Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Missing Cousins: Letter Published

To Whom it May Concern:
We would use your name, but we don’t know who you are. Or maybe we do? Maybe you are someone who knows the girls? Maybe you are someone who just acted upon an impulse? Maybe you planned to take them? We don’t know, because we don’t know who you are.
But we can sort of imagine that you must not have had the things you needed to grow up feeling safe and loved. Because only someone who hurts inside would hurt another person and their family. We’ve all heard the saying, “Hurt people, hurt people.” We believe that is true.
We are so sorry for whatever happened to you, when you were growing up. Certainly, all children do not receive all the love and care they deserve. Some are even abused by those who are supposed to have taken care of them. When that happens, it is very wrong.
Taking the girls from us has caused much pain, pain for them, pain for us and our families. Since the time you took them, maybe you’ve wondered more than a few times, how you could ever make it right. How to be a hero, not a monster. Things probably look pretty hopeless for a good outcome.
We want you to know that we are praying for you to do the right thing. By releasing the girls, everyone wins. Even you. The person who took them.
Imagine how it will feel to have everyone remember that you were the one person, in all the missing children cases, the one person who cared enough to let the girls go! You will not be remembered as the one who took the girls, but as the one who let them come home.
Our lives have not been the same since July 13. Please, let our girls come home to us.
Do the right thing. Be a hero.
Drew and Heather Collins
Dan and Misty Morrissey-Cook


Anonymous said...

"Imagine how it will feel to have everyone remember that you were the one person, in all the missing children cases, the one person who cared enough to let the girls go! You will not be remembered as the one who took the girls, but as the one who let them come home... a hero"

a HERO? The author of this letter is calling the abductor a hero?
It is not true that in all the missing children cases that these girls would be the only ones let go!
This is INSANE and who ever made the decision to release this letter needs to BACK OFF THE METH PIPE. I do not believe the release of this letter was authorized by authorities. Not written this way.

Anonymous said...

The letter has interesting timing considering the one who penned it is going to court today for breaking parole/probation for a drug charge.

I think this might be a good motivation for the letter that did NOT even mention their girl's NAMES.

rob said...

I've always felt that someone in the family either knows or suspects who took these girls, and that they are speaking directly to them. With all this drug involvement, they probably don't want to come clean with it to save their own hides, but maybe they should be the hero and tell what they know to save their children.

Vita said...

Is this in it's entirety?

Perplexed by the first entry. It is not a sentence.

To Whom it May Concern: We would use your name, but we don’t know who you are.

To whom it may concern is a salutation to no one in particular. To you who kidnapped, To you who has our daughters,, no, to whom it may concern. It usually follows with a sales letter, an inquest in billing, an offer of opportunity, in junk mail.

Why so polite in a non descript way.

We would use your name, but we don't know who you are. OR maybe we do?

Quid pro quo Clarice. I think someone has been reading too many Spy Vs Spy comic books.
It's early
This seems like a letter of puzzle pieces. Not a pleading.

SconnyGirl said...

OT - Charlie Rogers - she has sent several emails and posted a YouTube video, claiming bad police work and that she was really attacked. Here is the news article.

Anonymous said...

I think the letter comes from the heart of whoever wrote it and they all agreed.

I'm reading the letter just as it was written and not trying to read too much into it other than what it says and how they feel.

We are talking about a bunch of hilljack druggies here. How can anyone expect perfection? Consider they ARE who and what they are.

I'd be willing to bet they wrote, read, and rewrote their letter six times before they thought they got it just right.

IMO, it's pathetic in its' own way; that's not to say that you all aren't making some good points as you are.

SELLA35 said...

"Things probably look pretty hopeless for a good outcome."........ Wonder who they were trying to convince? I do not think someone would call an abductor a HERO in one sentence and then convince the "HERO" that things were hopeless???

Anonymous said...

I won't judge the letter's writers for being high, uneducated or silly from watching too many episodes of 'Get Smart'. I say keep it up. Keep talking to the press, to whoever will listen, write letters, hang flyers. Keep the case in front of the public.

