Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clint Dunn Arrested...Again

Clint Dunn, the father of a missing teenage girl whose badly decomposed remains were identified last month, was arrested in Abilene on Friday after marijuana and a handgun were reportedly found in his vehicle.
According to an arrest report, Clinton William Dunn, 35, was pulled over by an Abilene police officer in the 1700 block of North Second Street for having expired license plates. When the officer approached the vehicle, he reported smelling marijuana.
A marijuana joint reportedly was found in a cigarette box, and a partially burned joint was found in an ashtray. A .25-caliber handgun was found on the driver’s seat of Dunn’s car, the report said.
Dunn is being held at Taylor County Jail in lieu of a $3,250 bond.
Dunn’s daughter, Hailey, at age 13 was last reported seen at her Colorado City home two days after Christmas 2010. Human remains found in late March in Scurry County were identified in April as belonging to the girl.


lake erie princess said...

His family and friends need to do an intervention on him, and send him to a rehab and then 1/2 way house. Plant the seed of sobriety and a strong 12 step program in him. Pound him with some hardcore spirituality.

His addiction has cost him $1000.'s in court costs alone.

I bet there is a good man hidden in that shell.

Also move him OUT of Texas, away from his friends and family, & acquaint him with sober/straight people. I believe in miracles....

Anonymous said...

Lake eerie princess. Please it was a little weed you freak OMG who cares!! Really!! Dumb stupid post, and dumb comment.

Anonymous said...

little weed? how many times has he been arrested for a little weed? and at bad timing. not to mention the vehicle violations. the guy is failing his responsibilities to society. and wuts up with the gun? only gonna get worse if something dont happen soon for the better .

on a brighter note 3250 bail, through a bondsman would be... $325.... where is DBC?

Anonymous said...

Bet Billie's loving this!

toonce said...

Clint should move out of TX all right, to a state with medical marijuana laws. Problem solved! Hope the cops aren't letting out God kmows what kind of sex offender or burglar, to make room for this stoner in jail. While Pillie and Shawn walk free, no less. Hmm.

elf said...

Wonder if he was on his way to do a lil Texas justice for his daughter?
Watch out Billie.
Daddy's home.

lake erie princess SPERM BREATH said...

Fuck off die!

Gambler said...

I feel sorry for the guy, in that his daughter Hailey's decomposed remains were recently recovered after she disappeared over 2yrs ago under 'questionable' circumstances. Only days ago he attended a memorial for Hailey, in which he heard everyone speak lovingly of her and how they missed her. This had to be really hard. To top it off to be there for his son and have his ex Pillie right there, the woman(?) many feel is responsible, in one way or another, for his daughters death. Maybe the gun was for himself? Good thing he's not a suspect or people would be saying it's a sign of guilt. Hopefully he can somehow find peace and get his life straightened out.

Anonymous said...

SO LE is quick to pop and arrest Clint while BD and SA walk free after possessing child porn - what a wonderful police dept they have there in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Clint might be "selling" instead of just tokin'...the gun and all!

I thought he was living in California and only just came back for the memorial.

Hailey surely drew the unlucky draw with both her parents. There's Billie who couldn't or didn't want to protect Hailey and Clint who was...uh-duh...non compos mentis most of the time.

The way Clint lives and breathes marijuana ...well, let's say his brain is probably a little goofy at this stage.

Trixiebelle said...

oh, no problems for Clint....afterall, BJD spoke so glowingly of Clint at the memorial

Surely, BJD will step up to the plate and bail her "husband" out of jail. I bet she has $325 dollars to do so----what, with the newly colored hair and dresses (remember the sassy strapless one David "bought" her? How about the black mourning dress she wore to the memorial?)

Looks like Billie is going to have to help Clint if she wants to keep him on her side. The longer he sits in jail, the more sober he will become. Once that ole mental fog clears, he might start viewing things in a different light. Haha, Happy Memorial Day weekend, Billie! Maybe you can raise the cash, get hubby out of jail and still have time to booze it up on the long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Rape and murder a child - LE does nothing

Smoke weed - LE destroys your life

Anonymous said...

Rape and murder a child - LE does nothing

Drive with expired plates - LE destroys your life

Anonymous said...

Rape and murder a child - LE does nothing

Possess child pornography - LE does nothing

Be the parent of a raped and murdered child - LE destroys your life

Anonymous said...

Clint just can't get it right. Poor devil.

The weed, poor ole Clint can't help himself, he's a goner; but the GUN? Why?

Maybe the church he attended down in Colorado City can help him on his way again? I hope so. Actually, I mean this. Observer

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:13, grow a brain. It is illegal to drive on expired license plates. In every state in this US of A, that's the law. These laws were enacted to protect reckless and dangerous drivers from each other and from themselves. Driving an automobile is not a right, it is a privilege. Even a pothead fool knows it is illegal to drive an automobile on an expired license plate.

This is not LE destroying your life, this is YOU destroying your own life; in this case, that being Clint Dunn who got his own self arrested. THEN is found to be smoking pot with more pot evidence in his illegally operated vehicle, IN Texas where weed is not legal to possess; on top of THAT, has a firearm lying on his front seat; which, most likely he does not have a permit to carry. I wonder if it was loaded?

Clint is no longer competent to act in his own behalf or to think responsibily for himself. Somebody needs to step up to the plate, take over his guardianship, and have him commited. Heaven forbid that this legally closest next of kin could be Billie Jean; however, if she fails to act in Clints' best interest, then his mother should come forward and take steps. Clint needs serious help. Observer

Anonymous said...

If Clint had been drinking and driving there would be outrage but since it was only weed, no biggie?

SALurkerOne said...

I do not ever want to know what he is going through. If you think about it though - I can't say if I blame him for acting like a ding dong. His daughter is dead. Most likely murdered at the hands of her mother & his quasi ex-wife.

I don't know & don't want to find out how I'd handle something this terrible. So I have compassion for him.

Although he is not making wise decisions. Smoking weed in a car is DUMB! Smoking weed in a car with expired plates is even dumber! You're asking to be caught.

As far as the gun in the front seat - that is concerning. Although I know Texas has a completely different mind set with guns. (Basically) most men carry them. I could be totally off but I think you might not need a permit to carry in Texas.

Although having a loaded weapon on you/your property during a drug crime (even as simple as smoking pot) you can get some serious time. Legal gun or not.

I hope this guy is able to get past his pain, let go of the weed (it sounds like it's an issue for him), and look forward to a brighter future.

From what I've read, this guy is dealing with an enormous amount of pain.

Trigger said...

Clint Dunn is reacting to his pain. He wants to numb himself against it.

Drugs and guns are a lethal mix.

The cops who arrested him probably saved his life that day or someone else's life.

