Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is Billie Dunn A Sociopath?

              Is Billie Dunn a sociopathic killer or an innocent mother who lost her child?

Billie  lies with impunity and does so on an almost sentence by sentence way in life.  It is what she has learned, from childhood, and is was due to trauma.  

She is an accomplished liar, better than Casey Anthony:  she makes Casey Anthnoy look like an amateur.   In her statements, there is truth, and there is an origin for her stories.  

Some examples:  

The story of never making it to the sleepover came from the true crime library material that she photocopied at her job and brought home with her. 

The drugs:  She told Nancy Grace that she had drugs prescribed to her.  She stopped by her mother's home to see if mom needed drugs, went to ATM, got cash and went to purchase narcotics from a drug dealer.  She could then take those narcotics and put them into an empty pill bottle from a legally prescribed narcotic.  There is always a basis for her lies.   

  What happened to Billie Dunn?

Answer:  Billie Dunn told people that as a child, she was molested and eventually prostituted out.  This trauma formed the basis for her lying manners.  She lies the same way people breathe air in and out.  

Sexual trauma in childhood, raised by drug addicts and in violence.  She later turned to stripping, got pregnant as a teen, didn't complete school, and has deviant pornographic material, including bestiality, in her possession.  "I'm not saying that nobody done never sent me bestiality..."

She made home-made porno movies.  She allowed herself to be used in such a vile manner, showing no dignity.  She was a mother of two children making home made porn with a live in immature "MHMR" boyfriend who wears Halloween masks.  This is her "norm." 

For Billie Dunn, it is "normal" to stop by her mother's home to see if Mom needed drugs, much like you might stop at your mother's home to see if she would like a cup of tea. 

Even in her parenting, burning a homemade tattoo into her son, or buying cocaine to pay the rent; these things are criminal, but to her, they are normal.  

Another sociopathic trait is that sociopaths become enraged when they are challenged as liars.  They will defend themselves fiercely, because image is so utterly important to them.  Scott Peterson went on television to control information.  

Did he not think that someone would check with John Walsh to see if they had really spoken?

Billie Dunn goes on and on with her answers not realizing that people are going to check up on things.  

"I came straight home", using the emphasis of the word "straight" causes people to ask, "is it possible you stopped off somewhere?" only to learn, yes, "I forgot to add that I went by my mother's"...Is there anything else you forgot?

Did you forget about the ATM machine and the drug purchasing?

She withholds critical information without a thought.  

She is good at it.  Sociopaths are good at it.  She has a small following of those easily duped by her ways, and even as lie after lie is revealed, from small issues to great, they refuse to let their idolatry be tainted by the truth.  

What happened to Hailey Dunn?

I think Connie Jones, Hailey's own grandmother, was close. 

I think that Shawn Adkins was sexually abusing Hailey Dunn.  I think that in the household of drugs, child pornography, pornography, there was a de-sensitizing of Hailey.  This is why Adkins called her "promiscuous."

It is hard for readers to enter the seedy underworld of abuse and see what is the "normal" to those who live in it.  Remember Gramma Hollars?  She said that if Misty Croslin had been sexually abused she must have "liked it because she never complained."  People raised in abusive environments think sexual abuse is as normal as drinking coffee is in your world.  

I think that Dr. Glass was right.  Billie saw Hailey as a rival.  Here was Billie, closer to age 40, two kids, worn down by her lifestyle, and here is Hailey, 13, young, beautiful and worst of all:  catching Shawn's eye.  Shawn was "my man" in Billie's language.  

Something went wrong that night. 

Was this when Hailey announced she wanted to move in with her father?

Was this when Billie caught Shawn with his hands over a now intoxicated Hailey?

Billie grew up in an abusive home and it was her norm.  

Something went wrong that night and it may be that Hailey had been drugged by Shawn, and Billie may have gotten very, very angry at Hailey.  


