Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dylan Redwine: Mother Suspects Ex

Missing Boy's Mother Suspects Ex-Husband in Son's Disappearance


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Dylan Redwine was last seen at the home of his father, Mark Redwine, when he vanished seven days ago.
"I was married to Mark for a lot of years, and I know the way he reacts to things," Elaine Redwine told ABC News. "If Dylan maybe did or said something that wasn't what Mark wanted to hear, I'm just afraid of how Mark would have reacted."
Elaine and Mark were divorced and live about five hours away from each other, ABC News affiliate KMGH reports. Dylan was staying at his father's home because of a court order granting his father visitation rights for Thanksgiving.
Elaine Redwine told ABC News she believes her ex-husband was upset that she was the court-mandated primary custodian of their son.
"I don't think Mark treats him very well," Elaine Redwine said. "I would not put it past Mark to have done something to remove Dylan from the situation. You know, like 'if I can't have him, nobody will.'"
This fear of her ex and his behavior will impact the mother's language. 
Dylan had been with his dad in Vallecito, Colo., for just one day before he went missing. Mark Redwine told police that his son was in his home when he left to run some errands at 7:30 a.m. When he returned four hours later, the boy was missing.

Police say they are considering a number of possibilities, including abduction and the possibility that Dylan ran away.
Mark Redwine declined to speak to ABC News.
"He hasn't had any contact with us. [My older son] tried to get a hold of him by texting him, and he wouldn't respond," she said. "I just find it odd that at a time like this, he would be so evasive."Elaine Redwine told ABC News she was having a difficult time getting in touch with her ex-husband about their son.
"Foul play is definitely something we are looking at, but we're hoping it's a runaway case and that Dylan will show up and will be fine," La Plata Sheriff's Office spokesman Dan Bender said. "Because we don't have any clues that point in any particular direction, we have to consider every possibility."
Dylan's mother and older brother both insist Dylan wouldn't run away without contacting them, or if he did run away from his dad's home, he would have gone to them.
"When he was afraid in any situation, he knew he could call me and I would drop everything and go out there, first thing," Dylan's brother, Cory Redwine, 21, told ABC News. "He knew that me, my mom, my step-dad, any of us, if he called us and said, 'I need your help,' he knew we'd be there."
Hundreds of people have turned up to help search for Dylan, but so far police say they are no closer to finding him.
"We had people in the air, on horseback, on ATVs, search dogs, and we got no clues from any of that," Bender said.
Dive teams are searching nearby Vallecito Lake using a high-powered sonar gun, after searches this weekend revealed nothing, according to KMGH. Search teams are also combing the shoreline around the lake.
Elaine Redwine told ABC News she thinks somebody must know something, and she hopes they come forward.
"Vallecito is a small community. If anybody has seen anything or knows anything, no matter how big or small it seems, please tell us," Redwine said. "Everything right now is crucial to bringing my little boy home."
Redwine is described as 5 feet tall, 105 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. He was last seen wearing a black Nike shirt, black basketball nylon shorts, black Jordan tennis shoes and a two-tone blue and white Duke Blue Devils baseball hat


Anonymous said...

“That boy was my whole world,” he told the crowd. “I would do anything to find him. You don’t know how much I love that boy.”

Quote from the Durango Herald.

Distance with "that" boy

Was past tense

Would do anything- not doing everything but future tense

Don't know- stating the negative?

So sad for Dylan.....

Anonymous said...

I believe this mother is right in her perceptions of her ex husband inasmuch as I haven't seen any reason not to believe her; also that she and her older son and Dylan's step-father had a bond of trust with him, even if there might have been occasional disputes within the family.

IMO, Dylan did not have a close relationship with his father, or one that showed much in the way of love from his father, if any, and was not looking forward to the visit with him. The relationship at best was strained.

Dylan appeared to be unhappy being there as he sent a text message to his mother shortly after arriving at his father's home showing a smilely face with the mouth turned down. That says a lot. Also, he had made plans with friends to spend as much time away from his father as he could that week-end.

Elaine did not want Dylan around his father and I believe there was a very good reason for that. What I cannot imagine is why the father even fought for parental visitation when it appears to me that he had been horrible for Eliane and the children to live with and did not love them. He likely had made life hell for them.

It doesn't add up as to why the father would take off at 7:30 AM and be gone on errands for four hours when he was supposed to have driven Dylan somewhere at around 6:30 AM. Dylan was already up and ready to go when his father took off and left him behind. Why? Where was Mark during those four hours? Who would gain the most by Dylan's disappearance? His father who would not have to pay any more child support.

Why has he shielded himself from the media and the public? His excuse that he does not want to interfer with the search or the investigation into his son's disappearance is a lie. To speak out and plead for your child's return or search for his whereabouts does NOT interfer with any LE investigation. REB

John Mc Gowan said...


Web sleuth uncovers tot mom bombshell

By Staff
updated 4:37 PM EST, Mon November 26, 2012
Attorney Isabel Humphrey 'stunned' by internet searches revealed after she made public records request
Records show search for 'foolproof suffocation'
Nancy Grace: ‘I wish you had been on the tot mom case’


A woman who helped uncover new evidence related to computer searches, which she believes were done by tot mom Casey Anthony, speaks to HLN’s Nancy Grace.

Anonymous said...

The family has said that Mark went to wake up Dylan in the morning to drive him to his friends home and he didn't get up so Mark just left.

The thing is...there was absolutely no articles of clothes or sheets for bloodhounds to use to track trace of Dylan there....if he was in bed...then why wouldn't the sheets or whatever he was sleeping on be used?

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I have not forgotten our conversation of a few days ago in re what I thought about ObamaCare, political views, and my opinion of the Hostess baker's union strike and the subsequent bankruptcy filing by Hostess.

Yep, have thought a lot about these issues and would be happy to discuss them with you as I am interested in your opinions and beliefs as well; particularly from a statement analysis standpoint, considering that you are way more knowledgeable in word usage in deception vs truth than I am or will ever be.

As you've probably already detected, I am more a common sense person using simple logic, with a high degree of perceiving deception based on sheer common sense, but also consider the words of the subject. Words alone can mean everything especially when also considering actions that can speak louder than words in some cases but not always.

