Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Charlie Rogers Makes Video

She is angry that she has bills and police stopped the flow of money from donations.  Her lawyer is going to have to drop her.  She blamed others, and even mentlal illness.  She may have made this as a "fare well" video.  Local mental health professionals should be alerted.



Anonymous said...

Yes, Charlie, there are some things that are hard to explain. I imagine the toughest thing in the world is to be backed into a corner by your own vicious lies and ADMIT to the entire hoax. No wonder Charlie is trying to wiggle out from any accountability by feigning mental illness. She is crazy like a fox. She didn't and doesn't care who may be hurt in her crusade to enrich herself and become a poster woman for being a'surivor'.

Charlie Roger's is a martyr to her own self pity. She is also very angry.

I do hope I am not wrong when I say that I think Charlie Rogers loves herself too much to kill herself but causing damage or harm to someone else?

Anonymous said...

Hi peter, I was hoping you could clear something up for me. I am curious about reliable denials, regarding event specific details. If a person says "I did not do this" while talking about the specific event, could that be considered reliable since "this" would be speaking of the event that took place? Or would they specifically need to say I did not inflict the wounds on myself.. or something like that? Thanks so much for your time!

Tania Cadogan said...

Man she looks rough.

She is forewarning us the same as she did when she posted on facebook her intentions.

My concern is she will take it out on those she perceives as slighting her, rebuffing her or deserting her as well as harming herself.
I am not putting arson past her, she did it once and she would see it as going out in a blaze of glory.

It could also be blamed on the self same 3 men coming back to finish the job or she was threatened by them and couldn't face it any more.

I still wonder if her mental illness includes schizophrenia, she refers to herself as i a lot when she says how she feels and what she has done for others yet at the same time in relation to the crime, the investigation, the disbelief from the public once the charges were laid she beomes a person or someone, she distances herself from what is happening.
It isn't happening to me it is happening to someone else this is their fault not mine.

At no point in her video does she makes a strong first person past tense event specific denial, she does say i didn't do this yet doesn't tell us what the this is. She says she is innocent, this is true until she is found guilty in a court of law. She doesn't not say i didn't falsify the attack, i didn't set fire to my house, i didn't cut myself or have someone cut me, i didn't file a false report. She doesn't because she can't.

somebody said i didn't, i did this crime and i promise i didn't, but only.. you know
She stops and corrects herself a broken sentence.
here would be the perfect place to make a strong reliable denial and she doesn't because she can't.
Instead we have the qualifier "i promise i didn't" but she doesn't tell us what she didn't.

Embedded is call me crazy and i did this crime, she also says she is ok going to jail for a crime she didn't do.
Innocent people get real p*ssy if they think they are going to jail for something they didn't do, her acceptance of jail is unexpected if she were innocent.

Mental health issues are the only defence she has and if it means spending time in a secure hospital in a deal she better take it. There at least they can supervise her medication and maybe work with her to sort out her issues ( sexuality seems to be a part of it, can she not come to terms with who she is? is she bisexual rather than lesbian and won't accept it due to her hatred of men? she has to be a lesbian if she wants to be an activist, it is one or the other both is not an option)
She seems to be seperate from herself 2 sides of the same woman at war with herself.
Unless treated this is going to end up badly

Meag in Manhattan said...

Not to be rude here ~ but I thought I was looking at a gentleman?!
Astonishing appearance.

I will be anxious to listen to this at home tonight!!!

Most Sincerely,

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...
Hi peter, I was hoping you could clear something up for me. I am curious about reliable denials, regarding event specific details. If a person says "I did not do this" while talking about the specific event, could that be considered reliable since "this" would be speaking of the event that took place? Or would they specifically need to say I did not inflict the wounds on myself.. or something like that? Thanks so much for your time

She doesn't tell us what "this" is so we can't assume ( this is close, that is distancing)
First person even specific past tense reliable denial would be something like " I did not set fire to my house" "I did not cut myself or have someone cut me" "I did not lie to the police about being attacked by 3 men"

The subject needs to tell us what it is exactly they didn't do, if they can't then we can't either.

