Thursday, November 15, 2012

Richmond Pastor Claims Beating Due to Faith

A video is circulating online about police brutality. 

                     Is this a truthful story?

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.  

The pronoun "I" is very easy for us to use, and it is instinctive.  It takes no pre-thought, as we have used it in our lives millions of times.  

Once someone is beyond the age of 5, the past tense verb is understood.  

The pronoun, "I" and the past tense verb connect, linguistically, a truthful person with a past event. 

If someone was robbed at gunpoint, for example, and are asked "What happened?" the answer to the question will use the pronoun, "I" and a past tense verb, because the event took place in the past. 

"I was robbed by a man at gunpoint."

If the person says, "We were robbed by a man at gunpoint" while being alone, it would be deemed deceptive. 

If the person says, "I am robbed by a man at gunpoint" it uses the present tense verb, "am" instead of past tense, "was", it is "unreliable."

It is easy to tell the truth.  The pronoun, "I" and the past tense verb connect the person to the truth. 

Here, a man claims to have been beaten for his faith, along with a woman.  

Is he telling the truth?

Note his verb usage:

There are at least three signals of deception present in the language itself:

1.  The narrator, "Pastor Brandon" uses many present tense verbs, after beginning with a past tense verb.  In the critical part of the story, he uses all present tense verbs, avoiding linking himself with the past event that took place. 

2.  Note also the inclusion of the emotions.   Emotions often connect to a truthful statement yet it is their location that is telling:  in "story telling" rather than truth telling, the emotions are artificially placed in the "perfect" part of the story, right in the logical place.  

In truthful accounts, they are found after the account, as it takes humans some time to process what happened.  When the emotions are found in the peak part of the story, it is more likely to be story telling than truth telling, especially in such a vicious assault. 

3.   Another signal is additional, or extra language.  Here, he employs racial language, "beaten like a slave" in order to persuade (or inflame) emotions.  This need to persuade, itself, is not often found in truthful accounts. 

There are enough signals in this account to show that it is "Unreliable" and a  false claim.   

4.  Also note:  They do not allow the video to be embedded, even though they ask that it be shared.  It can only be seen at You Tube, where it begins with a paid advertisement.   :)  This is a signal of deception (via intention) found outside the language of the video itself.  


Anonymous said...

Thankd, Peter! I was right! I had picked up on the verb usage but the rest just seemed off but I wasn't sure why. The thing that really made me question was that there is no sound in the video. Why not let people hear what the police were saying? I am so glad to think I am making progress!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the paid advertisement has anything to do with it. If that were the case, what about your own (supposedly?) paid advertisement at the beginning of your statement analysis? I'm not saying it is, and I don't; but your own advertisements also could be interpreted in this manner.

As to the preachers' embellishing of the events in his statement, possibly/probably true. I do believe however, that the event DID occur (obviously) and that it was unnecessary. This was uncalled for police brutality and I believe it DID have something to do with the white preacher preaching primarily to a black congregation and being seated with the black members in a Denny's. (I'm guessing that this WAS a predominately black chior). There IS still, after all, interracial strife in the south.

However, I also think that the preacher could have answered the officers' question when he asked him, demanding; "what did you say"? He even asked him more than once, yet the preacher never answered the question. It would be interesting to know what the preacher had said that provoked the officer to make his demand.

IMO, the preacher inflammed the situation himself by saying whatever it was that he said and then not answering the officers' question. Also, I think the chior member who got body slammed should have kept her mouth shut.

Why would anyone incite a mad dog to attack? They both incited the officer to violence. Common sense would dictate that there are times when one shouldn't provoke and they did.

Anonymous said...

P.S.. To conclude; I don't believe their "faith" had a danged thing to do with their beating; not unless they were using their "faith" somehow to further incite and provoke the officer, who obviously needs some counseling in anger/behavior management.

"Faith" or not, and not to excuse the officer for his burst of brutality, but I think they brought the entire incident upon themselves. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

PPS.... A.N.D. are painting themselves to be innocent little doves when they were not quite so innocent as they make themselves out to be.

I'm all for trying to find the good in these preachers who are giving their all to preach the gospel, and will stand up for them, and for just racial causes; but not those who bully/stir up this strife and/or steal from the poor for their personal greedy wealth.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought that you tube video was a spoof with the background piano playing softly to the young man's very relaxing and controlled speech.

