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Understanding Billie Jean Dunn's Method of Deception

"I just want to see Hailey walk through this door"  Billie Jean Dunn.
"Sadly, I don't think Hailey ever made it out of that house"  Nancy Grace, 2012

Hailey Dunn was last seen alive on the night of December 26th, 2010, by her 16 year old brother, David, playing video games around 9PM.  

                                 She was never seen alive again.

Her mother, Billie Dunn, told police that she went to sleep over at a friend's house, and never made it.  This story, identical to a story from the Nancy Grace True Crime online library, quickly fell apart.

Billie Jean Dunn was seen, in replay, last night on the Nancy Grace Show special on the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.  She was the 'brains' of the two, as she and Shawn Adkins are responsible for the death of Hailey Dunn.  She took the lead, and as the language shows, it was she who found the online story, and propiagated it as her own.  Lies do not come from a vacuum.  This is why it is very difficult to tell a lie, and it is much easier to deceive by withholding information.

Statement Analysis of Billie Dunn showed deception, from her initial appearance on The Nancy Grace Show, shortly after reporting Hailey missing, consistently through to the present.  To this, the polygraph results agree.

However, there is more than just deception in the words of Billie Dunn.

                                  *Her pattern of lying is decoded.

This highlights two things for us:

1.  What a habitual liar looks like
2.  Principle of Question Boundary

We begin with the principle:

"Out of Bounds" information is critical in Statement Analysis.  

Its consistent inclusion shows habit.

Each time Nancy Grace asked a question, Billie Dunn answered or deflected the question, and immediately moved on to other information.

a.  answer
b.  portray me as a good mother


a.  deflect
b.  change the topic entirely

This is her pattern.  Both have this in common:  She gives out information outside the boundary of the question, for her own advantage.  It is a very strong desire to control.  It also suggests, along with other linguistic signals, that Billie Dunn was truthful about being sexually abused as a child.  (her threats of violence are generally coupled, linguistically, with sexual references).

She took the lead role in going on television which, to some, was a signal of innocence.  It was anything but.  It was an attempt to control information.

When Shawn Adkins went on television, his smirk is unmistakable.  Like Dunn, he too, enjoyed the attention.  He limited his words, but in more than one year of appearances, was unable to say "I did not kill Hailey" in spite of the many opportunities he had.

We now know that in the household of Billie Jean Dunn, there was chronic neglect, drug abuse, sexual immorality and perversion, and the love of violence.  It is the love of violence that couples the infliction of pain upon another human (child or adult) or an animal, with sexual arousal that poses the most risk to  the public, but in this case, Hailey Dunn, only 13 and in puberty.

Hailey Dunn was subject to drugs.  In the home were two drug abusers, and the impact of the drug trade.  When a parent purchases drugs for resale, the magnet of trouble is a draw to the home.

Yet, it is the language we seek to understand about Billie Dunn, the spokesman of the two, which reveals the most to us.  Her behavior, including her New Year's Eve partying, her inappropriate dress, drug abuse, and desire to control the public's perception of her.  Her use of "me" reveals her narcissistic personality, unable to empathize with Hailey.  Dr. Lillian Glass weighed in on this, giving one of the two popular theories about Hailey's death:

1.  Billie Dunn saw Hailey as a sexual rival.

This intimates that Billie Dunn found Hailey in a sexual position with Shawn Adkins, lost her temper, and harmed Hailey.  Later, drugged, but still alive, she and Adkins conspired together to take her life and hide the body.  This explains why she and Adkins were forced into an alliance of lying together, as both failed their polygraphs.

2.  Shawn Adkins killed Hailey after rape.  This is the theory of Hailey's grandmother, yet fails to explain why Billie Jean Dunn would parter with her in the cover up.  Since both failed their polygraphs it does not explain why they had to lock together in criminal silence.

Statement Analysis teaches that there are specific indicators within those involved in sexual homicides where words enter the language, particularly where they are not necessary.  This includes lights, doors, windows and coverings.  The addition of these words is telling.

One might say, "I went to bed and fell asleep" while another feels the need to include "I went to bed, turned off the lights, and fell asleep."  This has been linked to sexual experience, with the lights going "off" being a negative or failed sexual encounter.  Another might say, "I took a shower and got dressed" while someone else says, "I took a shower, toweled off, and got dressed."  This inclusion of "toweled off" is unnecessary:  no one thinks he ran around in the back yard, naked, until dry.  The inclusion of a towel (like a covering) may point to sexual abuse, or post traumatic stress disorder symptoms (the need to be 'covered' or 'protected'.  The same is found with doors (see the Ramsey interview for more references) within statements.  Often a door is mentioned that is unnecessary.  Unnecessary words are deemed to be "doubly important" to the analyst seeking to learn what happened.

Billie Dunn could have said, "I want Hailey to come home" but instead she wanted Hailey to "walk through this door"; another in a list of references that refer back to sexual homicide.

Since perversion was found in the home, and Billie Dunn revealed that she was a stripper, and was involved in the porn, and received bestiality (she said, "who hasn't had bestiality on their computer?" on Facebook.  I don't have bestiality on mine, nor do I know anyone, personally, who does. This reflects her narcissistic view of the world:  everyone is like her in her deviancy.)

Out of Bounds

This is a critical principle to follow in Statement Analysis, as well as in all of life:  child raising, dating, business transactions (it is commonly used by salesmen) and so on.  It means that the person (subject) has gone beyond the boundary of the question.

                                  Here are some examples.

On the very first appearance of Billie Dunn on The Nancy Grace Show, Dunn revealed two major points in the case of the missing child.

Nancy Grace asked "How far did Hailey have to go?"

Dunn:  "Four or Five blocks.  It wasn't usual for Hailey to go out after dark...she wasn't allowed out..."

Note that in her answer:  She answered the question, but then went beyond the boundary of the question with more information.  The information beyond the boundary of the question, "how far?" is critical.

It revealed that Hailey was dead.

