Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Understanding the Death of Ayla Reynolds

In December of 2011, single father, Justin DiPietro reported his child was missing, with the implication that she had been kidnapped from his own mother's home.  She has not been seen since. 

In December of 2011, the police investigation began in earnest. 

With a child missing there is a 'book' to follow; that is, a protocol to follow.  

John Walsh, father of Adam Walsh and host of "America's Most Wanted" has given consistent advice to parents of missing children for decades:  Demand a polygraph, clear yourself, and work with police from the very beginning. 

Police asked Justin DiPietro to address the kidnapper, via media.  This is the most critical step in getting back a stolen child:  speak personable, gently, but firmly to the kidnapper and open negotiations.  If the situation is money, arrangements for ransom must be raised.  If it is custodial, the other parent or interested party is readily identified and the tracking begins simultaneously with the emotional appeal.  If it is that someone has disapproved of the parenting, the party is also easily known:  someone close to the family. 

Justin DiPietro refused. 

DiPietro refused to speak to the kidnapper; in essence, to 'call out' for his 'missing child' the way any parent would in Walmart or the woods, when a child wanders off.  It is the most natural instinctive reaction, and when denied, it is a signal of criminality present.  DiPietro issued a statement claiming to be "emotionally incapable" of speaking out for Ayla.  He did, however, want to speak out when provoked by the child's mother, indicating the acute pride associated with pathological liars.  Liars can bear almost anything but being called a "liar."  This is called "The Liar's Pride" and is seen in challenges, finger wagging, and the 'cutting off the nose to spite the face' that liars do, to their own demise.  

In his statement he not only referenced Ayla in the past tense, but said he had "no idea" what happened to her, even though he had reported her kidnapped.  

 This led police to step 2:  the polygraph.  

John Walsh advices parents of missing children to demand a polygraph immediately.  It is for the child's benefit, as the nervous but innocent parent can answer 5 or 10 simple questions, given to them in the pre-screening process and say, 

"I don't know what happened to Ayla."
"I did not harm or kill Ayla."
"I do not have knowledge of Ayla's disappearance."
"I don't know where Ayla is."

This immediately sets the focus upon finding Ayla, and off the parent. 

Instead of immediately taking the polygraph, police were forced to enter into negotiations with DiPietro, in an attempt to get him to take it.  They issued a public statement highlighting the sensitivity:

"Justin DiPietro is fully cooperating with the investigation."  

To even state that a parent is "cooperating" should be unnecessary but the sensitivity of "fully" cooperating was not lost on the public. 

They also had the acute pride of a liar:   Many pathological liars take a polygraph simply because they were challenged to.  They cannot bear being thought of as a liar, and police use this, tactically, to get the liar to take the polygraph. 

Justin DiPietro failed it.  

He was home, that fateful night, with his sister, Elisha DiPeitro, and his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts.  His mother, owner of the house, Phoebe DiPietro, was on CNN and reported hearing "nothing" the night before Ayla was reported missing. 

When the video of Phoebe DiPietro hit the public, body language analysis showed deception, which quickly spread and increased suspicion.  She was forced to admit that when she heard "nothing", she was not in the house that night, highlighting for the public that the mother of the main suspect has a reason to lie. At best, all the grandmother could say was that "you" are waiting for the police to call about "your" granddaughter; not hers.  It was a weak and poor performance. 

Elisha DiPietro, Ayla's aunt, also failed her polygraph.  

Courtney Roberts, somewhat more sophisticated, refused to take one. 

Frustrated, police now were faced with three liars, all sticking to the same "I dunno" story about a little girl whom, according to the principles of Statement Analysis, is likely dead. 

Police then issued a statement:  The kidnapping story does not pass "the straight face test" and that all three adults in the home have conspired to withhold information from police. 

While this was going on, Ayla's mother revealed some startling and disturbing information:

1.  Ayla had been routinely found to have unexplained injuries, including a black eye and an injured leg. 

2.  Ayla had a broken arm which went untreated for 24 hours, while in the care of DiPietro. 

3.  Justin DiPietro sent text messages to the mother, Trista Reynolds, claiming 'worry' that someone would 'take' Ayla from his care.  

