Saturday, September 22, 2012

Two 13 Year Old Boys Kill Grandmother for Pizza

Two Wisconsin boys, 13, charged with brutal hatchet slaying of great-grandmother to get change to buy pizza 

Nathan Paape (l) and Antonio Barbeau (r), 13, are accused of murdering their 78-year-old grand-mother Barbara J. Olson.

Barbara J. Olson was bludgeoned with a hammer and hatchet before being robbed of her spare change, police said. Her great-grandson and his friend are accused of carrying out the crime then going out for pizza.


Nathan Paape (l) and Antonio Barbeau (r), 13, are accused of murdering their 78-year-old grand-mother Barbara J. Olson.

Two 13-year-old Wisconsin boys have been charged with first degree murder for the brutal slaying of one boy's great-grandmother, whom they allegedly bludgeoned with a hammer and hatchet before robbing her spare change and going out for pizza.
Both boys, Antonio D. Barbeau and Nathan J. Paape, were charged Friday as adults in the death of Barbeau’s great-grandmother, 78-year-old Barbara J. Olson, prosecutors said.
In a crime that was both gruesome and callous, the boys are accused of going to Olson’s Sheboygan, Wis., home on Sept. 17 “to get some money,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.
Barbeau allegedly told his friend they should kill the elderly woman and they armed themselves with a hammer and hatchet.
The boys got a ride to Olson’s home from Paape’s mother and they “hid their weapons in their clothing,” police said.
They entered the house through an unlocked door and when Olson said she was going to call Barbeau’s mother, the teen allegedly struck her in the head with the blunt end of the hatchet.


Barbara Olson

She fell to the ground but police say Barbeau continued to strike her with the back of the hatchet “as she tried to cover her head, groaning and telling them to stop.”
Paape then struck her twice with the hammer, police said.
Her great-grandson turned the hatchet around and hit her in the head with the blade, police said.
The teens then ransacked the house, taking a purse, loose quarters and jewelry, according to prosecutors.
They also allegedly tried to dispose the victim’s body, dragging her to the garage, but then abandoning the plan.
Instead, prosecutors say the teens stole Olson’s car and eventually left it at a Sheboygan bowling alley. From there, they walked to the pizza restaurant.
Olson's body was found on Wednesday.
"I don't understand how anyone much less 13-year-olds can be so unfeeling about someone to after they kill her, go to have a pizza," Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco said.
Both Barbeau and Pappe have admitted to police they killed Olson, the Sentinel said.
They are being held on $1 million cash bond.
Barbeau's defense attorney told a local TV station he will try to have the case moved to juvenile court.


According to police, the two suspects entered the house through an unlocked door and when Olson said she was going to call Barbeau’s mother, the teen struck her in the head with the blunt end of the hatchet.


Anonymous said...

Two druggie punks.

Anonymous said...

Wow just wow. The love of the world grows colder and colder.

MissUnderstood said...

13?? That is sick and very sad. How could someone do that to their Great Grandmother??

Anonymous said...

Omg how awful! What is going on with today's children? They seem to have no conscience, a 10 yr old kills a baby, 13 yr olds kill great grandmother. They get young and their crimes more horrific.

Lemon said...

This is so disturbing. The world is upside down.

MissUnderstood said...

Anon 9:18 said "What is going on with today's children?"

Idk, but it's getting worse and worse. Something's got to give.

Anonymous said...

Why do we hold criminals to our standards of morality? Why don't we judge them

by their own personal moral standard? If they don't feel it's wrong, how can we say it

is? If something is illegal does that necesarily mean it is immoral or conversely, is

there isn't a law forbidding it, does that make it moral? If you don't feel it is

wrong, is it? How do we decide?

Are our laws based on majority rule? If so, why don't we vote on every law?

Are they based on the personal morality of legislators and judges? If so then each

judge will feel differently about what is or is not moral and the laws are ever

changing. How do we keep track? The last thing we would want to do is vote someone

into office that is morally bankrupt and has no integrity, but we do it all the time.