Billie Dunn went on, beyond the answer of "four to five blocks" and attempted to portray herself as a good mother.  By doing so, she referenced, several times, her daughter in the past tense. When the mother of a missing child speaks of the child in the past tense, without information from the police that the child is dead, it indicates her knowledge of the child's death.  It goes against natural denial of mothers, just as the overuse of the word "we" reveals a desire to share guilt, so often seen in the words of Billie Dunn, Deborah Bradley, the Aisenbergs, the McCanns, and others.  Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Misty Croslin, Deborah Bradley and Justin DiPietro all referenced their 'missing' children in the past tense, as if dead.  It is a strong signal, even while attempting to persuade the public otherwise, that the child is dead. Billie Dunn did this very thing, in her first question, by going beyond the boundary of the question, "how far?" in her answer. The public knew, from the very beginning, that her claim of Hailey being missing is deceptive because Hailey is dead.  

Next, Nancy Grace asked, "What happened?" to which Billie Dunn said,

"She went missing while I was at work"

Note that this is outside the boundary of the question, "What happened?" and answers the question, "When did she go missing?" which was not asked.

This speaks to priority.

Not only has she told us that Hailey was dead, but that she, 

Billie Dunn herself, was in need of an alibi.

She was not asked "when?" but "what?" and by going outside the boundary of the question, she revealed her priority:  herself.  This was later confirmed by the constant self references.  Hailey was 'special' for example, because "God gave her to me" said Dunn.  "I appreciated the attention" repeatedly said by Dunn.  Each interview was focused upon Billie Dunn, herself.  She did not even address Hailey who was supposedly "missing" until Marc Klaas visited her and coached her how.  Even this was contrived.

Some examples of going outside the boundary:

Dunn was asked if they had a New Year's Eve party to which, instead of saying "no", she went on about "nobody was worrying about a party"; of which she was not asked.  She had people over, served food and alcohol, and watched the ball drop, while feigning not to know that it was even New Year's Eve.  This was confirmed shortly after by Clint Dunn who said that on the first day after reporting Hailey missing, he went to the house only to find that Billie Dunn would not get off the couch because her favorite TV show was on, and that David, Hailey's brother, was playing video games as if he did not have a care in the world.

When Billie Dunn was asked a simple question, she often would either quickly answer the question and change the subject (in attempt to persaude that she was not a neglectful mother) or she would avoid the question and raise a new topic.  This is control.  She sought to control information which indicated that this is something she had been doing since childhood, and why she was so bold in taking the polygraph and going back on the Nancy Grace Show:  she thinks she is smarter than everyone else and can, like Casey Anthony, lie her way out of anything.  Pride rears its head just prior to the fall, yet liars, who hold the world in contempt, do so, even to their own ruin.

This is why they threaten law suit:  they cannot bear being called a liar, and will force themselves to perjure rather than admit lying. Here are some more examples of going beyond the boundary of the question in order to influence or control information:

GRACE: To Billie Dunn. This is Hailey`s mother joining us live there in her home. Billie, what did cops tell you about taking Hailey`s bed sheets? 

This is a simple question, "What did the cops tell you?" about the sheets.
DUNN: I just know when they came in and searched the house, they took a few things, which they`re more than welcome to take any and everything they need. I didn`t notice the sheet was missing for a couple of days. I did tell them to take it for the hounds, but, yes, they kept it and they can keep it, get anything they need.

Note that Dunn avoids answering the question, "what did the cops tell you...?" indicating that the question of the cops telling her something is sensitive.  This is consistent with the police not sharing information with a suspect.  She could have said, "they haven't told me anything" which would have been truthful.  Instead, she goes beyond the boundary of the question and gives us vital information:

"I just know" is I "only" know, as "just" is a comparison (downward) word.  What does she "just" know?  

"When they came in, they took a few things":  She was NOT asked "what did they take?" but "what did they say?".  This is her pattern of going beyond the boundary of the question.  

"which they're more than welcome" is an attempt to persuade that she is cooperative. 

Question:  Who has the need to persuade people into believing that she is cooperative?
Answer:    The uncooperative. 

This is the same woman who walked out of the interrogation, had played 'cat and mouse' chase games over the polygraph, and who finally showed up under the influence.  That they are not just welcome but "more than welcome" has Dunn attempting to persuade Nancy Grace (and audience) that she is cooperating because she is uncooperative. This is why she lied to the police to protect Adkins.  To protect Adkins is to protect herself.

"I did tell them to take it for the hounds" presupposes that she is smarter than the police and that Billie Dunn was advising the police on what to do, and how to do it.  This is the narcissism and arrogance of narcissism so evident in her language. She, Billie Dunn, taught the Texas Rangers how to do a proper search.    

"But yes, they kept it" is a clever device as it would appear that she is in the affirmative ("yes") but it is not what she was asked. 

"What did the police tell you?" is completely avoided, but Billie Dunn does not want anyone to think she is a suspect, so she goes far beyond the question, avoiding it, and giving lots of additional information.

She turned the table on Nancy Grace, avoiding giving an answer, and began an entirely new topic.    

 Nancy Grace follows up after noticing she avoided the question with a tangent: 

GRACE: Billie, what are they telling you about the investigation? 

DUNN: Not a whole lot. More than everybody else. They do tell me -- I don`t want them to be too focused on Shawn. I want them to look everywhere, which they reassure me they are. They have different people looking at different areas. I just -- as long as I can believe that Hailey`s alive, I`m going to choose to believe that. But they do tell me they`re looking everywhere.

"Not a whole lot" is her answer; yet, she is not satisfied with answering the question.  She has a need to now rehabilitate herself, now seen as not being given information, with an answer with more information:  "more than everybody else" (which is not true).  

It looks bad for her, but she will make sure that it appears that it is not just she and Adkins being not told, it is "everybody" else.  

She then goes on to report in the negative:  "I don't want them to be 'too' focused on Shawn."  This is very important to the narcissist:  focus on Shawn will lead to her.  This is why she lied about him hiding in her house:  she thought it was arrest time.  She knows that Shawn Adkins will bring her down with him.  

mother searching for missing daughter?
They are in this together.

The question was "what are police telling you?"  Her answer is "as long as I can believe..." is a different topic altogether.  This is habitual, by the seat of your pants deception, something that only comes with many years of practice. 