I have been tied up more than usual lately and will be busy most of the day today, but will get back to you soon on these issues. Thank you! REB

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:17, in the initial stages of the search for Dylan, it was reported that he was up at 6:30 AM and ready to go. A description of what he was wearing was also given at that time. I can't tell you by whom or where it came from, but I read it. It amazes me how these stories change, like as if the first story given never existed.


Anonymous said...

John, thanks for the Nancy Grace update. Personally, I don't put one ounce of credance into anything Nancy dis/Grace says about the Anthony case or any other case.

She also interfered in the Haleigh Cummings investigation by sucking up to Ronald Cummings, Mother Teresa and Granny White Whale; all liars, also in ignoring Ronald's lenghty felony criminal record and focusing the spotlight all on Misty's lies but ignoring Ron's.

She personally helped to impede the Caylee Anthony investigation when she came out swinging the bat for Cindy and Gorge Anthony, claiming they were "in denial" when they should have been arrested and investigated the same day/evening it was learned that Caylee was missing and they had deliberately disposed of cadaver evidence taken from the car Casey had been driving and abandoned. Denial my a!!, they were/ARE a part and party to knowledge of Caylee's death and disappearance.

Not saying there might not be some credibility to the latest findings, but p'ss on Nancy AND the prosecutor for not prosecuting ALL of the Anthonys. REB

John Mc Gowan said...


Check this out REB.

Overlooked Evidence In Casey Anthony Trial - Youtube.

Anonymous said...

He was last seen in tennis shoes ... Asleep ... Hmmm

Anonymous said...

" You don’t know how much I love that boy.”"... I do not think that mom has anything to do with this, or so far, that is how I feel...but saying THAT BOY...reminds me of the Anthony's...they would say "THAT LITTLE GIRL" when they talked about Caylee../ugg I do not like THAT!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The Colorado teen accused of murdering and dismembering 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway as she walked to school has been described as 'intelligent and mature' by jail supervisors while now freshly charged as an adult.

Austin Sigg, 17, accused of abducting the fifth grader as she walked in the west Denver suburb of Westminster on October 5, will be moved to an adult jail cell after showing good behaviour a judge ruled on Tuesday.

Sigg had been held in isolation at a juvenile facility but the court announced his planned transfer with the teen described as quiet, taking his meals alone and often playing Sudoku.

His lawyers had the option of asking to move the case to juvenile court, but Judge Stephen Munsinger said that the defense waived its right to.

If convicted as an adult, Sigg, who turns 18 in January, faces up to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 40 years

A conviction in juvenile court also could have brought a stiff sentence. He faced a maximum of seven years there on each count, which could have put him in prison for decades if he were ordered to serve his sentences consecutively.

Defense attorneys have not said publicly why they did not seek to move the case to juvenile court. They declined to comment to the media, citing the judge's gag order.
During Tuesday's hearing, Munsinger also agreed to move Sigg from a juvenile detention facility to an adult jail at the request of state's juvenile justice system officials.

They said Sigg is being held in an isolation cell that's not meant for long-term stays and requires full-time observation because the cell isn't monitored by video. The officials said he hasn't caused any problems, is respectful and spends most of his days playing Sudoku.

'I would describe him as very mature and very intelligent,' said Dave Maynard, who oversees six juvenile detention centers in the Denver area, including Sigg's.

Because of Sigg’s upcoming birthday Munsinger, also from Westminster, said the teen would have been moved to adult jail after that date anyway.

His lawyers opposed the transfer.

'We very much oppose moving this child to an adult jail,' defense lawyer Katherine Spengler said

Sigg attended the hearing dressed in a green uniform jumpsuit and was shackled at his wrists and ankles. He had some whispered conversations with his lawyers, occasionally nodding.

Security was tight. Spectators were screened twice, and 10 deputies stood guard inside the courtroom.
Sigg also is additionally accused of attacking a 22-year-old runner, who escaped him in May.
In the abduction attempt, the unidentified young woman was jogging around a lake about a half-mile from the Ridgeway home when she was grabbed from behind by a man.

The attacker tried to cover her mouth with a chemical-soaked rag but she was able to escape.
From that attack he’s charged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted kidnapping and attempted sexual assault.

Sigg is charged with four counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping, and one count each of sexual assault on a child and robbery in Jessica's abduction and slaying.

Tania Cadogan said...

He's also charged with six counts of crime of violence.
Prosecutors said he confessed to kidnapping and killing Jessica and attacking the jogger. It's not clear if he has made any comment on the charge of sexually assaulting the girl.

In charging documents, prosecutors said Sigg acted alone in kidnapping, robbing and sexually assaulting Jessica. The robbery charge involved the girl's backpack and water bottle, which were found in another suburb three days after she disappeared.

The 22-year-old woman said she was running in a Westminster park when a man grabbed her from behind and placed a rag with a chemical smell over her mouth. Investigators have not said whether the rag was soaked with a chemical meant to subdue her.

Police arrested Sigg on Oct. 23. His mother told The Associated Press she called police and her son turned himself in.

Sigg's next court appearance will be a motions hearing scheduled for Dec. 12. A preliminary hearing, where the judge will decide if the evidence is sufficient evidence to go to trial, is scheduled for Feb. 22

Anonymous said...

Yes REB,
Initially that was the story....Dylan was up early and dressed in shorts and sneakers...and dad just leaves to go do errands...leaving him at home...when Mark gets back home at 1130am Dylan isn't there. Mark then goes to the friends' house and asks where is Dylan?

Family has said that Mark now says he woke up Dylan to give him a ride, and Dylan didn't get up. So he went to do errands. I'm hoping that there is some receipts or video of him shopping or whatever for 4 hours.

They had to get clothes from the mom's house to give to the bloodhounds to get the scent to track. IF Dylan slept there overnight then he would have slept on something AND have some clothes around....toothbrush...towel...whatever....

Anonymous said...

Off topic:
Kyron Horman case:
The civil case is being postponed because the criminal case is moving forward. They won't say how, yet. See attached article, along with the commentary that follows. Thanks.

Deejay said...

This area in CO is 7000 feet above sea level. Vallecitos is a tiny summer tourist town, without stores or even many roads. It gets uncomfortably cold (below freezing) at about 4:30 pm and doesn't warm up until about 10:00 am. I don't think Dylan went fishing or camping alone in the cold and wind.

