Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hailey Dunn: A Life Of Neglect

Hailey Dunn's death came at the end of a life of  neglect, no matter how one views it.

If you think that her father was the stable factor in a life of upheaval, perversion, drug abuse and violence, think again.

Stable fathers don't keep getting arrested in life.

In my interview with Clint, he referenced Hailey in the past tense, caught himself, and even commented upon it:  "I guess I really do believe they did it", he said, referring to Shawn Adkins and Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn.

He described a life that, even at best, was bizarre and foreign to most.

Yet it was Clint Dunn's love of marijuana that dominated the interview, not Hailey.  It was, and is, his love and his passion in life.

He was recently arrested while being pulled over: marijuana possession and a gun.

                          Who would be foolish enough to give Clint Dunn a gun?

Although experts disagree on whether or not a physical addiction to marijuana exists, they don't debate on the psychological addiction, or its ability to remove drive and initiative from a man.

If anyone needed a father with protective capacities, it was Hailey, but instead she had a man who was consumed with marijuana and who, at his best, would sit stoned in front of the television, watching a show Hailey enjoyed.

This was the extent of his protective propensities towards his 13 year old daughter.

Question:  How is it possible to live across the street from a 13 year old who lives with monsters and not know it?

Answer:  marijuana

Question:  How is it possible for a father to see a smirking Shawn Adkins and a comfy Billie Jean Dunn, curled up on the sofa, watching her favorite low brow soap, while Hailey was 'missing', and not tear into them demanding to know, "Where the hell is my daughter?!?"?

Answer:  marijuana

Objection:  Shawn Adkins is much bigger than Clint.

Answer:  I wouldn't mess with a 98 pound loving mother who's child is in threat.

This has been a soap opera of nonsense since it began, with Clint going from "Shawn and Billie did it" to "Why did you write that?  She is going to kill me!"

I was stunned.

He was scared of Billie Dunn.

Now, it is one thing to be frightened of the likes of Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins; let's just say that it appears that they are capable of following through with death threats, but it it quite another thing to be fueled by the righteous fear of a missing child that tells me that had Desiree Young gotten her hands on both Dee Dee Spicher and Terri Horman...well, she appears to be a lady, but you get my meaning. My money is on the mama left bereft of her son, no matter how lady like she is.  Her loveliness and femininity would be temporarily shelved while she exacted from those two the location of her son, so that she could give him a dignified Christian burial.

Parents who love their children will risk their own lives to save them. Desiree Young has always struck me as a mother who deeply loved, and still loves, her son, Kyron, who is not forgotten by us, even as the infamous date of his demise is upon us now.

More about Kyron, later.

During the interview, Clint cowardly retreated to his pot induced dream of moving to California and raising marijuana as a crop.  The biggest draw back to this dream?

Farming is hard work, something Clint appears to have an allergy towards.

Oh sure, he was out pan-handling in Hailey's name early on, and had to watch donations come a-pouring down upon Billie Jean in the forms of cash and durable goods, as she played the 'woe is me' unlicensed assistant nurse, now unemployed secretary.  The shelf life on stripping isn't very long, even when botox coupons are printed off the net. She seemed to manipulate, with ease, to get people to part with money, on her account. Clint was left as the amateur, watching the pro in action.

This is, methinks, his second arrest since Hailey went missing.

How many times have you been arrested since Hailey was reported missing?

Hailey's mother, father, grandmother, and a boat load of uncles and cousins, have all been arrested since she was reported missing.

How many of your family members have been arrested since Hailey went missing?

Yeah, I thought so.

Me, neither.

This was the life of Hailey Dunn.  She lived with two monsters who had sexual attraction to the abuse of children, animals, and adults.  She lived with those into drugs and who took delight in reading about serial killers and sexual homicides and perversion.  It was their fantasy and it became their reality as they were able to live out their dream, at the expense of Hailey.  (this is why astute readers insist that a video memory of what happened to Hailey exists somewhere).

But, just across the way was Hailey's father who "loved" Hailey; that is, not that he protected her, and knew her heart, her fears, her concerns, and the life that she was living, but he had emotions that were 'positive' towards her.

Love seeks the highest good of its object.

Love discriminates evil from good.

Love protects.

Love emboldens.

Love drives and pushes and accomplishes and if there was anyone who needed protection, in the name of love, it was Hailey Dunn.

She did not need a buzz-induced father contemplating how he could grow marijuana in California while sitting stoned on an easy chair while the crops just tended to themselves, she needed a father.

She had no father.

She had no mother.

She had a monster, who invited another monster in, while the man who should have known, and perhaps did, lost all drive and initiative to be a father.

Get a vasectomy, Clint, please.

I will pay for it, myself. (I will pay the doctor upon receipt, and not fund your drug habit, so don't even ask, though I am thinking that a lot of doctors from Texas may even want to donate this procedure)

We do not yet know what is being genetically passed on to children from their pot smoking fathers, but it appears to me that we have an epidemic of "ADD" kids being medicated, sitting in front of video games, but unable to read a book.  We don't know if marijuana is causing damage or not, but we don't need a scientific study to know that abdicating fathers who need no assistance in laziness are not being helped by smoking pot.

In Clint's defense, it  must  so frustrate him while sitting in a jail sell, as his mind begins to get clarity away from the marijuana smoke, and he considers just how easy it was for him to get arrested, while those who killed his daughter remain free.

For this, Clint, I don't have an explanation for you.

I warned you about your love of marijuana and I urged you to talk to your pastor.

 It frightened me to hear how passionate he was about marijuana, while his passion for his daughter was far less than it was over his fear of Billie being "mad" at him.

Poor Hailey.

She had no one to tell what it was that was on the kids' X box, or the perversion that was in the home.

Before you leave an angry comment, do you really think 109,000 images of ANYTHING could escape ANYONE'S attention in a home?

Perversion combining sexuality and violence was not just a 'hobby', but an obsession for the two monsters she lived with.  It was their lives.  It dominated them.  Do you think, in such a small house, and given Hailey's intellect as described by teachers, that she did not know that mommy and boyfriend and other women were making home-made porn in the home?

Don't insult Hailey like that.

While mommy was having Hailey dissect a dead bat, thinking she was mommy-of-the-year, or burning 'tap out' into her teenaged son's back, or cutting up cocaine for resale, or giggling at big booted "stomp" videos of kittens being killed, or deer being cut up, or coveralls being blood stained, do you really think Hailey didn't see and hear these things?  Really?  Do you really think she was a 6 year old reading medical books and explaining them to her mother to pass a college level test?  Please note the mother's need to exaggerate "See Dick and Jane" into nursing texts to know what what kind of mother she was. She was as disconnected to Hailey as Clint was, which is why she could not give an accurate description of what Hailey was like, no different than Mark Redwine sitting and watching Purple Barney with "oops" moment, if I've ever seen one.

Hailey, the poor little lamb never had a chance under these perennial losers.  How many strangers in Texas would have adopted her in an heartbeat and helped her through high school, the prom, graduation, and off to college to fulfill dreams of...

dreams we'll never know.


I picture her, sheepishly walking to her father's house, trying her best to tell him just how afraid she was of Shawn Adkins, but him, contemplating his navel, not hearing a word out of her.

I know that I cannot prove this, but I believe it, nonetheless:

I think Hailey told Clint, her father, just how afraid she was of Shawn Adkins, but Clint was just not listening.

He was with the love of his life, with all of his affections and desire towards her, having nothing left for Hailey.

The mistress of his love was not the mother of his new child, nor even the monster who gave birth to Hailey...

but it was and is, marijuana.

Clint Dunn is also responsible for the death of Hailey.

Had he been a father, he would have worked hard for her, listened to her, and invested himself into her, and would have seen the tears, even in dry eyes, of a little girl being slowly groomed for the ultimate abuse.

A father who loves his child knows her pain, knows her heart, knows what her favorite color is, and because of this knowledge, he knows when she is afraid.

He could have tried to get Hailey away from these monsters.

He didn't.

Clint, by means of abdication, is also responsible for Hailey's death. Judicially, he is guilty of nothing, in the laws of the land.  We cannot legislate care of a child, beyond the basics (though today social workers in the child protective world are being told not to ask fathers "How do you plan to provide for your child?" since it is "demeaning" to their self esteem.  It would mean that the young man, old enough to father a child, has to put down the video game and get a job).

Clint did not drug her, strangle her, nor dump her lifeless body in the ugly fields.

But, he did not prevent these things, either.

It is said that a child's life is dominated by its father.

If the father is abusive to the mother, this abuse dominates.  If the father is loving to the mother, the child learns love.  If the father dies, this absence can often dominate the child's life.

There is no question that a father impacts a child's life in a unique and powerful way, even as a mother does.

Hailey's life was dominated by neglect.

We may not have marijuana to blame for this neglect, but we may know that marijuana certainly did not help.

If a father dominates the life of a child, Clint dominated Hailey's life by his abdication of his responsibility to love, protect and nurture her.

There is no second chance for Hailey.

                                             Peter Hyatt can be reached via Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Neither parent was exactly parent of the year in my opinion but I do believe Clint loved Hailey. Sadly, love is not enough when raising a child.

We all know Clint loves his pot and I've heard he doesn't hold a job very well BUT EVERY photo of Clint and Hailey shows her happy and smiling. Photo's with BD and SA show a child distanced and not happy.

Everyone says Hailey loved her family, that is most likely true. I was an abused child and I loved my family too, even when I was being beaten. Why didn't Hailey tell anyone about everything going on? How many children reveal this? NOT MANY! They hide it like me.

Hailey did tell others that she was afraid of SA.

Abuse comes in many forms. Verbal, physical, mental and of course the child living in an unsafe environment.

BD admitted on FB that SA told her that most of the males in his family are murderers and rapists/pedo's and she said that he was institutionalized a few times. She actually knew all this about the man she brought into her home around her children. This made her unfit as a parent. Add in their drug use and you have a cocktail for disaster and murder.

We all have priorities in life. I think Hailey was at the bottom.

I think if I were Clint I would want justice for my daughter now and I'd fight for it instead of focusing on getting high. I'd call the FBI, Local LE and Texas Rangers EVERY SINGLE DAY! If I were Hailey's grandmother I'd do the same!

It doesn't matter that they tell them EVERY single day that they have no updates! The point is you are putting pressure on them to do something!!!!!!

Clint mentioned he wanted to move where Pot was legal and it seems he did that but what he really needs to do is open his eyes and focus on the TWO people responsible for his daughter's death. He needs to put Hailey at the top of his priority list.

Isn't Hailey more important?

I just want to scream, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A**,
BD AND SA DID THIS! WAKE UP! I know it's hard for him to believe that the mother of his child could do this but he needs to fight for Hailey because she no longer can.

What angers me most is that no arrest have been made, nobody has been questioned. I was recently told by someone that chances are they'll get away with it, that it happens everyday. That is not acceptable. Our justice system's in the toilet We have become a society that's so worried about being politically correct we are losing our freedom of speech and we're so worried about protecting the rights of others like the convicted that they are getting away with murder!




What angers me worse than the above is that BD is setting herself up to be an advocate for other children! This is INSANE! GOD HELP US ALL!

Just waitin' said...

Wow...Powerful. I don't want to believe you but I know first handed what you are saying it true. Not about Hailey but in my own life. We are raising a grandchild because of the "love" of drugs. Our own child chose drugs over their own children. I have asked myself where did I go wrong? I can't answer that question. We had other children that didn't make these choices to do drugs. I wish I had a magic wand and could make drugs disappear from everyone's life. People don't understand that marijuana is a stepping stone to other worse life controlling drugs. Go ahead. Tell me I am wrong. Tell me I am stupid. I have lived this situation and it breaks my heart. I hope Hailey gets the justice she deserves. I hope she gets it soon. I'm not sure that she had anyone in her life outside of her teachers that truly cared about her life and the things she wanted or needed.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I agree with every word you wrote.

There was a chance to save this child but it was ignored.

LE also ignored her, they made no arrest for the child porn and no arrest for her murder.

Shame on everyone for allowing this babies death and injustice.

Anonymous said...

Peter; you have, in your own way, given Hailey a beautiful and tender memorial. It brings tears to my eyes to know how she lived, although we know so little of her day to day pain. Sad and deeply disturbing though it is, in her humble defense you have honored this precious child to the highest. God bless you.


Anne said...

Out of all the articles you have written Peter I agree with this one the most.
I was so surprised yesterday reading the comments. I felt that Clint wasn't being held accountable for anything.
One minute he is concerned about beer bottles and a New Years eve party the next minute he is BFF with BJD.
Where is the anger, the emotion.
How can a family have such apathy.
I get so mad about this issue, I have my own family members who want to live on HUD and gripe because the government is upset because they rented their kids bedroom to some guy they are friends with while their kid is sleeping on the couch, they have enough money for their pot and 500 dollar Rottweiler though. It sucks when you have to turn your own family in to protect the kids.
It just seems that so very often, drugs are involved. I don't think pot is the worst thing in the world, but the apathy it causes is disgusting. I don't think you can give your best to children when you have an altered level of conscience. Even if you aren't high or drunk, you are stealing, yes STEALING, time from your children, when you are hung over or your mind is on your next pot sale (none of these people who don't work can afford to buy it, they have to sell it, to pay for their habit)
Who wants to hang out with people when you pull up to their house the curtains are closed and they are all sitting on the couch doing nothing for society. How can you be a great parent if you are so into pot, liquor, the next party, the next sale.
Anyway, I will probably get hate comments, but this is the way I feel!
If you have children, they should be the number one priority. They take love, compassion, energy, commitment, time, money, work, education and so much more. It's not easy being a parent, so just don't if you don't want to put in the effort.

lake erie princess said...