Here is another example:  Hailey's grandmother came on the show and talked about Shawn possibly raping Hailey.  Nancy Grace pointed out that Shawn drove to work at 6:00 AM and left a few minutes later, and lied about where he went and then asked Billie Jean Dunn about her daughter being "raped" as posed by the grandmother. 

The expectation is that Billie Dunn will address the rape allegation.  Her answer?

BILLIE DUNN: Why didn`t nobody tell me?

Instead of talking about rape, she turns the table on others, and blames others for not telling her.  This completely avoids the topic, "rape", which makes the question of "rape" very sensitive to Billie Dunn, who, instead of answering the allegation, turns the tables on others.  

Another example of deception by Billie Dunn:

GRACE: OK, you want to talk about the boyfriend. First, out to Billie Dunn. This is Hailey`s mother joining us tonight live from Colorado City, Texas. She`s there at the home. Ms. Dunn, thank you for being with us. Let`s just address those issues right now. Let`s talk about your boyfriend.
The audience and host want to know about the boyfriend as suspicions arose and reports have surfaced that may have contradicted the mother's statements. 


GRACE: Last night, you told me he was on his way home from work, but now I`m learning he was on his way home from his mother`s home?

It is very simple:  explain the contradiction.  She has forgotten that Billie knew of this already and on the previous night used the "either/or" method of deception.  This is not the point now, however.  The point is going beyond the boundary of the question: 

BILLIE DUNN: Yes. He had been at his mother`s house all day Monday. Police have confirmed that he got home about 3:00 o`clock, and Hailey left shortly after.

She said that police confirmed "a" and "b" in the same sentence; "a" being what time Shawn got home, but she added "b", "Hailey left shortly after."

Not only is this beyond the boundary, but it is also a lie.  Police did not confirm that Hailey left at 3:00 o'clock.  

"3" is the liar's number (McClish) and it is not confirmed by police.  In fact, police knew that Hailey did not leave the house at 3:00 o'clock; at least, she did not, as Nancy Grace said above, leave that house alive. 

Even as you listen to Billie Dunn continuing to speak out, notice how often she regularly goes beyond the boundary of the question.  This is indicative of her method of deception.  She does it almost every time she answers a question.  She seeks to control the information because she has a need to control the information.  

Hailey Dunn did not leave that home alive, and Billie Dunn does not have a "guy" in the FBI.  She is, along with Adkins, the only two suspects in the death of Hailey Dunn. 

This is not a "who done it?" case.  The mystery is where her body was dumped.  

That Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins are criminally linked together is not in dispute.  That she was the victim of a sexual homicide is not in dispute.  That both failed polygraphs is not in dispute.  Drugs are not in dispute.  Sexual perversion is not in dispute.  

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins must always remain in a bind together, as one's guilt is the other one's guilt.   Her behavior since Hailey's disappearance has been the same behavior she has always exhibited:  inappropriate sexual acting out.  Whether it is sending pictures of herself with her tongue out to married men, or other inappropriate pictures she willingly posts, Behavioral Analysis shows that she never searched yet sought to manipulate and control information. 

Drugs weaken the resistance, just as pornography desensitizes the human soul. 

Hailey was abused by the infusion of drugs into the home.  She was desensitized by the flood of pornographic material in her home; sexual material that was related to violence against children and animals.  The "slice and dice" videos link sexual arousal to pain.  

When Billie Dunn feels insulted, she is unafraid to post that she wants someone "gang raped" or that she calls them names that have sexual anatomy references included.  For her, sex and violence are organically connected, and it was the life she was raised in, the life Hailey was subjected to, and it continues today, even as she uses this language, that which is most familiar and comfortable to her, when insulting and threatening others.  

There will be arrests in this case and the two responsible will answer to justice:  In this life and in the next. 

Justice for Hailey will be realized.  

As to principle:

"Out of Bounds" means that the subject has gone outside the boundary of the question asked.  It may be that the subject avoided the question, or even answered the question, yet took over the reigns of the interview and changed the topic.  This is the activity of a long practiced deceiver.  In an interview, it must not be that the Interviewer change the topic that the subject wants changed.  The interviewer must be patient, not only noting the new and sensitive information, but must repeat the original question and force the subject into answering. 

How is it that the subject is "forced" into answering?

The subject is forced by his or her own pride. 

The subject wants to be believed, therefore, agrees to be interviewed rather than remain silent. The truthful and the deceptive both often want to answer questions; but for different reasons. 

The truthful wants the truth out, and the child's face published. 

The deceptive wish to change public perception and control the information in order to not be caught.  The guilty will often agree to be interviewed by police in order to learn what it is that the police know about the investigation.  This is why it is vital for Interviewers to have training and not reveal what it is that is known. 

The way we word our questions can teach the subject how to lie. 

When the subject goes beyond the realm of the question, outside the boundary, the information is a gold mine for knowledge because even lies reveal much, including the need to persuade and the need to deceive.  

Billie Dunn put herself front and center and allowed her answers to be studied for information. 

Even in the first two questions on her very first television appearance, we knew that Hailey was dead and that Billie Dunn, herself, needed an alibi. 

Posted on her facebook page, it is hard to believe the mother of a murdered teen could post this:

What follows is another theory of how Hailey died that many have believed likely:

I don't disagree that Billie found Hailey to be an up and coming rival, but IMO this is not how/why Hailey died. IMO, there was no jealous accidental fight involved. It is my feeling, and opinion, that Billie & Shawn BOTH, in a doped up frenzy participated in restraining Hailey, her violent rape, gagging, and extreme sexual abuse, until she died. These two loved violent sex. Lest we forget, Billie was accustomed to threesomes with Shawn that included other women, even children and animals. I agree with Peter, I believe Shawn could have dismembered Hailey prior to disposing of her; also that Billie is well aware, had her part in it too, and knows exactly where Hailey was dumped. Billie truly IS filthy to the core. I too look forward to the day when she is charged, IFF she ever is. Not holding my breath. onUnderstanding Billie Jean Dunn's Method of Deception


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Excellent article,the information outside the boundary of questioning was most informative and revealing,another juicy nugget in SA learned..