For Dunn and Adkins, violence and sexual arousal went together.  This is what "blood lust" videos are.  They show people sexually aroused over hurting animals, and even killing them. This is why Adkins could see killing Hailey being just like gutting a deer, except it would need the creepy music the movies use.  

Tempers flew and it wasn't supposed to be like this...but Shawn was, and Hailey was, and once the hands went around the throat....

Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins were both named "Persons of Interest" by police, no matter how some media outlets reported it.  

Billie Dunn has been the topic of analysis here not because she acted alone, but because she has been the lead, doing most of the talking which allowed for analysis. 

She is the one who owned the language of the sleepover plan.  She was the leader of the two.  She is the one that had Adkins dispose of the remains but ONLY while she was at work, so that she would have her alibi.  

She will not give Shawn Adkins up to the police because she cannot. 

 Billie Dunn loves Billie Dunn.  When Hailey was a rival, Hailey was a target to be defeated. 

There is no way Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins can stay together.  They are both like drivers of a stolen car:  waiting to be caught. 

Each day that goes by, they wonder if this is the day there will be a knock on the door.  

Each week, or so, they read online news and see another missing persons case, years old, be solved and someone arrested.  

Billie can't stand not knowing what is going on and now is seeking media attention again. 

She will get it and the more she speaks the more we will learn. 

Everything she has said publicly is available to be read.  

It is really hard to keep her stories straight, even as the Face book crowd has seen how it changes, only to have someone delete a tough question.  

They know. 

Sociopaths must control.  They cannot bear being called a liar.  They sue, even when it can bring themselves ruin, as they are forced to answer questions they do not want to answer. 

Ultimately, they cannot outrun justice.  

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins cannot stay together forever. 

He approaches 30 years of age, and has outgrown the mommy role she had for him, or has moved on to younger women.  This enrages her.  

Both of them wonder if the other, under pressure, will crack, or make a deal. 

It is living hell, which can produce tears.  Tears can then be used to garner sympathy. 

Personally, I feel sorrow for Billie Jean Dunn.  She was raised in a living hell, and is a product of that hell.  She who neglects, was once, herself, neglected.  Most of us cannot even imagine what it would be like to go to jail to visit your mother, your husband, your brother, your sister, and your entire family.   At any given time, how many relatives are found with handcuffs on?

It is the life they lead, and their "norms" are very different than your "norms."

Stripping is not a glamourous life.  It is ripe with drugs, abuse and violence.  It is not dignified for a mother to be doing.  Do you think a mother that does this is likely going to instill values in her children?  Do you think she will be cautious as to what men she allows in her home, to be around her children? 

Drugs numbs the soul.  Do you want to see a video of an animal being sexually abused?  Well, it does not start out that way.  Do you want to see blood and guts and horror?  

Pornography degrades women, at first, but then when the pictures no longer gratify, it becomes videos, and when the videos no longer gratify, it becomes animals, and social standards are broken for arousal, and then the desensitization process continues and more social standards are broken, and drugs are used to numb the soul until it reaches the damnable level of:

child pornography. 

Now, no one is safe.  

Nothing is sacred. 

The innocent have been attacked and there is no going back.  

All we can do is put them in a place where the bars on the walls will keep them from harming others.  

This is the life that was Hailey Dunn's.  

There was neglect.  There was the danger of attendant violence from drug purchasing and trafficking.  There was pornography.  There was pornography being made in the home.  
There were serial killer literature and blood lust videos, and bestiality and child pornography, and then there was a missing 13 year old girl .

                                                  WD + AD + QD = D  

This case remains unsolved.  Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins have been accused of these things via the police affidavit, but neither are arrested. Both are judicially innocent.  The opinions expressed here are personal opinions gleaned from the public record, including available transcripts from 

It is my hope that justice for Hailey will be realized. 


Anonymous said...

As sensational as the NG show is, I'd take several of the agendas promoted with a grain of salt.

Yes, it may be true that she not only had a prescription for something and also used illegal drugs. She COULD take narcotics and put them in a bottle with a doctor's name on it isn't proof of anything. Surely drug users get ailements, too.

