Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Statement Analysis of "You Didn't Build That"

President Barak Obama caused controversy with his "You didn't build that" speech.  Later, his defenders attempted to explain away his statement claiming to be referring to building roads and bridges.  However, as Mark McClish pointed out, he used the word "that", and not "those", which is plural for "roads and bridges."

Is President Obama projecting in this statement?

"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen. The internet didn't get invented on its own. Government research created the internet so that all the companies could make money off the internet."

President Obama did not have a resume when he was elected.  He had produced nothing, but lived off the successes of others.  

The American people showed the world that they were not prejudiced so they elected a man with no experience, no leadership and no resume.  

He was then awarded a Nobel Peace Prize that he did not do anything to earn.  

He has increased debt and spending, first blaming his predecessor, and then refusing to answer.  He did back room dealings after promising transparency and has saddled America with socialized medicine with the bills yet due.  

Could it be that a man who has produced nothing but has lived off the graces of others, has projected this upon the very businessmen and women who have built this country?

Socialism punishes the wealthy and the successful.  It leads human nature into debt and is a disincentive for hard work. 

President Obama represents entitlement and the disparagement of the wealthy and hard working.  His "redistribution" of wealth, under any guise, is a form of larceny.  

If you think it is partisan politics, you are incorrect.  Listen to the Bush daughters who, in spite of their higher educations said, "It's not fair that only the rich drive nice cars."

How does one fix that?   Do they just want to take away the BMW from the business owner and give it to the homeless guy?  

Does it really even matter when a 5th grade teacher warns her student, "You'll never amount to anything if you don't work hard and do your homework?"  

The people who have the bumper sticker, "My kid just beat up your honor student" has the last laugh when the honor student has to pay higher taxes to keep their' kid in food.  

It is both fair, and just that every American citizen should pay 10% of his income to the government for the safety of our nation.   It is unjust that the rich pay a higher percentage because of their success.  If you have another percentage in mind, it is fair that we all pay the same percentage. 

Human nature does not change.  People fear freedom.  

In Soviet era, communism was a hyper view of socialism, where each would work for the benefit of the other.  This disincentive for hard work and success left the Soviet bloc broke.  

No one was rushing to buy "Made in Soviet Union" goods because the goods were low quality as human nature did what it does when incentive is removed:  it goes to the lowest denominator. 

There is no such thing as a "free lunch", or in our case, an "Obama Phone", which a simple check of the White House visitor logs seem to explain.  Fred and Abbie Pollack have visited Obama 7 times.  As federal costs of the "Obama phone" hit 1.6 billion dollars, the Pollacks have quietly collected $10 per line in, er, what you might call, "fees" from taxpayers on these "free" phones.  Who are the Pollacks?  Just friends. Why ask?

Just friends who own Trac Phone wireless, the company growing wealthy over the socialized free phone industry.  Anyone care that they have donated millions to Obama?  Does it even matter anymore?  The man who feigns to be friend of the poor is really a friend of the wealthy.  

Does it matter for a senator to vote against a bill, and once sunk, claim it's failure to pass as a result of  "racism" in action?  Does it matter to us anymore how dirty the out of control spending has gotten, or the cost of socialized healthcare coming due, long after Obama is gone?

Obama did not earn that.  He did not build it.  His resume is as suspect as his schooling and birth certificate.  He told us that Bush was in bed with "big oil" guys, doing them all sorts of dirty favors, while we paid $1.87 a gallon to those "big oil guys."  

We heard "hope" and "change" and learned that they were just empty words.  

There have been those who have worked hard to get where they find themselves.  

There once was a story, oft-repeated but, perhaps, not so much now. 

There were 10 men who were out of work, hanging around the street corner, in the early morning.

A wealthy man found them and offered 5 of them a job:  "work for me now until 6PM tonight and I will give you $100." They gladly accepted and rejoiced in their good fortune. 

