Monday, November 12, 2012

Hailey Dunn Case This Week on Nancy Grace

This week on the Nancy Grace Show, she will revisit the disappearance of Hailey Dunn, with details found here.

On the very first appearance of the Nancy Grace Show, the mother, in just two short questions, gave an abundance of information.  Her first appearance is analyzed here.

The mother of Hailey Dunn, Billie Jean Dunn, was asked two questions:

1.  How far did Hailey have to go to the sleepover?
2.  What happened that night?

In just two short answers, Billie Dunn revealed to the watching eyes of law enforcement two major details of the case.  Her words are used around the country (like Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony and others) to teach deception detection. 

Can you find the two major points in her answers?  

Nancy Grace:    Miss Dunn, how far did she have to go to get to the little sleepover? 

Simple Question:  How far did she have to go?  

Dunn: Four to five blocks. It wasn’t rare for Hailey to walk a short distance during daylight. She wasn’t allowed out after dark especially to walk, but she only had four to five blocks to go.

2.  Interviewer: Tell me what happened the day she went missing, Miss Dunn.

Mother: She went missing on Monday while I was at work. My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00. And he`s seen Hailey.  Hailey was there. She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know.

So that evening when he picked me up from work, we got home, we were getting ready for bed. I didn’t get worried when I hadn’t heard from Hailey. I thought she was at Mary Beth`s. I was kind of upset that she didn’t call and confirm it with me, but not worried at that point.

Tuesday, I was at work again, I left my cell phone at home for my kids to use when I`m working. So Tuesday, I called my son. I said tell Hailey, text the little girl, her friend, tell Hailey she needs to go ahead and get home. This was around lunch. My son called me back within a few minutes and she said, mom, she said Hailey never made it over there. She never spent the night.

So at that point I called Hailey's dad and found out she didn’t over there and she didn’t stay the night with him. I left from work and went to the police station in Colorado City and reported her missing."

In just two short answers, the mother of missing 13 year old told the police, watching the show two major points:

1.  Hailey is dead.
2.  Billie Dunn needs an alibi.  

1.  We note first that the mother answered the question, "how far?" with "four to five blocks" but then immediately went beyond the scope of the question and spoke of what Hailey was allowed and not allowed to do.  The mother had a need to portray herself as a 'good mother', indicating the contrary.  In her attempt to portray herself as a responsible mother, claiming Hailey wasn't allowed out after dark, the mother spoke of the missing child in the past tense. 

This indicates knowledge or belief that Hailey is dead. 

Being so close to the time of disappearance, and given that police thought she may have been a runaway, this is a strong indication that she knew, at the time of this appearance (1+ week after reporting her missing) that the mother has guilty knowledge of Hailey's death. 

Mothers of missing children do not reference them in the past tense, as natural denial and hope rules.  Casey Anthony, Susan Smith and Deborah Bradley all referenced their missing children in the past tense.  They knew. 

2.  Billie Dunn needs an alibi. 

Order tells us priority.  What is the first thing that Billie Dunn says to the question, "What happened?"

Billie Dunn:  "Hailey went missing while I was at work."  

This shows priority.  Dunn needed to establish that whatever it was that happened to her daughter, had to happen while mother was at work, so mother cannot be blamed.  

Nancy Grace did not ask, "When did Hailey go missing?"  By asking, "What happened?" as an open ended question, she allowed Dunn to begin her answer whenever and where ever she so chooses. The mother of a missing child immediately begins with a sentence about herself, not her child. 

The two answers reveal much else, but in this initial appearance on The Nancy Grace Show, local police and the Texas Rangers knew:

Hailey was dead.  Billie Jean Dunn needs an alibi.  

More on the Hailey Dunn Case can be found:

The Death of Hailey Dunn

Since that first appearance, we have had:

1.  Failed polygraphs
2.  Drugs
3.  Child pornography, bestiality and pornography
4.  Violence
5.  Blood lust videos
6.  Arrests
7.  Lies and more Lies

The grandmother appeared on National Television and said she believed that the mother's boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, had raped and killed Hailey and that Billie Dunn was covering for him. 

Dunn's reaction?

"This is the first I'm hearing it.  Why didn't nobody tell me?"

Dr. Lillian Glass said that Billie Dunn's inappropriate dress as well as lifestyle of drugs and porn, show that she likely viewed Hailey as a rival for Shawn Adkins, who was much younger than Billie Dunn, and that Dunn may have found them together and lost her temper. 

Some believe that Shawn Adkins killed Hailey while others hold to the theory that Billie Dunn attacked her in a drug fueled rage of jealousy. 

In either scenario, Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins are forever bonded together in lies. 

As each new appearance on The Nancy Grace Show revealed, the producers of the show were gathering information on Billie Dunn, who's lies fell apart, one by one, on everything from her New Year's Eve party right up to the failed polygraphs, child porn, homemade porn, and lying to police while hiding Shawn Adkins. 

Dunn, with her back to the wall, continued to come back on, until finally, Marc Klaas, previously her supporter, called for public shame upon her. 


Anonymous said...

May Hailey rest in peace; may justice prevail.

