Monday, May 13, 2013

Hailey Dunn Case: Inquisitive Grand Jury Part Two, Behavioral Analysis

So, exactly how does a mother of a missing child behave?

Is there really a "book" on how one might react in such a terrible trauma?

This already has a defense attorney feel to it.

Question:  How does the mother of a missing child behave?

Answer:  Exactly how you'd expect.

When a child goes missing, the mother of the missing child does what comes instinctively.  The mother calls out for a child.

Behavioral Analysis:  Every action the parent of a missing child takes is vital.  The actions show that either the parent wants the child found (innocent) or the parent wants to hinder the investigation, so that the child will not be found.

Last night, we were going for a walk when we came upon a very bold mother fox who did not mind challenging us to stay away from her babies.  When Clancy decided that he did not want to stay away, she deliberately led him to a chase that took him far from where the babies were safely nested.  Our neighbor is not happy to have mother fox and babies, as she has endured hearing cats scream while being killed by the mother fox, teaching her young ones how to kill to eat.  Nature, itself, has its own expectations. These expectations are its "book."

While grocery shopping, a child who wanders off is called by its mother.
While walking in the woods, at an amusement park, or in the mall, the same is expected when a child wanders off.

Instinct is involved.  Instinct is its own book.

When the parent of a missing child does not call out nor search for the child, the parent is telling the world that she (or he) does not want the child found.

Deborah Bradley comes to mind.

Casey Anthony needed 31 days to party before 'searching' for her 'missing' child.

Justin DiPietro was "emotionally incapable" of calling out to his daughter, or negotiating with her 'kidnapper' to get her return.  It is like he was saying, "Not now, Ayla.  You stay with the kidnappers for a few days while Daddy starts to feel emotionally better."

How long until we see him walk the streets of Portland with "Kidnapped:  Ayla" t shirt like the transparent display made recently by Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley?

Cindy Anthony, in defending Casey's partying said that there was "no book" on how a mother of a missing child should act.  It was this sentence that convinced many that Cindy knew all along that Caylee was not only dead, but literally dumped like trash, down the block from their home.

Happy Mother's Day, Cindy, you ought to be so proud.

The "book" on a missing child is simple:  the innocent do whatever it takes to facilitate the child's return.

See Desiree Young.  Don't see Terri Horman or DeeDee Spicher.

In the case of Hailey Dunn, we learned of the mother's behavior from the police affidavit.  Both mother, Billie Dunn, and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, had strange behavior, to say the least.  Behavior so odd, that it will raise not only the eyebrows, but questions from the Grand Jury, who will be free to ask away anything that will help them make their decision.

I don't think Alex Hunter is working in Texas these days.

We learned that Billie Dunn threw a New Year's Eve party for family on December 31st, just a few days after reporting Hailey "missing."

Where did the police learn of this?

Clint Dunn, Hailey's father told them. In fact, living right across the street from his estranged wife, he was able to count the number of empties in her trash which let police know that this was some celebration. Police learned it from him.  Clint Dunn had seen all the empties outside and was upset.  When he first went over after learning that Hailey was missing he said, "Billie wouldn't get off her couch.  She was watching her favorite TV show."
He said that David was just playing video games as if nothing was wrong and Shawn was just hanging out.  No one was up and ready to go searching, so he, his girlfriend and baby, went out by themselves to search for Hailey.

Clint was angry about the New Year's Eve party.  Police learned details from him.

We learned it from the Nancy Grace Show.

Little by little, Nancy Grace got it out of Billie.

"We wasn't worrying about no party" or something along the butchered English language the mother said.

It's actually an interesting exchange, but it is even more interesting to view the video to see Nancy Grace's scowl each time that Billie Dunn avoided the question.
"Did you watch the ball drop, Ms. Dunn?"

It would have been easy: "I did not host a New Year's Eve party" in a direct, open statement.  Yet, lying in a direct open statement is not easy.  The first thing the deceiver will do is run away from the pronoun "I" and look to share guilt with others.

Note that "we" is a lot more comfortable.  Just ask any 3rd Grader who is caught.  "Everyone was doing it!"
 Here is the actual exchange with analysis.  Follow her pronouns.  Does she say, "I did not have a New Year's Eve party"?

