Friday, December 7, 2012

Ayla Reynolds: Why No Arrests?

                                                         Enough already!

Police plan to give a non-update recap next week, marking the one year anniversary of when Ayla Reynolds, toddler from Maine, was reported missing.  What more can they say to us?  They have already said she is dead, the three adults in the house are lying, as there was no kidnapping.  What else is there to say to the public who have watched a year go by without an arrest?

Did they see what happened in Detroit last week, where prosecutors boldly went forward against a father who had reported his child missing, in a murder case?  No body was found, yet they followed the courageous path and got a guilty verdict against him, even while he continued to feign that his child was alive "out there" somewhere.  

Ayla's blood was found in the basement of her grandmother, Phoebe DiPietro's home, where her father, Justin DiPietro, his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, and Ayla's paternal aunt, Elisha DiPietro, were home. 

All three have stonewalled police yet prosecutors have let an entire year go by without an arrest. 
Two of them agreed to take polygraphs only to fail.  Yet, no one has been arrested?

How can this be?

How can it be that:

Lies and deception;
implausible story, 
Life Insurance policy against Ayla, along with a history of abuse, lead to no arrests? 

How is it that Courtney Roberts and Elisha DiPietro are publicly stated to be withholding information about a missing toddler, yet are deemed fit to keep custody of their own children?

How can this be?

Justin DiPietro publicly issued a challenge to Nancy Grace, but when answered, hid in the bathroom, refusing to answer the door when Nancy Grace producers came knocking.  

How can the uneducated guy who "smoked" a polygraph out duel police in an interview?

Justin DiPietro outsmarted police?  Really?

The circumstantial evidence, alone, is enough to bring a conviction.  If the issue is debating which one of the three to charge, simply charge all three and present a well-detailed case.  

One or two of them will cut a deal. 

  Have officials literally emboldened The Waterville Three, with inactivity?  Is there a team of private defense attorneys, unknown to us, ready to do battle?

Has Casey Anthony's shadow reached Maine?

The police have still not released the 911 call, one year after it was made. 

Now they plan a news conference for December 14th, at 2PM EST, yet, with nothing to tell the public that would give the nation hope that justice for Ayla is coming?

Ayla's short life was marked by neglect, physical, and emotional abuse, with the escalation of violence culminating in her death for profit, as her single, unemployed father took out a policy against her life.  

While most parents seek to provide for their children, DiPietro, father of two children, took out a policy on only one child, seeking to profit from her death. 

6 weeks later, he reported her "missing"; was "emotionally incapable" of calling out to her 'kidnappers', but kept right on making those insurance payments so he could eventually cash in when she was either found dead, or declared to be so. 

Let's hope that by the time her policy is due, he'll be wearing an orange jumpsuit, and in no condition to cash any insurance checks. 


Anonymous said...

Amen thoughts exactly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Peter, Is there any chance you will do Statement analysis on Trista? I'm a firm believer that she nothing to do with Ayla's disappearance. She gets dragged thru the mud and then some online. The dip supporters flock to sites trying to brainwash ppl to their cult. They act like they're caring on her fb and then stab her in the back on another. Ppl start second guessing their original thought. Just because time goes on doesn't make the evidence change. Do you think they will release the 911 call anytime soon? After so long can they be forced to?

Amaleen6 said...

Mine, too. It's infuriating to me that he and his family are out there, going about their lives like Ayla never mattered. Well, she didn't matter to them, but damn it, she matters to her mom, and to thousands of us all still waiting for the DA to grow a pair and prosecute already.

I'm sorry for my language above, but I'm fed up. What does it take for Ayla, Hailey Dunn, Isabel Celis, and all too many others to get justice? These kids didn't hop into a cab and go on an extensive clubbing binge.

Apple said...

You need an intelligent and strong AG who is not afraid to go up against a state appointed defense attorney. Apparently, you do no have that.

Anonymous said...

DA's/State Police:

You've made yourselves look very foolish thus far.

It's time to get to business.

Basically the whole state of Maine wants answers for innocent, little girl!

Anonymous said...

Mine as well.

loulou said...

It is so sad and frustrating that Justin has not been charged and no justice for baby Ayla. It appears that the Dips have moved on, but I can only hope that every day they are consumed with fear of what is yet to come... not a moments peace. I am for arresting all three (maybe 4)... they will roll and make the states case easier. Arrest them already!

Anonymous said...

