Monday, November 19, 2012

"Statement Analysis is Wrong Because I..."

standing guard

 Finish the following sentence:

"Statement Analysis is wrong because:

1.  ______________ (fill in name of your  favorite killer)  is innocent"
2.  I use that word when I speak so..."

These are the two top reasons why people deny Statement Analysis.  There are a few others:

3.  mentally ill people lie without knowing it.
4.  lying is part of the disease of substance abuse.
5.  people don't really mean what they say.
6.  you don't take into account education levels
7.  you don't take into account regional dialects
8.  confessions can be coerced

From sample to sample we are able to address most points, but not points 1 and 2.  In point 1 and point 2, the personal prejudice is afflicted with a strong emotional response, often nullifying reason.

Yet, there is a pressure upon those who read Statement Analysis, see its application of common sense and grammar, yet hold on to a favorite or pet theory about a stranger's guilt or innocence in spite of the sensible conclusion that Statement Analysis highlights.  I have learned much through reading comments by posters, with special help found in drawing conclusions and tying in evidence.  The premise begins well, with "deception indicated" or "no deception indicated" from the analysis, but then great help comes in the comments section from various avenues of expertise, including medical, legal, psychological, substance abuse, parenting, and so on.

What has emerged is an opinion of commentators as some have a stronger understanding of human nature than others.  This is why I sometimes post seemingly unrelated articles, to see what responses come from whom.  Some will immediately post, "I don't want the government telling me what color toilet paper is best for me!" which tells me that their understanding of the fraility of human nature is strong, as they realize that "they" or "the state" or "the government" is made up of individuals; individuals who make mistakes, who make decisions based upon self interest, and so on.  This while others say "yes, a good idea" without thinking through the consequences of lost freedom.  Comments will then be viewed with this lense:  those who believe in personal freedom seem to be stronger on personal responsibility (they often have written harshly about criminal behavior excused based upon IQ tests or diagnosis) than are others.  This translates over to understanding about crime, drugs, and of late...

What have I learned from reading comments?


But in particular, there is that one post.  It is that one post, that one subject, of whom the commentator is emotionally so blindly attached to the notion of innocence, that he or she can no longer reason correctly.  This is the pressure upon them and for some, the decision whether or not to continue to read or understand Statement Analysis.

"Statement Analysis can't be right because  __________ didn't do it!" yet, they continue to read, and continue to see how much sense is made in the analysis, and how its application works, correctly, over and over.  If they insist, eventually I, or one of the other commentators will eventually ask:

"Why do you think ____________ is telling the truth?" and request that analysis be shown why he or she believes their favorite subject is truthful.  The direct question goes unanswered, instead, other topics are raised.  See the analysis on the Darlie Routier 911 call.  It was a strange one in which I was unfamiliar with the case, and having misread the date, I thought it a recent 911 call and I embarrassingly wrote to the police to "look at the caller as the possible killer of the children!" expecting to offer assistance.  The embarrassment turned around, however, as the analysis was then given to the district attorney's office responsible for Routier's appeal.  Then there is another factor which has provided invaluable understanding to many:

Caylee Anthony's mother.   

Caylee's mother has provided us with rich sample on how a liar works.  The principles are applied to her statements and we see how the lie is uncovered.  For some, there is a dismissive attitude here because, as they say, "she never stopped lying", which isn't true.  By applying the principles of Statement Analysis, we found a few sentences that were not lies.  It is rare, but it is out there and it is useful for teaching.  Vile a character as they come, Caylee's mother has provided a great deal of sample for study and we are even able to see her sentences when she was, on rare occasion, tell the truth.  Caylee Anthony's mother's lies lead us to a principle:

Be careful not to let yourself become blinded by one case.  Think about the person you are committing yourself to:

For some, it is a drugged, pornographic, neglectful mother, who is without morals or respect for life itself.  Something in this case may have touched you, the commentator, and all reason and common sense have been thrown out the window.  You may become willing to throw out principle in defense of this one person.  Is she (or he) really worth it?  You see Caylee's mother's lies discerned by using a formula, and you agree.  You see the formula applied to disgraced former Representative Anthony Wiener and you know it is correct.  You see see how the principle works for Susan Smith, OJ Simpson, Joey Buttafuouco, and you see, plainly, given the known facts, that it works.

Then you see the principle applied to _____________ (fill in the name of your favorite subject) and you feel the struggle and the strain.

