Thursday, November 22, 2012

Statement Analysis of Elisha DiPietro

"It's hard to see how many people hate my family without actually knowing my family. We didn't do anything wrong, and we just want Ayla home. We love Ayla, and we want her home."

Elisha DiPietro is the sister of Justin DiPietro, father of Ayla Reynolds, 20 months, who was reported missing by her father on December 17th, 2011. 

Police have reported that Elisha DiPietro, like her brother, Justin DiPietro and his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, are deceptive; withholding critical information to the case. 

Police said that Ayla was not kidnapped as the DiPietros claimed, and that she is dead. Her spilled blood was found in the basement of the home.  

Statement Analysis and Behavioral Analysis has shown that Ayla was an ongoing victim of physical abuse at the hands of her father, who eventually reported her missing weeks after 
purchasing a life insurance policy in which he would profit at her death. 

                                                 Our words give us away.  

Elisha DiPietro refused to directly answer whether she failed her polygraph, indicating, technically that the question,

"Did you pass your polygraph?" is sensitive to her.  It does not take much imagination to conclude that she, like her brother, failed. 

This means that she was deceptive on two basic questions:

1.  Do you know what happened to Ayla that night?
2.  Do you know where Ayla is presently?

Note:  As to location, one might pass by saying 'I don't know' (via yes or no questioning)  if river current has relocated the body

Yet it is that even in this short statement, Elisha DiPietro has revealed something that should not be missed:

"It's hard to see how many people hate my family without actually knowing my family. We didn't do anything wrong, and we just want Ayla home. We love Ayla, and we want her home."

1.  The guilty struggle with the pronoun "I", and use the pronoun "we", instead, as an attempt to 'spread around the guilt' or 'spread around the responsibility" (Dillingham). 

We have seen this in other cases as well. 

Elisha DiPietro is the aunt of Ayla, and as a young mother herself, she should have a certain 'feel' or maternal instinct care over her niece.  She does not.  

She uses the pronoun "we" rather than speak for herself.   This is the first indicator that something is wrong and that there is distancing language in her short statement.  This is also similar to her own mother's words:

When media interviewed Phoebe DiPietro, she was deceptive.  

She claimed that she heard "nothing" the night of Ayla's death, and that "nothing" unusual happened that night.  Yet, she left out that she was not even in the home that night and was forced to admit this later.  We noted that Phoebe DiPietro had the need or necessity to deceive. 

When she did speak, however, she said that "you" were waiting for a call from the police about "your" granddaughter, and that "your" house was being watched. 

She is not waiting for a call from the police about her granddaughter, and her house was not watched, nor broken into.  Technically, she did not lie.  Yet, Statement Analysis showed, particularly coupled with the deceit of her appearance, that she has a need to lie, and that there is no commitment on her part to the kidnapping story. 

She knows. 

She was likely told that Ayla died an accidental death and that Elisha feared having her own child removed (which should have happened 11 months ago) therefore, she conspired with Justin DiPietro and Courtney Roberts (also a parent) to cover up the "accident", dispose of Ayla in the Kennebec River ("floating out there") and lie to the police.  

2.  Since Elisha uses the pronoun, "We", I shall also use the plural. 

"We did nothing wrong" is an admission that what the three adults did is not, in her internal, personal subjective conscious, morally "wrong."  This is a very strong indicator, in this case, that she believes that Ayla died accidentally and that they did what they had to do.  

This places limitation upon her, and upon the others. 

When Justin said, "I have given every piece of information possible" he indicated, like those who have said, "I told everything that I could" that there was a limit to what he could say.  Some things were "possible" to say, while others were not "possible."  In a case of deliberately withheld information, we can understand that it is consequence that restricts them, not knowledge.  

Besides this, innocent parents of missing children do not feel that they ever exhaust knowledge or information because they remain hopeful that a single topic remembered could be key.  They never rest and feel that they have told everything.  They lose sleep trying to remember anything they can. 

Elisha DiPietro has told us that they did do something, but that what it was that they did was not "wrong" in her view. 

The State of Maine should seriously consider, even now, the claim that police have made regarding the "straight face test" and the polygraph results:

If a parent is willing to lie about a "missing" baby, in which there is recovered blood of the child and a failed polygraph, that said parent poses a risk of serious harm to her own child. 

