Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hailey Dunn Case: An Inquisitive Grand Jury Part One

Statement Analysis will not convict anyone of anything.

There will be no "Billie Dunn dropped her pronoun right here!  Shawn Adkins issued an unreliable denial."

Nor should a conviction rest solely upon such things.

There will be, however, much evidence to present, as well as Statement Analysis, both in conclusion, and used even in trial.

A Grand Jury could be asked,

"Do you believe the mother's account of the sleep over that she gave the nation on the Nancy Grace Show?" along with actual analysis of her answers.

Her answers show not only clear deception, mirroring the polygraph results, but also give additional information.

When Billie Dunn was asked how far Hailey had to go to the sleep over, she said that she had four or five blocks to go, and then went on to attempt to portray herself as a conscientious mother, attempting to post how she put limits and boundaries on Hailey's freedoms.  "She wasn't allowed to..."

In referencing Hailey in the past tense, jurors may instinctively wonder, "Why would the mother of a missing child do that?", and intuitively, consider that the mother knew or believed that Hailey was dead.  This would, naturally, lead to a question to investigators:

"Did you tell Ms. Dunn anything that would lead her to believe that Hailey was dead?"

As Dunn refused to be silent, the same inquisitive, thinking grand juror may then see the transcripts of the 6 month vigil where Dunn is heard saying something to the affect of 'see ya'll in 6 months' which may then rattle about the brain, especially if the juror is a parent, leading to more questions of the same.

Of course this same juror could ask more questions along the same line, freely asking questions in the hearing of other jurors.

They'll, of course, hear evidence of cell phone pings, results of lengthy interviews, behavioral analysis conclusions from the FBI, statement analysis write ups, and...

whatever Hailey has to say from the grave.

Do not conclude, without scientific evidentiary conclusion, that the remains were there too long to indicate anything.


Next:  What else a Grand Jury may hear...and ask.


Anonymous said...

MR. SA, why did you tell the police you were fired?

What did you do with your coveralls?

Did you Kill HD?
Did you dispose of the body at the lake?
Why did you say that she could be found in scurry co?
Did BD help you?
Were the child porn, bestiality and other lude pics yours? And did the kids have access to them?

LM said...

In one of the last interviews BJD gave publicly, she mentions the coveralls. She states that the pair of coveralls were "hidden".. She does not say they were missing, but "hidden"... This is very telling. SA hid them, but where?

Anonymous said...

Regardless as to anything Billie said, didn't say, or might have said, did or didn't do, and any lies told by her; the biggest give-away of them all was in the way Billie Jean Dunn acted and didn't act, starting from day one after Hailey was reported missing.

She never ever ever EVER acted like a mother who was distraught or grieved over her daughter missing or possibly being tortured, or dead. NOT once, and to this day still hasn't; EVEN sexing with, lying about, denying and ignoring LE suspicions of the threatening and deviant boyfriend.

Dead give-away.

I will never understand how those defending her couldn't see or understand, that the way Billie Jean ACTED was/is not like a worried or grieved mother in agony.

For anyone to continue to defend her for all of these 29 months, they are either stupid, on drugs themselves (or have been), or in their own illicit relationship and neglecting/abusing their OWN kids, or are too dumb to even think for themselves. I just cannot imagine such dumbness and weak minds.

To take it a step further, I would never contribute one dime to any of those organizations who ever supported Billie Jean Dunn in any way. Unfortunately, they are too stupid to make decisions concerning any money I would ever donate to assist in finding a missing child.

veruca said...

anon 10:39

you said it!!

Jo said...

LM, I was just going to post the same thing, coveralls not missing but hidden. She also commented on Shawn lying about taking her to work that morning but that was something she knew for 2 years and never questioned it until now.

More marbles falling out of Billie's head.

Anonymous said...

Yep, veruca, even if there were no statement analysis, actions alone says it all.

As to what, if anything, a grand jury might find, who can say? Billie Jean & Shawn are very clever and crafty. Look how many of like minds they have already deceived. I'm sure there are more that we don't know about.

Anonymous said...

That BD said the coveralls were hidden makes me think she knows they have been found. Otherwise she would have said missing. Trying to cover her involvement, knowledge again?