Most abusive people are self-centered with control/revenge issues. I am very afraid that the father did something to his son- maybe even the night before. (especially since he is not searching or pleading) Anyone can send a text from a phone.

Juli Henry said...

I have some trolls claiming to be the aunt (paternal) and cousin of Dylan Redwin communicating rudely and defensivley with me on other websites. They use past tense verbs, such as "loved" when speaking of Dylan, and write reams and reams of stuff defending the fahter, but never post any pictures of him, or a phone number where law enforcement can be reached if someone sees him. The father's family knows something.

John Mc Gowan said...

"If Dylan maybe did or said something that wasn't what Mark wanted to hear, I'm just afraid of how Mark would have reacted."

This sentence doesnt sound right to me,the DID or SAID to me seem to be be the wrong way round.

Usually people say Said or Did.

Ive switched the two words round and i think it reads more fluent,maybe this is the way she talks but it just doesnt sound right.

If Dylan maybe SAID or DID something that wasn't what Mark wanted to hear, I'm just afraid of how Mark would have reacted."

Lis said...

The ceremony marked the first public appearance by Dylan’s father, Mark This is not good:
Redwine, who was the last to see his son at about 7:30 a.m. Nov. 19. Like many who spoke, he referred to Dylan in both the present tense and the past tense, reflecting the uncertainty everyone feels about Dylan’s fate.

“That boy was my whole world,” he told the crowd. “I would do anything to find him. You don’t know how much I love that boy.”
past tense "was" my whole world
"would" do anything
"You" "don't know" how much I love "that boy"


Lis said...

Audio interview with John McAfee for anyone interested:

BostonLady said...

When was the last time Dylan was seen by anyone alive, outside of his lying father? In reading the article, Dylan knew he could reach out to his brother and/or mother & step father if he was in trouble. And did I read correctly that this was the "first" court ordered visit he had with the father? That in itself would be very suspicious. The father speaking in past tense is chilling.

It's time for the courts to stop forcing kids to go with the parent they are afraid of or the parent who has abused their custodial parent. (Most would be women but you never know) If the parent abuses the other, this will follow that the child is next in the wrath of an angry parent. There are many cases of the angry parent murdering the children on their weekend/time. The attitude of "you can't have them if I can't have you: is played over and over. Or, the abuse that would have been aimed at the parent in the home, is now transferred onto the child during those visits.

The court needs to stop forcing the visits. Look what happened with the Susan Powell case. The boys were forced to go with the dad and he murdered them.

Lis said...

I'm listening to the McAfee interview now... so far no reliable denial, and layers of extraneous details.

He says about the authorities: "basically, they're opportunists."

He claims that he bought boots for the entire police dept and that he built the police station; my first thought is, why would he have felt that was an important investment?

When asked to name what he would like to say, first to the national media, and secondly, to the Belizean authorities, McAfee replies with a long story about how he wants to apologize to a certain reporter for mistaking him for another reporter and accusing him of acting improperly with women, a mistake he refers to as "horrifying," and the number one thing he wants to say to Belizean authorities: "Get a life."

My own questions are, why does he not seem to have a sense of urgency or be in fear? And, why can't the authorities locate him? What's going on behind the scenes...

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks for the link Liz,

Interesting interview,he does give a reliable denial.

At 13mins 50 secs.

He says number one,

I did not kill Mr Faulls,and then says its the most absurd thing ive heard in my life.

Lis said...

OT again
Excuse me, it was the news media he wants to "get a life" his message to the Belizean authorites is that they should "take a look in the mirror"...

Nothing about "I didn't kill Mr. Faull!"


Lis said...

Hey, John, I got interrupted a lot but I caught up to you on the interview. He does finally give a denial, when asked directly,

"I did not kill Mr. Faull, that's the most absurd allegation of my entire life."

If I understand SA correctly, "I did not kill Mr. Faull" is a strong statement, but each added thing afterwards weakens it. "That's" is distancing, and it is not just false, it is "the most" "absurd" "allegation" (I noted he used the word 'allegation' because it is a legal term) of his "entire" "life."

Btw, McAfee sure uses the word "absurd" a lot!

S + K Mum said...

Sorry I haven't read all the comments yet......what I find striking is that Dylans brother said that if Dylan needed them, all he had to do is call and they would be right there.....makes me wonder if he didn't want to go to visit his father, as though they were reassuring him he would be okay if he went. I wonder if he did actually run away (at 6.30am, that was mentioned before)and his father caught him up? 7.30am is an early time to run errands don't you think? I'm making an assumption here: his older brother didn't have to go visit because he is 21 and the courts couldn't force it?

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi lis,

I would like to see Peters take on the denial, given that he weakens it by saying"thats the most absurd allegation of my entire life"

The interviewer doesnt help,who is he ?he is a Bleep bleep bleep.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Dylan's aunt is on th Gather defending her past tense usage in reference to Dylan.

Bridget Redwine-Simmers Nov 28, 2012, 1:13pm EST
All I can do is shake my head at this... all over a typo. I use the spell checker. The problem is the word isn't spelled wrong, it is spelled correctly, but I hit the "d" instead of the "s" which is right beside each other on a standard keyboard... as far as you thinking we aren't frantic, until you come to our house and talk to us, you have no idea of how frantic we are, I came to this site to read the articles that were written about Dylan, and voice my opinion on what I saw at the time as I felt the people that do use this site, which is apparently a large amount, would know what I felt about my brother and how he was holding up. I didn't come here to add another social site in which I had to keep up with on a daily basis. I feel no need in putting up photos etc. I have been linking posts from this site to my face book so the rest of my family members and friends on face book could read them as well. After my comment on a post Chelsea contacted me and we have talked via email, but apparently I don't act the way the public thinks I need to act in text writing. I guess I didn't put in enough OMG and !!! and WTH or WTF to suit anyone... This will be my last comment on Chelsea's posts as my main concern is my family. Nor will I be linking any of them on my face book page anymore, because I don't need my family to see all this silly squabling over a typo. I love my nephew, my niece loves her cousin the rest of our family loves Dylan and still are trying to hold on in hopes that he will come home. I will continue to search the internet everyday for any news, I will however continue to link other news articles from the news stations that are relevant to Dylan's case and getting him home safely.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you all think you are. Mark Redwine is a good father. You don't know the whole story. It doesn't mention crap that Elaine pulled a few years ago. Instead of paying attention to people pointing fingers, why don't we focus on FINDING DYLAN!