Almost a year later, and I have just a question or two for Justin.

So do you still think Ayla thinks this is a game? And Justin do you still think Ayla is adjusting well?

Grow a set Justin..and speak up and out for the daughter you so quickly took away from her maternal family, its the least you can DO for Ayla.

John P said...

None of them do anything for Ayla, much less the least acceptible. JD has remained silent in the media since April 19th when he asked the media to focus on Ayla and not himself. Well when are you going to focus on Ayla Justin? When will you plead for Ayla? When will you and your BFF tell LE where Ayla is?

Jazzie said...

"Maloney plans to ask for the maximum penalty in all cases involving violent crimes. Domestic violence accounts for half of the murders committed in Maine, a statistic Maloney is certainly aware of. She plans to be proactive to try to stop it in its tracks."

"Maloney takes over the job in January."

Jazzie said...

I'm guessing nothing will move forward until January 2013, at which time the new DA takes office.

John P said...

Hopefully McCausland can verify this on Friday. I am truely tired of hearing "no comment" and "no new news". Bring Ayla justice!

Anonymous said...

It is the shadow of Casey time goes on and values go down, politicians don't have to answer to the voters,they do nothing and get re-elected and people don't demand law and order..the most innocent will continue to die..and guilty go free.

mountain mama said...

Chief Massey made this statement on 12/21/2011

"When I walk into the briefing room at 8 every morning and I look out at 75 officers, I see nothing but commitment, determination, energy and an attitude of, 'Let's get it done,'" Massey said. "That's optimism, that's inspiration and that's law enforcement at its best."

Well I say to the DA and MSP LET'S GET IT DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

Peter, are you aware that Lance Armstrong keeps dropping in to visit your site? I went to read SA on baby Gabriel and who should be staring back at me but one of your favorite people. He seems to show up randomly. Just a heads up to what I assume is an oversight. Might be time to update the product link with a new face? :)

Jazzie said...

ANON @ 8:49 PM:
"the most innocent will continue to die..and guilty go free."

Justice moves forward on its own timetable. Regardless of politics, prejudice, or circumstance.

Innocent people and children die everyday. That is something that has existed for centuries. The guilty are never free. The guilty will inevitably face justice. It's only a question of when and where.

Jazzie said...

I have been going back through the archives.

Dec 18, 2011 by wmtwtv video of Lt. Joe Massey talking...

he said "... the child's name was Ayla... "she had blonde hair"

Why did he speak of Ayla in the past tense so soon into the investigation?

Mainah said...


On Day One: "they" say that Justin called his friend Derrick before 911. He made the call to LE about 9:am, but hung-up on the dispatcher 3 times. When police arrived, Justin locked himself in a bathroom and they had to "talk" him out. Derrick is also the friend who sold him the life insurance policy for 25k-DD, on just one kid, not his other baby, with another single woman that was only about 7 months old (Ayla was 17 months-you can do the math). Derrick stated on the defense team blog and fb, that he saw Ayla alive, Friday morning, the 16th. 24 hours later, Saturday morning, he got the call from his peach-bud that she was gone.

LawAbiding said...

It's a crying shame that there still hasn't been justice for Ayla. I think of her often (I didn't know her, but her pictures stole my heart) & continue to pray that justice will be served. RIP, little one - a new DA is coming soon!

Mainah said...


This information and the fact they've stated Ayla is likely deceased, we've heard over one cup of Ayla's blood was found, makes the case all the more compelling against the three/four/five/+/-.

I'm thinking it's coming down soon...just waiting on the new DA to get settled in and familiar. They'll need to lay it all out a few times, double check everything...I think I just convinced myself that I'm glad they haven't scheduled a trial yet.

I think the GJ has been meeting, there have been a few clues there, people see people in parking lots sometimes. There is the possibility of indictments coming. I hope so...

Phoebe and Elisha lawyer'd up together, and I guess Courtme and Justin are sharing hers(?LOL). Of course there are probably 100 Jose Liez's out there lining up to take Justin's case.

Someone cleaned that blood and left "100's of pieces of evidence" that were collected, tested, processed, etc. over the last several months. LE has all the witness testimonies, clearly by now, all the evidence processed, cell phone records, hospital records, computer searches, lies, contradictions, etc...hmmm, what else would they want?

mountain mama said...

I think you're right Mainah Ayla's justice is about to begin.

drdebo said...