Tania Cadogan said...

Well said Peter.

Anonymous said...

*Peter Correction*

It was the night of the 26th (Sunday) that David last saw Hailey.

mommaklee said...

I have a family member who is a pathological liar and this is exactly what she does.

Texas said...

Here is an example of her recent deflection of information...Going from the Xbox and cable question to John Gardner because the person asking the question was from that area.... Hmmm is this sensitive information or Billie just trying to avoid answering questions??

I have read on different posts one person will say Billie said she had no cable & no internet, then the next post will say, oh yes, billie said she had cable & internet. I am not sure you must have one or the other for Xbox to work but ... I guess I want to ask, did you have cable in Dec 2010?
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn Yes,no internet,& no u don't need internet to play xbox
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn U don't need cable or internet for Xbox to work,just plug ins & a tv
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so no cable?
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn Yes,I believe I had cable at that time.
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn I know actually,I did have cable.
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn Ew,did u know John Gardner?
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn Just curious,that town rung a bell
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The Search for Hailey Dunn From what I remember he went to school at Rim of the World High School. Did you know him?
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn He lived in several locations in those mountains, what a monster!
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yes I saw a dateline special on him... monster indeed!
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The Search for Hailey Dunn Did you go to school with him? It is a small little mountain community.
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NO! haha Why the sudden interest in me?
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn That bastard is gonna pay in prison & in hell
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn Idk,probably,bc that blew them away like it did me. It's good to talk about other cases to though.
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn *too
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what blew who away? you lost me....
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn I loved when the one girl asked him how his nose felt
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn Oh me,when I heard u were from that area,made think of him,sorry.
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn Being friends with Carrie,I've don't quite a bit of research on that sicko
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Billie Jean Ostrander Dunn *done
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Texas said...

Would this be in te category of out of boundaries, it's hard to pinpoint a certain part in her

Here is the conversation regarding the pics Shawn sent to Cindy Glasco and Billie's responses:
Robin FlemingShawn was sending gross pics of himself via phone to someone in the family. That person called Billies phone and Hailey answered because she uses the phone. Hailey told her yes that's Shawns phone number. The person got on the phone with Billie and there was a huge screaming match with Billie defending Shawn and saying get over it it was a joke. Big fight. I believe Hailey was blamed for telling them it was Shawn.
I beleve Billie was in a rage and killed her by accident. Shawns fault so he helped her cover it up.
Billie Jean Ostrander I've already heard Cindy has told that lie,its gotten out to my real friends,who told me long ago,like I said that's why I blocked Cindy. I haven't tt Cindy in about 3 yrs & don't plan to either. Unless she admits the lie & tries to right the wrong.
Billie Jean Ostrander Ask Cindy why she lied. She tells ppl to tell me she doesn't ever say that stuff.
Billie Jean Ostrander U can tell her I said its a lie,Idc.
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Billie Jean Ostrander I wish they wouldn't. We can't make ppl stop lying,but what we can do is call them out on it. & none of them are going to have a good reason for doing it,bc there's not one. I'm real out here,what u see is what u get,I'll put it all out there & I can't stand fake,two faced ppl & I can't stand liars,I'm not talking about a small white lie once in a blue moon,I mean vicious liars.
Cindy Glasco some of that it true.let me tell you my side.its a long story.

Texas said...

Billie Jean Ostrander The only truth is that Shawn sent her a pic & no it wasn't Monday,for one & no Cindy never called me & told me,LE told me a week or two later & who would blame Hailey anyway! His number wasn't blocked!
8 minutes ago via mobile • Like • 2
Billie Jean Ostrander Anything else is a lie
Cindy Glasco the sunday before Hailey went missing me and Hailey were texting off and on all day.i was at the park fishing with my boy and a friend.i got a text from a 325 area code asking me if i wanted to share dirty pics. i said who is this?they said do u want to or not.again i said who is this.they said u know me cindy. then i started getting obscene pics of some dudes private parts.i showed my male friend whom i was fishing with.before i could even text back they had sent a total of 5 or 6 pics.i said i was gonna call the police if they didnt leave me alone.they so oh i guess you didnt want to play.i said who is this.they said lets just say its Casey..i was i looked at the pics again and noticed that they were taken in Billies bathroom.i called hailey and asked her what SA number was.she told me and it was the same number.i told her to tell billie to call me when she got home.around 8 i got a text that said this is billie i cant talk cause im almost out of minutes.i told her what happened.she said that SA meant to send them to her.then i get a text from SA number saying the same thing.i texted back one was. prick.i have 2 witnesses that saw all the pics and texts.also the texas rangers and FBI Agent sorry.i dont kbow how he got my number.i never liked sorry Billie. bur thats what happened.
• Cindy Glasco i moved away when Hailey was 10 and only went back once when my mom paased away.that was December of 2009.
Cindy Glasco FBI Daniel Cottner called me sometime later and askes me did i talk to Billie.i told him no that we just texted.he said how did u know it was Billie and not SA texting u on Billies phone.i said i didnt.i just assumed it was Billie.
about a minute ago via mobile • Like
• Billie Jean Ostrander I never tt to Cindy!
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Texas said...

Billie Jean Ostrander I never messaged her either. I was told by LE it was one pic. Idc how many pics it was,all I care about is she doesn't need to say she spoke to me,bc she didn't & she didn't hear me & Hailey fighting bc that didn't happen
Cindy Glasco im really wore out and tired guys.its been one long weekend and im not in the mood to answer questions.i will be glad to amswer them tomorrow.once again i have no idea how he got my number
about a minute ago via mobile • Like
• Billie Jean Ostrander And if I would've been told about it that night,I would've kicked shawns ass,the only one who did anything wrong.
Billie Jean Ostrander If she didn't say it,then yes,somebody added to it
Billie Jean Ostrander I do want her to answer though,its another lie,no it doesn't help to know who started it,but I still want to know.
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Cindy Glasco I have never said that about Billie.
7 minutes ago via mobile • Like • 1
Cindy Glasco I've never accused Billie of ever having anything to do with Haileys wonder a lot of people were hate'ng on me.
Billie Jean Ostrander Ok,thanks. Well its good to know she denies those parts,so somebody else took her version & added lies to it.
3 minutes ago via mobile • Like
I have a question. Cindy said that the pics sent from Shawn were on the Sunday before Hailey went missing. I'm assuming she means 12/26 when Billie said she cooked the Christmas dinner and they all sat around watching movies and relaxing? If so, why did Cindy want Hailey to have Billie text her "when she got home" ? I thought Billie said she was home all day. By the way I believe Cindy. I'm just wanting the date of the pics. txs
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Texas said...

