Friday, November 30, 2012

Couple Indicted for Puppy Snuff Films

Two Indicted for Online Distribution of Puppy-Snuff Videos

A Houston man and woman are being indicted for allegedly distributing snuff films online in which puppies and other animals were tortured and killed, federal officials said.
Federal authorities say the pair made eight videos — bearing titles like puppy 1whitechick andcrushblackluvsample — that depicted puppies, chickens, kittens and other animals being tortured and killed.
The indictment (.pdf) on Wednesday of Brent Justice, 51, and Ashely Richards, 22, comes three months after they faced similar state allegations in Texas for producing and distributing the graphic movies, referred to as “crush” videos. The two remain in a Houston jail on the state charges and are set to appear in a Texas federal court next month to answer to the new charges.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said it forwarded to the authorities footage that allegedly showed Richards “cutting the leg and slashing the neck and throat of a puppy before beheading the struggling animal with a meat cleaver.”
Under federal law, a crush video is one in which any living non-human mammal, bird, reptile, or amphibian is “intentionally crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, impaled, or otherwise subjected to serious bodily injury.”
The two face seven federal charges, each of which carries a maximum five-year prison term.
The two were being charged in a local Houston court until the federal indictment was unsealed Wednesday, the authorities said.
In August, a Harris County magistrate suspended reading of the allegations “because they were too gruesome.” The state court case accused them of using high-heeled shoes, knives, meat cleavers, pliers and screwdrivers to torture and kill animals, which included mice, lobsters and other animals.
The federal indictment alleges they produced the films “with the objective of earning a profit.”


Anonymous said...

Who the heck would want to see those films ... ?!

Anonymous said...

Sick, twisted people still exist ! This is so not cool. They need to burn and rot in hell.

Tania Cadogan said...

Probably the same people who enjoy seeing, reading or hearing about people being abused.

Probably people who get off on animal torture and who move on to people torture.

casey anthony, geoffrey dahmer were two such people.
they tortured and killed small animals before moving on to murder people.

Most psychopaths if not all start by torturing and killing small animals, then they progress to larger ones and then move on to people when animals don't fulfill their deciant and murderous needs.

I do wonder if these two are parents or have access to young children?
It's not to far of a leap to wonder if they have abused young children.

Anonymous said...

I have no words at how sickened I am by this.

What people can and will do to crush the good in the world -

This hurt the animals they tortured, they destroyed their own souls by doing it, and now they destroy the people who hear about what they did by making us have to visualize it, to know it was real. That is the way evil is. It spreads by poisoning others souls.

It hurts the victim, the perpetrator, and the society.

Whoever says consenting adults can do whatever they want and it doesn't hurt others are lying or ignorant, and ususally evil.

I hope they throw away the key on them.

sidewalk super said...

Perfect karma would be, they both would end up cellmates of anthony bennett for as long as necessary.

Lis said...

I suppose Billie and Shawn are familiar with these characters...

Jazzie said...

I try to weigh this despicable, gruesome story with this:

alas horror seems to be a driving force...

"The federal indictment alleges they produced the films 'with the objective of earning a profit'.”

Wow. Sick and Twisted to the Power of 2... 4 $$$
Gotta love the exponential capitalist spirit of evil.

I chuckled at the karmic equation of next life with Anthony Bennett.

Jen said...

WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. WRONG. WITH. PEOPLE?!? That is the most sickening thing I have ever heard and makes me wish they would force the entire population of the prison to watch their sick videos, then toss their butts in there & turn off the surveillance cams for about 20min...

John Mc Gowan said...


John McAfee Offers $25k Reward To Clear His Name Of Murder
Fugitive McAfee offers $25,000 for capture of the real culprit in Belize murder.

I will continue my investigations, since the police seem to have defaulted on this obligation,” wrote McAfee. “I have offered a reward. If anyone has any information, please give it directly to me. I will publish it here on this blog first, and then provide it to the police. That way it cannot just conveniently disappear if it is evidence that the Government finds distasteful.”

McAfee said that when first began hiding from police, he intended to go as far away from his house as possible, but felt he had to return in order to discover the truth.

“Since the police only seemed to be investigating my whereabouts. My safety is contingent on the truth being discovered,” he said, before claiming that he had used an array of disguises to interview Faull’s caretaker and watch police search his residene.

McAfee has also called on the international community to apply pressure for the release of his friends and employees that have been arrested.