Clint, get into therapy and get rid of the pain that's so overwhelming. You deserve to have happiness and your little girl needs you to be there for her while she's growing up.

Move away and don't let Billie get near her.

Trigger said...

Although, Hailey lost her life because of an unfit mother and her cruel boyfriend, there are numerous of other victims to this crime. Clint Dunn being the most visible at this time.

The ripple effect of a child's death in this manner, is far reaching and enormous in emotional pain and grief.

Clint's anger and pain is understandable, but he can use it to better his life not destroy it. There is a time to heal.

John Mc Gowan said...


On a lighter note,i thought i would post this interesting article on Obama's Body Language.

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2407:
President Obama in Midst of Heckler -
A Subtle Sign of Significant Anger with
Emotional Dissonance (Video, Photos)

Anonymous said...

Clints' mother Miss Connie is also in a vulnerable position. She has been and is going through enormous stress that is highly detrimental to her psyche, mind and body.

She would have to blame herself largely for Haileys' tragic death when Hailey had already told her, crying, that she was scared of Shawn, and had begged her to let her live with her, then Hailey had begged her to take her on her grandmothers' vacation trip to Florida over the holidays, but Miss Connie had decided it was too far out of her way to come down and get Hailey. Oh the tragedy of it all.

Miss Connie is in a terrible situation and could drop any minute with a debilitating stroke or fatal heart attack. On top of losing Hailey in such a horrible way, she has two sons that, as far as I can see, have never brought her anything but heartache. The human body, mind, soul and spirit can only take so much. Somebody needs to be looking out for this woman. I hope she is staying close with her minister and her church. Observer

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...


This so sad..She knew what was coming.

Presumed dead Utah mom Susan Powell documents her belongings ‘in case something happens,’ new video shows (VIDEO)

Scroll down for video..

Read more:

Dee said...

My nephew lost his life because of someone driving impaired. On weed. Weed, alcohol, texting, sleepy - it doesn't matter what it is impairing your ability to drive, you shouldn't be behind the wheel. So don't tell me it was just weed. A little weed cost an innocent 20 year old his life. Clint just said goodbye to his daughter. How would he feel to be the cause of someone else doing the same. No excuses.

Dee said...

And to top it off, he was in possession of a second deadly weapon, a gun, while under the influence. I'm sick of the whole bunch of them.

Trigger said...

"She (Connie)would have to blame herself largely for Hailey's tragic death...etc."

Connie's help could not have spared Hailey's life against Billie and Shawn. All Connie could do was postpone it somewhat.

Billie and Shawn are dangerous and cunning. Shawn was obsessed with Hailey and BD ignored it, that is why Hailey went to Connie with her fears and tears.

BD and Shawn would have lured Hailey back into the house as quickly as possible, with empty promises and "things will be different" slogans to entice Hailey, if Connie would have allowed Hailey to move in with her.

Once Shawn had marked Hailey for his personal sacrifice, Hailey didn't have a rats a$$ chance of survival.

I once heard a career criminal state it like this about the mental attitude of child murderers, "If they are old enough to bleed, then they are old enough to butcher."

I believe that Shawn has this type of mentality and Hailey fit into his sick twisted plans.

Anon 19 said...

Off Topic...

“I do not use crack cocaine nor am I an addict of crack cocaine,” Ford said in a statement Friday afternoon. “As for a video, I can’t comment on a video I have never seen or does not exist.”

The Mayor of Toronto, responding to the accusation that he is pictured in a video (supposedly taken within the last six months) smoking crack cocaine.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Anon 19..

I posted on this in a OT some days a go.

Here it is.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Denies Crack Cocaine Allegations
Is He Telling the Truth?
His Body Language says ....

Although it has not yet surfaced yet, a phone video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine exists. Staff of the Toronto Star has purportedly viewed it and feel it is authentic. The person possessing the video reportedly wants tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for the video.

The video above shows Mayor Rob Ford denying the allegations. Regardless of whatever words the "script" or "memo" he is holding contains, no innocent man needs a script to declare his innocence. Deception needs to memorize. Truth speaks from the heart. From a nonverbal standpoint, his memo serves much the same function as a young child's blanket. It is a MAP surrogate (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) and is a strong signal of high anxiety in this context. MAP surrogates are slightly more refined forms of self-touching.

His body language also betrays the lie as evidenced by the Mayor's relative lack of eye contact. Both in extended looking at his memo and prolonged looking down at noise on the floor provide subconscious excuses for looking away - and down - from his audience. We don't need to see the video. Rob Ford is guilty of smoking crack cocaine.

What other nonverbal signals demonstrate Mr. Ford is lying? Asking for forgiveness? Frightened?


I also asked if anybody else has come across anymore denials on camera while using a memo,and subsequently were found out to be lying.

Anonymous said...

Are ya'll missing the fact that Clint was a complete loser BEFORE Hailey was killed? He was living, with his baby mama, illegally, in public housing. He was arrested for burglary BEFORE Hailey was killed. He wouldn't work BEFORE Hailey was killed because of a "bad back" yet somehow managed to participate in martial arts. He was a pothead BEFORE Hailey was killed. He was a loser BEFORE Hailey was killed. While I don't doubt that he loved Hailey -- in his drugged out stupor -- but not even the disappearance and death of his daughter could prompt this man to get his act together. He can't manage his own life. He needs to go to jail. The fact that BD and SA have not yet been arrested have nothing to do with Clint's drug use and own illegal activities. Poor Hailey. Failed at every turn. And that includes the two dead beat grandmas!

Anon 19 said...

Thanks John. I immediately thought "unreliable denial", especially when he said that he hasn't seen the tape.

Anonymous said...

I feel very bad for Clint,and knowing that he has already suffered 2 breakdowns since Hailey has gone missing,what the hell does one expect from him now....he feels guilty not being there for hos baby,hr feels he has failed as a parent,and inside he is dead. Bd and sa tool that from him.

John Mc Gowan said...


This is a very good summing up of some of the basics in statement analysis.


Statement Analysis: What Do Suspects' Words Really Reveal?

Anonymous said...

Well said, anon @ 10:02.

Clint has been numbing himself for over 15 yrs. his drug use is nothing new. Whether or not you feel pot should be illegal, the fact is it is illegal in Texas. Clint chose to drive with it in his car. He has another daughter to support. Now, he has another conviction, thus less chance of finding a job. Once again, Clint chose his drugs over his child.

Anne said...

It's not ok to driving, smoking pot, carry a gun, break the law. Clint still has a son he needs to be a good example for. This isn't the first time Clint is in trouble. Other people have lost their children and don't go out and break the law. Not ok, I am surprised so many people think it is ok.
I would think Clint would want to be strong and set a good example to support and help his son. This whole group surrounding Hailey seem to be too comfortable breaking the law and using drugs.