Peter~Thank you !

A M E N ! ♥

Anonymous said...

Anne, you won't get any hostile words coming from me, because smoking pot is everything you say it is and more. The children of the pot smoker has no life and they have no parents.

They don't even have a piggybank because they're pot smoking parents had to rob it to pay for pot. They lost their bike too, the parent saw a chance to sell it. For pot, of course. If they are lucky they will find some jelly left but half stuck to the jar and the table, and a few slices of hard bread so they can make themselves a sandwich today.

They dare not complain or ask for more as they just might find themselves slapped up against the wall. It's hard telling when mommie or daddy is on a high or a low, it's one mood swing after another. You're so tired, they stayed up so late with daddy & mommies' noisy friends last night and kept you awake. Uh oh, more beer cans. Yeah, it's gonna be a hard day today, maybe we'd better just go on outside maybe down the street, come back later, maybe after dark. Now to find something to wear, maybe something off the pile that's not too dirty.

If you go there, leave your purse in the car with the car locked. The minute you dash into the bathroom your purse will be pilfered, if you had a $20 in it, you will find it gone when you pull up to the gasoline pump.

If the pot smoker comes to your house, make sure you quickly put away your jewelery, any loose change, don't leave your rings lying on the kitchen sink, the second you turn your back it will be gone. Hide your purse, you won't have a dollar left in it if you don't. If you smoke, they'll take your cigs too. Don't let them use your phone, they will wander all over your house while talking on the phone, looking for something to steal.

Of course, you never see them do it but you know they did because no one else had been there. Never EVER give one of them a job, they will steal you blind, pilfer all the purses, and drive off your business. You can't even hire one as a painter, they go behind the paint truck all day, smoke pot and leave you with a big paint mess.

You have only one choice, wash your hands of them. Pity the poor kids who live with them. So so sad. Just take the kids some food and a few clean clothes when you can, stay and wait for them to eat the food otherwise the parents will take it away from them and eat it thermselves; and let them know you love them. Observer

Katie said...

And the CPS workers who came and went leaving Hailey there, what of them ? I ask again, when will they arrest those who murdered Hailey Dunn? I've read for 2 years how brilliant Texas Rangers are, yet I see no arrests. BJD is said to be street smart and some sort of high IQ has been bestowed upon her. She is as dumb as a box of rocks and so isr SA. Where are the arrests?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to Peter's interview with Clint?

Anonymous said...

Katie, to my knowledge, there isn't a soul alive who can answer your question "when will they arrest those who murdered Hailey Dunn?" I doubt you'd get an answer, but you can try calling LE officials in Colorado City, Tx and ask them.

Why would you think anyone here would know the answer to that? There aren't any soothsayers here and if there were they wouldn't have an answer to that question. I don't get it; why does anyone keep asking the question that can't be answered? Observer

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I would not deny pot smoking to a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Enough people have said how much it helps.

After watching a close friend die in just a few months (Memorial Day until Thanksgiving), wasting away on chemo, I make no objections from those who get relief from it.

Nor is this a commentary about other uses for marijuana. I don't know enough about it and as a libertarian, I don't want the government involved, either.

I do know, first hand, its impact upon lazy fathers, however, and what recreational use seems to do to people.

For me, it is their own choice, and if I respect their choice, they can respect my disagreement with its use.

Or, at least I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Katie, BD is NOT as intelligent as people think she is. She is however a narcissistic sociopath.

I just watched a show recently about the murder of a young mother. A former Texas Ranger made a comment about many people getting away with murder. Our current justice system is no longer working when people can get away with murder.

And to Anonymous 12:17 PM.
People keep asking why there have been no arrest because we simply can't wrap our minds around the fact that a child can be murdered with NO consequences!

Anonymous said...

I still say that the GJ has not finished hearing all the evidence. When they do we can expect at least one indictment on SA. Then he will tell all.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about this case has been taken to the GJ.

Mouse74 said...

I think the point trying to be made here , is that marijuana alone is not the issue. It's about the choices made, and the priorities set by the personalities involved.

Drugs alone, used for recreation....that's one thing.

Drugs on the top of the priority list with your kids on the bottom....never never a good thing.

Kids should be the number 1 thing, they should come first. If only this was a requirement in bearing children, but it's not.

Clint Dunn was not a safe haven for his daughter, and I guarantee she picked up on the fact that Marijuana was more important to her father than her own well being was. So see, it's not marijuana alone, it's the person that allowed it to be a priority over all other things in his life.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Hailey and her memory, I do not believe that Hailey was nearly as bright and intelligent as everyone made her out to be.
A child being brought up in a home with an apathetic father and a mother who is into sex,child porn
and sadism does not read medical books, excel in school or disect bats. A child like Hailey probably went to school dissheveled, unfed, generally uncared for and unable to function as most young children can.
She was not raised to become a doctor, scientist or whatever other children dream of and aim for. Hailey was raised in a "hand to mouth, fend for yourself" manner and was probably raising herself in a manner of speaking.
As you said, her parents were into drugs, porn and whatever else, they did not focus on their children for a minute. Their pursuits are mainly for whatever gives them pleasure for the moment and a child is seperated from those actions any loving and caring have to offer.
Clint's apathy towards Hailey was due to his pot use, he had more important things on his mind her whole life. Billie was worse and Clint put Hailey into her "care" and the final results be damned. Clint still smokes pot, drinks, drives an unregistered vehicle with a gun in it, Clint's life goes on uninterrupted.
Hailey and her brother had no chance of a normal life from conception. What now remains to be seen is how Hailey's brother spends his life. I truly fear for him since learning he bought his mother that provocative dress, he's already under her power.

ima.grandma said...

This is off topic but important.

If by chance I can reach even one reader that was able to donate, I want to thank you for helping my family and my neighborhood of Moore, Oklahoma. I am a proud resident of Plaza Towers community with Moore being the home of five generations of my family. This past Monday afternoon, our city was destroyed by an EF5 massive tornado. My husband and dad were together at work, my daughter and youngest granddaughter were barricaded in a safe room at St. Andrews Church, my oldest granddaughter was in her middle school scrunched beneath bathroom sinks, my oldest daughter in her neighbor's cellar, my mother was in her storm shelter and several dozen of my siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews were spread all over town. My two sons, my daughter in law and myself were hunkered down dreading and expecting the worst like I had done probably fifty or more times in my lifetime. Moore is also known as "tornado alley." We had sixteen minutes from the first reported tornado until the second one hit my subdivision and the school, Plaza Towers Elementary. My oldest son and I were stuffed into my tiny clothes closet, me with a football helmet on and my son and daughter-in-law on the floor in the downstairs bathroom with all the couch cushions and a twin sized mattress for protection. We braced and then the horrific noise began. It not only sounded like a roaring freight train going over us, we could feel the ground rumbling similar to an earthquake. Once the tornado stopped, we stepped out on the front porch. Houses were no longer homes and the streets were all gone. Our two-story house was damaged but experience told us we were one of the lucky ones. Immediately a small pickup truck came speeding by, yelling "Help! There are people needing help!"

I thought of the school. Oh no! Plaza Towers Elementary was four short blocks behind me. My son and I jumped into the Suburban and headed toward the school. My other son stayed behind to help those living alone on our street and find our pets. We turned the corner and I gasped. Pieces of lumber, concrete, glass and downed power lines were everywhere for miles and miles. Everything was flattened! everything! everywhere! We were literally driving over my neighbor's homes. People were just beginning to come out from hiding, out from their garages, out from behind small pieces of walls and dry-board, and climbing out from cellars and storm shelters. I jumped out from the car to hear the most horrific tragic sound I shall ever hear - children's terrifying pleading screams. I could see the kids climbing out from the rubble but I couldn't get to them. What had, just minutes before, been blocks of homes, sidewalks and roads now seemed as though a never-ending field of destruction and debris lay between me and the school. Hundreds of small children were screaming at the top of their lungs. They were covered in mud and blood. It was still raining and hailing. It was the most helpless I have ever felt in my life and I am a survivor of the OKC Murrah Building bomb and the May 3, 1999 Moore tornado. They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but I'm here to tell you that it does.

ima.grandma said...

I began to bawl like a baby. My heart was breaking. After we gave terrified survivors the storm update from the only working car radio station, my son backed up to get to the other side of the school. The Suburban blew out a tire from all the debris and then another. He decided to drive me home to drop me off, then he would run to the school to help. I desperately wanted to go but he made me promise to stay and be safe; that I would slow him down. (I am recovering from a serious injury; four spinal compression fractures with a brace and a cane) I argued with him but knew he was right since I couldn't possibly climb over trees, cars and dangerous metals. He dropped me off and started running. I did stay safe but I did not stay put. I walked as quickly as I could around the corner. Maybe I couldn't rescue anyone but I could talk with my neighbors and help them remain calm while waiting on assistance. I was able to help a little boy find his mother and sister. They were down the street and while trying to lift a large tree limb to free their dog, the little boy had wandered off. So many of us cried and prayed together. We were all in shock. There was a kitchen table stuck at the top of a tree. Stubs of remaining trees had bark ripped completely from them. Sections of grass and mud had been ripped from the ground creating cliff-like formations. There were bathtubs and sinks in cars and strewn about. It seemed like hours before the ambulances and firetrucks started arriving. 

I made my way home and began to try the phones to no avail. I didn't know who in my family was safe or even alive and they didn't know about us. I started gathering blankets, umbrellas and towels when my son-in-law (an Oklahoma City fireman) came rushing into the house to find out our condition. My oldest daughter had called him in a desperate panic begging him to find us. Off duty, he was already on his way to help with the first tornado. 

When my son finally returned home, he described what happened. A condensed version is as follows:

He ran and climbed and jumped until he finally reached the school. He started pulling and lifting walls, doors and concrete cinder blocks to uncover the areas he heard the most cries. There were mangled cars that had blown through the front glass doors of the school. There were crushed cars from the parking lot that were now in the playground on top of each other. One had the slide sticking out of the rear window. Once police and emergency vehicles arrived, my son and other rescuers were pushed back for their own safety. He saw several officers lift a car to find an unconscious teacher. She had thrown herself on top of the kids to protect them. Sadly and tragically, several of the children underneath her were no longer alive (the teacher's back is broken) The officers were visibly shaken but quickly put their emotions in check to continue the search and rescue. Twenty four residents lost their lives. Ten of them were children; seven of them from Plaza Towers Elementary (the majority being nine years old,) two infants (four months and seven months) and one four year old.

My sons and son-in-laws worked until early morning pulling dangerous debris away to clear roads with the help of helicopter searchlights. My fireman son-in-law was able to assist in the removal of kids from the wreckage while another son-in-law searched for his two nephews attending the school and his sister who was the front office secretary. They were found safe but sent to out-of-area hospitals because our own Moore Municipal Hospital was also demolished, along with most of our city. Twenty four hundred homes were hit.

Our city is a war zone!

This is only the beginning of the nightmare.

Searching said...

I can't find the interview Peter references in this post. All I can find is a scheduled but cancelled interview in Feb. of 2011. Does anyone have a link?

@ Commenters/readers said...

understand that marijuana is a stepping stone to other worse life controlling drugs
!!as Peter has explained, pot IS a life controlling drug and it's effects are just as bad for those around you. It may not cause you personally ill health like crack will, but the people around you will suffer the consequences just the same!!

?make pot legal?, with it's manufacturer, distribution and use being illegal, and those involved having to live life as an outlaw, being taken away, that would curb some of the ill effects people involved with pot have on society. But without regulation, the other ill effects will grow. Even though alcohol is legal, there are limitations imposed. Public intoxication and blood levels for driving "control" somewhat.?

yes STEALING, time from your children,
!!agree, when your mind is altered, you are not you. You cannot share your being with your significant other or your children or other family and friends. You become worthless to everyone!!

Lemon said...

"Get a vasectomy, Clint, please.

I will pay for it, myself. (I will pay the doctor upon receipt, and not fund your drug habit, so don't even ask, though I am thinking that a lot of doctors from Texas may even want to donate this procedure)"

~ claps ~

Just waitin' said...

@ lol

"billie had every right to be angry at clint for airing the family's dirty laundry."

You are making a funny? Right?

Anonymous said...

12pm observer,wow,just wow. Sounds more like a cocaine or crack abuser you have described,example the home environment at Billie's ?????... I lived with a coke addicted abusive freak,and what you described is that class a narcotic user, not a pussy ass lazy zoner. Smh

Dee said...

Thank you Peter. Finally Clint gets called out on his actions or lack thereof. I understand why others want to defend and feel sorry for Clint but I can't do it. Enough us enough. He let his daughter down in every way possible. He still is. He has a living daughter who needs him who he continues to let down also. Pot continues to be his #1 love.