“Pease do what you can. Write your congressman to ask for sanctions against Belize. Write the Prime Minister and shame him. Just speak out. When enough people join a clamor for justice, the world changes,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately John, I do not believe McAfee will find enough people to speak out in his behalf that will do him any good. Everyone already sees what happened to his friends and employees who did go to bat for him; they are in prison in Belize now.

I don't blame him for hiding out, although I don't necessarily believe all the descriptions of the many disguises he has detailed, do you? I think that if he wants any protection that might do him some good, he'd better be getting a top team of cockroaches on OUR soil and his butt back to the US; IFF he can even get a flight out of Belize.

Not so sure anymore that "when enough people join a clamor for justice, the world changes". What say you? It's not like the old days when we fought for civil rights and won. Now, not many give a damn about the injustices done to others and would actually help the fight against the innocent. So many have a cold heart now and couldn't care less, always looking for an excuse not to help someone in their fight against injustices.

I don't believe he killed the neighbor, but McAfee is fighting a very vicious and evil gestopo govm't; they each have a personal vendetta against the other. This one man is not going to be able to fight off the Belize govm't officials and their dirty works.

Unfortunately, I think it's just a matter of time before they gun him down, making it look like self-defense, or appear he commited suicide, whatever. Case closed, with most caring very little one way or the other so long as it doesn't touch their personal lives. REB

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:26 PM 11/30, how right you are! There are no words for the brutally evil things these two were doing, and those viewing their films for pleasure, just as evil.

It is unimaginable how evil and cold this world has become, AND gets worse every day; while every day more hearts seem to grow a little colder towards the suffering of other living beings, with many blaming God.

I'd like to offer my personal viewpoint and those who don't want to read it or don't want to believe it, don't have too. I think it is just a matter of time until Jesus returns to this earth. Every day He lingers we have been spared another day. Every day He doesn't return is another day God has given us to repent; just one more day to save as many souls as He can, just one more soul, from the wrath to come on this earth and for all eternity. There are no earthly words to adequately describe God's eternal wrath that is coming down on this earth for our sins and the unrepented evil we have done.

We are in the last of the last days, but who who can say how many are the last days, or when did they start? With pity for us in His heart, only Almighty God has the days marked. It could end today, a year from today, or milleniums from now, the 'last days' could go on for thousands of days or thousands of years; while the evil that is upon us (satan and his demons) mangnifies daily.

I wouldn't be so foolish as to think it might not come quickly, but for many generations the end of days comes when we die; but there again, they have no more chances. Only God in His mercy and wisdom will make the decision when enough is enough.

But the day will come that God in his great wisdom will look down on this earth and say to Jesus "It is enough. Go and get my children", then God's back will be turned against this earth forever and there will be no more hope for those left behind; only God's wrath, having had plenty of time to make their choice.

I do not pray for that day to come nor do I ask Jesus to come as it will be a day of great sorrow, horror, weeping and wailing; and no going back, no chance to ever repent, only eternal damnation. God have mercy on us all is my prayer; praying to God for forgiveness of the weary unsaved souls of those who have departed. REB

John Mc Gowan said...


I wasn't doing monkey taunt, I was dancing like a chicken': Sunderland fan says gesture was not racist

1 Dec 2012 00:00
The Sunderland fan insisted he was doing an impression of a chicken, not a monkey, when he was caught on camera.

The football fan arrested on ­suspicion of making a “monkey” taunt at a Premier League striker claims he was actually doing a “chicken dance”.

Liam Jones has now been banned from Sunderland’s Stadium of Light after being quizzed by police when the Mirror printed a picture of a supporter appearing to make a vile racist gesture at West Bromwich Albion’s Romelu Lukaku.

Yesterday the 21-year-old insisted he was doing an impression of a chicken, not a monkey, when he was caught on camera.

Unemployed Jones said: “People have got it all wrong. I wasn’t doing a monkey chant. I was doing a chicken dance.

"I’m ­devastated people think I’m racist. I have black friends and black cousins.

"If I was racist, I wouldn’t pay money to go and watch Sunderland because they have black players.”

Sunderland AFC confirmed he is banned from their matches until the outcome of the criminal case against him is known.

Liam, who lives close to the stadium in the city’s Hendon area added: “I’m absolutely gutted I can’t go to matches. I’ve been going for years.

“I can see where the club is coming from and I can see how the photo looks, but I want everyone to know that I am not racist.”

