Friday, October 5, 2012

Harry Reid: False Quote or Typo?

Did Reid deliberately twist Romney's words, or was it a "typo"?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has become the chief attack dog against his co-religionist Mitt Romney, but on Wednesday that attack went even further when his official Senate office released a statement that attributed a quote to Mr. Romney, even though he said the exact opposite.
Mr. Reid's release quoted the Republican presidential nominee's staff as telling the Boston Globe that Mr. Romney would "not honor deportation exemptions" that President Obama has granted under his new non-deportation policy.
But that phrase doesn't appear in the Globe's article. In fact the newspaper said Mr. Romney's staff specifically "said he would honor deportation exemptions issued by the Obama administration before his inauguration," thought the staffers said a Romney administration wouldn't issue any new exemptions itself.
On Thursday afternoon Adam Jentleson, a spokesman for Mr. Reid, emailed saying the release was mistaken.
"There was a typo in the background header of the release that has been corrected. Everything Senator Reid says in the statement is true. I am surprised your paper deemed a typo worthy of an entire story but I suppose that's not my place to judge," Mr. Jentleson said.
The version of the release on Mr. Reid's web site has been updated to delete the quotation marks from around the phrase, though the words themselves remain.
The Nevada Democrat, who is a Mormon, has been harsh in his criticism of Mr. Romney, including telling reporters last week he agreed with a blogger who said Mr. Romney had "sullied the religion" that they share.
Earlier in the campaign season Mr. Reid had said someone with ties to ROmney had told him the former Massachusetts governor wouldn't release his tax returns is because he didn't pay taxes in some years.
Mr. Romney still hasn't released those back years of tax forms, but did produce a summary document of his taxes signed by his accountant saying he paid taxes every year.
The non-deportation policy has been a major issue for both Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama ever since the president announced it in June. The policy would grant tentative legal status to illegal immigrants 30 and under who have been in the U.S. since age 16, who have attended school and who don't have major criminal records.
Until this week Mr. Romney had repeatedly declined to say whether he would leave that policy in place. But in an interview with the Denver Post he said he would not cancel any of the two-year stays of deportation Mr. Obama authorized, and said he would use that two-year grace period to work on a broader immigration bill.
Here's the entire Reid statement below:
Washington, D.C. — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement after Governor Romney clarified his position on the Administration's deferred action policy toward DREAMers. Romney staff told the Boston Globe he would "not honor deportation exemptions" for DREAMers if he takes office.
"Governor Romney has set an unfortunate deadline for hundreds of thousands of DREAMers: get approval under President Obama's deferred action before inauguration, or risk being deported if Romney is sworn in. It's hard to understand why he thinks that deporting hundreds of thousands of hard-working young people, who were brought as children to this country through no fault of their own, is good for the only nation they know and love. It is clear that Kris Kobach, the architect of Arizona's unconstitutional and anti-immigrant law, is firmly dictating Romney's extreme immigration policy, even when most Americans feel it's the wrong approach.
"President Obama's decision to lift the shadow of deportation for these young people is not only common-sense policy, but it also reflects our values as a nation of immigrants that cherishes hard work and love of country. Once again, Governor Romney has proven to be out of touch with the nation in which he lives."


MissUnderstood said...

I'm not hugely into politics, so please forgive me, and feel free to correct me, if I am wrong.

First of all:

"...I am surprised your paper deemed a typo worthy of an entire story but I suppose that's not my place toudge," Mr. Jentleson said.

One simple "typo", error or not, CAN be worthy of an entire story, and much discussion, and maybe even VOTES.

Anyway... I can see both sides to the deportation issue.

Does the deportation exemption, allow for the illegal immigrant, a certain time frame, to become legal? Or is the exemption indefinite?

Illegal is illegal.

If the laws/rules are going to be bent, then I think there should be a time frame imposed.

Yes, some come as children. Children grow up though... The parent(s) immigrated, illegally. They did that knowingly. They did not care about the rules or laws. They couldn't be bothered to become legal. They left their children in an illegal status as well.