Trigger said...

"Once again, Clint chose his drugs over his child"

Yes, he did.

There is still time for Clint to sober up and grow up.

I know of many drug abusers who got sick and tired of being sick and tired, so they made a choice to make better choices in the future.

15 years of drug abuse can be reversed. Clint Dunn can make changes if he has the desire to change.

His family cannot be blamed anymore. Clint has the freedom to choose as he is an adult.

Katie said...

When will they arrest those who murdered Hailey Dunn??????

Katie said...

When will they arrest those who murdered Hailey Dunn??????

Trigger said...

Ford's statement lacks the three essentials of a reliable denial.

1. First person pronoun (check)

2. Past tense verb (missing)
He used present tense verb concerning a past event.

3. allegation specific (check)

Dee said...

Anonymous May 25, 2013 at 10:21 AM

I feel very bad for Clint,and knowing that he has already suffered 2 breakdowns since Hailey has gone missing,what the hell does one expect from him now....he feels guilty not being there for hos baby,hr feels he has failed as a parent,and inside he is dead. Bd and sa tool that from him.

How about learning a lesson from what happened to Hailey? He has another daughter he should be there for. What about her? It's not to late to be there for her. Lesson not learned.

Anonymous said...

Is it legal for LE to have shown BJD true child porn? I would think not. Under what circumstances would it be legally allowed to keep showing cp to anyone? I beloved there was no child porn found when all was said and done. They may have seen images that appeared to be so at first glance and LE was able to obtain search warrants based on that belief, but in the end there was no cp.

Anonymous said...

Marijuana is not a druggie dumby!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you judgemental fuck head!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, well said.

Trigger said...

"he has already suffered 2 breakdowns since Hailey has gone missing...etc."

He will most likely suffer more "breakdowns" without some kind of drug treatment program or intervention. There is a high defined risk that he will die, go insane, or incapacitate himself by age 50 without treatment.

He is at an age where a treatment program would benefit him. There is a high recovery rate for men in his age group.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for Clint, really? He has been in jail and in jail and in jail - BEFORE his daughter was missing, DURING his daughter missing, AFTER his daughter was found. If he put down the spiff and started trying to be a dad maybe his daughter would still be alive today - ever think about that? Even if you don't agree with that, I know for a fact that people bent over backwards when his daughter was missing to get him out of his troubles. They bailed him out, they supported him, they tried to help him as a man - he repaid them by doing dumb crap like this (driving around knowing you have expired tags and STILL having a gun and pot in your car - Oh Kay). He has a choice and simply put his choice is to be a screwed up waste of a guy who still has at least one daughter alive and drives high with a gun in the car. No pity.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit!!!!! Shut up and go ole a bowl!

Anonymous said...

Quote: " Anonymous said...

Marijuana is not a druggie dumby!! "

Way to ruin your own argument.

Anonymous said...

I love how people who just want to do pot will make fools of themselves defending it. The harder you argue, the more people think "oh - maybe it does kill brain cells after all."

Unknown said...

Remember the fear that Clint spoke of having for BD and SA? How do we know that the gun wasn't him thinking "just in case"?

BD is about to be exposed. It's a game she has been playing for over 2 yrs. She has fought LOUD and hard to keep up appearances (in her head).

Who knows what Clint knows about what really happened to Hailey by now. Any knowledge would put him in danger.

Make no mistake, BD and SA are dangerous people. He knows what Billie is capable of better than anyone.

Just waitin' said...

Maybe it was a way to question Clint again without raising any red flags. I'm thinking Clint may know some details that could be of help to LE. I don't think Clint has any involvement in Hailey's death but I feel like he has heard rumors in the past two years. The bail doesn't seem like much for a dude high on marijuana and toting a gun. Of course John Young got off pointing a gun at LE officer.

Trigger said...

I agree, Bonnie Blue!

Anonymous said...

I meant Clint is not a druggie for smoking weed, and it is not a drug. It's not just my point of view it's Many others all over the world.

Anonymous said...

I have total sympathy for Clint, Connie and David and all who love Hailey. I am so sorry that Clint is living with the loss of his daughter Hailey.

Obviously Clint has serious problems. When I hear about that, I immediately wonder about his baby daughter. She really needs Clint to 'straighten up,' to do something major. And David may be a legal adult but oh my God!, David still needs/would greatly benefit too if Clint was to get 'straightened out'. (Good Lord, the adults in Davids life.) Anyone who loves Clint or God forbid needs Clint to live up to his responsibilities is in for heart ache and let down. And that includes Clint himself. I mean that his children, family, friends and his own self seems to be less important than a damn drug. Clint you need to make the right choice man! If you have problems find another way to deal with them!

Clint needs to worry a lot less about the legal right to use Pot and worry a lot more about his own personal drug abuse habit and what it has done and is doing to himself and those he loves and cares about.

Clint, if necessary Clint, remove yourself from anyplace drugs are and demand no one have drugs around you. If necessary get a real support system that supports your standing strong against your own personal drug abuse habits.

Clint, focus, focus focus on raising your daughter! Also be an example and a support for David - you can still be a positive in David's life. (What all David has been through!) All children need and deserve well functioning and responsible daddies! Clint you still have two children that need you to be strong for them. Actually Hailey still needs you too. When you are strong enough, Hailey needs her daddy to speak up for her, however you can in your own way. (But, not in anyway that would get your arrested if that is what is going on. Hailey does not need that legacy!)

I know many people stop abusing/using and regret all that drug abuse did to their lives. Clint can stop abusing too and have a life he is more in control of.

Anonymous said...

You idiot. What kind of life do you live. I meant to type in drug obviously, I'm on my phone so it's not a keyboard and it automatically types things in when I start. Do you sit on your ass all day judging people? Just curious what all you anti-marijuana people do. LOSERS!!

Anonymous said...

i know people who use meth regularly and i know people who use pot regularly. and imo, pot users are just as much druggies as meth users in the choices they make and the lifestyle they lead.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon 1:29

I meant to type in DRUG OBVIOUSLY, I'm on my phone "SO" it's not a keyboard and it automatically types things in when I start.

I meant to type in DRUG OBVIOUSLY.

You assume we know what you meant,not everyone speaks your language.

I'm on my phone "SO" it's not a keyboard and it automatically types things in when I start.

"SO" When someone has a need to explain,we give it the color code BLUE,in S/A this highly sensitive.

Mmmm,i wonder why?..

Anonymous said...

1:29 PM

I am 1:28 PM. I really hope we seriously change the way we deal with illegal drug use to fines or if not that then we need to decriminalize it. But we do need to keep criminalizing specific behavior (for ex: driving intoxicated)and to criminalize people committing crimes while intoxicated by whatever.

