Friday, October 19, 2012

Company Warns Before Election

Statement Analysis in Bold Type:

A second Obama term would guarantee the president’s health care law will be fully implemented, and businesses are warning that may affect their employees.

Darden Restaurants, which owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse and more, is the latest in its industry to look for a way to avoid ObamaCare. Darden owns and operates more than 2,000 restaurants, and employs 180,000 people. So the restaurant group is conducting a “test” at a select number of its restaurants in four markets.

Darden spokesman Rich Jeffers says the idea is figuring out what the costs are of the new health care law and how best to deal with them. Jeffers says with growing health care costs Darden is looking at the impact on their businesses of a larger part-time workforce versus full-time employment.

White Castle, McDonald’s and Denny’s are other affordable brands in the industry that have said they were looking for a way to avoid the new employer mandate due to take effect in 2014.

Washington, D.C., employment law attorney Robert B. Fitzpatrick offered this prediction if Obama wins re-election: “I would think aggressive enforcement people within the administration would pursue cases like that. And say listen, you're just playing with the numbers, playing with the hours to try to avoid compliance with providing health care to employees,” Fitzpatrick said.  “And there are going to be consequences.”

Then there’s the case of Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel, who warned if Obama wins, there will likely be layoffs.

Siegel sent a lengthy e-mail “to all my valued employees” and signed it “your boss,” and wrote, “If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company. Rather than grow this company I will be forced to cut back.  This means fewer jobs, less benefits and certainly less opportunity for everyone.”

Note that it begins with "to all my valued employees" with the possessive pronoun, "my"
Note that "me" comes before "company", and that "company" is "my company"
This is very personal to the subject. 
Note that companies usually say "we will be forced..." but the subject uses, "I" instead. 

Siegel says his business was doing a billion dollars in sales four years ago and had some 14,000 employees, but it already has had to trim his workforce to 7,000 currently. The CEO freely admits he is trying to influence his employees’ vote.
“I want them to be informed as to what the outlook is if there is another four years of this current administration,” Siegel said. “The increased burden of ObamaCare, the increased taxes on my company and any other burdens that he (Obama) might throw at us. I don't like this class warfare we're going through.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Very interesting. It boggles the mind, what to do? Who to support, who to vote for?

On the one hand; step #1, Romney plans to RAISE taxes on the middle and lower classes and reduce taxes on the wealthy and those earning above $250K annually and dig us even deeper in debt, and be damned with those who are entitled to their entitlements.

Romney's step #1, definitely reduces our annual income yet again, which has already been reduced by inflationary increases, loss of jobs, and no increases in income to offset these losses.

Step #2, Romney plans to REDUCE our paid mortgage interest income tax deductions and related real estate deductions, the only and main thing we had to offset our individual big tax burdens, which we will have to pay in INCREASED income taxes owed to IRS.

On the other hand, we have this Obamacare fiasco that will hurt businesses and their employees, thereby costing the loss of more jobs.

As for the present jobs that have been lost during these past four years, those wheels were already grinding BEFORE Obama took office and would have occured regardless as to who might have been elected, as the economy and housing bubble was already in progress. The housing burst-bubble began in 2006as did the collapse on Wall St.

NOW, we are definitely running up a dark alley no matter which way we go. We're s'crewed. Like they say, things can always get worse, can and will. We can only take the direction that would least likely hurt us individually in our own income.

Anonymous said...

That is, provided we can even figure that out. Or can we?

Anonymous said...

Okay then let's vote for Romney instead where the USA will no longer have a middle class. Those not in the top 10% will be referred to as EWOBS. Employees with out benefits. I understand this great land of ours will still look as beautiful as ever with Wednesday the day designated as dead peon pickup. No need to bury 'em, heck to need to even bag 'em. Just make sure heads face the curb.

rob said...

As an employee, I would rather know upfront, so I could make an informed decision, than to find out after the fact.

rob said...

OMG, thank goodness all that coding is gone. I usually had to try several times to get it right.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I got up very early this morning, read a post written by Periwinkle about how much trouble she was having with the robot and decided to lament my own vison problems with it, including how I have to use a magnifying glass to read the blurred numbers, in addition to getting a new bifocals prescription that I went out and bought.

And you know me, I am long winded. Ain't that just like a woman! I want to make sure everyone gets the picture before I'm done, right?

Longer story short, Peter was up early also and reading our posts. In mere minutes the robot was gone! I'd betcha though, that he and Heather were also having problems with it themselves and decided who needs it?

