Saturday, November 3, 2012

Analysis: Let the Subject Guide You

Ain't Talkin'
We listen to what someone tells us.  We know that speech is reactive, instinctive, and the brain tells the mouth what to say in a microsecond.

We do not say "Freudian slip"; we say, "this is what the subject said" knowing that the subject, once caught, will say, "that's not what I meant", or "I misspoke", and so on.  When, for example, Dennis Dechaine said, "We were losing daylight", we know that the pronoun, "we" is used millions of times by us, and that it means plural.  We do not reinterpret.  It means that when Dechaine claimed to be alone, he was not.

When OJ Simpson said, "my guilt" he took ownership of guilt.
When Stephen Trunscott said, "my victim", he took ownership of his victim.

Later, the deceptive will say, "that's not what I meant."

                    Yet, we allow a subject's words to guide us.

Controversy:    What do you hear from Vice President Joe Biden?

We have read that President Obama has been embarrassed by Mr. Biden for four years, and has, on occasion, severely chastised Biden for his mouth.

MSNBC, who according to Pew, is even more partisan than Fox News disputes what it was that Biden said here.   What do you hear?  It is another question of media's integrity.

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Please put what you hear in the comments section.


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Peter.. the Mrs said your missing the word embed inside < > at the beginning of your code.

mommaklee said...

"I tell you what, there's never been a day in the last four years that I've been proud to be his vice president. Not one single day. Not one single day."

And the sheep cheered.

P.S. I was able to figure out what part of the code was the youtube link.

sidewalk super said...

Gotta give biden credit when he deserves it!

equinox said...
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equinox said...

Peter, your source material isn't displaying for your blog users. It looks like you are pasting the embed code from youtube within your text window. It needs to be pasted directly into the HTML source of the blog post. Either that or isn't permitting blog owners to use the tag, but it's more likely just been inserted as text instead of Html code. Do you know how to access the Source view of your blog posts? There should be a button on your editor window.

Jane said...

I read the analysis of this clip on the Language Log blog from U. Penn. and agree with it. Biden is slurring or swallowing a syllable in his style of talking, which is one I'm used to hearing in the mid-Atlantic area. In my opinion, he is saying "I haven't been" but pronounces it sort like "I've'n' been."

Tania Cadogan said...
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Anonymous said...

Jane, that's in'er'sting! ;) (<~~ and that's how a lot of people pronounce the word "interesting" in my neck of the woods!) Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

(( Hugs to Clancy!! ))

sidewalk super said...

I would like to know how on earth joe biden could be an embarrassment to the likes of obama?

Terri said...


"I tell you what ... There's never been a day in the last four years I hadn't been proud to be his vice president. Not one single day ... Not one single day ... But anyway ..."

Living in the Scranton area, where Biden was born, I agree with Jane and can understand his slurring. There are many examples of this in our area. My own mother still pronounces the word "with" as "wit" and my grandmother says the letter "H" as "haitch".

OT: A great resource is found at

Shelley said...

Peter – I read about a case last night that I had not heard of previously. I am limited to the 911 call transcript as that is all I have been able to find other than a small blurb.

Janet Abaroa was stabbed to death in her bedroom in April 2005. Her 6month old Kaiden was in the next room unharmed. Her husband Raven claims he went to soccer practice and came home to find her murdered. He was arrested in 2010 and trial just started last week in October (2012) so is probably going on now.

The 911 transcript is below and the small blurb was in a news update and was just a couple seconds and it just had him stating:
"I was not involved with the death of my wife and I did not kill my wife".
Those words exactly. I played it a few times to make sure. Not able to find comments made before so I cannot state if he was just asked "were you involved" but found that direct statement interesting considering most people think he did it.

Background. Right before the murder, he was fired and charged with embezzlement from his former employer. His wife worked there too and out of embarrassment quit and they struggled financially. No signs of forced entry in the home or a struggle. Only thing missing was his lap top. He hired a lawyer with in days. He also had repeated affairs during the first years of their marriage and during most of Janet’s pregnancy his wife was alone because he choose to be with one of the other women. But ended up coming back to her. After the murder, he moved out of state within weeks. Re-married in 2008. This 2nd wife ended up leaving him later stating he was violent and she became convinced he killed his first wife.

Before his arrest, he also fought extradition back to the state of the murder. And in 2010 prosecutors wanted to exhume the body to check a few things (like if she was wearing contacts the night of the murder since he stated she was asleep he left the house yet she never slept in contacts) and he fought them on that.