The Mirror told earlier this week how Jones, an amateur martial arts fighter, acts as a corner man for his brother and carries his bucket for him – hence his nickname Charlie Bucket.

S + K Mum said...

Disgusting people! I hope they get 5 years for every animal they have tortured and killed. I hope those who bought the movies will be charged with something and named too. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that these people are put away where they don't have access to hurt any living creature. I think it is sad that even one public dollar would go to their defense. I can't believe people this disgusting have anything to offer the earth and its inhabitants. Gross, disgusting people. God I hope they don't have children!

dadgum said...

It sickens me that people will be more angry and upset over animals tortured, than when the victims are infants and children.

The outcry over Michael Vick continues to this day.

It will be said that puppies are innocent..not so with babies who ask for mistreatment and suffering simply because of the parents they choose, ans the ills of 'society'. Drugs, poverty, abuse, age..all are excuses given for parents who abuse..outrage is reserved for animals.

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the point Dadgum

Anonymous said...

So do I.
Dadgum: it is sickening to the stomach that people would torture and kill and film all of that for personal pleasure and financial gain. It is also alarming that indications are, they may not stop at this. As maybe the sick people buying and watching their movies won't.
There's no indication whatsoever, if you read back here or on other topics, that we wouldn't be alarmed, worried, hurt and profoundly sickened by all other crimes, especially those against children and vulnerable people.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the two anons above and others, as we all care about these pitifully abused and mutilated animals; however, I don't think Dadgum's comments came out exactly the way they were intended. I take them as a note of sarcasm as there really does appear to be some out there (not here) who really do care more about animals than they do their children, particularly some who neglect and abuse their chldren but dote on their pets.

Also, having read many comments made by some regarding their pets then show so little concern for abused children and other helpless people, it does get sickening. REB

CEC said...

I think the way most of us here would view this profoundly disgusting information, as a danger for all living things. It's alarming that anyone could do such terrible things to any living thing, and as many have said, these evil individuals often begin with "easy access" victims, such as pets and other small animals, and then escalate their evil toward humans.

I cry at the ASPCA informercials with the sad Sarah McLachlan music, and the commercials for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Like the rest of you here, I can't fathom the depravity of those who would make or view such "films".

Jazzie said...


I agree there are those that speak fervently and frequently for the rights of animals more than for the rights of children. I personally know lots of those individuals and comment (usually sarcastically) to myself about their preferential concern for animals over children.

I commented on this because I believe we as humans were granted the responsibility to be guardians of this earth and all creatures in it.

Ultimately I am horrified at the despicable killing for profit of the tiny helpless creatures because my concern is: The torture/killing of animals usually indicates the precursor to child abuse/killing.

If these two are so numb to the evil of killing small animals what else could they be capable of?

Ballroom Blitz said...

They may be wastes of life in human society but they still are a valid food source for small rodents.

Jazzie said...

I shudder to think what these two are capable of...
especially in the context of profit.

Kripes. People like this scare me to death.

Apple said...

I understand, Dadgum. I read comments of how brutal people can be, how evil against innocents should be punished in the most severe forms. Yet I know how many people support abortion. It breaks my heart.

dadgum said...

Mine too..

We are commanded to love and care for each other, and I believe this includes both animals we love in our homes, and those we ask to be our food (my chickens all die of old age, because I can't 'do them in'). My cousins (beef ranchers) laugh they have never seen a cow as old as Darlene, certainly not an Angus heifer, never bred. She is groomed daily, and believes she is a one ton dog.

These people filming torture are hideous, monsters, and have probably been mistreating humans and animals alike for years. I'm glad they have been stopped. There are more like them..just not as stupid.

I have noted how ironic it is when JVM milks a story on suffering dry, it's over(for her)..yet the crimes of meat growers will go on night after night. Adopt pets, she hollers..has she ever uttered a sentence in support of fostering, or adopting abused children??

While both needs are present, in my book they are not equal. I have done's needs are met with a little love and dog food, the result is love and devotion in return. The other requires your heart..all of it. You may never know the outcome, and yet you love and guide. You may even be rejected as a result of abuse in which you had no part.

I was there when, after a horrific accident, those who did not survive were put into ambulances. Most of a family, and the children of their friends. Some idiot commented on the heartbreak, and that the father was going to be upset the family dog had been killed as well. I suppose..but he will mourn his wife and toddlers forever. He can get another dog.