Child abuse experts know that leg injuries are common in toddlers that have their diapers changed roughly, due to the wrenching of the legs when a child squirms.  Ayla had a black eye which DiPietro claimed, "she got into a fight" at the ball pit at Portland's Chuck E. Cheese.  Toddlers do not "get into fights" but the choice of language reveals someone of whom violence is a way of life.  The Portland restaurant does not have a ball pit. 

Child Protective Services social workers are familiar with delayed medical intervention for injured children as it is, regrettably, not uncommon.  It is a strong signal that substance abuse is a factor in the injury and the parent needed time to sober up.  Unnoticed injuries, the other claim, is a signal of Neglect.  Either way, the delay is alarming. 

As to Child Protective Services failure or culpability, this is something that can only be learned by court order that Trista Reynolds may pursue, through the retention of an attorney.  I am willing to bet that there are any number of local attorneys who would donate their time, not in exchange for publicity, as this case has died out from the national stage, but due to the cause of justice for Ayla.  

Police then revealed that blood was found in the basement.  This sent a chill collectively through the State of Maine.  People debated on whether this blood was Ayla's or not.  Police then revealed that it was a "substantial" amount of blood and that it belonged to Ayla Reynolds.  

In Justin DiPietro's released statement, he said that there were rumors "floating" out there.  His choice of words led experts to believe that he had disposed of Ayla in water, and the Kennebec River became the area searched often.  

Lastly came the saddest release of information in the tragic life and death of Ayla Reynolds.  

Police had told us that Ayla was not kidnapped but had met foul play in the home of her father, and that the three adults in the home were deceptively withholding information.  The only remaining mystery was:

1.  How Ayla died
2.  Where Ayla's remains were dumped. 

Yet it was this last piece of information that caught those wishing for justice for Ayla by surprise:

The father had purchased a life insurance policy against the life of little Ayla.  

Chronically under or unemployed, single father of two, Justin DiPietro purchased life insurance, not for his children, but against only one child, the one who, merely 6 weeks later, was reported missing. 

This does not mean, de facto, that he killed Ayla for the prize money.  It does mean, however, that the ongoing physical abuse and neglect, now had a financial incentive that would weigh on him, even while she may have cried and gotten on his short-fuse nerves.  

The money can work its way into the human heart in the most subtle of ways.  "The love of money is the root of all evil" says the Bible.  It is not "money" but the "love of money."  It is the "root", or genesis, of all sorts of evil.  It can work its influence in a way that can make it appear almost non existent. 

Drugs numb the soul.  If one has been raised in violence, the soul is already numbed or desensitized to violence.  This lack of sensitivity, coupled with the notion of a major amount of money, especially to the unemployed or under-employed (lack of college, career guidance) can conspire together for the "perfect storm" of danger for a child. 

What may not have started out as a cold killing for profit could likely turn into this very thing, with the temper flying, the lack of sleep, or, perhaps, the impact of withdrawal from narcotics, conspiring together with an already violence-desensitized soul, with an ever escalating intensity of violence and injury of Ayla, and...

her blood is spilled, cleaned up, yet still caught by the use of lumenol, which highlights the blood after being cleaned up.  

Any doubts that Ayla may have been alive were removed by the finding of blood. 

What may have started out as a temper and unintended death, had the subtle fueling of greed beneath it. In his mind, the life insurance policy may not have been his "motive" but may have been an underling driving force. 

After all, 

he did not buy life insurance for Ayla, but was betting that she would bring him wealth. 
he did not buy life insurance for his other child. 

The shadow of drugs loomed larger when police told us that at the apartment in Portland where Ayla had been, was a major drug bust, with a large cache of expensive drugs recovered, and a federal charge against Brianna Roberts, Courtney Roberts' sister.  The connection was unmistakably strong.  

Should DiPietro attempt to cash in on this policy, he will be met with crackerjack insurance investigators, trained in Statement Analysis, ready to protect the company's payout, along with the emotional drive of justice for Ayla. An insurance investigator is not likely to hold emotional disconnect when he or she sees the picture of Ayla.  There will be more incentive than just a job well done.  Nothing good can come of continuing to make the premiums for DiPietro. 