Peter the ONLY reason this case is getting any attention at all is because of you- and if its ever tried it will be your victory. The police are just not trained or capable of ivestigating and making a viable case in these faux-child and wife-girlfriend kinapping/missing cases. Wonder when the criminal justice system is going to figure this out- how many cases will have to be in limbo like Ayla Reynolds before a light bulb goes on?

Mainah said...

Anon 6:21

I've seen some analysis of Trista's statements on this blog, you can check the archives by doing a search.

heartbroken said...

@mainah, it's been so long since one was done. It would be good if he did one on her last interview. It's a conversation tool on the other blogs. I love SA and i've learned alot.

cc from Maine said...

I am a longtime lurker. Have posted maybe twice under the name "ccfromMaine".

I remember the day I heard that a toddler went missing from WTVL, ME in "Daddy's Little Princess" jammies. My very first gut reaction was that her "Daddy" did something to her and they'd find her body soon. I never anticipated this travesty of justice.

I grew up near Waterville. I can't believe a child just "disappearing". It isn't how that community works. Or "worked".

I hope the new DA doesn't pussyfoot around and brings ANY and all charges that will stick to the Dipietro gang. Could they be charged with lesser offenses (obstruction or conspiracy?) leaving murder charges aside for NOW? I know that we don't want to charge murder without a solid case. If evidence should come to light after acquittal, they couldn't be re-tried due to double jeopardy. BUT double jeopardy wouldn't be in play if they're brought up on other charges, right? They need to be charged with contempt at the very least, IMO.

I have followed this story every day for nearly a year. I am digusted that the DiPietros seem to be getting a "pass". Why are they so special? Ugh. Poor Ayla!

I hold out NO hope she's alive. I only hope they find her remains and the science will nail her killer to the wall. If it's Justin, it's only too bad he can't be publically tortured.

John Mc Gowan said...

Over here in the UK you can be charged with murder even without a body.This is why i believe the American Justice system needs to be looked at.

April Jones: Mark Bridger charged with girl's murder.

A man has been charged with the murder of missing five-year-old April Jones.

Mark Bridger, 46, was arrested the day after April went missing from near her home in Machynlleth, mid Wales, on Monday evening.

He has also been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice and child abduction.

John Mc Gowan said...

The above case was some months ago.

Anonymous said...

They did tell us, the adults in that house know more than they are telling about the disappearance of Ayla, they are witholding information, substantial amount of her blood was in the home, no kidnapping happened in that house, and Ayla will not be found alive. Basically to most of us it means they believe Ayla died in that house.

Where are the actions after the careful but clear conclusions?

It is hard to accept that the law system's hands are tied and they cannot move forward with the work of all the policemen, investigators who worked on this case and recovered so many details.
There has to be a next step, some form of legal action leading to finding Ayla.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

cc from Maine,

There are other things that DiPietro could be charged with, including child endangerment, making a false report, and so on.

This would avoid double jeopardy.

I do not know why prosecutors have not brought charges against them.

In trying to put myself in their shoes, I conclude the same.


Rhonda I said...

I believe that LE have known from the beginning what happened to Ayla and that justice will be served! This is a complicated case with the possibility of a minimum of 5 arrests, I see 7 happening. I understand where everyone's frustrations are coming from but we need to have faith! They will find Ayla and all guilty parties involved will suffer the consequences.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Jazzie said...
I have been going back through the archives.

Dec 18, 2011 by wmtwtv video of Lt. Joe Massey talking...

he said "... the child's name was Ayla... "she had blonde hair"

Why did he speak of Ayla in the past tense so soon into the investigation?

December 7, 2012 11:11 PM

the blood evidence and nonsense kidnapping story and behavior of father.


We get frequent requests here to do Statement Analysis on Trista.

Post a statement.

Trista did not kill Ayla, yet the DiPietros continue to mock her, ridicule her, and say things that can only add to her already destroyed life.

Birds of a feather.

Justin DiPietro is a monster: selfish, self serving and lazy. He has always, like his brother, Lance, picked on the weak.


Jeff said...

I, too, have a hard time understanding why the three have not been arrested. This is another example of our legal system empowering the criminal, and encouraging others to commit similar crimes because it appears profitable.

mountain mama said...

Justin DiPietro, and his supporters expressed their belief that Ayla was abducted and said their reasons for believing so would be revealed "when the time is right."

Reynolds questioned their assertion.