You do realize that not everyone using drugs does so in just a recreational way. Many people ABUSE drugs and it changes their brains and lives for the worse. Or it even 'ruins' their lives. And most of these people are not living isolated lives! They become liars, thieves, cheats, and undependable or even unsafe and so on. It affects us all. They are our children, parents, neighbors, doctors and so on.

Drug abuse effects us all.

Anonymous said...

Is that a predictive text phone that learns what words you use most often and bases the suggested word on those?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:28. I hope with you that he will wise up and straighten up for his sake and that of his kids.

Anonymous said...

No it's not.

Anonymous said...

Not even the same. I'm not saying all marijuana smokers live life the same way. Every person lives differently!! You cannot categorize or judge everyone that is pro-marijuana just because you have been around trashy losers that happen to smoke it as well. Nice try!

lake erie princess said...

For those of u who chose to insult me, go ahead. I know 1st hand what this stuff does to u over a long period of time and with regular use. Clint may have had 1 joint this time, but how much have they found previously ?

He needs to stop, but I bet on his own his addiction will win !

He has OTHER responsibilities, and at his age the party is over. He needs to get straight and get his act together. He is a bright light in the public eye ! He could do so much to help other families of lost or murdered children, unlike Billie.

Anonymous said...

Get a life LOSER!!!

Anonymous said...

Get a life!!!

Tania Cadogan said...

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Denies Crack Cocaine Allegations

No reliable past tense denial.

He said i do not smoke crack cocaine.

Right now he probably isn't and won't (at least till the fuss dies down) he cannot bring himself to say i DID NOT smoke crack cocaine as lying is stressful.

He smoked crack , was videoed smoking crack. expect a few more weak denials until he has painted himself into a corner, then we will get the self pitying admission of guilt, claims he was protecting his family, his friends, the party etc and statements he will now be going into rehab/seeking help/asking forgiveness/talking to his pastor and that we should now give him privacy so he can recover/heal/ figure out how to keep his job or when it would be not to brazen to announce he is running for public office again.

nonpothead said...

Is "dumby" like Gumby?
Better quit the drugs so your brain can spell, dummy.

I can't stand how people out of rehab try to tell everyone they meet they have addiction issues. Case in point JVM.

Anonymous said...

O/T g. zimmerman
tsk tsk tsk

16 Days George
by LLMPapa

John Mc Gowan said...


Sky News Documentary Dec 24th 2007 -

Is It Possible McCanns Are Involved.

John Mc Gowan said...


What happened to Madeleine McCann? 50 facts that the British Media are no

Vita said...

Clint, as he has not lived in Texas for x amount of time, who knows who's car he was driving. Clint has records, he has been arrested. He is a non violent person by his own arrest records of his past since Hailey's missing. He packing a gun, is the unexpected. I say more power to him. He to have the wits and wear withal to know: No Trust

He has never been perfect, he will never be Ward Cleaver. He is Hailey's Dad. Everyone that has smeared him, said he is worthless and low life loser. You may be right, it's doesn't change anything. If you were to walk up to Clint Dunn and ask him point blank what could have you done to prevent Hailey's murder?

What would he say? I have two words that come to mind that would be his instant reaction. As it would come out of any parent's mouth, who had zero control over the other parent's doings in their own home. Yes, Hailey's world " changed" in a very short time, 4 months, that Adkins lived in the house of 1804 Chestnut.

Hailey went to her father and said what? we do not know. Clint everyone says did nothing. How do you know what he did or didn't do? How do we know that Hailey didn't step in and say DAD stop! as she was protecting him from doing something that he would be ripped out of Hailey's life permanently.

Hailey LOVED her DAD. She did. She was not in fear of him. Clint Dunn is not making any excuses for himself. He got up off his couch and he did aid, he did search, he did. He too was/is being played and manipulated behind the scenes. How? Leverage via Billie

If anyone thinks they can exchange shoes with Clint Dunn, go for it.
This is what I would have, could have, it's all MOOT. He did not kill Hailey. He did take on Adkins, Grandma Connie said it so in her Blog Talk interview.

Connie: … And they can hurt somebody whether accidentally or on purpose and he came over here one night and him and Clint got into a fight in my front yard and umm.. Well Clint he's been into martial arts for a while and he just put the man to sleep on my front yard and he woke up and went out, went over to his car and he was fooling around in his backseat.

The cops arrested him and he had a club back there with nails all the way through it, all the way through it. I guess he was going to get the club and try and kill Clint. I don't know. But the cops took the club so they still have the club down at the police station and I'm sure they didn't release it to him. Cuz it was a weapon.
Can you imagine this through the eyes ears of Hailey? Her Dad to go after 6'3 Godzilla Adkins for who? he did to protect his family, as Adkins left " Death Threats" on his mother's answering machine.
He reacted when they came to meet, yes he did. He had proof. Clint did. This is what Clint did not have within the 4 months of - via Billie who was running Offense to every questionable he had.

Hailey now a Big Sister, Chloe born end of November 2010, to him, DAD it's not that bad at home. Dad, it's okay, come on, lets play a video game, Dad look at me and distract him. Everyone that says Clint was and is, this that or the other, I think the proof is in the photos. Taken late Nov early Dec 2010. Hailey with Him. She, you cannot wipe the smile off her face. She is proud, she is happy, she is her own self, as Clint allowed her to be, no judgment.

Out of respect for her, give him the merit that he did earn - by Hailey's standards. Clint Dunn maybe be a man of many faults, many misgivings, he will always be Hailey's DAD, she loved him.

Anonymous said...

"..badly decomposed remains..." to me implies there was something flesh, hair or tissue wise left to work with. I wish this blog and other media outlets would be more specific and say "partial skeletal remains" as to me, there is a vast difference.

ACH said...

Your post on Peter's last entry was frightening to say the least. I have long believed Billie is in charge of the criminal conspiracy. I had not giving much thought to the dynamics between BJD & SA when they first met. I never thought she may have planned this from the beginning. I assumed the murder was a product of an evolution of their relationship.

As for Clint, I believe if he had in his possession every bit of pot he has smoked or ever will smoke, he would trade it all and give up smoking it forever if it would bring Hailey back.


Anonymous said...

You're what? Probably white trailer trash?

nonpothead said...

I'm rubber and you're glue.
What you say bounces off me and sticks to you.
(If your comment was not directed at me, please disregard)

Anonymous said...

Weed really is not a harsh drug. Nobody has ever died from smoking a joint. There is much worse drugs he could be doing. I agree with what someone posted above, he is hurting so he wanted to forget about it for a little bit. I do worry about why he had the gun. :/

AugustWA said...

Smoking pot in the privacy of your own home is no worse than mixing a cocktail and sucking it down

Dame Dragon said...

I have next to no sympathy for David. I think he knows plenty.

Anonymous said...