The exemption is for age 30 and under. 18-30 is adulthood. They are not children any longer. If they were smart enough to figure out how to get a good education, here in America, stay out of trouble/not have a criminal record, than I'm sure they could have figured out how to become a legal citizen, that is if they really wanted to.

JMO, and like I said, I'm not too deeply into politics, so please feel free to correct any political errors.

Tania Cadogan said...

False quote.

This is a dirty election and statements will be made demeaning, deriding and mocking the opponent.
When they are pulled up on it they will deny, deny, deny and claim it was a typo, misquote or taken out of context.
They got what they wanted which is public attention and thus it is implanted into the public conscience and will then be happy to pull whatever they said having achieved what they wanted.
Oopsie what we meant was..., ignore what we just said we are sorry and on to the next dirty deed.

I have noticed the democrats seems to be fighting a dirtier battle than the republicans since they are trying to keep the incumbent president in for another 4 years.
Since he doesn't exactly have a good track record they can call upon to say vote for Obama things are better than when Bush was in power they are stuck with distracting the public.
Don't look at our record, look at Romney's tax bill and so on.
Focus on trivialities rather than the economy, the kowtowing.

If Romney demanded Obama unseal his records for his birth, his schooling, his health etc and he would do the same the democrats would have fits.

Considering he is a public servant employed by the public for the public and the country, very little is known about him.
What is known officially doesn't match the reality, no one knew him from school, his real father is a hidden mystery, his birth as well.
How can he be a native born american and yet claim all the advantages he did for being a foreign student? it can't be both.
How did he fund his world travels , who is behind him?
There are too many unanswered question the public has a right to know about. Every other president has been open, why not Obama, what does he have to hide?

My guess is when Obama leaves office a lot of stuff is going to come out, it is going to get very messy.
I wonder, should he prove to have been ineligable to be president whether all the laws he signed off will be revoked since he wasn't legally president.
I wonder whether new laws will be brought in to prevent it happening again or will they simply cange the law to cover their own butts?

Obama will go down in history for sure, perhaps though, not for the reasons he hoped for.

rob said...

Hobs, Obama can never be exposed IF he did do some illegal or underhanded things, because that makes the exposer a racist. Doesn't matter what he's done, bringing it to light, is racism. That's how the system works here in the US.

MissUnderstood said...

rob, I've sadly noticed that too. Same with the deportation/illegal immigrant issues.

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell, they don't really care about illegals or their activities. What they are concerned with is what they can confiscate from them that will put them in the limelight. Few states other than Az voice concerns, and they only do because of the crime they bring with all their drugs.

New Mexico may have some problems because I saw border patrol in several places at least 70-100 miles from the border when traveling not long ago.

Clearly they do not want to stay in Mexico as the crime is killing them already. Unfortunately, many are forced to bring it over with them.

Typical election topics that never have an end, a solution, nor a good reason for being a topic. Illegal immigration has always been a sore spot ever since I can remember. However, the drug situation has never been as it is now that I can recall.

MissUnderstood said...

Anonymous 8:33, what do you mean, "What they are concerned with is what they can confiscate from them that will put them in the limelight."

I don't know what you mean.

I know MA is, or was recently, cracking down on illegal immigrants. Some people were upset, claiming that the illegal immigrants should be left alone, because they are working and trying to support their family. One was shown (on news video) being arrested. He claimed, in another language, which was translated, that he was just trying to work and he's not a criminal. Some maybe felt bad for him. Come to find out, he is a criminal, with a record.

MissUnderstood said...

Student Wearing Romney-Ryan Shirt Told To Leave Class

"I came in. And she said, 'Are you wearing a Mitt Romney shirt?' And I said, 'Yeah.' She pointed and said, 'Get out of the class.' And I said, 'No.'"

"You can't wear a Republican shirt in a Democratic school," Samantha says her teacher told her.