Nancy Grace To Billie Dunn:  "Did you have a New Year's Eve party?"

BILLIE DUNN: Well, we did not. I know it wasn`t on my mind at all that it was even New Year`s Eve. had an uncle and aunt, and they brought their grandbaby from out of town. They came up. They stayed at my house Friday during the day. They spent the night at my brother`s. They were back over here Saturday. I think they went home on Sunday. We had family over here. I`ve had a lot of fat of family here. But that weekend, an aunt, an uncle and their grandbaby and my two brothers came over.

Note that she began with "well", which is a pause, making the question, "Did you have a New Year's Eve party" sensitive to her.  
Note next she begins with "we"

Note next that she says "we did not" but did not complete what they did not.  

A truthful person will tell us what happened, what the person thought and not what did not happen or what was not thought:  
Note next she reports what was not on her mind. 
Dunn only owns that some family came over to her home.  Grace takes her through a series of baby steps to learn if she had a party or not.  Her denial is, "no we didn't" but Nancy Grace now probes to see if it is reliable or not: 

GRACE: And when they were there that night...

BILLIE DUNN: There was definitely no...

GRACE: ... New Year`s Eve night. What were you guys doing in the home that night?

BILLIE DUNN: We were visiting. We were talking about Hailey. We were pretty upset.
 She starts with "we" and not with "I"; 
Note the order:
1.  We were visiting
2.  We were talking about Hailey
3.  We were "pretty" upset
Please note that "visiting" came first in her order.  This was not lost on Nancy Grace.  She also said that "we were pretty upset" which expresses the emotions of others ,instead of "i was upset".  Please note that she did not say she was upset, but only that they were "pretty" upset, qualifying being upset. 
72 hours after her daughter is reported missing they visited, talked and were only "pretty" upset.  Most people would be more than just "pretty" upset. 

GRACE: Did you have out food for them? Was anybody having drinks?
Since she began with "we were visiting" as her priority, Nancy Grace seeks to define what a New Year's Eve party looked like.  She asked a compound question which should be avoided, as it allows the subject to pick and choose which to answer. 

BILLIE DUNN: I know that there was a lot of food out, and I think Shawn had some drinks. Nobody else. Nobody was worried about having a New Year`s Eve party.
Here is how she lies:  She "knows" there was "a lot of food out".  Didn't she serve it?  Did someone bring it in for her?  Wasn't she there?  If she was there, she would know that food was there.  This is a type of avoidance due to the high sensitivity. 
Next, she "thinks" Shawn had "some drinks" but will not commit to it. She saw the food, and "knows" it was a "lot" for her uncle, aunt and their baby, her and Shawn.  
"nobody else" is a broken sentence.  She did not say that "nobody else was drinking."  Clint reported a large volume of empties.  It gets worse for her:
"Nobody was worried about having a New Year's Eve party."  She was not asked if people or even "nobody" was worried about the party.  
Nancy Grace smelled the lie: 

GRACE: Did you have the TV on?


GRACE: Were you watching the ball drop?
A yes or no question

BILLIE DUNN: We were just watching news.
The question is avoided. 
GRACE: Are you sure?
This is actually insulting, rather than just a straight question.  She was giving Billie Dunn an opportunity to look a bit less foolish and just come clean.  


Billie Dunn has gone a long way to avoid the simple, "I did not have a New Year's Eve party" in her deception.  This should not even been discussed while a child was missing, but it had to be, because Behavioral Analysis says that an innocent mother will call out for her child, and search for her.  To host a party is to dance for 31 days instead. 

GRACE: So you`re telling me that you have people over, you had food out, alcohol was being served, but it was not a party.

BILLIE DUNN: There was no party, and we weren`t serving alcohol. I think Shawn had a beer.

Finally the pronoun "I" makes its appearance, but here, she only "thinks" Shawn had a beer.  Nothing about the trash full of empties outside. 

GRACE: So it was just him?

BILLIE DUNN: Nobody was trying to have a party. that was -- right. That was on nobody`s mind.

