Friday, November 23, 2012

Give Thanks, America


Jennifer Wallace said...

that is crazy. There is nothing in that store that could possibly make me behave this way! What in the world is wrong with people?

Lulu said...

Embarrassing to watch.

Anonymous said...

for shame.

Anonymous said...

This is plain nuts! Horrific!
How does the saying go? A person is smart. People are dumb....

Pak31 said...

I knew when I saw the headline, that the story to follow would be much different, LOL. This is pathetic. In my 45 years on this planet I can honestly say I have never shopped the day after Thanksgiving, or this whole media created Black Friday. Yes, there can be some really good deals but I really don't care. I am at home in bed resting/sleeping after a nice dinner with family. That is what is important to me. Today is Friday and I'm going to clean the house and go get a few groceries, but that is it for me. People are crazy.

John Mc Gowan said...

Oh dear :-0

Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell what they were all after-bet it was not a book!

Tania Cadogan said...

Is a discounted product worth killing for?

Is a discounted product worth dying for?

Is a discounted product worth attacking someone for?

Is a discounted product worth the damage to a person life?

Seeing videos like this should make the participants ashamed.
I'm not taking about the shoppers alone, i am talking about the stores that market this, the media for encouraging the must have now at all costs mentality.
Greed is the cause of all this, the stores wanting money coming in, the shoppers wanting whatever the next big thing or must have yesterday, the media for promoting stuff nobody wants, needs or can afford simply because some celeb has it or endorses it or a company promotes it as the next must have if you want to stay in trend even though the old one, often months old or may be a year old at max does exactly the same thing often better , the only difference being the color, shape or snazzy name.
I do not do big sales, i will never queue for a ridiculous amount of time for anythingubless it is lifesaving for me or mine.
I refuse to buy into the hype of sales and one day only specials.

I intend to keep my dignity intact.

We don't have a black friday here though bits of it arte sneaking over for american companies.

The first day of the Jan sales used to be the crowd pullers, yet even those have faded away as stores are discounting before christmas now in order to sell anything.
Cany shoppers like myself are prepared to wait it out, see who blinks first and you know what?
The stores always blink first :)

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Detectives in Arkansas are puzzled by the mysterious death of a six-year-old girl whose father and stepmother were jailed last year for chaining her to a dresser.

Jersey Bridgeman's body was found on Tuesday in an abandoned house not far from where she lived with her biological mother, DesaRae Bridgeman, in Bentonville, about 215 miles northwest of Little Rock.

Bentonville Police have no suspects but detectives and FBI agents are interviewing several known sex offenders in the area.

"Obviously anyone close to this girl is someone we're going to look at now," Captain Justin Thompson told on Friday.

Jersey's father, David Bridgeman, and stepmother, Jana Bridgeman, are both serving long prison terms for abusing her last year.

Both pleaded guilty in June 2011. They were given 18-year and 12-year prison sentences respectively.

DesaRae Bridgeman says she last saw her daughter when she put her to bed at around midnight on Monday.

She reported the girl missing at around 6.30am the next day. There was no sign of forced entry at the family home.

Police soon found her inside the vacant house about 200ft away.

They have already established what caused Jersey's death, but police will only say for the moment that the case is being investigated as a homicide.

It is unclear who else lived with the girl's mother, but on her Facebook page DesaRae Bridgeman says she is in a relationship with a man named Brandon Thomas.

A couple things here.
Why on earth was she put to bed at MIDNIGHT?
she was 6 yrs old!

Who else was in the house not only that night but during the day as well?

When was she last seen by an independant witness?

No signs of forced entry so how did the alleged perp gain entry?
Was the killer already in the house perhaps?

Has mom and the b/f taken polygraphs? if not why not and if they have what were the results?

Since they are treating it as a homicide and interviewing sex offenders it sounds like she was raped.
It is interesting that they won't say how she died.

My initial thoughts are look at the boyfriend.

Do we have any statements from the mom and/or boyfriend?

Tania Cadogan said...

Relationship Status In a relationship with Brandon Thomas
Anniversary September 25, 2012!/desarae.bridgeman!/profile.php?id=100004631203602 << his profile

Brandon Thomas
In a relationship since September 25, 2012.

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC: IRT Jersey Bridgeman

-"Her mother, DesaRae Bridgeman, said she last saw her daughter around midnight, before reporting her missing around 6:30am."

-"Authorities found her body approximately 10 minutes later."

-"Meanwhile, it is still unclear where Jersey's biological mother, DesaRae, was at the time of the missing persons call."

-"After the arrest of her father and stepmother, Jersey was put under the care of her real mother."

-"Police said the six-year-old had been living with a 'relative' when she went missing"

Anonymous said...

From Brandon Thomas' Facebook page:

Brandon Thomas Nov 19 at 4:27pm ·

So beens a got 41 hours in three days the BIG BOSSS gave me the next three days off after tonight

Brandon Thomas Nov 19 at 3:35am ·

At 7 will be my 48th hour of no sleep!! I feel drained and i love you desi!!!

S + K Mum said...

Oh my goodness! Is there a limit to the number of people allowed into the shops at one time? (Like nightclubs - they have a maximum capacity for safety reasons).

O.T. - Very sad to hear that another little child has been murdered:(

Kris said...

This is so sad but unfortunately, not shocking to see. After watching people fighting for something that was "on sale", I can imagine how people would act if we were in a national emergency and that was the last bag of food or bottle of water left. Scary, isn't it? BTW, where was the security?

Kris said...
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Anonymous said...

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