Cindy Glasco i have no idea what SA was thinking.i had family from out of town on that sunday who also talked to Hailey.the date is was the sunday before Hailey dissapeared.
Cindy Glasco I told Hailey to tell Billie to call me so I could tell her what happened.I don't remember if Hailey said Billie was home or gone.I just told her to have her mom call me.the text came in around 8.I don't know if Billie was home or will have to ask her.I didn't find out Hailey was missing till that Wednesday.the only reason I told my story to the TX Rangers about that Sunday IS because Hailey went missing or I would of never said a word about those pics.I don't remember when cottner called me.but he believed that Billie never knew about the pics and it was SA using her phone pretending to be Billie.I can look thru all my notes and see if I can find something about might take awhile.I have a lot of notes.I just wish this shit never happened.
2 hours ago via mobile • Like • 1

Billie Jean Ostrander And for the record,I never told fox news or anyone that a fight broke out bc it didn't.
Billie Jean Ostrander Yeah,she got a pic & the rest we're lies added on by ???? Who??? She said also,she never spoke to me,never heard fighting,bc there was no fighting! LE toke me after the fact,then I asked Shawn. And are u saying the girls,jean,celinda,Dennis we're all lying about seeing her Monday too? I just got woke up today by tx ranger & got good news & guess what,it has nothing to do with this story.
Okay so wait a second. Billie is awful eager to minimize this new information, why? If Billie was home and Hailey told her to contact Cindy, how did Shawn come into the picture? Shawn sent the apology on his phone. And on Billie's phone? And do you see where there is a disconnect here? Hailey told Billie that Cindy called. Billie is saying she never heard of it at all. This all happened on Sunday night, the night in question for many regarding what happened to Hailey. I'm very concerned about Billie's wanting to make this information go away.
3 hours ago • Like • 3

Billie Jean Ostrander I didn't make it go away,we set the story straight lastnight.
39 minutes ago via mobile • Like

Billie Jean Ostrander Another thing,most of here aren't going to waste time on bs theories. Call LE & ask if they're concerned with that if it worries u. Just so u know,I've been looked at & questioned,news flash.
Billie Jean Ostrander Haha,it was settled the same night & I found out the truth,my aunt never added all those lies,she thought she text me & let me know. Me & LE came to that conclusion the same night they made me aware of the pics. So I apologize Cindy,ppl wanted others to believe that u added that sickening bs to the truth. I know now u didn't.and thank woj for removing the revolting lies & the thread with ppl trying to stir up crap. Woj doesn't allow the bogus lies,u guys predictably,moved it to another page anyway.
Billie Jean Ostrander Ur welcome. I'm glad robin admitted that " Billie went into a rage & took it out on Hailey" we're her words,not urs! LE told me what happend,Shawn admitted it,but ppl were telling me u we're saying all that bs. It doesn't evenake any sense to say I found out,went into a rage & took it out on Hailey! Omg,she didn't make Shawn send it! How stupid! If they feel LE hasn't looked into me or Shawn good enough & they think they've made "startling revelations",then call LE!

Texas said...

Last part...
Ok. First of all, I wanted to know where the entire 256 posts went from this group and I didn't get an answer. Next, I never said anything about Billie Jean hurting Hailey. I asked a very simple straightforward question which Billie refuses to answer. And continues to refuse to answer. DID HAILEY TELL BILLIE THAT CINDY CALLED ON SUNDAY???? Simple question.
22 minutes ago • Like
Billie Jean Ostrander No,she did Not
18 minutes ago via mobile • Like

Billie Jean Ostrander Or ya know what,maybe Hailey did ask me to call & I just never got around to. Any way u look at it ppl like u won't be satisfied,not with a yes or no!
13 minutes ago via mobile • Like • 1

Billie Jean Ostrander And seriously? LE has told me a lot & we've done A LOT of talking & his some obviously new info for u,there r different branches of LE. I've always tt tx rangers,still do & would love to be in contact with ccpd,so much so,I called & spoke with officer bivens last week
Billie Jean Ostrander Not a problem dawwg. Clear,however? No I said she very well could have asked me to call & I just didn't. I do believe Cindy asked her to though & I do believe Cindy wanted to tell what Shawn sent her.

Loulou said...

Yesterday, BJD knew that her "missing" daughter was going to be featured on Nancy Grace.... Enough to drop any parent of a "missing" child to their knees. What is she doing? Posting on her Facebook about a male friend coming to town, having a good time and letting loose the last few weekends. Seriously, BJD? Not a mother on this planet who had a child "missing" would be able to do that. However, a murdering mother who was arrogant (stupid) enough to think she had gotten away with it would. I so look forward to the day she is charged.

Unknown said...

I did not think Billie-Jean Dumm could ever disgust me any more than she already has, until this morning when she posted this e-card on her fb page:
It's a picture of a Mom holding a little baby & says:
"You may think you are cute by waking up at the ass-crack of dawn, but just day you will be a teenager, and payback sucks."

She is filthy to the core.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Bonnie, that is just awful.

I should add it to the article I wrote about her deception; it highlights what Dr. Glass said about how she viewed Hailey as a rival.


Blaze said...

Billie Jean sickens me to the core..

Unknown said...

I am glad you put it there, thank you.
I hope the next post or picture we see of Bil-LIE is of her wearing a pair of new silver bracelets on her way to take a tour of her new room at the State Penn.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree that Billie found Hailey to be an up and coming rival, but IMO this is not how/why Hailey died. IMO, there was no jealous accidental fight involved.