An affidavit can include the police records, which would include the specific polygraph questions failed, as well as the lack of cooperation in refusing a polygraph by Courtney Roberts. 

Certainly, the fathers of these children can use this information in fighting for custody.  

Elisha DiPietro would have to answer, under oath, what it is that they did do, that she does not consider "wrong."

3.  "We just want her back" uses the pronoun "we" exactly where the personal pronoun, "I" is expected.  This is a weak assertion and does not possess the commitment of the pronoun, "I", as paternal aunt, connecting her to the statement. Why would she need to speak for the entire family?  Why could she not speak for herself?

4.  "We just want her back" is also redundant.  There is no purpose in stating this claim, therefore, as unnecessary information, it is doubly important. 

What family of a missing child does not want the chid back?

That this needs to be said, itself, is indicative of the defensive posture. 

"We didn't do anything wrong" tells us that Elisha DiPietro, Courtney Roberts and Justin DiPietro did do something to Ayla that night, and that what they did, Elisha DiPietro does not consider morally "wrong."



Elisha said...

"We just want her back" is also redundant."

redundant? Hmmm, maybe, but I've heard so many people with missing loved ones say those words.
If I were in their shoes, I wouldn't feel it redundant.

John Mc Gowan said...


I find myself questioning the "WE" and "I" when it comes down to family members using the word "WE" and not the parents in a missing child case.

For instance, if i was asked about a missing family member and i am not involved in their disappearance,and was not the parent and or brother,i could hear myself saying "we" want him/her home,thus speaking for myself and other family members in general, who are not present.

Are there any exceptions to the rule?

I know i am not sharing guilt or that i did anything.


loulou said...

Elisha has said so little. "We just want her back home." Where is the OMG, please dont harm Ayla. Please bring her back. If my baby niece was missing. I would be screaming out, begging, pleading, crying, frantic and anyone and eveyone that would listen would hear it. Not this family because they know there is no one to plea to.


Mainah said...

hmmmm, I'm also going to play devil's advocate on the "we" 'cause... Elisha was standing with her mother, and I think an aunt,(family members) when she stated that. I'd like to know, did Ed Smart say "we" or "I" when he was standing before the media with his wife and/or other family members?

...and, duly noted, I did say "devil's [advocate]" brain chose that word, that "association" toward Elisha for a reason. That child, Elisha, the youngest in that hell-hole of a family life, the most bullied by her mother and two older violent brothers, must be easily vulnerable to the on-going manipulation, to keep her from speaking out.

In other groups and pages it's been said that Elisha works an already potentially vulnerable group of preschool age kids at Waterville's Educare. I find this horrific, if true, on a number of fronts, primarily because an innocent child could be harmed, if Elisha "snaps" and we know she has (adapted)the willingness and ability to lie to cover it up. She is practiced, and thus far, successful, in avoiding consequences for it.

This is all so crazy, so sickening. Phoebe keeps her in the nest for a good (selfish) reason. I've seen parenting like this, poor Elisha, stunted in her personal, independent growth by the very people who should have wanted to push her to be independent and successful and achieve all her dreams. But no, she kept her immature, and at 23 years old she is unable to maintain a relationship with a man, unable to support herself, unable to maintain a home for herself and Gabby.

Dear Elisha:

If you don't break away from the others, and do what you know deep in your head and heart, to be the right thing, you will never achieve YOUR dreams. YOUR best, happiest life, and that of your little Gabby, depends on you clearing your conscience of this.

pfft, why do I won't break the cycle of abuse, will you Elisha. I have little faith because you were taught how to be a coward in the face of a moral challenge.

So, what becomes of Gabby, if she survives her childhood in this cycle of abuse? She'll be an unwed mother with a protection order against her teenage baby daddy, intentionally co-dependent, living with Elisha, tending her internet farm from a bedroom at her mothers house, with dreams of becoming an actress which Elisha will NEVER let happen.

Good luck, Gabby!

Lis said...

Those who think using "we" is normal, are you *sure* you are not sharing responsibility when you use it? I'm just curious!