Can I go to Texas and meet "nobody"?  I've heard her speak of him frequently. 

This is how she lies and the pattern is repeated enough to follow. 
"we weren't serving alcohol" denies the act of "serving" and not that they were drinking. 
Note the change about Shawn having some drinks to "a" beer.  It is difficult to keep track of lies because they do not originate from memory. 

It sickened Nancy Grace, a mother, to think that the mother of a missing child could watch the New Year's Eve ball drop, but it is that they even had this discussion, on national television, while her child was "missing" is telling in Behavioral Analysis.

Can you picture Desiree Young throwing a party days after Kyron Horman, 7, was reporting missing?  I can't, but I can see Terri and Dee Dee laughing it up.

Third in the Series:   Next up:  Behavioral Analysis and the Polygraph

Fourth:  Shawn Adkins, work, cell phone pings, and "look in Scurry County"


Anonymous said...

If you are waiting on justice, it'll never happen. Those two committed murder and they have gotten away with it. CC won't go after them, this case is as messed up as Jon Benet's and that of Caylee. How many children have to die at the hands of their parents before we stop allowing this miscarriage of justice?

I am ashamed to be a part of a country that allows child porn to go unpunished even though it it's illegal and the slaughter of children and does nothing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Anon 1:20

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I disagree.

brosnanfan said...

I disagree as well, and I put my "name" to this post.

brosnanfan said...

On NYE, at BD's house were an aunt, uncle, grandbaby, and BD's two brothers. According to the trash found by Clint Dunn (how I wish he had taken a picture), there were several empties in the trash. Somebody was drinking. BD says that somebody was only SA. Did SA consume enough empties to constitute it appearing that there was a party? Did SA and BD both consume enough alcohol to have that many empties? Did BD and SA and the other guests (excluding the baby, of course) consume enough to make it look like a party had taken place?

So, with that picture in mind...if the other guests did, in fact, consume alcohol that night at a supposed NYE party, did they not think that was strange? If only SA had been drinking, or SA and BD were the only ones drinking, didn't these relatives think this to be odd behavior? Why was it Clint Dunn who had to bring this up about the party, and not the relatives who were actually in the house that night?

Also...when Clint went over to BD's house shortly after Hailey's disappearance, he said that BD was watching her favorite show, Shawn was hanging out, and David was playing video games. Okay, I can see BD and SA acting like that, because I think they knew what they had done and they knew there was no reason to search.

But David? What was/is his excuse? For a brother who supposedly loves his sister, this seems to be very odd behavior. Did he know what happened? Was he told by BD what had happened? Or, perhaps, did he hear the murder take place and was threatened with the same thing if he didn't keep quiet?

Clint Dunn is no angel, but even people who make a life full of mistakes can feel intense sadness and remorse over a missing/deceased daughter.

Unknown said...

Justice would be Hailey alive and well an turning down prom dates left an right.

But billienotdunnothingkerplunked and shawnboy.

Will be charged with Haileys MURDER.


Blaze said...

Fear..or perhaps the brother was told a story to make him believe his sister was really safe and he was not to disclose that information...for whatever reason given?

I wonder what his reaction was when he recently discovered his sister was murdered?

Blaze said...

On second thought...the brother could have been a complete wreck over his sister's disappearance (and probably still is) ..we only have BJD's story and she has not proven to be truthful ...

John Mc Gowan said...

OT update..

Tia Sharp Murder: Stuart Hazell Pleads Guilty

Stuart Hazell, 37, has changed his plea and admitted murdering 12-year-old schoolgirl Tia Sharp.

He had originally denied killing the youngster and hiding her body in the loft of the home he shared with her grandmother in New Addington, south London.

Hazell hung his head in the dock as he changed his plea and jurors were asked to formally find him guilty.

Lord Carlile, representing Hazell, said his client wanted to make it known that "Tia's family have suffered enough and he did not want to put them through any further stages of this trial or this process".

The trial at the Old Bailey, which was entering its fifth day, had been expected to last two weeks.

Now her Grandmother needs to be questioned in my opinion,given the LANGUAGE and WORDS used in this statement.