I prefer this behavior a million times over the utter silence from Lil Deb and her throwaway Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Applying the rules I hear here, this letter would be full of red flags.
" we don’t know who you are. Or- we do? -you are someone who knows the girls? - you are someone who just acted upon an impulse? -you planned to take them? We don’t know, because we don’t know who you are."
I took out the "maybe"'s in order to illustrate the words they chose to put together which follow the "maybe"'s considering maybe means maybe so and maybe no.
The person/s who took the girls may be known to them and may be ALL of those descriptive terms. So then it sounds like excuse making when they go on to say that the person who stole their children was hurt, etc.
"Certainly, ALL children do not receive all the love and care that they deserve"
Wow. Really? We are too take it for granted (certainly) that all children are neglected ? From this I hear them admitting that their daughters - as they would be part of all children- did not recieve all the love and care that they deserved.
VitaK pointed out that they did not use the girls' names. Then they are prepared not only to seemingly forgive the kidnapper but to embrace and "remember" them as a "hero"?! That is insane. Yes I also concur we are dealing with hill jack druggies but seriously? Hero? Finally it is their lives that have "not been the same". Where is the agony and fear for the conditions the girls may be in ?
So we have a letter that says maybe they know who took them, that doesn't use their names, that expresses no concern for the girls, that makes excuses for people who hurt kids/people, that makes is common place to have neglected kids, that turns a kidnapper into a hero?

Anonymous said...

Also they repeated in the negative "we don't know who you are" making it double sensitive.

Vita said...

We would use your name, but we don’t know who you are. Or maybe we do? Maybe you are someone who knows the girls? Maybe you are someone who just acted upon an impulse? Maybe you planned to take them? We don’t know, because we don’t know who you are.

Maybe is repetitive - remove it.
You are someone who knows the girls. You are someone who acted upon and impulse. You planned to take them.

Then follows again with the oxymoron, because we don't know who you are. They do know who they are writing to. Their identity not meant to be determined by the public reader. This person is part of as Rob said, their drug culture circle. If they were High on pick one, they then would not be acting as themselves, at the point of the abduction.

Now it changes, the tone. From to whom (ambiguous) to we know your background personal. Remove the
" But"
We can sort of imagine that you must not have had the things you needed to grow up feeling safe and loved.

Because, remove it.
Only someone would hurt another person
Only someone would hurt their family

We've (collective) all have heard Hurt People, Hurt People, We believe THAT is true. Is this from ministry of being in jail? in addiction recovery?

We are so sorry for whatever happened to you, when you were growing up. Certainly, all children do not receive all the love and care they deserve. Some are even abused by those who are supposed to have taken care of them. When that happens, it is very wrong.
They are appeasing an inner child, a young person, someone stunted, age early adulthood. Passive aggressive scolding.

July 16, 2012, Misty and her sister on Anderson Cooper Live. The aunt not mom to either missing girl, instructing, prior to the girls poofing, how to prepare if someone attempts to abduct you.

Each of the cast of players has past present of drugs, prison, etc. Rough house living on the edge. Misty's daughter to be tossed around her entire life, while each of her parents were in prison. Is this Prison Ministry speak to "Who" they wrote this letter to.

A person that was met in prison, in rehab, within the underbelly, that was considered at one time "family", someone who rotated locally, to leave and come back, someone on the road. A known to them, yet a person who is transient. The words of, Imagine how it will feel to have everyone remember, that is appealing to a known individual, not a stranger. This person has an inept mental capacity? due to drugs, mental health issues. Reminds me of the freak man who took the boy in Canada, who was living in the woods. These people do know who this is? all of them are so shady, nothing would shock me.
The rule of Maybe:
Don't confuse the adverb maybe (one word), which means 'perhaps', with may be (two words), which means 'could be':
✗ In an earthquake your house maybe badly damaged.
✓ In an earthquake your house may be badly damaged.