Anonymous said...

lol said...
i think peter deleted the clint interview at the begging of clint due to clint being scared of billie. billie had every right to be angry at clint for airing the family's dirty laundry.
peter still has not explained how he was able to analyze third party hearsay from a bitter ex as thruth.
May 26, 2013 at 1:52 PM

Are you kidding us? SHE HAD A RIGHT TO BE MAD?
Have you lost your mind?
That was HIS daughter too!
To start with IF she had been with my daughter and the child was reported missing with all the facts we know....I would be screaming from the rooftops and I wouldn't give a happy crap what BD liked or didn't like!

Anonymous said...

lol said...
billie had every right to be angry at clint for airing the family's dirty laundry.

Billie gave up her right to privacy of the families dirty laundry when she reported her child missing.

Go tell your buddy We all know who killed that child!

Anonymous said...

Peter, people who smoke pot do not act as as stated here in this article unless you add alcoholism or other drugs into the mix.

I have been around alcoholics or even regular social drinkers who are FAR more abusive and dangerous than any pot smoker i ever met.

Highly intelligent Drs,Lawyers,and other professionals smoke pot daily and still function .

the "stoner" Cheech & Chong generalization is not the norm.

Several things in this article are way off base

Chipmunk said...

Excellent post, one of your best.
And to those who believe pot is nothing dangerous, you are wrong.
Pot is a thief that steals your soul and takes away any initiative and drive.

Anonymous said...

Anon=pot smoking TURD!!!

chipmonk is right said...

Wise chipmonk xxxxx

Just waitin' said...

Anonymous Chipmunk said...
Excellent post, one of your best.
And to those who believe pot is nothing dangerous, you are wrong.
Pot is a thief that steals your soul and takes away any initiative and drive.

May 26, 2013 at 2:36 PM


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My baby brother has a problem with drugs, has for many years.
I can tell you that he once had an exceptionally high IQ but now his brain is mush.
He has taken other drugs but mostly it's pot. I can tell from seeing it for many years that it did cause him a lot of problems just with Clint. He stopped holding down a regular job, he started stealing. He stopped caring about the important things. He had 3 sons and lost all 3 (thank God) because he wasn't a good enough parent. I thank God because if he and his wife (now ex) had raised those children, I shudder to think how they would turned out.
And when I say he wasn't good enough as a parent I mean what I say. He loved his boys and I know Clint loved Hailey but neither loved their children enough to stop the drugs and get their ducks in a row.

Pot is not a drug that effects you the same way as some of the harder drugs and I also feel it has it's place when someone has cancer.
But it's still a drug no matter what anyone says.

I tried it once when I was a teen many many years ago. I know the effects of it.

And for the record I seem to remember reading something about mushrooms? at Clint's back when Hailey was 1st reported missing? Or was it at Billie's? Anyway, I just remember something about either Hailey finding them or LE?

audpaud said...

I think ANYTHING that leads a parent to not making their children top priority can be the culprit - altho' Ole CD is making it easy for Demon Weed Mania to run rampant, lol.

The 1st blog comment is particularly ridiculous. Freedom of speech being taken away? Political correctness destroying the justice system? *shakes head*

Self centered parents come in all shapes and sizes. The hard driven executives who leave the child rearing to nanny's ... countless 2nd marriage parents whose "2nd family" becomes the priority ... all the way to the hapless example of the pot addled Clint Dunn.

I agree with the sentiment of this blog...poor Hailey really had no one she came FIRST with, altho' I seem to remember Grandma Dunn(?)having what seemed to be at least some kind of selfless concern for Hailey both before and after her murder(??)... but neglect comes wrapped in all kinds of packages - just watch ID Channel marathons likeI amthis longMemorial weekend, lol!

Vita said...

Is Pot addictive? it creates a chemical change in the brain, yes it does. Are all Pot smokers: unemployed their entire lives, to be arrested countless times, are under educated and non productive citizens: No. I signed a petition for my state to approve medical marijuana.

I know all about arrests, drug use, as this was my own daughters father. He is not her father, he was her donor. He was arrested more than once and yes I do believe his drug use enhanced him, he high, gave him within his own, gave him permission him to commit offenses. His drug use though was not limited to MJ. He was using cocaine as I read the court transcripts. I read the victims court statements, this was many years later, I had to read for myself. As he had told me the same story over and over, and I found the truth, he was 100 percent lying. This too is what permits one to lie. It wasn't me. When you hear this out of a mouth that is attempting to convince you: " it wasn't me" take heed. Take heed.

The files brought up from the vault, me sitting, I read and reread the same line items of the victim's testimony over and over.
I listened to the words, as if it were a human saying it out loud. I was beside myself and thinking why was he not punished? why was he allowed to walk? why? because he was provided a plea deal if he were to plead guilty is why.
-- He on cocaine within these offenses, he was not charged using an illegal substance. He, as they did not blood test him, nor piss test him, it was his own testimony I was using at that time of the offenses. The victim came forward months after, not the days of the offenses.

He though via blowing his own probation. Dirty piss tests, he smoking, his use of MJ put him behind bars. His true acts of not going to say, he was smacked and set free. WHY? because Pot ( not enhanced, enriched with synthetics) is so common it's practically beer is why, it's pure profit for the system. He employed 11 yrs making over 80k a year as an Engineer. His pot use to begin from his teens, his chill, his own known. He though a chronic user - this is not an excuse, no. His pot smoking did not lead him to temptation to what he did commit as an offense. He did not smoke pot to enhance himself, he smoked pot to dull himself, to slow himself down. As I do believe he used pot to medicate himself for 30plus years to prevent him from doing his desired, craved depraved.

His Cocaine use did exactly what was promised - it enhanced him, the person who he is, he HIGH on it, it gave him the right and the reasoning to commence his offense upon the victim. I to his face to confront him and he to say, if he wasn't on Cocaine he never would have MET the VICTIM. His said to me was The VICTIM's Mother was his Supplier. He to this day has never admitted he did what he did do.

My dad when I was a kid was a huge fan of Bill Cosby, and I learned it, as it was comedy. Bill Cosby early 1970's " Himself" - he to say of those who use cocaine, it is said to enhance one's personality, the audience to go wild, screaming COKE! he Cosby, what if you are an asshole..

What if you could not bring yourself to do something, yet it was on your mind 24/7 as strong as an erection and it was only a girl under the age of -that would end this obsession of want, as it was all you needed, to end what,or was it not to end, it was an insatiable. All was needed was that BOOST, for you to be who you really are, you, the drugs, using Cocaine and or X,Y,Z - she all of a sudden allowed you? All boundaries and bets are on, not off. No admittance, none. It wasn't me. * Billie and Shawn night of 12/26* Tag team fueled, enhanced from who they were and we know who they were as a couple, by their own admittance: collectors of deviant, masks and masquerade, pornographers, fans of horror, fans of bestiality.
We arose, the real Billie and Shawn, she Hailey not to survive to offer a victim statement. " No body told me" - Billie Jean Dunn.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37= judgemental SHIT HEAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Has Peter stated his theory as to what happened to Hailey, whether it was a case of Hailey being drugged to be used in a sex act and dying as a result of over-drugging (as in the Karla Homolka case, where she over-drugged her sister when she was drugging her to give her as a 'gift' to her bf for use in a sexual act between the two of them), or if he thinks Billie found Shawn taking advantage of Hailey and she flew into a rage, believing that Hailey was seducing Shawn and injured her in a fatal way? (or some other method?)

Perhaps even they killed her because she was "in the way" for their lifestyle whereas David was less problematic.

I read this blog frequently but I am not sure if I have come across Peter's opinion of what happened?

Anyone who can help, I am appreciative. :-)


PS- I have said the exact same sentiments multiple times in the comments here regarding Clint Dunn's culpability; very well-stated, Peter.

Anonymous said...


Deejay said...

Best wishes to you all. I sent $$$ to help the next day. You need the support of the nation.

Anne said...

Pot has its medical uses, it is a drug, the same as other drugs often based from plants found in nature. As with other drugs it can be abused.
As a nurse it is interesting how each often abused drug seems to have it's own culture.
Obviously people, very smart people, smoke pot recreationally while being very large contributors to society.
The same as some people drink with no issues.
However this isn't always the case and there is danger to drugs and alcohol. I have a family member with a medical card, she was caught selling it.
The whole issue is bigger than the legalization of pot, people need to get their act together and prioritize their children. How can you monitor your child's safety if you are high or drunk or both.
Just wish people understood the danger of apathy, that neglect is abuse and dangerous for children.
It is so hard today to raise children and keep them safe, how can someone who is high (or drunk)do a good job when their whole focus is their drug instead of their children.
One eve I was between two rooms, I knew in my heart the baby in the room on one side was going home with supportive parents and had a good chance. The other room just the opposite. Boyfriend with an attitude, no job, just many signs baby not a priority, ect. People say just turn them in, well even if something doesn't seem right there isn't much anyone can do UNTIL after something is wrong.
That night sticks in my head that one child has such a better chance than another. sad.
and before I get attacked by bloggers it wasn't pot it was the picture as a whole of dysfunction junction in one room and love, excitement and prioritization in another room.

ima.grandma said...

Thank you Deejay. Kind words help more than people realize. I made an error in my post. There were 2400 homes totally demolished and over 12,000 homes were hit. Fortunately only around 300 were injured.

We got water back yesterday morning and power late last night. We woke up to Internet and television service this morning which is such a blessing because we still do not have phone or cell service. I could hardly bear to watch TV this morning because it is the first time we have seen the damage throughout the city. It is devastating. FEMA have been feeding us and providing bottled water. I can't wait to talk to my family. I know they are all okay as the FBI, OSBI, and State troopers have allowed us to make short phone calls. The National Guard still has us in lockdown to prevent looting. You can leave if you have a working vehicle but you can't return until the next day and only for a limited time. We are so anxious for communication. President Obama just came down my street and there were people that we could get information from.

Thank you again Deejay. We appreciate you.

OldPsychNurse said...

Long-term cannabis users show brain impairments affecting oculomotor control, attention, working memory, verbal learning, and executive functions that endure beyond the period of intoxication and WORSEN with increasing years of cannabis use. The majority of studies have shown a significant cognitive decline in long-term cannabis users.
Cannabis-induced altered brain functioning has been scientifically shown to manifest early in cannabis users.

At this time there is NO KNOWN CURE for cannabis-induced cognitive impairments. To date, no unbiased studies have shown cognitive recovery or improvement with increasing length of abstinence for those affected with cannabis-induced mental impairments.

There is a positive correlation between long-term use of cannabis and psychotic disorders. In a specific subgroup of a normal population, a cognitive endophenotype exists which increases vulnerability for schizophrenia-like disorders to occur when cannabis is used.

Although the percentage of drug-laced cannabis is thought to be small, there is no way to determine what users may inhale.

Cannabis is not a safe drug.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hugs you tight Ima grandma xx

Anonymous said...

Just waiting, to you, and to anon @ 2:47; my heart goes out to you both for all you have been through and had to suffer due to your relative being on drugs, addicted to pot and destroying their lives, losing the kids because of it.

Yes, smoking marijuana is a stepping stone to other drugs, but it TOO is highly addictive and does life-long damage to the brain cells of the addicted, their nervous system, the pituitary glands, to the heart and other organs of the user, particularly if they are mixing beer or any other type of alcohol with it, (and they all do), if it is not monitored carefully by a physician excluding any alcoholic beverages. Maybe some of you pot smokers need to look at your EKG, have an MRI and a full-body PET scan! Look how 'thin' your brain cells are becoming. The heart damage alone is horrendous!

Peter is right, its' use for cancer patients as a result of chemo, the ravages of cancer, (its' use for hypoglycemia in children is highly praised), and some other types of excruciating pain can be seen as a miracle drug but only in these limited uses and only as monitored by the prescribing physician. As for Clint and his 'backache'? I doubt he's ever experienced this type of pain.

Chipmunk, you are so so right. Pot is a thief that steals the soul of the pot smoker. To all those who'd dare sit here and defend smoking weed, OBVIOUSLY not a single one of you did any research on the numerous scientific studies that have been made, several that have recently been authenticated, that clearly outline the dangers of smoking marijuana, the affects of its' long term use, and the irreversable damage it does to the brain and body of the user.

It won't be many more years before Clint Dunn will have to be diapered as he lays idle being cared for in a nursing home, if he lives that long. Observer

Excuse Me said...

how can you have an opinion of peter's interview with clint if you haven't heard or read it?

ima.grandma said...

Thank you Hobs.

Vita said...

ima.grandma -
You are here.
How can one help, that it's not up to a charity to decide. I have my own reasons for not donating to the Red Cross. Do you have knowledge of who is the contact? that whatever is sent is to reach you the people directly ?

When Katrina hit, I donated as I could, I was flat broke, I donated a case of Ensure. That anyone who was able to drink, bottle, straw or otherwise would gain nutrients.
I felt this was of priority over - money, as the money is not for the people, it is is to replenish the accounts of, " the Red Cross" as example.