Well anywayz, thank you AGAIN Peter. How very thoughtful and considerate of you. I can put away the magnifying glass now.

Anonymous said...

Why do you make only anti-Obama posts? I would like to see you call out Romney on his lies. There's a lot of material to work with there.

Anonymous said...

Rob, in response to your post at 8:38; I can only say that the only thing you/we can do is gauge our own pocket books. The bottom $ line.

Can we afford to dish out more in income taxes to the IRS based on our income? Can we afford to have a portion of the deduction taken away for us on the amount of interest paid on our mortgages that we are presently able to deduct to help us offset the taxes we owe to IRS, which is the ONLY thing that helps to offset the Federal tax liability we already have; but reducing it will cause us to owe even MORE in income taxes to IRS? Can we afford that? I can't.

This is not about Obama vs Romney per se'. This is about the reality of our OWN individual lives and how we live them, and are forced to live them, what we can afford and what we can't.

I have said before, I am a registered independent. I have voted both democrat and republican and I have been disappointed in both parties. Raegan for what he did to the SS benefits of our children, and Carter for his dumbness, taking a cruise at a huge cost to us, then sitting by the fireside and telling US we had to tighten our belts.

I can only add this, I am NOT in the $250K annual category. Much less than that. My personal income taxes will be increased under Romney (and there's nothing to say Obama won't increase them too at some point, tho not yet stipulated); and I CANNOT afford to dole out more money in taxes.

I am sick and already overloaded with no increase in my income in several years, while my medical responsibilities get heavier. At some point, I will definitely be lookig towards some of those "entitlements" Romney has no understanding of, nor does he care. Good heavens, that is already at 47% of us and growing!

I can only look at what my OWN category will be under Romney, and not what Obama might or might not do, or whether some in private industry might not have to go out and find other jobs, IFF they can. No, that is not good. Very bad. That portion of the Obamacare needs to be repealed immediately and I cannot imagine how our congress and house of reps ever pased it to begin with.

Even then, I could still turn out to be wrong, perhaps overlooking something that is even more important. God help us is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Off topic and I apologize for that. A private investigator has agreed to take on the Hailey Dunn investigation pro-bono. Here is the article from Newswest 9 in Midland, Tx.

"COLORADO CITY - The search for the story behind Hailey Dunn's disappearance is making some progress.

A private investigator has now agreed to take on her case for free.

"Hope for Hailey," a group behind Hailey's search made the announcement earlier this week.

The investigator, Mac Sanford of Houston, met with Hailey's mother on Wednesday in Austin and has already started gathering information on the case."

Local anonymous in the Hailey Dunn Case

Sanford tells NewsWest 9 that he is doing this pro-bono because he never charges the parents of a missing family.

He also told NewsWest 9 that he is positive Billie Dunn is just a mother who is desperate to bring her daughter back.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:24, cute post. Very appropo. Personally tho, I'd rather lay facing east. No cremation either, whether Romney agrees or not.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 9:40 but it won't be up to you. You will no longer be dead broke just plain dead and if you come in handy to keep those furnaces churning to heat those huge, drafty mansions ... well we all got to do our bit.

But right now I'm too busy to worry about being a dead serf. I'm trying to figure out which binder Mittens wants me in.

Anonymous said...

Well. PI Sanford already sounds like a dumba!!, saying he is "positive" BD is just a mother who is desperate to bring her daughter back. Can he get any more stupid than this?

I definitely won't be expecting much from him other than keeping his name before the public at every juncture.

He's another money leech, looking to bring in more parents who murdered their own children and the referrals they bring in.

But it will all backfire. One person can only take on so many clients, and spin their wheels just so long, then they all fall by the wayside. Time wasted. haha

Anonymous said...

he he... cute Anon at 9:55. You're right about having no choice, and not only being dead broke but good'n dead.

About that binder, I'll probably be in all of them, only on the other side of the ledger, the side that keeps the mansion warm on a cold winter night.

Here's a good one for ya. True story. I was once on the board of a mission. The director and I ran a radio program, ALL of the donations, plus some of our own, we used to feed the homeless. We paid for the program ourselves.

The director and his wife were close friends of mine. He was a itenirant preacher. You know what that is? An old fashioned preacher who goes around with his wife preaching revivals only for small donations. Poor preachers.

He told me many stories, some that would crack you up! (cheating preachers and all that). Here's a good one, it really did happen just this way: One night during the testimonial part of the service, a member of the country congregation stood up and said he just wanted to praise God that he had gotten rid of his bills.

