Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sensitive Topics Versus Sensitivity Indicators

Sensitive Bullmastiff at rest

What is the difference between "Sensitivity Indicators" and "Sensitive Topics"?

The answer lies in the difference between Clint Dunn and Shawn Adkins' words. 

Sensitivity indicators are found in language, and do not change from person to person, and are principles to be followed in analysis. 

Sensitive topics are just that:  sensitive topics (I avoid using the word "subject" since "subject" is about the speaker, in Statement Analysis) are those which elicit emotion.  If a word, for example, is repeated (noun), we see it as "sensitive" to the subject (speaker) even if the topic, itself, is not sensitive.  There is a difference between sensitivity indicators found in words, and in sensitive topics.  

Here is an example of the difference:

When Hailey Dunn went missing, her mother went on National Television and spoke, revealing to the nation, that Hailey was dead, and she, along with her boyfriend, were in need of establishing an alibi.  She referenced Hailey in the past tense, something a mother of a missing child would not likely due, especially so early on in the investigation.  

When I posted the analysis, the reactions were highly emotional (sensitive) with many expressing anger at my "loss" of "Hope for Hailey", which became a catch-word. 

This analysis was published shortly after the appearance of the mother on The Nancy Grace Show.  After the police affidavit was released, the anger subsided and acceptance settled in. 

But prior to this, the father of Hailey Dunn, Clint Dunn, spoke to me about Hailey. 

He said he had read the analysis and knew that I believed his daughter was dead.  

There is nothing more sensitive, in terms of emotions, than this moment with Clint Dunn, frightened out of his mind over his missing daughter, reading that the mother's words are revealing that she is dead. 

He said, "I did not kill my daughter."

This sentence is without sensitivity indicators.  This sentence came at the most extreme sensitive period in his life, or any father's life, who has lost a child. 

In the midst of the most sensitive topic of his life, his words showed zero sensitivity indicators, even while he was extreme in emotion.  

It is an indicator of truth.  

Sensitivity indicators are found within sentences, and are used in analysis to discern truth, deception, and missing information.  

In his sentence, there were no sensitivity indicators, no deception, and no missing information. 

"I did not kill my daughter" had:

1.  The first person singular verb, "I", which is used by a human, millions of times, making it highly accurate.

2.  Past tense verb:  "did not" related to a past tense event.  Shawn Adkins, on the other hand, repeatedly avoided this sentence and instead opted for the future/conditional tense, "would not" when he said, "I would never harm that child" on various media appearances.  He was unable to issue a reliable denial. 

3.  "kill" is specifically about Hailey's death, which was the topic at hand.  Adkins used the minimizing language of "harm" instead of kill.  

Note also, "my daughter" is used by Clint, taking possession of Hailey, while Adkins used the word "that", which indicates distance, and "child" which is associated with risk. 

Clint Dunn was emotionally charged and highly sensitive.  His words had no sensitivity indicators because he was telling the truth.  He then referenced Hailey in the past tense, and caught himself, saying that he must be wrestling with it, and believing that she was really dead.  It was hard, he said, to even believe it, but that he knew, in his heart, that Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins were involved, and that he could not grasp why David could play video games, as if nothing was wrong, and Billie Dunn could watch her favorite TV show, refusing to get off the couch during it, while he was there to start searching, even if it meant pushing his daughter's baby carriage through the areas where he was told, by Billie Jean, that Hailey would have walked.  

He lost his teenaged child, and went through various stages of believing and denying, and trying to get Billie Dunn to give up information, fearful of her wrath shutting her down.

But this was back then, when he thought he could hold on to the hope that Billie Dunn would tell him the truth, and not the lies of the failed polygraph, or the copied story on the Nancy Grace Show.  

Sadly, the lies remain, if with the story, not coming from memory of experience, has changed over time.  

Hailey remains without justice.


Anonymous said...

Just reading the local news about the child is enough to surmise that she is gone forever. Regardless of what her careless family members did or did not do, regardless of the whacky boyfriend, his video segments and their activity in serial killer hunting has brought the beast of burden upon them even if he did not kill her, which it seems he did.

The report of her walking with a black man may have been made up for ratings. Many "factoids" are made up to change the minds and opinions of others forging a brave new world.