Jo said...

The writer seems to spend a lot of time establishing that they do not know who took the girls - what should already be obvious.

Anonymous said...


Peter, Is there anway you would be willing to do SA on Monseratte Shirley's statement regarding the Indiana explosion that left 2 dead???

Right, wrong, or indifferent - she apparently had been acting strange and still seems to be acting strange.

Her house is the house that investigators think the explosion stemmed from. She was gone for the weekend at a casino with her live in boyfriend, her CAT was boarded, Monseratte and her ex-husband were underwater on their mortgage, their home was in foreclosure.

She has lawyered up. Investigators at this point are calling the area of the explosion a crime scene until foul play has been ruled out.

Her boyfriend apparently has a very shady background.

Shirley: Words can't describe the pain after deadly explosion

Updated: Tuesday, 13 Nov2012, 10:38 PM EST Published : Tuesday, 13 Nov2012, 9:27 PM EST

Daniel Miller

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Monserrate Shirley wants to set the record straight.

She said she has heard the rumors and saw posts on social media sites pointing the finger at her home as the cause of the blast.

Shirley says she's a victim , just like everyone else in the Richmond Hill subdivision.

Shirley says she and her boyfriend were out of town at the time of the blast. Her daughter was staying with a friend. None of them have been back to the Richmond Hill neighborhood yet.

She says watching the video on television is even too much to bear.

"I'm just hurt like everybody else in the neighborhood. I'm devastated like everybody else," Shirley said.

Shirley said words can't describe the pain she's feeling about the explosion that rocked her neighborhood Saturday night. "The whole thing is like a shock," she said.

Shirley left town Friday night for a weekend getaway at a southern Indiana Casino. Saturday night, the trip was cut short.

A little bit after 11p.m. I got a call.

"It was my neighbor and all I hear, she was screaming. She says Moncy, Moncy, are you alive are you alive and I said what happened? And she said the whole neighborhood blew up," Shirley said, "You don't have a home; you don't have nothing to come to. It's gone. She says Moncy, It's gone. I'm glad you're alive; We were looking for your body and Brooke."

Shirley's home was one of two leveled in the explosion .

On top of losing everything, she said people are blaming her for causing the explosion.

"People said it started at my house, but they don't know. The police said it may have started at another house. They don't know. I don't blame myself for it. I feel horrible, you know people died," she said.

Shirley said she has talked to investigators twice about the smell of gas and the investigation.

"I smelled a little bit in the laundry room and then I went inside and I didn't smell nothing," Shirley said, "I'm just a victim like everybody else, you know, I'm sorry we all lost everything."

Shirley and her daughter are now living in a hotel. She said she doubts they will ever return or rebuild their home in the Richmond Hill neighborhood.

Shirley boarded her cat for three days while they were out of town.

There is also a video with the article:

Anonymous said...

And again the input box does not like my system I'm using. Here's the link:

QChick said...

I think the second part of the letter is to appeal to the person that took them. There is an undercurrent of understanding and compassion and the possibility of being the good guy in this one case IF the girls are released. They dont call him a hero outright-they give him/her? the possibility of becoming a hero if the girls are released. In the real world, that would not make him a hero-he would still be the criminal that took the girls. If I was in this situation I would do such an appeal if it brought my daughter home. Especially, if I thought I knew who it was-which this letter hints at maybe they do know or suspect a particular person.

Picked a Name said...

To me, this seems like an attempt to do anything they can to get their girls back. Their working theory here is that the girls are alive and are being held, probably by someone they know or knew at one point. Kiss the butt of the kidnapper? You bet I would, if it might get me my kids back. I'd proclaim anywhere and everywhere that the kidnapper was a victim and could be a hero. I'd do anything it took. Of course, if I believed the kids were dead, I wouldn't do anything of the kind. We always say it's parental instinct to cling to the idea that a missing child is alive. These parents are doing just that.
I know we all want to solve cases, and we all want to find clues, but I think we as a group damn everyone way too fast. We use the tools of SA selectively. It would help all of us to step back and be sure we're not just looking for evidence that supports our guesses or feelings.