"Who says something like that unless you know something? The way I'm reading it, it's like they're telling me they know where my daughter is, and what happened to her."

mountain mama said...

Reynolds echoed McCausland's remarks.

"I don't think she was kidnapped. I really don't," she said. "I believe deep down that Justin knows what happened or where she is. He could change this in a matter of seconds. All three of them could -- him, Elisha and Courtney. I point the blame at all of them; I can't just point the blame at Justin."
Same link as above.

mountain mama said...

Peter Trista has been attacked for this comment many times, please analyze this comment.

"I've been keeping stories to myself," she said. "Maybe that's just me being greedy, but they're my memories, and I'm not ready to share them with everybody."

mountain mama said...

Reynolds said she spoke to investigators about two weeks ago, but they offered her no new information.

"Nothing," she said. "We're in the same place where we've been. They still believe that they're not going to find Ayla alive, and they're not giving up. They're still investigating and they're still going through evidence."

Reynolds said she's not giving up, either. At the event, her family will sell T-shirts, hats and bracelets with Ayla's image on them, and the proceeds will be used to print items for future events to continue raising awareness, she said.

"Whatever we can do, we'll keep doing," she said. "Ayla will not be forgotten."

Despite investigators' belief that Ayla is dead, Reynolds said she tries to remain hopeful.

"I keep hoping that she'll be home by Saturday and we'll be able to walk together and have everyone join us, but we all know that probably won't happen," she said.

mountain mama said...

"I honestly feel that if Ayla was really kidnapped, someone would want that $30,000, especially if they knew it was running out," she said.

"It's killing me," she said. "It hurts. It hurts so bad to know my little girl is probably never coming back to me."

Reynolds said investigators recently told her they're not giving up, she said.

"They told me to hang on, to have as much faith as I can," she recalled. "I'm trying. I'm trying to keep my faith, but it's really hard when there's nothing positive to keep my faith up."

Jazzie said...

I know why Lt. Joe Massey used past tense. My question probably should've read: If you think Ayla is alive, why was LE using past tense reference of her as early on as Dec 18?

I posted that statement to illustrate how far back LE thought Ayla was no longer alive. There were other statements from other branches of LE that used past tense re: Ayla, but that was the the earliest one I found.

I didn't request SA on Trista's statements. I do think she failed as a parent but Ayla went missing under Justin's watch. I believe LE investigated her and her family thoroughly. I usually weigh LE statements against POI's statement/actions.

Optional said...

I can't wait to see an SA of Trista's statements you posted here, MM.

After a cursory inspection, I was struck by the sense that, overtime, someone, likely a victim/witness advocate from the DA and/or MSP detective has been very understanding and compassionate, and honest with her, however they are withholding a lot of details from her, and she knows and understands why. There is someone (professional/s), that she admires(?) to some degree, who is keeping her strong, or at least helping her function sufficiently in the interim.

Trista appears a capable person with ability to do great things-I'm not sure about her willingness, or desires to do great things.

We have seen her mimic, or restate words, enter into others language if you will, and in these statements I think you can see that.

Apple said...

Remember he also stated how many kids and how many adults were in the house at the time if the *kidnapping* but were one child short. I think they did not think Ayla was there that night. We've discussed this before.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic BBM

SHOWBIZ PR guru Max Clifford came out fighting yesterday after his arrest for alleged sex crimes and insisted: “I’m truly innocent.”
The kiss-and-tell king, 69, hit out after cops swooped early on Thursday and held him for 12 hours over allegations dating back to 1977.

Clifford was the latest big name quizzed by detectives probing the Jimmy Savile scandal and other historic sex offences. Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr and DJ Dave Lee Travis have also been arrested.

Yesterday Clifford admitted: “As you would expect, it’s not been the nicest of times for me and my wife and my family. I am truly innocent.”

Speaking outside his Mayfair offices, he added: “People I have known for many years have been supportive. One good thing to come out of this is the huge amount of support.”

The super-agent had been arrested at his £3million home in Walton-on-Thames on Thursday. Yesterday he said: “The allegations are totally without any foundation and are totally untrue.

“I have been there [at the police station] for 12 hours sitting in the cells and being asked questions for hours and hours.”

Clifford was bailed by police until a date later this month

Others arrested since the Savile probe was launched have included ex-TV producer Wilfred De’Ath and a mystery sixth telly veteran, in his 80s.

It’s a Knockout TV host Stuart Hall, 82, was arrested on an unrelated allegation on Wednesday. He was later charged with preying on girls as young as eight.