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Bridget Redwine-Simmers Nov 25, 2012, 11:53pm EST

My brother would not withhold information that would help to find his son.
Dylan is an innocent child. Dylan’s father is supposed to be responsible for Dylan’s well being. For example: Dylan is missing, and instead of looking for him, giving the press, (who spread the word to the public in an effort to find Dylan) detailed information, he peeks out from behind his front door, utters a few sentences about NOT wanting to talk, then shuts his door in the faces of people trying to help spread the word about Dylan! Please , please, it is time for honesty. Dylan is an innocent little boy with a bright future ahead of him. Make your brother talk. Please.

Lis said...

We need a thread on McAfee, lol.
I hate to post stuff about him on this thread.

John, I thought the same about the interviewer and then I wondered if maybe he's playing him along? I would have to see some of his other interviews to see if he is always like this. He did get McAfee talking, anyway.

McAfee has so many inconsistencies in his language on every subject he covers. It would be interesting to transpose and really look at his words. For instance, I noticed he was referring to this drug MDPV10 as a made-up story, yet later he refers to "rediscovering" the formula for it- how do you rediscover something that never existed?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Anonymous said...
I don't know who you all think you are. Mark Redwine ( Fathers full name is first, shows prioritly; Mark is more important to the writer then Dylan) is a good father.(needs to defend the fathers parenting skills) You don't know the whole story.(implys that the writer does have guilty knowledge,"whole story") It doesn't mention crap that Elaine pulled a few years ago.(disparges Dylans mom) Instead of paying attention to people pointing fingers,( may be talking to self) why don't we focus on FINDING DYLAN! ( Note order; Dylans name comes last…again)

November 28, 2012 3:40 PM

Lis said...

I wonder how often the family members of an innocent person get on the internet and start posting angry responses to commenters? The Jerry Perdomo case comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Juli, whoa there. Take a breath count to 10. Just because a family member of Mr. Redwine is defending him, does NOT in any way mean they have any info as to what happened to Dylan. Even if Mr. Redwine is involved in Dylan's disappearance, the fact remains that it is still a mystery (no matter what y'all have "concluded"). Without conclusive physical evidence, I would defend my own brother about any allegation leveled against him.

I don't know if Mr. Redwine is guilty. Interestingly, neither does anyone here. He may be. What I do know is that you cannot simply assign guilt because someone uses a past-tense word. By the way, he used it ONCE, and then used present tense. What you all are witnessing in the commentary back and forth from mother to father is a playing-out of an extension of the custody battle between two people who had a terrible marriage. There is no reason, yet, to pick a side here. Analyze away, but remember that one past-tense word does not a liar make, nor does it necessarily indicate a killer.

Juli, you're not right to go accusing the family; would you not be angry and combative if you came across a website that said awful things about your own sibling? You also don't know how much of what is said is RUMOR. Just think how easily one is did just that in your post. You went from talking about verb usage to saying that this aunt and her family know what has become of Dylan, and you declared it as fact. That is irresponsible.

I say all this as a survivor of years of spousal abuse, and I know very well that those who abuse their spouses are a danger to the children. I have lived it, and my children are evidence of it. Still, in the case at hand, only Ms. Redwine's side of the story has been heard. Mr. Redwine has not publicly shared his opinion of the marriage. Let the facts play out further before making irresponsible guilty calls, okay?

Lis said...

sorry hit enter to soon...
The Jerry Perdomo case comes to mind, where family members got onto the internet and were posting a lot of angry responses to commenters that were suspicious of him. It turned out he was involved in drugs.

Lis said...

Anon, if I was going to advise family members, I would say, don't go online and start posting retorts to commenters. It makes the family look very defensive, which makes the person look guilty.

This is a statement analysis website, we analyze statements from the news here. You can read past articles to see how it works.

There were a few things in Mr. Redwine's statement that are 'flagged' by the principles of statement analysis. This doesn't mean he is guilty and it doesn't mean anyone is accusing him of anything, it means we are analyzing his statement and will be watching to see how it turns out and what we can learn from it.

I hope that Dylan is found safe soon.

Pak31 said...

I have many questions about this situation. For one, I find it odd that a boy who uses his phone/texting regularly and had plans to meet his friends Sunday night, contacted them and either told or texted that he wouldn't be able to make it and they would meet Monday morn instead. THe last contact with anyone was 8 pm Sunday night. What happened between then and the time dad called authorities? He was supposed to meet his friends early and his dad knew that. So instead he leaves Dylan in bed,Dylan doesn't text anyone ever, and his dad goes out for 4 hours. Then let's remember he didn't call authorities til much later than that. IF Dylan ran away(which police now say didn't happen)he would have texted someone I would think. But nothing. Dylan's mom is pretty brave to say what she has said because if she is wrong, it will be very awkward. Personally I believe something happened to Dylan Sunday night. The texts stopped then and he never slept in his bed, otherwise the dad would have a pillow case or something. THen his dad uses the morning hours to get rid of anyhting he needs to and then calls police. Dylan's dad was not very prominent in his som's life and they didn't get along well I believe. The visitation was court ordered. I would assume the dad was the one who requested the visit. I just hope his dad didn't get him to come there so he could harm him. But those are my thoughts. I wish we knew more info about this case but they are being pretty tight lipped. I just hope he's ok. Children shouldn't be used as pawns but so many are.

Vita said...

Video of Vigil, 150 gather in hope, for Dylan's safe return -

Father Mark Redwine speaks at @ 2:00

He on video

He, Mark Redwine, speaks of Dylan in past tense :( consistent past tense throughout his words.
Speaks of Dylan

His, 21 yr old brother, Cory before him speaks for Dylan in the present, that he will be found.
Speaks for Dylan.

I pray Dylan is found unharmed.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
. Mr. Redwine has not publicly shared his opinion of the marriage. Let the facts play out further before making irresponsible guilty calls, okay?

November 28, 2012 5:08 PM
Not okay. "Let the facts play out", an active intense search for Dylan is happening. Take all your facts to the police.