Samantha says the comments by the teacher led to more teasing about her shirt by other students and a janitor. She was even compared to being in the KKK.

"She took a red marker, tried to draw on it, and then she told me to take off my shirt and she would give me a different one," Samantha said.

The school district also confirms they have removed the teacher from Samantha's math class at least for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Not even bothering to read this political gibberish. Count me as one of the "47%" (more likely 79% if the truth were known), that the "oh so religious but never read the Bible" Romney has turned a blind eye too, and I suspect it includes most of you.

To him we 47% are all nothing but a bunch of entitlements looking for a handout from the govm't. We have no voice, we have no clout, only his and those like him. Anyone who heard him say that (I did) isn't likely to forget it anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Yep. No question about what Romney said. 47% are leeches. You'd better dang well believe that those of us who paid into social security all of our lives, who ALSO paid the max in income takes, while OUR money that was taken from us multiplied in interest many times over for the gov'mt to spend exactly as they liked; EXPECT IT BACK! Call it entitlement, call it whatever you'd like. It BELONGS to us.

Not waving any flags for Obama either; but p'ss on Romney, who ALSO plans to raise the taxes of ALL of our struggling families and those of us living on lesser incomes, including the elderly below poverty levels with less than substantial fixed incomes, and REDUCE THE TAXES of the wealthy and those like HIMSELF. God help us all and those of you who aren't aware. Have mercy.

Anonymous said...

And to you I say, BRAVO & AMEN! I despise Obama & it has NOTHING to do with the color of his's because hes driving our country to ruin with his socialist policies and I'm SO SICK of being treated like an intolerant because I'm not swallowing the sh!t he's spoon feeding the masses. As long as any of us can remember there have been people who don't like the President...hell, half of the comedians/entertainers wouldn't have had any material for their shows without Bush, but suddenly if you dont agree with the sitting president & 100% of his policies you are a cross burning, grand wizard...rather than an AMERICAN with a right to your own opinion, after all this isn't N Korea or Nazi Germany...YET!

rob said...

I also saw the film of Obama saying that yes, he does believe in redistribution.

This is America, and the American way is to work hard to get ahead and try to have something. Not to have it taken from you and split among those who chose not to work.

I have no problem with people collecting their social security, they have paid for it. I have paid in for years. Hope I one day get to collect. But the problem is people who never paid in a dime, yet draw out. there is only so much, then what?

Anonymous said...

And what about those who are unable to work due to illness? Your model seems to say the devil should take the hindmost. Isn't a society judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members? Don't we all have a duty to our fellow human beings?

rob said...

Parents who die, children should draw a check. Truly disabled, should be taken care of. How many people do you know who are on disability? I know several. a couple would love nothing better than to go back to work but are truly unable to. the others, are either drunks, who wives jobs really keep them up or they do side jobs under the table and pay no taxes on the earnings. I'm not trying to pick a fight, but just state my opinion. I see this happening, and it makes me sick. when there is more not working than working, how will that play out. We're pretty close to that now.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Police have been given a further 24 hours to question a man arrested on suspicion of murdering five-year-old April Jones.

Mark Bridger, 46, was arrested the day after April went missing from near her home in Machynlleth, mid Wales, on Monday evening.

Speaking on Friday afternoon, Dyfed-Powys Police said the focus remained on finding April.

But they confirmed that searches would now only take place in daylight hours.

Earlier on Friday, police confirmed Mr Bridger was being questioned on suspicion of murder.

Hundreds of specialist searchers are due to resume combing the area for April on Saturday morning.

Supt Ian John said there were eight police teams of more than 60 specialist search trained officers involved.

"All of the blue light services are involved in the search, including the fire service, ambulance, coastguard, RNLI as well as the RAF mountain rescue service and some 150 members of the Mountain Rescue service from across the UK," he said.

"There are rescue dogs and a host of specialist equipment being used including boats with sonar equipment and the helicopter with thermal imaging capability."

He told BBC Wales: "Quite simply over the last few days our efforts have been completely focused on the hope that we'd find April alive.