God had taken care of every one of them. As they came in, he wrote on the envelopes and put them back in the mailbox, "deceased, return to sender". Thank God Almighty he had never heard from a one of them again and he owed it all to God. You believe that? It happened!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Boy wont his mind change after he starts investigating the case.

Anonymous said...

Whose mind investigating what case, Anon @ 10:35? Explain please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

LMAO Anon 10:15. That's too funny but I believe it! Those good old days when you could pretend to be dead and people believed it.

Here's some other peoples' thoughts on Binders Full of Women. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06,
Please site where Romney was quoted as saying he plans to:

Romney plans to RAISE taxes on the middle and lower classes and reduce taxes on the wealthy and those earning above $250K annually and dig us even deeper in debt, and be damned with those who are entitled to their entitlements.

Anonymous said...

DawnSoCa said...
Omg did you hear that Romney wants to ban abortion and his entire strategy is to take money from the middle class and give it to rich white guys? Thank God for Obama letting us know what's really going on before it's too late!! love that guy...

OMG Dawn SoCa - how awful! Do you abort unborn children often?

Sus said...

Siegel's letter to his "valued employees" is downright blackmail. He said what is most important to him...his profits.

Balance it people! One billionaire wants to keep his money by not being what he sees as overly taxed or having to pay out benefits. He can buy another vacation home or car or boat.

Compare that to the thousands he'll lay off or move to part-time so they can't get health care, pay rent or mortgage, buy groceries, etc.


Anonymous said...

Sus said...
Siegel's letter to his "valued employees" is downright blackmail. He said what is most important to him...his profits.

Balance it people! One billionaire wants to keep his money by not being what he sees as overly taxed or having to pay out benefits. He can buy another vacation home or car or boat.

Compare that to the thousands he'll lay off or move to part-time so they can't get health care, pay rent or mortgage, buy groceries, etc.


Why is it pathetic? It's his business. Not the people's business. He is entitled to make a profit. When his employees start their own business, then they can choose to disburse the profits however they see fit.

One billionaire wants to keep his money -- What's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Balance this Sus:
People open up a business to make money, not to lose money.

Anonymous said...

Peter, can you please address Romney's tax plan based on the statements that he has made? My understanding is that he would cut taxes for all classes and close some loopholes at the high end.

Sus said...

It's what Peter rails against, but unfortunately someone, usually the government, has to stand up to. Siegel and others like him didn't become billionaires running a mom and pop shop. They have thousands of employees...he calls them "valued". Yet he's not showing them value. The government is forcing him to.

Yes, it's his money, but others helped him make it. Now give them benefits. He can spare a boat or car. One of his employee's children may need health care.

In my opinion, the world has become greedy, narcissistic. I do lean to the socialistic side, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Sus said, Yes, it's his money, but others helped him make it.

How did others help him make it? Did they work for free? If that is the case then he should put out. But, if he agreed to pay his employees for them to perform a service, and it was accepted, then why does he owe more?

If you had a business and you paid me to do a, b, and c, why are you obligated to give me d, e and f? Is that fair?

You are looking for entitlements here.

Sus said...

Aha Anon, that is the million, or should I say trillion, dollar question. I happen to think everyone should hv affordable healthcare and one way to provide that is through employers. The service industry has skated without benefits for far too long.

I don't think of it as entitlement as much as a right. Healthcare costs hv spiraled out of reach for many people. There are many parts to the Healthcare being bring costs down.

Don't even get me started on insurance companies! Lol

dawn soca said...

To anon at 2:03 - I am pro life, so no, I do not "abort children often!". clearly my post was sarcasm directed at the first comment which so ignorantly stated that Romney wants to raise taxes on the lower and middle class. its ludicrous what people believe - they're buying all the lies that the obamedia is selling. I'm tired of the lies. perhaps my post was believable because it was as ignorant sounding as most libs? even Peter bought it, because he deleted it...

Anonymous said...

DawnSoCA - Sorry for insulting you. You were pretty sarcastic! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if we didn't have so many entitlement programs out there, we would all have free healthcare, and the business owners (small or large) would not have anything to do with providing healthcare and our nation would be better off for it. But, the free cellphones and computers would have to be purchased.

Sus said...

I read about these free cellphones and computers. Who has them? I am serious. I don't know what people are talking about. Does some program provide phones and computers? I want to research that.

dawn soca said...