Anonymous said...

Or at least she fears that they have been found.

Anonymous said...

I hope it was Shawns' missing coveralls and string-thong, along with Billie Jeans' Frederick's of Hollywood cut-out see-thru underwear found at the site where they dumped battered and abused sweet Hailey and left her for dead. It makes me sad thinking of it.

Deejay said...

This is an interesting question that I have wanted to ask Peter and anyone else who has studied Statement Analysis:
How can there be a 'pattern' of lying that we each seem to instinctively understand how to do- yet we (mostly) seem to miss it when others do the exact same thing?? Even those who study analysis have to print statements out to see them. We seem to easily miss verbal cues... Why??

REK said...

Dee jay I often wonder that myself. For me personally I have a naive sense about me. I try not to lie. i feel guilty when I do, and it is very hard for me to hide my lyin' eyes. I think i underestimate others who lie as well. But it still makes you wonder... I think we often pick up on little things that dont' "seem right" but we can't put our finger on why, unless we are highly sensitive to all of the indicators.

lying is mostly done by omission, so that plays a big role. someone could tell us what they did during their day and omit the answer that pertains to the question we are asking. we might sense it's not quite right by some of the words they choose but when you're "in the mometn" and the words fly fast..its hard to catch every one sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question Deejay.

Maybe we all have our favorite ways to deceive and recognize the ones we use but not the ones we don't.

Maybe we give the benefit of the doubt to those we love and less so to those we don't know.

Maybe we want to believe the best about people and give them the benefit of the doubt when at all possible.

Maybe we don't want to live in a world where everyone tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That could get nasty.

I've told my kids to tell always tell the truth but that they shouldn't tell everything they know to just anyone. Is that deception or good sense? e.g. Facebook postings, new acquaintances. Revealing everything about yourself to someone who then can feed into your likes interests etc. can be a dangerous thing.

I'd like to see what Peter has to say on this too.

REK said...

There is a difference between answering a solicited question and offering up information as well. If a question is solicited then I would say to my children, to be truthful and use your common sense. (if it happened to be a stranger at the door asking if you're home alone or something) otherwise its not always a good thing to offer up information OR your opinion when it's not solicited!

I was just talking about this the other day with my husband. my sister in law thought she wanted to be a nurse. except she doesn't like to have to touch blood, excraments, etc. she is also the type that tries to compliment but also disparages you while doign so.. "oh i see you got your teeth whitened they are starting to look better now" etc. anyways. i was contemplating how she was goign to present herself to her patients becasue I could see her being the type to come into a room and state her opinion about how something looks "awful" or nauseating to her and that would be pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe she administration would suit her better. :)

Anonymous said...

13 year old girl allegedly went missing from her home. I've not found statements from family yet.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to BD's last interview where she mentions the hidden coveralls?

Lucy said...

OT: Leila Fowler's 12 year old brother has been arrested for her murder.

Anonymous said...


@ about 1:30

Anonymous said...

Hidden coveralls:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

OTTAWA, Kan. – A body recovered amid an intensive search is believed to be that of a missing 18-month-old girl whose mother was found dead along with two men on a Kansas farm days ago, authorities said Sunday.

Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards said in a statement that remains recovered in eastern Kansas on Saturday are believed to those of Lana Leigh Bailey, a child authorities previously reported as presumed dead.

"It is with great sadness that I report a body found in Osage County, Kansas, is believed to be the remains of 18-month-old Lana Bailey," Richards said in the statement.

"I want the family of Lana, and all the victims, to know that this investigation will continue until we are confident we have collected as much evidence as we can to ensure justice is served on behalf of all four victims," he added.

Richards said the body was discovered by an Osage County sheriff's deputy who was searching an area for items that could be connected to the deaths reported May 6 at a farm home in nearby Franklin County.

The evidence collected Saturday when the body was recovered led investigators to believe it was the infant's body, his statement said without elaboration.

"We hope that a forensic examination will make a final identification," Richards added. "Until the identity is confirmed investigators will continue following up on all tips, leads and information connected to this crime."

The statement did not provide any details of where the body was discovered or how the infant had died. But his statement said a crime scene unit was called to the area "to process this new crime scene."