- FORMER newspaper owner Eddy Shah appeared in court yesterday to deny rape.

Shah, 68, who founded the Today newspaper, will re-appear at the Old Bailey with two other people in April.


PAEDOPHILE MP Cyril Smith would have been charged if claims of child abuse were made today, prosecutors admitted last night.

They said there was “overwhelming evidence” against the pervert.

It has emerged that Smith was investigated in the ’70s and ’80s for two more serious offences.The 29-stone child abuser, a friend of vile Jimmy Savile, was probed under the Obscene Publications and Anti-corruption acts — but escaped justice.

The MP for Rochdale, who died two years ago aged 82, was also investigated THREE times for child sex offences in 1970, 1998 and 1999.

But charges were never brought despite claims of spanking, touching and giving “punishments” to kids.

Meanwhile, a retired Special Branch cop has claimed a file on Smith was formally stamped by the DPP as “not in the public interest” in the mid-70s

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

Still no reliable first person singular, event specific past tense denial.

“I’m truly innocent.”

It sounds like a strong denial but it isn't.
He doesn't tell us what he is innocent of thus violating the principal of first person singualr, event specific, past tense.

The denial is weakened by the additional qualifier of truly.

Technically he is innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

What he has not said is i didn't do...

If he can't make a strong reliable denial about the allegations of sex offences, we can't do it for him

Mainah said...

OT: Re Max Clifford

Speaking outside his Mayfair offices, he added: “People I have known for many years have been supportive. One good thing to come out of this is the huge amount of support.”

Christ, he's publicly grooming (trying to persuade) the people who "support" him. Creep.

Optional said...

Speaking of creepy "groomers"... Angela Harry comes to mind. Her early attempt to obstruct Ayla's case are appalling. I hope she gets to make an appearance in Maine court to be held accountable for her role.

Lemon said...

"Justin DiPietro is a monster: selfish, self serving and lazy. He has always, like his brother, Lance, picked on the weak. " - Peter


Jazzie said...

"DiPietro said if communication has stopped, it's because the questions he, his mother and sister ask investigators do not get answered.

"If I'm not calling them, it's for good reason," DiPietro said."

"If I'm not calling them, it's for good reason," DiPietro said."
What were the DiPietro's questions that are not being answered by LE? Why didn't they cite examples of some of the unanswered questions?

Never mind. There's more...

Jazzie said...

"It is a fact that her blood was found in my house. Yes, it is a fact that she broke her arm in my house."

I think these are truthful statements.

But, it is not a fact that any of it was intentional."

Which was accidental? Ayla's blood mentioned first or broken arm mentioned second?

Jazzie said...

"My daughter did not come to her demise down in my house. Nothing bad ever happened to my daughter in my house. She never got anything but love from the people in this house," he said."

My daughter did not come to her demise down in my house. Nothing bad ever happened to my daughter in my house."

This statement always bothered me.

Why did he use the word "demise"? It's a weird word. Maybe those two sentences are truthful.
Maybe Ayla met her "demise" somewhere else.

Jazzie said...

Where is "home" to Justin?

I don't ask this lightly because I have a hard time calling places home, but when I find a place that I feel or recognize to be my home, I call it "home".

Anonymous said...

Jazzie said...
"It is a fact that her blood was found in my house. Yes, it is a fact that she broke her arm in my house."

I think these are truthful statements.

But, it is not a fact that any of it was intentional."

Which was accidental? Ayla's blood mentioned first or broken arm mentioned second?

Good point Jazzie--the statement seems like Justin accepts responsibility for both and is stating they were accidental. Of course he probably thought he was only referring to her broken arm...

Anonymous said...

Jazzie, the guilty don't care, it does not bother them EVER..they are sociopaths..yes innocents have died for thousands of years(not just centuries), but with all the modern investigative
tools, the evidence is there to bring most to justice...Politics and other stupidities DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! They slow justice down till it doesn't move at all..if you ever loved someone who was murdered ,it would be very slow indeed.

John Mc Gowan said...

What was the amount of blood that was found?

John Mc Gowan said...


This is a great spot by Mark Mccish.

In The News

by Mark McClish
On this page, I will not analyze a complete case but I will
examine brief statements made by people in the news.