No way is she a better liar than Anthony. No way! But, that could be used to promote another series like what happened in Fla.

Just because she TOLD people she was prostitued as a child remains to be proven also.

In the reality show realm of it all lies the answere: SA dressed in horizontal black and white T and the statement: I can have an idea....

Wagering on the future relationship of these two is telling of what the author of this article wishes to occur.

Eliza said...

What does this "WD + AD + QD = D" stand for?

Tania Cadogan said...

quack :)

Jeffssis said...

Based on what you've determined happened in that home, what kind of behavior might we expect from Hailey's brother in the future? What will he become?

Lemon said...

quack :)

Light the Way said...

Almost all criminals and deviants come from dysfunctional, substance abusing, violent/abusive households... but NOT all children from such households grow up to be criminals and deviants themselves!

Do not write-off Hailey's brother just yet.
He's AT RISK for becoming like his parents, but it isn't necessarily INEVITABLE.
The content of his character should be judged based upon his OWN words and actions;
not those of Billie Jean Dunn.

What Was He Thinking?? said...

Not for nothin'... but, that is one UGLY tattoo!!

Deejay said...

I reposted this here, although Peter's idea makes every bit as much sense.

From past statement analysis: BJD was jealous, into porn, and obsessed with getting extra money. She was probably sexually abused as a child. SA was violent, perverted, and into slasher movies. He was also a little too interested in his girlfriend's daughter. BJD and SA often sold illegal drugs to pay rent. BJD was habitual liar and stole small items from her work. Together they appear to have staged an elaborate coverup. SA even stated to police that they share guilt for this crime.

What could possibly be an explanation for (healthy young) Hailey's untimely death that explains the long-term BJD/SA 'togetherness' afterword?? The explanation that SA raped Hailey and BJD helped cover it up makes little sense given the mother's jealousy. BJD must have been more deeply involved.

I believe that together they could have given Hailey a date rape drug, intending to then make porn pics or vidoes of a child. BJD/SA knew David was gone for the night, so maybe they intended to 'make Hailey earn her keep' by producing videos that they could sell. They may have accidentally killed her during this process.

For those of you who don't know; date rape drugs erase the victim's memory. (However an overdose can easily lead to seizures and death.) The drugs usually make the person vomit. BJD/SA may have planned for the drugged child to 'just sleep it off' the next day being completely unaware of any rape. BJD and SA could then sell the video to pedos for money.

Their sofa was soiled, in SAs truck for a while, and then discarded. It would be very interesting to know if it contained vomit.

But this scenario, IMHO, is one that could explain BJD and SA cooperation regarding her daughter's death.

Tania Cadogan said...

Yes billie is a sociopath


Get lost "Grace"..youve already made a mockery of one missing little girls murder case..go sell crazy someplace else we are all stocked up here!

Anonymous said...

Not hoppity, hoppity, hop!

Anonymous said...

No more than anyone else. When you compare what she says and does to others, even those that are "helping" to locate her daughter she pales in comparison.

Here's an example:

A true journalist. She just knows that the letters F,O, and X will be part of the clues in rounding up the "6" people involved in her disappearance.

Creepy. Makes me wonder if she knows where she is buried and who the pallbearers will be.


"Bullying on the internet is not nice"
Well you certainly would know ALL about that
Say hi to CAP

Unknown said...

With out a doubt Billie is a far more acomplished liar than trunkmom..How many momths did kc get away with her ludicrous lies?How many apearances by kc on N G .How many media interveiws ?How many press confrences did kc call to talk to the American people an the world via m s m?How many months /years? did kc evade arrest?Answer none of the above an 30 days because she was a feeble liar an as soon as her version of events came under scruitny she was arrested because her multiple lies were bad an made no sence .The defination of nonsence should have a photo of kc besides it.Thats why even a dumb ass jury even they found her guilty of lieing.Because they were so blatant an easily dissproved....To this day Billie walks around free still spouting miss info......She is a pro kc not even a half decent amature .

