Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crime Wire Tonight 7PM EST: Hailey Dunn Case




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Peter, I would like to ask you if there's any way to diplomatically raise some questions about David Dunn; if you would consider doing it in some reasonable fashion?

IMO, it isn't normal behavior for a teenage boy of 16 years old not to make every effort possible to help locate his 13 year old sister if he truly believes she ran away or was possibly kidnapped like he was told. I think it's high time someone looked into the subject of David Dunns' non participation in searching his sister, if there's anything to look into, and I suspect there IS.

Why WOULDN'T he be out putting up flyers, particularly with Clint since he claimed to be so close to Clint? Why WOULDN'T he have made any attempts to organize his high school buds and help search for Hailey, or at least set up car washes with his buddies at school or something like that to raise money to help with the searchers and their expenses?

David did absolutely NOTHING to help in the search for Hailey, yet at the time, he 'thinks' she either ran away or was kidnapped? I know, he was a minor and was sent to live with an uncle (set up by Billie, to get him out of the way and keep him quiet?) until he turned 18, but that does not excuse him from doing whatever he could have done in helping to find his sister, yet he did nothing.

Has he been interviewed since he reached legal age? If not, why not? I'm no longer buying into this David Dunn lack of action story at all! I'm wondering what he knew and when he knew it?

Thank you!

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I don't buy into David's story either. He knows!

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During the show someone raised the question about the couch. I remember reading that the cadaver dogs did hit on something or things at the dump. Possibly the couch and LE retrieved it, but never released that information?

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The last thing on my mind would be getting rid of a couch if my daughter were missing! I could care less to get a new couch, free or not, much less get dressed in the morning.

Billie thinks she is smarter than everyone else. She is so used to lying and getting her way she thinks she can fool us all including LE.

Give it up Billie - your days are numbered.

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The thing is Anons @ 7:50, 8:04 & 8:33, I think Billie really did fool LE and a lot of other people, not only in getting rid of the couch and repainting that wall in the living room, but also including this big crapola she's pulled off with sonny boy David too.

You're danged right I'm starting not to believe little innocent David is sitting around in the dark not knowing anything about the death and disappearance of his own sister. What is that old saying; 'actions speak louder than words'? David's lack of actions AND words is starting to speak loudly to me.

Hope you're reading here Billie!

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Also asked about were Hailey's sheets. If LE had them. Yes, they do.

GRACE: To Billie Dunn. This is Hailey`s mother joining us live there in her home. Billie, what did cops tell you about taking Hailey`s bed sheets?

DUNN: I just know when they came in and searched the house, they took a few things, which they`re more than welcome to take any and everything they need. I didn`t notice the sheet was missing for a couple of days. I did tell them to take it for the hounds, but, yes, they kept it and they can keep it, get anything they need.


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Same transcript says that forensics were being done on them.

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RUPA MIKKILINENI, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: That`s right, Nancy. This is huge news today. We have learned today police have now finally confirmed to us that they did find in previous landfill searches that evidence pertaining to Hailey Dunn was found, physical evidence, Nancy. And this is what has led them back to these landfills today, local landfills, like the one here in Colorado City, and the one in Snyder (ph).

And tonight, even as we speak, investigators and police, cadaver dogs, you know, search units, there at the Snyder landfill, searching right now, for further evidence, evidence that could link to evidence that they`d already found through cadaver dogs at another landfill, a dog scent hitting on evidence pertaining to Hailey Dunn.


I'm still thinking the couch.

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It doesn't mean anything if LE took some bed sheets off Haileys' bed. Billie would have already changed the bed sheets, pillow cases, mattress pad, comforter and everything else. If there had been any evidence on them, Billie would have either already laundered them two or three times or sent them off to be disposed of. IMO, it would be a stroke of pure luck if forensics found anything on any items Hailey had touched in "Billie's house".

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GRACE: Rupa Mikkilineni joining us live from Colorado City. Rupa, let me get this straight. They brought out cadaver dogs. Cadaver dogs? You`re sure they`re cadaver dogs, not scent dogs, not bomb dogs, not drug dogs, cadaver dogs that make a positive hit?

MIKKILINENI: Nancy, today at the landfill where I was at, I saw K9 units being brought in. I was not able to determine if they were cadaver or scent dogs. However, we were told by police that they are cadaver dogs. Now, here`s what`s interesting. The police have told me that they are not, in fact, looking for a body in these landfills, Nancy. They`re looking for evidence, physical evidence that pertains to Hailey, not necessarily a body. They do not believe a body was dumped intentionally by a murderer in these landfills.

GRACE: Well, if they`re not looking for a body, then why do they have cadaver dogs, Rupa?

MIKKILINENI: Nancy, this question, I`m not sure. But I do know that they are -- they do have dogs out there looking for evidence pertaining to Hailey. This could mean blood evidence. It could mean broken fingernails. It could mean a bloody T-shirt. It could any number of items that could have been disposed of in the trash at the house, at Billie Dunn`s house, and which was later transferred to one of these landfills when the trash was dumped.