This is a good place to pause for a moment.

Think of the investment, mentally and emotionally.  You may find yourself caring about the mother more than she cared about her daughter, or, as we saw:  many strangers cared more about the child than her own mother.  Is this really worth the tossing out of reason and logic?

  We have even read of one man so obsessed with the Amanda Knox case that he lost his job over her.  He has lost his job, and has gained nothing.  Her own words show not only deception, but involvement in a distinctly sexual homicide. Yet, her legion of defenders (mostly male) are willing to do or say anything (posts without proof are deleted) in her defense, including ridicule, bullying, threatening, and even hyperbole and lying; all to defend a young woman they have never met.    I can only imagine Knox in jail laughing as she read about this, or showing off the love letters and marriage proposals from all  of the young men in the United States who insist that she is innocent, in spite of the lies she told to the police.  Caylee Anthony's mother received money and marriage proposals during her 3 year stint in jail.  Now, networks are competing for her interview, offering a lifetime of wealth for an hour of her lies.

Don't let a pet theory or pet subject cloud your thinking.   This is the principle cause of discord and rejection of Statement Analysis.

2.  The other is:

Statement Analysis can't be correct because I use the word "left" all the time!

This is ego-centric thinking and it is something that should be carefully processed.  "Statement analysis is nonsense because I call my daughter 'child' and..." or "Statement Analysis is baloney because I say goodnight to my children!" or other such personal misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Statement Analysis is progressive, and as we move through a statement, we are building an answer, to learn if someone is truthful or deceptive.  Along this journey are various roadsigns saying "make a slight left here" and "turn right here" at certain junctions in the statement.   No one indicator should cause us to say "deception!".  In the mouth of two or three witnesses, (hopefully more), we seek to establish a conclusion.

Statement Analysis is not done under a microscope.  It is not a single word magnified so many times that it is no longer recognized.  A single word may reveal much, but it is part of a bigger statement and larger analysis.  Dialect is viewed, and even education as someone says "this ain't no good" is not re-written for them to conclude "this is good" based upon the double negative.

If 80% of the people do such and such, you may be part of the 20%.  So what?  Does that mean we should throw out the 80%, which is so helpful in guiding us towards a conclusion?  Not at all.

Personal Polite Deception.

"Honest to God, don't do it!"

You may have found that one of the deceptive phrases commonly used has fallen from your lips a time or two.  Does this mean that Statement Analysis is wrong?

"Statement Analysis must be wrong because I am an honest person!"


Are you?  Are you sure you are?  Are you honest about everything?

Statement Analysis applied to me uncovered something about me that I didn't like about myself.

I found that as self analysis showed, I have been 'politely' deceptive since childhood.

"Yes, Auntie, I just love when you kiss me!" as I held my breath and prayed for relief.
"Of course, your new purple hair looks good!"  with one eye on my mother, seeking approval.
"I love the green bean birthday cake you made!"  with my fake smile trying not to yak.

This self analysis helped me understand that even though I am a truthful person, I was raised to be deceptive, as long as it was polite.

With all the posting, those who are regular readers here learn principles and apply them, oftentimes highlighting something I missed.  They have become excellent in detecting deception and this is something that everyone should recognize:  just as if I were to deceive or lie on a posting, so would they see it here, in the entry, just as they would see deception in the comments posted.  Sometimes, a comment that is deceptive is left up so that others may see it.  Some will call it out (it is under "Anonymous" usually) which is helpful.   We had several "declarations of fact" which were anything but, in defense of a subject who's lies were obvious.

But, most deception from the average person is under the category of politeness, so don't be quick to say "Statement analysis is wrong because I say 'honest to God' all the time, and I am not lying!"

Take a careful look at the exact topic when "honest to God" (or whatever phrase) comes up...and when it does not come up.

You will be surprised.

Deceptive people are most often deceptive about polite things in life.  "Honestly, your hair cut looks amazing."  For some readers, it means, "I won't read statement analysis ever again!" as anger wells up, but there have been far more who have written that they have taken a good, long, difficult look at their own souls and have found that they have not been an honest person, but wishes to be.  All the better.

You will find that some issues are very sensitive.  One such issue is that of Neglect.

Child neglect cases trigger angry reactions in commentators.

"My child's tooth..." and off they go after reading the suggestion that Celina's family was neglectful. It is entirely possible that, genetically, your child's tooth protruded and you did not neglect her.  My answer to you is this:  "Okay, but did you let a violent psycho move in to your home?"