"That meant steps to search throughout the whole 24 hour period.

"Now we need to focus our efforts on the daytime searches, maximise the opportunities of the team being fresh to search throughout the day so they can get some rest at night and that will continue tomorrow morning, first light.

Supt Ian John: "There have been so many acts of kindness - not just from this community, but far and wide"
"What you can see on the ground here is a search operation but back at Aberystwyth police station, it's a hive of activity with the investigation team.

"They will work throughout the night as they have been over the last few days."

Supt John thanked members of the local community and further afield for providing food and drink to the searchers.

He added: "All the pink ribbons and the balloons around the town show the impact of this tragic incident on everyone.

"Our focus remains on finding April and the search continues."

Meanwhile, it has emerged the suspect had attended Ysgol Gynradd Machynlleth at the same school parents' evening as April's parents hours before she went missing.

Earlier on Friday, Det Supt Bevan had told reporters that Mr Bridger had been arrested on suspicion of murder.

"He remains in custody in Aberystwyth and continues to be questioned. The arrest does not detract from our efforts to find her," said Det Supt Bevan.

"Her family has been informed of this development and they continue to be supported by our specialist trained officers."

He renewed his appeal for information about Mr Bridger's movements and that of his vehicle.

"We are looking to trace the movements of Mark Bridger between 6.30pm on Monday and 3.30pm on Tuesday, and any sightings of him between these times," he said.

Police renewed their appeal for information about Mark Bridger and his blue Land Rover Discovery "We also need information regarding the movements of the blue Land Rover Discovery, registration L503 MEP, between these times."

Following Friday's court hearing, police now have until 16:50 BST on Saturday to question Mr Bridger before he must be released or charged.

Earlier, volunteer searchers were thanked for their efforts but police said "it is no longer appropriate" for untrained members of the public to continue in the hunt.

Searches of a farmhouse in the nearby village of Ceinws, where the arrested man was known to be living most recently have been conducted.

Tania Cadogan said...

Meanwhile, a public fund has been set up due to the number of people from around the UK wanting to show their support, according to the town council.

The council said it had decided to create April's Fund after receiving calls from across the UK from people eager to donate money for April and her family.

Parts of the town have been covered in pink ribbons since April's mother made a plea for people to wear her daughter's favourite colour and to show support for the search.

A special area has been created in the foyer of April's school, Ysgol Gynradd Machynlleth, after a request from April's mother, with pupils creating small individual heart-shaped messages.

Head teacher Gwenfair Glyn said child psychologists had been working with pupils.

Meanwhile, another vigil was held at St Peter's Church on Friday evening

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, Thank you for the update on missing April. I had wondered if there had been any promising leads or updates, hoping she might have been found alive. That is so sweet, people want to help.

Alls I can say, it's a good thing I'm not one of the investigators questioning Mr. Bridger, as I'd have been tempted to bash him over the head with a 2 x 4 a few times if I thought he knew where that child is but won't tell. That is, IF he's the guilty party. I don't think it would take me long to get it out of him. But it doesn't sound like that's been determined, so how can they arrest him if there is no evidence that speaks loudly of his guilt?

I am STILL hoping the best for this sweet baby, that she's alive and being fed, and cared for, that he or someone has her stashed safely somewhere, though I guess it would be doubtful by now. These things have been know to happen, however. In her case she would need meds, wouldn't she?

BTW, in the statement that the search will proceed again come morning "at first light", is there a second light? The first and only light I know about is right after dawn, correct? Just curious if this is their way of saying it, just don't understand the "at first light" comment. TY

Tania Cadogan said...

I think they know they have the right person.
From the children's desriptions about the car they would, like me, have surmised it was a left hand drive.
Since they are not common especially given the size of the viallge along with the vehicle description they would have only a few owners to question.
He was also known to the family and the family and friends would have been the first to be checked (especially as she was said to have got on willingly after telling her friends she knew him.

The police would also have checked his history for any criminal behavior or complaints.

