Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kyle Dube: Death Threats

It's interesting to look at quotes, and the responses to them.  The following article is from the Bangor Daily News.  We have added italics to the quotes, and analysis and commentary in bold type.

BANGOR, Maine — When Kyle Dube, the man accused of killing her 15-year-old daughter, was escorted into a packed courtroom Wednesday, Kristine Wiley stayed on her feet.
Everyone but the camera operators sat down when Superior Court Justice William Anderson said, “Please be seated.”
A weeping Wiley remained standing, clutching her daughter Nichole Cable’s panda bear pillow, while friends, family and supporters sat in the seats behind her. Jason Wiley eventually coaxed his wife into her seat and held her head to his chest to console her.
Dube, 20, was charged Tuesday in connection with Cable’s death on May 12 in Glenburn, the town where she lived. Clad in jeans and a white T-shirt, Dube made his first court appearance Wednesday at the Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor.
Dube, a resident of Orono, did not enter a plea to the charge of intentional or knowing murder because he has not yet been indicted by a grand jury.
The judge ordered that Dube be held without bail until a hearing can be scheduled this summer to determine if he is eligible to be released.
A trial date was not set.
Cable died May 12, the day she disappeared, according to the complaint. The medical examiner’s office confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the body discovered late Monday in a wooded area of Old Town has been identified as Cable.
Details about her death and what led investigators to Dube were not released Wednesday. At the request of defense attorney Stephen Smith of Bangor, Anderson sealed the affidavit that contains those details until after Dube is indicted by the Penobscot County grand jury. It next meets Wednesday, May 29.
Smith told the judge that the release of the affidavit might prejudice the pretrial proceedings. He also said he was concerned about his client’s safety at the Penobscot County Jail, where Dube has been since Friday, when he began serving a 90-day sentence on charges related to a high-speed chase last summer.
“Death threats have been made against him,” the defense attorney told reporters outside the courthouse.
Note the passivity of language here.  This will raise questions, including how one might even reach Dube to make a threat.  If it was through the subject, why not simply state so?
The passivity employed is then followed up with a question since a reporter may have caught the passive language: 
When asked about specific threats, Smith said they had been made online through social media but not directly to his office.
Here it was on line.  The lack of specificity will continue to raise questions.  Did someone write that they wish he would get the death penalty?  Did someone write that they wish they could kill him?  
Next note this: 
Sheriff Glenn Ross said Wednesday afternoon that Smith had not relayed concerns for his client’s safety to him or his staff. The sheriff said that Dube was moved to protective custody in the maximum security section of the jail as a precaution Monday night after Cable’s body was discovered. He also said that Dube was on suicide watch over the weekend because he was crying when he came into the jail.
Ross said that Dube would remain isolated from other inmates for the time being.
Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson, who is prosecuting the case, said at an impromptu press conference after Dube’s initial appearance that the autopsy on Cable’s body had been completed but results would not be available for several days while the medical examiner’s office awaited test results.
Benson said that the evidence would show that Dube was using electronic media but declined to say whether he was communicating with Cable on the Internet or through social media sites such as Facebook. When asked if Dube had used the social media sites to facilitate his alleged crime, Benson refused to comment.
The girl disappeared from her home the night of May 12 and was reported missing the next morning. More than 500 people turned out Sunday to help search for clues to the teen’s disappearance.
Cable’s family declined to comment Wednesday after Dube’s court appearance. Cable’s mother, with a jacket covering her face, was ushered out of the courthouse to a waiting truck by her husband and other family and friends.
If convicted of murder, Dube faces between 25 years and life in prison.


John Mc Gowan said...


Ive just pulled this from the Pages of the book: Secret Life Of Pronouns.

A great little example of why we just don't skim over a statement,or when writing one when are minds are else where.

"Just last week a friend who works in an office with a domineering boss sent me a message from work: "Are you free for coffee after work?I'd like to have a quit talk with you" What she meant to say was a "quick talk" rather than a "quit talk." When we met.I opened are conversation with "So tell me why do you want to quit your job." My friend was amazed at my brilliant psychological insight.

This made me chuckle..

SA at it simplest and best..

Anonymous said...

If he had the reading material Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn possessed, it might have taken longer to find his victim.I am glad he didn't because noone should have to go through what Shawn and Billie put the nation through for the past 29 months.

Lis said...