Here is the 911 call. Would love your comments if you have time

R: Oh God **
OP: Durham 911 Where is your emergency?
R: Help**(Inaudible) I’m at home** my wife** (speaking over the OP)
OP: Mam I can’t understand you.
R: My wife she’s dead.
OP: What?
R: My wife is dead.
OP: Ok. You’re gonna have stop yellin’ so I can understand you.
R: **trying
R: Oh baby. (sobbing) baby.
OP: Mam I can’t understand you.
R: Please. (sobbing, inaudiable)
OP: I can not understand you.
OP: Where are you?
R: (Heavy breathing)
OP: Where are you mam?
R: My. (breathing) My wife is not breathing. She’s
OP: Ok, you’re going to have to calm down ok, what’s the address?
R: 2606 Ferrand Drive. 2606 Ferrand Drive.
OP: Ok, now tell me what’s wrong.
R: She’s been shot or something there’s blood everywhere.
OP: She’s been shot?
R: Yes.
OP. Ok. Alright. I want you to.
R: I can’t
OP: Listen to me.
R: don’t** (he says it over the top of her and it sounds like “Doh”)
OP: Can you listen to me? I need you to calm down and talk to me and answer my questions, ok? What’s the phone number you’re calling from?
R: I’m at 593 – 4535.
OP: 4935?
R: 4535
OP: Ok, and how old is your wife?
R: She is 25.
OP: Ok, and you just came home?
R: Yes.
OP: Alright, now tell, now tell me what, tell me exactly what is goin’ on there. Tell me exactly what you came in to.
R: I came in to my house. I came upstairs. Um, the lights were off, the door was cracked open. I thought. I saw, I left it open. Ah,,My baby’s crying right now.
OP: How old’s your baby?
R: He was 6 months old.
OP: Ok,
R: It’s my wife.
OP: Ok, listen to me honey ok? I need you to calm down for me, alright, answer me some questions. Is your wife conscious?
R: No. She’s like blue.
OP: She’s blue?
R: Her eyes are open. (sobbing)
OP: Alright, ok, hang with me now, just calm down, ok? I need you to calm down so I can help you, ok? Alright, I’m sending the paramedics to help you now, stay on the line I’ll tell you exactly what to do.
R: (Deep breaths) (Inaudible). ……shot. (Inaudible).


Shelley said...

OP: Just try to calm down, ok.
R: Ok. This is is not right. (Inaudible. Listen for the deep voice in the background. Probably from the 911 office.) ……… she heard me?**
OP: I’m sorry?
R: (Inaudible)
OP: Just try to calm down for me, ok?
R: (Five deep breaths)
OP: Listen to me now, ok? What’s your name?
R: My name is Raven Abaroa.
OP: I’m sorry, what’s your name?
R: Raven
OP: Raven?
R: Raven, like the bird, Raven.
OP: Ok, listen to me now, ok? I want you to listen to me very carefully, ok?
R: She’s not breathing.** (over the top of the OP)
R: There’s like stuff everywhere.
OP: Ok, honey, I’m getting help on the way, but I want you to listen to me, ok?
Are you listening? I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out very slowly through your mouth, ok?
OP: Do that a couple of times. Try to calm down so we can talk, ok? And she’s upstairs?
R: Yes, and my baby’s crying.
OP: Can you get the baby with you?
R: Yes, but I ca…
OP: Just try, honey, you’re gonna scare the baby to death, just try to calm down for me, ok?
R: (Inaudible) Kaiden, Kaiden
OP: I’m sorry.
R: My baby, **
OP: I know.** Try to calm down for me, ok?
OP: Raven. Take some more deep breaths, ok? In slowly through the no, in through the nose and out slowly through the mouth, ok?
R: It’s ok Kaiden.
OP: Ok, try to calm down ‘cause we don’t’ want to scare the baby to death, ok?
OP: Ok, try to calm down, you’re doing well, you’re doin’ very well. How long have you been gone?
R: Uh, since like eight.
OP: And she’s in an upstairs bedroom?
R: Yeah.
OP: Just, you’re doin’ well. Just stay with me and try to calm down. I’m gonna keep you on the phone until I get you help there, ok? Do you feel like doin’ CPR
would help?
R: She’s not with me.
OP: She’s not?
R: I need my Bishop.
OP: You need your what, honey?
R: I need my bishop.
OP: You need your what?
R: My Bishop of my church ……….(Inaudible)
OP: Alright, what’s his name?
R: I don’t know.
OP: Just, just, come on, take some more deep breaths for me Raven you’re doin’ good.
R: Dean**… I don’t know… Dean**
OP: Ok, just, just calm down for me, ok? Come on take some more deep breaths for me. In through the nose out through the mouth, ok?
OP: Can you tell how many times your wife has been shot?
OP: Do you see any bullet holes?
R: I can see one, like right in the chest.
OP: Shot in the chest?
R: Yeah, I put my hand on it but nothing. It’s, it’s not bleeding, it’s nothing.
R: (Inaudible) What’s his name?
OP: Raven, Raven, Raven stay with me honey I need you to calm down, ok?
R: (Inaudible)
OP: Try to calm down for me, ok? Deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth slowly. Where is the baby?
R: He’s in my hands, he’s (Inaudible)
OP: He’s in your hands. Ok, if he is calmed down now?
R: Yes.
OP: Ok. Well you try to calm down so that he can stay calm, ok?
OP: You said when you came home the front door was cracked open?
R: Uh, my side door, I came in my side door.
R: (Inaudible) Bishop, Um, my home teacher is Mike and Sam. Mike’s last name, Mike, come on Mike, um, it’s…
OP: Do you know his phone number?
R: Umm, yeah, please. I gotta go, Janet I love you.
OP: Come on Raven, stick with me now, try to calm down, ok? You gotta be there for that baby, ok?
R; Yes, mam
OP: Ok, you just try to calm down. I’m stayin’ with you til they get there, ok?
R: (Inaudible) …
OP: I know you’re upset
R: I need
OP: Come on baby, you need to breath, honey, you need to breath.
R: Um, Mark Stone, Mark Stone
OP: Mike Stone?
R: Mark Stone’s number is 732 – xxxx. I need some help.
OP: Ok, what was Mark’s last name, Stone?