I would never harm my child does not mean they didn't(would is future conditional) if the child is dead then harm is minimising the action, harm is weaker than kill.
I did not kill Suzy is a strong first person singular (I) event specific (kill) past tense (did not) denial.

A weak one would be I( first person singular) would never ( future conditional, never doesn't mean didn't) harm ( minimising action) Suzy

I hope this helps.

SA is a great way to learn grammar)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reply Hobnob! It helped a lot!

Tania Cadogan said...

It's always my pleasure :)

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

NEW YORK – The suspect in the infamous 1979 disappearance of a 6-year-old boy from his New York City neighborhood has been formally charged with murder and kidnapping, a major milestone in a case that has stymied investigators and Etan Patz's devoted family for decades.

Pedro Hernandez, 51, of Maple Shade, N.J., was indicted by a New York City grand jury. He was arrested earlier this year, and investigators say he confessed. The indictment was made public Wednesday.

Hernandez is due back in court on Thursday. The district attorney's office had no immediate comment.

Etan's disappearance led to an intensive search and spawned a movement to publicize cases of missing children. His photo was among the first put on milk cartons, and his case turned May 25 into National Missing Children's Day.

The boy's body has never been found. Etan's parents, Stan and Julie Patz, have been reluctant to move or even change their phone number in case their son tried to reach out.

Etan was declared legally dead by his father more than a decade ago so he could sue convicted child molester Jose Ramos in the boy's death.

Ramos, now 69, had been dating the boy's baby sitter in 1979 and was considered a suspect. He was later convicted of molesting two different children and is in a Pennsylvania prison.

But investigators began focusing on Hernandez this year after a tipster called police about comments by Hernandez's sister that she heard secondhand he told a church prayer group in the 1980s that he killed a child in New York City.

Hernandez, now a married father, was a teenage stock clerk at a convenience store when Etan disappeared on his way to school on May 25, 1979. Police say Hernandez told investigators he lured the boy into the convenience store with the promise of a soda.

He allegedly said he led the child to the basement, choked him and left his body in a bag of trash about a block away. The convenience store is now an eyeglass shop, and city records pinpointing where garbage was dumped don't go back that far.

Defense attorney Harvey Fishbein has described Hernandez as bipolar and schizophrenic, with a history of hallucinations. The diagnosis could become the basis of psychiatric defense claiming that Hernandez agreed to speak to police without understanding his rights, and that the purported confession was a sick fantasy.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying pronouns and qualifiers like i never did in school!

Lemon said...

Charlie is a sad basket of angry - her rage at not being believed.

emerald said...

@ 8:30
"All they have to do is call me crazy and I'm guilty." Could this be an embedded confession?

Anonymous said...

Let her rid the world of her. Fine by me.

Jen said...

She is a really bad liar, not at all believable...shes acting and speaks like she's giving a 'Real Housewives' interview or taping an episode of 'I Survived'. She clearly views herself as a celebrity & a's pretty pathetic to watch. Nobody is prompting her to speak out & give ammunition to be used against her but she continues to do it. She still hasn't achieved her goal of infamy and she wont stop now. I think she basically see it as.. I'm going to jail anyway, I may as well get as much face time as possible out of it.

To a narcissist nothing is more unbearable than acknowledging their own insignificance, so since she can't be known as 'a survivor' due to her '3 masked men' story unravelling, she will make herself a martyred 'victim' of the legal system.

She's running the same scam, she just changed causes. Now she is using 'her victimization' by the legal system to draw attention to herself & designate herself as an advocate for people with mental health issues. In both the Facebook posts and the video she acknowledges that she should not be speaking out due to her pending charges but she, 'will not remain silent', because she has now come to know that people with mental health issues are trampled & taken advantage of within our legal system. Really Charlie, we can see right thru your BS!

Jazzie said...