It is my feeling, and opinion, that Billie & Shawn BOTH, in a doped up frenzy participated in restraining Hailey, her violent rape, gagging, and extreme sexual abuse, until she died. These two loved violent sex. Lest we forget, Billie was accustomed to threesomes with Shawn that included other women, even children and animals.

I agree with Peter, I believe Shawn could have dismembered Hailey prior to disposing of her; also that Billie is well aware, had her part in it too, and knows exactly where Hailey was dumped.

Billie truly IS filthy to the core. I too look forward to the day when she is charged, IFF she ever is. Not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Peter, you are the only one who keeps hailey and Billie and Shawn in our sight. Local LE, bless their efforts, do not have the experience or resources to do anything. I know they are committed and frustrated. So, FBI and rangers, get this done please. These two are pretty stupid. Get it together and focus on them please. Local anon, very frustrated..

Anonymous said...

Seriously FBI and other LE. All these social network conversations and no one is acting on this? Explain please. My Texas pay your salary and I am counting on you. We all count on you. Please, make tis a priority. Please.

Anonymous said...

Really! Pay attention to the social media and the actions of Billie and Shawn. And LE isn't t watching their every move? These are the dumb of the the dumb making you look less than competent. I know all LE involved on this case is are competent and committed. Please get the resources to make these two accountable. I know you want to. Please tell your superiors we are demanding it.

Anonymous said...

During a blog radio show, Billie Dunn was asked if Shawn Adkins resided in Rotan Texas. Billie said, "no". Interested in knowing whether or not this area was searched.

loulou said...

Bonnie Blue... I guess BJD reads here... the ecard is no longer on her f/b page. That truly is disgusting. I cannot even fathom it. Her day is coming and I hope everyday she wakes up and wonders if today is the day Sean turns on her.

Anonymous said...

Look at the raunchy pic of Billie with that street performer! She is provacatively perched in between to store signs, one called "All Saints" and the other "Status".

How ironic! Even forever caught in a pic, Billie's true self plays out...
Her desire of " The Almighty Mother Sainthood" and "Status"(aka: her GREATNESS!) and displayed in the middle her surprising violent jump with a touch of exposed rump and semi- erection in tow....
Picture, picture tells us all....statement analysis captured on film.... :-). LOL


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I do believe Billie shared that, Hailey would go to Snyder on many occasion. However, on Monday, December 27, 2010, Hailey did not want to go. I am not certain whether Billie shared when she and Hailey had this conversation. I also believe Billie shared that Hailey was told if she did not go to Snyder, she was not to leave the house because she had been grounded. What was the cause for the grounding?

Anonymous said...

O forgot!

Love the bonding Billie feels with that street performer, poor guy, watch out!, she's eyeing up that dollar bill !!

She is expecting to be paid for her performance. She's the best!, ya know?...... LOL


Anonymous said...

Did Hailey share with a relative, in a phone call, that she was "afraid to go home"?

If so, who was the relative and when did this transpire?

If not, it seems strange that both, Billie and Clint have referenced "fixing" any problem in their crying out to Hailey to come home.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how Billie and Shawn are still walking around free. They progressed to the point of murder after drugs, child porn, and who knows what else. They didn't just walk away from all those activities. There has to be something they could be arrested for on a weekly basis.

Lis said...

She seriously put that ecard on her page? I'm... speechless.

Notamuser said...

Has the significance of the orange ribbons ever been identified? Why orange? The orange/black theme gives the Hailey reward posters a hideous Halloween-like appearance.

Has BJD claimed orange as Hailey's favorite color? I can't find pictures of Hailey in orange.

I did, however, find pictures of the two suspects in prison-issue orange. Is this a coincidence?

John Mc Gowan said...

My Girlfriend is new to this case,and CAN NOT understand how those two things,yes you did read it right THINGS are getting away with this,

I dont know if this has already been done however,has there been an on line petition put forward to LE and goverment?

Tania Cadogan said...

Billie Jean Ostrander I didn't make it go away,WE set the story straight lastnight.
39 minutes ago via mobile.

Gotta love those pronouns. Who is we?

And continues to refuse to answer. DID HAILEY TELL BILLIE THAT CINDY CALLED ON SUNDAY???? Simple question.
22 minutes ago • Like

Billie Jean Ostrander No,she did Not
18 minutes ago via mobile • Like

Billie Jean Ostrander Or ya know what,maybe Hailey did ask me to call & I just never got around to.

She can't even keep her own lies straight.
She makes a denial and then thinks crap maybe someone can prove otherwise. tell you what let me answer again and this time say she did but i didn't reply.
She has to cover all bases.
What she has succeeded in doing is muddying the water.
No one can pin her down to a definite answer as it will change depending who asks the question, when it is asked (is she drunk,drugged or sober) and if she has been fighting with shawn or whoever.
Een if her answer was recoreded or she wrote it down , when questioned about it she would immediately back track, that's not what i meant, i misspoke etc.
She is a slippery customer and these lies are now a natural part of her every day. Breathe eat lie.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This is another theory that also has many supporters:

I don't disagree that Billie found Hailey to be an up and coming rival, but IMO this is not how/why Hailey died. IMO, there was no jealous accidental fight involved. It is my feeling, and opinion, that Billie & Shawn BOTH, in a doped up frenzy participated in restraining Hailey, her violent rape, gagging, and extreme sexual abuse, until she died. These two loved violent sex. Lest we forget, Billie was accustomed to threesomes with Shawn that included other women, even children and animals. I agree with Peter, I believe Shawn could have dismembered Hailey prior to disposing of her; also that Billie is well aware, had her part in it too, and knows exactly where Hailey was dumped. Billie truly IS filthy to the core. I too look forward to the day when she is charged, IFF she ever is. Not holding my breath. on Understanding Billie Jean Dunn's Method of Deception

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter for reposting my excerp. I am adamant in my belief that Billie had her hand in helping to kill Haleigh, and not as a result of some jealous fit over Shawn's attentions to Hailey; inasmuch as she has already proved that she is capable of having her part in killing Hailey and helping to dispose of her.