Shelley said...

R: Yeah, there’s somebody here
OP: And it’s Mark Stone?
R: Yeah
OP: Ok, alright, I want you to stay on the phone with me, ok?
R: Ok.
OP: And I’m going to get somebody to call him for us.
OP: Call Mark Stone at that number and tell him I have Raven on the phone.
R: (Inaudible) Kaiden,
OP: Does he know where you live?
R: Yes.
OP: He does? (Tell him to come to his house.** )
R: I need help **, I can’t do this alone (over the top of OP)
OP: Ok, try to calm down for me, now come on Raven, breath for me, breath for me. Slow deep breaths. Try to calm down. You’re doin’ great, you’re really doin’ great. Slow deep breaths, ok? Slow deep breaths.
OP: You ok?
OP: What’s your name? Just Raven?
R: My name is Raven.
OP: His name is Raven. (to someone in her office) Mark Stone.
OP: He’s not there. Ok, Mark Stone is not there, who else did you say?
R: (Inaudible) cell phone.
OP: Huh? Are the police there with you?
R: I don’t know, I just got home five minutes ago.
(Inaudible word, maybe from Raven, Sir, maybe?)
OP: Raven?
R: Yes mam
OP: Are the police there with you?
R: Yes,
OP: Alright, now I want you to calm down I need to ask you something, ok?
OP: We’ve called the number for Mark Stone but they said that he’s not there. Is there anybody else you want me to call?
R: I can’t remember my bishop’s name.
OP: Ok, honey try to calm down. What church do you go to?
R: The church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints.
OP: Ok, which one?
R: Uh, Durham, second ward.
OP: Durham what?
R: Second ward.
OP: Do you know where that, I mean, what address is that?
R: I don’t know. It’s a mile from here.
OP: Mister Ma, Hey Raven there is a Mr. Macordy(sp) on the way to your residence. He’s from your church. Are you there Raven? Raven. Hello?
R: Yes
OP: Raven?
R: Umm Hmm.
OP: Raven?
R: Yes
OP: Are you there?
R: Yeah.
OP: Ok, there’s a Mr. Macordy? on the way to your house. He’s from your church. Ok? Are you alright now, are you gonna be ok while their there?
OP: Raven?
R: Yes
OP: I’m gonna let you go so you can talk to the, to the police that are there, ok?
OP: Raven?
R: Ok.
OP: You ok?
R: Yeah, I’m ok.
OP: You breathin’ alright for me?
OP: Ok, I’m gonna let you go and talk to the people that are there, ok?
R: Ok
OP: Alright
R: Bye
OP: Bye bye.Bye bye.