Interesting how he wants to portray his poor client as receiving death threats... I did notice some harsh comments from his (previous) friends on his facebook page right away but don't remember seeing any threats, just expressions of shock and disgust.

I would think that someone using social media, it would be simple to trace the IP to the originating address.

On one article I read, there was a comment underneath from a person who felt his girlfriend should be investigated also. I thought it was interesting that someone posting with their real name would state that. They must feel strongly about it.

Lis said...

Okay, after looking at the FB page "rot in hell Kyle Dube" I can see what the attorney may be referring to. Here is an example:

Anonymous said...

People who take a life should have their life taken from them. I hate that maine has no deathrow. A killer never stops killing. I hope he gets ass raped in jail and beat up daily and tourtured by guards... sick fuck!

Anonymous said...

A clown like this will take his own life, far before he gets what he deserves.

Trigger said...

Kyle Dube survived the attack that killed Nicole Cable.

It makes him eligible for all the protections under the law.

My heart goes out to Nicole's family, especially her pained mother, who will have to wait for the silent Nicole's justice while Kyle's attorney prepares for his vociferous defense of Kyle.

Anonymous said...

Peter, Cory Judkin's, the uncle of the boy whose website you've conflated to appear as the same Kyke Dube when you know that it is not, you should check out his page. He, like anyone watching people exploit and harass a minor and a family member, makes his point real clear. In case you're looking for a very direct statement to analyze.

Anonymous said...

Btw, if you still think they look the same you can see a current pic of the innocent Kyle on his brother's page.
If Peter doesn't take it down now, I do not know how he can represent himself to be a protector of children.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:37 and 6:44 PM, I agree!

Innocent Kyle is a minor aged child.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they aren't saying anything because all they have on him at all is the fact they were in contact. It's not very reassuring to the public to not know why they think they have the right guy. Maybe they are holding him while they concoct a reason and we will find out he is the wrong one after another young girl dies.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:01 PM,
Your comment is based on 'maybe' as 'the fact,' and another 'maybe' to 'concoct a reason.'

Your comment is not reassuring as to a valid reason for Peter leaving a minor aged child's FB profile link up.

-SMH, Anon.

Anonymous said...

The minor is a secondary issue, I was addressing the secrecy around the suspect. Not really up on the innocent child's facebook page but messing with it to make him appear to be the suspect should be a criminal offense. It certainly is offensive.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:22 PM,
The suspect is in custody.
The judge ruled for the affidavit to remain sealed.
I disagree the minor is a secondary issue.

I doubt Peter would allow his minor aged son's FB profile to be casually linked with a 20 year old charged with murder

Sus said...

I can link to that facebook page if I wish. I did save the bear poster because I think it sends a great message. You can link to that facebook page. Anyone can link to a facebook page.

It is the responsibility of the facebook owner to properly lock it down. Set the page so you have to give permission to have pictures and posts tagged. Set your privacy so that only friends see your posts.

Kyle James is wide open to Peter and everyone else in the world. More importantly, he is a supposed junior in high school. Where are his parents? They should insist on the settings I said above.

Last, I may be off on this, but I don't think so. Kyle "James" had to have known there was another Kyle Dube. Kyle James has many of the same friends from the same area. (Glenburn)

There were comments (some now deleted) on Kyle James' page about crashing bikes and alluding to other criminal activity that was really the other Kyle Dube. I saw at least one site that mistakenly referred others to Kyle James' site after the bike chase. Notice Kyle James put up an ad for advertisment as his banner.

I believe Kyle James enjoyed the notoriety of being mistaken for the other Kyle Dube before he was a murderer.

Now this is serious chit. He needs to take his own poster seriously.

Peter, please do your part and unlink. You can put the poster up without his name.

Jazzie said...

Jazzie said...

Research facts before posting.
Journalism 101.

Anonymous said...