"Peschong (Police Chief) said investigators discovered that Rogers deleted numerous text messages she had sent the evening of the alleged attack, and that she bought cotton gloves, a box cutter and zip ties from an Ace Hardware Store in Lincoln on July 17. All of the items were later found in her house, he said. When confronted about the evidence weeks later, he said, Rogers admitted to purchasing all of the items except the gloves.

She also sent a photo of a cross-shaped cut on her chest to a friend a few days before the reported attack, Peschong said."

Anonymous said...

Hobnob said...She doesn't tell us what "this" is so we can't assume ( this is close, that is distancing)
First person even specific past tense reliable denial would be something like " I did not set fire to my house" "I did not cut myself or have someone cut me" "I did not lie to the police about being attacked by 3 men"

Would then "I didn't do it" be unreliable to, since "it" is not being specific to the event? It appears that "I didn't do it" is Peter's Motto, so I find myself in a state of confusion.

Jazzie said...

Charlie Rogers and Lance Armstrong are running neck and neck for the 2012 Greek Tragedy Award.
Egomaniacal Glory Seekers on Crack.
Ironically the reward for their efforts is the complete opposite of what they seek: Self destruction.
Or maybe not. Maybe Self Loathing goes hand in hand with Superior Egos.
Why couldn't they have seen that they really could have made a mark, made a difference, in this world without the deception?

Tania Cadogan said...

I would be asking what is the "IT" you didn't do?

Lemon said...

Bonus points for
"Egomaniacal Glory Seekers on Crack" :)

Mainah said...

Sorry, Charlie!....blub, blub, blub...

This is the first SA case I feel 100% confident in my own conclusion-Charlie is lying about her report of being viciously assaulted. I'm certain enough to say this is my: "if I'm wrong I'll never do SA again." (<--- Peter has the copyright on that one, right?)I have believed it since that the first (recorded) interview and this one has not changed my mind. It's only reconfirmed for me what I already know.

In this interview, I was reminded of Casey Anthony frequently. There are similar exaggerated facial expressions while trying to convince/persuade.(raised brow, nonchalant shoulder shrugs, bulging eyes. I care, but, I don't care "attitude". I think she shows a comfort and ease when lying from lots of practice.(Note to self: Study more body language q's.)

She ends by saying, those who want to help her should petition to get the charges "dropped or CHANGED"? What innocent victim of a vicious, violent hate assault and attempted murder, asks for false charges to be just reduced?

And this pisses me off, Charlie! All I can think of is what if 3 innocent victims of her stupid, childish lie, were sitting in jail with their lives ruined right now? My son, your grandson, someones father or brother? And what of the women who are now attacked and have to endure the consequences of additional scrutiny all because this sick puppy has an attention deficit? errr!

Anonymous said...

Are we SURE this is her? I agree with the comments by others about the rough appearance and thinking they were looking at a male. It looks more like a bad Saturday Night Live skit or spoof.

Rachael said...

Jazzie said:
"Or maybe not. Maybe Self Loathing goes hand in hand with Superior Egos."

Hi Jazzie!
In spite of outward appearances, the words and actions of a narcissist are driven by self loathing. When they look to their soul, they find little of value, and since that is an unpleasant way to feel, they try to acheive balance by overcompensating with ego.

Someone who can look to their soul and find beauty there will display their ego in a healthy fashion, they will be strong and confident.

Someone out of balance and relying soley on ego will, well, they'll kill their baby and then go dance in contests. They'll kill their wives and then blame the wife for making them do it. And they'll create stories of intrusion and attack in a desperate attempt to feed the black hole that they really are inside.

These are not the actions of a person who really believes they are all that and a piece of pie.

They're empty and sad people, looking for balance in all the wrong places.


skip said...

Whatever brought this out of her is heartbreaking. She does look like she is about to end her life.

I wonder who DID violate her in her life, in what manner, and what caused her to be as self destructive as she is. WHO started this? What is she really trying to destroy, deep down? She sure does need intensive therapy, in an institution, and perhaps released months or years from now when she's had this resolved.