At noon, the wealthy man saw that there was still much work to be done, so he went down to the street corner and said to 3 of the men, "Want to work for me until 6PM tonight?  I will pay you $100."  They gladly accepted. 

When 4PM came, the wealthy man saw that the deadline of 6PM was in danger, so he quickly drove downtown and found the 2 remaining unemployed men.  "Come work for me in this final hour", which they readily agreed.

By 6PM, the work was completed. 

Each of the men received $100 from the wealthy man, just as he had promised.  

He got the work done, and was glad. 

5 of the men were very angry.  

He said to them, "Why are you angry?  Did you not receive my offer with gladness?  Did I not keep my word?  Have you not earned your $100?  When the money was in my hands, was it not my own to do with what I pleased?"

Today, the same man would find himself in court. 

The wealthy in France are now being taxed at 75%.  They are also leaving France, as they are vilified as the "bad" people while those who do not work hard and do their homework in the 5th grade are praised. 

In the American War for Independence, the colonies resisted the tyranny from England.  It was a resistance movement that turned ugly when British soldiers, with large and more accurate guns, were placed in colonialist's homes, eyeing a man's wife or daughter, as well as his food.  The English called the war, the "War of the Presbyterians" derisively, because the Presbyterians called the men to arms, and did not, as their British counterparts, act as chaplains.  They were more interested in leading by example.

When the King refused to put a stop to the nonsense, the colonialists said that they could not afford to feed their own families, which was their duty, while paying the high taxes.  10%?  Yes, but what do we pay today?

Europe is trading debts right now.  They are restructuring, rather than repaying what is owed. As debts are restructured, they do not go away, as if by magic.  Bills come due and eventually, it is "do or die" for a payment. 

"Die", that is, fail to pay, and the cascading effect begins. 

When a government cannot pay its bills, it can either print more money, and send inflation spiraling upwards, or...

Face the social unrest consequences. 

Either way, the politician is going to lose:  if inflation happens, he will be voted out, just as he would be voted out if social unrest happens. 

When someone who makes 1 million euros a year is taxed at 75%, how many businesses are going to negotiate contracts of $1 euro under 1 million to avoid the tax?  How many businesses where the talent gets paid $5 million euros or more will have the talent move out of France?

Hurt someone long enough and they get the message. 

Barak Obama has no resume and has not worked an honest day in his life.  His resume is padded, unverifiable, and he has earned his living on "composites", which for us, is deception, and upon his speech and the pigment of his skin.  

He wants to "redistribute" the wealth.  

Then what?

What happens when the wealth has been taken from one and given to another?  Will the newly annointed wealthy ones eventually be vilified too?  Will we continue to honor sloth while condemning hard work?

It is unsustainable.  

If we take enough fish away from the hard working fisherman, to give to those who refuse to produce, eventually, he will become discouraged and catch less fish so he can keep more for himself. 

Barak Obama has gotten his fish simply from yelling at the fisherman.  

The fisherman did built that. 
The wealthy man did purchase and work that vineyard. 
Yankee ingenuity and hard work, self reliance, and neighbors mattered.  

Once upon a time we did not need the government to feed the poor:  we took care of ourselves.  When the government and bureacracy feeds the poor, the bureaocracy feeds itself first. 

$100 taken by a tax to a food program in the government?

We need food distributors:  $10.
We need supervisors:           $15
We need managers:              $25
We need inspectors:             $30
We have union fees:               $5
Licensing:                              $3
Secretaries:                             $5
Lawyers to protect program:  $10

$100 collected for food =  Negative $3 worth of food.  Now that the program is in debt, we must borrow from somewhere else to fund the deficit in the food program. 

But wait...there's more. 

You get the idea.  If the government was put in charge of the Sahara desert, they would run out of sand.  If Greece was put in charge of it, they'd run out of sand and borrow sand from Germany. If Germany says "no", the Greeks will call them nasty names from the 1940's.  