Our lawmakers are some of the most deceptive, manipulative, self-serving people in the

country. IMO Are the members of the Supreme Court the most morally righteous men and

women of our society? If so do we really trust our Presidents and lawmakers to decide

that? Priest, pastors? Peter just gave another example of why they can't be the final

word on sin.

I have been baffled most of my life by our schizophrenic laws. How is it that

something can be a felony and deserving of prison time or the death penalty in one

decade and not another? murder, gambling, alcohol, drugs, slavery, suicide, sodomy,

infidelity, abortion. Then, in a few years or decades the same thing, for example

gambling, is not only legalized but becomes a major source of income for the

government. Was gambling really an evil at one time and now it's no longer evil

because the law has been changed? Did someone misunderstand the Constitution when it

came to slavery? Now we all know, and expect everyone else to know, that slavery is

wrong but at that time half the country was just as sure that it wasn't.

How do we, as individuals, point to some things and say with such certainty

that they are intrinsically wrong, things such as murder, then find it so hard to

agree on abortion, which at one time nearly everyone agreed was evil. Now the law says

that it is murder in some places and not others or at different points in pregnancy.

Or if someone else causes the death of the fetus (Scott Peterson) it is a human life

and murder, but if the mother chooses to abort, it isn't life until it takes a breath

and it's her choice.

Where is our base line? How can we expect people to behave morally when we

can't agree what is and is not moral or criminal? The only answer I seem to get to

these questions is that "Well, EVERYone knows ___ is wrong. Insert whichever

immorality, crime, sin, however you choose to refer to them. Obviously, everyone

doesn't just know. My point is that we all, myself included, continue to be surprised

at deviant behavior, but until we can give the criminal a better reason for it being

wrong than, "Everyone just knows it is", how can we hold them to our everchanging

standards? Don't misunderstand me, I don't want to do away with laws and justice.

It's that we can't seem to agree on what is just and right.

Please forgive or ignore my rambling, but it's the mystery of human behavior

that keeps me coming back to this site. I never expect to have answers in this life

but I can't quit trying to comprehend and reconcile in my mind the extreme differences

between people and am amazed that we get along at all.

No wonder kids are lost, confused and lack self-control and empathy.

MissUnderstood said...

Apparently the great-grandson was in trouble for something else as well. He murdered his Great Grandmother on Monday. He was placed in a detention center on Tuesday (for unrelated issues). She wasn't discovered until Wednesday. I'd like to hear about his past, but seeing as he's a minor, that probably won't happen. I'd like to hear of their family situation (mother, father, siblings, living arrangement, etc.).


Officers then executed a search warrant on the great-grandson’s locker at a juvenile detention center where he’d been placed Tuesday for unrelated reasons. Authorities said they seized clothes and apparent blood-spattered shoes.

Anonymous said...

My ex son-in-law during his weekend visits keeps my 5 year old grandson up to play Call of Duty, a video game so violent that you are required to sign in to view a preview. He has been playing this since he was barely 4. Maddingly, the judge, the attorney ad litem nor cps see this as a serious issues. In the meantime my grandson's developing brain and heart are being desensitized to blood, gore and others' pain. I'm scared for my grandson. Thankfully he is still at an age to volunteer things like this to his mom so she can have some input but how long can that last. So far he is gentle and patient with his younger cousins and hopefully will continue to grow his good heart but I can't help but be scared for him.

Anonymous said...

Anon, the video game is probably not the best thing for him to be doing, but if he is gentle and patient with younger children, he has developed empathy and kindness. Give him love and talk with him. Ask him about the video game and let him talk about it. Make it clear in your conversation that it is pretend. It is relationships that save kids and the lack of them that ruin them. If the relationships in his life are close and real, the video game will not overcome that. That's my opinion and experience.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Please choose a name!