Where's the sound? Before I pass judgement I'd like to know about any verbal exchanges, any spitting,screaming in an officer's face?

I hope less bias witnesses will come forward.

I am completely turned off when someone plays a race card in an attempt to garner sympathy or support or worse to create anger. IMO that so called 'man of God' did just that. A man of God should know that the truth alone can stand alone and strong.

Anonymous said...

How does this video address the allegation about being beaten because of his faith? Was he dressed in red, have horns and carry a three pronged pitchfork and the cops answered his shouts of 'Satan is lord' with signs of the cross before cuffing him and one of his flock?

He says he was in a business suit. How does a business suit denote a man's personal beliefs? Same ? for the lady who looks like she is dressed like she is from Africa? I spent several years in Nigeria and that is what her sari looks like it's from. How does her dress make a statement about her religious convictions?

SELLA35 said...

I found a few things interesting in the video and in the written article @-

In the article- "We're going to do the right thing," Sheriff Strength said. "I've been here 36 years, we have not hid anything yet. We'll lay it on the table. If we're wrong we're wrong; if we're right we're right." I find it oddly funny (not haha funny) the Sheriff says YET...we haven't hid anything YET!!

In the video I find it off-kilter that the Pastor says-
1. He and the church members just walked out of Denny's..then later he says the church members got out of their car.

2. I was stunned and shocked, I was sitting there in a suit??? Why he wants to add he was wearing a suit, also, why did he say "sitting" when earlier he said they just "walked"...How can you sit and walk?

3. "physically" grabbed me..okay the Pastor could say "grabbed me", I think everyone would know it was physical, as any grab would mean physical???

4. pulled her hair like she is a slave???...WHAT!! The old slave hair pulling.....

5. "And then they asked him, he was not in his car"..... in his opening statement he says the officer bumb rushed him from 20 ft. why would he add in he(the officer) was not in his car?

Things that make you go hmmmm...

rob said...

Anon 8:32 said- There IS still, after all, interracial strife in the south.

What are you basing that on? Do you live in the south? Sure, there are racists here, of all colors. Just like there are racists all over the country, of all colors.

While traveling in MN with a black male co-worker, over 6 ft tall (rather imposing) who was traveling with 2 white females, in an area where we never saw any blacks, only whites and Indians, this large man told us that he was feeling uneasy, the way people were looking at us. I told him I thought maybe he was just a novelity to them, as they didn't see blacks unless they went to the larger cities in the area. He couldn't believe he was from SC, and made to feel uneasy because of his race in MN. An oddity is odd, no matter where you are.
We are also racists because Obama didnt' carry SC in the election, neither time, just like Kerry, Gore and Clinton didn't, but that was never brought up, I don't know why.
Oh, what was this article about?

Anonymous said...

To answer your question Rob; yes I am from the south and presently live in the south; have lived in Richmond County, Augusta, Ga., North Augusta and Belvedere, S.C., grew up and was raised in Alabama, now residing in Fla.

There is still very much racial strife and name calling in certain areas of the south; Augusta, Ga and Montgomery, Ala being chief among them. Also in areas of Kentucky where I've also lived. It is not uncommon to hear the N word tossed around at the dinner table, in public restroom facilities, out driving and in other situations, and particularly in governmental agencies where many blacks are employed.

I DO know what I'm talking about. I completely understand your male co-workers' concerns about being the only black in an automobile with one other white male and two white females, and in an area where there were no other visible blacks. He must have felt like a lone duck sitting on the pond waiting to be picked off.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I'm not even about to get involved in the election, who won, who lost, and why. I could, but why bother? It is what it is.

rob said...

Anon- you are missing the whole point. You called out southerners as racist. Like no one else on earth is. The thing about the election is, we didnt' not vote for Obama because he is half black, but because we are conservative. In fact, if Herman Cain had stayed in the election, he would have had my vote.
In this article, its like, oh there's a white minister with a black choir, he deserves to be harrassed and arrested.
Get a grip, there is usually more to the story.
And the funny thing is the home office of Denny's is my home town, Spartanburg SC, and they have been burned many times for racial issues, and the majority of their employees are black. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

He should be thankful.
Wait til we are run my Sharia law and Al Qaeda radicals. He should see what they do to the likes of him.