Life insurance against a child's life is to pay for a funeral.  In Maine, at most, the cost may be $500, but given Maine Care, the cost is more likely than not to be nothing; free to welfare recipients.  

What single father buys life insurance against a healthy child?
What single unemployed (or under-employed) father buys life insurance against one child but not against the other?  (Imagine the chill in the blood of the other child's mother, as she considered what may have come of her child as well?)  

What single, unemployed father buys life insurance, not for, but against a healthy child, ignoring the other child, only to report her 'missing' 6 weeks later?

What single, unemployed father buys life insurance, for for, but against a healthy child, ignoring the other child, only to report her 'missing' 6 weeks later, while failing a polygraph?

No matter what took place that night, the influence of the money to be gained off of Ayla's death, was present, if only in the subconscious.  It was there each time she cried, complained, or imposed herself, as babies do, upon the 'adult time' of the parent.  

It was there, each time a premium was paid.  

It was there, each time the child support had to be paid, as the bitterness increased within one who had been raised in violence, raised to be a bully, and who's temper, revealing a narcissism and entitlement, exploded on that fateful night when Ayla met foul play, and her blood sprayed across the basement floor. 

Each excuse or attempt to explain away every aspect of the case has only incensed the public and made the defender odious to the community.  

When a child is kidnapped, the innocent parent will:

1.  Call out to the child
2.  Pass a polygraph
3.  Work diligently for her return

In this case, Justin DiPietro used the most cowardly of excuses, as he claimed to be "emotionally incapable"of calling out to Ayla. 

In this case, Justin DiPietro could not pass a polygraph, but could only "smoke it"; as if it was a joint of marijuana, or an 8th grade English test. 

In this case, Justin DiPietro could only hide from the police and the public, and give no information as to where she could be recovered and given a Christian burial. 

The liar's pride diminished after the failed polygraph.  Once the father issued a challenge to Nancy Grace to spend a day in his shoes, so producers flew to Maine for this very reason. 

DiPietro wouldn't answer the door. 

He showed that he had guilty knowledge of her death, from the very beginning, and has his own self interest at heart:  he cannot speak out without personal consequence.  

Ayla lived a life of physical abuse and neglect.  

She suffered from an increase in violence and injuries, culminating in a broken arm, likely the result of violent wrenching of a hot tempered adult, only to later meet her final demise in the basement of a home where neglect and anger, along with substance abuse were the forefront of life, while the backdrop remained ever so heavy in its influence:  the money gained from the child's death.

We continue to hope for justice for Ayla, but it will not come until prosecutors decide to try all three in criminal conspiracy, since it is that they acted "in concert" to deliberately withhold information from police.  

Too much time has passed for the remains to yield much forensic information, and it is apparent that the "Waterville Three" will not break their code of silence.  

In other cases, prosecutors have used laws to their advantage, including child abuse laws, to gain justice.  Separating the three is not terribly complicated:  two of them are mothers with custody of their own children.  This is something that would be lost should even a lesser conviction be realized, as various child abuse statutes can be used.  

As we approach the one year anniversary, this is something viable that can be implemented successfully, as it has in other states where a 'missing' child was not recovered and bring forth a measure of justice for Ayla. 

Ayla was mistreated in life; perhaps she can be honored in death by the demand for justice. 


Apple said...

With the perpetrator's violent history, baseball bat beatings, etc, etc- i think the neglect, abuse, and murder had much more intent.

John Mc Gowan said...

Is there anything in their language to suggest how she died and were the body is.

Dee said...

@Jan - Because those responsible are still walking free among us.

@John - "floating" is referenced by Justin in a statement - "Rumors floating out there", but that is the only one that I'm aware of that might be a hint to where she is. He also said "she did not come to her demise down in my house." So he admits she came to her demise, but where? Not down in my house, so was it up in my house? Was it that his mothers house is not "his" house, so she came to her demise down in his mothers house? I haven't seen anything that tells me specifically what happened in his words though.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Dee.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the "wedding" never took place.