"My 3 year old rides her bike to school, goes into stores, and can recite the Latin alphabet backwards!" when they have read "who in their right mind would let a 3 year old ride her bike alone?"

Think about your post.  Self analysis is enriching and those who say 'a life not worthy of analysis is not a life worth living' may have stumbled on to something.

"My 3 year old watches David Letterman every night with me and she is not abused!"

It is entirely possible that out of 100 people, 2 or 3 work awkward shifts and have a child who is yet to be put on a normal time clock (normal being the one schools operate on, for example) missing the point about generalizations:

Generalizations are not meant to be exact.  Generalizations are meant to give investigations direction.

Follow the chin
Here is your reward for...well, nothing yet.   Good for you!  Nobel Peace Prize?  Why?  Just because we think you're going to do something really special!  We can see it coming!  A few years later, no one remembers, anyway. 

We want to enhance the self esteem of everyone, so we reward mediocrity.   These little examples are just an example of mentality.  Wendel Noyes was found "unfit" to stand trial for domestic violence.  "Unfit?"  He was, apparently, "fit" enough to do the crime, but not "fit" enough to pay the penalty.  Now, because of this mentality, a young girl is dead.  Don't fall prey to the trap blaming "the system" because it was human flesh and blood that made a decision to declare him "unfit" and now Celina is dead.

People rush to condemn condemnation!  "Don't judge that poor mother!"  Are you kidding me? I want to say "don't judge her?  Hey, don't judge me for judging her!" in the silly merry-go-round of illogic.  She let her  5 year old child watch her 3 year old?  She may not have killed the child, but she is responsible for the neglect of not watching Breeann!  A better idea is judge her (not condemn) and shout this from the housetops:

Be careful who you expose your children to!  or...

Watch your children and don't let 5 year olds supervise!   or...

Don't lock a sleeping baby in a car!   or...

We cannot legislate intelligence, but it is frustrating to see that it still happens daily.  Somewhere, our thinking went awry.

Where did we get the notion that violence isn't violence if the perpetrator is one point lower on an IQ test than the next guy?

Let's say a child is missing.

Let's say the searching goes from California to Maine and we wish to begin somewhere:  do we head North, South, East, or West?

Statement Analysis gives, at first, general directions.  Granted, sometimes we get enough of a sample to know much more than just a general direction.  Susan Smith's short television appearance is a good example.

A little toddler goes for a walk in his house full of 9 people and we are to believe that no one saw what happened to him?

When a 13 year old girl goes missing and Mommy and boyfriend go on television and is caught lying, Statement Analysis has now provided an excellent starting point for the search to begin.

Sometimes the landscape isn't topographical; sometimes it is linguistic.

Look at the 911 Call of Darlie Routier.  Think of all the principles you've learned regarding analysis.  From the 911 call alone, where would you begin the investigation?  This is how it works.  We ask questions.

"My children have been stabbed and I need an ambulance" she said.


"My children have been shot and I need an ambulance" some will say:  'yes, she needs an ambulance, you know, for her children.

 We don't interpret.  

 This she said, as she herself lay bleeding.  In 911 call analysis, we find that in guilty callers the caller never asks for specific help for the victim, but for the caller him or herself!

We find that what the brain is thinking comes out in the tongue.  Surprise, surprise....this was something said more than 2,000 years ago.

"out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" is still amazing me, analysis after analysis. Almost a thousand years before that, we have our famous example from Solomon where he taught us that order shows priority, in the case of the two babies of which one died.

Don't let your pet case or favorite subject throw you off the directions provided by Statement Analysis.
Don't let ego cause you to have the world circle around you.  It is a big world out there, with lots to learn and plenty to offer.

Don't attempt to make principle a cement block to place upon other; sometimes the edges aren't perfect and as messy as life can be, we must be flexible.

Statement Analysis is amazing.  It can help you discern truth from deception which will prove invaluable in this world.  Deception can cost you many things.

Did you see the class action suit for refinancing mortgages?   Countrywide, in a large scale manner, deceived homeowners about refinancing.  Whenever a homeowner caught on (it was after signing), Countrywide immediately sold the loan to a larger bank, leaving the customer now to fight with another company.  A class action law suit followed and Countrywide was forced to pay millions.