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
"It was BRIGHT PINK, I mean, there's not a lot of BRIGHT PINK stuff that washes up in the middle of the, you know, the middle of the winter. Picked it up. Started untangling it, n' kinda realized it looked like a piece of clothing."

( It looked faded pink to me, not BRIGHT.)

"I feel bad for everybody INVOLVED with that thing. I mean anybody that has kids has gotta feel bad. SO, you know, I hope that one way or another it gets resolved. For everybody INVOLVED." said Goodwin

(William Goodwin, a retired principal, found the fabric while walking the beach like his had so many times before.
"It was bright pink. There’s not a lot of bright pink stuff that washes up in the middle of the winter. Picked it up, started untangling it, kind of realized it looked like a piece of clothing,” said Goodwin.)

Tania Cadogan said...
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Tania Cadogan said...
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Mainah said...


I can't/don't speak for John, but, I do consider that, yes.

I've never tried to cover up a child murder for my family (or anyone else, SA experts who catch that!)nor have I stood before media answering questions about such a thing, (of course, neither has Justin, Elisha, Courtney, or Phoebe, really).

I agree with SA, on the "we" (et al). There is no doubt it's use is meant to distribute "what-have-you" (blame, accomplishment, etc.).

A while back, Peter gave a great example of a couple arriving late and one of them says "we" locked the keys in the car. You know which one of them locked the keys in the car; it's the one who says "we locked", and not "I locked".

I've been married to my Mr. for 25 (mostly glorious) years and I have done it, and I've seen it done, that is to share and dilute a sense of guilt or awkwardness with the use of "we". I freely and unabashedly own it :)

Ever had a boss say "we" when taking credit for your accomplishment at a board meeting, or something? I have, too many times. "We" wrote a grant? I wrote that grant, jerk, and your lack of effort nearly got in the way of the deadline and I did my part and yours! (errr...)

I'm only asking if it's common for (innocent) people to say "we" when they are standing in unison, like the Smarts (see Elizabeth Smart kidnapping), with other family. I suspect I already know the answer, but, I would like to see Jaycee Dugard's stepfather's statements, and some others suspects later exonerated in "missing".

A healthy dose of skepticism and questioning can only improve and perfect SA ;)

Mainah said... "missing" child cases, I meant^

Jazzie said...

ANON @4:29
I am almost died within a couple of yards from shore. I got knocked down, dragged down, held under by a huge wave. The force of the wave knocked my breath out, I had water in my mouth and no oxygen. I thought I was going to die. I was 24. It happened in the Pacific. I grew up on the Atlantic. I know the Atlantic can be worse, especially with rip tides.

I have little doubt that Caleigh Harrison died by falling into the ocean. Was her mother negligent? Good question. What I do question is the actual time frame when the mother left her two children alone by the ocean. Tragic accidents happen. Tragedy can happen within seconds, especially when water/ocean involved.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Jazzie: little doubt
Me too! It's the words of the people "involved", especially Caleigh's sister Lizzie: " a mean man".

The mother described the ocean as "crystal clear".

Jazzie said...

I question the flagging of "we" in the context of family. Especially if someone in the family takes on the role of being a spokesperson.

The family being a unit made up of more than one. If you are the one speaking for the family, wouldn't "we" be appropriate?

Just asking.
BTW: I gotta a boat load of flak from my sister for always saying "my" Mom/Dad instead of "our" Mom/Dad. I always explained that when talking to individuals outside of my family, how else should I describe Mom and Dad? I guess it was a habit of mine to always say "my" instead of the all inclusive "our". But if I'm the only one present when being talked to , isn't it appropriate to say "my"? I got into trouble when I used "my" in reference to Mom/Dad in front of my sister.

See what I mean? I'm confused about the use of "my" and "our" and "we" and "me".

Jazzie said...

Caleigh Harrison's mother was investigated by DCF:

My take on the mother's words describing the ocean as "crystal clear" - it is "crystal clear" that Caleigh died in the ocean. She feels enormous guilt for her daughter's death. It maybe her way of owning it.

Anonymous said...

"It's hard to see how many people hate my family without actually knowing my family." -Elisha DiPietro

So, it's much more acceptable, to Elisha, for people to hate her family if they "actually" know them?