The X-Factor Australia
December 2012

The X-Factor Australia Grand Final was held on November 20, 2012. The competition had been narrowed down to two finalists, Jason Owen and Samantha Jade. After both contestants sang their final song, host Luke Jacobs brought them back to the stage to announce the winner. Here is how Jacobs introduced them before revealing who had won the contest.

"When we first met him he was working on his dad's fuel business in a town of just 12. Today, he's a superstar. Please welcome back to the stage Jason Owen."

"When we first met Samantha she was hoping to reconnect to music. Today, she is one step away from winning the X Factor for 2012. So, please welcome back to the stage Samantha Jade."

If you look at how the host words his introduction, you can figure out who won the X Factor Australia before the winner's name was announced. Jason is introduced using the pronoun him; "When we first met him." However, Samantha is introduced using her name; "When we first met Samantha." We see that with Jason, "Today, he's a superstar." However, in talking about Samantha he tells us, "Today, she is one step away from winning the X Factor for 2012."

After the introductions, we learned that Samantha was the winner.

John Mc Gowan said...


Kate Prank DJs Want To Speak To Media.

Should be interesting.

The two DJs at the centre of the royal hospital hoax call tragedy "have expressed a desire to speak" to the media.

A spokesman for Southern Cross Austereo - 2Day FM's parent company - said: "We haven't ascertained when they're ready for that and how we're going to organise that, but they certainly want to."

mountain mama said...

John @ 7:17 LE has said "more than a small cut would produce" or a "troubling" amount. Trista said LE told her "more than a cupful", but LE has neither confirmed or denied it.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks mountain mamas,

Jazzie said...

ANON @2:19
"the guilty don't care, it does not bother them EVER...Politics and other stupidities DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! They slow justice down till it doesn't move at all..if you ever loved someone who was murdered ,it would be very slow indeed."

What I meant to convey is that the guilty are never granted a free pass. There will be from that moment inextricably tied to the crime committed... and I have to believe that justice is served in this lifetime or in some form of there after.

And indeed, if you ever have loved someone who has been murdered, I can only imagine that justice moves mercilessly slow.

Jazzie said...

"They will" instead of "there will" be from that moment.

Seeking justice for Ayla.
Never easy.
Still holding out hope in my heart.

May the silenced be comforted
knowing how many
seek the truth.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the "...emotionally incapable...", Justin DiPietro. I watched the (youtube) HLN-body language video of his interview last night and it's been resonating in my head all morning.

I can't describe, or recall a time that I would say I was "incapable" of emotion(s). I feel things (emotions), something, at all times and can article them pretty well. I'd say I've been "incapable" of "controlling my emotions", at times -but that doesn't fit in the context of JD's answer, nor the initial question (why haven't you come out in public to help your daughter...).

Does anyone know, or has anyone heard if Justin is developmentally challenged or "normally" deficient in learning? I wonder if the women shielding and protecting him are doing so because they know he is mentally and/or cognitively challenged?

Has he scored low on IQ test? Did he have special education, or did he attend traditional classes?

My reasoning: He hides and won't try to help clear himself so Ayla can be "found" and his "people" come out and defend that paculiar, unnatural behavior, suggesting it's just the way Justin is, he's quiet, or they suggest there is a segment of the population that is like that. Well, really? Which group of people would behave this way besides unemployed cellar dwellers, with LIP's on just one of two kids they've up until recently neglected and resented having?

Quincy Mom said...

I'm holding out high hopes for the new DA, but I just came across this on her website, looks like it was created this past June:

"Some of you may know that I was able to combine public and private interests to get a $98,000 grant from State Farm that funded the windmills at Cony High School."

I pray that her advantageous business relationship with State Farm does not overshadow the absolute need for justice in this case.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing you, Q-mom, and for sure, cronie-corporatism has become an unfortunate reality in this country today.

Those willing to lie and cheat have found it to be an adventitious way to live and have learned they are without (negative) consequences for it, as long as it's under the guise of "in the public's best interest".

This DA apparently has no qualms about using other people to further her career goals, then brag about it publicly.

In the "windmill" statement, she boldly takes sole credit for what was likely a huge, multi-person endeavor, by using the pronoun "I".

I'd bet there are more than a few people out there taking credit for the same project, from any number of Cony High School windmill grant committees, sub-subcommittees and task forces.

However, if the damn windmill fell over and crushed a 100 kids tomorrow, she'd be the first one to get out there and start using the pronouns "we" and "they" to water down her involvement.

Fakers are so easy to spot...

Anonymous said...

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