OT what about the Indiana Explosion?
Owner and ex husband of the house at the center of the blast :
""About a week and a half ago I got a text from my daughter that the furnace was out and they were going to spend the night at a hotel. If I were to suspect anything, that's where the problem was," said John Shirley, who is divorced and now lives in Noblesville, Ind. "Supposedly they got it fixed, but because of what happened I don't think they got it fixed. I think that's what caused the problem. It either wasn't fixed correctly or, knowing my ex-wife, she probably compromised on the fix."

What do y'all make of his language ?


Anonymous said...

Continued "Shirley said that his ex-wife, Monserrate, has "a protective order" against him.

Asked if he believed his ex-wife started the explosion intentionally, Shirley said, "I don't think so because there was no real reason to. I pay a thousand dollars a month for one kid because she had a lawyer and I did not, so she has more than enough money," he said. "At one point the house was slipping into foreclosure. Last spring she had a buyer but she chose not to sell. We were in some bankruptcy but that's pretty well cleared up."

Anonymous said...

I hope new attention to Hailey's case will push LE to move ahead with arrest.

BostonLady said...

Billie Dunn hasn't had a good week. Her p.i. stepped down after only 3 -4 weeks on the job. Much like Billie stated "Why didn't nobody tell me" in response to Hailey's grandmother telling NG that Hailey was afraid of Shawn, Billie has done the same with the p.i.'s reasoning for dropping the case. The p.i. told her when he agreed to take the case that he works alone and that was a stipulation to him taking the case. Billie contacted another investigator with a blog radio show and the p.i. told her he had to step down. Same statement "Nobody told me I could only have one p.i.". So as she called the grandmother a liar, she did the same with the p.i.

Nothing has changed. Billie has her few supporters on facebook but she has lost many along the way. There are rumors that Hope For Hailey imploded. And then there is that lovely photo that surfaced of her and the underwear man with dollar bills in the thong.

Billie is telling people on FB that she just met with her FBI guy and that a lot of things are getting cleared up, disproven. True or just Billie sharing her "truths" that she expects everyone to believe ??

Susan said...

hey, where did the information about the pi quitting come from? i have not found anything online. also what is his name and did he give reason/ Peter, could you talk with him?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Billie Dunn does not have her own "FBI guy."

The FBI wants to find Hailey as much as local PD and knows that Billie is the key.

I personally believe that Shawn may not have specifically told Billie the exact location, as per agreement between them.

The two are forever locked to each other.

I hope to have some new material up soon.


Anonymous said...

The PI's name is Mac Sanford:

"It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my withdrawal from the Hailey Dunn Case. I ask that you continue to pray for this beautiful little girl and for her family. Any information, tips, or leads that come in from here forth should be directed towards the new Investigator and his "team"."

Apparently, a person from FB, and now a Billie Dunn helper (actually long-time helper), had been sending out Flyers on Twitter and an Investigative Reporter/Radio Blogger contacted her and asked to be put in touch with Billie and she contacted him. The PI, Mac, quit over that, it is said, because he only works alone (and according to some, that is how PIs work for safety reasons).

New Investigative Reporter/Radio show host now involved (possible PI):

BostonLady said...

Agreed Peter. It's Billie with her spin on "her" Texas Ranger and "her" FBI guy. Billie has always tried to make it look like she was working "with" investigators on the case instead of the truth that she was being investigated. Billie did reveal that her house was searched 4 times by LE and they found nothing. But they did remove items from the home and they were not returned. So maybe it is not nothing.

I look forward to your new material !!

I will be sure to watch Nancy Grace this Friday as she revisits the Hailey Dunn case. Hopefully she checked in with LE/FBI or Texas Rangers for an update to the case.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. I keep wondering if her supposed "meetings" with the FBI are actually interviews that she's been summoned to?

BostonLady said...

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. I keep wondering if her supposed "meetings" with the FBI are actually interviews that she's been summoned to?

November 13, 2012 11:51 AM


Good point! Billie did say she drove 5 hours to meet with the FBI in person. Was she summoned?

Cali said...

1. Hmm 5 hours to go talk with the FBI??? So that means she was back in CCity today?? The FBI PERSON went to ccity on his off day just to update Billie?? Because all their Headquarters are not that far from Austin. So who else was at this "meeting" today in CCity that she drove 5 hours for?? Why all of a sudden is she trying to be a little nicer when talking about law enforcement involved in this case??

2. Another Billie Comment

"There are those of us who will remain hopeful until we see her beautiful face come home again or unless there are facts showing that that isn't possible."

How could a parent even say that, ISN'T POSSIBLE, most couldn't even put that into words without breaking down. Also she says us instead of I , she is the mother who cares what hope others have. I see a disconnect there.

Cali said...

Correction: yesterday on Veterans day not today, days mixed up.

Anonymous said...

Are you contacting Nancy Grace about your analysis? I feel you should to try to help. It can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Billie seems to make many similar comments about Hailey's beautiful face coming home. What about the rest of her coming home? Does it mean anything Statement Analysis wise?

In a blog talk radio program this week, she said the FBI guy is in Abilene and he took the time from his day off to meet with her and there are so many misconceptions out there and he cleared up a lot of things for her. You can listen to it at the link below. You will need the patience of a saint to make it through.