If you are aware of who is to be trusted for aid, in your locality - Moore Oklahoma, please post it here. God Bless you, I cannot fathom the left over, that you are correct, it has not even begun yet. V

Trigger said...

(standing and applauding)
Great post, Peter!

Anonymous said...

Vita, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with The Red Cross. I had nothing but the best experiences with The Red Cross, more than once when hurricanes came through our area.

Quickly they rushed into the hurricane shelters with top life saving equipment, volunteer ER workers and nurses; they treated all those there with aids, the handicapped and elderly, those from nursing homes, and anyone else who needed care. They brought in big truck loads of emergency foods and served the best of quick foods, snacks and drinks; set up new cots, blankets and pillows for everyone, gave toys, games and snacks for the children and coffee around the clock. I never saw them take a break.

I watched some of those exhausted workers literally running and on their feet for twelve to fifteen hours at a stretch. One of the worker volunteers seemed to take me under his wing and let me go behind the closed door to take anything I wanted. I tipped him $10 and he told me that no one had ever given him anything before and he didn't know if he should take it or not, at first refusing but I stuck it in his pocket, thanked him and walked away. I glanced back at him and watched him straighten up his shoulders to realize someone appreciated him.

Yes, it does cost money to run an operation like that and to maintain funds on deposit for the next crisis; but I have personally never met such caring and wonderful, attentive and hard working people as I met with The Red Cross; have never been treated so kindly, nor could I ever have imagined they would come rushing in with such expensive and magnificient equiptment they had at their disposal or the many highly skilled workers they brought with them. It was amazing! Observer

ima.grandma said...

Vita, Supporters can donate online via the organization's website, You can also text the word STORM to 80888 to make a $10 donation via cellphone.
If you want to send a check, the Salvation Army asks that you put the words "Oklahoma Tornado Relief" on the check, and mail it to: The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 12600, Oklahoma City, OK., 73157.
Feed the Children has set up five locations in Oklahoma City to accept donations to help victims of the Moore tornado. The organization is accepting items including diapers, canned goods, non-perishable food, snack items, water and sports drinks. The organization is also supporting mobile canteens in partnership with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.
You can donate online, or make a $10 donation by texting the word DISASTER to 80888.
Or go directly to this page:

BTW, you are one of the most interesting bloggers to visit this site. I always look forward to your comments.

Trigger said...

"Cannabis is not a safe drug"

I agree, OldPsychNurse.

My brother smoked some one day and his heart started to beat frantically. He said that he felt numb and uneasy.

I rushed him to emergency when I found him in severe distress. The doctors believed that the cannabis was laced with something else and his heart and body reacted violently to it.

His life was spared that day. He decided that cannabis was not a safe drug, in agreement with the physicians who treated him.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to point**, what was it? Damn weed!

Anonymous said...

Hailey certainly didn't appear to be neglected, neither did David for that matter. They both seem very well groomed, fed and active in school. Hmmm
CC Native

Anonymous said...

I know of two other young men Trigger, who have had this same reaction to smoking marijuana; both who had to have intensive ER treatment and hospilization; both now have severe heart damage, (as well as lung damage) with one of them now being on the heart transplant registry and not even 40years old! One had a rate factor of 20% and the other 23%, both now on medications to increase their heart rate and try to repair the damage they did to themselves for the rest of their lives.

One is a relative I have never met and the other one is well known to me. A brilliant young man whose brain capacity now is sluggish, some days so aggitated and irritable that it's difficult to be around him, other days seems to be in la la land, which you dare not interrupt while he is 'thinking'.

One of these young men has heart damage so severe that little extra blood veins had popped out in and on the exterior of his heart muscle in an effort to pass the blood through his heart, which the cardiologist said he had never seen anything like this before.

These advocates for smoking marijuana and singing its' praises just have no idea what they are talking about or the damage they are doing to their own body! Since they won't listen, somebody needs to take them out behind the woodshed and teach them a thing or two. Observer

Anonymous said...

Thank you I'ma.grandma, for posting the information concerning how to make donations to benefit those in Moore who are stuggling so badly at this time. Their losses are so sad and tragic. I'm sure they can use all the help they can get.

I will make my contributions through the Salvation Army whom I also know to be an excellent organization, and to The Feed the Children organization. Thank God for people who really do care and take their time to help these suffering people. God bless them, and you too.

Thanks again for posting the info. Observer

ima.grandma said...

Thank you Observer and the thousands of others who offer money, time or prayers. Oklahomans are good people being helped by good people from other states. Love is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain when Billie "had Hailey dissect a bat"? I'm no BJD fan, and I think she's guilty as hell of something involving Hailey's disappearance, but this is a classic example of how falsehoods and drama are deliberately created on this blog by someone who has never met a single person involving the case.

exhausted said...

Anon, Bjd Said So At Memorial.

I Hardly Think __Falsehoods And Drama__ Come From This Blog. Sexual Perversion And Murder Came From B&S... Or Do You Deny That?

Excuse My Cap Letters My PhOne Has A Mind Of HEr Own.


Anonymous said...

Anon, re your post @ 6:30, you are making a false accusation and are on the wrong path.

Billie Jean said in her memorial prerecorded script (which apparently you did not listen too); that Hailey had come in carrying a dead bat in a shoebox that she intended to disect. Billie said she told Hailey to take it outside and bury it. She was bragging about Haileys' intellect, trying to imply that she had a scientific mind.

Why sling mud when you don't know the very thing you have been accusing someone else of not knowing. Have you been smoking pot? Observer

drdebo said...

Clints pot smoking is a symptom of no education and career- profession- whatever you want to call it- if it is more than that its physical.But really I think hes just another victim of poverty and his lack of respect for himself just means he couldn't respect his daughter or anyone for that matter-a big hopeless mess.

exhausted said...

Im Sorry, IJust Remembered, She Told Hailey To.Bury The Bat, It Was The Human Lungs She Was Going To Disect... Is That Right?

exhausted said...

Such Lovely Topics For A Murdered Childs Memorial.

Msssive Eyeroll.

themindisaterriblethingtowaste said...

Certain people should stop lying and making up shit. ima.grandma please rethink your words before you post, PLEASE!

btw: how in the sam dickens are you able to post at 6:10 central time (you claim to be in OK) and it is only 5:59 PM. smdh
p.s. Most of the shit you wrote here is made up and the rest is a very vivid imagination.

Trigger said...

Such a lovely mother for a murdered child's memorial. Not one tear for Hailey.

Where was Shawn who professed that he loved Hailey? Not one kind word for a murdered child's memorial.

Such a great guy, eye roll.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.God. Can't help but laugh at that name "the mind is a terrible thing to waste", like this nutjob even has one. Another one at 7:03 on the weed or something worse.

Ignore it, I'm.agrandma, this stoner doesn't even know that you are NOT a clock, and don't have diddly squat to do with what time your posts are posted or in what time zone. Sheeesh,... another nutso. Observer

stopthelies said...

The FBI, OSBI and State Troopers let you make phone calls...I have relatives there. NONE of the agencies you spoke of were there! Just stop the lies.

i'magrandmais YOU said...

Sorry, twit never tried pot. Laugh at yourself for writing that bs. Are you the stoner? IF i'ma grandma is in Oklahoma, she and I would be in the same time zone,ergo, she would not be able to post in Eastern Time Zone. Get it, stonehead or is it dickhead? js

ima.grandma said...

What are you talking about you idiot? I am stopping myself from saying what I want to say because it would only make it worse. People are hurting here!!! NOT COOL.

Anonymous said...

Exhausted, I thought Billie said Hailey brought the dead bat into the house in a shoebox and was planning to dissect it but Billie told her to take it outside and bury it.

The two sets of human lungs, one diseased and one healthy, I also thought she said she brought home the lungs and Hailey took them to school planning to dissect them. I don't remember, what was the end result of that? I can tell ya, had something like that happened to one of MY loved ones, I would be VERY unhappy and ready to sue someone, but I suppose it would be very difficult for family members to learn what happened to their loved ones remains once they had been donated to medical research.

I don't retain any links or posts so I have no idea now how it all ended regarding the lungs.

I did not hear a minister speak or any scriptures read for precious Hailey. It was not a loving and dignified christian memorial for your beautiful murdered daughter that you claim you had nothing to do with, Billie Jean! Observer

english defence league said...

People in england are fed up with Evil "islam" and the TURDS that support it.Mohhamed is a homosexual new perso.

Anonymous said...

Hi John.

Vita said...

- I will donate to the Salvation Army, within your area. I know they do not make promises, they react with goodwill. My Dad knows. V

~ABC said...

Thanks Peter. Great article!

I will say again, no one in Hailey's reality helped her including her grandmother Connie Jones! Hailey was telling everyone she was afraid and no one helped her! Love is MORE than a feeling about another person. That kind of love is self-serving, emotional masturbation that serves no one other than the one claiming to feel it. Love is an action. Hailey was abandoned by all. That whole group is a bunch of low-life do nothings wasting our air!

As for marijuana, it is only a symptom of what is really wrong with Clint Dunn. He uses it to escape the truth of himself.

ima.grandma said...

Thank you Vita. Salvation Army is a worthwhile agency and do help many people in crisis.

I am fighting not to get mad at the poor pitiful human that has nothing better to do than get their kicks harassing people on this blog and making a joke out of a serious tragedy. Instead, I am forgiving him/her for their weak brain and sad heart. I'm sorry they didn't get held enough as a baby and is still looking for comfort.

Thank all of you who do care. Pam

Anonymous said...

IF i'ma grandma is in Oklahoma, she and I would be in the same time zone,ergo, she would not be able to post in Eastern Time Zone.

i'm serious as hell, because this blog owner is on east coast time, every entry posted here no matter where you are from, is timestamped per peters time.

i'ma grandma is not a grandma in Ok said...

Nice try, liar. You know exactly who I am. The one truth you wrote: People are hurting HERE. You are not here. fyi: The fbi and osbi only come out to CRIME SCENES. A tornado is not, I repeat, NOT a crime scene. The End

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:24, you must not have been at the memorial or viewed it online because a minister did speak and scriptures were read. I was thinking it was you that wanted facts...guess I got you mixed up with someone else.

stopthelies said...

Save the bullshit. Stop trying to save face. I have posted here many times. Every entry posted here is not on peter's time. Believe me, I know. You have the power to set the time zone at your will. Nice try tho... Bye

ima.grandma said...

Watch the video.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:24 @ CC Native; thank you for making the correction. The video of the prerecorded script I played of Haileys' memorial did not have a segment that showed any minister speaking or any scriptures that were read. Wonder why this was, if there was a more indepth video of the memorial service, why I never saw a link for it? Thank you. Observer.

Anonymous said...

What kind of nutso would sit at their computer wasting time and their mental health dritzing over time zones and what time posts get posted?! Who gives a shyt anyhow? Observer

ima.grandma said...

“I found something from the school!” she exclaimed.

She did not mean her school, which along with her home had been outside the monster twister’s path, which tore into the town of Moore, Oklahoma. She meant Plaza Towers Elementary School on the other side of the creek, which had been smashed to rubble and twisted beams.

To look at Sierra holding that learn-to-read card was to be pierced in the heart by the thought of the children who had been killed at Plaza Towers, seemingly at least seven, though the reports vary. There also wasn’t a firm number that might still be missing as the rescue workers continued to search.

“I just hope they find somebody alive there,” said one of the FBI agents who were helping the police close off the area.

Analyze that stopthelies!

Anonymous said...

BTW, just for your info looney tunes, every post posted here is timed using MY time zone and I am NOT on Peter's time zone or anywhere near it. Duh... Observer

Anonymous said...

I am on central time. Why would you harass her? Its 8:01 here. The blog is on eastern time. Must be a crack head. Its not like she is asking you to send money to her... Why the attacks?

Jazzmine said...

Great post Peter but correct the bat thing. People will want to hold that up as proof you don't speak the truth.

We do not know if anything Billie says is true...but she said Hailey brought home a dead bat and wanted to disect it and BJD told Hailey to take it out and bury it.

Somehow Hailey did, according to Billie Jean, get hold of a pair of human lungs to display at school with Hailey giving a talk showing normal and diseased lungs. I'm willing to bet Haikey had a photo of the lungs and BJD is exagerating. Makes a better story for the gullible present.

BJD lies like the proverbial Turkish carpet. Who can tell if anything she said at the memorial is true.

Some of society's potheads get to defend their own habit and probably wated lives, here. Lots of rationalization about their own pot smoking, I'm sure. Pot is good. Good is pot! Duh!

ima.grandma said...

Thanks for the support Observer! That is what this is all about. Good people helping other good people.

ima.grandma said...

You too anon@9:01. Thank you.

Vita said...

Observer, my grievance is not with the able bodies feet on the ground, Red Cross.