Let's put it like this; if she is capable of having threesome (or more) sex with Shawn and others, is capable of performing the filthiest of adult porn, is capable of having painful, despicable rape/sex with helpless children and animals, then she is capable of forcing, raping and video taping her own daughter in a violent sex act with video cameras rolling. Billie wouldn't bat an eyelash while she & Shawn bound, beat and violently raped Hailey to death, with or without others in attendance.

Seeing the deviant and twisted pathological liar and sociopath she is, she is also capable of helping to dismember and dispose of her daughter. This woman has no bounderies and no remorse. She ENJOYED what they did to Hailey.

Nic said...

Next, Nancy Grace asked, "What happened?" to which Billie Dunn said,

"She went missing while I was at work"

Note that this is outside the boundary of the question, "What happened?" and answers the question, "When did she go missing?" which was not asked.

What always got me about this answer is how does BJD know that Hailey went missing "while she was at work?" When BJD supposedly found out Hailey was gone, she was at work, but Hailey left the house the afternoon before (supposedly) for her dad's and then her friend's for a sleepover, never to be seen again. So technicially she went missing the day before.

Alibi building for sure.

Nic said...

Oh, and I should add, maybe Hailey did go missing "while she was at work". As in the morning that SA quit his job. Not all cell phone pings have been released but we do know he was back around the home at 7:30-ish... and then there is his statement analysis about what he did that day... I've always believed that SA was the one to dispose of Hailey.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pilly Jean goes thru Peters blog trying desperately to understand her own sick and disgusting statements and all the analysis of her daughters murder.

I wonder if she is so self sure and centered that she believes that she is just getting over on all the experts and LE...

I wonder if she tries hard to "fix" or "restate" the words that have her by the throat. Yet she is so deranged and deviant, she cannot do so for her heartlessness and depravity are too much to ever see how.

Anonymous said...

You could be onto something. In the beginning, and maybe still, she was casting suspicions on Mary Beth's family as if Hailey had made it there. So, under her scenarios, how would she know Hailey disappeared while she was at work during the day? If she made it to MB's and if she was out at night walking, as she still talks about, then Billie was NOT at work.

Anonymous said...

God does not like ugly and does not like these two murdering idiots. God will take care of Hailey Dunn.

Anonymous said...

Good point Nic, hopefully LE has caught that or see it now. If she didn't have anything to do with it, then how would she know when she actually went missing??

loulou said...

Nic... while she was busy building her alibi with Nancy Grace, she slipped.... she is not nearly as smart and as in control as she thinks she is. Don't rest easy BJD... they ARE going to arrest you.

BostonLady said...

According to discussions on facebook, CCPD has turned over the case to the FBI. Billie had to meet with the FBI on Veteran's day. She stated with "my FBI guy" and she had to drive 5 hours. Yet, she can speak with him on the phone any time. Why the need to drive the 5 hours ? Was she summoned? Is the FBI wrapping up the final details ?

Tick tock

John Mc Gowan said...

Appologies if this has already been posted.

EXCLUSIVE: Sister of Jailed Woman Claiming Hailey Dunn Was Drugged to Death Speaks to NewsWest 9

Updated: Oct 25, 2012 3:59 AM GDT

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS- In an exclusive report, NewsWest 9 spoke with one of the sisters of the jailed woman who claims to know what happened to missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn. This week, NewsWest 9 reported that law enforcement agencies are shifting their investigation of Dunn's disappearance to Odessa.

Sonja Callahan wrote a letter from an Odessa jail claiming she saw a young girl who matched Dunn's description. In the letter, she claims that girl was held against her will and drugged in an Odessa home. She wrote that the girl eventually died of an overdose and was dumped behind the Ector County Coliseum. Investigators reportedly searched the area but didn't find anything. So far, nothing from the letter has turned out to be credible but this investigation is still ongoing.

Sonja Callahan's older sister, Mialinda Martin of Abilene, says Callahan told her this alleged incident was all sparked from a dope deal that went horribly wrong and Hailey was supposedly used as collateral for a drug debt that the teen's family owed.

Roughly four months ago, Callahan sent the letter to one of her sisters, Hope. "My sister, Hope, called me and she's like, 'You really need look at this because she's saying that it's Hailey Dunn,' because she had told her over the phone that it was Hailey Dunn," Martin told NewsWest 9.

To be clear, we're told the letter never actually mentions the girl's name. Martin says that was done in phone calls. Callahan writes that the girl was forcibly held in an Odessa home. She claims she was there to witness all the horror that the teen endured.

"[My sister] said today...whenever I talked to her...she said that it was Hailey Dunn and she went into detail a few days ago on how...what Hailey was she was walking back and they were laughing in her face," Martin said.

The letter also claims the girl was drugged. Martin says Callahan informed her as to why that happened.

"And, the reason that they overdosed her...they gave her drugs...was because she was so 'out of it'...she was so freaked out," Martin said.

According to the letter, the girl reportedly died and her body was dumped behind the Ector County Coliseum. Detectives searched there but found nothing. An investigation is still underway.

Martin adds that her sister has never been a very reliable source of information and has an extensive history of landing behind bars.

"I don't know if I believe it. I don't know if I should or not, you know? I don't. Honestly, I don't know," Martin said.

Martin also told NewsWest 9 that Callahan was a narcotics informant for the sheriff's department in Abilene for nearly 10 years. Officers there said that they cannot divulge into any information as to who they use for informants.

Abilene's KTAB-TV and KRBC-TV are reporting that the FBI is investigating "persons of interest" based off of information provided to authorities in the letter. However, the FBI office we were referred to in Dallas will not confirm nor deny that.

Shelley said...

I am pretty sure I read somewhere that Mary Beths parents said that Hailey has never spent the night there before and they sure had no knowledge she was planning to that night. I think that was a name they had heard and threw it out there.
But agree with a lot that she never left that house alive.

Shelley said...

I am also disturbed at the photo of them above in the find hailey shirts. They are both smiling like they are just out having a good time. Not that a child is really missing.

They are both evil

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand how ANYONE cannot see the rotten lousy filthy parent Billie Jean was as a mother, or how her actions and lack of actions led to her daughter's death, including her own participation in her death and the cover up.

