Thursday, December 13, 2012

Parents of EMU Student Found Dead Speak

PSILANTI, Mich (wxyz) - Jim and Kim Turnquist are understandably heartbroken over the death of their 23-year-old daughter Julie Niswender.
She was found dead in the locked bedroom of her apartment in Ypsilanti, an apartment she shared with two other women.
One of her roommates called police when she hadn't seen Julia in two days and the alarm clock in Julia's bedroom kept going off.
Julia's mom and dad say when they realized she hadn't been seen and she had not been to work since Sunday, they started to really worry.
"I called her cell phone and it was dead, then I called my husband and then the panic set in, " says Julia's mom, Kim.

Note the inclusion of emotion and note where it is found:

1.  I called her cell phone
2.  I called my husband
3.  Then panic set in.  

The emotions come after the actions; not during.  

Jim, Julia's father, said through tears: " For years, I have seen parents in front of the camera and never wanted it to be me and now, I am living it."

Note the present tense pain referenced. 

Both Jim and Kim says Julia was so full of life and love and, they say, she was caring and trusting.  They are desperately seeking answers.
Police are calling the death suspicious --a homicide-- which means it was not a natural death, but they won't say much more.
Her parents and police are asking that if anyone knows anything about what happened to Julia Niswender to please come forward or call crime stoppers at 1-800-speak up.
Even though city police are handling the case, university police say they will increase patrols in the area and all over campus.
Julia's family has set up a trust fund in her honor at any Monroe Bank & Trust, under the Julia Niswender Benefit Fund. The Rupp Funeral Home in Monroe is handling the funeral arrangements.


Anonymous said...

"Parents of EMU Student Found Dead"

I first read this as the parents of an EMU student were found dead.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I was very confused. I thought they took their own lives after losing their daughter.

Dawn in SoCa said...

Me three - did they commit suicide after losing their daughter?

Vita said...

Peter thank you for posting this. The article title is cut off, as it is set online, it is quite lengthy.

It's actual:
Parents of EMU student found dead in her apartment says daughter was full of life and love

Anonymous said...

Peter, this is the second time in two days you've botched a headline. "Parents of EMU student found dead" means that the parents were found dead. An appropriate headline would be "Interview with parents of dead EMU student"

Vita said...

What happened to Julia?

The date is wrong on this presser just released. The date should read Dec 11, not Nov 11.
Autopsy results leave more unanswered questions after an Eastern Michigan university student was found dead in her apartment on Nov. 11.

An autopsy on Julia Niswender, the 23-year-old Monroe woman, has been completed, the cause of death is still "pending."

The Washtenaw County medical examiner’s office determined there were no outward signs of trauma on her body, according to a media release from the Ypsilanti Police Department, but there were indicators of possible foul play.

Police are continuing to investigate her death as an apparent homicide until proven otherwise.

Results of a toxicology result following the autopsy are also pending, and are expected to be available in two to three weeks.

Ypsilanti detectives have been in close contact with Niswender’s family and are following a number of leads generated by the investigation, according to police. Detectives are also interviewing Niswender’s family, friends and co-workers in an attempt to determine what caused her death.

Mouse74 said...

Chill out people. Use your common sense and read the article. Headlines never have appropriate punctuation anyway.

Oh you poor things being mislead by a title....the HORROR.

Shut up, read the article and figure it out for yourselves.

JerseyJane said...

Anon 3:00pm

Your headline is not, as you say, appropriate.

You use the word dead, when it should be recently found dead OR deceased..

To just title the student dead is harsh especially placed with the parents in that title... I'm pretty sure they were parents of the alive one too!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice job on this article. Would you mind analyzing statements from this cop-killing suspect? He is talking to the media a lot.

Theresa said...

She was in the bathroom for 2 days and her roommate didn't think that was weird? She didn't check on her? She didn't smell the body?

When I was in college if my roommates were in the bathroom for more than 20 minutes, I got concerned and would knock.

Anonymous said...

I think they weren't suspicious of her being in the bathroom all that time because she was actually in her bedroom.....