It's the " High ups" within the non profit itself. It's not a non profit, it's a bank, banked upon donations. Blood and Money. Money and Blood. This what it was designed for, profit. * my father was a corpsman in Korea, Korean WAR, not conflict, he to be stationed in Korea almost 2 yrs in the middle of no mans land. He a doc, medic, surgeon learned within a Marine camp. Somehow the Red Cross found them. He said he saw the covered jeeps the helicopters, they to land and all were questioning why? They brought food. They brought everything that was no longer reality. Fresh meat, produce, clean water to drink, coffee in urns, countless urns of coffee being brewed - they to set up in tents they brought. They were not bearing food, goodwill no. They were sent and they did lure the enlisted. He my dad said, I watched everyone, and the enlisted were shaking their heads, this cannot be real. This huge team effort to find us in the middle of hell, to bring us clean drinking water, coffee, fresh meat, produce?
It was real as long as they gave. This 1952, they without anything one would consider " food" - powder rations, living on gin stills, as moonshine was the only way to purify the putrid so call water, to drink. The tents set up, aroma of wafts filled the air, coffee he recalled the most. He in triage, not to go to the tents set up, he to watch the enlisted stand in line. He to see them go in and come back out, their faces so low they were post numb, already numb. Hey SON, how would you like a hot cup of Joe? .. why yes sir, yes ma'am, okay that will be .50cents
.50cents? yes, .50cent's - I don't have any money.

RC: That's just fine then if you want this coffee, this food, you can take yourself right over there, see those tents?

Yes sir, Yes Ma'am,

RC: You can give your blood, the more you give, then well you can drink coffee, you can eat all you want. The soldiers who were able to, they the newer into the camp yes gave blood to eat. Those who had been in the camp a year plus were not able to give blood. As they were starved, they were hanging on to what they had left, they surviving on powder rations and straps.

The problem with this was at this time every Mother and Father who had a son/daughter serving in Korea was donating their blood. The blood banks were full up. No shortages, if anything they were surpassing their normal donated. My Dad knew this, he a doc, even in the middle of hell, they were not short of blood, plasma.

He said he never went into the tents, he could not. As it made him outraged to see his brothers, get so excited to see and smell the brought into - and then the worst for all to watch. The Red Cross took the Urns of coffee that were brewed, smell of home, heaven - they poured them out unto the jungle floor. They to know the fresh food in abundance within the heat no refrigeration was of, they wrapped it up, and took it to dispose of it. This is why I have issues with not the people of the volunteerism, nor the people who donate, but the " Bank" of the Red Cross. My father to say from that day on, it was proof exactly what the Red Cross's bottom line was. He to say the only charity that came and served that it was not asking for something first was the Salvation Army. He after his 5 yrs served in our U.S. Military, he did donate to the Salvation Army for the rest of his years. He to say They are not the Red Cross. Yes, blood is stand alone - it cannot be duplicated. It's a need for humanity. It is to be voluntarily donated, not used as a leverage unto our enlisted. Give and you shall receive the least you are not given, as a enlisted in the time of war. It's my personal felt, as my father not once told me this, he brought it up many times, as it hurt not him, but others deeply. Would I ever disparage one from donating to the Red Cross, No.

Anonymous said...

I'ma.grandma, we all know that every type of LE agency and emergency services from many counties around Moore and throughout the state were there immediately after the hurricane or as fast as they could get there. The people of Moore needed help desperately from every source possible.

Dang it already! Everybody knows that looting usually starts as soon as possible after one of these catastrophies and that IS A CRIME. What is WRONG with people! Observer

ima.grandma said...

I am sorry I even got on this blog today. I have cried enough this week. This making me very sad. And yes, the word "very" makes it sensitive and personal.

Because it fucking is!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Vita. That is a TERRIBLE story. I've never heard such a thing as this before, but I do believe you. Your dad, a doc in the corps would not have made this up or embelished on it.

I am so sorry, it makes me feel really bad about the men who were serving there in the trenches, nearly starved to death and too weak to give blood, having to sell their blood to the Red Cross for a few bites of food and a cup of coffee; only for the Red Cross to turn down those who couldn't give blood or couldn't pay, and then destroy the coffee and food that was left. That is EVIL! I just can't imagine such a thing. I have heard rumblings before from others who had a disdain for the Red Cross but they never said why. Thank you for explaining it.

My husband, who was in the merchant marines and stationed on a submarine out in the ocean for four years had a good experience with the Red Cross. He said they brought all their supplies and mail out to them the entire time and they never had anything but good treatment from the Red Cross. I can't imagine why they would be; but I wonder if some units are different in different situations and different parts of the world?

I agree with you and your dad about the Salvation Army. I too know of personal situations where they have come to the aid of others and asked not one dime in return. They are VERY very good people. You have a good evening Vita, and thank you for the difficult explanation. Observer

Sickofthehate said...

It saddens me that this blog has become a dumping ground for trolls and hate. If the purpose is to put Peter's blog under, they are succeeding. The only way I've discovered to avoid the hatefulness is to only read the Peter's posts or to collapse all the comments and read only the ones from registered users. I'm sure I'm missing some good posts doing that but I'm sick of wading through the garbage. After this comment, I will either register a name or refrain from comment.

Ima grandma, God bless you and all who have been hit with this tragedy. Ignore the trolls. I too choose Salvation Army as the vehicle to send help.

??? said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought there was a funeral or memorial service for Hailey Dunn.

Anne said...


My heart goes out to you and all the others dealing with this terrible catastrophe. I know this is going to be going on a long time and my prayers are with you.
Don't listen to the weirdo's, anyone making a joke out of a horrific situation like this has a few marbles going the wrong direction.
Thinking of you and all the others in such a horrible situation and hoping people are warm and safe. I will donate and ask others to donate <3

Anonymous said...

To look at Sierra holding that learn-to-read card was to be pierced in the heart by the thought of the children who had been killed at Plaza Towers, seemingly at least seven, though the reports vary. There also wasn’t a firm number that might still be missing as the rescue workers continued to search.

“I just hope they find somebody alive there,” said one of the FBI agents who were helping the police close off the area.

Anonymous said...

here is the whole video, no audio for first ten minutes or so, and service starts at 21 minutes, but you can see everyone being seated in the beginning if you wish.

Lis said...

I think you are right, Peter.

Lis said...

I think the point about the bat is that BD made up the story, therefore she "had Hailey dissect a bat"... in her story.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "WOW" this post was quite moving and sad.

A great read. Thanks Peter :)

Anonymous said...

My father was a heavy, addicted pot smoker. He never did anything with his life. Never held a job longer than 3 months. Never became anything than an everyday pot smoker/deal who knows all there is to know about growing it for sale. He never hid and everyone knew he was just Bob the pot smoker. My grandparents were married for over 50 years. His brother (my uncle) was a general in the army and the other foreman of a flour factory so it was just him that was the "looser" in the family. He was never around for us and never kept his promise about picking us up for a visit. We would wait on the steps for him to come only it would be dark before we accepted that he wasn't coming.
Stupid me went on to having a boyfriend in my adult life who, yep, also was a regular pot smoker. Nothing ever became of him either. He lost a great county job for testing positive and funny enough so did his father. His father was 19 years in at the city and got fired for testing positive. He never made it to retirement and didn't get a dime. Not sure why it took them so long, but in the end he got caught. This boyfriend was abusive and a total loser. To this day he lives in a half way house. Fortunately I got smart and left. 3 years was too long but I did figure it out in the end and moved on to a happy and healthy life with my husband and children. I woke up one day and said: is this what I want for the rest of my day to day with no goals and dealing with a moody druggie? The answer was NO. I stayed single for 8 years waiting for the right one as I knew my judgment wasn't very good and took some soul searching to figure out where I was going wrong and how not to repeat my father AND mother's mistakes. I changed the cycle and my life is great. My point: in my experience with father/boyfriend they were exactly alike and I was almost doomed to repeat the cycle. By the way I was not a pot smoker myself. I saw my dad roll them since I was 3 so it never phased me until I got smart and said I can't stand this anymore. It never leads to anything good. It didn't in my case anyway.
I do agree if it's for medical uses.

Some1 said...

"Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you'll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone."
author unknown

Trigger said...

Until Clint Dunn wakes up to the truth about his life and acknowledges that it is unmanageable the way it's going now, he will have to stay stoned to live.

I come from a family of people who do the minimum required to survive also.

They make lame excuses, blame others, feel sorry for themselves, and fear change, so they can feel less misery.

I have seen 12 and 13 year old girls on the streets of Los Angeles turning tricks to help support their parents' drug habits.

Neglect and exploitation are the norm in families where drugs come first.

Anonymous said...

REK, I did not feel this article was strange. I do believe Peter wrote the article himself, or at the least read and approved it before it was published.

I don't believe that Peter would allow articles published under his name that he has not perused and approved, unless it might be one written by Heather. Even then I believe they would have discussed it before hand and generally agreed on its' content, and was written the same as if it came from either Heather or Peter.

I feel that Peter has given Clint every benefit of the doubt in the past, and tried to make every allowance possible for his behavior. Having failed to find any more excuses for Clints' ongoing behavior, and realizing that a child died largely due to Clints' behavior, or lack of; Clint leaves Peter no choice but to trudge on and tell it like it is, and was.

I feel certain that Peter does not feel good about some of his words that place blame on Clint in the murder of his own daughter, even though Clint did not personally have a hand in Haileys' death; but that Peter can no longer see it any other way than to be upfront and honest in his choice of words concerning Clints' own fault in the way Hailey was forced to live and in her cruel murder. For that, I admire his tenacity and straight forwardness. Observer

Anonymous said...

Sometimes REK; and those who question Peters' christianity in this and some of his other articles; the circumstances of the matter being discussed has little-to-nothing to do with christianity.

Did any of those in Hailey's life live a Godly life free from drugs and alcohol and abdominable practices? Did they take their children to church and teach them about God and christian values? To my knowledge, Miss Connie was the only one I've heard about who ever took Hailey to church. Thank God Hailey had at least that much knowledge of God. His words: "My words are sharper than a two-edged sword." "They will not return to Me void." God acheived His mission with Hailey in those few services.

Otherwise, on both sides of Haileys' families, they did not honor God and did not teach their children about God, let alone concern themselves with living their lives for God. They lived their lives under the forces of the evil they loved, that had nothing to do with God or christianity, nor did they care about God.

It was the dictates of their 'master' they followed, and it was their 'master' who led them to Haileys' murder and without fear of God. God had no part in it whatsoever, now they dance the tune of their 'master'.

There is no way to deal with this in a 'christian manner' other than to know that God rescued Hailey at her death moment. People err when they expect christians to turn the other cheek and sweetly make excuses for the despicable lives of others, who by their own evil design, destroy our innocents.

Keeping our faith and calling a spade a spade, there is only one way to deal with them; in the gutter where they are. Observer

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:25, tsk tsk tsk.... There are no hidden clues in Peters' articles and posts. 'He' "had Hailey dissect a bat?" Where've you been?! Are you saying this is something Peter said?

FYI; Billie Jean made a remark in her prerecorded script at Haileys' memorial, that Hailey came into the house carrying a dead bat in a shoebox that she intended to dissect and she told Hailey to take it outside and bury it.

What in heavens'sweet name are you trying to stir up? Nowhere have I read at ANY time that Peter ever said that Hailey died from a blow to the back of her head or that Billie hit Hailey over the head with a baseball bat! Where in the world did you get that notion?

There has been a lot of speculation here amongst us ALL as to how Hailey "might" have died but at no time has Peter or anyone else ever made such a comment! Observer

REK said...

It wasn't the content of the article I found strange necessarily, it Was the writing style. It had a different tone and style to it then I had previously conceived peter's style to be. But that doesn't mean it wasn't him. It might reflect a few things of the writer (a change in desperation?) or other things, I dont' know. All of his opinions or perceptions, but it wouldn’t be right if someone agreed with someone completely in my book. We all live our own reality, we all have our own hardships, consequences, experiences. I have found the answers to when someone asks.. “WWJD” to be quite telling over the years.

Anonymous said...

REK, there have been times in my life, being a logical and resonable person, that I have had little choice than to agree with someone completely in a particular situation.

That old cliche' "there are two sides to every story" is SO NOT TRUE. More often than not, there is only ONE side to a story, that being the right side that tells the TRUTH about what happened in a particular situation. I believe this would eliminate "two-sides" to the story, correct?

As to the writing style, I have never found Peters' writing style to be wishy-washy, nor does he play guessing-games. You could ask him if he wrote the article if it really matters to you?

I don't necessarily agree with each and every little point in the analysis of a few of the suspects (or so-called "guilt") that Peter has made in the past, but this is primarily because I hold back if/when I feel I might be falsely accusing someone of being guilty of an act when there are issues that indicate they might not be.

As to the usage of the "WWJD" phrase, basically this leaves me cold because, for one thing, I've seen it thrown around in a blasphemous manner quite a few times; and for another, if one is not ashamed of the Name of Jesus, then why don't they use it properly? Just my thoughts. Observer

Trigger said...

Clint Dunn ignored things concerning Hailey's welfare that appalls most of us.

How could he turn a blind eye to what was happening in Hailey's life?

Did he lack the capacity to love, care, and provide for Hailey's needs or any other child he fathered?

Then he should get a vasectomy, so he won't have to neglect any more children who have the misfortune to be sired by him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: "Clint just found out his daughter is dead and has yet to have a funeral.
Peter,kicking him while he is down is not the Christian thing to do ."