"It is not the outcome we'd hoped for but we knew we couldn't stop searching until Lana was home," the statement said.

Richards told The AP by telephone early Sunday that he would not have any further details beyond the statement. The Franklin County sheriff's office said its next scheduled statement on the investigation would be Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday, search crews had deployed using boats and sonar equipment in search of the child. Earlier authorities had said investigators were scouring ponds and other waterways in the area looking for the body of Lana Leigh Bailey.

Kyle Flack was charged Friday with capital murder as officials investigated the deaths of Lana Bailey's 21-year-old mother, Kaylie Bailey, and 30-year-old Andrew Stout. The 27-year-old convicted felon also was charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder in those deaths as well as that of 31-year-old Steven White, authorities have said.

The investigation had included searching the farm and other rural areas in the 50-mile stretch between Ottawa and Emporia, where Kaylie Bailey's car was found Tuesday.

Franklin County Attorney Stephen Hunting said Friday that a firearm was used against the victims at the farm, but didn't elaborate on whether that meant they were fatally shot.

Authorities have not commented on a motive.

Richards said earlier that the extensive investigation of what he called a "horrific crime" had taken a toll and that members of the investigative team have required medical attention after searching in difficult areas. Others sought counsel from a chaplain.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anons at 1:51 and 1:58

Light The Way said...

RIP little Lana Bailey.
I cannot fathom how anyone could murder an innocent toddler... or *what* was done with her remains that it took SO long to recover her.
I mean, why wasn't she found with the other victims?

BostonLady said...

OT -

I had a bad feeling about this. It seemed very hinky that the little girl was stabbed to death and the 12 yr old brother never heard or saw anything. The mother states he could never hurt his sister. She doesn't say "he didn't kill his sister". I think she knows.

Mom: Accused boy, 12, 'could never' hurt sister

VALLEY SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) — The mother of an 8-year-old girl who was found stabbed to death in her Northern California home and of the 12-year-old boy accused of killing describes the boy as "protective of his sister."

In an interview with Sacramento television station KOVR on Friday, Priscilla Rodriquez said her son "could never hurt his sister."

The boy — who has not been named by authorities — was arrested Saturday. He will be charged with homicide, Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz said.

In the interview, Rodriquez said, "I know my son could never hurt his sister.

"They never used to fight when they were little," she said.

Rodriquez told the station that a bitter custody battle had driven a wedge between her and the children's father.

The April 27 attack on Leila Fowler shook the tightknit Valley Springs community of about 7,400 people and set off a massive manhunt.

Investigators did a door-to-door sweep of homes, storage sheds and horse stables scattered across the oak-studded hills foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Divers also searched two nearby reservoirs in search of clues.

After hearing Leila's brother had been arrested, residents were in disbelief.

"I did not want to believe it. You kind of thought so, but it's not something you want to believe," Tammy Ainsworth told Sacramento's KCRA-TV.

By Sunday, investigators had released few details of the arrest and did not return calls from The Associated Press seeking details of what led them to arrest the boy.

The boy had told police he found his sister's body and encountered an intruder in the home while their father and stepmother were at a Little League game. He described the man as being tall with long gray hair. But afterward, police said there was no sign of a burglary or robbery.

A neighbor told detectives she saw a man flee the home, but she later recanted the story and was discredited by police.

As part of the investigation, authorities seized several knives from the Fowler home, where Leila lived with her father, stepmother and siblings.

Leila's brother was taken into custody at 5:10 p.m. Saturday, and police hastily called a news conference to announce the arrest.

"Citizens of Calaveras County, you can sleep a little better tonight," Kuntz said.

Authorities spent more than 2,000 hours on the investigation "to provide Leila Fowler's family answers to her death," the sheriff said.

Kuntz said the investigation was ongoing and declined to provide further details.

Local officials pledged support Sunday. The Calaveras Unified School District "stands ready to provide whatever level of support and assistance is necessary to the Fowler family" and the community, Superintendent Mark Campbell said in a statement. The district will make counselors available at all schools, he said.

Several days after the killing, hundreds of people gathered at Jenny Lind Elementary School where Leila was a popular third-grader. Her stepmother, Krystal Walters, tearfully thanked the crowd for the support.