Anonymous said...

Rob, the only point I am missing and what I don't get a grip on is why are you trying to pick a fight with me? FY info, I did NOT call out all southerners as racists; I said interracial strife still exists in some areas of the south that I am familiar with. And it DOES, like it or lump it, believe it or not.

I don't give a rat's butt how you feel about racial matters; that's your problem, or not. OR political issues either for that matter. You LOST. Get over it. Move on. It's a dead issue.

This was an altercation that happened in Augusta, Ga., not some place else you make reference too above.

I merely pointed out my OWN beliefs (in my posts above) and I believe it is entirely possible that some racial issue reared its' ugly head in AUGUSTA in the origins of the altercation between the preacher and the officer and then the black chior member threw herself into the mix AFTER the preacher made some inciteful remark that blew the lid off the hot-headed officer.

Just my thoughts; that is not to say this is what happened. Do I even care? Nope. Not involved.

Mainah said...

Most deception is done by withholding information and this is a good example of that.

I didn't physical check, but it seems like his "what happened?" story is about:

1) 1% - before the event
2) 98% - event
3) 1% - after event

1) I was at church
2) Denny's, to eat, parking, parking lot, police, attack, beating, choir, singing, slave, beating....etc.
3) Spread my video around

I made note of his stated body position at one point, when he said, "...I was sitting there, in a suit....". There was something (red flaggish) about that, IMO. He also says he was standing when the officer charged him.

Is there something more in terms of SCAN/SA than just his contradiction (sitting/standing) about that statement? lol, he seems to imply that wearing a suit somehow should prevent you from been questioned and having a confrontation with LE.

I call deception, Pastor. You are leaving out parts to intentionally deceive people. Why the need to deceive the good folks of the world?

Jazzie said...

Has anyone done SA on Ruth Jean?

News video stating Ruth Jean went to an emergency room and something about a concussion.

Jazzie said...

When I lived in Boston, it was known: Boston Irish Cops are Freaking Hard A$$ Tough. I was terrified of them. No, I'm not Black. Scared-E-Cat Little White Girl from CT. I respect the law and never want to be on "the other side of the bars"! LOL. They have guns! I never grew up with guns in my home.

One summer's night my friend and I were hanging out on the sidewalk in front of our apartment building. Cop came by and told us to leave. I didn't question the cop and decided it would be better to just do what he told us, but my friend he stood on principle and challenged the cop. He got thrown into the Paddy Wagon "on principle." I walked around the corner went home. Sometimes it's best to just shut up and go home.

Life Lesson: Don't piss off a mad, bad a$$ cop.
It's so not worth it.

Sometimes it's just better to shut up and obey "the law".

Jazzie said...

I admit, I suck at SA and Civil Disobedience.
Not building a good CV am I? LOL

Anonymous said...

Has Statement Analysis changed and no longer a Statement Analysis of today's news stories?

Lis said...

Jazzie, I'm with you. I grew up respecting authority and I've never had any problems with authority. I think (not always but many times) some people want to be martyrs so badly, they help it along a little.

Jen said...

Something's missing in this why the cops were called in the first place. I guess we are supposed to believe that multiple officers just happened to be camped out in front of Denny's waiting on an interracial choir to whoop up on!? No, I'd say the officers responded to some kind of disturbance caused by this group and when they were told to disperse the pastor & the 'choir' members got mouthy.

Even with the sound removed (obviously to keep us from hearing what these 'choir' boys and girls were saying) it's clear that this woman was resisting arrest, which is a crime. Once she began thrashing like a maniac & wrestling with the officer she was in the act of committing a crime & the officer is then able to use force to bring her under control. She was treated like any others person resisting arrest & she could have ended the 'brutality' at any time by simply placing her hands behind her back and obeying the officer. I really don't see anything special about the video other than the fact that the pastor is trying to make it seem religiously & racially motivated, and I'm sure if there were evidence supporting those claims on the recording we would be hearing that instead of piano & voice over.

Jazzie said...

I posted:

Link has 3 videos embedded. There's footage with sound of the arrest/incident. Difficult to hear what's being said.

Not sure why cops were called in the first place.