Anonymous said...

You say you feel sorry for BJD. So do I sorta. Have you seen the home videos of Hailey as a toddler on Big Country? BJD and Clint are young parents and it is Christmas. You can here BJD is a sweet, cuing voice talking to Hailey, hearing her say, "Hailey is so pretty." It just broke my heart. There was a time when she was trying to be a good mom, did her best to escape her past, and loved her children. And then life happened and somehow distorted her focus on what was meaningful and worthwhile. So very sad...

FriendofLoneWolf said...

I have been saying the same as Mr. Hyatt/OReilly for many months. When the two of them Billie and Shawn are separate, they will fall apart. I live here, I know the families, and i have known all of them for some time. I don't think that Billie had anything to do with the death of her child, unlike Mr. Hyatt. But I do believe that now she knows the truth. She may not be telling Shawn that she knows, I'm not sure. I think that their lawyers are advising both of them to "dummy up" and not discuss with anyone--not each other or family and friends, anything they think or know. I think that as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, Billie can keep a secret forever and ever and a day. The only thing that makes me think she might turn on Shawn is if they become permanently estranged and he starts a romance with someone else. Then, she will probably talk and help L.E.

Lis said...

I think what Peter means is that Billie is a more successful liar than Casey Anthony, to which I would agree. All those appearances on national TV before people began to get a clue, and even then, for many it was because of facts leaked from the investigation, not because they discerned it.

I feel sorry for Billie, myself. There is a saying, "If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find enough sorrow and suffering to disarm all hostilities." I'm not sure that is altogether true but I agree with the sentiment, if we could see what experiences made her the way she is, we would weep for her.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla


BJD is talking to herself, realizing the need for a “ script “ to give a reasonable explanation for “ inconsistencies".

Um… Later in that evening around 8 or 9 David left to spend the night with a friend.

“That’s where some of the INCONSISTENCIES with family comes along. David says he left at 9 0-clock at night I was sayin he left at 6 or 7. That’s the INCONSISTENCIES.” BJD “News Conference “ Jan 31 2011.

She tries laying the blame on her living child.

Nic said...

I always thought BJD and SA went to her mom's to *buy* drugs. (Her mom was arrested months afterwards for drug trafficking.)

I believe BJD was the one who lost it and in her rage of seeing SA with Hailey she "inadvertently" killed her. Which, is why she bothered to look in on Hailey. (guilt) I don't believe she would bother checking on her kids before heading out to work. Just like I don't believe it was the norm for her to leave her cell phone behind for the kids to use in the daytime, while she was at work.

Yes, I believe BJD to be a sociopath who reached her crescendo with her "dirty little boy" SA. I believe BJD is/was in the "master's" position and SA is/was the submissive. I think bored SA has figured out that she can't control him (keep him from breaking free and being with younger girls) without exposing herself, too, and thus the power in the relationship has shifted. I think BJD's recent appearance in the news is indicative of the power struggle, attempt to regain control of SA. I believe her recent public appearance is a veiled threat (putting the heat/speculation back on SA, as he is on record as saying he just wanted his life to go back to "normal"). There's no normal when all of America thinks you're a psycho. Most importantly it kinda taints the dating pool, thus sabotaging his chance to date someone else.

I feel sorry for BJD because I can't help but project what would be my feelings of loss if I were to lose my daughter. So in reality it's "me" I feel sorry for, not BJD. BJD is still up to her mid-life adolescent head games and Hailey is still nothing more than what she was before she went missing: a tease for Shawn. Only this time the tease isn't tantalizing, it's a threat.


Nic said...

I'd like to change something I said above. I don't believe it was 'guilt' that had BJD look in on Hailey before she went to work. I think it was her private time with Hailey. As in the last time she would see her before being "interred".


Anonymous said...