Culture or counter-culture? One earring? No earrings? Who photoshopped what? Who did what to bring awareness?

A lot of dead bodies were surfacing in the vicinity afterwards. Sounds like a zombie attack.

Anonymous said...

We're Is she Billie jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins!!!! Thanks so much for recapping and telling us Hailey story I pray one day she will come home she deserves that much !!!!! Peter do u Belive now that FBI and Texas rangers are in charge we will get Arrests soon !!! Like Billie says and states dec a bad month for her why cause she vividly rembers what she did !!!! U horriborble mother monster that Billie is!!!!! So many people love and care for Hailey so many strangers and I'm one of them . That shed tears I cry out for justice!!!!! Please recap her story again !!!!! Thanks Peter again for ur love and justice for Hailey!!!!

John P said...

Thank you for pointing out the distinction Peter. I see now there is a vast difference between sensitive topics and sensitivity indicators. For those of us new to this, this information is greatly appreciated.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is not about the FBI or Texas Rangers, or even the locals. Everyone knows "who did it" from the earliest time of failed polygraphs, lies, drugs and sexual perversions.

Billie Dunn does not have "my fbi guy"; she is a suspect but portrays herself otherwise on FB. It is a joke, but the more she speaks, the more is noted. Her language shows that she is not in the war with Shawn Adkins that she wants people to believe, as well.

It comes down to prosecutors having the courage to go forward with a case. The circumstantial evidence in this case is overwhelming and the only mystery is where the body is.

Should this be given to federal prosecutors, there will be arrests, other than that, we have to wait and wait and wait.

Anonymous said...

My God, how could ANYONE have an ounce of compassion for POS Clint Dunn. Pure garbage, who stayed doped up and piled up with his HUD hog and THEIR baby and HER child, ignoring his own who did not ask to come into this world, while HE lived off the fat of the land, had free sex and stayed doped up. He didn't give a fat damn what happened to Hailey as long as he got his pot and a free place to hunker down. POS. He makes me want to puke. Really puke.

HE didn't care enough about his own flesh and blood daugher to SOBER UP, GET A JOB and provide her a place to sleep even after she begged him to let her stay with him, or make sure she had lunch money for school, which frequently she did NOT. Bastard. He didn't know the conditions she was living in? LIAR. He didn't CARE so long as HE didn't have to take any responsibility for her.

He's a liar and anyone who thinks he isn't a liar is themselves smoking dope or has at one time or other, and have themselves neglected their own kids. Spare me your pity party for dopehead Clint Dunn. I hope he rots in his own filth, and he probably will.

rob said...

Anon 1:01- I agree with everything you said. But I don't believe he killed his daughter.

Amaleen6 said...

Oh, my, Clancy is clearly exhausted from the festivities. However, he remains a handsome pooch.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I didn't say I believed Clint killed Hailey although I think he knows more than he's ever let on. WAY more. He's a low-life crafty liar and dopehead who can't be trusted for anything which includes anything he says or doesn't say! POS. Period.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

My post only asserts that Clint did not kill Hailey. He said it without qualifiers, or sensitivity indicators. Subsequent sentences, using Statement Analysis, showed he was truthful.

He did not kill Hailey.

As to his behavior and actions, pre and post Hailey's death, I leave to others to debate. I have my own strong feelings.

I spoke to him from one father to another, and was confronted with stark neglect, detachment, and disincentive likely related to marijuana psychological dependence.

It is what I hate about pot more than anything: it mellows out the young man who should be working to provide for his family.

His characterization of our conversation, as well as his attempt to appease Billie Dunn were surprising.

I am in favor of people working hard for their families and staying out of jail. When there are children, and the parents are in jail, the children are, de facto, children of Neglect.

Whether it is pot, drugs, or just unpaid fines, children do not prosper with parents in jail.

As to the refusal to condemn child pornography, it left me feeling physically sick to my stomach.


rob said...

Oh no, I didn't mean that.
That was just the only good thing I could think of to say about him.
Didn't word it too well.

Tania Cadogan said...