Clint doesn't just smoke marijuana as one having a cocktail once-in-a-while in his home. he's a full-on ddict. Come on! Clint was incapacitated, in no mental position to help his daughter. Like most of the people in Hailey's family, he was mostly concerned for himself and rationalizing a big drug habit, just as other people deny addicition to alcohol. ("I can stop any time I want to. I just don't want to."

Clint's children suffered from his lack of attention and assertiveness to their problems and needs just as someone addicted to alcohol abandons their loved ones for their choice of a way to get out of responsibility.

Big whoop! So Clint looked for Hailey. At last got out of a reverie to put forth some efrfort for her..and at the same time collected money for himself from strangers to do so.

He's a big-time loser. Does he feel guilt. Sure. And he should. Maybe in that guilt there is some hope for him...but don't bank on it. His first allegiance is to pot...and where he might live so he can smoke pot to his heart's content. That was his first thought before Hailey's disappearance... and it's his first thought, now. How has Clint changed? Muddleheaded pot slave before Hailey's disappearance and zombie head addict afterwards.

Clint Dunn bighearted dad in pain? Maybe some residual pain, but that can be alleviated by...more weed! What a complete oser as is everyone in Hailey's family. Thank goodness her teachers appreciated her. Too bad one of them couldn't have stepped in and perhaps fostered her. Something by someone! It's heartbreaking!

Anonymous said...

Vita said...
May 25, 2013 at 4:03 PM

Hi Vita, first off I made the comment at 1:28 so you know.

I love what you said and how you said it.

The most important, being how Hailey loved Clint. And that she was safe with him! I am glad Clint lived near by so Hailey got to see him and her new baby sister. I am sure those were real moments of happiness for her.

And we don't know what Hailey was telling Clint or what Clint knew. Or what Clint did or did not do. Or even what was possible for Clint to do. But the one thing for sure is, that Hailey loved Clint.

The truth is we don't even know for sure what Hailey knew and when.

Vita, you make excellent points about who Clint Dunn is. I did feel very nervy saying what I said. I was trying to be constructive. I have believed from things said, that drug use has been significant in Clint's life for some time. It sounds like drug use has had a significant impact on his life and the lives of those close to him.

In no way was I thinking Clint was responsible for Hailey dying. But everything you said really struck a chord. I am glad you spelled it out.

As a matter of fact, I have the impression that Clint is a very genuinely loved person. I personally respect Clint choosing to be David's father. Even wanting to legally adopt David. Including after BJ and Clint were separated! The way I remember that - that was just another game to BJ at the expense of both David and Clint?

I am truly so sorry for everything that Clint is going through. And by that I mean the horror of having your daughter gone. And knowing someone harmed her, she was deliberately harmed and had her life taken from her. The fact that her mother could be involved! I know Clint is living with this everyday right in his face. I hope he is doing well and will be all right.

Anonymous said...

AugustWA said...

Smoking pot in the privacy of your own home is no worse than mixing a cocktail and sucking it down

May 25, 2013 at 5:48 PM

well in the privacy of your own home is still harmful if you are a alcoholic or drug addict. And it can and usually does affect all those in your life.

Skeptical said...

My guess is Clint had a gun for protection while he bought drugs. He was probably going to a dangerous part of town.

RIck said...

OT: 3yo kidnapped by his father - father has RO against him for no contact with wife or son...let's hope little Luke is found safe and quickly!

LONGMONT, Colo. (AP) — Authorities are looking for a man accused of breaking into his estranged wife's Longmont home, shooting her with a stun gun and pepper spray, and kidnapping the couple's 3-year-old son.

Police say 51-year-old Monty Ray Turner assaulted his wife at their home in the 700 block of Eldora Place just after 10 a.m. Saturday and then left with his son, Luke Turner, on a bicycle with a kid seat. The father is believed to have fled in a nearby vehicle.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has issued an Amber Alert for the boy.

Monty Turner has a protection order prohibiting him from contacting his wife and son. He may be driving a blue 2001 Ford F-350 pickup with Colorado license plate 245-FLJ.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew what the hold-up is all about....

when, when, when is LE going to make an arrest???

In my period of good faith, I thought "surely" an arrest would be made shortly after Hailey's remains were found in Scurry County in mid-March.

But now we are at Memorial Day Weekend. I believed Clint Dunn's marijuana bust on 5/24/13... (Friday evening) would also get the ball rolling. But it doesn't look like that will happen soon.

Maybe, just maybe, BJD and SA will get away with murder.

Trixiebelle said...


trixiebelle said...

Sorry, it's me, Trixiebelle from the comments at 7:15.... not really "anonymous"

John Mc Gowan said...

I would like to see a Poll done on whether people are as confident now of arrest and prosecution of BD and SA,as they were a few months ago when Haileys body was found.?

Calico said...

BJD and SA have gotten away with murder and that is killing Clint I'm sure. He has to stay close enough to BJD to hear things IMO. Unfortunately he is probably to stoned to work it through.

Most parents would beat themselves up with guilty knowledge that they could have done more. Clint knows Hailey loved him and he loved Hailey, but that doesn't mean he was there for her, not really.

He may have been the best adult in her life and I believe he was, but that wasn't enough because she was surrounded by depravity...proven by her murder 500 ft across the street from him by someone who was supposed to protect her (BJD) like he was supposed to do to.

Clint needed help before Hailey went missing, before she was found murdered and now that she has been laid to rest. He has two more children he needs to be there for and he has an opportunity to do so. Let's hope he realizes this and pulls himself out of from under. I believe Hailey would want this for him.

Trigger said...

Your point that Hailey loved her dad Clint and that she might have minimized her fear of Shawn when she was with Clint.

When Hailey was asking her friends about purchasing marijuana maybe she was trying to help Clint out by buying the marijuana for him also.

Rick said...


I am not confident Hailey's killer(s) will be prosecuted. If there is an arrest I will be surprised and excited. But I would not bet on it or hold by breath. I think they have gotten away with it.

The hauled away couch was key.

The deviant images were exaggerated and sensationalized or there would have been an arrest on that alone.

LE or the DA have waited to long, much like the Susan Powell case.

fireboy said...

The police aren't going to touch Billie and/or Shawn. That's obvious to anyone who has followed this case. It is frustrating to so many here locally, there has been too many reasons to arrest them and friends have told me B or S aren't shaking in their boots. S wasn't ever talking to the FBI on the verge of spilling anything, it is all rumor. Sad but true.

bigmtn said...

No arrests ever. I WISH I were wrong.

Anonymous said...

IMO, if Clint Dunn were ever going to straighten up and GIVE UP his pot addiction he would have already done it. Particularly when he went down to the church, went to the alter, prayed and begged for help. He meant it then but let his chance slip away like druggies do.