Pleeeeease. Clint has known that his daughter was dead. How can he not after hearing Shawn say where to find her and talking about how it was like killing a deer, you know - the ones he cut up? He was a pothead before, a pothead after, a pothead now. The point is not that pot is "bad mmkay", BUT that putting the emphasis on pot and making it to where you KNOW Hailey knew about it - where Hailey was second fiddle and the joint was the priority - that is wrong. That was ultimately part of this tragedy and to say it wasn't is to just be blind. This society is made up of people too afraid to be harsh, too afraid to stand up for anything lest someone's little feelings get hurt. Had someone stood up for right, maybe Hailey would be playing at the beach today like she had so dreamed - on summer break, not in pieces in an ugly field. (Nathalie)

Trigger said...

Observation and examination of the behavior of the caretakers/parents in the murder or death of a child is expected and logical.

patrice said...

Good SA Peter. As many people who say Clint loved Hailey, he never loved her enough to be a father who cared. His only concern was drugs. There would have been a lot of good people who would have adopted Hailey and not just in Texas. I hope the murder of Hailey is solved so she can rest in peace. She was a beautiful child that needed help and no one gave it to her.

marietje said...

Yes, thank you. You have done a really beautiful tribute to Hailey. The kind she deserves. I still have a question. We all know that BJD and SA have an addiction to sexual abuse of children, but it seems in their case that did not extend to David. Why was David not abused also. It seems SA's addiction does not include little boys and BJD had to hold up David as her façade and her good prisoner while she used Hailey as the scapegoat for all her abuse, self-loathing and poison. Surely David was aware of all that went on in the house also. How can we reach David? He is the key. If only David would crack and spill it all. The way I understand it, there is no statute of limitations on murder in Texas.

Shoppergalone said...

I've read earlier that there was possible satanic connections in Billie and Shawn's life. I'm wondering if that possible connection has been looked at in this case.

I found Billie's comment that she feared Hailey had been chained up and tortured to be strange, also.

Billie also seemed very sure of herself when she spoke of the human trafficking business in Texas. That kind of caught me off guard.

Whether Clint likes pot or not to me is of little consequence. Many, many people smoke pot. Big deal. I don't believe that him lighting up a fatty here and there contributed whatsoever to Hailey's death. Billie had custody, cut and dried. He had very little say about what was allowed at her house.

Are there any motives being discussed? What motive could have caused Hailey's death?

Anonymous said...

I've read this blog for a couple of years now and I have to say this was the most offensive article you have ever written. I've lost alot of respect for you after reading this. It's appalling that Clint is arrested for marijuana, then criticized as a parent, a week after his daughter's memorial. The man lost his child and has the right to grieve any way he wants to.
anonymous may 26 12:00 no one that I know that smokes pot behaves in the way you describe. You're a wee bit out of touch with things. If you actually know anyone like this, they probably have other problems altogether. Mental health issues or doing other drugs you may be unaware of. Your statements made you appear foolish, and anyone that reads your statement is probably laughing at you. It's ignorance like this that has our society rather skewered right now.

audpaud said...

It's very common in abusive households (sexual/physical/emotional) to target one child/victim.

Anonymous said...

Clint Dunn did not "lose" Hailey, she was murdered by a monster who lived across the street from him within eyesight.

Responsible parents who protect and make sure that the needs of their children come first are not "skewered."

Those who defend the selfish whims of parents who neglect their children are the warped members of society.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:54 couldn't have said it better myself! if any "pothead" acts like this they must have alot more severe mental problems or other drugs involved

Anonymous said...

You obviously can't read. She didn't say she wouldn't give at all; she said she wouldn't give to certain organizations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:14 that kind of stereotyping shows just how much of a jerk you are. These were your fellow human beings, including children! Maybe you should such to the old adage "I'd you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Hecallsmeraquel said...

Yeah I have to comment as well. You are ignorant. Do you really KNOW anyone who smokes marijuana? I doubt you do because that was the most outrageous depiction of pot smokers I have ever heard. Save your fear mongering propaganda speach because it's a bunch of bullshit.

Hecallsmeraquel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ARREST Pillie Jean "I Know All The Roads And I Can Tell You The Killer Is From West Texas Like Me And Shawn Because Only Somebody From West Texas Like Me And Shawn Would Know Those Roads" NotDunnShitKerplunk

ARREST Shawn "So What If My Facebook Banner Is A Picture Of Where I Buried Hailey No More Interviews For You!" Adkins

ARREST David "So What If I Refused To Look For Hailey Because Her Fliers Upset Me And Instead Spent My Time Playing Video Games Where Characters Were Raped Tortured Killed And Filled My XBox With Deviant Porn To Jerk Off To" Dunn

Anonymous said...

they probably have other problems altogether. Mental health issues or doing other drugs you may be unaware of.

That is why they self medicate themselves.

and stfu Anon "you are a fkn rtard" ymous.

Anonymous said...

This article was just plain stupid and for you to say pot is the true love of Clint Dunn, is ridiculous. You need to understand something, you Mr. Perfect, upstanding father of the year...people are different. Different people make different kinds of parents. You didn't know any of these people before hand, so you can't make any statements on what kind of people or parents they were. You just can't, and you're just guessing. If Billy was such a monster, why was Hailey living with her? Who made that legal decision? Clint Dunn? I doubt it. You expect this man to do what? If he was supposed to know what was going on over there, what about everybody else? other relatives, friends, CPS? Where was everybody? I doubt Clint was even allowed in that house, and even if he was, I doubt they showed him their porn stash. You think Hailey knew? Really? why? What about her brother? Did he know too? You need to get something straight, I have never heard of marijuana making somebody into the man you described. You sound like some doomsayer from 'Reefer Madness'. Clint Dunn is Clint Dunn, because that's who Clint Dunn is. You don't have to like him, but you also need to realize that not everybody can be the cookie cutter perfect father that you obviously see yourself as. As far as who's guilty here, let's just wait and see, but I do believe Billy and her man will be going down...but I guess Clint Dunn and his marijuana is the real crime here... what the heck ever.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ARREST Pillie Jean "I Know All The Roads And I Can Tell You The Killer Is From West Texas Like Me And Shawn Because Only Somebody From West Texas Like Me And Shawn Would Know Those Roads" NotDunnShitKerplunk

ARREST Shawn "So What If My Facebook Banner Is A Picture Of Where I Buried Hailey No More Interviews For You!" Adkins
ARREST David "So What If I Refused To Look For Hailey Because Her Fliers Upset Me And Instead Spent My Time Playing Video Games Where Characters Were Raped Tortured Killed And Filled My XBox With Deviant Porn To Jerk Off To" Dunn
May 27, 2013 at 2:39 PM

What is the heck is all that???????

Anonymous said...

Clint was such an evil evil parent that when he filed for divorce against Billie he GAVE Billie HIS HOUSE so Hailey and David would have a house to live in and not end up on the street

The house Hailey lived in belonged the the DUNN family who passed it on to Clint who turned it over to Billie so Hailey and David could continue living there

Clint put a roof over Hailey's head and pushed her to study study study and read read read and involved her in multiple sports and involved her in outdoor activities like fishing and camping and hiking and involved her in the school band and took her to church and involved her in church activities and taught her manners while Billie stripped her way through life to maintain her prescription drug addiction and took up nursing to gain access to drugs

Hecallsmeraquel said...

Love it!! Thank you for posting this very well said.

Anonymous said...

Amen <3

Jazzmine said...

So...the defense of Clint carries on! Has anybody studied the effects of "live and let live" on our society? We can't judge others unless we have walked in their shoes? Why did God give man the abitlity to reason and use logic, if we can't exercise judgement? Those who bring down the social order have to be judged. Otherwise there's anarchy.

Why can't we make the rational connection of Clint's addiction to pot and his subsequent lack of initiative in providing a safe place for Hailey? Because no one is to be responsible for their own lives in this society? It appears that we can just about excuse any action or "lifestyle" in our society and if we don't we're "elistist, or racist, or judgemental". How is supporting people in all their lifestyle choices working for us?

Clint himself is so messed up that I'll bet he hasn't even made the connection between his addiction causing him relief from what should have been his first perogatives...his children and their health and safety.

So, yes, I'd agree that Clint contributed to the horrible environment which allowed BJD and SA to thrive in their evil of which probably resulted in Hailey's death. Clint offered no help; he was busy elsewhere. He left Hailey to the devices of others. Disconnected then ...and disconnected now.

Peter got it right.

Anonymous said...

another thing about this reefer madness. From the few skimpy examples you gave, it sounds like Clint Dunn may simply be suffering from depression. If you'd get your head out of 'Father Knows Best' reruns, you'd know that depressed people are lethargic, have no drive, no focus, and generally don't give a crap. As far as Clint being physically scared of Shaun? Ha ha, there's a fight I'd like to see. Isn't Shawn afraid of crickets or some such? And as for being afraid of Billy, my God, can you blame him? Look at how many people that manipulative bitch as fooled. She stoops as low, and I mean low, as she has to, to get her way...lie through her teeth, show her tits, shake her ass, whatever it takes. And people BELIEVE her lies. Of course Clint would be scared.

Anonymous said...

damn right Jazz

Anonymous said...

May 26 @ 1:30 Posted "
With all due respect to Hailey and her memory, I do not believe that Hailey was nearly as bright and intelligent as everyone made her out to be.
A child being brought up in a home with an apathetic father and a mother who is into sex,child porn
and sadism does not read medical books, excel in school or disect bats. A child like Hailey probably went to school dissheveled, unfed, generally uncared for and unable to function as most young children can"

I find this to be incredibly offensive. Leave your biased and stereotypical preconcentions out of this. According to her principal and her teachers Hailey was a very bright student. She was involved in sports, UIL, and on the cheerleading team. Those that knew her describe her as a happy girl that was always smiling and lit up the room. This does not sound like an child that is "unable to function as most children can". She might have trash for parents, but there is no reason to belittle or smear Hailey herself.

Lianna from West Texas

Anonymous said...

Ownership of the home Clint and Billie Jean Dunn lived in is a matter of public record in the County Clerk's Office where the property is located. Using the address, anyone is free to look up the recorded deed of title and/or tax records of the real estate. You may also obtain the initial date of purchase and the sales price at the time of purchase.

I believe you will find that this property was purchased jointly by and between Clint Dunn & Billie Jean Dunn and may still be titled jointly. If memory serves me correctly, Clint did not "give" the residence to Billie Jean. He moved out and left her responsible for making the mortgage payments.

If Clint did not sign his rights of ownership over to Billie Jean via Quit Claim Deed or in some other legally binding release of ownership, which would be refcorded in thye County Clerks' Office, then his name is still on the deed of title. If no court order gave Billie Jean the exclusive use of the property, (which would be recordedf) the joint title remains in both names.

If there is an unsatisfied mortgage endebtedness on the real estate in both their names, Clint Dunn is still as responsible on the mortgage loan as Billie Jean is. Owners of record can make any kind of agreement between themselves they desire, however, one cannot sign over their mortgage endebtness without prior approval of the lending institution, which requires a new mortgage loan application of the one who wishes to retain ownership, and approval, the same as if they were making a new purchase.

A Deed of Title and a Mortgage Deed (note) are two separate legally binding instruments. If the real estate has fallen into foreclosure or short sale and the title is in both their names, they are both liable for any outstanding mortgage endebtedness and default, plus legal fees and other incurred costs due to their failure to satisfy the mortgage loan. Observer

Anonymous said...

who cares about who owns the stinkin house? But if my memory serves ME correct, Billy made some kind of trade with Clint. The deed for the kids?

Anonymous said...

Look it up in the County Clerks' office, Anon @ 8:31 and then you might know what you're talking about. THERE'S where you will find the true ownership of record. It makes no difference whatsoever what kind of verbal OR written agreement Billie & Clint made. It's what's legally binding and recorded at the Clerks' Office that matters.

Jazzmine, excellent post. I couldn't agree more! Observer

~ABC said...

The Hailey Dunn case continues to be in first place for the most hate-filled and vulgar spirited comments of any other story on this blog. That in itself is telling as to the mentality we're dealing with here.

The staunch defense of pot smoking on this thread reminds me of the staunch defense of horror metal bands on another thread.

Peter got it right!

JUSTICE FOR HAILEY. NO ONE PROTECTED HER! Not even her beloved Grandmother Connie Jones!

Anonymous said...

@Vita, I struggle to get the full meaning of your posts because of some unconventional sentence constructs. I often note your posts as particularly insightful, which is the only reason I mention the challenge I have with some of your writing -- for example, "They to know the fresh food in abundance within the heat no refrigeration was of," or "His pot use to begin from his teens, his chill, his own known." I feel like some of your meaning is lost, and maybe it is just me, but to me it's an unfamiliar sentence construct.

Anonymous said...

Observer, Shawn was living in the home when Clint called CPS. It was during the same time frame as Shawn and Billie's 911 calls about each other. Heck, why didn't LE call CPS when Shawn said Billie was overdosing on pain meds and Billie reported that Shawn was threatening to kill her, Hailey and Clint? I think Clint was either living with his mother in Snyder or in an apartment in CCity at the time. Even if Clint couldn't take Hailey, a foster home would've been better than with Billie.