DHHS has got to get Gabby out of there and place her away from them. Something smells in Denmark.

Mainah said...

From SA: Elisha DiPietro is the aunt of Ayla, and as a young mother herself, she should have a certain 'feel' or maternal instinct care over her niece. She does not.
Elisha has been a tool for that family her whole life and knows how to be nothing else now. She can't survive on her own, Phoebe made sure of that. She probably felt burdened and jealous by Ayla's short presence in the home. Her loyalty is to her own self preservation. No child is safe in her presence.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, I can't even stomach looking at this pig's photo much less find any excuses for her lying and evasive statements other than to agree with most of you, and particulary the post just above at 7:07 PM.; nor can I sympathize for the way Phoebe raised and likely manipulated her. Alisha's had YEARS to formulate some moral character of her own free will, hasn't, and never will.

She did nothing to protect this baby in her short life and has done nothing to stand up for her in death; also it remains to be seen what her part was in Ayla's bloody murder and disposal.

Sorry, I don't have one ounce of empathy for her.


Elisha said...

Anon. @ 7:07 pm & Mainah,
Have you made a report to DHHS in Maine, concerning Gabby's welfare?
I hope so, it is wrong to know that a child is in danger and not report it.

Anonymous said...

What're you, some kinda nut? One can't report physical abuse they haven't seen and that's the only kind of abuse there is in the eyes of the DHS; even that has to be visible on the child at least 48-hrs later. Freak.

This is just ONE of the ways the DHS allows these children to fall through the cracks, contributing too and even allowing their death due to negligence by the DHS and their lack of investigation and follow through.

Meanwhile, the child can be existing in and experiencing a very dangerous life-threatening situation, including sexual abuse, being held in chains, and starving to death in some cases.

Anonymous said...

Elisha makes me sick! She's a mum, she should feel something! Every mum who has heard or followed this story feels for trista and for Ayla.
A year ago I crossed paths with Trista, somewhere I would never believe would have such an impact on both our lives. Fr me it meant getting my family back, for trista it means a lifetime of regret. I can not imagine, I keep Ayala and Trista in my nightly prayers.

Mainah said...

Elisha, your cavalier about the topic of child abuse? You have no concerns for Gabby safety? None?

I'm certain there is a DHHS case open, and when "the time is right", Gabby will be placed in a safe environment, where she will actually have half a chance of a decent life, while her mother sits in prison.

Mainah said...

anon 11:28,

She makes me sick too. Sounds like maybe you could use a pray too, I'll send one up tonight for you and your family :)

I don't know how she isn't sick herself over this. If she really does work at Educare with preschoolers all day, doesn't she see Ayla in the little girls eyes? Her life is effed up for good if she doesn't break the cycle.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Sold on Jun. 14 2012 
for $330,000
Buyer's Agent: William J Goodwin
Listing Agent: Ruth Pino

Asked how he would respond to the contention that he is “cleaning house” among his administration, Safier said it is “simply not accurate.”
“If ‘cleaning house’ means we’re doing something critical in any way with anyone, it’s absolutely untrue,” Safier added.
Goodwin, too, said he is not being “forced out,” saying Safier is a “pretty good guy who I THINK HAS THE WELFARE OF THE KIDS IN MIND.”

“That was all so much crap blown way out of proportion,” Goodwin said of the “Pregnancy Pact.” “People called me and said they didn’t know what the big deal was. It was an unfortunate slip of a word. However, this was the perception out there of us, and I can remember the first day we met when I first took over. I told everyone we’re going to get through this and straighten the ship out.”
Goodwin said his team worked on improving the culture at Gloucester High School from Day 1, and he felt they succeeded.
Read more: GHS Principal Goodwin retires, joining other key school officials - Gloucester, MA - Wicked Local Gloucester

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
"This is a load of crap. You people should be disgusted with yourselves. Do you think that I am disgusted? This is a bunch of lies and you people know it.
“That was all so much crap blown way out of proportion,” Goodwin said of the “Pregnancy Pact.” “People called me and said they didn’t know what the big deal was

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Elisha would stand up for Gabby if it had of been Gabby that was abused and kicked...thrown on the ground...covered with leaves and debris...lit on fire and discarded like garbage? Probably not! All she can think about is herself.
Praying that soon all will know the truth.
Thank you for your continued coverage on this case.