IMO, he got even more addicted when the donations were coming in and he had money galore to spend on pot with no accountability, not like when he had to find a few yards to cut just so he could buy a nickel baggie.

Now he had plenty of pot, beer and whatever else he needed to sustain his habit, like it must have dropped out of heaven. I think Clint blew his one chance for recovery like most drug addicts do, now finds no way back and isn't even looking for one. I don't think there is a road back for Clint because he doesn't see that he needs a road back.

He just needs his pot, beer and whatever else he does to sustain his habit. More than likely, Naomi sits there and does it with him. These people, birds of a feather, flock together. Now it includes carrying a weapon. I've seen this before; I'm sorry to say, it does not come to a good ending. Observer

Shelley said...

This was my thought as well. But I think it's Shawn he would be focused on.

The rest I don't care about. His child was murdered. I would be out of my mind. Drugs may be his only way to cope.

Shelley said...

If my grandchild told me she was scared of this new man in her home, I would get involved. So while it's not her fault per say, why do people just go about their own lives? This angers me! I have called the police over neighboor kids that I was concerned about. But your own grand daughter? That you do nothing.

Everyone needs to pay attention when kids are scared. This was the biggest sign and she simple went on her way.

Again not blaming her, but I don't understand how she can hear that fear and not do anything.

Poor Hailey was not protected as she could have been and it angers me. Her a d Clint should have fought to get her out of that home!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the people here that do not understand the mercy & compassion of God.

When Clint went on His knees and asked for God's help GOD heard his cries.
God is with Clint and loves him completely.

God has His hand upon Clint's life.
did you ever think maybe GOD sent that cop to arrest him to save his life ?
Maybe He was going to harm himself with the gun ?

God is so merciful ,full of compassion,long-suffering with all of us and never gives up on someone.

Clint is in an enormous level of grief nobody can fathom.

it is not so easy to give up his marijuana especially if it helps his bad back pain .

He who is without sin cast the first stone...

Clint was a good father who chose to live across the street from his children and saw them everyday unlike some deadbeat dads who simply forget they have children.

He has his flaws like all of us only his are on display because of the tragic death of his child.

God have mercy on him and heal broken heart.

Pray for him instead of criticizing him .

Anonymous said...

Shelly, what was his excuse for needing to cope before Hailey was murdered? I'm sure Billie was a handful for him to try to manage, and I do know that he (or Connie) had tried earlier to gain custody of Hailey and failed. But Clint also failed to pay support for Hailey; remember how Hailey went to school hungry and had to humbly ask her counselor for lunch money or either go without lunch? When Hailey needed a little money for school projects, Billie made her go begging to Shawn? Remember that? Remember how Clint ALSO had Hailey living at Shawn & Billies' mercy and did nothing to provide monetarily for her?

What was his excuse then? I'm not trying to kick Clint in the teeth, I'm just pointing out that Clint has always been a 'ner-do-well, come hell or high-water, he smoked his pot though. Drugs (pot IS a drug!) were his only way to cope when he bedded Naomi, made another baby with her (unwed and with no stability, I might add); and wouldn't make room for Hailey to live with him, tho she begged, but Clint couldn't "cope"? Nope, it would interfer with him smoking pot and having to make a living.

Sorry, Shelly; I agree with Dee and several others. Drugs (of any kind) is NOT the way for a drug addict to cope; GOD is the only way to cope, Clint already found this out but chose to turn his back on his only way to real peace so that he could "cope". David is grown, and David isn't his anyway, but he has another child to raise and what is he doing? Again, wasting another innocent life that is not his own to waste.

I feel sorry for him, such a wasted life. I hate to say it or even think it, but I wouldn't count his days as being long on this earth if he can't find the strength to reach out and hold onto the only source of understanding, forgiveness and healing power there is. There he would find guidance and strength, but he has turned away from this. Where does he go from there? I shudder to think of the possible end results. Observer

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Anon @9:20. I so agree in every way, except your comment that "God never gives up on anyone". Wrong.

Many times God has warned that "He will not always strive with man, but will give them over to a reprobate mind and will not hear their cries when they call on Him". No, my dear, we cannot continue on in our own ways, using God like a yoyo and believing He will always be standing by.

I'm not casting stones Anon, but Clint also needs to reach out to God. I do not believe there is any other way; I also agree that we need to be praying for Clint.

Pak31 said...

Maybe marijuana isn't horrible stuff but it IS illegal and it's not smart to drive and smoke it. Regardless, all it shows is that both of Haily's parents are not very respectable people. It's amazing she lived as long as she did. Children deserve parents who are good, decent and loving.

Anonymous said...

Let's just continue to pray for Clint to hear and obey the Voice of The Good Shepherd and be free from all his burdens and struggles...

I do believe God hears Clint's prayers and I know that His grace is amazing toward the brokenhearted .

I am praying that God would send a Shepherd after His own heart to minister to Clint on a daily basis and disciple him in The Word and Ways of Christ...

I pray for Hailey to have the Justice she deserves and for some measure of peace for the family knowing someone has been held accountable .

I pray whoever killed Hailey would repent and that every hidden thing will come out into the light .

God Please Bless Clint and pursue Him with Your Holy Love in a miraculous way !

Amaleen6 said...

He remains his own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

More than likely, Naomi sits there and does it with him.
Naomi and Clint haven't been together for a long while. She recently had a baby (Bella) by someone else. (congrats) and Clint has a new GF.

Anonymous said...

Clint didnt choose to live across the street from his daughter. He Flopped there because it was free housing. He chose to stay stoned and not work. No way would the courts give him custody. He made his choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised to hear that, Anon @11:34. I would imagine Clint turned against Naomi after Hailey went missing since it was reported that Naomi did not like Hailey and didn't want her around, which, I would guess Clint blamed Naomi for this. Heck, I don't have the slightest idea, just second guessing. Do you know what happened?

Dang. Naomi has another baby now? Isn't that three kids by three different fathers? Probably none paying support.

Who/where is Clint's new girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't give us the God guilt and then call us bad for not having compassion. That's a little hypocritical. "I judge you for judging others".

What God feels about Clint is between him and God. In the mean time, even God appointed humans to make judgements on how things should go here on earth. Otherwise, we wouldn't have laws. Should we throw away the pot law because Clinnt might need to stone up because he's in pain?

Also, I'm certain that if stoned-Clint had a wreck because of a reduced reaction time and hurt a member of your family, say your child, suddenly you would have felt quite differently. You'd think someone who lost a child would be more careful about not putting others' children in danger.

elf said...

