Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quotes from NYC Elderly Victim

note anger, note use of pronoun, "I"  from elderly rape victim. 

Kill him. Cut off his penis. That’s fine. Cut off his feet, then hit him over the head. Then give him life in prison.”

“This guy knew what he wanted to do,” the woman said at her Upper West Side home.

“He wanted to beat the s--t out of me. I think he’s beaten women before.
“I’m a little jittery. I get the shakes. But I’m more angry. I hope he goes to jail for a long time, and he gets raped, over and over again.”

Despite a broken eye socket, a badly blackened eye and other bruises and scrapes, the professional photographer spoke just hours after the brutal attack at the hands of the same sicko she saw “in the Ramble a week or 10 days ago . . . and he was masturbating.”

“He turned around and I took his picture. He followed me and I thought, ‘Oh, I’m in trouble,’ ” she recalled.
“He said to me, ‘Why you take my picture?’ . . . He was either Russian or Slavic,” the woman said. She refused his demand to give her the “film,” noting, “It’s all digital.”
Yesterday morning in the park, the same “guy comes over to me and says, ‘You remember me?’
“And I said ‘no.’ But of course I did.
“He pounced on me. He jumped on my back . . . I started screaming. And he said, ‘You don’t scream!’ And he grabbed my throat.

I still screamed. ‘He said, ‘I’ll cut your jugular!’ I stopped screaming.”
Then “he raped me — vaginally and rectally. Brutally,” she said.

Afterward, he repeated, “I’ll cut your jugular. He mashed my head into the dirt. He said, ‘You stay there and count to 100.’ I counted to 100.”

The woman vowed not to let the fiend — or his crime — keep her from returning to the park.
“I’m not scared. I don’t want to lose that pleasure. I won’t let anything keep me from enjoying the park,” she said.

“I’m not going back looking like this, but of course I’ll go back. It’s my park.
“I look like hell, but it will heal. I can see I’m alive,” she said.
“Do I forgive him? Absolutely not.
“I know tonight, I will have a little trouble. I’ll feel the weight of him pushing me to the ground, and pummel, pummel, pummel,” she said, as she punched the air around her.


Anonymous said...

Indicative of American society today.

She vows not to let him stop her from enjoying the park knowing he is behind bars at the time.

After she photographed him, she knew he was someone to be feared yet went back to the park not long afterwards. If he were a druggie or such, a couple of weeks passing and he would have forgotten all about her-or at least what she looked like.

In the name of Freedom, did she report him so no one else would have been raped in the park? Or, was artistic expression first and foremost on her mind?

His actions are what many Americans think today. Being on public property and behaving any way and doing any thing a person pleases is an expression of freedom. Just tolerate those from other countries because it is your duty even if they pose a threat.

I read where an elderly man was pulled into a van while taking his morning walk. Several, Mexicans I think it was,raped him when he had no money to give them.

When I read journalist blaming GRAND- mommy and daddy for missing children and trying to make them feel guilty for not feeding their journalistic endeavors I almost puke. It is as if they think people should be breast fed until they are 40!

But, hey, making the world a better place is a tough job and someone has to do it and be an example for everyone else.

John Mc Gowan said...

Peter the images alone should be enough to warrant an arrest.!!!

John Mc Gowan said...

Oops wrong comment

Lis said...

This stands as a good comparison to Charlie Rogers' statement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16:

No your caveman mentality to blame victims of brutal sexual assaults is what's wrong with society.

That's comparable to blaming a six year old that she was sexually abused because she was wearing a bathing suit in public & the offender stated she wanted to appear sexual for attention.

It's repulsive that any human would think the way you do.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:16, typical of American anonymous bloggers, blame the victim, allude to your impotence at not being able to make racist remarks. Anyhow, what she probably meant about going back to the park had nothing to do with him behind bars. She most likely meant that she won't cave to generalized anxiety or fear, you wont allow herself to give in to PTSD. I hope she is right about her own strength.