Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hailey Dunn Case: No Arrest Before Memorial?

How to spin an image for future jurors

With the Memorial upon us, there is still no news of arrests in the case of murdered 13 year old, Hailey Dunn. 

Silence has, once again, fallen upon the small town of Colorado City, Texas, where residents will soon gather to pay its respects to their lost citizen. 

Whether it is from Hollywood's portrayals or some well timed books, the public has come to believe that errors made by law enforcement are 'deliberate' and actually 'brilliant tactical strokes' in a larger 'strategical positioning', rather than just mistakes.  Reality tells us otherwise but, in the least, jurisdiction issues are settled, and the wheels of justice have begun their slow turn. 

It is also another time for the attention starved mother and "Person of Interest" Billie Jean Dunn to take "front and center" while seeking to manipulate the future jury pool into believing she is not a cold-blooded sexually perverted killer, but a misunderstood and grieving mother, something she has not been able to do in the past 2 years. 

Partying, and even posting insults towards her daughter and fellow Person of Interest, ex boyfriend Shawn Adkins, Dunn has been coached on everything from how to "talk to" her dead child, to how to tone down her suggestive clothing during public appearances. 

But like all humans, her words give her away, in everything from the 6 month anniversary vigil's departing "Have hope for Hailey, but I'll see ya' all in 6 months!" to the most recent consciousness of guilt posting about Hailey's death being a sexual homicide. 

Mr. Curtis Lloyd, finder of Hailey's remains, continues to be under an order of silence, without explanation, telegraphing the need for silence, itself. The remains will speak. 

John Young, Dunn's main competitor for the spotlight, continues to represent himself as Dunn's 'pro bono' attorney and will have his hands full in an attempt to choreograph Dunn's every movement, including face expressions, and will try to keep her words to a minimum, perhaps even scripting them, but will still be challenged by Dunn's insatiable appetite for attention, and who's habit of deception is to pour on extra words in an attempt to persuade. 

The finding of Hailey's remains has not triggered the national exposure, a la Nancy Grace, that both Young and Dunn may have anticipated, so it is not outside the realm of possibility that the memorial service will have some eye-catching moments of drama. 

Stay tuned. 


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Anonymous said...

Sarah McLachlan - Angel
was written for/after a friend O.D.ed on drugs.

imo, it is totally wrong for a funeral no matter how the person died. but if on the surface, listen to the sadness and agony of the singer, and then the words of being in the arms of an angel now..... ok

Dee said...

Angel is a beautiful song which people interpret in their own way, but it was written about drug addicts. McLachlan explained on VH1 Storytellers, the song is about musicians and the road and how many musicians turn to heroin. She mentions the Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin, who overdosed on heroin and died in 1996.

Anonymous said...

Clint Dunn thanked Curtis Lloyd

Clint's Dunn mother Connie, Hailey's beloved grandmother, thanked Curtis Lloyd





veruca said...

Clint and david didnt speak because it was Billys day...

Anne said...

Why did it have to be BJD's day. Why didn't Clint step up and take some control. I am not bashing, just wondering.
Does Clint feel he has to take a back seat to BJD. If he feels so differently why did BJD mention they had stayed together, why doesn't he make his views known if they are different than hers.
All I can think of is he wants the best for David is trying to get along with BJD for this reason.
I don't think Hailey's brother acted right either, sitting on the couch not looking for his sister.
I don't know what to think of any of them really.

Anonymous said...

The Bikers Fight against child abuse !

Don't criticize their clothes!!

curious said...

Hey, can someone give me a link where Billy Jean was named a person of interest? I can't find one.

Anonymous said...

"The Bikers Fight against child abuse !"

By murdering billions of animals for leather?

Anonymous said...

ARREST Pillie Jean NotDunnNothingKerplunk

ARREST Shawn "Killing A Little Girl Is Just Like Killing A Baby Deer" Adkins

Anonymous said...

Clint Dunn thanked Curtis Lloyd

Clint's Dunn mother Connie, Hailey's beloved grandmother, thanked Curtis Lloyd





When did this happen? To the best of my knowledge niether thanked him.