Picked a Name said...

QChick, I see you beat me to the same message. If I'd seen yours, I wouldn't have posted mine. I agree with you.

rob said...

It's also interesting that everytime there is a court date, something new comes up. I think there was a court date when they originally went missing.

Anonymous said...

Picked a name, I agree with you, and I agree that we colletively skewer everyone we read about here. Jessica Ridgeway's mother is a recent case in point, and there have been others. In Jessica Ridgeway's case, i do blame the mother for great neglect and laziness, but not killing her daughter. She did have some weird initial responses. We're not always right here, though, and with these cousins, I get the feeling they are "reaching out" to someone they think has them. That said, Misty Morrisey did NOT appear to give a hoot at the time!

Notamuser said...

IMO this does not read as an appeal to a kidnapper.

The girls are not mentioned by name, there's no mention of the girls returning home safely, there seems to be too much familiarity with the circumstances of why the girls were "taken."

I read it as an inadvertent confession & apology, while attempting to persuade the general public that there's reason to believe the girls are still alive out there somewhere.

It strains credibility to believe that even in the drug world that 2 girls would be taken without their parents knowing exactly who/why. So if they know this, why the need for a public appeal?

Finally, it just doesn't make logical sense to appeal to someone that they can be remembered as the one who let the girls go. To be remembered by everyone means to be known by everyone, and a kidnapper does not want to be caught.

Notamuser said...

I forgot to include that I haven't been following this case as closely as some others, so I may be wrong.

But the letter strikes me as odd & too understanding of the kidnapper if nothing else.

Tania Cadogan said...

SA is great at spotting deception (and the truth) we may not know why the person is being deceptive.
It could be guilt or knowledge, it could be a poor relationship with the victim, it could be an affair, debt, love, any number of things.
What we have to do as analysts is ask the right questions and lets the subject's answers guide us.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jessica Ridgeway's family - they have the opportunity to help other families and have Jessica be instrumental in that effort but instead ask that ask that her image not be used. What is reported in the negative is sensitive - it is not about the money.

Ridgeway's family wants name out of fundraising
Thursday, November 08, 2012
The heartbroken family of Jessica Ridgeway is demanding a missing children’s organization stop using the young girl’s name and face to raise funds.
They say Colorado’s Missing Children Foundation has no right to use the dead 10-year-olds likeness on bracelets, window decals and advertisements.
Ridgeway vanished on her way to school in October and was later found murdered.
Volunteers who searched for Ridgeway launched the foundation after her disappearance to help other families of missing children.
We raised nearly $6,000. We gave the family over $2,800 Melissa Harding, a spokeswoman for the Missing Children Foundation, told Fox 31 News in Denver.
The foundation claims the family issued the cease-and-desist letter when the money stopped coming.
They shared a voicemail from Jessica’s aunt, Rebecca Ridgeway, to prove the foundation had maintained a good relationship with the family.
Hi, this is Rebecca Ridgeway. I’m sorry for [the disagreement, Rebecca says in the recording, according to Fox 31 News. I believe you’ve helped raise awareness for the world and I’m truly grateful for that.
Rebecca Ridgeway called the foundation liars and insists the family simply doesn’t want Jessica splashed across their fundraising efforts.
Tell the public this is not about money, she told Fox 31 News. This is about the fact that Jessica’s name and image is not theirs to use.
Photos of Jessica have been removed from the Missing Children’s Foundations website and Facebook page.
The organization declined to comment to the Daily News.

Anonymous said...

OT Anonymous

So everyone was safely out of one of the two houses that were completely destroyed including her CAT which had been boarded for the weekend. A Cat? Unless the cat is on daily medication and the hotel had a no pets allowed rule and she had boarded her cat every time she left the home for more than a day.