Marijuana has many beneficial and therapeutic uses. I do not think alleviating grief is one of them. I am 'pro-marijuana'. I believe that one day soon marijuana will at least be decriminalized if not legalized in all 50 states in the near future. Marijuana also affects different people in different ways. How would driving while smoking pot be any different than driving after taking an antianxiety medicine like Xanax or Valium? Caffeine is a drug and people hit the drive through at Starbucks everyday.
Its all a matter of perspective.
The gun is the scary part.
Y'all are nit picking over his personal choice to smoke marijuana. For all we know he could have been driving around contemplating suicide. Maybe the joint was a bandaid (self medication) .
Idk and neither do you. Quit judging.

Anonymous said...

I believe that would be the 5th child for Naomi, maybe 6th.

elf said...

I'd like to add a side note to all the anti-marijuana grammar police that I do smoke marijuana and my vocabulary is quite extensive as well as correctly spelled.

elf said...

There is no comparison between marijuana and Meth. That's like comparing apples to shoes.

Anonymous said...

All of Dylans warriors are waiting on Part Two of Mark Redwines statement......Please....And what do you think of him posting copies of search warrants on facebook that LE as never released any of the info on....???

Anonymous said...

Elf said
I do not think alleviating grief is one of them
I agree!

elf said...

Marijuana is not addictive. How would a person have 'residual pain' if their little girl was murdered?

Anonymous said...

Great comments.

Jazzmine said...

I do not believe there will be any arrests in either the Hailey or Ayla cases.

Unless the DAs have a video of the crime along with DNA of the perp and a signed confession from him/her...they're afraid to go to trial.

charlotte said...

Just because he has nothing to do with the murder of his daughter, doesn't mean he is a good man.

nonpothead said...

elf said:
Marijuana has many beneficial and therapeutic uses. I do not think alleviating grief is one of them. I am 'pro-marijuana'. I believe that one day soon marijuana will at least be decriminalized if not legalized in all 50 states in the near future. Marijuana also affects different people in different ways. How would driving while smoking pot be any different than driving after taking an antianxiety medicine like Xanax or Valium? Caffeine is a drug and people hit the drive through at Starbucks everyday.

I'd like to add a side note to all the anti-marijuana grammar police that I do smoke marijuana and my vocabulary is quite extensive as well as correctly spelled.


Wow. Who drives after taking Xanax or Valium? MJ increases reaction alcohol. Where do you live, elf? I want to be extra careful when you are out and about! Just in case.

John Mc Gowan said...


Amanda Bynes: 'Police Sexually Harassed Me'

Police are investigating new allegations made by the actress after she was charged with throwing a bong out of her window.10:56am UK, Sunday 26 May 2013
Amanda Bynes, 27, has had several brushes with the law

Actress Amanda Bynes has claimed she was sexually harassed by police when she was charged with throwing a marijuana bong out of the window of her 36th-floor Manhattan apartment.

The 27-year-old former child star first alleged during a court appearance on Friday that police illegally entered her apartment after being called to her building.

But in a Twitter message believed to be from the troubled actress posted on Saturday, Bynes alleged that her arresting officer also sexually harassed her.

New York City Police Department is looking into the allegations.

Bynes during her court appearance
"As it would with any such allegation, regardless of its credibility, IAB is investigating it," said the NYPD's chief spokesman, Paul Browne, referring to the internal affairs bureau.

The Twitter handle used to make the allegations does not appear to be verified by the social network - but Bynes' friend, former Hollywood publicist Jonathan Jaxson, said the tweet was made from the actress's account. Twitter has not commented.

Meanwhile, the Hairspray star has defended herself after she appeared in court in a messy blonde wig to deny charges of marijuana possession.

Bynes' New York apartment block
The troubled 27-year-old also took to Twitter to say she doesn't "drink or do drugs".

Twitter to say she doesn't "drink or do drugs".

(Anything said in the negative is sensitive)

Bynes was arrested on Thursday.

She was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, reckless endangerment and attempted tampering with physical evidence after she allegedly threw a bong out of her apartment window in front of police.

"I only smoke tobacco I don't drink or do drugs. I've never had a bong in my life!" she tweeted.

"Only"=This is minimising language.

"I don't drink or do drugs"

This is repeated making it a lot more sensitive,and again anything in the negative is sensitive.

"I've never had a bong in my life!" she tweeted."

This is not a reliable denial.A more stronger statement is.

I didn't/did not a have a bong.

Imo,she is deceptive..

"I need to get another nose job after seeing my mugshot! :D"

(Here she is more interested in her nose job, than in clearing her name.That would be last thing on my mind)

The former Nickelodeon child star wore grey sweatpants and a long-sleeved black shirt as she was released on her own recognisance after spending a night in the cells.

Her lawyer denied the charges and accused police of entering the actress's apartment illegally.

Her lawyer denied the charges.

Lawyer Language.?.And here he had the oppitunity to issue a reliable denial.

My cliant,did not have a bong in her possession.

New York police were called to Bynes' 47th Street midtown Manhattan high-rise building after an employee there reported that someone was smoking marijuana in the building's lobby.

Bynes starred in All That on children's network Nickelodeon
Police said they were then directed to Bynes' apartment, where the actress invited them in.

Officers said they detected a strong smell of marijuana in the apartment and observed the bong - a tube-shaped water pipe commonly used for smoking marijuana - in the apartment.

Bynes then grabbed the bong and threw it out of the window and she was taken into custody, police said.

The actress, who has had several brushes with the law in the past year and is on probation for driving on a suspended licence in California, was ordered to return to court on July 9.

Bynes rose to fame starring in All That on children's network Nickelodeon and has also starred in several films.

Anonymous said...

"27-year-old former child star"

She's a nobody, 99% of people never heard of her

ACH said...

As prescribed by a physician Morphine relieves pain, allowing the body to heal or die pain free. In the hands of an addict, it destroys the lives of the addict and causes suffering to those who love them.
Any drug can be used or abused. If you use any drug you do not need you are abusing.
If you can workout you do not need pain relief. If you use pain meds so you can workout you are causing damage.
Peter has written many good articles on the culture of drugs and the neglect of children they foster.


Trigger said...

Clint Dunn knew that he was breaking the law when he was arrested.

He didn't CARE.

That is what marijuana does. It enhances an attitude of "I don't care" when used on a regular basis.

"I don't care" is an attitude of reckless indifference to others' well being and laws that protect them.

The fact that Clint got arrested is proof that God cares about Clint Dunn.

"God chastises the son that he loves".

Anonymous said...

Jazzmine @ 2:45 a.m., don't be so sure there won't eventually be arrests in Haileys' murder. Who can say who those arrests may be, it could include Shawn & Billie, either or both of them, or might even include additional parties.

I have always felt and still feel there were additional persons involved the night Hailey was murdered and disposed of quickly, either later that evening or the following morning, at least one more person; which could be the reason this investigation is grinding so slowly.