Anonymous said...

Clints mom Connie was minding her own business in the stands, until a BD minion forced her to sit on the floor next to Clint.

CL was sitting quietly in the stands with his wife. He wanted to blend in and he did.

As he entered the Pit, he turned from the cameras, and went inside.

I saw him speaking to Bea and others, and he left quietly after it was over.

Anonymous said...

What stands out to me is that Billie had as many photos as she could find with her in them. I thought this was for Hailey not BD.

I overherd a couple of people asked why Clint wore a tap out shirt. They were told it was Hailey's favorite shirt that he had.

I was moved when a couple of the BACA memberes assisted Connie down the stairs and to a seat. They are a rough bunch, but they have big hearts.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Lloyd and his wife yesterday at Hailey's Garden and sat with them at the memorial. I have never met a more humble couple. My observation was Mr Lloyd wants no recognition, praise, thank you's, or hero status; just justice for Hailey. People that found out who he was(including Clint's mother and family), did come up and thank him. Him being humble, would shake their hand and shake his head, no words were needed. It was my belief before and more so after meeting he and his wife, he was chosen by God and Hailey to find her and will be rewarded when he meets his maker.
Again, Mr and Mrs Lloyd it was an honor and pleasure to meet both of you. I want to express my gratitude to you for finding Hailey and getting all of us to this chapter in Hailey's disappearance. I wondered if yesterday would ever take place and in God's time, it did. Justice will do the same, occur in God's time.

Anonymous said...

What no Shawn? I guess he was not welcome at this event.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious, Melissa Gooch? Did you really get booted from the school and the memorial? Did you really take a picture of yourself and say "nanny nanny boo boo" as has been claimed? If that's true, everything you said about Hailey and the way you inserted yourself into their lives (including the gayrod "Imma's" page where you gushed giddily everytime Billie posted) was absolute BS. But then again, you appear to need a lot of attention.

Anonymous said...

ARREST Shawn "I Love Hailey With All My Heart And All My Soul" Adkins

ARREST Pillie Jean "I'm Going To Fighting With Hailey" NotDunnNothingKerplunk

ARREST Shawn "Hailey Loved Being Chased Around By Me In My Masque With My Slasher Knife" Adkins

ARREST Pillie Jean "I Refuse To Search The United States For Hailey But If You Give Me Money I'll Walk All Over Europe To Look For Hailey" NotDunnNothingKerplunk

ARREST Shawn "So What If My Girlfriend No Fiance No Girlfriend No Fiance Was Obssessed With Serial Killers Who Raped And Tortured Their Victims" Adkins

ARREST Pillie Jean "I Don't Know Anything About Pornography And Yes That's Me Blowing A Horse" NotDunnNothingKerplunk

ARREST Shawn "Hailey Is Buried In Scurry County" Adkins

ARREST Pillie Jean "All I Wanna Do Is Bring Hailey Home Even Though I Got Rid Of Hailey's Belongings And Abandoned Hailey's Home And Moved To An Apartment A Thousand Miles Away" NotDunnNothingKerplunk

ARREST Shawn "I Drove Straight To My Mommy's House Fuq Those Cell Phone Records No More Interviews For You!" Adkins

ARREST Shawn "I Don't Know Anything About Pornography And So What If I Turned My Grandmother's Living Room Into A MiniFilm Studio To Film Girls Having Sex No More Interviews For You!" Adkins


Anonymous said...


ARREST Pillie Jean "I'm Going To Miss Fighting With Hailey" NotDunnNothingKerplunk

Anonymous said...

WTF?????? They're posing for pictures! It's not a graduation reception! It's a memorial for Hailey, the little girl that Billie and Shawn murdered.

Anonymous said...

Take your anti-Obama anti-Democrat drivel to IMDb's Politics board and debate politics like a real man instead of manipulating and misapplying and exploiting Statement Analysis to trash Democrats

~ABC said...