Anon at 5:28, LOL and I forgive you! Sus, I have a good link for you about the phones but can't seem to copy and paste... go to and search for "obama phone" and its the first link that comes up :).

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:42
Here's the list you requested:

Anon 8:15 - that's right, after all else fails throw insults. It is typical of a liberal. Typical.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Part 1
Re: Anonymous Oct 19 *:06 (first batter up to the plate)

You forgot (or perhaps were unaware of) one very important financial fact...there are two ways to deal with a recession.

One is to reduce taxes, allowing the public to retain more of their money. This contributes to the feeling of financial security and stability which, in turn, promotes spending. That spending stabilizes the economy and creates growth.

The second option is to print more currency, which devalues the both the currency already in use and the new bills. That further destabilizes the economy. In essence, your dollar is no longer worth $1.00 or 100 cents. It may only be worth $0.75 or $.50 . Essentially, on the international market, it will take more U.S. dollars to buy an import. It's like wanting to dye a shirt your favorite color. You buy a package of RIT dye, but instead of adding 2 cups of water, now you'd need to add 4. The end result is that the dye is weaker, not as effective. It's the same principal with printing more currency...yes, there are more bills floating around, but they are worth less, economically weaker. [Economics 101]

President Obama chose Option #2, exacerbating the economic situation. He further compounded that mistake by "rescuing" numerous special interest corporations (Solyndra, SoloPower, Abound, 1366 Technologies, the Chevy Volt fiasco and its federally-funded LG Chem Plant, etc.). That move, saddled already struggling taxpayers, with the prospect of ever higher taxes to recoup stimulus funds.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Part 2
As for "free" or "affordable" healthcare, it's a noble concept...but not a viable concept. The government has a checking account-it's called the taxpayers. We are kidding ourselves if we believe that healthcare is going to become magically affordable for everyone. The reality is that you will be paying for all of your neighbors' healthcare and they will be paying for yours. If you think your healthcare is going to become cheaper, you are sadly mistaken. Moreover, Doctors and Nurses will still need to be paid, equipment will need to purchased, supplies will need to be purchased, their medical insurance will increase because their patient numbers, disease statistics, and statistical risk of malpractice will increase. Those costs will be passed on to you, the consumer. Instead of paying for your antibiotic, you'll be helping pay for your elderly neighbor's 5 meds. In socialized medicine, the cost of one person's care is shared by everyone else (multiplied by millions of people). Yes, your neighbor's cost will go down because he's no longer the sole person paying for his $150 inhaler, his $120 antibiotic, his $70 kidney medicine, his round-the-clock oxygen, etc.

Add to that, President Obama's decision to grandfather in countless illegal immigrants...who paid no taxes and likely paid for none of their medical care at your local hospital. You've exponentially exploded the number of people who will receive healthcare...all of whom you'll be helping out so they too can have "affordable" healthcare.

I have nothing against illegal immigrants, except for the fact that we have immigration laws in place to protect the sovereignty of the United States and its citizens from harm. In general, illegal immigrants are partaking of goods and services that they have not paid for in tax revenue (a.k.a. a free ride)- public schooling, public housing, ER visits and hospital care, after-school programs, free/reduced lunches, federally-funded and community supported food banks, etc. They are taking resources away from legal residents. Moreover, they are a substantial security risk, as their backgrounds and political affiliations/loyalties have not researched, verified, and cleared. In an age of ever-increasing large-scale gang warfare and terrorist activity, this is simply foolish.

Anonymous said...

Talk about drive-by shootings, FoolsFeedOnFolly! WE were the masters of drive-by shootings, all under the guise of freedom of religion. Religion???!

We left the few remaining OWNERS OF WHAT WE NOW CALL "OUR LAND", a few little squatters rights in desolate places that WE decided they could have rent free when it ALL already belonged to them.

We deserve every rotten thing that happens to us.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'd better clarify that a little bit. I don't mean WE ALL deserve every rotten thing since we weren't ALL involved in the mass killings we did in our earlier days in this country, considering we hadn't even been born yet, but we certainly are a bi-product of our anchestors and their philerages, plundering, robbing and killing. Have we really learned anything from it? I seriously doubt that since it doesn't appear that we have.

Anonymous said...

I for one, am blessed to have a job working for a rich guy. Jobs aren't born from the poor. I am sick to death of people not getting that! Why punish the rich? We need more of them creating jobs!!!! I am tired of obama's big govt.ways. If I wanted socialism, I wouldn't be in the U.S.!!!!