Big Spring man who found teen Hailey Dunn’s remains won’t be able to collect a more than $10,000 reward once offered in Colorado City – unless plans change.
Curtis Lloyd, however, could still garner an up to $15,000 FBI reward, although no one – including himself – appears ready to talk about if it already has or will ever become a reality.
Lloyd came across Hailey Dunn’s remains in March near Lake JB Thomas in Scurry County.
About five months ago, Colorado City officials – believing the teen would never be found alive – dissolved the town’s reward fund and returned at least $10,000 to donors.
“I hate to say it but everyone had kind of given up hope that she was alive,” said David Hoover, Colorado City’s current city manager.
Asked whether the Colorado City reward money could be regathered and presented to Lloyd for finding Hailey Dunn’s remains, Hoover said: “We could, but right now we have no plans to do so.”
The donations – mostly checks – were sitting in a vault at Colorado City offices when the decision was made to return them to donors, including a banker and businessman who gave $5,000 each, said Pete Kampher, former city manager of Colorado City.
A letter detailing the return of the donations to donors was sent on Dec. 20, 2012, Hoover said.
The decision partly was based on the FBI, which is assisting with the death probe, offering an up to $15,000 reward of its own, Hoover said this week.
Meanwhile, FBI spokeswoman Katherine Gilkinson Chaumont said reward information generally remains confidential.
“As to your reward questions, to protect the safety, anonymity and privacy of individuals that provide information, the FBI generally does not comment on reward money and its disbursement, to include if a payment is made, the amount paid, who is paid or how many people are paid,” Gilkinson Chaumont said in an email.
That means only Lloyd would know if the reward has been paid out – and repeated efforts to reach him for comment have been unsuccessful since he told KTXS and other news organizations details about his Hailey Dunn remains find.
On the FBI’s national and Dallas region websites, Hailey Dunn’s poster is listed under the category of “Seeking Information” under the “Most Wanted” section.
The FBI’s Hailey Dunn poster calls for “information leading directly to the arrest of the individual responsible for this crime.”