I have had cats all my life and not once have I ever boarded one for a weekend getaway. If I can't take them with me then I have food dispensers and an automatic scoop kitty litter system and if its longer than a couple of days then a friend or neighbor can always peek in and make sure the darlings aren't hanging off the drapes in boredom.

I hope LE checks with the vet or pet boarding facility and see how many other times this woman boarded her cat when her family left for the holidays, or someone's wedding, family illness etc. If this is the first and only time then I say something is very, very wrong here.

Jules23 said...

We are so sorry for whatever happened to you, when you were growing up. Certainly, all children do not receive all the love and care they deserve. Some are even abused by those who are supposed to have taken care of them. When that happens, it is very wrong.

Wow the parents wrote this letter for the supposed kidnappers?? Are they sorry for how the cousins grew up as well? Were the girls abused? I don't even know their names because they aren't mentioned. It's as if this paragraph could be written to the two missing girls-scary!!!!

This paragraph has lots of SA flags for sure.

Anonymous said...

Jules23, that is an interesting thought. I hadn't considered the two girls capable of masterminding their own disappearance because of their ages but maybe the letter is reaching out to the person who 'helped' the two girls run away and so the letter is written to the two girls and their 'helper'(in my book AKA abductor)?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

It would help all of us to step back and be sure we're not just looking for evidence that supports our guesses or feelings.

Presuppose truth

Anonymous said...

QChick - ON TARGET! That is exactly what I made of the letter, as well.

Those judging the letter and its author(s), remember that old thing, "you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?" If you're appealing to a person who has your beloved children, are you going to want to anger them or stroke that ego just a little, and maybe enough to let the kidnapper think he might come off looking not so awful? Which do you think would keep your kids safer and possibly bring them home faster?

I'm betting that the fathers of these two girls would have the kidnapper reduced to a grease spot if they were given half a minute with him, but they're NOT going to use that reality to appeal to the kidnapper! That's the worst thing they could do! The word "appeal" is just that - something that is "appealing." Which limb to tear off first is not appealing, and they won't try to get their girls back using that language, although that's probably the reality of their feelings.

The opening about not knowing the kidnapper is interesting, but quite logical. There seems to be an over-clarification of stressing that they DON'T KNOW if they know the person. Makes perfect sense. The sensitivity here could be that they believe they DO know the person, but to point fingers or say "we're onto you" might make the kidnapper freak out, and the girls' parents don't want that, because freaked-out criminals do desperate things like destroy evidence...and freaked-out kidnappers have unique evidence...the kids. Make sense?

If I were writing such a letter, I think this is what I would write. I would be super-sensitive to the person's feelings. I know that the person deserves no sympathy, but at this juncture, the parents want their kids home. Appealing to the human side of a monster is the absolute best way to accomplish that. It can be a total lie, except for the parts that talk about how the kids and parents feel and how they're hurting. The fact that this is released now tells me that it is a desperate attempt to "talk some sense into" whomever has caused this to go on for so long. They want the kidnapper to know that yes, it's been a long time now, and yes, patience has long since run out, but you can still make a good choice at the end of it all. Up until the kidnapper reads the letter, all choices have been bad, but none can be taken back. Returning the girls would be a GOOD choice and a positive step, and they are reminding the kidnapper of that.

Talking about the kidnapper's childhood and offering sympathy makes sense to me, too, particularly in the case that the parents think they might know the kidnappers. If the kidnapper's family failed him growing up, his hurt and anger can certainly turn into things such as this. Not to say it's his parents' fault or anything, but lack of value as a child often translates to that grown child's lack of value of anyone else.

Stop calling these parents druggies. Whatever mistakes they made, they do not deserve to have their children kidnapped from them. I hurt for them, because they are people. I know people who made bigtime drugs mistakes, and they were wrong for it. The kids were voluntarily placed elsewhere while the parents got clean. This happened 4 times. The parents have remained clean for nearly 5 years since then, and have had their children back in their home for the last 3 years, with no relapses. They struggled. They were "druggies." They also loved their kids, and at no point during their bad years would they have deserved to have their kids abducted. Sure, the kids needed to live elsewhere for a while, but to blast these parents for loving their kids and making a desperate attempt to get them back is cold and heartless, and their fellow human beings should show a bit more compassion than some of you show here.