JerseyJane said...

Anon 6:02pm "Right on!" :-)

Something tells me that "all their facts" are headed to the cleaners first! Right after they wash their mouths out with soap!! Yuppers......:-(

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi anon November 28, 2012 5:08 PM

“That boy was my whole world,” he told the crowd. “I would do anything to find him. You don’t know how much I love that boy.”

As analysts we do not determine innocence or guilt on one use of past tense word, or a future conditional, or a distancing word or a dropped pronoun.
What we do i look at what is said as a whole flagging the above.
One or two flags does not indicate guilt or rather deception since the subject may be innocent of the crime and being deceptive about something else ( an affair, another crime or whatever)
We always assume the subject is being truthful, we expect the expected and when we see something unexpected we ask ourselves why the subject needs to be deceptive.

It is concerning the father in the process of free editing uses the past tense WAS, it is a red flag he uses the word THAT when talking about his son which is distancing and indicative of a poor relationship.
Anything in the negative is sensitive and would prompt further questions as to how he felt about his son.
WOULD is future conditional, he doesn't tell us he is currently that he is doing anything to find Dylan.
He doesn't even use his name or my son making it personal instead he is THAT BOY

I have to ask, if Dylan had arranged to meet his friends at 6:30am, why didn't he?
The father says he left the house at 7:30am to do some errands, he doesn't tell us what Dylan was doing or why he didn't meet his friends.
Cell phone pings will reveal where the father went, i also wonder if he bought anything that could be used to dispose of a body such as cleaning materials, trash bags etc.
Do we know if he has taken a poly yet and the result?
Have they usd blood and cadaver dogs in the house and vehicles he had access to?
Enough cadaverine is produced by a body to allow detection by a trained dog after approx 90 mins depending on the environment.
Since it is unlikey to have been killed and disposed of within minutes, time would have passed due to the panic (what have i done) figuring out how to hide the body, cleaning up and then disposing of said body.

The father's language indicates he is being deceptive, since Dylan is missing the obvious and logical conclusion is the father is in someway involved.
If he has been asked and refused a poly, this again indicates a reason to not co-operate, Innocent parents demand a poly immediately.

I wonder what happened and why?
was it something premeditated or are we looking at a spur of the moment attack? Remember he introduced the words lash out at her
Get rid of Dylan and thus get rid of the ex?

Jazzie said...

"The ceremony marked the first public appearance by Dylan’s father, Mark Redwine, who was the last to see his son at about 7:30 a.m. Nov. 19. Like many who spoke, he referred to Dylan in both the present tense and the past tense, reflecting the uncertainty everyone feels about Dylan’s fate."

"Investigators have determined that Dylan Redwine, a 13-year-old who disappeared from his father's home in the Vallecito area 10 days ago, didn't run away, according to the La Plata County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities are asking for anyone who filmed vehicles traveling on main routes between Durango and Vallecito Lake between 6 p.m. Nov. 18 and 12 p.m. Nov. 19 to provide copies of the video to a task force investigating the disappearance. Arrangements to turn over a copy can be made by calling (970)385-2900."

Anonymous said...

OT---anyone read the article about the man in Minnesota ( I believe) who shot two teenagers who broke into his house? In cold blood...he admits his feelings and to the brutality of his actions--without self consciousness---but I think he is lying about how the second murder occurred. I think he trapped them. Please look at it and see what you think. I find it odd that a girl would hear multiple gunshots and go towards them after several minutes.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota man is Byron David Smith

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say, but I'm starting to believe this beautiful sweet young man Dylan Redwine is gone forever. Unless some deviant pedophile discovered Dylan alone and forced him into his automobile (which DOES happen); IMO his father Mark is the key to sorting out what happened to his son.

It just doesn't make sense that Dylan was only wearing shorts and shoes that morning according to his father. It's too cold in that area to wear shorts this time of year, and you certainly wouldn't put your shoes on before putting your pants on; so shorts it is, or was Dylan supposedly sleeping in his shorts with his shoes still on? Shoes? Why would that be?

Also, as another poster pointed out above; why no sheets, not even a pillow case or any other clothing could be found on the premises that would have Dylan's DNA on them? When was the last time Dylan was heard from and how can that last contact be proved that it was actually Dylan who made the contact?

Mark Dylans' time so far has been unaccounted for. He had all day up until approx 5:30 PM to drive a long distance away to dispose of his sons' remains and all of his personal affects, and possibly the night before as well.

I can understand Mark's family being defensive of him, but likely they don't know anymore than we do and all they have to go on is their belief in Mark, "blood being thicker than water", as it were. I hope they are open to considering that their relative COULD be involved in his sons' disappearance and are not being blind-sided by their affections for him. Seriously, I wonder if there was much about this man that was even worthy of their love. REB

Anonymous said...

Excuse please. In my next to last paragraph above, I meant to say "Mark Redwine" not Mark Dylan. TKX. REB

Anonymous said...

John & Lis; I'm not all that familiar with this case, but just off the top of my head I do NOT believe that McAfee is guilty of shooting his neighbor in the head. I did not find all those inconsistences in his stories that you refer too, Lis. He is a brilliant man and I understand they way he speaks; that is not to say that I may not be wrong.

I did not find anything wrong with the way the interviewer handled the interview. McAfee did make some statements in the interview that were irrelevant to the case; just as whether he was butt naked, and slept with 17 year old girls is irrelevant. Many young women have older boyfriends. I know I did in my 20's, just not THAT much older.

I definitely DO believe that the authorities in that area are corrupt and had it in for McAfee for a long time, and he wasn't willing to play by their rules. So? I believe they would LOVE to hang this crime on him and any other crimes they can hatch up. In general, although I might find out differently, I pretty much believe McAfee's stories are true, maybe a little embellished due to the stress he is under.

In any event, aren't McAfee's dogs that were killed being exhumed for DNA purposes in comparison to the neighbor's DNA? (Sorry, the details are vague to me). If the DNA test isn't compromised, (which also happens),that should tell us something. REB

Anonymous said...

