Saturday, September 15, 2012

Statement Analysis of Mike Francesca

Mike Francesca was accused of falling asleep during a recent broadcast. 

Here is his denial:

"I promise you I never fell asleep.  I promise."

1.  Put your analysis in the comments section.  
2.  After your analysis, watch the video

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MissUnderstood said...

He must be one tired guy. He never falls asleep...

He did not deny falling asleep during the broadcast in question. Promise is repeated twice, showing sensitivity.

I hope he doesn't make such false and impossible promises on a regular basis.

John Mc Gowan said...

"I promise you I never fell asleep. I promise."

This is not a reliable denial..

Never doesnt mean No.

I promise is repeated making it sensitive.

Reliable Denial:

I;First person singular.

Didnt: linking to past tense.

Fall asleep: linking the event to the denial..

John Mc Gowan said...

The Vt is so funny.

Look at the fear in his eyes when he realises whats just happened.

Vita said...

The Visual, is there. He did fall asleep. He mouths @ 1:10, to his producer " what do I do" or " what am I doing" - it's his response once he Perks, that he has to say something, as the audio, listener, would not be able to " See" him.

@ 1:13, Alright we talked with Sweeney obviously, as we get ready....
His words, is acknowledging "Sweeney talked", " talked" he surely did, Obviously, to himself (hah)

He though knowing he was not engaged with " Sweeney" he words it off, it's over.
Show's over Folks.
He cannot offer anything more, but a closing, due to he was asleep.

"I promise you I never fell asleep. I promise."
50/50 chance he would be believed? Audio performance, vs visual performance
SMH, all in the sake of reputation, I will take the 50/50 chances

Lemon said...

3 components of a reliable denial-

1. First Person Singular
2. Past Tense Verb
3. Specific denial

Two components = unreliable
Four components = unreliable

Mr. Francesca does not issue a reliable denial. He 'promises', uses 'never' to get us to interpret it as 'no', then promises again, making it sensitive via repetition.
What did you do, Mr. Francesca? What happened? :)

Eliza said...

Never is not a reliable denial. He should have said "I didn't fall asleep."

The "promise" verb weakens the denial. It would have been a stronger denial if he hadn't said promise, because promises can be broken. It is also repeated twice, so it shows sensitivity. He tries to persuade us by repeating the promise twice. So,

Deception indicated!

Anonymous said...

If you watch it with no sound, it's clear he fell asleep. As someone else mentioned the shock in his eyes when he wakes is pretty funny. Deer in headlights kinda look.

Periwinkle Paisley said...

Not even looking at his statement, which is not a reliable denial, he definitely nodded off. Dude, I was falling asleep during that clip. Baseball is SO boring anyway how could he not doze off during 5 minutes of blah blah blah about it?

Lis said...

He does not use the reliable first person, past tense, specific denial.
He says "never", which does not mean 'no'.
"I promise" - I don't remember Peter dealing with this particular phrase before but I am going to assume it is a red flag, like bringing deity into the statement. I'd like to hear a little more about the use of "I promise" because someone I know uses this phrase a lot and it always makes me skeptical.

Lis said...

Ha ha, the video is pretty funny!
Don't feel bad, Mr. Francesca, that about put me to sleep, too! lol
He wakes up and is like "oh no- what did I miss?" and quickly surmises he did not miss too much.

Tania Cadogan said...

This was funny as heck you can see his head drooping as he gets deeper asleep, all that was missing was the faceplant on the desk.

never doesn't mean no.

I would expect to see "I didn't fall asleep"

I promise x 2 indicates sensitivity.

If he never fell asleep what did he do? since it is clear something happened.
Instead of telling what didn't happen he should tell us what did.

people nod off all the time when listening to something boring, look at conferences for example or political get togeathers.

The drone of a tedious voice can be soporific, that combined with a warm environment, maybe a full belly after lunc, perhaps a snifter of something can and do collude to cause someone to nod off.

~Stands up~
My name is Hobnob and i have nodded off in meetings.
~sits down~

We have all done it, we are tired, full, bored, warm, whatever. If we feel safe we can and often do fall asleep.
No doubt it will end up on some blooper show.
he would have done better to say yeah, you caught me, it was that exciting i couldn't help it.

brosnanfan said...

You can't promise something like this. You can't "promise" about something that already happened.

You can promise to not fall asleep, you can promise to try to not fall asleep, you can promise to excuse yourself if you feel sleepy, but you can't promise that you did not do something.

A promise is: A declaration that something will or will not BE done; an assurance on which to base an EXPECTATION; an indication of what may be EXPECTED; an indication of FUTURE excellence ( All these things are in the future, not the past.

What he should have said was, "I swear to you that I did not fall asleep." It still would have been a lie, but at least it would have been correct usage of the words.

I have heard people say this expression before; it is usually meant to show a strenuous, vehement affirmation or denial of whatever has been said they did.

Therefore...since he told us what he didn't do, as opposed to what he did, I would say (without even watching the clip) that he is lying. If he had no reason to lie, he would have said, "I swear to you that I was awake," or maybe, "I was awake."

Plus, if you take out the unneeded words ("I promise you" and "I promise"), you get, "I never fell asleep." The sentence makes sense without the unnecessary words that he meant for emphatic emphasis. Or, just emphasis, since redundant sentence is redundant. ;)

brosnanfan said...

I just watched the video; I didn't turn on the sound, just watched what was happening.

Oh yeah, he was totally sleeping. :)

Anonymous said...

Unreliable denial as stated by all of the above posters.
I just watched the video. LOL! It reminds me of certain college lectures... droning voice, warm room, me compulsively chewing stick after sick of gum to keep myself from nodding off just like Mike did in the clip. Why lie about it?

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