I don't know about sensitive bull mastiff at rest, my first thought was "Honey, we need a bigger sofa"

I can see you now in the Jan sales taking him into the furniture store and asking the salesman to find a sofa that fits the dog and possibly 1 human of adult size.
It must also color co-ordinate with his fur as does his current one.

PS aren't royal cloaks supposed to be red or royal purple with lots of Ermine and stuff?
Get it right for next year or the slippers will get it (again)

Anonymous said...

Clint may be a lazy pot smoker but he did kill his daughter and he looked for his daughter. We all know Billie and Shawn are responsible for whatever happened to hailey. I do not believe the FBI will be able to get federal prosecutors to act. The Casey
Anthony trial will be on their minds. If only they would get them on the child porn. It will be some ju

Anonymous said...

I meant did NOT kill hailey!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant did NOT kill hailey

Anonymous said...

Good news! The Russians have finally decided to start using dead children to boost their efforts to invade the privacy of Americans, too. Fourteen or so dead at the hands of Americans means 740,000 will be condemned to the depths of the hellish orphanages they've built to warehouse those sticken with the ills of society.

In America, they care more about dead children than live ones.

So, now it's the Stasi vs the Soviets.

The game is on, and on, and on.

Anonymous said...

ITA Anon 1:01. He didn't kill her but he is a total POS.

Anonymous said...

Russia is saying only Russians can abuse our Russian children, not Russian children are safer in Russia. If that were true, those children wouldn't arrive with BPD, RAD or other attachment disorders. I'm not condoning abuse of children at all. I think I see it as most people do: it's not about children anymore.

BostonLady said...

I agree that Clint did not kill Hailey but I'm beginning to wonder what he knows or what Billie and/or Shawn are holding over his head. Why wouldn't Clint come out and condemn the child porn? Did he have some sort of involvement and he doesn't want to be caught in the mess?

Clint went to the 2 year vigil and was WITH Billie Jean, posing for pictures. Billie Jean was beaming like she had just won a prize. Not exactly the reaction one would expect at a vigil for her missing daughter of over 2 yrs. It was the same smile that she had when she was climbing up on thong man. Billie commented on facebook that the FBI was there to support her. Support her?

Where is Hailey? Where are the arrests?

loulou said...

Peter... I am glad to read you too believe the 'war' between SA and BJD is a farce. I don't believe it for a second. It is interesting (for lack of a better word) that they think they are smart enough to pull that off.

Boston Lady... I am with you. What did BJD and SA have over Clint to make him do a 180 so quickly? There is something missing... all of them POS! How did he pose with her at the vigil? She post on his f/b page. She comments on his friends comments... like nothing has happened. I cannot wrap my brain around it.

Anonymous said...

This is OT, but not OT from Statement Analysis:

Good article here, about the polygraph process. This is from my area, where the police force is, as far as I've known, reliable, honest, and hardworking. I have lived here most of my life (since early childhood). Hope it is of interest to those here who are interested in the polygraph process. I thought it was pretty cool, myself. :)

Amaleen6 said...

Also OT:

Trista says investigators have scheduled meetings with her, to go over information along with the items found in the river, then they reschedule, yet they've shared some information with the paternal family that they haven't necessarily shared with her.

Why am I getting the feeling there's about to be a break in the case?

John Mc Gowan said...


Jimmy Savile's 'Love' For Margaret Thatcher.

Private letters released for the first time show how the DJ tried to drum up support for a hospital where he abused patients.

A note written by Jimmy Savile declaring his love for Margaret Thatcher shows how he tried to enlist support for a hospital where he is known to have abused vulnerable people.

In what now appear to be chilling references, Savile refers in the letter to the excitement of his "girl patients" and "paralyzed (sic) lads" at Stoke Mandeville Hospital following a lunch with Thatcher in 1980.

The letter is among a series of previously secret files released to the National Archives in Kew, south west London and show the former Top Of The Pops presenter's communications with the PM as he tried to enlist support for his work to renovate Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The DJ, awarded a knighthood in 1990 for charitable services, received widespread praise for his work with the hospital in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

But it has since emerged to be one of a series of places where Savile preyed on vulnerable people, abusing them over decades.

An ITV documentary aired on October 4 prompted hundreds of people across the country to come forward about the abuse they say they suffered at Savile's hands.