My mom would freak out if we did the slightest thing wrong. She flipped out the day I forgot to put the lib back on the toothpaste. I was beaten with a leather belt in my bedroom, then dragged down the hallway by my hair back to the bathroom so I could put the lid back on the tube while she screamed in my face. She continually hit me around the head as she screamed how worthless and lazy I was. She wore herself out...and only then was I allowed to go back to my bedroom. I learned to stay in my room and out of her way quickly.

I was 9 the day of the toothpaste incident.

Maybe Dylan's father was the same way? My mother did an amazing job at hiding how abusive she was (still is, but her mask is slipping and more people see her for how she is) from everyone outside of the immediate family. She was so charming and loved her children....*eye roll* she volunteered for everything, school functions, boy scouts, church events...

That could be why she said it that way. Just a thought. I'm still not that good at SA but I enjoy reading what everyone else says.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the way this case is turning out - it appears that Mark Redwine, Dylan's father, did something to his own son. :0(

By the way things look, Dylan didn't even make it to his father's residence or didn't spend the night.

When all is said and done, I'm thinking Mark Redwine will be charged with premeditated murder. Murder 1.

Jen said...

The Redwine case is starting to come together and it's not looking good. I'm not a huge Nancy Grace fan but her show tonight has provided a lot of new info & she has the spokesperson for local LE as a guest. She reported that LE confirmed 2 cadaver dog hits on the reservoir being searched and that Dylan's fishing rod was found there (I believe at the same body of water but wasn't clearly stated). Apparently nobody other than the father physically saw or spoke to Dylan since after he arrived there...he had plans to meet friends but canceled/rescheduled for early morning by text according to the guest on the show, he texted his mother that he arrived and then his phone was turned off at 8pm which the mother said was highly suspicious and not something her son would do.

The mother said he texts constantly and commented that she believes the father is the type of person who would think 'if I can't have him, then nobody will'. A friend of the family 'Denise Hess', claimed that the mother has 'primary custodial rights' and that it had become a ugly situation between the parents since that came about. The father has apparently refused a poly as the LE spokesperson said it was discussed but he couldn't disclose whether it had been taken or not. To me the very fact that LE is using cadaver dogs means they are not buying the fathers story. The father is not communicating with the mother or brother nor is he cooperating with the media to call out to his son or get his face out to make the public to more aware.

I hope I am wrong and this young man in found alive but I think the father demanded the visit to exact the ultimate revenge on his ex-wife by taking away the son she fought for custody of permanently. Sadly there are men/women who see their children as property and who refuse to be 'outdone', in terms of their ex getting the upper hand in custody or support, even resorting to harming their own children emotional, physiclly or financially, all in an effort to punish their ex. I think it says a lot about Mark Redwines character that even while his son is missing he is still withholding info and refusing to communicate with the mother of his missing son. His priorities are clearly not his sons well being.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Anon:By the way things look, Dylan didn't even make it to his father's residence or didn't spend the night.
November 28, 2012 8:21 PM

Ryan Nava, 13, a friend of Dylan’s said in a phone interview Saturday that DYLAN WAS ORIGINALLY GOING TO BAYFIELD TO VISIT HIS FRIENDS SUNDAY NIGHT but then changed that to meet them at 6:30 a.m. Monday.
{This implys Ryan thought Dylan was speaking to him from his father's house.}
Ryan said he and his friends expected Dylan’s father to drive him into town from Vallecito, but Dylan never arrived.
MARK REDWINE SHOWED UP LATER ASKING WHERE DYLAN WAS but the three friends didn’t know.

“We asked (residents) about any sheds or barns where he could take shelter,” Fernando said.

“HONESTLY, I think he was WALKING INTO BAYFIELD and got taken away,” he said.
Wesley agreed.
“I don’t think he’s one to run away,” he said.

Juli Henry said...

I'm the one the alleged family members are arguing with on Gather, and my first comment was actually a question about the aunt's past tense use of the verb "love". That's all. She practically wrote me a book in response. She also got very defensive. It has been my experience that people who say the type of things that she is saying are usually covering for criminal activity that THEY KNOW took place.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

I just don't get it,why would his father bring up his relationship with his mother at a vigil?by the way thanks for the link Vita.

As Hobs said,listen for the unexpected,if my son went missing and I was not on the best terms with his mother I certainly wouldn't bring it up while pleading for him to come home,I would expect us to put all are differences asside and unite as one,not tell people were not seeing eye to eye.

So why introduce this at a vigil?

Anonymous said...

"Just given the length of time (he's been gone), we're looking at other

possibilities," said Durango Police Lt. Ray Shupe. "Everything from abduction to HOMICIDE".

Why the heck didn't the investigators listen to his mother from the get go????

I think they messed up in not doing so - let's hope they redeem themselves by solving this case & making arrests.

I hope Dylan does not become another Ayla Reynolds, Hailey Dunn, Isabel Celis, etc...

Gambler777 said...

I read that one of the places the father was running an errand was a visit to his divorce lawyer.

The father said he tried to wake Dylan but he was 'out like a light'

(I can't remember for sure but doesn't the introduction of light mean something.)

The father appeared at the vigil Tues. night. On Wed morning a reporter said he contacted the father and Redwine declined any possibility of more comment, saying he wanted the attention to stay on his son, not him. He declined to be formally interviewed.

He said a million things were running through his head about what could have happened to his son. He said he doesn’t think Dylan ran away.

He has nothing and no one to run away from, Mark Redwine said.

He said he will continue to stay in his house, saying he thought that was what would be best for Dylan. Mark Redwine’s brother also is staying with him.

He has nothing and no one to run away from, Mark Redwine said.

He said he will continue to stay in his house, saying he thought that was what would be best for Dylan. Mark Redwine’s brother also is staying with him.

It doesn't say if he gave a reason why he thought it was best for Dylan if he continued staying in his house.
Only reasons I can think of would be he only had a home phone and if he wanted to be there if he returned home. If that's one of the reason's he managed to go to the vigil the night before.

Dylan's friend said Dylan's original plan was to go visit them Sunday night but then changed his mind until the next morning. I wonder if the father got into it with Dylan because after just getting there he would rather visit friends. There was no other use of the phone after I believe 8:00PM. I'd be interested in seeing the phone records and pings.

John Mc Gowan said...


Amanda Knox Memoir To Hit Shelves In April.

The title, cover and publication date of Amanda Knox's memoir have been revealed.