It reminds me of how immorality in one decade became mental illness in the next, only to be praised one decade later: the movable standard. This is how the Nazis took root. They blurred right and wrong and made themselves the standard.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I pray you're right and that the positive influences in his life will outweigh the poor choices his father continues to make. What a sad excuse for a male role model.

MissUnderstood said...

Anon, I think Anon 12:16 offered you good advice, and like you said, encouragement.

I don't understand why the majority of the video games are violent, especially for Xbox. That is what the video game makers are pushing, and people are buying. Wii and Playstation, at least have some variety, but Xbox is mostly violence related (that I've noticed anyway). I don't understand the enjoyment of playing violent video games...

Anonymous said...

God is the only moral absolute. He sets in the moral bar. History shows over and over when the people are close to God morality takes and upswing. When God is removed for the equation morality is no longer black and white but turns to various shades of grey. The more we push God our the worse things become. Who founded orphanages, fought against child labor, fought for education for all? That was Tue church.

Deejay said...

Peter- Random posts under Anonymous are confusing to follow. I usually skip them. Maybe you can add a 'pick any name' suggestion to the top post...

BTW, On the posts about J.MacDonald, I was wondering if "you weren't really that bad" was an imbedded confession...

Buddi said...

Anon @ 8:09 am, I respectfully disagree. I do not have to believe in an imaginary person in the sky, to know to treat people with kindness and compassion, not to kill or harm others or steal from them, or let them go cold or hungry when I have food and blankets to spare.

KatONine said...

Here we go with the 'violent video games are the DEVIL' talk. You know what I did last night? I played a violent video game with a friend (Left 4 Dead 2, to be precise) I killed hoards of zombies with an assault rifle and a cricket bat, yeah, but that's not all the game is. I protected my friend - I saved him from a few Hunters and a Jockey as well getting a Tank off his ass. I shared my first aid kit with him when he was almost dead and gave him some pills to boot. In turn, he watched my back when I was almost dead and he revived me with a defibrillator unit when I died.

Let's review: it's a violent video game, yes, but it encourages support and teamwork - especially if you play with a trusted friend. Ignorant people who have never played the games or even watched them, they just listen to people like Jack Thompson bitching about video games and assume (... and frankly, that makes an ass out of you and me) that people who play violent video games are 'desensitized' to blood and gore.

I like digital blood and gore in games. I like SFX horror make-up and props in movies. I don't like real blood and gore, no way, no how. I hate passing torn open animals on the road - I feel sad for them. I've protected baby bunnies and mice that my cats have tormented and tried to kill. If I was truly impacted by violent video games that I've been playing since I was a child, would I care? Ask yourself that. This perception that if you play violent video games or watch horror movies makes you lust for blood is bullshit - ignorant bullshit, I suppose people enjoy disregarding that violence in human society has existed for as long as humans have - long before video games, long before horror movies ... people killed other people for a few coins or crumbs or anything they had that they wanted. This isn't unheard of.

I'd also love to find that article I read once about a three year old boy who played GTA with his father nearby. His father wrote it - he taught his son how to drive the cars and just watched him - watched what he did. His son didn't going running people over, his son didn't shoot hookers, no, his son -helped- people in the game which is another option (one that you never hear about, do you?). His son got into a fire truck and drove out, putting out fires. His son got into an ambulance and took sick people to the hospital. His son got into a police car and fulfilled bounties. Does that sound evil to you? Horrible? Bad? Gee, it sounds the complete opposite to me. Yet how many of you would say 'GASP! HE LET HIS SON PLAY GTA?! OH, THE HORRRROR!'? That's the way it is in many video games, shockingly enough. You choose if you want to be a good guy or a bad guy - some games are based completely on those moral choices (like Fable, for example). It's a good way of teaching kids consequences - see, if you attack that villager, the guards will keep coming and coming and coming and coming and coming and they will never stop so...don't kill villagers, kay?

