Smith and THAT being the reason she should have received a harsher sentence. She only expresses outrage that she (EJ) is being deprived of life, liberty, etc...while Tammi Smith got a slap on the wrist for her part in the kidnapping. I agree with Elizabeth on one thing, her trial won't be fair...not because of the Judge, but because she isn't charged with murder!

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