The best friend actually referred to Hailey as "mean". It felt like a setup to me. BJD prerecorded what she had to say, I suspect, at the direction of her attorney. She may also have been planning not to attend, as in maybe she would be incapacitated. Her comment, "I won't speculate and ruin Hailey's day", was a response to an anticipated situation that didn't happen.... yet! She was sure reading fast and it's clear that BJD was running this show.

Katie said...

This photo looks to me like they meant it to be the whole family together. Notice Hailey is also in the photo "with them" because of her photo behind them.

~ABC said...

Just curious. Where's Naomi?

Anonymous said...

Naomi very pregnant. Not Clint's baby. Colorado, maybe

Anonymous said...

My patience is running out! They could at least question Billie and Shawn! I am VERY ANGRY that two murderers are enjoying life after taking the life of that child!

I keep hearing LE will make the arrest soon from other people.


So far we've heard about the child porn which carries a jail term but where they arrested? NO!

We know Billie told a LOT of lies and she has even admitted it to others on Facebook.
Has she been questioned?

Has she been named a suspect or POI?

She AND Shawn failed their polygraphs.

She walks out of the Police interview and Shawn walks out during testing.

They hire Lawyers and PRESTO the Police don't even question them!

How do Police EVER question anyone if all it takes is a Lawyer to avoid it?

Well I'm sorry but this wasn't as simple as porn or drugs, the crime we want justice for is the MURDER of a child!

The Police name Shawn the POI but not Billie?

Do they NOT see all her lies and lack of emotion? Where were they when she was lying and sneaking around to see Shawn? Where were they when she decided to move away so the eyes of CC could not watch her?

We all know that child was murdered on the night of Dec. 26th and they didn't report her missing till the 28th so they had time to clean up evidence!

They threw out the sofa too! Did the Police take it to examine? NO!

What kind of Mother changes her missing child's room?
Changes her number?
Gives away her missing daughter's dog?
Moves to Austin?
Gets on Facebook when LE notifies her that the remains that were found are her daughters? A loving, grieving Mother would be so torn up that the last thing we'd think of would be Facebook!

What kind of Mother has a New Years Eve party a week after her daughter is reported missing?

What kind of Mother lies to Police to protect the POI?

What kind of Mother attends concerts when her daughter is missing?

What kind of Mother gets a Memorial tattoo of her MISSING daughter?

What kind of Mother continues to let the POI live with her in her home and but lies to people that stop to check on her by saying he's not there? Oh yeah, people saw his trying to hide.

What kind of Mother would allow a man who SHE told people on Facebook that he boasted that most of the males in his family are murderers and rapists/pedo's. She also said he has been institutionalized a few times. So, she actually knew all this about the man she brought around her children!!! (screenshots were taken of that before she could delete it)

Also screen shots were taken of HER admission on Facebook that she LIED to Police about the morning of Dec. 27th. She admitted Shawn did take her to work that morning.

Billie is always VERY monotone, stone cold, no emotion. At the memorial she spoke with ZERO emotion. AS a Mother I would NOT have been able to keep it together!

Billie reminds me more and more of Diane Downs, another Mother who killed! To this day Diane has NEVER admitted she shot her 3 children...EVEN after her surviving daughter testified against her!

Now I don't know what anyone else thinks but I am losing hope that LE plans to arrest her and her little boy toy she finally discarded. Now after all this time SHE decides to throw him under the bus and let him take the blame! I am NOT buying it!

SHE thinks she has people and the Police fooled. She might have LE suckered BUT NOT ME!

There should be some movement in this case!

I only wish they still had hanging in Texas! I see no reason to dish out tax payer money for the lethal injection!

Sign me Angry Texas Grandma!

Local anon said...

I have been out of town and unplugged so could not attend the memorial and have not yet seen the coverage. Just want to say that Colorado City is a small, very casual town. Jeans are very much the norm. And don't let the bikers throw you. I have worn my biker garb to many charitable events. Along with my doctor, lawyer, judge, policeman, educator, landscaper, park ranger, etc. friends. So many people in Colorado City and this area were there for Hailey, not Billie and her drama. As Boston Lady and others have said, don't condemn Clint for his t-shirt, it very well may have been Hailey's favorite or a gift from her. Do you want the stone thrown at you when your child is dead and you have to at her memorial? I know you don't so please, think about the event, the locals, the family and their pain.