She is guilty of setting this lie up, for sure. But why... it isn't as simple as a cry for attention and fame.

I am glad the comments aren't gay bashing.

skip said...

"I'm alone." multiple times.
She can't access any therapies at this time? That's just going to make her worse.

Rachael said...

"I never imaged such things were possible. But I never organized those things. I did not attend them, I did not solicit money, I had no part in any fundraising. I DO appreciate those things. But those things are now being used against me, in a court of law. I had nothing to do with that. I have not benefitted from any of the money. Um. It's a shame. It's a shame that something so wonderful, and well intended, can be used against someone."

It is not the fault of the caring public that you will find yourself in a court of law, Charlie Rogers.

While you have let us know that you can't pay your bills, it is far from a shame that you didn't benefit from such an overwhelming outpouring of support.

You aren't doing yourself any favors. Accept responsibility for what you have done.

Anonymous said...

So this really IS her? Wow. I had seen her before and this person just looks completely different to me, aside from the shirt and an approximation of the hairstyle.

Mainah said...

Skip and Rachel:

Thank you for speaking about the other side of this a bit, for perspective sake. As much as false crime reporting infuriates me; you did get me to pause and see Charlie as a person who is hurting terribly inside and for that I do feel pity for her. I could feel empathy if she would take full responsibility and seek the help she (intellectually) knows she needs.

There is such a selfishness about acts like this.

As for, "is it really Charlie in the video?" Well, I'm going on that assumption! If we stopped the video where she moves across the room to show the investigative paperwork she claims are against her and her family, and compares them to the tiny stack of investigative papers on what she claims is other suspects, there is a framed basketball jersey on the wall. Sorry so long, my point being - we could Google Images and see if that is her basketball team jersey from college. I might have time tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that everything Charlie says is a lie. I just haven't sorted out what is and what isn't.

Jane said...

I turned this video off after about 5 minutes. Rogers's story lacks the logical flow and emotional clarity of that of a real victim, so I was unable to empathize with her and stay interested.

Anonymous said...

Mainah said Charlie reminded her of Casey Anthony. I wondered if I was the only one with that thought. But I suppose there are bound to be similarities when both are lying, manipulating mental cases. I hope her family and friends get honest with her and insist she get the help she needs.
If I was in her shoes and was falsely or mistakenly accused as she claims to be, I would use the video to refute the accusations and evidence. I would show pictures of the cuts and scars. I would explain why I went to the hardware store and bought the exact assortment of items that the perpetrators would need to use on me. I would explain how my dna but no male dna was in the gloves, why I held still so the lines cut into my flesh were nice and straight and so that no icky blood wouldn't get on my sheet or bedspread. Etc., etc.

Vita said...

Ms. Rogers needs to be picked up before she goes postal.

This video isn't a free speech article it's a fair warning period.

Jazzie in pressers yesterday and today. Anthony Bennett was in court 11/13/2012

He stood Mute. His attorney entered his plea for him, of the 7 charges.

NOT Guilty

His next court date is 11/27
We wait

Katprint said...

It's pretty spectacular how helpless she makes herself out to be. She can't arrange for friends to bring her some one-size-fits-all clothes like a jogging outfit; the police are supposed to make sure she has clothes to leave the hospital in. She can't arrange for a locksmith to change the locks at her house (no forced entry, thus no smashed doors or broken windows); the police are supposed to make sure she has an "OK place to stay." The victim advocate that the hospital sends with her isn't good enough; the police are supposed to send an officer along to babysit her. And on and on, ad nauseum.

Her fundraising attorney is referred to as her "former" attorney. Her criminal defense attorney is probably gnashing his teeth about her refusal to follow his advice, but uncooperative clients are part and parcel of being a criminal defense attorney. IIRC, the defense attorney is a court-appointed public defender so he probably can't drop her even if he really really wants to. She would have to do something really terrible to him personally, like stab him with a pen or accuse him of improper sexual advances, for him to be able to withdraw as her attorney.

Vita said...