Many of your comments I agree with, Peter, just not quite all. For one, I have no pity
or sympathy for Billie Dunn. Not one ounce. Not excusing SA for one second, but I've
KNOWN someone like BJD and I KNOW she was the instigator. Regardless as to whether
BJD was raped, taught to lie and probably drugged as a child and it became her way of life,
that still leaves no reason for her to allow her own child to be sexually abused; particulary
by someone she claimed to be in love with, UNLESS that was the "norm" for her, as you say,
which it WAS. It was all just sick fun games, fun drugs and fun sex to BJD.

The woman I knew who was the spitting image of Billie's sciopathic inbred nature was NOT
drugged, molested or abused as a child; they can't ALL fall back on this excuse. This one was
raised by a prominent surgeon who adored her, and his social climbing wife. They doted
everything on her and she had the best. Her poor father spent his last declining years trying
to get her off drugs and cleaned up, so I know first hand that these sciopatic mothers did not
all grow up in abusive homes; and I know FOR A FACT, that she offered up her OWN baby daughter
to be bound, sexually abused and raped by her "very close" drug buddy whom she claimed to love.
These doped up sociopathic women think nothing of trading around sex amongst themselves and
willingly handing over their children AND participating.

If BJD were so jealous of Hailey, THERE she would have drawn the line but she didn't. She
KNEW and allowed poor Hailey to live in fear of SA and never lifted a finger to help her.
This woman had no bounderies! She LOVED the life she had with SA. Hailey would have been an
asset in her/their sick games. Remember, BJD has proved herself the leader? It is my opinion
and belief, that Billie offered up Hailey to SA and assisted in Hailey's brutal rape, even to
the extent of them performing a blood letting or drug fueled threesome and video taping it.
I'd almost GUARANTEE you there's a video tape of it being hidden somewhere so they can go back
and review and enjoy it at their leisure, which, they also may have intended to distribute.

We have to remember that BJD HERSELF participated with SA in making and/or viewing the child
porn videos, the adult porn videos where she TOO participated in 3-way(+) sex and allowed herself
to be video taped; videos where SHE also participated in brutal sex with animals, and very
likely sex with other men as well, AND including other women. Where was her jealousy THEN when
SA was having all this dirty and pedophile sex right in front of her including with animals AND
other women? She wasn't jealous when she herself participated in it! Where was her jealousy when
she/they MADE Hailey watch their sick videos; which, I'd lay odds they did? Why would she be
sexually jealous of Hailey when she showed no feelings of jealousy during all his/their OTHER disgusting and violent sexcapades?

I'm not saying she didn't have any jealousy towards Hailey as she likely did, as Hailey was young, beautiful and smart. But Hailey would have been just another violent sexcapade to BJD ad SA, with
Billie leading the way. I also believe she knows exactly where Hailey was dumped because SHE is
the one who told SA exactly how to dispose of and where to dump her; in fact, could have been
right there during Hailey's disposal; IF it happened during the night she was killed and very
likely could have. Don't forget! BJD had to do a load of laundry before SA could even put in
the appearance of going to work the next morning. From there, they had all day that day, night and
the next day to clean up their dirty work and report Hailey missing. IMO, BJD was the ring leader
in Hailey's rape, brutal and violent death and her disposal. Fl Anon

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say Peter & Heather; but I just HATE the size of the print and the long lines on this new website. It is so small and runs so far over to the right side of the page that I can barelytolerate trying to read it. Is it just me since I haven't seen anyone else mention it?

Anyhoo, I had never worn glasses previously, but went out last Monday, got my eyes checked and picked up new high density bifocals Friday. It helps a little but still, there's almost NO WAY I can reduce the print small enough to get it within a margin that I can read without having to drag the mouse far over to the right side.

Am I the only one having this problem? I don't experience this on other websites I read. Is there ANYTHING you'll can do to make the print larger and fit it within a margin that is
readable? Thank you so much! Fl Anon

Anonymous said...