Lemon said...

You're looking for the "Flies with Honey" blog, two over, on the left...

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for years ...qchick and anon are right. There's a lot of blame off th bat and picking/choosing based on feeling. But it's that the way Hyatt wants it.

Lis said...

This letter struck me as so strange because I couldn't imagine having compassion for some stranger who had kidnapped my child! I agree it is possible that they are trying this to see if it works. I don't see a kidnapper as someone who would respond to kindness, though. But, you never know, maybe this is a kidnapper with a conscience.

Along the same lines, the police chief who covered the Morgan Harrington case is retiring and released a similar letter appealing to anyone who knows what happened to come forward with the truth. I thought the same thing as I read it, I don't see the kind of person who would be involved in that as having a conscience that can be appealed to. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm cynical in my old age.

Jane said...

This seems to me to have been written with considerable input from someone working for/with the parents, and I wonder how much influence the parents had on the wording.

Re: "Even you. The person who took them." Adding "The person who took them" is unnecessary. It makes me think that either they were not taken or that they were not taken by "a person" (singular); the letter writer perhaps possesses some knowledge about this.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Peter, can you please analyze this video of a Pastor that says he was attacked by police in GA after leaving a restaurant after a conference? He claims he was attacked, as was a choir member, for his faith. There is partial video of the incident but no sound outside the Pastor presenting his side of the story.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Thursday, November 08, 2012
The heartbroken/no longer broke…etc Profit Off Jessica People

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

The revelation of Misty's criminal past comes at a time when she finds herself in the national spotlight. In an interview with ABC News Wednesday morning, she said she had talked to the police time and time again as authorities have investigated what happened to Lyric and Elizabeth.

"WE'VE done extensive interviews, hours at a time. WE'VE done polygraphs. WE HAVE taken many PHONE CALLS, answered many questions," she said. "WE'VE given OUR PHONES up. All of OUR DATA has been, you know, taken off of OUR PHONES. In fact, MY SISTER AND MY PHONE IS NOW NOT – OUR TOUCH SCREENS AREN'T WORKING VERY WELL. SO WE'VE cooperated to the fullest, you know."

BostonLady said...

I read this letter and re-read it. The first time thru I felt that they were trying to reach out to the kidnapper, to appeal to his "non monster" side (if there is such a thing) but it felt "off". Not that I'm an expert, but, I thought the first rule when trying to appeal to a kidnapper was to make the victim more real to them? And that is where I see this lost me. I would expect the parents to use the girls names as many times as they could in the letter. It's like the girls do not exist. (I hope I'm explaining this correctly) Just the "To whom it may concern" and the parents. Did the parents check with the FBI to make sure it was okay to publish a letter to the kidnapper?

As someone pointed out, something appears each time one of the parents is supposed to appear in court. Is that a coincidence?

Lemon, your response made me laugh.

CEC said...

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Thursday, November 08, 2012
The heartbroken/no longer broke…etc Profit Off Jessica People
November 15, 2012 6:23 AM
Anon 6:23 AM, could you please share a link for this story? Thank you.

Confused said...

This reminds me of the Trenton Duckett "caretaker letter". That letter was written by a stranger, trying to be the hero who solves the case. Do we know for sure it was written by the families? It seems off to me.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

‪CEC‬ said...
Anon 6:23 AM, could you please share a link for this story? Thank you.
Thursday, November 08, 2012…..
Tell the public this is not about money, she told Fox 31 News. This is about the fact that Jessica’s name and image is
Scroll up 14 postings, it’s on this page.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

All of OUR DATA has been, you know, taken off of OUR PHONES. In fact, MY SISTER AND MY PHONE IS NOW NOT – OUR TOUCH SCREENS AREN'T WORKING VERY WELL. SO ( This may be an excuse to use other's phones. SO the sensitive DATA may be elsewhere.)WE'VE cooperated to the fullest, you know."