To the left - 4 days prior to the report 911 called in by Charlie, that is her, she was crowned Mr Star City.

As it states here in this article written, she won the title. This written after she was found out to have fabricated the Hoax of a life time. No issues with her orientation zero. Issues though are her using it as a reason to lie to and take advantage of good people.

Jen said...

Funny, you guys brought up how the video reminded you of the Queen of Liars: Casey Anthony, I thought the same thing. As Maniah mentioned, the exaggerated facial expressions, the attempt to appear as deep & self reflective, all the while spouting shallow, self absorbed non-sense. Deja vu

Charlie Rogers really has an extraordinary ability to shift the blame for all of her problems onto others...blaming the people who donated their funds & showed her support for her legal woes is a whole new low

Missy said...

She is distressingly disturbed. I wonder if she has been slowly unravelling over the years after leaving the attention and recognition that she received as a basketball star at college and high school.

Red Ryder said...

From the video "I wouldn't say I did it then, and I won't say I did it now." embedded, TWICE 'I did it' . No reliable denial.
Yes, she looks to be at the end of her tether. As detestable as the lie is, I do hope someone who cares for her (Mom, Dad, sib, friend) can find a way to help her through this. Not sure if she is a narcissist, sure seems disturbed and in need of intervention.
Rachael~having lived with a narcissist, I appreciated your description so much~ it made me laugh because it is so spot on! "They are empty and sad people who are looking for balance in all the wrong places."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those two news clip showing a happy, beaming Charlie. Looks quite sane to me, enjoying herself and playing nice with others in the competition. The title of 'Adore Me' probably was given to the lady winner but it sure fit Charlie.

I stand by my crazy like a fox. I hope not but Charlie may lash out at everyone else she perceives as not being in Camp Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Quoting Charlie from the video
"The perpetrators of MY crime...."

That statement jumped out at me. It seems unexpected to put it that way. Charlie is owning the crime. Would that be a sort of embedded admission?

Skeptical said...

Body language experts claim that the inward compressing of lips is an attempt to contain anger. Charlie Rogers makes this expression each time she stops speaking. She appears to be ready to explode.

BostonLady said...

Wow. I only watched the first 5 mins of this video and although this is a statement analysis blog, the changes in her face, depending upon the subject, are incredible. The first part where she starts of with "I, I, I, I, I, I, on every statement, her face is tense. The lines in her forehead are deep. When she moves on the fundraising events across the country, her face changes to soft, no wrinkles in her forehead. She expresses herself as if she is in a dream like state. Charlie looks happy. Happy until the information turns to the dark side of "I never used those funds, it's a shame" Whether she meant to frame it that way, I heard it loud and clear.

"I never used those funds, it's a shame" I'm sure she really feels that way !

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that even her name suggests her nature. charLIE.

Mainah said...

I just watched again...A lot of bad acting, crying which produces no tears, avoidance of case specifics...

I think my primary concern would be the arrest of the perpetrators so they don't come back for me or hurt anyone else. She knows there are no perps.

Stacy Harp said...

Thanks for continuing to follow this. I covered this extensively on my radio show, on Blogtalkradio and I read a number of the comments on this thread today. My background is a marriage and family therapist and so I had some words for her latest attempt at glory. Here's the link for anyone interested. Most of the show is about her.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Stacy, thanks for sharing the link. I will try to listen to the show tonight or tomorrow.


Notamuser said...

Just out of curiosity, WHEN in the midst of the panic of being attacked & rescuing oneself does one take the time to arrange for the care of their dogs with the neighbors?

I know it's a moot point with the faked attack, but my dog, and I love her DEARLY, would be in a bathroom or something - if that, assuming the house was secure.

Jazzie said...


Thanks for Carnel's update re: Anthony Bennett.

Jazzie said...

Charlie Roger's story makes me so sad. In her heart she wanted to do good, make a difference, but she went about it in the worst, wrong way and it backfired big time.

"L'enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs"

The last thing you want in this tragedy is for her to feel alone. It make me shiver with the unknown.