Today, a court heard how the week after Tia disappeared, her grandmother Christine Bicknell noticed a “smell” coming from somewhere in the house.
In a statement read at the Old Bailey, she said: “It seemed to be coming from the small bedroom.
"I had a quick check around and I couldn’t find anything. I had that smell before in my house and it was cat’s mess.
“The following morning I could smell it a bit worse than before.”

Schoolgirl ... Tia 'idolised' Hazell and was 'his cling-on'
She said she had apologised to the police for the odour, telling them: “I’m very sorry, there’s a horrible smell up there, one of the cats has shit somewhere and I can’t find it.”
Jurors also heard how Tia “idolised” Hazell and was “his cling-on”.
The tragic schoolgirl would often stay with her grandmother and Hazell – but would always ask him first, jurors heard.
Her grandmother Christine Bicknell claimed that Tia “was not the sort of girl you could groom” and could not be forced “to do anything”.

Accused ... Hazell was branded a 'fantastic liar' today
And Christine even warned that she would have KILLED Hazell, 37, if she had found out he had murdered Tia.
The girl’s body was found in the loft of Christine’s house in New Addington, south London, a week after she went missing.
In a statement read today at the Old Bailey, Christine said: “When Tia went missing it didn’t cross my mind that she could be dead.
“I always thought she was coming home. It didn’t cross my mind that he would hurt her. He loved Tia, she idolised him.
“I love Stuart with all my heart, he was my world, but my grandchildren always came first.”

Alone ... Tia reaches for a magazine in the Co-op
She added: “Tia will ask Stuart if she can stay for the weekend before she asks me.
“The majority of the time he has her more than what I do. She is his cling-on.”
Christine said she had no concern about Hazell being around Tia and that all her grandchildren “loved him to pieces”.
But the court heard today how Hazell was a chronic cannabis smoker – smoking two joints a day – and would get “argumentative” after drinking vodka, which he was banned from consuming in the house.
Hazell, who had previously dated Tia’s mother, moved in with Christine a week after their relationship started in 2007, the court heard.

Read more:

Trixiebelle said...

I agree that David's apparent lack of reaction in the days right after Hailey's disappearance is concerning. He was sixteen at the time and even if he and Hailey had a difficult relationship, I would naturally expect some type of search-effort mobilization from a brother.

David's non-reaction says one of three things to me:
1.Maybe BJD pacified him with a little bit o' New Years Eve weed. Maybe he continues to "pacify" himself with substances to this day.
2. Maybe David is simply "that dumb" and he continues to go along with his mother's transparent BS out of genuine ignorance.
3. Maybe David, like Hailey, feared Sean Adkins.

I believe BJD and SA will be charged with Hailey's murder eventually. I think LE wants their best chance at a conviction and if it takes a long time to compile all the evidence and present it to a Grand Jury, then so be it. Patience is a virtue, dammit.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

At 16, the older brother would have organized and mobilized school.

if the relationship was poor:

The poorer the relationship the more action he would have had, driven by guilt.

He knew that there was no reason for panic, nor a reason for action.

Anonymous said...

"we only have BJD's story and she has not proven to be truthful"

We also have Clint Dunn's experience - he himself was livid that David refused to search and cut off communication with him then moved to Austin the first chance he could.

Local anon said...

I think David may have believed Hailey had run away and she was safe and would come back. I too would like to know his reaction when he heard her remains were found.

S + K Mum said...

A cousin of Hailey's wrote on facebook that she knows BJD and SA, and she knows they are hiding something because their stories keep changing. If a cousin who doesn't live with them knows something is wrong then my guess is that David knows more than the cousin.

S + K Mum said...


Tia Sharpes grandmother.

The more I read of what she says the more I am convinced she knew what Hazell did to Tia.

'I never thought he would hurt HER'. Did she know he was capable of hurting someone else?

About Hazell 'he was my world, but my grandchildren always came first' Surely her grandchildren were her world then?

Her granddaughter is missing, there's a foul smell, she can't find the source, even goes as far as apologising to the police for it, making an excuse about cat poop (that she can't find)and she knew Hazell was last to see Tia in the house and there was no proof she ever left the house. I don't think cat poop and human decomp smell the same - so if she genuinely has had that smell in her house before, did someone else decompose in it?
She lied for him and suspected him, I am convinced.