The average homeowner saw his mortgage go up several hundred dollars (at least) per month and was left with few choices.  If they did not make the higher payments, the new bank would foreclose.  Since they just refinanced, the chances of getting another, immediate refinancing was dismal.

The settlement checks, however, were sent out to provide relief to those who were deceived by Countrywide.

The lawyers' fees took the lion's share of the multi-million dollar settlement.

The homeowner who now pays hundreds per dollars more each month received their check this past month.


Deception hurts.

Don't lose the value of discernment over a pet case.  

A life worthy of analysis is a life worth living.  It is why I love biographies and autobiographies; even of ordinary people.   Sometimes ordinary people are faced with extraordinary challenges and rise far above any level they ever hoped or expected to in life, because of the tragedy.

Consider reading "Who Killed My Daughter" by Lois Duncan, to discern not only a tragedy that has ruined many lives, but of the courage of the author to press on.  You'll want to pull your own loved ones closer.


Unknown said...

Aha! It never occurred to me you were analyzing comments. Well played.

Unknown said...

Aha! It never occurred to me you were analyzing comments. Well played.

Tania Cadogan said...

This is a statement analysis site, topics will be analysed, comments will also be analysed, for practice if nothing else and if it is a particularly interesting comment it will be publicly analysed :)

Lis said...

This is a great post!

I find that learning statement analysis has helped me learn more about myself, as well as others.

I have been thinking recently about the phrases "to be honest" and "to tell you the truth." I use these phrases occasionally and am telling the truth in the whole statement, yet I believe in the theory of statement analysis, so I was endeavoring to understand the underlying principle.

I realized that when I use these phrases, I am about to say something that, although it is true, I would usually not share. For some reason I am about to be candid about something I usually would just keep to myself. This situation would mean I was in the company of someone I feel comfortable sharing a more personal opinion with.

So then I asked myself, would I use this phrase if I were being asked by police for a statement about an incident? I doubt that I would. It is a phrase that is conversational in nature, one that would be used with friends just chatting together in a relaxed manner.

And, as you pointed out, Peter, even if I chose to use this phrase in a formal police interview, it is only one possible indicator out of a whole statement. Deception is not indicated based on one flag.

I appreciate this blog so much, I am fascinated by the principles and enjoy learning them and appreciate the time you take to instruct.

Speaking of Ryan Ferguson, I am heartsick and disgusted that his appeal for a new trial was denied.

L said...

It is a true gift to know and understand statement analysis. Comments can be polar opposites on this site but it's interesting that the majority of people who read at this site are wanting to know how to spot truth from lies. But what's most interesting to me is that there are different motives behind wanting to know how to do statement analysis. Some want to spot truth in order to not be decieved themselves by others. For others, it's because honesty is at their core. Therefore wanting to be honest themselves they will do a "self examination" and try to improve thier personalies.

Statement analysis has also revealed things about myself that I didn't like to admit.

It's also interesting that Solomon was able to get the truth out of the two women fighting over the infant. But when it all comes down to it, Solomon prayed to God for the wisdom and that is where he received his wisdom. Solomon was an honest person to begin with and modest when he made the request for wisdom therefore he was blessed with the wisdom he had.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I analyze everything I read.

Posted comments, emails, ingredients for dog food, financial statements, newspaper articles, and even gift tags for Christmas presents. This was a fun one.

"To Peter and Heather" meant something more of my liking.
"To Heather and Peter" meant something more of Heather's liking.



Eliza said...

Great article! Darlie Routier's analysis was really enlightening. Like many readers, I, too, have learnt a lot from this blog. I know listen more carefully to what people are saying and so far it has helped me!

Vita said...

I found myself posting here, when Hailey was reported missing. After the first NG show, that I witnessed BJD, on camera. I said that woman is lying.

This not the first time I had this epiphany from listening/viewing someone speak on national news. My first was in July 2008, Cindy Anthony. I was not paying attention to the am news, I saw a red ticker go across my TV screen and it said " Missing toddler Orlando Cay"...
and I stopped and paid attention.
I turned up the volume and listened to this woman plead to Greta on Fox, my grand daughter is missing. Eyebrow lifted in less than one minute, this woman is lying! Never had I heard the name Caylee Anthony, she was reported missing less than 48 hours. This woman speaking named Cindy Anthony, I was astounded by, that she was lying through her teeth. I remember standing and staring and saying out loud, she knows where her Grand Daughter is, she is dead. Not knowing one iota of Casey Anthony zero, this was my gut feelings.