Our road to socialism, by our Marxist, Socialistic president needs to be changed.  We need a Stop Sign to put an end to this madness. 

Like Churchill said, it is like having a man put his foot in a bucket, and then giving him the task of carrying the bucket around. It is awkward and inefficient at best. 

All of us, from both sides of the road, prosper from smaller government.  

"You didn't build that" was terribly insulting but it underlined the atmosphere that has dominated Europe for the last few decades and is breaking them, and is now on our shores. 

We need change.  We are in a free fall.  


rob said...

Oh, hello, you have opened a can of worms now. Even it that is your opinion, you are not allowed to voice it. Even if 51% of the citizens of this country agrees with it, it is wrong. Those days are over. Until we crash and burn, and there is no more free money to vote for yourself, that is.

And everyone who is on your side of the argument will be attacked along with you.

Nic said...

Here, here, Peter. Follow the money.

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]." Margaret Thatcher

Socialism is an industry and many social engineers/phd's depend on government funding to push their own agendas in order to justify their baseless raison d'etre. They have very strong lobbyists sucking millions of dollars from the public purse in the name of political optics.

There is only one tax payer and people do have a choice be it voting by foot or wallet. Corporations in the US will take a page out of French corporations' handbook and just relocate. They do that, then they take their jobs (and revenue source) with them.

IMO, Obama is a hypocrite. He wants to tax the rich and give to the poor . Yet it's the rich he trollops around with for their money to fund his campaign. It's the rich who put him there and excuse me but it's his rich supporters who hold themselves in contempt? Kinda like the famous environmentalists who support Obama because they can use him (to keep themselves relevant) and to stop a pipeline, yet live in massive mansions, drive gas guzzling vehicles and globe trot all over the world (jet fuel!) on a self-absorbed whim? So ignore their carbon foot print, swallow their hysterical propaganda pablum to use recyclable tampons and only use one square to wipe your butt? (Sheryl Crow)

I think everyone in the arts community should be forced to take an economics class so that, at a minimum, they can learn the true definition of irony.

Regarding the pipeline project that Hollywood successfully manipulated Obama into ditching for 20 or 30 votes and a photo op. The US used to be the sole Canadian customer and as a result of that arrangement, could basically say how much they would pay for our export. Fast forward to now and our prime minister has found other customers and the US doesn't have that luxury any longer. Translation? Americans are going to pay more for oil and it will be reflected at the pumps.

Obama "made" that!

People who are thinking of voting for Obama need to rinse their brains and repeat.

Anonymous said...

Yes you have opened a can of worms!!

We don't need change so badly that we would rush out there and make matters worse than they already are! Dang. That's what 51% of the population did when they elected George Bush; not only for one term, but God forbid, TWO and he destroyed the economics of this country while causing many lives to be lost in the process. Were you asleep during all this? Sounds like it.

Personally, I'm one of the 47% that expects my 'ENTITLEMENT" that my husband amd I paid for all our lives, which dang sure won't happen with Romney in office who only cares about himself ad HIS cronies and how to hide and lower THEIR taxes while increasing OURS. Wake up my friend. THAT includes YOU & YOUR FAMILY! Do you think he or his party CARES about you? Get real, for heaven's sakes! Don't mean any disrespect, but you ARE the one who opened this subject. PLEASE, wake up and smell the coffee.

rob said...

Will Obama supporters ever allow Obama to take credit for anything? If he has been in office for 4 yrs, surely he is responsible for something. I remember all that blaming of George W. for the gas prices of less than $2. Well who is responsible for the $4 plus that we have now. I don't think alot of people know the meaning of entitlement, it is not something you worked for and paid into. But use what serves you purposes.

Anonymous said...

P.S... I hope none of you wind up in the breadlines because Romney will let yourt A$$ rot there, and by then none of the rest of us will have any money left to help buy food to feed the many poor, homeless and hungry, including our sick and elderly. You think these "entitlements" that BELONG to us, bought and paid for by our OWN tax and social security deductions, don't matter??? Guess again.