John Mc Gowan said...



I have a question,and was wondering if you could help me out.

When someone makes a statement,and follows that statement by saying.

"And that is without Qualification".

Does the sentence"And that is without Qualification" Then become a Qualifier in its self.?


John Mc Gowan said...

Hi S + K Mum ,

I am also convinced that she knows more than she is letting on.

S + K Mum said...

Yeah John, her behaviour when Tia was missing seemed odd to me, reading her statements makes me wonder what type of grandmother/mother she is. I am curious if she still lives in the same house Tia was murdered in, do you know? I imagine she had to move out when forensics etc were carried out but wondered if she moved back in afterwards? I hope not but I don't think I would be surprised if she did.

John Mc Gowan said...

S+k Mum,

I don,t know if she is still living there.


She disparages Tia.(Red Flag),and the use of the word "GROOM",is for me,very concerning.

We would have to ask her,what she means by using the word "GROOM".

What is her subjective dictionary?

John Mc Gowan said...

To also add.Did she feel that Hazel was grooming Tia,if so, WHY didn't she do something about it before it went to far..

He was abusing her,its all coming out now that he has pleaded guilty.He had child pornography on a memory stick(Adkins/Dunn)..

S + K Mum said...

I agree John.

It is good news that Hazell has changed his plea to guilty, however I don't think it is to save Tia's family anguish, I think it is to save him anguish and his fellow inmates hearing the details of what he did to Tia. He is scared of what will happen to him.

Will grandmother write or visit him in jail......I think there's a good chance.

elf said...

Dawn Moore ... I'm sorry but your acting like a creeper. The scariest part of your message is the part 'I was not scary.' Was is past tense. You sound like a stalker:/ get over it, there's lots of other people to talk to on facebook and if you have pertinent information regarding Hailey or any of the people involved with haileys murder I urge you to contact the authorities.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


adding anything is to make emphasis, which is sensitive.

Really it is.



John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks for the reply Peter.


Anonymous said...

brosnanfan is NOT a name, it's more of a nickname and means just about the same thing as "anon". Peter is actually using his name.

Jo said...


The child who investigators say Ariel Castro fathered with Berry was allowed to venture outside of the house at times, while the women stayed locked in the house. "I seen Ariel with a little girl at McDonald's and I asked him who's that," Pedro said. "And he said 'This is a girlfriend's of mine.'"

He saw the child again with his brother weeks later at a Burger King, he said.

"And then I questioned him, where's the mother" 'Oh, she had to do something.' So, I just let it go."

"I had no idea that, that little girl was his or Amanda's" he said. "I had no clue. That I learned this as the days go by, you know, after we got caught."

Gregg said her father showed her a photo of the girl in his cell phone about two months ago, telling her it was his girlfriend's child by somebody else.

"I figured at the most he had an illegitimate child out there, you know, and I would find out eventually," Gregg said.

He shares ownership by sayind "we" got caught.

Calico said...

@Jo - maybe the media got it wrong and he said "he" got caught? just a thought.

REK said...

jO- that paragraph is confusing as written. I am not up to speed on all of the details involving this but if you read that paragraph, first it's Pedro talking (he) then when the person says "after we got caught" the next sentence is alking about Gregg (her) so it is confusing me a bit. maybe they were introduced earlier in the article.. ialso thought the sister knew amanda from school or something as well

Anonymous said...

I think David didn't search or get upset about Hailey because he is his mother's son. It's just that simple. We are a product of our environment more often than not.

Billie, Shawn and David have always just continued on with their lives. I believe that Hailey's few remains being found was nothing more than an inconvenience for Billie. It interrupted her party lifestyle in Austin, she had put all this behind her with hopes it would just go away.

I would like to know if anyone has spoken to Mark Klaas since he walked away from Billie? I'd love to pick his brain and see what he says about all this. He was actually a loving father who wanted justice for his daughter's murder. I can promise you no loving, innocent parent has EVER done the things Billie has done.

Anonymous said...

