Monday, May 13, 2013

Brent Mott's 911 Call

The SCAN principles are applied to 911 calls, viewing the same "expected" versus "unexpected" that SCAN uses consistently. 
What do you find in this call?
SCAN is "Scientific Content Analysis" by Avinoam Sapir, 

It might be a tough stretch to consider Brent Mott a creature of higher intelligence.  

Wife killer Brent Mott's hoax 999 call - transcript and audio
Aug 11 2010 Liverpool Echo
***Warning: Contains Profanity***
Operator: Merseyside police emergency.
Brent Mott: Yeah, er it’s just a courtesy call really, I’m a little bit concerned about my wife.
We’re going through a messy divorce at the minute and over that period she has been like low in mood and she basically said to me a load of times ‘you have to watch your back’ and ‘ I’m going to set you up one day you b******’ and is quite depressed and said to me dad’s partner and said to her mum that she’s going to have a nervous breakdown one of these days. I walked out last night at five o’clock, came back at 11 and went straight to bed.
Left keys on the table where I leave the phone and this morning I woke up with a bang, which I thought was a bit bizarre.
Op: Sorry we’re having a bit of trouble hearing you with the wind in the background.
BM: Not at all. And my daughter said ‘did you hear the bang daddy?’ and I said ‘What are you on about. I heard something but I thought it was you with the door?’.
I got up this morning at about half eight, my keys weren’t there, her car keys weren’t there and the car wasn’t there, so I thought she’d just gone to Tesco’s. I’ve been phoning her phone and there’s been no answer to her, it’s not even been ringing. I’ve been texting her and there’s no answer on message.
I’ve texted her mum, her mum said she’s not there. She did say to me last night that over-her-dead-body kind of thing would I take any of the furniture which my solicitor had earlier informed me that I can take furniture in the settlement. I just wondered and a bit worried that she hasn’t done something stupid like, ya know?
Op: Ok, erm…
BM: Like I say the car’s gone, my keys have gone and everything else and I just think it’s bizarre that she’s not even getting back to me.
Op: So what sort of time did you hear this bang then?
BM: I was half asleep and she normally gets up in the middle of the night anyway so I’m guessing between one and half oneish, I don’t know. She just jumped in my bed and we just slept all night together like ya know, and I’ve, what do ya call it, spoke to my solicitor and she said it sounded a bit bizarre because she put an injunction order on me on the grounds of all these lies and make believe stories to get me out of the house and I’ve not heard from her so I’m a little bit concerned and me cars gone and she’s not answering my phone really. She has stated that she would do a suicide and all this s*** ya know mind games like.
Op: So she has stated that she will commit suicide.
BM: She said to me that she would do, ya know, but I just laughed it as a joke like and I said to me solicitor that it’s a bit bizarre behaviour.
Op: So what’s her name?
BM: So me car is a new Focus like, so she’s off today and tomorrow but I’ve come back from town and there’s no shopping in the fridge or the cupboards so she must not have gone Tesco’s kind of thing. I don’t speak to her mum as we don’t get because of going through a divorce and stuff.
Op: Ok, what’s her name?
BM: My wife’s name is Kate Mott, M-O-T-T. She’s been doing all these mind games for a long time and with people like in her family ….. Kind of thing, and I’ve been telling my solicitor and all my friends and the family that was a little bit doolally like, you know, lost the plot kind of thing, know what I mean? She did come round to me and said ‘you better watch your back I’ll set you up you b******’ and all this, ya know what I mean. And I thought why are you saying that like, ya know, a bit bizarre behaviour last night, that’s why I walked out.
Op: Can I just take your name?
BM: Yeah it’s Brent, B-R-E-N-T, M-O-T-T.
Op: Ok and where are you coming at the moment?
BM: Just popped into work to get my ……… at the Southport Hospital, do you want me to go by Everard Road?
Op: It’s where ever’s the best to come and see yourself really Brent so we can get some more information off you.
BM: Well I’ll go back to Everard Road now, I need to pick me daughter up at three because …. At twenty past three.
Op: What we’ll be doing is getting there in the next nought to sixty minutes.
BM: In what sorry.
Op: Nought to sixty minutes.
BM: Alright well I’m literally a 10 minute walk away through the hospital to my house.


S + K Mum said...

Oh my word! It would be a stretch to consider Mr Mott a creature of ANY intelligence.
Struggle/ time of death 1-1.30am?
Even though we are going through a terrible divorce we had a cosy nights sleep that night.......nothing to suspect here then!
I think that is the most obvious/ damning emergency call I have read yet :/

mountain mama said...

