Monday, September 10, 2012

Billie Dunn's Account: Part Four

In this series of analysis, we are letting the words of Billie Dunn guide us into learning what happened to Hailey Dunn, missing since December 27th, 2010, at age 13.

Here on January 10th, 2011, we have the fourth coverage by The Nancy Grace Show, of the disappearance of 13 year old Hailey Dunn.  Here we have the "Hailey is in hiding" release while police searched in areas where a body would be recovered.  This is not lost on Nancy Grace.  Statement Analysis and commentary on in bold type.

GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. Bombshell tonight. Police say Hailey`s family and Mommy`s live- in change their stories. Cops issue a statement saying they believe the little girl is, quote, "in hiding." But these very same cops who say she`s in hiding are searching the bottoms of creek beds and the Colorado River and an abandoned cotton gin. They think she`s hiding at the bottom of a creek river? No, I don`t think so.

Searchers zeroing in on the area surrounding the home of Mommy`s live- in boyfriend. And has a sighting emerged? Police taking DNA samples from Hailey`s parents, but where is 13-year-old cheerleader Hailey Dunn?

GRACE: We are taking your calls. But also taking your calls tonight live, Hailey`s mother and father, Billie and Clint Dunn, joining us at Colorado City, at Hailey`s home.

First to you, Ms. Dunn. Thank you for being with us. Ms. Dunn, why are they saying that you and the live-in boyfriend and the family have inconsistent statements? 

Who has changed their story?

BILLIE DUNN: I don`t know. I did ask one of the Rangers that because I heard that on the news last night also, and he`s supposed to be getting back with me. I asked him if there`s something I needed to clarify or something I need to know about.

Note:  "he's supposed to be getting back with me" has the word "with" between people.  When the word "with" is in between people, it shows distance.  She does not clarify how this "asking" took place:   Was it over the phone?  Was it that she left him a voice message?  By this time, police were not speaking to her other than as a suspect, and the relationship was contentious. 

GRACE: OK. I want to go back to you being told that you were deceptive on your polygraph test.


GRACE: Had you taken any drugs or smoked pot before the polygraph test?

Please note that compound questions are to be avoided, as they allow for someone to pick and choose which question they prefer to answer.   Note that "yes or no" questions are the easiest to lie to. 
BILLIE DUNN: No. But they knew I had taken some pain medicine and antibiotics for a bad tooth. They told us not to take any anxiety medication. I didn`t know I was going to take the test that day.

To the experienced investigator, social worker, clinician, doctor, etc...that a mother of a missing child said she took pain medicine for a tooth ache, is an indication of an addiction.  Here is how:

When we analyze a statement from a question that asks a "yes or no" question, or a "what happened?" question, if the response includes justification, that is, why something was done, there is a high level of sensitivity (as seen in the blue highlighting).  Here, she says "no" but then blames police for already knowing that she had narcotics in her system. 

Not only does this make "no" a lie, but it also should be added to her earlier admission of taking Ambien (sleep medication) previously.  

"No" is a lie.  
Next, besides ambien, narcotics (pain medicine) you can add anti anxiety medication to her mix of addiction.   

Note her change in pronouns from singular to plural while talking about drugs.  

This is indicative of deception due to drug addiction.  Thus far she has lied about taking something but has given us:  Ambien, addictive sleep medication, Pain medication (narcotic), anti anxiety medication:  Will she add alcohol to this lethal mix?  It is coming.  
Grace:  Back out to Billie Dunn. Billie, cops were searching an abandoned cotton gin. Did they tell you why? 

B. DUNN: No. We hear most of -- we hear a lot of the information over the news. We just now learned that they`re not thinking she`s run away and hiding out on her own anymore. That -- I guess they`re thinking something different. They -- we`re starting to get a little hopeful again that maybe she was just hiding out and maybe she was scared and now that hope is fading. 

Truthful people speak for themselves.  Here she says she is just hearing this now, but then says what "we're" feeling emotionally.  It is indicative of deception. 
GRACE: And Billie, they`ve also -- our sources are saying, cops believe that she has run away before, but you told me that never happened. 

B. DUNN: No. She never has. 

GRACE: To Billie Dunn, you`ve known him for, what, almost three years now? Did he have an anger management problem? 

B. DUNN: No, ma`am. He did have a problem with one of the guys he worked with, but didn`t have a problem with Hailey. 

Note the question was answered with "no" but then she went further giving more information:  he had a problem with one of the guys he worked with; and:

"but he didn't have a problem with Hailey" is information offered, not asked, but offered, in the negative.  This is a strong indication of a problem between Hailey and Shawn Adkins. 
GRACE: Have you questioned him again, Billie, about her disappearance? Have you gone over what happened that night? 