THIS POS pile of trash brought drugs and alcohol into her home and around her children. She bought, sold and used drugs and alcohol in their presence. She stole food out of their mouths to pay for her drugs, alcohol and violent video materials.

She brought a violent man into their home and shared a bed with him in the presence of her children; not even caring that this same man had also threatened her daughter. Never mind that he had threatened HER; the issue isn't her, it is her DAUGHTER.

She and her filthy lover spent their time doping and watching violent sex movies in the home where her children lived and had this filth stashed all over THEIR home and made it available to them at any time.

She made and loved making raw adult porn with her disgusting lover; HERSELF, also raping, video taping and rewatching the cries of pain as helpless children and animals were raped; all this in the home where her children lived. She lived and existed for her own sensual sick filthy pleasures, and be damned with her vulnerable children at her mercy.

SHE ALONE is responsible for the violent death and dumping of her daughter; her sidekick Shawn Adkins is/was under HER control and at her commamnd. They are BOTH responsible and guilty in Hailey's violent homicide.

Take a look for yourself what this human piece of garbage REALLY is, and was PRIOR to Hailey's disappearance, and find me just ONE shred of ONE redeeming quality. You can't.

There is still someone who would believe one word that comes out of Billie Dunn's disgusting mouth and would have the nerve to defend her? Then there is something wrong with you. You find excuses for her? Are you doing these same things to your OWN kids? You aren't even worth responding too.

Anonymous said...

Having pointed out how Billie's lifestyle alone proves what a deranged and disgusting monster mother Billie Jean Dunn is; I wish to add to the above post, that anyone who still wants to be taken in and believe Billie's "I was a good mother" lies and whining, needs to also take a look at Statement Analysis.

Whether one wants to argue about it or not, give him credit or not; Peter Hyatt has pointed out Billie's lies from the first night she spoke and continuously, including the above article. This case alone, has been excellent statement analysis training for anyone seeking to understand the concepts and difference between a liar and one telling the truth.

The truth is not in Billie Jean Dunn. She is a pathological liar and a drug addicted sociopath and disgusting sex fiend; AND a murderer. Not only does her disgusting lifestyle prove this to be the case, but so does statement analysis.

As much as I dislike Nancy disGrace, this is one time I wish she could have blatantly backed Billie into the corner like she did with Melissa Duckett, but apparently the powers-that-be have made her calm down and CHA.

So sure am I of Billie's involvement in Hailey's violent death; that, at this point, I'd almost be willing to pat Shawn Atkins on the back if he'd just rat out Billie Jean! I honestly believe that he would get less time than she would if he would just TALK and tell the truth about BILLIE'S involvement in Hailey's death.

Anonymous said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

If he dismembered her and put her in a well will she ever be found?

Anonymous said...

She will say someone else put it there. She will lie.

Anonymous said...

Me too. And im not a Billie hater. I saw family videos of her on You Tube when Hailey was a little girl. Billie was so sweet, even cooing to Hailey, and calling her pretty. It was when her and Clint were still married. They made me cry. But something happened to her, something changed, and she needs help. If SA cared anything about himself or BJD, he would make a deal and get her the help she needs.

Anonymous said...

I think Hailey died shortly after her brother left that last night for his friends house. I have always said that the boyfriend most likely got rid of the body on his way to work that day he stopped in for 10 minutes to get a soft drink. He could have put the body in the trunk of the car the night before when it was dark so nobody would see him. Funny, after that day the car had problems. My guess is he knew a place way out in the sticks where nobody would look long enough for the coyotes and wild hogs to get rid the evidence, the body. Nothing about the mother and boyfriend showed any grieving, they were sneaking around to meet, she lied about his being at her home which caused her to be arrested. Not to mention the drug use. Then both left town and moved which the mother of a missing child never does. They stay put in case that child comes home....unless they know they aren't coming home. Both failed the polygraph but they weren't questioned again....this makes NO sense. We heard news that there was lots of porn including child porn but nobody was arrested. This case has haunted me because justice hasn't been served. I have lost all faith in the justice system when murderers of a child can just go with their lives like nothing has happened.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

Anonymous said...

what a clown the author is. the girl's body has been found. it would have been impossible for the mother or boy friend to have put it there in the time allotted. they are innocent. nice rush to judgment moron.

Anonymous said...

well calling ppl jumping the gun cause the body was found that they didn't do it, well it has been a couple years there buddy...that body could have been moved several times over so what is this time allotment your talking about!

Habundia said...

Her mother no longer a suspect?
"In a 2016 interview, Billie Dunn told KTAB and KRBC, "I feel sadness over not having her home yet. I feel anger over not having an arrest yet. I feel anger over somebody not having any remorse to confess. It's always in the back of my mind," she continued. "I just try to keep very busy."

Hailey was last seen on 27 Dec 2010 (the article says), her body was found over 3 years after her disappearance (March 2013), Billy says in a 2016 interview "I feel sadness over not having her home YET?"
Wasn't her body already been found by 2016? Didn't she buried her when her body was released over to her?
So how would Hailey be able to come home YET?"

This case is obviously a case of "without a reasonable doubt they are guilty!"
People to much relay on physical evidence, people (criminals) get smarter and learn how to leave as little evidence as possible. In the end it's their own words that reveil the truth.
This should be enough just as a fingerprint would be enough to "seal the deal".
What are they waiting for? A confession?
Without any pressure I don't believe that will happen.
Are they following her on social media?
Has anyone followed her those years? I wonder if it would have received even more.
Would a jury need more then to read Peter's analysis?
I wouldn't

If she would go to her father and she never got there then she didn't leave the home and they both have admitted Shawn "did see her" (@the house)
This all happened on the same day Shawn 'quited working and went in to turn in his "overalls") (which he never did according to his boss)

Was Billy ever asked if she saw Hailey alive when she left for work?
I don't think she has been asked
Have co-workers of Billy ever said how she acted the day when Hailey disappeared when she "supposedly" not yet wansnt aware Hailey was missing?
Did they notice anything different to her?

I hope Hailey will gets her justice.......r will she come in the line of victims who never got their justice and of which the perpetrator(s) could live on as if they didn't do anything wrong!