Sunday, September 16, 2012

Talent in Statement Analysis

What is "talent" within the realm of Statement Analysis?  Why are some seemingly predisposed to doing solid analytical work?

Can those without talent become efficient analysts?

1.  Accepting the Unknown

There are certain attributes that work well in analytical work that some people are more naturally suited for, and some are not.  For example, the ability to accept the unknown, something that makes most people uncomfortable, has been identified as a feature found in successful investigators.  Most of us like the feeling of a completed puzzle.

Picture yourself walking by a table in which an entire puzzle is complete but for a single last one.  Most of us feel an urge to reach down, put the piece in place, and walk away, satisfied.

This works against analysis.

The analyst must be able to accept the unknown and not be overly bothered by the fact that the case or statement, is incomplete.  He must be able to work under the dark cloud of an incomplete puzzle without the need to rush to judgement. This works well for both investigations and for analysis.

2.   A natural talent is imagination.

Kaaryn Gough, guest analyst from Canada, is one identified as a natural talent. This is not to be confused with claims of "lie wizards" who identify with the television show, "Lie to Me"; but rather is simply an identification of an imagination that is able to enter into a topic, via the statement, close one's eyes, and imagine what words will be like in a truthful description.

3.  Low impact of agenda.

In the world of political correctness, a line has been drawn, artificially, through sloganism, which demands thinking be uniformed and complied with.  Even while demanding status of "individualism", it seeks uniformity.

In analysis, there is a strong element within the work that cannot be ignored:  psychological profile.

In our words, our hearts are discovered.  Who we are is learned through the words we use.  In 1942, the US military commissioned a psychological profile of Adolf Hitler.  They could not interview Adolf himself, but took his words, as well as interviews from those who knew him.  The work is fascinating.  It concluded that he would, should he lose the war, punish Germany and commit suicide.

Kaaryn has the ability to imagine what truth sounds like and can make a list of expected words from a truthful situation.  This is a talent that can be used in Anonymous Statement work.  A person given to an agenda cannot discern, for example, if a phrase is more likely from a male than a female.  Political correct thinking details analysis.

4.  Lack of Suspicious Nature

Some are simply more suspicious than others.  On television, great investigators are suspicious of everyone.  In Statement Analysis, suspicious people are unable to imagine the expected and struggle when confronted with a truthful statement.

5.  Advertising

Those easily taken in by Madison Avenue cannot do analysis.  If you are wondering what percentage of the population is taken in by Madison Avenue, think of successful campaigns, or...simply take a look around.

A man can throw a ball better than most men.  He is seen using a certain toothpaste.  Millions of men then go out and buy that toothpaste.  Now substitute toothpaste with just about anything else.

Demagogues prosper because of those who cannot or do not discern.

It was easier for those who lack sobriety in thought to say "If it don't fit, you must acquit."

Bumper stickers work because they take no critical thought.

 Critical thought is something that takes years to develop.  Private schools, for example, teach Latin, not because Latin is making a comeback, but because they are developing young brains, loading kids with 2 hours of homework per night, while their government school counterparts scream that  'teachers aren't teaching anymore and are pushing it on the kids with homework.'

Those with no leadership resumes become leaders due to sloganism.

The German military, Prussian upper class for generations, called Hitler the "Bohemian corporal" as an insult.

One need only to watch a channel called "The Learning Channel" to see how dumbed down America has become, should Madison Avenue not provide enough sample.  On the "learning" channel, one can watch an obese mother fill her soon to be obese child with sugar, as America is entertained by the low brow, ignorant behavior of the family sifted through a garbage dump for clothing.

As to working through analysis, or even reading analysis with an appreciative mind, the masses cannot, nor have interest in such, but look for a quick headline for a quick conclusion.  These are those who do not use critical thinking and here empty promises from politicians and react emotionally.  They often see a mother, involved in a crime and just "know" she is innocent and settle in to a cemented position.

If I just use this deodorant, I will be happy.
There's no way Michael Jackson molested children; he just loved children.
This car will make me a babe magnet.
Who will save the children?

It takes work to think.  Most do not.

 With much knowledge comes heaviness of heart.  For most people, it is not worth it.

Talent in Statement Analysis is seen in imagination and in the ability to accept the incomplete.  Hard work can compensate for a lack of talent.

Next, how Triplets sent me on a journey to learn...

I am not a talented analyst.


John Mc Gowan said...

Great article Peter,i love the analogies you use.

One question or maybe two.

Are females more natural at SA?

I say this because my Girlfriend can be reading,cooking ECT and i will have the news on or listening to the radio and she will say"did your hear that,that doesnt sound right".

The next time the news is on we both listen again and low and behold she has got it spot on, she has picked up on inconsistancies or something that does sound right or doesnt fit.
All this while she is just going about her every day activities.

I have now introduced her to SA and we both learn from each other along with your site.