While it is true that the investigation started out on the wrong footing, with Hailey being classified a run-away or kidnap victim; many errors and loss of evidence occured stupidly due to an errant LE.

Just the mere fact that LE did not consider that Hailey might have been murdered from the outset was sheer stupidity, considering that they already had in their files threats made by Shawn that he would kill Hailey, Billie, Clint and God knows who else, also they were aware of the drug histories of this family; that doesn't mean that this case can't eventually be untangled and the guilty parties prosecuted.

LE also lost valuable time when they did not apprehend and prosecute Shawn & Billie on the child porn possession charges when they had the evidence in their hot little hands. More time lost while the perps continue to rape helpless children, make and peddle their msde.

It doesn't appear now that Haileys' murder or the child porn possession charges will ever be solved, and while it is true that valuable time has been lost; take a look at the true crime stories on Investigator ID and other true tv crime stories and you will see that sometimes the guilty parties aren't brought to justice until years and frequently decades later.

IMO, the very least LE owes the public is timely updating on the status of their investigations and not the silent treatment they are giving us. What I wonder is, why isn't the public demanding that we be kept updated? Observer

dadgum said...

I like that. Trigger.
Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I agree. If he was talking to the FBI, he would have been arrested as soon as he finished telling what they did, and Billie would have been picked up asap. I think they will get away with it.

Anonymous said...

I think there is an important point that has been missed.

Clint has a prior felony arrest, which makes it a felony to posses a firearm. The weed is minor, compared to the gun charge. Clint could be looking at some real state prison time here.

dadgum said...

Clint is well aware that he cannot possess a gun. What would be a good enough reason (in his mind) for risking prison?

Unknown said...

In Texas, by law, a person is allowed to carry a loaded handgun in their vehicle without a concealed carry permit, provided they are not otherwise restricted from owning or possessing a handgun. So the fact that he had a handgun in his car is not part of the reason he was arrested. Possessing pot was the reason he was arrested. However, the fact that he had a loaded handgun is disturbing, given the situation.

A blog administrator needs to read over some of these comments and edit the ones that serve no purpose other than to insult and degrade other people who post a legitimate and relevent comment.

It's a shame that people cannot disagree without being insulting and using profanity. This is why I do not come on here as often as I once did and often do not even read the comments.

Anonymous said...

nonpothead; as I see it there really isn't much point in even responding to airheads like elf, who think they have all knowledge concerning the use of weed. 'Tan't so! What fools.

While they are damaging their brain cells and destroying their pituitary gland, AND other vital glands; they will realize the permanent damage they have done to their body (AND mind!) after its' too late and those cells and glands can never be rebuilt.

You know what, nonpothead? I have only to talk to someone, hear their jumbled up speech and look into their eyes to know they are or HAVE been a pot smoker. It's easy; they aren't all together in their thinking. Even on this blog site, I can identify many of them because 1) they always defend the potsmoker; 2) they need to prove they are smarter than everyone else, and 3) just wait, you'll be reading their stupid and/or cold, prejudiced and noncaring posts. It ALWAYS shows up one way or another if you keep your eyes open.

They need to be reading medical research and the numerous studies that have been perfomed on the use (and YES, addiction to pot!) and long term dangerous and detrimental affects of its' use.

Marijuana should NEVER be used other than under the direct supervision of a physician and carefully monitored. Would I ever use pot? Yes, if I had a debilitating and incurable illness and was in so much pain I couldn't otherwise live with it; but only under the supervision of a physician. Even then, I would stay in my home, would go to bed and want off it as soon as possible.

I can only hint at you, just leave the pothead alone other than to try to stay out of their way, don't hire them and don't let them in your home or automobile; otherwise, you are looking for trouble if you do. They are digging their own hole and you don't want in it with them. Observer

Anonymous said...

Wow. There's a lot of "Reefer Madness" mentality here.

Anonymous said...

What you say is true Trigger;

but I would also add that "it rains on the just and the unjust."


Anonymous said...

So one day I went to McD's. At the register someone who appeared to have smoked a lot of pot since the 70's.

I bought a frozen thingie, and gave change to get back a quarter (I think). After a bunch of fumbling around, he handed me $10. I handed it back, and informed him it's wrong, just a quarter..

He handed it back..'just take it, it's easier. It's McD's money, no problem'. lolol I gave it to the next cashier, and asked her to keep an eye on the till..

My pain doc asked if I had tried pot. I have no idea where to get it, and won't be asking.

elf said...

I love it when people call me names after a post because they disagree with my opinion lol
its also interesting that an assumption was made that I drive under the influence.
What's that saying about the word 'assume'?
Thanks to those who read my post, whether you agree or not is your prerogative. I respect your opinions

Anonymous said...

Bullshit!!! Many well educated working people in our society are pro-marijuana. You just don't know all of them because you're a judgemental freak that cannot understand anything beyond black and white.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. There has to be something redeemable about Clint. Someone call the police station and find out if Clint is paranoid from his extensive pot use. Let's take up a collection for his bail, spring him and his GUN, and convince him that Shawn and Billie are implicating him in Hailey's murder.

Tania Cadogan said...

"I only smoke tobacco I don't drink or do drugs. I've never had a bong in my life!" she tweeted.

All present tense which violates the priciples of a strong reliable denial

she may not do them now (especially since LE and the media are watching) she does not tell us she didn't do drink or drugs in the past so we can't do it for her.

I've never had a bong again violates the principals of a strong reliable denial.
Never does not mean do not or did not unless the word ever was used in the question.

What is her definition of a bong?

Had indicates ownership so though she may not have personally had a bong have her friends and associates had bongs?

She tells us she never had a bong she does not tell us however she has never used a bong.

Deception is indicated.

If she claims to be so clean i wonder what her blood and urine would show or better still a sample of hair.

Anonymous said...

Karen K. said...
In Texas, by law, a person is allowed to carry a loaded handgun in their vehicle without a concealed carry permit, provided they are not otherwise restricted from owning or possessing a handgun. So the fact that he had a handgun in his car is not part of the reason he was arrested. Possessing pot was the reason he was arrested. However, the fact that he had a loaded handgun is disturbing, given the situation.

A blog administrator needs to read over some of these comments and edit the ones that serve no purpose other than to insult and degrade other people who post a legitimate and relevent comment.

It's a shame that people cannot disagree without being insulting and using profanity. This is why I do not come on here as often as I once did and often do not even read the comments.
May 26, 2013 at 10:01 AM

I think you missed the point, he is a convict a felon. He can not have a gun!

not-anon said...


I'm thinking this guy was on meth.

How sick and sad

impulsive said...

Missing Mom Susan Powell's Journal and other info released by police:

Shoppergalone said...

If what you say is true, Anonymous or CCNative, why are you here?

Unknown said...

thank you

Unknown said...

thank you