I had read countless times this blog, yet never truly grasped what the meaning was. Statement Analysis. Never paid attention to the commentary written. Whatever words I used in search to find more on the missing Hailey Dunn landed me here.

From being a member here I have learned and continue to learn. Statement Analysis as a tool, as a craft, I am still on the curve. It is to leave emotions out, to stick by what is said. What is said, is what it is. It is said. To remove emotions is a difficult task.

Watching a movie a month or so prior to joining here. A quote from the movie, the female actress, in script, said:

"People tell you who they are"

Yes they do. Yes they do. It's how you listen, perceive the words said to you, how you hear it, that changes the words said to you. They mean what they say. People tell you who they are.

Bravo Peter/Heather on an excellent rant personal post.
As here it is no mincing - no need for analysis. People tell you, yep.

With Liberty and Justice For All -
a personal said of me once, it won't make sense. Not meant to.

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to your blog by my partner and I started reading the cases out of interest, not to learn or understand SA. I Try to read each case with a healthy cynicism, presuming innocence first. I often pick up on unexpected phrases, words sentences when I am listening to the spoken word but didn't understand why they "stood" out to me. I've learnt so much since I started visiting your blog, about myself and others. I recently had a problem at my daughters school regarding bullying and the slow action of the head teacher and the school board to address the issue. I made an appointment to discuss the matter with the head teacher. All my questions where answered with questions, and any other responses were contradictory. Thanks to your blog and all the people who work/post/comment here, I was able to recognise, rectify and resolve the issue by asking the right questions so the head teacher had no choice but to clarify and give straight answers.

Thank you Peter, Heather, Hobs and the many folk who helped me put my new found knowledge to a wonderful use.


Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
"Statement Analysis is wrong because:

1. ______________ (fill in name of your favorite killer) is innocent"

Jazzie said...

The case of Jessica Ridgeway really tested me. The words of Sarah Ridgeway (the mother) and the disparaging remarks of Jessica at the memorial service from the great aunt Gay Moore made me think they were involved in the demise of Jessica. Also the family's profiting off of Jessica really bothered me. But when I listened/read LE statements, I questioned my assumptions. LE statements didn't jive with my suspicion of guilt of the Ridgeway family. In the end I took my cue from LE statements. For me to get to the truth, I balance what LE states against what the "suspect" states. Just my whacky technique trying to learn SA. I readily admit I suck at SA because of my impatience.

Jazzie said...

I still have trouble with "expecting what an innocent person would say" because I make the mistake of approaching the statement of a suspect with the assumption they are guilty.

Lemon said...

Kudos on another excellent post!

PS Especially instructive to analyze Hobs' comments and how often the words 'naughty corner' appear. Hehehe

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Siobhan , nice to see you, to see you nice. welcome aboard

Tania Cadogan said...

Lemon said...
Kudos on another excellent post!

PS Especially instructive to analyze Hobs' comments and how often the words 'naughty corner' appear. Hehehe

I will suffer a bout of sarcasmitis on rare occasions plus it has a nice comfy chair with built in cup holder and donut tray :)

Unknown said...

I believe in statement ananlysis when it comes to 911 calls (greetings, speaking bad of the one needing help)

I do not rely (maybe because I dont understand)on SA when it comes to "opening or closing doors", "taking a shower", framing words, or using words like "because" or "completely, actually".

I am the kind of person who starts rambling and yapping if I am unsure if anyone believes me, so when I get stopped by the police for a rutine check, I talk myself into a sobriety test (I am a teetotaller)

Had someone asked me: "Did you kill Nicole Brown Simpson?" I had not been able to answer just "no".

I have always thought the McCanns (and also the Ramseys) to be guilty of murdering their daughter(s), even when no deception was found in their statements.

I believe Amanda Knox did not kill Meredith, I think Rudy did.

I am from Norway, so my statement may not be free from mistakes in spelling.

Anonymous said...

Many many people will put the male's name first on a gift tag, almost by convention.

sha said...

I am still trying to figure out why it is always "me" that needs the ambulance when I call for one....

I've needed that damn ambulance for my baby when he had a seizure, for my husband when he passed out from low blood sugar, I even needed the ambulance when my older son broke his leg.....and "honest to God" (lol) I didn't cause the baby's seizure, shoot up my old man with insulin, nor break my son's leg. I don't think I felt guilty for any of those things, but I do feel very responsible for my family.