Fl Anon-
Are you on a mobile device by chance? I read this blog on an Android phone and have sometimes (not recently) had the same issues you described above. Someone suggested rotating the phone to a horizontal position and tapping the screen twice. It worked! I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Nic, the difference between you and me is that I don't believe Billie looked in on Hailey AT ALL that morning and not likely on any other morning either. Hailey was left to her own devices to fend for herself, including trying to dredge up lunch money for school every day.

Why would anyone believe Billie looked in on Hailey that morning when she has lied about nearly every statement she has made? Hasn't Peter already proved this? So why believe this lie about looking in on Hailey, or any other statements BJD made? Where do you draw the line with a sociopathic pathological liar, how do you pick and chose to believe this statment but not that one? You don't, because they will ALL be slanted in favor of herself, to make HERSELF look good.

Billie Jean didn't give a rat's butt about Hailey, otherwise she would not have had SA living in her home around her children; not to mention, neither would she have been doing drugs HERSELF; NOR would she have had Hailey asking SA for money, thereby making Hailey "obligated" to her sick violent lover. She KNEW what was going on there with SA, since SHE is the one who set it up in the first place.

Nah... she didn't check on Hailey that morning or any other morning. Sorry, but I can't find any excuses for BJD and cut her no slack. She helped KILL that child and I know it as good as I know I'm sitting here on this chair. Fl Anon

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon @ 9:07, but I am not posting on a mobile phone. This is the same computer I've always used, I haven't made any changes in my "tool", menu or other settings, and don't have this trouble on any other websites that I read.

All the posts on other web sites always fit within the page size alloted margins except this one and aren't so small they can hardly be read even with magnifying glasses. It has only been happening on this blog site and it began when Peter set up this new site. It has been happening on every article Peter posts, news articles and all the posts made by others. The problem for me is on THIS blog site.

But thanks for your suggestion. I am going to have my computer checked to see if I have goofed up somewhere myself but won't be able to do that for a couple of weeks when I am able to see the computer analyist. If I can't get it corrected somehow, I may have to give up trying to read Statement Analysis entirely as it really bothers my eyes. Fl Anon

Deejay said...

?There is a 'ZOOM' button in the lower left of my computer window that looks like a magnifying glass. You can increase the print size to 150% or more.

Older browzers have a zoom fuction pulldown also- usually in the top menu bar.

Deejay said...

Anon- Please pick a name- whatever you like. Anon123456 is fine.

Hailey was already dead that morning- they stored her body in her bed overnight in case David came home. Billie was looking in to say a last goodbye...
As Peter said- BJD prefers to lie by stringing truths together in such a way that the overall effect is a lie or she changes one crutial bit but the rest is true. It is easier to keep straight.

For example, SA went to work, walked out, came home. At that point to quote Billie - 'Hailey was home- he seen her'. Hailey happened to be dead and he was picking up her body for disposal- but that sentence was true. There were direct lies: It was NOT at 3:00 pm, but early morning. Also SA and Hailey did NOT have a conversation about a sleepover, that part was fabricated.

BostonLady said...

Billie Jean is now trying to make herself a victim to her facebook followers. Billie is continually adding new pictures of herself to facebook, smiling, laughing, enjoying herself. This is not what a mother of a missing child would, should, does. Billie continually proves how self involved and narcissitic she is. Her sympathetic followers do not see this or choose not to see this and only enable Billie to stay in her comfort zone.

Hailey is only used in Billie's world for her to say "my daughter" to make herself the center of attention. Billie shows no emotion for Hailey. She only displays emotion, usually only anger, surrounding Shawn. Their connection is ongoing.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous 9:20

As we enter into the realm of "guilty analysis", we allow the subject to guide us on what happened. It is navigating some choppy waters, but it is fascinating.

Billie Dunn lies via withholding information. It is her pattern. She "hedges" by qualifying a great deal too.

But, it must be remembered: her wording and description come from somewhere.

This is what we are seeking to learn. IT is difficult work but within the words is found truth.