John Mc Gowan said...

One more thing to add,she thinks it may have something to do with maternal instinct,.

Listening out for the baby when she is in bed or playing,listening for any deviation in tone or breathing patterns.A natural protection instinct if you like..

Tania Cadogan said...

What's with the snow?

~beady-eyed glare at a certain someone~

It's still officially summer for a few more days yet.
Snow should be banished to christmas eve and christmas day, mountain tops, the poles and sparkly christmas cards.

If i get double triple pneumonia with a severe case of lurgyitis thrown in for good measure i will be biting some ankles, knees if i remember my step ladder.

Tania Cadogan said...

To be good at anything one has to work hard.
Some may have a natural talent for a task, they still have to work hard to harness it, uses it to the fullest and understand there is always more to learn.

Having talent is a help, it encourages interest and effort as much if not more so than one who is not as talented.
To be good at anything requires training.
Usain Bolt may be a natural runner, he however has to train to get th best from it, he has to practise so everything meshes and runs smoothly.
Being able to run fast isn't any good if you are rubbish at getting out the starting blocks. Learning to pace oneself so they know when to hold back, when to push.

practice makes perfect as the saying goes.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi hobs,

I understand that it takes practice and that we all never stop learning,i was just amazed that she locked on to it straight away..

PS, i love snow,were getting it here next week. lol

MissUnderstood said...

Let it snow!!! $$$ :)

Tania Cadogan said...

If it appears anywhere near me John, i am so having words with Santa and the Great Pumpkin

John Mc Gowan said...

100 Sleeps to Christmas .Hahaha

jenna in tucson said...

I'm curious how certain long-term medications, such as ssri's and snri's, can affect someone's natural intuitive ability. Since being on anti-depressants for anxiety, I've noticed that i don't automatically "read" people as i did before. I'm less hypervigilant, which is a good thing as far as my anxiety goes, but i don't care for the "dumbing down" I've experienced in regards to my senses.

I know this isn't a psych forum. Haha. I'm just thinking out loud. I'm going to do some research on it...

Anonymous said...

Nice snow! Looks like a pond or swimming pool frozen over in the pic. Suprised the kids aren't out there sliding on it.

Sloganism as leadership...that seems to be the thought of the day. Just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again and eventually it will become reality.

Looking at others less fortunate often makes people feel better as they are not in that position or situation. With much knowledge comes heaviness of heart...

To travel the world today all one has to do is flip on the TV or log onto the Internet. There are many out there to take advantage of and profit from. It's easy to see who sits back and waits for things to be handed to them. It doesn't mean they are smarter.

Rehashing Hitlerism never gets old it seems. They allowed him in as to "watch" him, thinking they'd gain control. It didn't happen. Just "watching" and bragging about who a person knows does little.

The Learning Channel is now CNN and affiliates or whatever media outlets spewing their vile venom...for sloganism.

But, hey, there is always someone else on the other side of the world worse off. Make them into peaceful people and we'll have no worries...other than.......

Tania Cadogan said...

~ hands over christmas demands lists~

Jazzie said...

RE: Advertising
I walked into some stores on Sept 9... Christmas stuff! Yikes. Advertis Maximus Barfimus!
Kripes let us live in the moment please.
It reminds me of the Dudley Moore film "Crazy People" where Dudley's character Emory comes up with a brilliant pitch to be HONEST! Corporate sends him to a Psychiatric Hospital to 'recover'.
Gotta love words. Advertise from the Latin prefix 'ad' used to convey the idea of something that is placed near something or towards something and the word 'veritas' meaning 'truth'.

MissUnderstood said...

Even though I'm looking forward to the snow, I agree Jazzie! Let us live in the moment please! The stores really push the holidays/seasons. If you don't conform, and hurry up and buy whatever they are selling, it will be sold out when you need/want it. Hope everyone has their winter coats, before they are selling the bathing suits! ;)

John Mc Gowan said...

~runs away quickly~

Lis said...

The world of advertising seems to be swallowing everything else these days. Even church.

I read a great book several years ago, I think it came out in the early 90's, called Postmodern Times, by Gene Edward Veith, which predicted the world of today with uncanny accuracy. I often think of it as I see things develop.

Florida said...

I beg to differ with you Peter. You ARE a talented analyist.

And yes, you DO have a heaviness of heart and always will have.
You just have to learn to live with it.

Anon in Sunny Fla

rob said...

I will certainly agree with you on the so-called 'Learning Channel'. that has got to be the most dumbed-down version of tv available. I never go there, I just see their programing advertised on other channels, and can't believe anyone would watch it.
I can remember YEARS ago, it really was a learning channel. I can't imagine anyone letting a child watch that crap.

Tania Cadogan said...

chicken Bawk bawk. ~stuffs my list in your trouser pocket~

Anonymous said...

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