I don't believe that video games caused these kids to kill - I don't believe that video games told them to kill - I don't believe that they were desensitized because of video games. I think that they are both entitled little shits who were coddled and never expected to take responsibility for their choices, I believe that they are selfish brats who wanted something and were not willing to take 'no' for an answer because, again, they were coddled.

For the record, I'm a 28 year old woman. I enjoy playing the following games, all of which have violence and blood in them. Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, Mortal Kombat, Fable and Prototype to name a few. I also love the Diablo series and, oddly enough, I enjoy playing The Sims.

MissUnderstood said...

KatONine, I didn't say violent video games are the devil, nor do I think they would cause someone to kill another real, live, human being. There is a big difference between a 28 year old woman, and a 4 year old child. Children, at the age of 4, should not be having their innocence robbed from them. There is no need, what so ever to TEACH a 4 year old to play such violent games. There are plenty of other games which help teach teamwork. When a person reaches the age and/or maturity level to play rated M games, they should already know right from wrong, and know full well that the game is pretend. If that has to be explained, then they are to young and/or immature to play JMO.

Also, people who use the excuse that they or someone they know is violent, BECAUSE of a video game, I think that's a cop-out. So, just because I, personally, don't like the violent video games, especially for small children, does not mean I think they are the devil or cause a person to kill. Btw, I have played them and seen them played.

Would you teach your 4 year old how to play those games?

Light the Way said...

Extreme violence does not usually begin with bludgeoning to death an elderly grandmother for her pocket-change..
If I had to guess, I'd say that BOTH these boys were known to be extremely disturbed, long before this incident, and that whichever boy's mother dropped them off KNEW IT.
Chances are these boys have raised their hands to adults (particularly women) before---and YET, she dropped them off at the home of a frail, elderly woman, who couldn't have adequately defended herself against these two delinquents!!

That's messed up.
IMHO, she knowingly left a vulnerable elderly person alone with these two monsters, and should be facing some kind of charge, for the result of her decision to do so!

Anonymous said...

I'm the Anon Grandma. As MisUnderstood said, it is his age that is the problem. He isn't as fortunate as the boy in the article you mentioned to have a father to help him understand. His father wakes him in the middle of the night after he gets home from work to play these games, even if he's sleepy and asks not to play. It's all about Dad. Instead of playing ball, going fishing or taking a walk and developing a relationship, most weekends they go to 2 back-to-back movies. Thankfully they are kids movies.
If it's true that most of our personality is developed by the time we are 5-6 years I believe, as MisUnderstood said, that his innocence should be protected during those developmental years. There is so much for a young child to learn in and about the real world I see no reason to introduce him to violence etc. As far as what can be learned about cooperation etc. from games, I learned compassion and cooperation interacting with real people, adults and children, as well as taking care of animals.
I don't think video games and violent movies create killers. But if someone who is socially and emotionally handicapped, and the real world and real relationships are too stressful they can escape into the games and no one is around to see how dangerous they are becoming. Look at the CO. theater killings. He was a loner and no one knew he had become psychotic.
By the way. I agree with you about coddling. I believe that at least as much or more damage is done by making a child feel they are the center of the universe.


Anonymous said...

@ buddi

Although you claimed to respectfully disagree, I found your reply to Anon @ 8:09 to be less than respectful and condescending to the poster and to the many people, including myself, who believe in a Supreme Being. I have no reason to think that you are anything less than the compassionate person you claim to be. I don't assume that atheists are evil, heartless and ignorant and I hope that you don't think that people of faith are delusional and simple-minded. The point being made under this post of a horrific crime by by these young boys, is that something is very wrong and seems to be getting worse. So unless or until someone can come up with something better than believing that we are all accountable to Someone greater than ourselves and our government, I will still choose to answer to a God of wisdom, justice and love. If you have something better to offer or suggest to these lost young people please do so soon, as things seem to be escalating out of control.