Anonymous said...

Almost a year. I don't understand how it can be, to have a missing baby, text messages, blood in the house, conclusion from LE about the death of the baby, faul play, no abduction ruled etc and none of the 3 can be made to talk legally. It is unbelievable.

"delayed medical intervention for injured children"
I think this is the key in this case. That must be the only explanation keeping those 3 silent together. Something must have happened to Ayla, and they might have thought she will recover by the morning but she didn't.

Lis said...

It's hard to understand how people are allowed to get away with an obvious crime like this.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Are there any case(s) in Maine where one has been tried and convicted of murder without a body? The Dips and Courtney Roberts belive without a body, they will not be charged. Please prove them wrong!

Jazzie said...

Recent Maine conviction without a body:


The unsolved murder case of 8 month old Aisha Dickson is more troubling (body found no justice):


Statement Analysis Blog said...

thanks, Jazzie

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the child protectve services taken the child from Elisha DiPeitro, and his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts. Sorry if this was discussed before.

Jazzie said...

There's no doubt in my mind both parents failed Ayla. But Ayla went missing under Justin's care.
And logically that is the point (29 Violette Ave. in Waterville, ME) at which the investigation began.

I read LE statements/watched news conferences. I can post later all the LE statements/video links I have bookmarked that indicate to me that Ayla is no longer alive. LE has been very silent re: this investigation, and so has of late, both families.

I struggle with this case due to my impatience for justice. But I realize, that in the end, justice works on its own timetable. Regardless of technology, deception, or opinion.

Mainah said...

I guess one of the Waterville 3 supporters from Violence Ave has checked in...Anon 6:47, SA is not bias, you are. Bias is when you unfairly target a person. Justin has been treated as fair as SA allows for here. It separates the deceptive, from the honest. Why are you women running around defending him and trying to make the mother of a murdered baby suffer more? Why? What is your bias? What "techniques" are you employing to conclude your theory? I know, I know...you know him, so he couldn't have done it. Ya, that's really intellectually honest and reasonable. pssf.

He can speak for himself, in his own defense, can't he? He doesn't need a skirt like you doing it for him. Although, since your here, can you please shed some light on why all you women choose to circle your wagons around a baby murderer? I am most curious about that.

What do you know about this case that you could share with the rest of the class? Perhaps you could enlighten us?

Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, is fully cooperating. We have looked at many of her statements under the SA lens. There is little "niceties" we would say about her morality and parenting skills, but, she had nothing to do with Ayla's disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Those who wish to blame Trista to this day are lost in their minds. I personally would have killed Justin Dipietro if it was my child that came up missing. I would not have been calm like Trista Reynolds. I would've blown that mother fucker away along with his mother, sister and lover. Maybe even Lance but not sure on him. Not before torturing these bastards into telling the truth. I hope Justin lives in Hell daily but if it were up to me, I'd burn him into submission. I probably would not finish there. So the Waterville 3 and Phoebes are lucky that I live miles away and that Trista Reynolds is a better person than me.

Mainah said...

Anon 7:55- Trista was a prostitute? I did not know that. Is that how your buddy Justin met her? He must be a real class act if he's out having a "childish"(?) left and right, with a homeless, junkie, whore who associates with a large group of criminals and another with some other woman, maybe she is a whore too?

This is how the Little Liars of Maine's, aka: Angela Harry's amateur writing group wanna be legal defense team from The Lies blog decieves. This is "taint the jury pool" 101. It's one of the downsides of the internet where skirts like Ange, Con, & Hidey can dump false accusations anonymously...

The whole "you seem to forget" bit wreaks of deception in the statements that follow it.

Ya-boy Peach did it. Go find him and rant your crap.

Bring Ayla Reynolds Home said...

Peter Hyatt, thanks for keeping Ayla Reynolds name alive. Those seeking more information on cases without a body as evidence. http://www.nobodycases.com/index.html

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Nice language, Trista supporter! I bet you support Billie Dunn too....

Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, mckeekitty. Still trying to prove you are important?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Analysis of one statement is not altered by the lack of analysis of another statement.

The two have no connection.

They are separate entities.

Peter Hyatt

Jazzie said...

Just a sampling of statement/news sources that have lead me to believe Ayla is no longer alive:

18 Dec
Danielle Waugh
reporter for @WLBZ2 + @WCSH6

Police searching family's home on Violette Ave w K9 unit -- specifically the garage

Dec 22, 2011:
"Assistant Attorney General Bill Stokes and the Maine State Police mobile unit were at Ayla's home in Waterville, while cadaver dogs were searching an area in the woods near the Waterville airport...
Stokes is one of the state's top homicide prosecutors, according to the Associated Press."


December 31, 2011
Ayla now a criminal case - Maine State Police taking over probe into disappearance

"McCausland said the unit is tasked with investigating homicides, suspicious deaths and major investigations...
"This case would fall into that latter category," he said."


Major Crime Units
The State Police criminal investigation division (M.C.U.) is responsible for major investigations including homicides, suspicious deaths and child abuse cases. MCU investigates all homicides in Maine, except in Portland and Bangor. The Maine Attorney Generals Office prosecutes all homicides in the state and detectives work closely with those prosecutors.


Jan 11 1st River Dive:
"The girl's father, Justin DiPietro, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he was grateful to law enforcement officials and said he had "complete confidence in them... They are doing everything they can to get my daughter home," he said."


When asked "Why water search now?" Maine Warden Service Lt. Kevin Adams:
"If for some reason she ends up being in the water, we're going to get there anyways."


LE started looking for AYLA in water on January 11, 2012.


Joe Louglin's take on Ayla Reynolds case:

Jan 29, 2012:
“There were three adults in the home, and their version of events is not backed up by any forensic evidence that we have located,” McCausland said Saturday afternoon...
“We find the discovery of the blood troubling, and it’s also frustrating that we think the three adults in the home that night haven’t told us everything they know,” he said.
McCausland added that police don’t yet know whose blood it is, but it is being analyzed in the state police crime laboratory in Augusta. He said he wouldn’t discuss how much blood had been found or how it was discovered."



February 4, 2012
Divers find no new clues in search for Ayla Reynolds


"We have grave doubts that an abduction ever took place there," he said.


Jazzie said...

May 11, 2012
Divers return to Kennebec River in search for Ayla Reynolds

July 17, 2012
“Nothing substantial was located,” McCausland said. “This is not the end. We will continue to look, we will continue to search, we will continue to dive.”
When asked what he meant by “substantial,” McCausland skirted the question.
“I don’t want to get into specifics,” he said."


Anonymous said...

Aw, you removed my comment and you accused me of being mckee. Go fuck another child Peter. It's the only thing you enjoy doing afterall, innit?

Anonymous said...

Peter Hyatt is an idiot and an alcoholic who treats his wife like crap. He tries to act like he's this amazing person on his blog. Statement analysis is for idiots who can't get a REAL job.

Mainah said...

...out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks...

You have a nasty, foul heart, anon. Probably from being raised by Phoebe and being exposed to all that:

1) Child "Bleeping"
2) Idiot
3) Alcoholism
4) Treating wives like crap
5) Idiots who can't get a "real" job.

Is this what they mean by "projecting" something about yourself onto someone else?

Lance? Is that you? You need help.

Anonymous said...

I know Phoebe. Phoebe raised her 3 kids with none of their (3) fathers. She lived off welfare for years and years, in the projects, and the state eventually forced her to either get a job or go to school, so she milked the free ride for a few more years and went to school on the TaxPayer dole -all the time collecting state checks, free rent, food, heat, and now child care too, etc....

She was known as a lush, a drug user who hung out with the same, a nasty slut who slept around and she was a fixture most nights at the Bob-In, the local dive bar, where she had a thing for (multiple) married men and one-night-stands with whoever.

She constantly left her kids unattended and unsupervised while she watched her soaps during the day. The kids were always neglected, dirty and hungry and begging at neighbors houses. She frequently did not know where they were, even as young as 3 years old, they could come and go uninhibited.

