Saturday, September 15, 2012

Deception and Bearing The Sword

Definitions help.

"Bearing the sword" is a term from antiquity that referred to government.  It means that government, no matter where it is found, or what form it takes, has the physical ability to arrest a person, under the threat or use of violence.

The "Bearer of the Sword" can take away your liberty and even your life.

Cesar, the Prime Minister, the Federal Government, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Parliament, are all names of those who "bore the sword"; that is, exercised authority with the power to take away liberty.

We shall call the Bearer of the Sword, the "State" for the purpose of this article.  The "State" is any political authority which, if not obeyed, has the power to physically take away your liberty.

It is with this understanding that the fathers of our country greatly limited the powers of the State.

Originally, the power of the State, newly formed, would be limited to being able to raise an army for defense, as well as to punish or restrain evil.  These are necessities for all societies of all times, in all areas.  If you kill your neighbor, the "State" has the authority to take from you your liberty.

It is necessary and it is good.

Should a nation declare war upon us, the State has the right to tax its people to raise money for weapons to defend us.

It is necessary and it is good.

Beyond that, liberty must be exercised and protected.

Question:  Why did our founding fathers restrict the powers of the State?

Answer:  Because with the power to use the sword, comes the temptation of corruption.  If you disagree with the one with the weapon, you will soon see how powerful the sword is. They knew that power corrupts and the more power one (or few or many) has, the more corruption is possible.

People fear liberty.

The power of the State has expanded, in earnest, with each passing war.  Due to the fact that the winners of war (where men are killed) write the history books, the books read according to the wishes of those who bear the sword.

With this comes a loss of liberty.

We had a president in the United States actually wage war against Americans, with 600,000 dead.  So little is known about the War Between the States that it is an embarrassment.  Slavery was not the reason we went to war and slavery could have ended without a drop of blood shed.  As Dylan said recently, we are still paying for it as we remain a divided nation.

We elected a man with no resume to the highest office in our country so that we could show the world we were not racist.

Ronald Reagen stood up to the bullies of the world and backed them down, while we now bow before our bullies, and apologize for our strength, while the world is burning with hatred called "Islam."

But it is the loss of liberty that has been the deception of our children.

What happened to the power of the sword wielded by the State?

We began with:

1.  The punishment or restraint of lawbreaking
2.  The ability to defend the nation

These things are expensive and limited tax is necessary.  Once beyond 10%, it impedes a man's ability to provide for his family, something sacredly held.

The power to tax is backed up by weapons.  When English Parliament taxed us, we resisted because they did not represent us and appealed to the king to protect us.  No taxation without representation meant what it said:  You don't represent us, you don't tax us.  Scottish Parliament could not tax us, why should English?  We did not seek representation:  we said that they did not represent us:  we had written covenants with the king who abdicated his responsibility by not stopping the English Parliament.

How did the English Parliament impose the tax?  They sent soldiers with guns.  It was scary.  The "Quartering Act" was one of the worst:  now, soldiers were given rooms in your home, with more weapons than you had, and could take what they wanted:  including your daughters.  It was a hateful and frightening example of the power of the State; that is, the power of the "sword."

Beyond defense and crime, the less State (with the power to arrest), the better.  Where people fear, they long to have someone to trust and began to entrust the State with more...

Eventually, America led to the beginning of the end of liberty:

Tax property.

No longer was the ownership of land something Americans dreamed of and treasured:  the land belongs to the State.  If you do not believe me, stop paying your property taxes and see what happens to it.  We now call "home ownership" the American dream.

Building roads
Regulating car use

We eventually decided that the State should be in charge of food.  The people with "the sword"; that is, the power to physically arrest, was tied with food.  Instead of us, the people, helping our fellow man, the "State" would.  Of course, this costs money so up went taxes.

But if all this came the very epitome of folly:

The State, who bears the "sword" was given the authority over our children.  The State took over education.

These things are not even questioned today but woe to he who disagrees with the bearer of the Sword.

Taxes are, in all, over 50% of our wealth.

Money is forcibly taken from us (if you do not believe me, try not paying taxes above 10% and see how you will be taken away, by someone with a weapon, and placed in a cage with iron bars of which you cannot get out.

Food, health care, cradle to grave, "social" security...I cannot even cut my neighbor's hair without first going to the State, who holds the Sword, and getting "permission" to practice my skill.