If this discussion offends other readers, I apologise and will refrain from such comments in the future. I know this site is about SA but how can we discuss crime and lies without taking morality into consideration?

Respectfully, an Anon working on a name as requested by Peter and DeeJay. I have no accounts to tie a name to so until then I'll sign this CoG

Anonymous said...

One more thought. I'm sure that if he were being exposed to pornography you would agree it's unhealthy. Pornography is virtual in the sense that it is pictures and not the real person being looked at. I don't think it can be argued that exposure to things changes who we are and that exposure does desensitize us. Ask Ted Bundy. Ask BJ Dunn and Sean Atkins. They had to keep escalating to get the same effect. Being old, I remember watching Jaws and Deliverance in my late teens, early twenties and being shocked, traumatized and nauseated. Sadly, now my reaction to far worse, is much less.

Anonymous said...

Buddi, I never said an athiest could not be a good person. I also will not speak to you with the same lack of respect you showed me. History proves my point over and over. When a nation is seeking God they prosper, when they turn away the fail. America is a perfect example of this phenomena. The more we push God out the worse it gets.
Christians are responsible for all the changes I mentioned. They are the ones who fought for those changes. It is easy to call child labor laws self evident now, but it was not the athiests who stood up to make it happen. Orphans were tossed on the streets to die until Christians stood up and fought against it. Again it is easy now to say "of course we should take care of orphans" but it hasn't always been that way. History proves me right time and time again. I don't care if you like it or it offends your sensibility. It is simply the way it is.

Tania Cadogan said...

I saw the pictures, i saw their hair and my first thought was Justin Biebers hair.
It made me think of the Simpsons when Homr had a hair transplant from Snake after he was exectued causing Homer to do bad things (it finally got caught, tried to do a runner and was shot by th police).

Are they related as they look like they could be brothers.

It is worrying that such heinous crimes are being done by children.

Kids of today are far more streetwise and saavy that kids in the 60's and almost like an alien species when compared to kids in the 30's

I worry that todays kids know their legal rights, know what they can and cannot get away with and serious crimes such as murder, rape etc won't be treated the way they should be if it was committed by an adult.

Excuses are made that their brains are developing etc and allowances should be made.
I disagree.
If you commit a serious adult crime then you should be treated as an adult.

In the UK we have young offenders institutions which can hold 'kids' up to age 21 even though they are legally adults at 18.
They are given all sorts of perks, it is more a hostel than a prison.
they get stuff there they would possibly not have at home.
The kids learn it is a cushy place and keep reoffending as they aren't punished.

There are those who claim it would be cruel and unusual punishement to jail these two to LWOP.
If they were treated as juveniles, would their slates be wiped clean once they hit the age of majority?
What then of those coming int contact with them on their release?
Their future family, employer, frends would not know of their crimes and could end up as the next victims.
If you do the crime you should do the time.

If they can kill at 13 then they can and likely will kill again as an adult.
Another family loses a loved one due to society excusing rather than punishing.
We must give them another chance and so on.

Sad to say society today doesn't agree with punishing offenders, rather it excuses them claiming a deprived childhood, raised by a single parent, and so on.
It is time we stopped treating criminals as victims, we need to treat the victims as victime and the criminal a s a criminal.
If prisons were made to act as a deterrant, everyone made to accept responsibility for their actions, clamping down on petty crime such as littering, graffiti, vandalism etc tent the crime rate would drop.
Persistant offenders made to serve their full sentence and all sentences to be served consecutively, the crime rate would drop.
It's hard to be a one man crime wave when stuck in a cell for 50 years.

If these two are treated leniently then an example is sent to others who will say the law won't do anything.
These two will kill again should they be released.
They will want something and will kill to take it.