Unknown said...

I was surprised to see Clint's "TapouT" teeshirt but then it occurred to me that it could very well have been a special gift from his precious daughter. I hope he has found some way to have some sort of peace within.

Anon May 20, 2013 at 12:50 AM
Thank you for your first handed insight. I am curious as to why Clint didn't go speak with his Mother?

I have been out-of-the-loop and I'm wondering if Hailey's remains were ever released?

Anonymous said...

No they have not been released.

~ABC said...

Anonymous said...
Naomi very pregnant. Not Clint's baby. Colorado, maybe
May 20, 2013 at 11:25 PM

Thanks anon. I could have guessed something like that to be the case, but I thought I'd ask first.

Bran said...

I'm sure someone has answered this before but if law enforcement really had a bunch of porn that they could arrest bd and sa for, they would have done it.

Anonymous said...

Awaiting the Grand Jury's decision to indict very impatiently!

Wondering who they have interviewed as of today? I think they meet on Tuesday’s, perhaps they are hearing evidence today

texaswehaveaproblem said...

I asked last time.What was BD answer to Del and sex offender going on that beer run Sunday night? Hailey was seen in one store on cam Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

Angry Texas Grandma!

I agree! I cannot believe that the DA, doesn’t have enough evidence to get both of them in court.

I am holding to the idea that the GJ has not seen all the evidence yet. And that they will get them soon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"The Bikers Fight against child abuse !"

By murdering billions of animals for leather?

If you eat meat you murder animals for food. Many of your clothes are made from animals in some form or fashion.

Big point is, they probably purchased the leather, so I don’t think they murdered any animals.

If you don’t like the leather they wear I dare you to tell them face to face!

Anonymous said...

Even artists, such as writers and songwriters leak marbles too. They can tell us what their song means, but sometimes we tell them what it means as well because they don't even know all the meanings of their own art. The leaked marbles will tell us. I am saying this because the song Hallelujah which happens to be one of my all time favorite songs. I see some meanings in the song that maybe the artist does not intend which is the love of his art of songwriting, which can become his god. He can commune spiritually with God when songwriting. He can cheat on God or his art with the love of a woman by compromising his art and "cheat on" God when art becomes his god. Leaked marbles is the perfect description for other labels applied in literary criticism, etc.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you ever been in denial? If so, you may understand what I'm going to say. David was 15-16 yrs old when Hailey went missing. He loves his family, especially Hailey, who worshiped him. May we consider him being devastated where he blocked the pain by shutting down, playing video games to escape his pain and the reality of Hailey being missing? There are times in our lives where the pain is so deep, we have the inability to function

Anonymous said...

I do not think David had anything to do with HD's death or coverup.

Simple answer: Mom did not search and told him not to search, and he did what he was told.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn, I’m sure he appreciates your kind words.

Anonymous said...

veruca said...
Clint and david didnt speak because it was Billys day...

May 20, 2013 at 1:37 PM
Very true!!

Almost every photo had BD in it, a few had Clint and David.

Anonymous said...

interesting read from billie interview.

Anonymous said...

Bikers wear leather for protection from both the elements and from the road. Leather is waterproof and strong and can also protect the skin in case of an accident.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

(CBS/AP) LUBBOCK, Texas - The mother of Hailey Dunn, a 13-year-old West Texas cheerleader found dead in March, said Tuesday that since her daughter went missing more than two years ago she had feared the worst, including that the girl was chained and tortured or had fallen victim to human traffickers.
PICTURES: Hailey Dunn's body found in West Texas, atty says

Investigators have given no indication that Billie Jean Dunn's fears about her daughter are valid or under what circumstances Hailey might have been held captive, if she was. Officials have not released a manner and cause of death, and an FBI spokeswoman did not return a call Tuesday.

In her first public comments since Hailey's remains were identified, Billie Jean Dunn said possibly the most painful part was picturing her daughter wondering why her mother and father hadn't found her.