Her sister, tries to make her out to be this "amazing" person on "The Lies" blog and says "oh, she worked for everything... blah, blah, blah..." it's another deception. She bought her house with inheritance money and, again, with help from another state program.

She was admittedly deceptive on TV.
Her son Justin, and daughter, Elisha "Li" who were the last to see Ayla, have both shown deception on a poly. They are not "looking" so much as encouraging his skirts to "look" elsewhere.

He lawyer-ed up and is not cooperating with the investigation, or working with any legitimate Missing Child Organization. There was a troubling amount of Ayla's blood found in his dungeon bedroom.

Even without the benefit of statement analysis, you HAVE to be lying to yourself if you do not to see all the red flags around Courtney, Justin, Elisha and Phoebe.

Um, anon, didn't Justin father 2 children with different women "left and right" that he had no intention of taking care of?

Now, what was that about Trista?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

By the time Ferguson went before a jury in 2005, Erickson was no longer confused.
"I did this. He did this. I didn't dream anything," Erickson said during his 2005 testimony.
…Erickson now says he alone killed Kent Heitholt. Ferguson, he said, was only a witness.
"I regret now that I put an innocent man through that. He didn't deserve it," Erickson said in a videotaped deposition in 2009.

…Erickson also says he was a heavy drug user from age 14. He was high on marijuana when he spoke to police, he said, and was drunk and had blacked out the night of the murder.
…In October 2010, Trump also admitted that he lied during the original trial. He now says then-prosecuting attorney Kevin Crane first showed him photos of Ferguson and Erickson during a meeting before the trial in December 2004. He fabricated his story at the suggestion of Crane, Trump claims.
…Crane, who is now a Boone County Circuit Court judge, declined to comment, citing the fact he may be called as a witness in the pending case. But in an interview last year with the magazine Inside Columbia, Crane called the allegations "a complete lie."
"Taking small aspects of the case and saying that I'M A CROOK, that bothers me," Crane told the magazine in September 2010. "I'VE ALWAYS been ethical."

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
said," Erickson recalled.

When they thought the people had gone back inside, Erickson and Ferguson headed east toward Fourth Street.

"Then I started to run to the left. And after — when I turned to go left, like, Ryan pulled me back and he stopped me and he — he said, 'No, we need to go the other way,' " Erickson said. "And so we went in the other direction towards Broadway."

That's when Erickson heard more voices from the parking lot, and they took off running — he had the belt, and Ferguson had the tire iron. They ran across Broadway and into the Broadway Diner parking lot.

"I REMEMBER stepping over — there's a chain that kind of goes around the perimeter of the diner and I REMEMBER GOING over the chain," he said

After that, they crossed Fourth Street and ran into Flat Branch Park.

"I went to the creek. And I REMEMBER I HAD BLOOD ON MY HANDS, ON MY PERSON AND I — I put my hands in the creek and tried to get the blood off my hands," Erickson said. "And then I went — we went across the creek and we went up kind of like an incline, I think there's, like rocks — like, a rock wall or something. I REMEMBER having to — having a problem getting over all that stuff. And — and after that, I REMEMBER coming out and I think — I'm pretty sure a gas station was to our left and we came out onto Providence."

ERICKSON SAW HIS FRIEND DALLAS MALLORY BEHIND the wheel of a car stopped at a red light on Providence Road at Locust Street. He ran toward the vehicle.

"I didn't know what to do so I just told him — I was kind of in shock and just not knowing what to do about what we did," he said. "AND I JUST TOLD HIM PRETTY MUCH THAT I, YOU KNOW, DIDN'T — I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO AND I'D — I'D BEAT THIS GUY UP AND THAT — I REMEMBER I TOLD HIM RYAN — IT WAS RYAN'S IDEA AND … I GUESS I WANTED A RIDE. I MEAN, I DON'T — I DON'T REALLY — LIKE, I DIDN'T REALLY — I JUST — I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT to do." Was this witness questioned?

Erickson was standing in the road talking to Mallory when suddenly there were police sirens from the direction of the Tribune. Mallory took off.