Is it possible that my brain spits out the words "I need an ambulance" because I feel that taking care of the people here is MY responsibility and when I can't do it alone I am the one that needs the help?

John Mc Gowan said...

"My children have been shot and I need an ambulance" some will say: 'yes, she needs an ambulance, you know, for her children.

We don't interpret.

This example above for me,is one of the most important principles in SA..

I didnt realise how often myself and listening to others used to interpretate someones words and get it so wrong,Using this basic principle if nothing else, is a golden nugget all by itself.

Most people no the old saying.

Dont assume because you no what assume did,it made an ASS out of U and ME.

Ive also found myself hearing the latter end of a conversation and getting it so wrong about what was being said,so never interpretate someones words,listen and gather all the information, apply this rule and i think i will become better in analysis..

Unknown said...

It's official - something has soaked in - I analysed my daughter's text last night which read "Mom, I had to quit my job, because..." She's mad at me.

SELLA35 said...

"Statement Analysis can't be right because __________ didn't do it!" yet, they continue to read, and continue to see how much sense is made in the analysis, and how its application works, correctly, over and over.....

Extremely true in my situation. I found the site once before but never thought anything of it. Then I was looking up amanda knox and a kid named ferguson (I think) and I thought they were both innocent until I read how SA works.

Anonymous said...

I see that my post was deleted. I don't know why, so I assume it was me who did something wrong when I posted.

I have a problem with the washing, closing doors and so on. That they should mean something other than what is said.

Since we are supposed not to interpret, I don't understand why we shall do it when it comes to closing door or taking showers.

I will post as anonymous this time, so hopefully it will go through. I am not english (Norway) so please be gentle with my spelling.

Am i allowed to say that I think Amanda Knox may be innocent? Western Europe is almost free from corruption, but Italy is horrible, almost as bad as Russia.

Lis said...

Anon, there are some good posts in the past explaining why the washing, closing of doors, and lights are flagged in a statement. I did not understand this at first, either, but it began to make sense the more I read about it. When Peter added 'drying off with a towel' into the statement, then it became obvious to me how the unnecessary detail stands out. There is also simply the statistical fact that these words appear often in certain types of statements. Of course, one of these words appearing in a statement is not proof of anything, it is simply flagged, to be looked at as one indicator along with any others, and to be questioned further.

Have you read the analysis of Amanda Knox's police interview on this site?

Anonymous said...

I've considered requesting the transcript of my 911 call the night my husband overdosed and died on Oxycontin. I'm too scared to go back there emotionally however. I'm shaking and my heart is pounding just writing this post.
I'm pretty sure i yelled, "I need help! My husband overdosed." I know there was no polite greeting. I also said "I" need help though. Was this because i had guilt over having been using drugs with him? I had no need for an ambulance for myself.
BTW, I am now 2 years, 4 months clean myself. Narcotics Anonymous helped save my life.
-Anon in NM

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anon in NM,

please remember that these are only red flags that are indicators in domestic homicide cases where the caller may indicate guilt.

Some people ask for help on the Over dosing because they, the callers, are administering CPR or first aid. This is natural to ask for help.

If a caller only has a single indicator, we would not consider it a guilty caller. We look at the overall tone.

You are right, however, about the greeting: it is the lack of panic that we listen for.

I am sorry for your loss.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous on washing:

I will check to see if your post is in the spam filter.

Re: washing.

When a school teacher sees that a student suddenly begins to wash his hands over and over, she may become concerned that the child was sexually abused.

When a social worker notices that a man with mental retardation suddenly starts showering three or four times a day, the social worker may wonder if he was a victim of sexual abuse.

it is the same with language.

We don't reinterpret. If someone says, "I washed my hands" we believe them that they did wash their hands. We are just seeking to learn why they felt it important enough to tell us.


Jazzie said...


Please don't torture yourself over the words you might have said during a 911 call. It is traumatic to witness someone you love dying in front of you. You DID need help in order to save your husband's life.

I'm sorry for your loss of your beloved.

"I am now 2 years, 4 months clean myself"
Stay strong, stay focused.
I admire you.

Mainah said...

Anon in NM

I am sorry for your loss. I admire you for getting clean, and sharing your story too. I have to agree with Jazzie, I wish you wouldn't re-traumatize yourself. You did the best you could under the circumstances. No need to put yourself through it all again. I hope you keep trudging forward.

Thank you, & all the best!