The "State" funds research.
The "State" tells us what is moral and what is not moral.

Where I live, I can't even buy a dog without permission from the State.  Not only do I have to give them a tax on the purchase, but they won't let me keep Clancy unless I pay them "homage" year by year.

We have little freedom today.  We even have words that none of us dare utter in public, where once, "free speech", no matter how hated or foolish, was tolerated.  We were once proud of it.

No more.

Those who call for special rights are no friends of liberty.  More on this later.

Even if I own my house, I can't do what I wish with it unless the State, who has the power of the sword, agrees with me.

My father in law has night terrors for the past four decades.  Why?

Two itty bitty countries on the other side of the world were killing each other and the State said that he had to go and risk his life.  It was not something the 18 year old kid wanted to do, and not something his parents wanted him to do, but the State had more authority than the parents did, and if he refused, they were going to put him in handcuffs.  If he resisted, they would shoot him.  Then, they would take him and put him behind bars where he could not come out.

He went.

He did not go to fight for his family, nor his country.  He would have gladly done such.  He went because he had no choice.

He laid, night after night, in a jungle, listening for the enemy to creep up on him.  He and the other kids were terrified of jungle cats.

One night, he heard his buddy screaming and eventually dragged away by a jungle tiger, torn in shreds.

All these years later, he wakes up screaming.

The government tells us what size soda to drink, and whether or not to use salt.

When a small company wanted to sell bike helmets, they hired people to pressure politicians who took to the microphones and showed pictures of kids falling off bicycles.   They appealed to hysterical parents who cried, "Who will save the children?  What about the children?" and eventually, passed a law mandating helmets.

The company made billions.

If you don't put a helmet, which, by the way, must be "approved" by the State, on your child, you are not only viewed as negligent, but will be fined.


Well, that's not so bad, is it?

What happens if you don't pay the fine?  What happens if the fines add up?

Today, the State, that is, the ones with the physical power to impose their will upon us, has the authority over just about everything in our lives.  As this all needs money to pay for, spending goes up, and so does taxes.

You and I work from January to June just to support the State.

We continue to elect politicians who want even more laws, as if we don't have enough already.  It is an endless supply of laws and admnendments to the laws that appears to have no end in sight.

Down the drain has gone our freedom.

Yet, our kids still sing, in the schools set up by the State, "land of the free", but it is not true, anymore.

Something has to give.


Anonymous said...

"Land of the Free" has come to mean they can produce their own reality shows, rule third world nations via media, trespass and restrict other people's liberties in order to promote their own, invade the privacy of citizens because they are all doing such good works.

Poorer people have to tolerate this and become victims of such do-gooders because they can neither afford the security nor convince the police they aren't guilty of something. No one is perfect so they must be beat into mush for some odd reason or another.

The state is in charge of many things that provide for the health and welfare of citizens. Ex: Mad cow disease, vaccinations to elimate diseases, medical boards that review doctors. It is their job to do these things, not loose nit citizen patrols promoting hysteria, chaos, and their own interpretation of whatever cause they decided to join to sell advertising clicks or the oppurtunity to be live on air kizzing NG's azz, the azz of whatever politican or police officer that rewards their pizz poor behavior.

If these "concerned citizens" wish to enact their own draft, then they must be aware others have seen jungle cats too.

Tania Cadogan said...

Perhaps now is the time to stop all aid to all hostile countries.

It is funny how they demand aid and in times of disaster help from countries they despise and want to eradicate.

Maybe it is time we let muslim countries help other muslim countries in time of need ( something they rarely do currently)

Stop buying oil from self same countries.
We have our own, if now one buys it they will run out of storage space, you can't eat oil and their economies will tank.

Ban all people from hostile countries from travelling to our countries, after all they hate us, why should we allow those who hate us in to our country?

Instead of demanding we follow their rules and belief when they seek asylum, they must follow our rles and beliefs.
if they don't like it they can choose another muslim country.

If they don't like what goes on in their country, they can change it from the inside.

We asre expected to larn their language when in their country, little effort is made to provide english translations to pretty much everything, therefore they come to our country they will learn english.
All forms will be in the language of the host nation, learn the language or leave.

anonymous said...

Does anyone else think our snappy talking leader is sooo much like the Laurence Harvey character in "the Manchurian Candidate"?

Jazzie said...

Erich Fromm his book "Escape From Freedom"
Enlightening and timeless.