Justice is slow sometimes, but it will happen sooner or later. There are still some people that the GJ have not spoken with. It may not a text book case, but i have faith justice will be served.

yep said...

Refer to the affidavits. Shawn talks of the "party" that Billie is denying. Shawn has been deceptive about his role in Hailey's disappearance but has been honest when answering questions that didn't involve his role.
I think he will "spill the beans" when arrested.

Anonymous said...

I believe David knows what happened. I believe he was there. He is possibly involved in the cover up after his mother convinced him to help.

Children will be loyal to their parents even after something tragic. I know, I was one.

Excruciating Headache said...

"Anonymous said...

I think David didn't search or get upset about Hailey because he is his mother's son. It's just that simple. We are a product of our environment more often than not."


I think this explains David's reaction perfectly. No one else cared about Hailey. David might have been neglected and never developed the ability to bond with or care for other people. Hailey's gone? Not his problem.

I almost hope so. At the least, I hope he doesn't know of his mother's involvement in his sister's disappearance and death. My boys would be as devastated as my husband and I would be if our daughter was gone.

I would hate for David to carry such an awful burden. No one should have to.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon who said: I can promise you no loving, innocent parent has EVER done the things Billie has done.

You are absolutely right. Well said and this is the bottom line: she is not a parent grieving.

Shelley said...

Anonymous said...
@ Anon who said: I can promise you no loving, innocent parent has EVER done the things Billie has done.

I also agree.

And every time I see/hear someone say "everyone reacts differently to horrible things”… I agree with them too.

Loving innocent parents are frantic, search till they pass out, they don’t eat, drink and go crazy with worry

Guilty or parents that just don’t love their children will not be frantic, they will not search, they party, eat well, and seem to move on with their lives quickly

Imamom said...

The language BJD uses reminds me of a country song...partial lyrics as follows:

Maybe that explains the last two weeks
You called me up, dead on your feet
Working late again
I asked who with
You said, nobody
Aah, nobody

Well your nobody called today
She hung up when I asked her name
Well, I wonder
Does she think she's being clever
You say, nobody's after you
The fact is what you say is true
But I can love you like nobody can
Even better

Tania Cadogan said...

Regarding the murder of Tia Sharp.

Her gran and a neighbor were both arrested in rerlation to the case.

The lofts of the houses where she was found are all linked, it is quite possible her body was moved elsewhere during the police searches and then moved back, given they didn't see the binbag she was wrapped in.

The smell however would have been noticeable within a couple of days and would have permeated the lofts and houses.

The gran knew what happened to her grand daughter and knew her lover was involved, why then did she not co-operate with the police?
Why did she use minimising language in relation to stuart, why did she use such words as groom and hurt, she tells us what he wouldn't do not what he could or did do.

She should have been charged with perverting the course of justice as a minimum.

Anonymous said...

Below is a link for all you BD lovers,who said that CL did not deserve the reward because it was for info for the arrest bla bla bla. The poster says any info for the wereabouts. Give the man the reward!!!!

check the date said...

yeh hey genius, what was the date on that? because that has the colorado city police number on it, i know it was an old one and was no longer valid.

Local anon said...

On the previous post an anon said to Shelly check with me, I have some insight. I wish I could bring that to all of us. Early on, I had FBI information and the former head of the TX rangers. The FBI is not talking and my good friend at TX rangers passed way. What I can give is local perspective, but no reliable news. . I will contribute any information I can. I wish I could help more.

brosnanfan said...

Anon 10:08 AM:

brosnanfan is NOT a name, it's more of a nickname and means just about the same thing as "anon". Peter is actually using his name."

That is why I put "brosnanfan" in quotes. I am not going to put my real name out here on teh crazy interwebs.

I made perhaps two "anon" posts when I was new to the forum, but since those couple of posts I have said whatever I have to say, popular or unpopular, as "brosnanfan". I suggest you do the same with a name of your choosing.

"brosnanfan" does not mean the same thing as "anon", because I have picked a "name" and whatever I have to say, I say it under that "name". I do not hide behind "anon" when I have something to say that might not mesh with what others think. Besides, I have been an admin; nobody is really "anonymous" on teh interwebs, especially Google.