It could be YOU next. Better be thinking ahead a little bit folks. One meal only lasts so long, then what? You think it couldn't happen to YOU? Guess again! We could find ourselves in MUCH worse shape than we already are.

rob said...

Why got so mad when someone expresses an opinion different than yours? Do we have a right to an opinion?

JoJo said...

There is a flaw in your logic, and that is that not everyone who is poor chooses to be so. I am a teacher. My salary has been frozen for years. (Yes, even before Obama took office, the education budget was declining). When my ex left me, I was left with three children to feed, and only brought in 2k a month. The mortgage alone was 1600. My car payment was 220. Daycare was upwards of 1800 (2 full-time, and 1 before and after). My ex paid half of that, but even with that "support" I couldn't make ends meet on my own. I made too much to qualify for food stamps (although I did qualify for WIC for my youngest two, which I gladly accepted) but was already in the hole each month before I even got my paychecks. I had to shortsale my home (thanks to the housing market). I had to allow the bank to reposses my car. I had to file bankruptcy. I had to move into someone else's basement room (with my three kids) to avoid being homeless. I continued to work 60+ hours a week, (not that teachers get paid for overtime, but it comes with the territory) . Not everyone who is poor sits on their rear all day and collects assistance. I work hard to put food in my kids' mouths and make sure they have clothes to wear and a roof over their heads. It irks me to no end when people assume that someone who is poor doesn't work hard. Just like there are many wealthy people whose wealth was handed to them on a silver platter and have never worked a day in their lives, there are poor people who work hard and don't have much to show for it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need a Taft and gov. Romney is the closest thus far. Obama's plans to cut military funding and draw back is dangerous at this pivotal time.Obama's job as commander in chief is to protect America from all enemies both foreign and domestic yet his plans will leave us wide open for future attacks.
on the other hand diseases and illnesses are another type of enemy. we the people are America. an insult to one is insult to all. diseases evolve and spread at rapid rates. we cannot afford to allow for disease and illness to run rampant amongst us on any level. obamacare needs to be revamped before it gets starte. in theory it is a good start. we can do better.

Anonymous said...

Many "rich" people are NOT rich by their own work, and have done NOTHING to earn any of their money, and in fact, may be a TERRIBLE person (I mean, really, you think Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian don't deserve to pay some extra taxes?) Some rich people get that way by using and ripping off say they don't deserve to pay some extra taxes is like patting the criminal on the back that stole money from a person of less intelligence.
In your own article you allude to the fact that obama had no resume, had done nothing, a nobel prize he did nothing for.....but of course he doesn't deserve to pay any more taxes than someone struggling at mcdonalds cuz their company downsized, right?
Sometimes you lack of logic, lack of Christian spirit of giving, just dumbfound me.

Anonymous said...

write in Dr. Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul's approach is passive aggressive and therefore, useless. he reminds me of Pelosi. I can picture him going over to the middle east with his best stash of weed in an effort to create temporary artificial peace. (while promoting tie dyed shirts that were made in China.)

Anonymous said...

LOL at anon at 8:43 bitter much? Typical poor Obama voter.

To the teacher...teach yourself to get a better paying job. Or work 2 jobs.

Apple said...

Anon 8:43,
The Christian spirit of giving? Are you directing that towards Peter? Towards unequal taxing?
There is a great difference between "giving" and being taken advantage of. Where is the Christian WISDOM in that statement? Wealthy taxpayers already pay more in taxes than most earn in year salary. Why should a wealthy self made businessman or self made television star pay a higher PERCENTAGE of taxes when they are already paying hundreds of thousands, if not millions, every year?
As well, I think Peter and his family have done more "Christian giving" than most could even imagine.

Anonymous said...

I could write a NOVEL about all of the reasons I despise Barack Obama and his never ending war on American values, but thankfully you covered most of the highlights in this post. Great one... now let us brace for the onslaught of racism accusations & general Obama-worship nonsense! Je n

Anonymous said...