Yikes! I find the dispatcher's responses as telling as the caller's.

Op: Ok, *erm*…

Op: *So* what sort of time did you hear this bang then?

Op: *So* she has stated that she will commit suicide.

Op: *So* what’s her name?

Anonymous said...

So...this guy really wants us to know that his soon to be ex-wife is a nutter who has threatened to commit suicide and set him up for it... and bascially wants the police to go discover the body for him?

S + K Mum said...

'I need to pick me daughter up at three because.....'(he doesn't finish)...because my wife is dead so I know she won't be there?

TrishapatK said...

I see him setting up his alibi, casting aspersions on his wife, minimizing, casting more aspersions on his wife and basically telling the police what he wants them to think happened.
He's very transparent, even without any understanding of Statement Analysis it seems rather obvious that he is just trying to set up his alibi.

Thanks for posting this one. This one seems much easier than many of the ones we've seen you analyze, it is nice to have one that helps me to see that I have learned things and have started to have them jump out at me.

S + K Mum said...

Cosy night, slept together in the bed, yet he walked out at 5 and returned at 11 because of bizarre behaviour.

I just looked this case up and it makes sense to me now why he said she slept in the bed with him. DNA proved intercourse had taken place either before, during or after her time of death. Disturbing.

John Mc Gowan said...

"Left keys on the table where I leave the phone".

"my keys weren’t there, her car keys weren’t there and the car wasn’t there".

"Like I say the car’s gone, my keys have gone"

High sensitivity surrounding the car,and car keys.

Tania Cadogan said...

What catches my eye is the fact he isn't listening to the operator.

They are asking questions and he blithely ignores them , continuing with his story.

it is like he has a script in front of him and he cannot and will not allow himself to deviate from it till he reaches the end.

I wonder did he has a written script or crib notes?

Pausing to answer the operator's actual questions would be a distraction and cause him to lose his place in his story.

The deception and storytelling is blatant in his call.

Anonymous said...

a) these people talk funny!!

b) whenever a man says a woman is playing mind games you know he's a creep.

c) nothing in this statement doesn't soud like he killed her.

Periwinkle Paisley said...

Loved when the Operator asked "What's her name?" and he answers "My car is a Focus." It's one of those instances that it's so awful I involuntarily laughed. He was really thinking about that car and his keys. He mentioned it being missing more than he mentioned his wife being missing. I wonder what the deal was with his car? Sensitivity there. I don't think he was fooling the Operator one bit. He isn't fooling me either.

Periwinkle Paisley said...

Okay, so I had to go count. He mentions the car 6 times. Five times saying "Car" and once saying the make of the car "Focus." He says "keys" four times. He says "wife" twice, the second time repeating the word 'wife' when the operator asks him a second time "What is your wife's name?" Without knowing anything else my guess is some major shiz went down about that car.

Sus said...

Whoa! I'll begin with the only thing in the call that did not throw up a red flag...he did not greet the operator. All else is so wrong.

He gives an improper introduction not naming his wife till asked. He is not urgent in asking for help for his wife. He frames the call as a possible suicide by his wife and gives himself an alibi. It seems his daughter heard something so he included that in his story.

He dropped a pronoun when telling where he left his keys. He repeats that the car is gone numerous times. He uses words that tells us he is story telling, like "like I said."

Interesting that he brings up the furniture argument and "over my dead body." in a 911 call.

He had two incomplete sentences. One where he said he had to pick up his daughter because's obvious he knew his wife wasn't. In the other he said he just popped into work to get my...What?

I am not familiar with this case. What's with the car? Was the wife found in it?

John Mc Gowan said...

Brent Mott, a nurse at Southport Hospital, KILS WIFE AND STAGES CAR CRASH..

Brent Mott of Southport, killed his wife, Kate during an argument about relocation and divorce money. After the murder, Mott took his wife out to a field in Lancashire and made it appear that she was in a car crash.

According to Mott, his wife had attacked him with a peeling knife and he was just acting in self defense.

The suspect sent texts and asked friends if they have seen her to cover up his tracks.

The next several days after his wife died, Mott was interviewed and finally admitted to murdering his wife after he was presented with definitive evidence.

Mott became increasingly jealous when he saw that his soon to be ex-wife was starting a new chapter in her life.

According to Judge Henry Globe QC, Mott will be jailed for the rest of his life.

Lemon said...

"BM: In what sorry."

Mr. Mott includes an apology in the form of "sorry" in the call.