I see a society on it's last legs, in freefall when adults are scared of children.
When children lay down the rules.
When they expect, nay demand to get their own way.
When they are never told no.
When excuses are made for bad behavior.
When allowances are made at school and in exams because of their race, their gender, their religion, their income and so on.
When doing nothing is seen as a career choice.
When kids having kids is no longer frowned upon rather it is now seen as the norm, a way to became rich and famous.

No doub we will hear all sorts of excuses about these two and why they shouldn't be punished rather they should be counselled and supported and forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Two more little psychopaths that'll get locked up until they are an "adult" then allowed out until they commit another heinous crime (or several - until they are caught) and put away as adults.

QChick said...

RE: Anonymous versus a dont have to have an account to pick a name, or sign your post at the bottom. Just before you post pick the Name/url and you only have to type in a name.

KatONine said...

I apologize for the late reply - I was out on Sunday and my comment wouldn't post on Monday. On with the show! My reply wasn't directed at any comment in particular but as a general rant of how tired I am of hearing that violent media desensitizes children when I believe that reality - influences in the real world - have more of an impact on a child's development and behaviour than things behind a screen.

@MissFortune: You wondered why people enjoy playing violent video games - my intention was trying to explain that it isn't the violence that appeals to some gamers. I sure as Hell wasn't trying to say what you assumed I was - I am NOT supporting young children watching and/or playing violent video games nor was I saying that children should learn cooperation and teamwork from first-person shooters. Maybe I should've been more clear with that in my reply but I thought people had a higher level of reading comprehension here, being a statement analysis blog and all. I definately said that some RPGs are alright and I stick by that (reasonings below) but um, please, show me where I'm peddling this idea that kids can learn cooperation and teamwork from first-person shooters because I read it and I'm obviously talking about myself. I see no references to children. Furthermore, if I was ever that stupid to suggest such a thing, I'd shoot myself in the face. Moving on...

What I don't agree with is the idea that children are densensitized by violent media, I believe that real life is the main influence to a child's development and their behaviour. That if a child is taught empathy, compassion and morals by the people around them, all the violent media in the world can not change them. If that was the case, we'd be all screwed as a human race or everyone would be so sheltered that the moment that they saw the evening news, they'd crumble like a overcooked souffle.

As far as gaming with young childen around, I believe it can be done right with a few M-rated games with proper adult supervision -and- guidance. Such as the example of the father watching his son play GTA: San Andreas. I would never play first-person shooters (like L4D2) with a child nearby nor would I play new-generation fighters (like MK 9) - too intense for young children, in my opinion. Now if you take other games I noted such as Skyrim and Dragon Age, there's much more to those games than violence. If you are smart (like I am) and merely avoid combat situations when a child is watching, then they merely see a lovely environment with wildlife and interaction with rendered characters. I don't think that's horrible to show a child, in fact, I'd like to think that the immersion into another world of fantasy could be good to foster imagination.

My nephew loves watching Skyrim - even without combat - he loves it. He also loves 'The Hobbit' and if I remember correctly, there is violence in The Hobbit. Tell me something, are we doing him a disservice by cultivating an imagination? Are we stealing his innocence by letting him watch a character on a game talk to elves or dwarves? I don't believe so but I'm sure someone thinks it's horrible, simply because the game rating. I don't see a problem with it but I'm biased - my father read The Hobbit to me when I was three (one year older than my nephew) and it ignited my imagination and I like my imagination. It makes gaming more fun, it makes life more fun too. It allows me to think out of the box instead of being trapped inside it.

Unknown said...

they could of just asked her to take them out for pizza o_O

Anonymous said...

Fry them!!!! Both are sociopaths and would do it again with no remorse.

Anonymous said...

So what are we going to do to make sure this never happens again...nothing. its 2013 and way worse things have happened in this short period of time.

Anonymous said...

And here we go. the def will blame video games.. and then we can have that whole debate once more.. oh joy

shitbag666satan said...

Oh calm down, the woman was old anyway! These guys are young, and damn they got swag at least!