On a side note..we have been blessed with a companion dog in training for Sam. She is a wonderful, loving Lab..much like his beloved girl who died at age 14, 2 years ago. We have lots of training to go, but it's great to see her cuddle with Sam, and assist him in petting her. Her love will add a dimension to his life that can only be filled by a pet.

dadgum said...

As I hit 'post' I was reminded of a young boy in our home. I thought he was burning holes in leaves with a magnifying glass. As I drew closer, I could see what he had. Snails. And a small lizard on a string. I asked what he was doing, and without a pause, a stammer..without a thought, he said "I am suffering them."

"I am suffering them."

Without a hint of emotion. as if it was the most natural thing to do. I have heard of kids doing lots of terrible things, but never put into words so casually. He knew well enough how to lie to avoid trouble..but he didn't see anything to hide in what he was doing.

I hope he is somewhere he cannot hurt anyone, or any thing. I hope he is far away from children..but nothing would be done unless someone was hurt, though it is quite inevitable.

'night all..

dadgum said...

Chatalaine..I am sorry that you interpreted my comments as being critical of posters here. Far from it.

Anonymous said...

"I am suffering them."

Dadgum, that is the most heartbreaking sentence uttered by a child that I have read in quite some time. That will haunt me.

I am glad that these ghouls are going to be locked away.

Jazzie said...


I appreciate your stories so much. When I was young my Dad, who grew up on a farm, bought Angus heifer calves for the eventual: food source for our family. He named them Daisy and Susie. Big mistake. They of course ended being our pets. After they were slaughtered, he couldn't bring himself to eat the beef for over a month. After that no more animals raised for food. How can you entirely get over eating a family pet?

To this day, I still have a hard time eating meat. LOL

Jazzie said...


The child's remark "I am suffering them".

The sheer chilling, brutal honesty verges on being poetic tragedy.

I am left to ask: How much did he suffer to bring him to a point where he needed to inflict such suffering? The lack of realization that his "suffering them" was wrong causes profound sadness in me. How do you begin to save a child so broken?

Anonymous said...

" I am suffering them" is indeed a haunting way to name what he's doing.

Haunting in the sense that the "suffering" is on the receiving end of torture and infliction of pain.
Has he been suffering ...?

Anonymous said...

It's useless and redundant to wonder how humans can stoop so low as to even think of something like this; the depths to which we continually sink, the idea that there are enough buyers for this kind of thing to make it lucrative enough to produce and sell...One of the triad or childhood symptoms for a sociopath (and by extension, psychopath) is killing/torturing of pets. I would say this is another proof that there are a lot more sociopaths/psychopaths and probably potential serial killers out there than we are led to believe.

Keith D. said...

"I am suffering them."

This strikes me as possibly a child who has parents who are religious, but inattentive to their child. It's the sort of simple misunderstanding that we adults take for granted, but that kids hear and don't know better about.

I don't mean this to be insulting, but having been raised by a Christian family, and being autistic and tending to take things literally, I can't help but read that quote and think of the Bible verse that says, "Suffer the children to come unto me." My advice would be to make absolutely sure that his parents know about this, because he may just be a normal child who misunderstands the esoteric way that religion uses everyday English words. If you're not aware of it, as a child who may take what he hears literally may not be, it would be quite easy to fall into this sort of trap without realizing you're doing anything wrong. After all, the Bible says Jesus said to do that, so why would it be wrong? Children don't understand the world the way adults do-- they lack the necessary context, and it's up to the adults in their lives to provide that context.

Jazzie said...


The kid's quote "I'm suffering them" really struck me. I too thought of the same quote: "Jesus said, Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven."

Brought up Polish Catholic.
No insult taken.

Another concept that always alluded my childhood mind: "Offer your pain up to God". Never was able to wrap my head around that one when I was young.

I did ask the question if or how this child who spoke suffered? Why did he use the word "suffer" instead of "torture" or "pain" or "kill"? Did he understood and knew "suffering" better?

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Anonymous said...

If these 2 get off on real charges just remember this Marine Corp saying " Violence rules the day". These 2 will surely learn the hard way.

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jaye said...

I dont think theres many people out there that say "consenting adults can do whatever they want and it doesnt hurt others"..The philosophy you're thinking of goes "you should be able to do 'whatever you want' *as long* as it doesnt hurt/ affect others."... Which is true. But the two people in this story wouldnt be ascribing to that belief anyway because it does hurt others...