Uh earth to anonymous 643am
People are already on bread lines, 20 million more on Food Stamps in the 3 years since Obama took office.
funny how dems automatically use the scare tactics and blame bush lines since
they can't stand on obamas record of failure.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's really not always so black and white...people who work hard vs. people who don't. Not everyone is born with the same opportunities. People born into poverty, addiction, narcissism, abuse, neglect simply do not have the same opportunities as people born to the "hard workers". Being born into any of these things more often than not become a perpetual cycle that has so many environmental factors that affect the way a child grows up and their chances of success. Even children born to the "hard workers" end up often facing some of the very same problems of not "working hard", due to entitlement and a lack of work ethic. The point being, do we turn our back on these children? At what point are they not victims anymore and when do we say too bad for you, you are not a hard worker? At what point do we decide who is worthy of being supported and who is not. There is no perfect system, but do you care so little about the people who truly need the help, the people who fall through the cracks? It is impossible to make a system work that works for everyone and everything, flat out impossible. But, I would rather have a system that leans towards ensuring the health, safety and opportunity of all its people, rather than an exclusive system that leaves some people behind(the Aliayah Lunsfords, the Hailey Dunns, the Ayla Reynolds, the Lisa Irwins, the Carnel Chamberlains etc.).


Anonymous said...

BTW my family pays over 20% in taxes in Canada and I will gladly pay that to live here, where I don't have to worry about going bankrupt over a health emergency, or starving if I lose my job. I get to see clean streets and regular construction and maintenance of roads. Our roads are cleared of snow and ice in a timely fashion. We have good community support and social services and I have never had to worry about the basic necessities of life. There are people who pay less tax then we do, and that makes good sense, because we can afford the basics of life with our own paycheque.

Anonymous said...

this was supposed to be under my own comment...sorry -Tricia.

Anonymous said...

I am a federal employee who deals with people all day who need or want goverment assistance or services. It is very hard to deal with a lot of these people. They are abrasive, rude, demanding, pitiful, and thankful. I, and my co-workers, each day try to tell myself, its not all of them, some really need and deserve help. But when you've been screamed at, threatened, spit at, called every name in the book, etc, because you won't break the rules, and do what they want you to do, its very hard. I don't think that 'no one' needs help, or that 'no one' has hard times and needs a hand-up, but our system is greatly abused, and in danger of going under. Asking for a little accountability shouldn't be interpeted as the gov't is non-caring or unhelpful.
It's a lot of fun to hear the sob story, in between calls taken on their Iphone, before they leave in their brand new car, carrying their designer purse. Don't say they bought it when they last had a job, because I'm looking at their records, and they have never had a job.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Thank you. That took courage.

I am an artist and I drew a picture recently I called America Free Falling. That's exactly how I feel.

I am interested, did you ever analyze Obama's 2008 speech at Invesco Field? I wonder if you caught any of the things which were to come then?

It seems there is a lot of projection from the current left leaners - whether from the press or the government, or Obama supporters. It's like whatever they say the other side is doing is what they are doing. And it's uncanny how dead on it always is, too.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Seamus,

Please, more analysis of political statements. It is crucial. I'm tired of Obama's empty words, and even more terrified of where he is taking us. Biden's "performance" last night was pathetic and classless.

Now is not the time to be afraid of a can of worms.

jaded said...

"saddled America with socialized medicine"

Not anywhere that I can see.

I'm pretty sure it's still mostly for profit. Lots of profit, as a matter of fact.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Jaded, it doesn't even kick in until 2014 and already major companies have sought to opt out using various options in the thousands of pages of socialized medicine.

Yesterday, it was announced that McDonald's is seeking out of it as too expensive.

If you think the government is efficient at running things, you're probably in the wrong blog.

Anonymous said...

amen. my prayers are with you and all of the hardworking poor that are misunderstood and under-represented.