"He almost ran me over, actually," Erickson said. "He peeled out and drove away like really, really fast."

The teens ran through the Osco Drug parking lot and back to Ferguson's car, where Ferguson opened the trunk and removed a plastic grocery bag. He took Heitholt's belt from Erickson and placed it in the bag.

Erickson isn't sure whether he took off his Abercrombie sweatshirt, but HE REMEMBERS putting his coat back on, and they returned to By George. They stayed for maybe an hour.

United4Ayla said...

"I read LE statements/watched news conferences. I can post later all the LE statements/video links I have bookmarked that indicate to me that Ayla is no longer alive. LE has been very silent re: this investigation, and so has of late, both families."

Jazzie, no insult intended by copy pasting your comment. I just wanted to point out that alot of people have said that both sides have been silent "of late". I simply wanted to point out a few things

1. Trista has never been a blogger so therefore has never gone that route.
2. As late as Sept 1 Ayla was on the television and in print pleading for her child.
3. It is Justin who has not mentioned Ayla's name once publically since Apr 19, over 7 months now.
4. Trista has been and is still working with LNM, and IIRC LRC.
5. And most importantly, there is a 15 Dec event planned and announced for Ayla. Fliers have been posted on Facebook, on blogs etc.

I guess I am just trying to say that Trista has not been silent, just not printed about for her work as it seems some of the media attention, as Peter said in his article, has dwindled.

Dee said...

@anon 1:18 AM

Interesting information on Phoebe and the way those kids were brought up. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Elisha said...

Correct analysis is not possible when there is misinformation.
One doesn't need misinformation to make their case...if it's true.

Apple said...

Anon 2:40,
That is a horrible thing to say. I think Ayla would disagree.
Peter, thank you for keeping Ayla's name current.

loulou said...

Anon... "she was going to marry someone who attempted to murder"? Justin did murder.

Anonymous said...

um, actually i'm referring to ray's father, you know, the guy in jail for trying to burn people to death? don't be so stupid.

Anonymous said...

The posts about Trista are amusing. It makes no difference who or what Trista might be. It has nothing to do with the case. She was not in possession of Ayla when Ayla was killed. So, it's a waste of time to even bring her into the story. It has no bearing one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

The posts about Trista are designed to deflect from the one who is the real p.o.i. in this case.

Question: Why would anyone like Justin Di Pietro have all these "skirts" fronting for him when he could say nary a word about his "missing" daughter for almost two weeks? Supposedly, he was "emotionally incapable" of saying anything. What parent in extreme anxiety still cannot plead for their child?

Presently Justin has said nothing for seven months. He never spoke to his daughter's abductor pleading with whoever took her to bring her back. He never worried about her state while in the hands of said abductor. Instead he mumbled something about his wish that LE could give the kidnapper immunity so Ayla could be brought home. He hinted that he knew who took her ---some kindly soul who mistakingly thought it was a better life for Ayla if she were taken. He sounded as if he had inside knowledge of who might take his child.

Justin also said that Ayla was probably adjusting to her new situation and probably considered it "all a game."

Does anyone think this sounds like the standard anxious, worried parent of a child kidnapped? Does anyone think it sounds as if Justin knew where Ayla was and did not worry about her treatment at the hands of this kindly kidnapper?
Yet if he knew who had taken her, why did he make no move to go and get her? Or tell LE? Or the press?

Yet, Justin's skirts continue to deflect from his very odd behavior by attacking the mother of the missing child --a person never targeted by LE as witholding information and, at the same time, applauded by them as keeping Ayla's name in the news.

The skirts think that by calling Ayla's mom ugly names we will immediately forget the uncaring attitude of Ayla's father and his family and just get on with our lives...as Justin and his family have done.


Sympathy4Ayla said...

Poor Ayla, her name used to bash BOTH of her parents. Such a shame.

Mainah said...

Sympathy4Ayla said...
Poor Ayla, her name used to bash BOTH of her parents. Such a shame.

I agree, it is a shame that is the life both her parents chose for her.

The name her mother gave her will be synonymous with the death her father gave her.