Mainah said...


I loved this one, I'm so glad you covered it. I thought I was the only lunatic statement analyzing myself; everything I say, everything I hear, everything I read, every song on the radio...(haha). I love it! It helps me function, and cope. lol.

I stumbled across SA back in Jan. (following the Ayla case). I got "following pronouns" first, then "qualifiers" weakening the claim, extra words and/or sounds, "um..." can signal stalling for time and withholding information. Verb all made sense.

I approached SA like I would near any new endeavor, that is, go in with a healthy dose of skepticism, but be willing to hear and apply the concepts then be intellectual honest with yourself about the results/findings.

When I read about washing, lights, doorways, the word "left", the word "child", etc. I (honestly, haha-it's true!) thought that sounded sooo ridiculous and judgmental. I was not willing to call someone a pedo because they said, "I went through the door into my child's room, kissed them goodnight, left, turned the lights off, took a shower...".

I see now it is a "take note" in SA and not a "AHA! We gotcha! You said child, left AND shower!".

And, I'm a "cheer for the underdog" type, so, I have to reconcile that against the facts. lol, the older I get and more exposure to the sickos of the world, the more I think: "Hey, I AM the underdog!" lol.

Thanks for the info, Peter. I know it must be a lot of work and I appreciate the time that you and Heather, and the regulars put into this.

Do you have any posts that examine the innocent parents early statements? I'm thinking: Ed Smart, Erin Runnion, etc.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Real life application: I asked my boyfriend if he cheated; he talked about the lights being out, the door closed and the phone off. What a dufus!

Anonymous said...

Great article. I too came aboard asking about dialects and education levels. I am still learning, but the parts of SA I do understand stick out for me now and I get so excited when I see them, mostly on the news or on solved cold case programs where the 911 calls are played before we know the ending. I am an experienced liar as well. I am a polite liar and am evasive and can turn a topic to another subject with finesse. :-(

I belong to a women's organization that has ugly politics and I need to learn how to apply SA to what people tell me. There is a division within my chapter and both sides tell me about the other. I would love to be able to figure out who is being honest, if both are, if there is a legitimate beef, or petty egos at play.

Thanks, Peter & Heather. And Heather & Peter. :-)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

You're welcome, and thank you for the kind comments.

It is "wicked cold" here in Maine, and unless the principles are taken as molding clay, rather than cement blocks, it will be 'lost in translation.'

There are quite a number of higher level things to delve into; hopefully for 2013.


Shelley said...

I know I have has these thoughts... Thinking to myself... I said that.. But was innocent.... But when you realize this deception indicator is not one comment.. It's a pattern... You can start to see the difference....

A great example To compare in missing kids cases that I just listened to tonite. It was DVR'd so I could replay a couple of times to get the exact words....

But for those still struggling with this, this is a mom that is 100% innocent I'm her missing daughters case. Aside from being in another state, there was proof that the places she was last known to be we're a fact.

Now compare this statement made in the inital stages of her daughter missing. Compare her actions to Hailey Dunn, Casey Anthony, etc.

Now read the moms words and actions first. I'll put the missing woman's name below. Think about (or even go back and read here on Peters blog those moms statements or lack there of .... Mrs Celis) those or moms and dad statements. What is different?

This moms daughter was an adult and had flown to Florida to celebrate her sisters birthday.

When she it was discovered by her aunt the next morning she did not come back, the womans mother was immediately on a plane and stayed there looking, asking anyone who may have seen her for 5 months.

Was the taped and she made a statement. She said...
I love you very much and I want you to come home. Your father and I, your sisters, family are very worried. Please come home to us"

Now think about Isabel Celis's parents. They hid from the news. Said they were grieving. (grieving... Meaning child is not to be found). Think about Hailey Dunns mother. She never spoke to her daughter.

This is a mom we know is innocent. So it gives you a chance to compare to analyze on your own.

Missing woman is Stepha Henry..

I personally think the brother in law raped and killed her.. But that's just my gut feeling.

I also think the valedictorian that is charged with killing his mother likely did it. She had attempted to kill him many times... And he has a 10 yr old lil sister she has threatened to kill. I think mom treatned to kill her again and he snapped after the years of horror he himself endured and was going to make sure mommy dearest didn't hurt his lil sister. To me, killing her ensured his lil sister would be safe. And I hope he gets off regardless. Murder like that to me in defense of What may happen is a type of self defense.

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