Sunday, September 23, 2012

Susan Murphy Milano Announcement

Susan with Dr. Akoury at first chemo treatment is the original link.  I have copy/pasted it all here.  

Funding Challenge:  Donations HERE

As quoted in a Chicago Tribune article over the weekend, Susan Murphy Milano says she doesn't know if she'll make through the end of the year with her cancer battle. That could very well be true.

Susan has had a total of 4 chemo treatments, has done very well with them, made progress, but has to commit to 9 more chemo treatments, as well as strictly follow a regimen to build up her body in order to prepare it for surgery in several weeks. She has a great team, all working together with her to make this happen and to continue with ongoing treatment.

The challenge to make this happen is funding. Although many have stepped up and generously given from their hearts and pocketbooks, we must, once again, appeal to the public for help.

In order to fulfill the commitment to the treatments we need to raise at least $1000-$1500 per week for the next 9 weeks. Yes, do the math, it's quite a sum!

We know that there are many of you who have donated that can not afford to do any more, we thank you and understand, but, do you know people, perhaps in your circle of friends, who may wish to participate?

The outpouring has been great, and we really hate to keep asking, but don't know what else to do.

We are working diligently to follow up on all of the resources many of you have sent our way. Sometimes it seems like we're buried under mountains of papers to fill out, swimming upstream with so little time to devote to it.

As we once again appeal to you, we'd also like to thank each and every one on thesupporter's list on this site, with special thanks to CUE Center for Missing Personsvolunteers. What a family you all are! You do so much as it is, on your own time and your own dime, to help families of the missing, it just amazes us that you've taken Susan under your wing and called her your own.

To Denise Brown and Danielle Pierre for stepping up and featuring many colleagues of Susan's on their tribute radio show, we thank you for the donations your show was able to bring in and we hope they will continue.

Also, to all of you who have consistently shared articles about Susan, the EAA, Document the Abuse, and the work that will continue, no matter what, we offer our gratitude. Especially to Document the Abuse colleagues Sandra Brown of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction, Pastor Neil Schori and all others connected who have given their time and dollars. It can't be done without you all.

And...every day we are thankful to Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD at AwareMed for being the compassionate, knowledgeable and caring physician that she is. She's been so generous with her time and resources and is determined to do all she can to help Susan get the cancer under control.

We are running out of options, as well as time. Susan has a terrific team of doctor, oncologist, surgeon, and caretakers who are all working very hard to keep her going, but, with no health insurance, and no income to help with expenses, there's only so much that can be done.


Lemon said...

Ways to help links:

Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks for the info
Every little helps and Susan, You are one deserving lady this world needs and we need.
I wish you all the very best Susan for a speedy and full recovery.
I have also sent you positive thoughts, good vibrations and lots of hugs in the hope both they and i can ease your pain and give you comfort.

Hugs and smooches Susan, we are with you all the way my friend xx

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the cancer treatment that involves turning HIV cells into a super power cancer fighter?
one of the volunteers for the testing of this therapy had only a week to live and after therapy is cancer free.
it is spearheaded through a university scientist as I recall.

be well Susan. you are tuff.

Anonymous said...

Jolene said...

No health insurance, and no income to help with expenses because she's too sick to work. How often does this happen? All the time, to equally deserving and hard-working people. And yet the majority of American citizens bristle at the notion of universal health care. I guess they don't care unless it happens to them personally. My comments aren't directed at anyone here, btw, I'm just making a general observation. It makes me very, very sad that health and medicine are for-profit industries in the US. It just doesn't seem right for a country that's supposed to be so advanced. Prayers for Susan.

Anonymous said...

No income, and very ill....isn't that what Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and Medicare is for? Or the new health care that Pres Obama got going....oops, oh yeah, that obamacare this is only a fine for not having insurance, right?

Anonymous said...

This isn't a forum for obamacare. Affordable health care would come if there was a stop on the wild law suits against doctors. Having the government control healthcare is the single worst choice possible of them all. Why do the ignorant think that everything is free? Peter, I thought readers here knew better.

Lawyers ruin everything they touch. They are the ones who benefit from wild law suits, judges are lawyers, politicians are lawyers and just like every other political issue, they end up making money while our taxes go up.

Put a stop to law suits with a cap and there will be affordable healthcare based upon supply and demand. A mistake by a doctor equals a zillion dollar lawsuit and we all pay.

Henry C, said...

Anon: 8:32 Maybe Romney will give her a "voucher"...

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 7:05, your statement is sickeningly self aggrandizing and whiny. I am actually embarrased--fir YOU. Why do the ignorant, you query...setting up an us and them for anyone who does not view the world as you do, they are stupid, you are enlightened. Then you draw Peter in with a plaintive and accusatory, Peter, I thought they knew better! As if Peter has let a bunch of incorrigible puppies loose to urinate on a carpet. Peter, I didn't think you allowed people to use their own minds! Peter, isn't this an elitist website? Peter, I am enamored with my own thought processes and I resent you for giving equal soace to those I deem beneath me! Peter, why haven't they received the manual on Life?
Grow up, Anon 7:05, you sound like a horse's ass force teaming Peter into your projection of superiority.