She was a neglectful mother, of this I agree with you. I don't think she would ever bother to "check" in on Hailey. I think she made her last look at Hailey before Shawn buried her in a well or something similar.

thank you,


PS Pick a name!

Texas said...

I don't believe either that she was going to "check" on her. For one Billie had already gotten ready or work, and Hailey's room was by the bathroom. I'm sure she would have noticed the t,v, on or that Hailey wasn't in the livingroom way before she was going to leave. She already knew Hailey was in her room, most likely deceased, because of whatever happenend earlier in the night.

Facebook has been busy with people posting things they have found about in regards to people connected to this case. From reading all this my conclusion is that LE, Texas Rangers/FBI should do a roundup of everybody mentioned. Everyone is put in holding and then questioned. THEN put all of them in a room and let them hear the others statements. Maybe then we can get to the truth. Too many hands in this case...too many people connected to each other.

Anonymous said...

I found an excerpt on a website in which BD explains to the host what happened in her words. What I found amazing was she mentioned several others that had sexual improprieties, including the police and city workers that were having sex in public. She even goes on to mention something about a neighbor that was having homosexual relations with a police officer.

All this coming from a woman that lives across the street from her ex (or maybe someday)husband who is engaged to be remarried to some woman who had inside information that Hailey was in Mexico. Uh,huh...yeah...

Some guy had been arrested more times than she had teeth for this type stuff. I don't know how unless he had been arrested in another county.

She is like the others on these sites-looking for a lesser human.

Perhaps this is why there are no arrests. She enjoys talking with the FBI and doesn't care for the locals. Her words are fodder for a show that will sell products. Small town cops, extramarital affairs,drugs, alcohol, etc.

There is no motive whatsoever to locate this child. There is only around 4500 people in that town and the town is about 5 miles square..
Most people in a town that size already know each other.They don't need Internet sleuths doing checks on everyone and blaming searchers if they said hello to someone who may have been convicted of something at one time. Pettiness.

BostonLady said...

I found these 2 earlier raw interviews with Shawn Adkins, the first done on 1/3/11. Although statement analysis is not body analysis, if you watch the interviews, Shawn shakes his head in the negative when answering in the affirmative. I don't know that Peter ever had the opportunity to provide statement analysis on these interviews.

This interview is from 1/4/11 and done on the old couch in Billie's livingroom. The same action of shaking his head in the negative as he answers in the affirmative is pronounced. This second interview is where he states he "loves Hailey with all his heart" and his body language indicates otherwise. Also, he is nervous. You can see him swallowing but he hardly ever blinks which is strange.

Florida said...

Thanks Peter, I appreciate your response and agree with how you are
approaching and trying to untangle Billie's many snarled up lies to project
herself as if she were innocently telling the truth. She is a different
kind of liar than Casey Anathony was. A bigger liar? I'm not so sure.
They're both good at it, only I think Billie is a better liar than Casey.

As to the selection of a name Peter & Deejay; thanks, but I thought I had
already chosen a name when I started posting as "Fl Anon". Meaning, I live in
Florida and I am otherwise anonymous. How would that be any different than any
of the other user names who distinguish themselves individually, such as
yourselves? Wouldn't that separate me from the others who post simply as
anonymous with no other identification? But if it will make you'll
happy(ier) I can post simply as Fla. Would that be better?

Thanks for your suggestion Deejay, concerning the zoom buttom, which I used
to have on the bottom right of my screen but no longer do. Don't know
where the heck it went, just, one day a long time ago I no longer had it.
Now I use the CTRL key at the same time with either the + or the - key to
increase or decrease the size of the print, but it STILL does not prevent
the print on this blog site from running way way way over to the right side
of the margin; it just makes the size of the print either smaller or larger
and just keeps on going like one long long scroll to the right. I don't
have the answer but I am thinking it is something in the way Peter has this
new blog site set up since that was the day it started doing this; but then, if
no one else is having this problem it must be just ME.

