Thursday, November 1, 2012

ObamaCare Forces Americans To Disclose to IRS

Obamacare does not take effect until 2014, so its impact remains unknown.

Even though it is not in effect, many large corporations have been able to legally "opt out" of the government system.

Obamacare is so large that we have not heard from anyone who has read it in its entirety, but are now learning that beginning in 2014, Americans will have to disclose their health issues to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Tania Cadogan said...

How does my being ill with (insert disease here) have anything to do with my taxes?

Will it end up that on getting sick one has to first visit ones accountant then the tax office and finally the doctor who will then confirm said diagnosis provided by the tax office.

With a good accountant can double pneumonia be reduced to say mild flu?
Plague now becomes a case of chicken pox.

Will we see people being registered dead dead for a year for tax purposes ( Douglas Adams - author of Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy was spot on the mark when he wrote restaurant at the end of the universe)

Will future illness be laid off against curent taxes?

Can i gift an illness to my children every few years to reduce my tax liability?

Can i volunteer muself for an interesting disease on behalf of the poor and claim tax relief?

Enquiring minds need to know

Anonymous said...

Why don't you use some of your income to pay for insurance? That's what I would do.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...
Hobnobs answer offends me. Please erase it.

I would be interested to hear which part(s) are offensive and why.

Thanks in advance

Apple said...

Big government. If that's what you want, vote for Obama.

dadgum said...

Many of you know that I work with the governor's office regarding healthcare matters. What has been interesting, and frustrating, is that as head of an insurance/healthcare committee, I have attended quite a few informative sessions regarding the coming changes. No one seems to know what these will be.

Many people receiving services for disabled children and family members have seen steep declines in available options, and what services are available to them. It will not get any better, because the numbers of people who will be covered by Medicaid and Medicare will increase dramatically, while funding decreases.

Even those in the Department of Health and Human Services are confused, and cannot inform families, or fellow workers about the changes.

We are breaking a system that was mostly working, instead of fixing it, we are throwing it out, and starting over without a concrete plan.

I hear daily from people who are happy, thinking they will be finally getting the free healthcare they have wanted. They speak of gong without insurance for years, though the whole time it was available from their employer. Rather than pay for coverage, like responsible parents, they take the money they 'saved' and go on vacations, and purchase wave runners and other entertainment.

They honestly think it is going to be free. Certainly they, at $60k per year, are considered poor enough for a subsidy, and relief from 'penalties'. They just don't get it, and won't until the changes have taken place.

We are given word pictures of what the new system might be like, with the comment that nothing is known for certain, and won't be until after 2014. Some way to plan. Most of your access, according to the last seminar, will be over the internet, and involve health counselors and online nurses.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, herein lies your answer to most of the questions you posed above. Bottom line:

#1, the medical profession rules the world. They are not going to be taking on patients that will require them to perform extra paperwork, nor will they hire extra employees to perform all this extra paperwork.

#2, physicians care only about getting paid, and they want all of it, right now. As it is now, many physicians won't accept medicare patients because the physician only gets paid 80% of the charge then the remaining 20% is left up to the patient to pay, which frequently they can't pay if they don't have supplemental insurance coverage, and many don't. They demand full payment upfront else they will not accept the medicare patient. VERY few accept medicaid patients because they will be paid very little to none.

#3, there are many health insurance providers that physicians will not accept. For instance, in my area they will not accept Humana and several others. They post the notices in their offices. Too much paperwork involved, including prior approval of treatment for certain illnesses, plus the amount the insurance carrier will pay is smaller than the physician is willing to accept, leaving the physician to try to collect the unpaid balance. Again, too much paperwork and begging for their $.

#4, many physicians will not work with disability patients, many who have serious illnesses. They refuse to get involved with filing all the paperwork that will help the patient receive disability benefits and for their treatment thereafter.

I know of a heart patient right now who was basically left to die by a major cardiologist, who lied and told him he would be fine while he stopped many of his medications. Recently, he nearly died due to lack of proper medical treatment AND medications.

Were it not for another cardiologist who saw him in an ER, he would likely be dead now, while the tests results from the previous cardio office showed that he was a dying man. Thankfully, the new cariologist agreed to take him as a patient and cooperate in filing the paperwork for disability so he can be treated.

It is the physicians who rule the world in this country,they are in private practice and no govermental agency can force them to accept any patient they don't want to accept, and will NOT accept unless they are adequately paid and THAT without having to file a bunch of paperwork, then only to be paid according to governmental guidelines. Simply, they just won't accept the patients.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...
Hobnob, herein lies your answer to most of the questions you posed above. Bottom line:

You still haven't explained what parts of my post are offensive.

Might i suggest you activate your sense of humor and read my post again.