I would sspect that the police would have known/believed she was dead once a few hours had passed sine the longer a child is missing the higher the probabilty of them being dead (unless you are Maddie McCann, in which case, according to the parents , the more likely she is alive)

They started looking in rivers early on and you don't find a live child in water.
Mark bridger is to remain in custody for a further and last 24 hrs before they have to charge or release him, the police were successful in their request for more time to question him.

My guess is she was likely dumped in water since the river was in glood.
Not only would it wash away most, if not all DNA evidence, bruises and cuts could be blamed on contact with rocks and branches and it could always be claimed she ran away and fell in accidentally.

If he dumped her in the river then they have no real way to know where she will turn up, they can only hope as water levels fall she will be caught up on something, although given our current crappy weather she could end up many miles down stream or not be found at all.

The suspect may decide to stay quiet and hope they can't charge him with murder as no body, perhaps accidental death or manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

And, I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I agree with you in some of these instances; however, what you aren't seeing is all the YEARS our SS deductions (AND the interest it would have accrued had it been left alone); and OUR income taxes that have been pilfered by the govm't to use exactly as they saw fit and in many many instances in wasted programs that have no benefit to us whatsoever. Do we care or need to know the sex lives of june bugs in outer Ugonda, or how those little green frozen spiders in space come to life when thawed out in earths atmosphere? So it's interesting, but examples of MANY ways our money has been blown.

But okay, lets say they have the right to allocate our income taxes however they see fit, regardless as to how much payola was involved, thanks to their lobbyists and their support in congress, and the trillions of dollars handed over to wasted cancer research when they are paying them NOT to find a cure (there already IS a cure and has been for YEARS), and to their bedfellows in the pharmacueticals, just to name a couple; none of which we have any control over. The fed govm't has total control over how they blow OUR money, not us.

But they didn't stop with wasting our income tax monies that have been taken away from us many times over and above what would have been necessary to run this country, INCLUDING keeping up our poor and needy; they ALSO dipped into and wasted our SS funds. Now, THATS the big kicker.

Have you ever looked into how the govm't has been blowing our SS monies that BELONGS TO US, that has nothing to do with paying back a fair share (with interest!) to those who paid it in, or to keep our disabled and the poor alive and fed, or to keep our social programs alive that are so needed in this country?

It is not easy to find these budgets and allocations but they're out there; all these monies that have been stolen from social security system! I suggest you view THESE before you fall for that tune as to how our SS funds have been depleted by the disabled, the poor and needy. We had PLENTY of money in our SS funds to cover these necessities had it not been pilfered by our very own government for their frivilous payola and other expenditures.

There is no reason our ss funds should have ever been touched for any reason other than what it was taken from us for and would be showing a HUGE surplus had it not been pilfered and stolen from us for programs that had absdolutely nothing to do with paying us back.

NOW everyone is being fed a bunch of malarky, and falling for it, how all these people on disability and other social programs have caused our SS balances to be depleted when it is not so. NOW everyone is being made to feel guilty for needing their OWN money, like they are standing around waiting for a handout, and are blaming those on disability and other social programs for taking THEIR money, when that is not the way we fell into the drained social security funds at all. Was it Hitler who said, "you can tell the people anything often enough and they will believe it"? Have we ALL fallen asleep?

OUR ss funds were stolen from us by our OWN government, and NOT those who were entitled to it or those who need our help, to which they are ALSO entitled too under the constitution of the united states.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 11:18 p.m., that was a lovely response to my post at 10:24 a.m. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

In this case I would look at Harry's record. He tends to spout off tres irresponsibly at the mouth. I like when Romney told him to "...put up or shut up." :D

I love when you delve into the political realm with your statement analyses, but I also realize that things get heated here in the comments when you do, so I can understand why you don't do it more. It's too bad though people can't be as objective analyzing these statements as the crime ones.

Also I have learned so much the times I have come here to visit your blog. You make me think about my own honesty and truthfulness.