Publisher HarperCollins announced the book, by the American student convicted and then cleared of murdering Briton Meredith Kercher, is called Waiting To Be Heard.

It will hit shelves on April 30, two months later than originally planned.

The date was changed because of a court hearing in Italy scheduled for March 25, where the prosecution will appeal against Miss Knox's acquittal.

The 25-year-old returned to her native Seattle, Washington, in 2011 after spending four years in jail in Perugia, Italy.

Her case made international headlines and her book deal, announced in February, was reportedly worth $4m (£2.5m).

HarperCollins said at the time the memoir would give a "full and unflinching" account of the events surrounding her arrest and trial.

Miss Knox's ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who was also convicted then cleared of the murder, published his book Honour Bound in September.

In it, he acknowledged the couple's behaviour after the murder of Miss Kercher, a 21-year-old Leeds University student from Coulsdon, Surrey, may have led police to believe they were responsible.

Miss Kercher's father John, a writer and journalist, has also published a book about the killing of his daughter, in which he gives his emotional account of his loss.

John Mc Gowan said...


Manhattan Nanny Pleads Not Guilty To Murder.

A Manhattan nanny accused of stabbing to death two small children in her care has pleaded not guilty.

Yoselyn Ortega was arraigned at a hospital where she has been treated for self-inflicted stab wounds.

Ortega, who was handcuffed to her hospital bed, entered the plea through her attorney.

Police say she repeatedly stabbed six-year-old Lucia Krim and her two-year-old brother Leo on the evening of October 25, while their mother was out with a third child.

When Marina Krim returned home with her three-year-old daughter, she found the bodies in the bathtub, with Ortega lying on the bathroom floor with stab wounds to her neck. A kitchen knife was nearby.

The children's father, CNBC digital media executive Kevin Krim, had been away on a business trip when the killings occurred.

The couple's apartment building sits in one of the New York City's most idyllic neighbourhoods, a block from Central Park.

The neighbourhood is home to many affluent families, and seeing children accompanied by nannies is an everyday part of life there.

Some of Ortega's friends and relatives said she appeared to be struggling emotionally and financially recently, but they still could not believe she could have committed such a heinous act.

A judge ordered Ortega to be held without bail while she undergoes a psychiatric examination.

A court date was set for January 16.

Lis said...

We always used the expression "out like a light" in my family, I still say it, it just means fast asleep. I think the reference to light would not count when it is part of a cliche expression like this?

Jen said...

Im feeling very sad for Dylan's mother right now, imagining how she must have felt being legally required to send him on a visit he didn't want to go on, and while she was 'not seeing eye to eye' with the father. She must have been worried sick and feeling very helpless to protect her son & now this has happened. I would be interested to see their divorce complaint, the family court docs and any domestic violence history involving the father.

The practice of courts mandating visits to parents like Redwine & Josh Powell has to stop...especially considering a 13 year old can fully decide for themselves who they are comfortable spending time with. If Dylan didn't want to go for the visit then he had a reason. Whatever happened, whether it be an overt act by his father, or neglect which forced him out alone to be targeted by a predator or hitchhike, the sad fact remains that he is not safe and warm with his mother where he belongs right now...and he would have been if he was not forced to go.

Lis said...

Here's another article about McAfee, by the journalist that he wanted to apologize to in his current interview.

In reading more articles about him from the past, I am finding that he was known for being deceptive, a hoaxster. It makes it difficult to believe someone if they have done strange things and later claimed it was all a prank more than once.

Lis said...

woops, this is the one about McAfee by Jeff Wise

I kept following links to other articles and got mixed up.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Jen said...
Im feeling very sad for Dylan's mother right now, imagining how she

Me too! Dylans mom and brother must be in a horrible state, they need to know what happened. If the father doesn't talk will he be arrested?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Lis said...
We always used the expression "out like a light" in my family
My guess is that "light" is flagged in this case, there's deception and a missing child.

John Mc Gowan said...


The arsenal he has in his house is enough to start a small war.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
The longer he doesn't talk the more guilty he looks.

S + K Mum said...

Jen & Please help find Ayla,
My heart breaks for Dylans mom and brother too, being forced to send him to his fathers house.....if he wanted to visit and there was no reason he shouldn't the court wouldn't have had to force it.
Who else was in the fathers house when Dylan was supposed to be there? Does his dad have a girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Lis, in re John McAfee; I haven't read those recent links you posted, but just wanted to say that in previous articles I have read, that McAfee was taunted in the past by the local media in that area and on numerous occasions was the target of the corrupt police authorities and frequently bullied by them. Are you aware of this? Wouldn't that explain, even justify, his reactions to them?

I wouldn't be surprised if one of them shot his neighbor in the head just to set him up, knowing that he had previously had trouble in the neighborhood over the dogs. How convenient is that! Naturally he would be the first one to be accused of killing the neighbor. Maybe he's become a little eccentric and paranoid, but maybe he has good reason to be?

I would have moved out of that area into a more peaceful environment rather than stay in an area where you constantly have to nuke it out with local huanchos and their media friends, then pay the penalties they hold over your head in any way you can.

Apparently it became a dangerous game to McAfee, continuing to try to stay one step ahead of them and beat them at their own game, which ultimately became his obsession. It's a big beautiful world out there and there IS peace to be found if one seeks to find it. The beauty of the place or nothing else would be worth it to me, to remain in such a hostile environment where I have nothing but trouble on my back.


Anonymous said...

This is not necessarily in defense of Mark Redwine, but the phrase "out like a light" is a very common one when referring to one who has rapidly fallen into a deep sleep. This is not to say that Mark didn't use the phrase deceptively, when perhaps Dylan wasn't even there, or possibly already dead. If one were quickly asphixiated (sp?), or whatever, he certainly would be "out like a light".

Also, Elaine was the first one to mention the on-going battle between herself and Mark and she was the one who first made public accusations against him. Wouldn't that be the reason he attempted to defend himself against these remarks by bringing it up at the vigil, or wherever? Are you saying he's not entitled to defend himself publically? I probably would have done the same thing.

Having said that, until proven otherwise, I still still lean towards believing that Elaine would have no reason to falsely raise suspicions against Mark unless she has some ulterior motive, which, so far I don't believe she does. Ahhh.... but there could be issues we don't know about.