On the previous show she said he failed the polygraph therefore she asked him to leave and did not speak to him.  
B. DUNN: Yes, because I don`t know where my daughter is. 

This is a powerful statement. 

She admits talking to him but then says the word "because" making speaking to him very sensitive. 

Question:  Is it possible that Billie Dunn does not know where Hailey is?

Answer:   Yes. 

She said, "I don't know where my daughter is", speaking in the first person singular (something she avoids doing) and without any additional language. 

It may be that when Shawn disposed of the body, he did not give Dunn the exact location. 

GRACE: And what did he say? 

Since she admitted speaking to him after claiming to have not spoken to him, Nancy Grace wants the specific.  Billie Dunn spoke to him BECAUSE she doesn't know where Hailey is, meaning that he knows where Hailey is.  
B. DUNN: I haven`t been talking to him much. He lets me know he loves us and he misses us. I just haven`t talked to him a lot. Tells me I know him -- 

Nancy Grace saw that Dunn avoided answering.  Note the deception in the change of verb tense: 
"I haven't been talking to him much" to "He lets me know" which is present tense.  
She then repeats what she has not done "much" making it sensitive.  

The analysis indicates she speaks to him a great deal.  

Did he tell her where Hailey was?
Nancy Grace is not letting it go: 
GRACE: Well, let`s go back over what he said. Tell me what he said about her disappearance again. 

Billie Dunn is rapidly losing Nancy Grace.  Grace is torn between keeping the mother on the show and the flow of information going, and nailing down the inconsistencies and lies that have slowly become evident. 
B. DUNN: He said Monday he went to Big Springs, stayed at his mom`s, came home in the afternoon and got home around 3:00, and Hailey left shortly after that, around 3:15. He didn`t see her much at all. She just told him that she was going to go over to her dad`s and go to Mary Beth`s and stay the night. 

This is very important:

1.  Note the chronological order: 

1.  He went to Big Springs.  (Is this work?  She does not say where in Big Springs)
2.  He came home 
3.  and got home around 3  (this is redundant since he already came home and indicative of deception)
4.  Hailey left
5.  She then reports what he didn't see:   "her" and in degrees:  "much" and "at all".  These extra words are indicative of a sociopathic personality who lies with impunity, one after the next.  She is reporting what he didn't see, but then qualifies it first with "much" and than with "at all."

                               *******We should believe her.  

It appears likely that he saw her, but not "much" and "at all" as she was dead and he was disposing of her remains.  

GRACE: Did she have anything with her? Did he say she had a backpack or a bag or a pocketbook? 

B. DUNN: No. He didn`t say that, but I`ve looked through her room and her bags are there. It doesn`t look like anything`s gone. 

GRACE: What had she been doing that day before he got home? 

B. DUNN: We don`t know. 

GRACE: Although the neighbor saw her -- 

B. DUNN: Watching TV or -- right, walking around in the backyard talking on the phone. She did that a lot, usually if we were here. If she just wanted it to be more quiet where she could hear her friend, she would walk around in the backyard on the phone. She should have been staying in the house -- 

GRACE: What`s your response to police saying that you`re not a credible witness because of drug involvement? 

B. DUNN: That`s ridiculous to me. It upsets me. And they tell me they trust me. I tell them that I trust that they know what they`re doing. They`re putting their brains together. They -- we hear so many different things. But that`s frustrating. I`m a credible witness. I`m not a liar. 

Another important statement.  

"That's ridiculous to me."  Notice "to me" indicating that she understands that to others, Billie Jean not being truthful is not ridiculous.

"And they tell me they trust me" as if this is something personal:  it is about a missing 13 year old girl who has disappeared from a home where the mother has verbally indicated knowledge that Hailey is dead, and the mother's concern is alibi building and deception. 
She again goes to "we" with "we hear so many..."

This reveals who she is:  to her, she must be seen as trustworthy and reliable and the insult upon her is great.  While her daughter is missing, she complains that they said they trusted her.  Who would care?  The mother of a missing child cares for nothing but the child.  Call her any and every name in the book, fine; but just find her child. 

Deceptive people become rabid when seen as deceptive and will threaten, and follow through on threats:   a liar hates being seen as a liar.  

To Billie Jean Dunn, it is of huge significance that they said they trusted her but they don't.  The insult to her is far more than it would be to any mother of a missing child.  