~ABC said...

Agreed Observer. It makes me sick to think about how she must have suffered. I have no compassion for any of the adults around Hailey. The child is dead! That trumps any hard-luck stories of any of the so-called adults. I will not extend the benefit of doubt to any of them and their disgusting ways.

Not one of them would dare rise above the fear of revealing their own evil deeds in order to take action to protect that child. There is no excuse for that.

Anonymous said...

KIC- he DID in fact reach out to help him, several times. After hearing the latest news, the effort that seemed logical was to offer to pay for his vasectomy.

~ABC said...

To the screaming anon that is desperately trying to make excuses for the abusive and neglectful asses involved in this case, If I knew who you were and knew any children were in your care I would have CPS check you out! I don't play when it comes to children's safety. A nerve has been shattered in you and I would bet dollars to doughnut holes that you are an abuser too.

Anonymous said...

Anon most of us are aware Billie and Shawn murdered Hailey but ty for reminding reminding the nonbelievers.

brosnanfan said...

I hate to say it, but it would seem Hailey is better off.

I like to think Hailey could have overcome her lousy upbringing (others have), but the odds were against her from the start. At the food pantry I work at, I see it all the time...people I remember helping twenty-plus years ago are still asking for handouts, as are their children, and in some cases the grandchildren are also involved. Three generations and no cycles broken.

And let me tell you this...God help ANYONE who hurts either of my kids, even though they are both legal adults now. ANYONE. There would not be enough people to stop me.

Anonymous said...

Abc u think Your jesus Your NOT Your THE DEVIL

Anonymous said...

If Hailey went to school begging for food and money, it was the school's responsibility to report the primary caregiver to CPS. I live in Texas, and know this to be true. I hadn't heard the bat dissecting story. What kind of mother would tell such a horrible story? a mother obsessed with guts, gore and death, that's who. Come on now, if your kid brought a dead bat home, you wouldn't tell her to bury it, you would take your kid to the ER to check on rabies shots and then you'd either take turn the bat over to the ER, or you'd take it to animal control yourself, so it could be tested for rabies. You would NOT tell your child to touch it some more. And BD claimed to be a nurse? Ha! I don't believe this story. Sounds like either some fantasy or something she did with her boy toy, and then changed the names. Who knows...maybe Shawn took the dead bat home and they forced Hailey to dissect it, and this telling, was BJ's way of reliving a fond memory.

Anonymous said...

actually, the more I think about it, (and knowing how manipulative BJ is), the more I think Hailey confided some weird bat ritual to somebody, and either this somebody told the cops or BJ is scared the somebody will tell the cops, so she came up with this sick version to "explain it all away".

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, why so much is being made of the dead bat story? It would be no different than my kid bringing home a dead bird in a shoebox, only it was a BAT! Known to carry rabies. However, I don't think my kid would bring home a dead bird, bat or any other dead thing into our home. Just Billie telling the dead bat story doesn't make sense when you think about it, other than her trying to brag about how smart Hailey was.

Giving Billie the benefit of the doubt, I'd be interested to know how Hailey got it into the shoebox in the first place, did she pick it up with her bare hands? Was it stinking already? Regardless, if I'd been Billie, I would have snatched the box out of Haileys' hands, taken it outside, dug a hole and buried it myself.

The more I think about it, I think Billie added the part about Hailey planning to dissect the bat. Who in their right mind would dissect a dead bat that might be carrying rabies? IMO, Billie embelished on the bat story and tried to make it out to be more than it ever was, IFF there ever was a dead bat. Crazy story. Typical of Billie to exggerate.

Anon @ 4:09, you make some excellent points about the dead bat. Makes sense. Observer

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything wrong with Billie telling the story about looking out the window and seeing Hailey playing with or building a pile of rocks. Or building a little rock city. Kids will do this, I've seen my own kid do it.

But that story about Hailey sitting with Billie and reading from her nursing health care manual and understanding the words, how to pronounce them and helping Billie with her studies is just plain malarky. Just her telling such a story is sheer stupidity.

NO six year old would know and understand all those words and their usage and be able to sit there for longer than five minutes looking at this crap. Billie is bat-shyt crazy if she thinks anyone would believe this ridiculous story. Observer

Anonymous said...

I hope Peter comes back today and deletes some of the crazy and nasty posts on page one. Hey Peter! The long holiday is over. Hope you, Heather & family had a nice week-end and got some R & R! Observer

Anonymous said...

To one of the anons on the preceeding page; if Clint could have dragged himself away from his pot smoking addiction long enough, and had been working at a PAYING JOB, he could have made the mortgage payments HIMSELF; then maybe he would have had some visitation rights at the home he was keeping up for his daughter and step-son; (NOT!) THEN he might have seen how Hailey was being forced to live in that house of horrors! I might add, all that Clint ever needed to do to get Hailey HIMSELF, was to GET OFF THE POT and get a paying job.

(I might add, that not for one second do I believe that Clint did not know how Hailey was living and how afraid of Shawn AND HER MOTHER, Hailey was, even IF he might not have been allowed in Billies' house. He HAD to know).

Instead, pot addicted unemployed Clint files for custody of Hailey, never having paid one thin dime on the mortgage, or so far as any of us knows, never paying any child support either; has no home or place to raise Hailey himself, has no job, no health care benefits for Hailey, can't provide for Hailey in any other way, couldn't even prove he paid for her school lunches; hell, he even left Hailey at the mercy of having to beg Shawn for money; and expects to gain custody of her. Of course not, he was too brain dead addled from his years of pot addiction.

So big whoopie; he's got a backache. Half of America has a backache and goes to work with it every day! But not Clint. He couldn't even work long enough to pay a lawyer to help him GET custody of Hailey.

I do agree, CPS should have removed Hailey from 'Billies' home' and placed her in foster care temporarily, monitoring and giving Clint reasonable time to sober up, GET A JOB, get on his feet and provide for Hailey himself; which I know FOR A FACT they will do this, just WHY they didn't is the big question.

I know of a case where CPS removed the child from the mother (similar circumstances) and placed her with the grandmother (mother of the father) with the father staying there too until he could get a job that provided a stable income with health benefits, proved that he was drug free, and then allowed him to have custody. So I know that it DOES happen.

But NO, Clint couldn't/wouldn't provide for Hailey so why would CPS consider giving him custody? Poor poor Hailey, NOWHERE to turn and marked for tragedy at the hands of her own disgusting deviant mother and her mothers' sicko violent boyfriend, AND KNEW IT! Beautiful child. I'm glad she's gone home to our loving Father, I just hope it was swift. She never stood a chance of survival against this evil. Observer

Anonymous said...

Pillie Jean originally told LE Shawn took her to work then told LE a co-worker took her to work

LE confirmed the co-worker DID NOT take her to work and LE confirmed employees where Pillie worked saw SHAWN drop Pillie off

Despite that, Pillie has continued to insist for TWO YEARS a co-worker picked her up at home and drove her to work

Shawn took to work MORE THAN AN HOUR BEFORE HER SCHEDULED TIME but "clocked in" at her scheduled time, what was she doing in that hospital during that 1+hour time frame? DID SHE INCINERATE EVIDENCE DURING THAT TIME? Did she use special cleansers/chemicals found in the hospital to clean her hands of blood? Did she steal special cleansers/chemicals found in the hospital to take home to clean up the crime scene? Did LE investigate whether or not the hospital noticed missing inventory related to special cleaners/chemicals, did the hospital have surveillance and did LE watch the surveillance to see what Pillie was doing?


Anonymous said...

Billie slipped up and posted on Facebook that Shawn had taken her to work and that she was in the car waiting for Shawn when he went into work and quit his job. She also admitted that Shawn didn't drop off his coveralls that day as he claimed. The most disturbing thing is that Billie's supporters immediately told her to delete her post. They know Billie and Shawn are guilty and they don't care that a beautiful little girl was murdered, they only care about protecting Billie.

Anonymous said...

Good questions, Anon @ 7:30! My guess is that LE did NONE of the above. They didn't check out diddly until long after Hailey went missing. Remember; they actually BELIEVED Billies' story that Hailey had run away initially, then later that she had been kidnapped. The idiots weren't even investigating or looking for a dead Hailey in the early stages.

I just cannot, CANNOT, believe that anyone on the face of this planet could have EVER believed one iota of Billie's stories, either initially, during all these past months, or now! Just the prior history of threats of violence between Shawn & Billie BEFORE Hailey ever went missing, that LE already had at their disposal, would have alerted ANY living breathing LE agency with just a few active brain cells, to search and investigate immediately expecting to find a dead Hailey.

I don't think they are ever going to acknowledge their mistakes either, and for a long while I've felt like Shawn & Billie will never be charged and prosecuted for Haileys' gruesome murder, or any of the other charges; but I also think there are more involved than just those two, that Billie & Shawn are ALSO covering up for.

I've always felt there are others involved, at least ONE more, and perhaps two or more. Billie & Shawn were ready to partaa! the night of the 26th and it was time for Billie to give Shawn his long awaited christmas present: Hailey.

Jealous of overtures Hailey might have made towards Shawn? In a pigs' eye! Get real Pat Brown or whatever her name is, Hailey was too scared of Shawn! Billie FORCED and GAVE Hailey to Shawn willingly, AND participated in restraining and raping her.

It SO sticks out in my mind that Bilie invited their drug dealer to this little partaa, now having run out of money; who might also have brought a friend, possibly even including Billies' brother who ALSO failed his poly. Druggie parties nearly ALWAYS includes friends and buddies to share in the frenzied 'fun'.

I'm not convinced they didn't ALSO video tape Haileys' violent rape and brutality. Why wouldn't they? Didn't they already prove they ENJOYED watching and making videos of cruel child porn and other violent acts and deaths, such as raping dogs and stomping little kittens to death?

This is a very twisted and sadistic bunch here; don't be shocked at anything they might have done that evening. I just HOPE that LE is FINALLY untangling all this and that is why it is taking them so long to arrest and charge these two, AND possibly others. Observer

Anonymous said...

EWWWW.... Anon @ 8:04, I DID NOT KNOW THIS!!! Observer

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:32, LE knew that Hailey didn't run away from day one. In one of Shawn's first interviews he stated that LE told him and Billie that Hailey hadn't taken anything with her and that really scared him. I bet it was a "crap my pants, we screwed up" moment for him! Hailey was reported missing in the afternoon of December 28th and on the 30th CCPD went to Shawn's mother's home in Big Spring a

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:32, LE knew that Hailey didn't run away from day one. In one of Shawn's first interviews he stated that LE told him and Billie that Hailey hadn't taken anything with her and that really scared him. I bet it was a "crap my pants, we screwed up" moment for him! Hailey was reported missing in the afternoon of December 28th and on the 30th CCPD went to Shawn's mother's home in Big Spring and confiscated her computer, not because Hailey used it but because they didn't believe Shawn and Billie's run away story.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and if I recall correctly Anon @ 9:31, that's when Billie and LE switched over their story that Hailey was kidnapped rather than having run away after LE had discovered she hadn't taken anything with her.

IIRC, it wasn't until later that we learned what was on those 109,000+ video images they had in their possession; BOTH at Shawns' relatives home, in Shawns' possession AND found in Billies' personal bedroom drawer, AS WELL AS additional materials LE found later on the back of an entertainment center shelf in Billies' living room. Observer

Anonymous said...

Observer, that's correct. The difference is that Billie claimed it was a stranger abduction and LE stated in their affidavit that they believed Shawn committed the crime of kidnapping.

REK said...

Since I felt this article had a completely different tone and verbiage compared to others “Peter” has written, it leads me to believe there is a change of heart or some motive behind this. Maybe the change of heart is just a new level of frustration, or maybe there’s a motive to rile Clint up so that justice can turn just a little faster? Maybe this article serves both purposes? Although there may be elements to this article that are painfully true, the real blame lies with the murderer’s. Hindsight is always 20/20. We can always go back and ask..what if this happened? Or if only this one element was different, etc, etc. However the only true blame lies with those who commited this act. I’ve watched trials come and go, and people always want to find blame elsewhere when they aren’t satisfied with the justice system’s limitations. For instance think caylee’s case. First we blamed Casey (as we should), next we moved onto cindy and George (who I believe had nothing to do with the murder or disposal. Let’s not get into their lies and deceitfulness which is abhorrent as well but they are not guilty of murder). Then the blame was placed upon the jury. We have all this energy and anger invested in places that aren’t entirely deserving (I believe). The energy and anger needs to be focused on the murderers.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:26, Peter has more knowledge of the intricacies of Clints' life, having talked to him and other family members, than the rest of us do. Based on that and the analysis of his life both before and after Haileys' passing; I would say that Peters' article was appropo. Observer

Anonymous said...

just from the what we do know... I could have sworn Texas was a state that was ALL about Justice.. I mean here in Canada that is what the rumor is anyways, so yah I have followed this case from day one, and can NOT wrap my head around why these two idiots are walking the fucking streets down there... with in ONE week from Hailey ******so called missing..... this case is cut and DRY... black and white, NO GREY no in-between...

and as for the drug use going around ALL parties..
involved...research the drugs people... which side effects go with which drug..