GRACE: OK. To Marc Klaas, president and founder of Klaas Kids Foundation. He`s also there live in Colorado City. His people, experts in searching, have joined this search for Hailey Dunn. Marc, I know what you want. You want Hailey brought home alive. I understand that. That`s what I want, too. But when cops bring out cadaver dogs, and they say, the cops say, We`re not looking for a body, what am I supposed to ignore those cadaver dogs behind you?

MARC KLAAS, KLAAS KIDS FOUNDATION: Well, here`s what I can tell you, Nancy. The cops told Billie adamantly that if there was a major break in the case, she would hear it from them before the media heard it from them. So I have to conclude from that that whatever it is the speculation is going on about what`s happening out there today, they haven`t found anything that links Hailey to that landfill. And until they do, I suppose -- a landfill is a huge area and they`ll continue to search the landfill.

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GRACE: Rupa Mikkilineni, in fact, police told you something absolutely contrary to Marc`s theory. Did they not tell you that the hit was related to Hailey, but not a body?

MIKKILINENI: Correct. They did say that. We`re not talking about the searches that happened today, but we`re talking about a previous search in a different landfill. That is correct, Nancy.

GRACE: Why can`t you tell me about a search for a letter, a letter written by Clint or Billie Dunn?

MIKKILINENI: Right. One of the reasons that they`re looking for any type of mail that was sent to the house, letters, written notes that might be dated, is because if you look at a landfill like this -- and this is a huge landfill. For example, this landfill in Snyder is huge. They need dated material in a garbage bag so that the physical evidence can be dated.

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See what I mean about Billie pulling the wool over LE eyes? All this time they've had evidence from landfills that they've never followed up on? Why the hell not?

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Anon, 9:48, I agree. It's unlikely. A tarp could have been used on the bed too which I assume would be barrier enough to protect the bed. I was just answering questions from the radio programs.

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They were hoping to find Hailey first and now they are getting all their ducks in a row. As far as I can find, LE never did a search of the home and vehicles with cadaver dogs. Huge mistake.

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Anon @ 10:12, not sure now if there were cadaver dogs used in the home or vehicles; maybe someone else has more prior info about this than I do, but I do know they used the dogs at the landfills, including the big one in Snyder. Also that evidence was found in those landfills, but again, no follow up was made publically by local LE. So why collect the evidence in the first place?

I've come to realize ever since the Haleigh Cummings case, that when LE appears to be "holding everything close to the vest" it is normally a lie they want the public to believe, and is generally evidence they don't intend to divulge at all.

Such as, there was plenty of evidence and numerous witnesses against Ronald Cummings and his sneaky skank of a mother Teresa, that the sheriffs'office and local LE did abdsolutely nothing about other than to cover up and hide; to this day still pinning it all on gullible dummy Misty Croslin, whom at best, they only had her numerous lies to go on; all lies that were told to protect Ron and his lying mama. LE KNOWS this.

Bottom line, its' a code of silence within LE that none can break open, (covering up their OWN misdeeds), yet many succumb to it while the guilty are never charged with their 'real' crimes.

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Anon 10:07 - you're right. LE got this all wrong from the beginning and I'm afraid there will never be justice for Hailey.

If you remember the west Memphis three - there was so much mishandling of evidence, LE covering up for one of the step father's to promising thousands to a mentally challenged boy if he confessed to the crime and so on. LE can be just as devious as the murderer.

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Anon @ 10:37, agreed. I know what crooks many of them are, some of the judges too, including federal judges. I have personal knowledge of it and have witnessed it first hand, but only in civil matters which is where my experience in court matters lies.

Yes, LE can be just as devious as the criminal they are protecting and even more so as the criminal could not get away with their crimes if the judges didn't allow them too, and in some cases, help to cover it up. I KNOW of what I speak. I've SEEN it happen.

I became acutely aware of a federal judges'/law firm involvement in a highly controversial civil matter I was a participant in, some number of years ago where a large money loss was at stake; then became aware of the LE crimes in criminal matters in watching and listening to LE in the Haleigh Cummings feeble attempts they "appeared to make" in investigating Haleighs' disappearance, all the while allowing Ronald Cummings and his ex-whore mother to lie and cover up for themselves while dragging in others to lie for them.

LE did it all quite willingly, including allowing the lie to perpetuate concerning the 911 hoaxed up call Misty made at 3:27 a.m., when the actual first call reporting Haleigh missing was made at 2:13 a.m., and NOT made by Misty. LE deceived the media and many right here on this site, who to this day are STILL deceived. They all got away with it and will, (now hiding behind the Fl Sunshine Laws) to the end of time I guess, unless God intervenes before then.

I hate to see Hailey Dunn not getting the justice she deserves, and her tormentors/murderers not getting the punishment they deserve, but it sure does appear to be headed in that direction; all led by an errant and quite possibly a corrupted LE.