Anonymous said...

hickorydicory,Can you tell us what is going on? Please,what have you heard? I hope Justice is coming soon.

Doc said...

Oh yes, please do hickorydicory.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if AUNTIE ELISHA feels anything for Ayla when she tucks Gabby in her bed at nite.

I wonder if Auntie Elisha thinks of Ayla when she kisses Gabby's booboo's!

I wonder if Auntie Elisha thinks of Ayla when she snuggles in bed with Gabby.

I wonder Auntie Elisha would react if this was Gabby who was torn from her.

I wonder Auntie Elisha when you close your eyes at nite, "Do you ever think "How would I handle this if it were Gabby missing?

I wonder Auntie Elisha if you have the same soul as Justin? You Know Elisha-YOU KNOW!


Anonymous said...

My take is that Elisha does not think SHE did anything wrong--meaning that she has knowledge of what happened but since she did not actually participate she did not do anything "wrong".

In her family, she would be persuaded not to rat out the others because that would be "wrong". She grew up in a family where she wasn't taught that what she is doing is wrong--not only morally, but it is also against the law. She was also probably bullied into silence many times by her brothers, and now also by her mother.

Mainah said...

That just made me think of something...her use of "family" is another way of watering down and sharing her guilt, just like the "we". "My family" is so big and broad and inclusive of uncles, cousins, aunts, grands, etc.

Of the "family" members, only her and her brother Justin are suspects to be hated by everyone(suspects: not in the official sense, in the "everybody" she is speaking about sense.)

Yet she does not say: everybody hates me and my brother, or my brother and I.

The use of "Family" is spreading the guilt throughout generations, is it not? "We did nothing wrong" because for generations, my whole family has been lying, abusive, used illegal drugs and we were taught it was "normal" and not "wrong".

Anonymous said...

Seriously how do these people in the DiPietro family get jobs? Do employers not do google searches or read papers?

Anonymous said...

The DiPetro's are dispicable! How can anyone in the United States believe these monsters! Ayla was his responsibility-yes, Justin, YOURS! Speak the truth now-You are a Liar, your family are Liars. And you are destroying Gabby's Life!! You, Justin Dipetro-Are a Dispicable Zero!

Anonymous said...


JerseyJane said...

Was Uncle Jus-tee ever rough with little Gabby? Ummmm makes you wonder, Elisha?

Maybe u need to check for any old fractures, cause when a baby goes to the morgue, they ALL get X-rayed..

No matter how or what kind of cause of death told to the police!!!!!

Anonymous said...

5/7/2012 – “They did administer a polygraph,” DiPietro said. “I took it. I did fine. I mean, I did fine. It’s what it is. People are going to take things how they take them, and they’re going to call us liars, if they want to call us liars, but I know the truth, and we know the truth, and we know we didn’t do anything wrong. We want Ayla home. We love Ayla.”

Jen said...

Anonymous said...
5/7/2012 – “They did administer a polygraph,” DiPietro said. “I took it. I did fine. I mean, I did fine. It’s what it is. People are going to take things how they take them, and they’re going to call us liars, if they want to call us liars, but I know the truth, and we know the truth, and we know we didn’t do anything wrong. We want Ayla home. We love Ayla.”

After reading Justin Dipsh*t's quote about how, 'people are gonna take things how they take them, and call us liars if they want to call us liars', I'm going to go out on a limb and assert that ALL of the readership of this blog along with any decent human being would much rather have seen and heard the truth from an 'emotionally capable' father, leading the charge to find his missing little girl and bring her home safely.

However what we saw was the opposite, and the more details that came out the clearer it became that Ayla never had a chance at the hands of her abusive ape of a 'father'. In reality this pack of liars and degenerates couldn't tell the truth to save their souls (they have proven that) and they will continue their downward spiral as long as they have a glass pipe and something to stuff into it. Sadly, the children of these idiots will become another generation of low functioning, leaches on society unless they are swiftly removed and given a chance at a better life.