"I kept my hope the whole time. I did," the 36-year-old mother said. "That fear that she was dead, I put it way in the back of my mind."

Dunn reported her daughter missing in December 2010 in Colorado City, about 250 miles west of Dallas. Remains found in March near a West Texas lake about 20 miles away were identified last month as belonging to Hailey.

No arrests have been made. Shortly after her disappearance, police called Shawn Adkins, Dunn's live-in boyfriend at the time, a person of interest, but he has not been charged.

Dunn and Adkins split up early last year and last had email contact in August.

"I've learned a lot over the past few months and I feel pretty strongly that he could be involved," Hailey's mother said. "I know there are other possibilities also."

Adkins has denied involvement in Hailey's disappearance. A call seeking comment from his attorney, Alex Eyssen, was not returned Tuesday.

From the start, Dunn said her worry was that a "random weirdo" might have pulled off nearby Interstate 20 and abducted Hailey.

"Things you don't think of normally just run through your mind, like what is somebody doing to her, what is she having to live through," said Dunn, who works as an administrative assistant in Austin. "That would just worry me sick. That would really drive me crazy."

Dunn's attorney, John Young, said authorities have told him investigators are looking at "other cases that may in fact be related or may be the same type to the very specific facts of this case."

Dunn said it's "absurd" for people to question her having anything to do with her daughter's disappearance or death.

"That question has always disgusted me," she said. "It still does. This is my daughter. Hailey is my baby. She is my child."

Hailey's brother, 18-year-old David Dunn, is "very angry and very sad," his mom said. He sobbed throughout a memorial service held Sunday at Hailey's middle school where hundreds came to bid farewell to the girl.

"He couldn't stand the sight of a 'missing' poster (about Hailey), of course, because it made it too real for him," Billie Jean Dunn said. "Now it's real and now he accepts it."

Dunn said authorities still have Hailey's remains, which she plans to cremate once they're turned over to the family.

"They're being very meticulous," Dunn said of forensic experts. "They're doing everything they know that they need to do to collect any possible evidence."

Dunn said that while she got some answers from finally knowing where Hailey is, she "won't have full closure unless there's been an arrest made."

Unknown said...

This is still bothering me. "She had feared the worst, including that the girl was chained and tortured" ...
I would not be able to bring myself to say such a thing out loud.

I thought I would add something to the discussion about the music chosen for the Memorial Service.

Although the lyrics to "Broken" are heartfelt, the music video showed lovers wandering through a burned out trailer park destroyed by a meth lab explosion.

Drugs. Violent explosion. Leaving lovers to walk the remaining ashes of the trailer park, and become separated over it. They can no longer connect on that emotional level anymore, although both still alive.

""you've gone away... you don't feel me here anymore."

How ironic.

~ABC said...

Chained and tortured huh? That's mighty specific language and what you'd expect only from someone involved in such things. Oh but wait, that's right, we're talking about BJD!

~mj said...

She may also be leaking the current news about Castro in Ohio. Borrowing from their story to make hers more plausible.

~mj said...

Sorry, I meant to note I was referring to her language about being chained and tortured. Those terms are being used all over the news right now because of Castro - they are not BJD's original language. She borrowed the disappearance story, she's borrowing this.

Anonymous said...

This is a desperate attempt to mislead people, and get the focus off of her.

If she can cast doubt in the mind of perspective jurors, and get them looking elsewhere she has a better chance.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony and Billie Dunn have some things in common but no jury will ever believe Billie wasn't a participant in Hailey's death. I believe in LE in this case. I think LE knows exactly who was involved, what they did, where it was done except for one piece, now are looking for that one piece to go from point A to point C.

It will take a week or more for the jury to hear all of the facebook, emails, and texts made by Billie along with her statements in interviews and blog radio shows. Her own words and actions/lack of actions will put her behind bars.

elf said...

Seriously. Criticism of BACA? Really? They weren't there for any of the adults- they were there for Hailey. It wasn't a freaking fashion show it was a memorial for a child who suffered abuse, a child who paid the ultimate price for her silence.
Jesus people.
At least BACA is out there DOING SOMETHING.

Anonymous said...

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