The lack of the pronoun "I" from the mother of a missing child is highly significant.  There is nothing more personal to a woman than her own child.  

A comparison such as "a mother bear robbed of her whelps" does not work unless it is known that a mother bear has a tremendous instinct of protection.  

The use of "we" in such heavy amounts is reminiscent of Deborah Bradley and Rebecca Celis. 

"We" is used by the guilty in hopes of sharing guilt with others.  It is highly unexpected from a mother of a missing child. 

"I'm not a liar" is not to say "I told the truth."  "I'm not a liar" has already been disproven in her appearances on the show, and will, as you follow the progression, continue to unravel. 

Grace:  Mark, what do you make of all this controversy about the polygraphs? 

MARK SMITH, RETIRED DETECTIVE AND POLYGRAPH EXPERT: There`s no controversy. It`s used every day to solve criminal cases. The government depends on it for national security. 

There`s no controversy. Obviously something happened in the boyfriend`s interview and/or polygraph that diverted this investigation a certain way. 

GRACE: You know, that`s very well put. And the mom is saying that right before she went to take her poly, the police said well, your boyfriend just flunked. The police are saying no, that didn`t happen, but the word she used, Mark Smith, were that there had been -- excuse me, deception indicated. 

Now typically a layperson would not use that type of police language unless they had heard it. 

SMITH: That`s police language for you didn`t pass. 


Lemon said...

'Deceptive people become rabid when seen as deceptive and will threaten, and follow through on threats: a liar hates being seen as a liar. ' - PH

Sometimes they call names and hang up in interviews. The need to do this in itself is instructive.

Anonymous said...

"In hiding..."

Assuming the 13 year old would do as they would, perhaps they are thinking she is laying at the bottom of the creek bed with a couple of reeds stuck up her nose yet peaking above the water ever so cleverly.

Perhaps in that sparse and poor county a kingpin exists that can make things happen to those who don't go along with the social plan.
After all, they did shoot the whole wad on "medications"-$100!

But, who is better to find her among all the roustabouts and Harley owners? A tattoo artist perhaps?

Nic said...

Peter, thank you for re-hashing Hailey's case. I remember when we were first analyzing the statements, I was new to your forum. I kept wondering how you knew what you did. I specifically remember when you posted that they didn't sleep. I kept thinking, how could you know that? (Unfortunately), nearly two years later and with a fresh perspective and some practice, it's a lot more clearer. Still, reading your analysis, I see that I have so much more to learn. Reading your analysis makes me sad. It isn't fair that SA and BJD are enjoying life and poor Hailey is waiting for someone to find her so she can "come home".

God bless Hailey.

Thanks again.

BostonLady said...

Excellent point Lemon. Billie Jean called Peter a stupid ass (or dumb ass ) but an ass of some sort and hung up on him during the BTH interview. Shawn hung up during his interview with BTH.

Re-reading the early transcripts is eye opening. When Hailey was first reported missing and it was covered by Nancy Grace, I had not heard of statement analysis. I had heard about people leaking information but I was not introduced to the named "statement analysis". I would read and be in awe that Peter could glean so much information from what appeared to be just a word. A year and a half later, I can see so much clearer and understand.

It's very interesting that while Peter is re-visiting Hailey's disappearance, Billie Jean and Shawn have been making an appearance on Facebook and they are fighting. The name calling and nastiness is intense. Billie is now saying that she should have never trusted Shawn when he said Hailey went to Marybeth's and wishes she had called there to check on her. Billie is also saying that Shawn is evil. (I'm paraphrasing from my viewing the FB page) She also added that Shawn has done nothing but lie to her all along.

The cousin, Shawn's cousin Corey, had some things to say about Billie that were not positive. He called her a skank, stripper, satanic, used a witch book and more. She responded calling him a pedophile. Shawn had a few words of his own. Really really ugly.

Who gets lost in all of this? Hailey. If Billie believes that Shawn lied to her about everything, why doesn't she take herself to LE and tell them everything she knows in order to help them find Hailey? Instead, she lives hours away and doesn't appear to help search for her daughter.

John Mc Gowan said...

Billie Jean Dunn responds to affidavits.

Peter, i dont know if you have analysed this but i think you will find this VT very revealing.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you can bring back the archives. Thak you foe keeping Hailey's case out there!
Local anonymous

Anonymous said...

I agree, why doesn't Billie go to LE now? Is anyone on Facebook encouraging her to do that? Or asking her what she think happened? Is she asking what happened? I know I am optimistic in hoping this rift will crack the case.
Local anonymous