Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shawn Adkins: A Deer in the Headlights

BILLIE DUNN: Hello. My name is Billie. My boyfriend and I just broke up yesterday.

911 OPERATOR: And what is his name?

BILLIE DUNN: His name is Shawn Adkins. And he`s telling me that he`s going to kill me.

911 OPERATOR: He wants to go get his T-shirt?

BILLIE DUNN: Yes. Apparently, he left his T-shirt over there when he spent the night one night. And I just don`t trust him enough to go in there. Is there any way anybody can keep an eye over there?

He`s wanting to go in there. He knows that I don`t lock up, like, my windows. Sometimes, I don`t even lock the doors.
And he knows that. So I`m kind of worried he could walk out with a TV or anything, my son`s XBox.

DAVID must have been shocked on December 27th, during the daytime, when he went home and found the doors locked.  Eventually Shawn Adkins answered the door.  David said that Shawn looked like "a deer in the headlights."

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Anonymous said...

I would love to know what David has to say about all of this. I know he was interviwed by LE and that media left him alone for the most part. He should be 18 by now, no longer a minor. I would be interesting in hearing his take on the events those critical days.