Such as; I DO wonder, why is the older son staying in the home WITH Mark, of all times to be supporting his father, if he is such a danger and is suspected by his mother of harming Dylan? Now think about it: WHY isn't this son at home supporting his mother? To me, this is the first indication I've seen that Elaine may not be entirely correct in her comments. REB

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I was wrong. It is Mark's BROTHER who is staying with him, NOT Dylan's older brother. My mistake. So sorry. BIG MISTAKE! Guess it's too early in the morning for me, 'eh? REB

Anonymous said...

RE Gambler777

Mark does have a cell phone because his other son (Cory) kept texting him trying to get information about what happened....Mark wouldn't answer him. So I would assume he has a cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Wondering about why the Mother had to provide objects with Dylan's scent also. There wasn't anything at the dad's house that had Dylan's scent on it?? No luggage or sheets from Sunday night? Couch cushions? Did he even make it to his dad's house?

Cell phone being turned off is really weird for a typical teen to do. Plug it in to charge sure, but even then it is typically within arms reach.

Now they are looking for footage from Sunday night also.

Not looking good.

Katprint said...

Missing boy's dad says he can't believe ex-wife would suspect him

The father of missing 13-year-old Dylan Redwine said Tuesday he can't believe his ex-wife would suggest that he's behind their son's disappearance.

"I can't believe you can be married to someone for 20 years and they could say those kinds of things about you," Mark Redwine told KRDO Newschannel 13.


Mark didn't want to go on camera, and said he has avoided the media thus far because he doesn't want to interfere with the search for his son or say anything negative about his ex, with whom he said he had a messy divorce.

He said his son, "means everything to me."

"I'm just trying to let the authorities do their job," he said. "My only concern right now is Dylan."

A poster with Dylan's picture is on Redwine's door, and a little boy's blue bicycle sits next to his home.

Investigators with the La Plata County Sheriff's Office could be seen driving past the house and told KRDO Newschannel 13 they were going door-to-door talking to neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

‪Jen‬ said...
Im feeling very sad for Dylan's mother right now, imagining how she must have felt being legally required to send him on a visit he didn't want to go on,November 29, 2012 3:16 AM
On my divorce papers, I wrote in that I always had the right to be present during my Evil-ex’s visitations. Both the court and father agreed. Involving the court in custody should make children safer.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Mark's BROTHER who is staying with him,REB

The arsenal he has in his house is enough to start a small war.

Anonymous said...

I read here often and learn so much, I enjoy statement analysis. I understand the current issues and have gone over the most recent statement and as I am still learning I do agree with others here there are red flags going up-but I have to say as a researcher-this boy reminds me so much of Shawn Hornbeck-that I felt it was important to post. In either case I pray for a good outcome-at least for the Holidays-
Keep your eyes open!


Lis said...

Remember, in the Josh Gershon case, his stepfather referred to him in the past tense after he went missing, but he was later found safe and had run away. Take note of the flags but let the case develop.

Tania Cadogan said...

Lis said...
We always used the expression "out like a light" in my family, I still say it, it just means fast asleep. I think the reference to light would not count when it is part of a cliche expression like this?

In statement analysis we make note of every word used, every phrase used.
Words are spoken a microsencond after being thought, it was on his mind which is why he said it.
I would look to see if he uses other phrases and if so when.

Out like a light can mean he fell asleep quickly, however, we don't assume this is what he meant. We allow the subject to introsduce new words and thus guide the questions. I would ask him questions about this phrase and Dylan sleeping. Out like a light can also mean unconscious "i punched him and he went out like a light"

Out like a light means loss of consciousness, what i don't know if it was natural or unnatural.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Gambler777 said...
I READ that one of the places the father was running an errand was a visit to his divorce lawyer.

The father said he tried to wake Dylan but he was 'out like a light'

Do you have a web address for the quote?

Lemon said...

"Mark Redwine said he was going to give Dylan a ride to his friends’ house and tried to wake him up when he left Monday morning but said Dylan was “out like a light.” "

Jen said...

That doesn't mean he's not a 'person of interest' or the focus of the investigation (he clearly is as he was the last one to see Dylan and his story is very hinky.) The phone being turned off (not normal for any teen much less one just arriving for a visit & planning to be in touch with old friends), the fact that the father couldn't provide ANYTHING for the search dogs, although in one version of his account he says he left Dylan in bed. The whole story of him planning to go out at 6:30am...what teen do you know who would make plans for 6:30am during his vacation week when he can sleep in? None of the fathers story passes the 'smell test' and coupled with the info the mother has given its not looking good to me.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Ms. Rose wrote:
why is lack of cellphone activity raising such suspicion? have any of you actually ever been to vallecito? WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU GOT A CELL PHONE TO WORK UP THERE?
11/29/2012 8:42:37 am Report Abuse

Janet Reed wrote:
Never once did I think he ran away. I've thought from the beginning that something happened between he and his Dad. It probably went too far and Dad panicked when he couldn't wake him up in the morning. Yes, speculation. 
11/29/2012 9:09:10 am Report Abuse

Gambler777 said...

Help Find Ayla

Here's an article mentioning Mark went to his divorce lawyer.

Mark Redwine said he was going to give Dylan a ride to his friends’ house and tried to wake him up when he left Monday morning but said Dylan was “out like a light.”

The father said he had to go to Durango that morning to run errands and speak to his divorce lawyer.

Anonymous said...

How many children do we have to lose before we are outraged enough to call our law-makers and force a change in Family Court. The primary purpose of Family Court needs to be the Safety of the Child(ren) - NOT the rights of the parents. Call your representatives and demand change in Family Court!

Juli Henry said...

Now the aunt is over there (at Gather) typing in capital letters that she is so upset the used the past tense of the word "love" by accident. No one has even developed a theory about what happened yet, and she can do nothing but defend her brother.

John Mc Gowan said...

Ive just read Dylans father said.

That he came home the cereal bowl was empty and the tv was on the nicklodeon channel.

I cant find the link again,Doh.

However if dylan was prone to hitchicking alone would he be the kind of kid to sit and watch Nicklodeon,it seems to me that, that channel is a little to childish for someone of his temperament.

Also his dad seems to be placing an awful lot of emphasis on dylans friends.