"I just want to thank the entire community and all of our family and friends for all the overwhelming amount of support you've given our family," Walters said at the time. "It will never be forgotten. Thank you."

Anonymous said...

OTTAWA, Kan. (AP) - A body recovered amid an intensive search is believed to be that of a missing 18-month-old girl whose mother was found dead along with two men on a Kansas farm days ago, authorities said Sunday.

Local anon said...

The coveralls are sensitive. However, this change to hidden rather than missing could be a Billie ploy to cast more suspicion on Shawn and separate herself from him.

julie said...

OT..Was Leila Fowler's brother a stepbrother, since the stepmother was the one making the statements??

Anonymous said...

The conclusion I drew Julie, was that these two children were step-brother and step-sister, not blood-related. It appears that the 12 yr old boy is the son of the father (same last name) and the 8 yr old girl (different last name) is the mothers' daughter from an earlier marriage.

I wish these journilists would get it right from the get-go. As it appears at this point, calling the boy Leilas' brother is a stretch when technically they aren't related at all other than by the marriage of the parents. I guess we'll find out for sure in time.

Shelley1 said...

So Peter,

Is something progressing behind the scenes? I sure hope there is a grand jury discussion and the vote to arrest both Billie and Shawn. They have had their freedom way too long. What they did to poor Hailey should have them 6 feet under!

Anonymous said...

What the heck! It appears that I was wrong. I just read an article from the link posted about and it seems now that the mother's last name is Rodrequez and the sheriff's office is calling them the Fowler Family, also there are other siblings, and the mother is the boy's step-mother? See what I mean? Why can't the journilists explain these family relationsips right to begin with!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess I'm even further wrong. It seems the Rodriquez woman is the bio mother of the 12 yr old boy. Beyond that, I'm still confused as to what the technical relationship was between the brother and Leila? Also wondering who the other siblings belong too.

Anonymous said...

Shelly, I understood that the grand jury met a couple of weeks ago and returned several indictments, among those were supposedly two sealed indictments.

If IRC, some were speculating that the two sealed indictments might have been for the arrests of Shawn & Billie, but time went by and nothing more was said about it.

Local anon is pretty savy about the goings on around there, maybe she will know something?

Local anon said...

Yes something is going on behind the scenes. But there is not enough hard evidence. No doubt LE is trying, but in my opinion they don't have enough. I say this based on my conversations with FBI. But and huge but, the FBI I know are not the office in charge of the case. Nor would they tell me at this point what they know. The fact that FBI is asking for information tells me they don't have enough.

Anonymous said...

Local anon said...
Yes something is going on behind the scenes.

So it life continuing to roll merriily along?

Longing for Justice said...

The first piece of evidence collected was the Missing Persons Report filed by Billie Dunn on Tuesday, December 28, 2010.

This, followed with the interviews of witnesses and persons of interest, the evidence collected from the home, the auto, and the landfill as affidavits, photos and the media provided. Behavioral observations of Billie Dunn are telling.

Was it three (3) days LE combed the lake area where CL found what he observed as partial remains? It is nearing eight (8) weeks and officials continue to retain custody of the remains.

Blaze said...

I don’t understand how a mother could move out of her home (and city) while her child was still missing. Where was the child suppose to return to if she escaped her empty house? Did she also change her phone number? I can only conclude that the mother was not expecting the child to return home. Who moves on with their life only 6 months after reporting their child as missing?

Blaze said...

With victim's remains in an advance state of it possible to determine if she were pregnant at the time of her murder?

Blaze said...

Answering my own question and for anyone else who was curious..

I found this:

"Fetal cells migrate into the mother during pregnancy."

Bone marrow was mentioned....

Shayna said...

Human fetal remains that are at 15-16 weeks old have been located by archeologists studying colonial and pre-historic burial sites. It takes nearly four months gestation for fetal bones to become "bone" enough (aka ossify) to be located in a grave. If the remains are exposed to the elements and wildlife they may have been lost, as they are tiny and light weight, but the skull should be there.

Anonymous said...

Which only proves a point: Shawn Adkins DID NOT go to the police station and spill his guts, as was alleged on this site to have taken place.

Too damn much speculation and not enough facts.