In his letter to Mrs Thatcher the star spoke of the reaction of his "girl patients" and "paralyzed lads" to his lunch date with her.

Hand-written on "Jim's 'Daily Dozen' paper", it bears the address Flat 84, 22 Park Crescent, W1.

It reads: "Dear Prime Minister. I waited a week before writing to thank you for my lunch invitation because I had such a superb time I didn't want to be too effusive.

"My girl patients pretended to be madly jealous + wanted to know what you wore + what you ate. All the paralyzed lads called me 'Sir James' all week. They all love you. Me too!!

"Jimmy Savile OBE xxx."

The previously unseen documents reveal Savile's regular communications with Mrs Thatcher and Number 10, including his request for a Government contribution to Stoke Mandeville.

The following year there were discussions about Savile's suggestion of a Government contribution to Stoke Mandeville.

The matter is debated in further letters as where the money should come from is discussed.

In December 1981 it was decided the Government would give £500,000 to the Stoke Mandeville Appeal.

John Mc Gowan said...

From above..

"MY GIRL patients pretended to be madly jealous + wanted to know what you wore + what you ate. All the paralyzed lads called me 'Sir James' all week. They all love you. Me too!!

Where the signs there then of the abuse he is alledgedly accused of just by those three little words.

"MY GIRL patients".

John Mc Gowan said...

Child Abuse: New Database Of Medical Visits
Children who visit hospital accident and emergency departments will be logged in a national database to help spot signs of abuse.9:18am UK, Thursday 27 December 2012

Video: Database To Pick Up On Child Abuse

By Liz Lane, Sky News Reporter
A national database is being introduced in hospitals to flag up potential vulnerable children to nurses and doctors.

It is in order to prevent cases similar to that of Baby Peter Connelly in which health and social service workers repeatedly failed to pick up on signs that the toddler was being abused.

Social services failed to detect signs that Baby P was being abused
He died of multiple injuries in August 2007.

Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter is behind the system and said: "For many years there's been a problem of getting joined-up and co-ordinated information to front-line healthcare professionals about children that may be potentially at risk from abuse."

Under the system, a flag will appear on the child's medical record at any hospital they attend if they have already been identified by a local authority as being at risk, or if they have frequently been taken to accident and emergency departments.

Currently, this sort of information is not shared between hospitals up and down the country.

Dr Simon Eccles, of Homerton Hospital in east London, believes it will help doctors make better judgements.

"Spotting those characteristic injury patterns that tell you a child has been abused is one thing," he said, "but what's much harder is the child whose injuries are completely understandable but actually have just been happening too often."

Lauren Matthews, whose nine-year-old son Leo has been in hospital recently, told Sky News she has her concerns: "Two weeks ago WE had to take him to hospital because his friend closed his hand in the door. And then yesterday WE had to come into hospital again because he had an asthma attack, so in certain situations it could be taken out of context."

Doctors say the system will only deal in facts and they will objectively assess each case.

Work will begin on it in early 2013 and it will start to be introduced to NHS hospitals in 2015.

John Mc Gowan said...


Found this on Psychology Today.

Let Their Words Do the Talking.

Verbal cues to detect deception.
by John R. "Jack" Schafer, Ph.D.
In Sandusky’s Own Words
Spoken Clues: Psychological Narrative Analysis of Jerry Sandusky
Published on June 27, 2012 by Jack Schafer, Ph.D. in Let Their Words Do the Talking.

There is three parts to it.

Anonymous said...

I have also wondered what Clint fears of Billie and Shawn. He did such a reversal. ist saying he thought they did or knew something, then saying he didn't think they did. It must have something to do with the child porn. I do hope the FBI is making the child porn a priority investigation. And what about David? How could he play video games and not search for his sister? What has David said about all of this? He is an adult now.

Worker Bee said...

Thank you for keeping Hailey on your blogs. I believe Billie & Shawn's fights are fake too. Or they are just having lovers quarrels in public over some petty jealousies. It is clear to me that Hailey loved Clint, but his behavior was very strange after the child porn news came out. And he seemed to change after that to defending Billie & Shawn and cozying up to her.

On another note, are you going to post the answers about the Personal Profiling from 12/24? We are all waiting!

Anonymous said...

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