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Purple balloons rise into the twilight sky during a birthday party for missing Evansdale girl Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 11, at the Countryside Vineyard Church in Evansdale, Iowa, on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012. Cook and her cousin Elizabeth Collins have been missing since July 13. (RICK CHASE / Courier Staff Photographer)
This reminds me of Jessica

Notamuser said...

When I think of a parent writing a letter, I always think of Jean Paxton, mother of Jamie Paxton, who wrote appeals to her son's killer in her local newspaper after Jamie was randomly shot and the case went unsolved. Days before the 1 year anniversary of her son's murder, the killer responded anonymously.

Jamie Paxton's killer was Ohio serial killer Thomas Dillon.

It isn't a direct comparison to this case, but these excerpts from Jean's letters make for interesting reading to see a parent's heartbroken pleas for answers.,,20109667,00.html
After Jamie's death, Paxton began writing letters to his killer. Some were posted in a simple wooden frame in the field where Jamie was shot. Others were published by the local newspaper, The Times-Leader of Martins Ferry, Ohio. The letters mentioned her son's good-natured grin, his job making steel bands, his fiancée and his love of "anything mechanical." They listed his various boyhood collections—arrowheads. baseball cards, stamps—and made note of his perfect attendance record in the Bannock Methodist Church. 

In one early letter, addressed to "Someone out there [who] knows this letter is directed to them," Paxton asked, "Have you noticed anything different about your hands in the past 12 weeks? They've changed, as now they are the hands of a murderer. You can't wash Jamie's blood from them. It will be there till the day you die."
A Mother's Determination

Jean Paxton decided that mourning Jamie was not enough.   She wanted to know who had killed him and why.  Jean Paxton used the only method at her disposal to try and get the answers she and her husband so desperately sought.

A short time after Jamie’s murder, Jean began a letter-writing campaign, sending letters to the killer via the Martin’s Ferry Times Leader newspaper:

"To the murderer(s) of my son, Jamie, Would it be easier for you if I wrote words of hate?  I can't because I don't feel hate.  I feel deep sorrow at losing my son.  You took a light from my life November 10 and left me with many days of darkness.  Have you thought of your own death?  Unless you confess your sin and ask for God's forgiveness, you will face the fire and fury of hell.  When you are caught, I will be sorry for your family.  They will have to carry the burden of your guilt all their lives.”

Investigators had told Jean that the killer was probably ruthless and would not be moved by her pleas.  But she persisted.

"It's been nearly a year since you killed my son," she wrote in October 1991.  "Has your life changed in the past 11 months?  Our family hasn't lived since last November 10.  We are surviving one day at a time.  There is one question on our minds all day long and every time we wake up at night: we want to know why Jamie was killed."

John Mc Gowan said...

It seems so passive to me,i wouldve expected a lot stranger language to be used..

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Philippians 4:4-7
New International Version (NIV)
Final Exhortations
4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Why did Drew choose this passage to recite at a vigil?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Philippians 4:1-7
New International Version (NIV)
Closing Appeal for Steadfastness and Unity

4 Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!

2 I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord. 3 Yes, and I ask you, my true companion, help these women since they have contended at my side in the cause of the gospel, along with Clement and the rest of my co-workers, whose names are in the book of life.

Why did he skip this part?

Jinjer said...

I don't believe all four 'parents' sat down and wrote this together.
I am sad for Elizabeth and Lyric!

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Anonymous said...

Its been some time since this has been in the news but after reading your comment "anonymous" I just had to leave a comment of my own.
These people are desperate to find their missing children. Most of us will do and say just about anything to get our missing/abducted loved ones back safely. If that means kissing the ass of some kidnapper, then so be it. Your opinion stems from ignorance as you have obviously never been in this situation.