I said earlier today that I have not seen this happen on any other web site I
read, but that is not entirely true. I remember now that it also happened on
the Websleuth's Blog Site when I used to occasionally look in over there, which
I have not done in a very long time. Basically because I do not care for Trish.

As gifted and talented as Trish is, she and her minions were VERY rude and hostile
to Dr. Keith Ablow in an interview she had with him, then went on to make nasty
remarks about him because of his opinion that George Anthony had molested
Casey as a child, WHICH I happen to agree with. It is not because I agree with
Dr Ablow (who has vast knowledge and experience in this area and Trish doesn't) nor
that Trish doesn't agree, it is because I see her utter stupidity in not even
considering the possiblilty when all the signals are right there for the whole
world to see.

IMO, if Trish had been smart she would have backed off gracefully and would have
given Dr. Ablow the benefit of the doubt whether she agreed or not rather than
she and her bunch tearing him to shreds and belittling him afterwards, which they
DID. So much for Trish and her website. That was last year. Haven't read it
since, so now don't know if they have that little print size that just keeps
on going forever that becomes a hassle. In Sunny Florida

Dahbou said...

If you can't change the size of the font on the website page, perhaps you could subscribe to the blog by email. That way you will get each post by email and would only have to go to the website in order to make a comment. (The subscribe or Follow by Email box is on the top right of the page.)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a Facebook account. Is there a link where I can see BJD's? Do we know it is really hers? (Well, really her lies, anyway)?

Older Than Dirt said...

Fl Anon-
I think the request was that instead of just signing your comments "Fl Anon" the suggestion was that you post so Fl Anon (instead of "Anonymous") appears in blue above your post, as "hobnob and "Boston Lady" do.

Older Than Dirt said...

So... why didn't the cadaver dogs pick up her scent?

Texas said...

Question: Is it possible for the mother of a missing child, who knows they are deceased, to live in a fantasy world? They know the child is gone, but they start to believe the child might come back, fantasizing that they really are just missing, and whatever really happenend they push it to the side. They know the truth but they don't want to face it. I read Billie's comments about Hailey coming home and how people should not stop looking for her face in the crowds, and her jokes about it, and it seems odd to me. I know we don't know 100% that Hailey is gone, but if she is and Billie really did know this whole time, it's scary to think about her sitting there making these comments knowing this whole time her child was really gone. I hope for her sake there is a miracle and Hailey does show up, because if not this is a horror show- crazy mother psycho boyfriend....and the rest of the clan. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Now I use the CTRL key at the same time with either the + or the - key to
increase or decrease the size of the print, but it STILL does not prevent
the print on this blog site from running way way way over to the right side
of the margin; it just makes the size of the print either smaller or larger
and just keeps on going like one long long scroll to the right
on firefox at the top click on "VIEW" ,
hover mouse over ZOOM,
from drop down menu select "Zoom Text Only"
the page width will stay the same size but the letters will
get real big when you use the ctrl+ key then.
it's like using word wrap in note pad.

lynda said...

Peter said
Stripping is not a glamourous life. It is ripe with drugs, abuse and violence. It is not dignified for a mother to be doing. Do you think a mother that does this is likely going to instill values in her children? Do you think she will be cautious as to what men she allows in her home, to be around her children?

Drugs numbs the soul. Do you want to see a video of an animal being sexually abused? Well, it does not start out that way. Do you want to see blood and guts and horror?

Pornography degrades women, at first, but then when the pictures no longer gratify, it becomes videos, and when the videos no longer gratify, it becomes animals, and social standards are broken for arousal, and then the desensitization process continues and more social standards are broken, and drugs are used to numb the soul until it reaches the damnable level of:

child pornography.

Now, no one is safe.

Nothing is sacred.

The innocent have been attacked and there is no going back.

All we can do is put them in a place where the bars on the walls will keep them from harming others"

This is one of the most succinct writings on the degradation and desensitization of our entire society that I have ever read...thank you Peter.