Anonymous said...

This so-called article is a lie.
Peter's credibility is shot.
Opt out waivers?
These temporary waivers didn’t only go to labor unions but to hundreds and hundreds more non-labor unions, such as McDonald’s and Ruby Tuesday. The waivers only exempt the companies from one requirement of the law and only until 2014. They allow the companies to continue to offer so-called “mini-med” plans that offer limited benefits and low annual spending limits for low-income employees until 2014, when those employees would have an alternative for insurance coverage through the state-based exchanges. The law requires a higher and higher cap on annual benefit limits until that year, when companies won’t be allowed to have any annual spending limits on most benefits. Thirty-four waivers were granted to union plans and 417 were granted to group plans created by unions and multiple employers. All told, that’s 37 percent of the 1,231 total waivers granted. Unions apparently did not receive special favors: Many unions and multi-employer groups are listed among the 144 applications that were denied.
And the disclosure to the IRS is false as well.
Wow, so gullible to those chain emails full of hate and lies.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:26, don't expect your post to remain very long. Peter deletes all those posts that in any way challenge him or disagrees with his own beliefs and opinions.

He only accepts bootlickers who shine his shoes by agreeing with him.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob! I did not find your post offensive. Quite to the contrary. I DID read your sense of humor but also believe that some of your jesting might not be too far off. That is why I explained the way it REALLY is. Doctors rule. And that's no joke. Period.

MissUnderstood said...

In MA it is already required to have health insurance. We don't have to disclose any of our health issues with the IRS. We do have to have proof of health insurance, or pay a penalty.

I don't know if there is a confusion between disclosing health issues vs. health insurance coverage to the IRS. Or if Obamacare does plan on forcing citizens to disclose private HIPAA protected health issues?

I don't agree with forcing people to have health insurance. I know there are many arguments to both sides of the matter though. One issue for me is, for example in MA, there were plenty of young healthy people who didn't have health insurance. They also didn't have a job that provided it, maybe they were part time, or any number of other reasons for not having health insurance. Idk the statistics, but I'm sure MAHealth (medicaid) recipients have risen drastically due to being forced to have health insurance. Which in turn, is counter productive. Who is paying for MAHealth?

Besides forcing people into MAHealth, they've also reduced the coverage that MAHealth provides/covers, most noticably, dental. For adults they cover cleaning and extractions, and not too much of anything else. Not even a basic filling. I guess this was to lower the cost that the state (tax payers) are forced to pay, for the coverage that the state has forced citizens to obtain.

IMO, it's totally counter productive.

This is just my opinion of course. I'd be interested in hearing the other side of the debate.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I only said I was unemployed and had Crohns Disease and my husband has never had insurance, stating if he was in my shoes he would feel differently. I got unmercifully attacked and he erased my post and the attacker. Instead of compassion like others receive, I got brushed off, dismissed, and rejected.

Anonymous said...

I am offended bc you say all this being in England where you have health insurance.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon, In the UK we pay national insurance contributions.
We have no say in this it is automatically deducted from our wage packets along with taxes.
People have the option of going private and many do, they pay the premiums and in effect jump to the front of the queue since many private health companie use NHS fascilities and staff. Consultants often combine NHS and private work, some go on to do only private (having been trained by the NHS first)
THE NHS was created to provide cradle to grave treatments and on te whole it works as long as we are prepared to wait months for surgery up to 18 months for non emergency, in england we have to pay almost £8 an iten for our scripts ( in wales and scotland they are free) beds are a premium and as soon as they think decent out you go next patient in. Those in receopt of certain benefits or are under 16 or over 60 get free scripts. Non residents are supposed to pay for treatment but the staff aren't allowed to refuse treatment nor ask if the patient is entitled to free non emergency care so as a result we get swamped with health tourists and those who have treatment and then run without paying.

I might suggest next time you see your health practioner you ask for a sense of humor transplant :)

Anonymous said...

I want to know why prevention isn't a priority. Candidas albicans is viewed as less than having a cold yet studies have proven the link between it and many diseases such as crohn's, cancer, arthritis, alzheimers, lupus, fibromyalgia, the list goes on. Why ignore the root cause?

Apple said...

Anon 6:15,
You don't work in medicine, do you? It sounds like you have had bad experiences.
I fear many citizens here think as you do.
We are headed in a bad direction.

drdebo said...

small price to pay for health coverage for millions without- i can't even imagine ppl that are against this humanitarian effort- its unconscionable.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Drdrebo, if what you say is true, I am without conscience.


sha said...

Hobnob's answer makes me laugh and if I was another kinda a girl, I might ask her to marry me.

Anonymous said...

People must have to concentrated in healthcare centres. it works wraps