The porn found?! is that NOT a

crime right there? I am just baffled at how or what exactly Texans call CRIME!!!?????

R.I.P Hailey I never met you child, but your story touched my heart.

vested interest said...

To Grandma from before, who said the GJ has not seen any evidence yet.

I am curious as to what leads you to that conclusion?

Unless you work for the courts or DA, or are on the GJ how would you know?


Anne said...

I felt the article had a different tone also, almost a frustrated, irritated tone to it. I went back to read it and don't know exactly why I felt that way though. I wish I was better at statement analysis. Interesting.
Do you think he was trying to draw someone in to comment or contact him?

Anonymous said...

REK, I'm sorry but I cannot agree with you. Several people close to Hailey KNEW that she was scared to death of Shawn as she cried and TOLD them so. I believe she was ALSO scared of her mother. And why wouldn't she be?

Her mother had brought a dangerous man into the home who was sharing her bed, had taken over the home and lives of her children and was paying no attention to her and her fears of Shawn. Billie had made it loud and clear that Hailey would have to 'mind' Shawn, even making her go to Shawn for money when she didn't want too.

How many people knew of Haileys' fear? Plenty, that could have taken action had they only cared enough. Even Naomi must have known. David too; Haily MUST HAVE gone to David and told him. Why didn't HE do something to get her out of that hell house?

Put yourself in that same position REK; if you KNEW of a child who was being forced to survive under the conditions Hailey was, are you saying you would not have stepped in and taken action, regardless as to WHO that child was? I would, and have, more than once. Observer

Would you blame yourself to some extent when something tragic happened to this child and you had done nothing to help or stop it when you could have? There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for someone not to have taken over, gone to bat for Hailey and rescued her, and who could have saved her from the evil hands of Billie Jean & Shawn Adkins. Observer

REK said...

Observer, I think it's very easy for us to sit back and say what is right and what we should do, we can judge anyone's situation and give them advice on "the perfect way" to be. but we will never know the majority of the circumstances of their lives (think tip of the iceberg) we just see the tip and I think it's important to keep that in mind

Anonymous said...

I agree something is off in Peter's post. Has anyone noticed how many times he uses the word "just"?

Peter has taught us that "just" is a word which reduces or minimizes an event via the means of comparison.  "The car costs just..." means that the price of the car is attractive when compared to something else.

“just” means other options were present. Minimizes.

The phrase "I believe" is used many times which is unusual for Peter.

I wish someone excelling in SA would analyze this post.

Shelley said...

May 26 @ 1:30 Posted "
With all due respect to Hailey and her memory, I do not believe that Hailey was nearly as bright and intelligent as everyone made her out to be.

Parents do not always determine how kids will turn out. Some kids are the total opposite. Sometimes lazy worthless kids come from very successful parents. Its only part of the equation.

My ex-boyfriend was raised by a drug addicted mother and his father left when he was 5.

He graduated high school early, lied to get a job and was working full time at age 15. He then got into sales as soon as he turned 18. Put himself through college and graduated with honors in Chemistry. All this on his own.

He came from parents that had no goals or ambition and turned out to be amazing. He became a multi-millionaire by age 40 and also a pilot with his own plane.

So while statistically, many kids from homes like this don’t do well, its not always the case. I don’t think the teachers were just being nice. Hailey seemed to be involved in many extracurricular activities which is also not the norm for under achievers.

It’s very possible Hailey strived for more in life.

Now if law enforcement will bring some justice to those that took away her chance...

Anonymous said...

""I wish someone excelling in SA would analyze this post""

You're on the wrong blog.......

Shelley said...

If only more people were like Peter...

The world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

Peter is taunting Clint into finally standing up for Hailey and telling LE vital details surrounding the time leading up to Hailey's murder. He is trying to make him mad. Anger and determination are better motivators than depression and apathy. Peter is forcing him to "grow a pair"

joke said...

either poop or get off the pot
he pooped

SKEoD said...

remember Cindy went to LE alone and talked with them, Then George ran down there and talked to LE, then George tried to kill himself? remember that. ok, so during the trial, Cindy said she cleaned out the trunk and set some items in a pile in the garage. what is important about that is, those items were found with Caylee, not in the bag, just loose by the bag.
imo George saw them in the garage and had an oh shit moment, thinking those items should have been discarded with Caylee and he took them into the woods also. But because Cindy may have told LE she set them in the garage from the trunk of the car, they should not have been in the woods with Caylee.
Therefore I believe George did take care of the dead squirrel smell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Peter is taunting Clint into finally standing up for Hailey and telling LE vital details surrounding the time leading up to Hailey's murder. He is trying to make him mad. Anger and determination are better motivators than depression and apathy. Peter is forcing him to "grow a pair"

May 28, 2013 at 1:20 PM

Clint is in jail and, thus, cannot read this. Peter is aware that Clint is in jail. This article was written because he ran out of Hailey-related content now that the memorial is over and we've been able to slam the service, Billie's appearance, the choices in music and the seating arrangements. There is nothing else to look forward (translation: fight about, as if it were any of our business) to until the arrests are made, hence Peter turned on Clint. He's lamely attempted the same with David Dunn a couple of times, but that never really caught on.

Peter gets nowhere near the engagement on any other topic as he does with Hailey.

This blog was written to increase his advertising sales.

Peter, I recommend that you buy some new curtains with your ad dollars. The ones in your picture are truly fucking ugly.

Anonymous said...

those curtains are standard with a double wide

Anonymous said...

REK, I noticed the change of writing style with this article. Peter has said before he's had others write for him because he could "leak" into his writing some things he knows and does not wish to inadvertently put in his articles which can be picked up by astute students of SA. Some of the reasons you gave as to why make sense as well as what you perceive as a change in tone. I believe Peter has always felt this way about Clint.

It is difficult for me to place blame on Clint during this unimaginably devastating and painful time of his life. At first, I was upset with this article because I feel so bad for Clint and I know he loved Hailey dearly and she adored him. I believe he is a kind, loving man. However, after reflection, I know Peter has a point about neglect. I don't know all the details of what Clint did or did not do, when CPS was called and what transpired, but this article made me realize I am personally responsible for every single child I come across in my life that shows even a hint of being abused or neglected and that I am responsible to do whatever is legally within my power to do to make sure the powers that be are made aware, at the very least.

Some posters have said Peter does not understand this segment of society, and that's another topic, or is it? Do we turn a blind eye on an entire segment of society and mind our own business because it's "their way of life"? Someone said they broke the cycle of their upbringing and observed others in their community who still have not. Do we help or walk on by? Maybe Peter's article is meant as a wake up call to Clint, maybe it's not. It was for me.

rkg said...

Those were the best comments by far about this article.

Clint is not the father any child should have, but is IS the father Hailey HAD, and he IS devastated that she suffered so. A large part of his devastation could well be from knowing he did not do enough to protect her, and he is engulfed by guilt. Wouldn't you be? Guilt, as we all should know, drives those with substance abuse issues, further into their abuse of those, and sometimes, other, substances. No, Clint isn't acting like he should. No, he didn't act like a father should. YES, he still could. He needs help, and not from some obscure group of bloggers. Not that we're not all free to opine, but someone near him needs to help him. No matter what, the man lost his daughter, and I don't care what anyone thinks; Clint LOVES Hailey, and misses her. Did anyone ever think that the continued substance abuse might have more to do with numbing the pain? So he did that before she was killed - okay, that just means he knew from experience that method would be somewhat effective at helping him cope. I said effective, NOT healthy.

It is an absolute outrage that Clint is in jail over marijuana, a gun, and expired tags...while BJD and SA are free, even with direct evidence of child porn, animal abuse, distribution of those things, drug abuse, distribution of THOSE things, and the high suspicion of child neglect, abuse, and murder.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation, it looks like one or two people have internally combusted all over these pages and it could quickly become external combustion if they are not given the attention they are looking for. I can feel it.

Anonymous said...

""Just an observation, it looks like one or two people have internally combusted all over these pages and it could quickly become external combustion if they are not given the attention they are looking for. I can feel it.""

Starting with peter hyatt

Anonymous said...

What is with Peter? He is usually so quick to delete the vulgar comments, sometimes deleting comments because they are in disagreement with himself or in defense of his favorite bloggers. Is he out of town or just giving up because this blog has become a magnet for trash talkers?

Anonymous said...

This article stung me. It brings back memories of a past I can never allow myself the luxury of forgetting. I was a burn out loser that neglected my baby. Thank God I wasnt a violent perverted monster like BD but my counselor in rehab made me realize NOONE EVER is a good parent when drugs are involved. I didnt hit or starve my baby but i remember not caring when she cut her first teeth. Or when she started taking her first steps and my mom was clapping & excited I missed out on how precious that moment was. I thought "geez so what. Everyone learns to walk" what a f#%@en asshole I was. It sickens me. I hate that person. The person I was. The last day I ever got high was Nov 18. My daughters 1st bday and i wasnt at the park or chucke cheese having a lil party. I was getting high. And i will never forget locking my baby out of the bathroom because she wanted to be held and i couldnt find a vein.
... i am so grateful they werent hurt worse by my stupid selfishness. I am a vicious critic of BD andselfish parents. I judge them harshly and feel NO SYMPATHY for their lame excuses of their own troubled childhood.
Being a good parent is a decision. I decided that my girls did not deserve an asshole mom and everyday I choose them before I choose myself. Im exhausted, and sometimes i get bumbed when I make a hair appt only to have to cancel cause the girls need something. I feel better about myself now raggedy hair and all then i ever did before. Its a feeling BD portrays in public and hopes it rings true. It doesnt. She knows shes a POS. Only a POS cleans out the bank acct for drugs instead of groceries. Only a POS has a party while her baby decomposed in a cold winter field. Im not a POS anymore but I know one when I see em and BD is as worthless and selfish POS liar as Ive ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:44 stay focused in your recovery. Don't ever forget the low where you came from. Go to meetings, whatever it takes! You may never get another chance. Good luck to you and I wish you health and peace. Take care of your children and never forget!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this bat story, and assuming it's even semi true, don't any of you think a young kid messing around with dead animals is weird? We hear all of the time that kids from dysfunctional homes develop unhealthy fixations with animals. If this story is true, and BJ says it is, then it looks like Hailey was somehow reacting to her dysfunctional home life... either emulating what she had already seen, or something more psychological. I've never known any kid who wanted to cut into or look at a dead animal's parts. Never, and I think this whole thing is disturbing. It really makes me wonder what was going on that house on a day to day basis.

Anonymous said...

since this is a statement analysis blog, why don't you analyze BJ's statements pertaining the dead bat?

Anonymous said...

since this is a statement analysis blog, why don't you analyze BJ's statements pertaining the dead bat?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:44, my heart truly goes out to you as I'm sure it hasn't been easy for you to turn away from drugs; just make sure you STAY turned away. Don't slip up, not even once. I've seen this happen before, where one having quit cold turkey, took one step back and was never able to come back again. He died in his sleep, stoned.

This dear friend, previously a devout christian, died within months at age 37 after he stepped back over the line, and the other one, a relative, now has severe heart dysfunction with extreme damage and is on the heart transplant registry. I might add, that neither one of these young men had any history of abuse of any kind, or proverty in their families; they were both from upper-middle class good homes and good family backgrounds.

And YES, it all started with smoking pot and drinking beer, then became a pot addiction; course at some point I'm sure they both added other drugs into the mix later on, now being total addicts.

Just hold onto God 4:44, TRUST Him and LET Him walk with you, talk with you. He will guide and protect you in all your ways, but you have to LET Him do it. You CAN do it. God bless and keep you you and your family. xx00xx... Observer

Anonymous said...

Christopher gaylord


Anonymous said...

Peter, when you get back, have time, and don't mind; I would like to go over the timeline again as to exactly when Hailey might have disappeared, starting with the day/evening of December 26th and ending on the day Billie reported her missing, December 28th. In fact, it would be nice to know what Hailey did on the 25th and who she spent Christmas day with.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm questioning that Billie & Shawn and whoever else might have been involved, (and I DO think someone else was involved as well) had at least two whole days and nights to dispose of Hailey before she was reported missing; not just the night in question and the next day when she was finally reported missing by Billie.

Thank you kindly, Observer

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brosnanfan said...

I'd just like to say that when I was writing for a blog powered by WordPress, if I knew I was going to be away for the day, I would sometimes write two or three articles the night before and then set them up to post at various times the next day, usually a couple of hours apart. I remember at least once when I set it up for two and a half days in advance because I was going to be out of town. I also usually came back to a barrage of spammy/scammy/nasty comments that I had to delete.

I don't know if Blogger has that feature, but that could be what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Don't look for or expect an arrest. They got away with murder!

Shoppergalone said...

I don't believe they got away with murder. I do think this may be more complex than I first thought, tho.

May justice rule. These people are not innocent. Hailey deserves justice.

Anonymous said...

Texas Grandma

You opinion that they got away with murder...

Your opinion?
Or do you have inside info from the DA?


Anonymous said...

Anyone know who is "baby daddy" to Naomi's newest offspring? Is it Clint?