Jazzie, please t post the name of the article you're linking didn't hyperlink and I've typed in the damn thing three times and kerp getting 404's!! Agh! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You can't just say things are the responsibility of the parents in 2013, unless you've been sleepwalking through this site. Did you screen cap those things?
Btw, in your scrutiny of his site you might have noticed his parents didn't post at all, but uncles, brother and grandma did. So, it does not appear he has parents to protect him from Peter. You're blaming this kid for being a normal kid in Peter's line of fire.Don't be Peter's apologist. Why hasn't Peter spoken on this issue? He's a big boy, yet he's become a coward about addressing his mistake and now negligence. He may like having you to cower behind but get out of the way so he HAS to make this right or be revealed as the prick we should pay no attention to behind the curtain. I think he's too arrogant to say Im wrong. There is no other explanation. Your denial, your defense of Peter in this, should demonstrate to people how it is that intelligent, rational and presumably honest people will defend a victimizer of children because they choose NOT to see what he has done and how his behaviors conflict with what he is saying. Peter, you ARE the people you loathe now. Tell me I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

Peter, I saw Jazzie's page. I'm going to link this page to his mom. She needs to know that though so many of us have asked, you still haven't taken it down. He's receivibg death threats. She went on tv about it. I am so disgusted with you Peter. You are not the person you say you ate. I've seen people begging you to take it down for days, and now this on the news. You are a liar.

Anonymous said...

Jazzie, thank you for that link, "Mother: mistaken identity leads to threats" by GLENBURN (WGME), Friday, May 24 2013, 01:03 AM EDT.

Perhaps Peter Hyatt should go back and re-read his S/A "Nichole Cable and Social Media and Society Commentary " posted on Friday, May 17, 2013.

Age 16 is still a minor.
ALL adults should take personal responsibility BEFORE posting on a public blog, FB links to a minor age child's profile, regardless of the minor or the minor's parents personal responsibility.
Linking a minor to a crime as serious as the murder of another minor aged child is hypocritical of Peter.

"They are both right to be frightened, as we are just, apparently, rediscovering the power of the written word, and how it can influence us, just as it did in generations gone by, who relied upon letter writing to communicate love, loss, life and death.

People think that things like this don't happen in places like this, but the internet has connected us all."

-> To be continued in a following post ... I suppose my comment is too long.

Anonymous said...


"Our society has changed, and our children are slipping from our grasp, so parents must now, more than perhaps any time in almost 50 years, pull their children closer than ever before, and place strong limitations upon what they do, where they go, who they see, and their time on Face Book.

We live in a country that has become, in just a few years, almost unrecognizable. The internet has changed us all."

Peter, as a parent, do you not also protect you children's minor aged friends?
If so, why not a minor age child who is a stranger to you and your family?
Hmm ...

"What of the bullying mentality? Those of weak character can appear bold and appealing in writing, and especially those who have failed to make strong connections in society in 'real' life, find a 'new life' on the internet, with what is called "internet muscles", perhaps showing that the more deficient in natural life, the more projection to be seen online.

Think of the strange litany of characters the plight of Hailey Dunn's case has brought, with those using various names and personas, making shocking statements in order to gain attention for themselves, reveling in controversy. Famous cases have always brought out such oddities, but it is an all new realm in the internet.

Parents must stop apologizing for being parents and stop thinking that the government (whoever that is) should be teaching their children morals, and put the brakes on this downward spiral.

Dress, appearance, manners, speech, language, grammar, usage, gender...all of these things matter.

The new "do not judge!" mentality that does not even allow for children to be children, nor to recognize that some are male and some are female, does not change the fact that people judge you, sometimes hundreds of times in a single day. Even just a single look can cause someone to have a half dozen opinions (judgements) about you. How much more so do your children feel this among their peers? Are we preparing them to withstand the judgements of others without compromising their own beliefs?"

Peter goes on to 'relate' regarding parental skills/children:
Work Ethic
Critical Thinking
Competetiveness (sp)

"We don't have statements to analyze in the case of Nichole Cable, and we don't know what happened to her, and if she is alright or not. It appears that exploitation, perhaps emotional exploitation, has taken place, but we do not know.

She is only 15 years old.

How old is your little girl?

Mine is 13.

She is in need of constant protection and not only trusts me to do so, but is counting on me to provide for her needs in life. She is learning how to discern forums and see how the 'kindly grandmother' may be a 40 year old man, feigning interest, for example, in pet rabbits, in order to communicate with my little girl.
Clancy will not allow it."

Note the word 'exploitation' in the above.
Did Peter write these words as a parent, or as a blogger?
Or both?

For those who assume Peter has a justifiable reason for posting a link to a minor's FB profile, try this reason ... to see who is and is not outraged.

I am outraged.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am outraged!!!!

Sus said...

"You can't just say things are the responsibility of the parents in 2013."
Yes I can. Things are the responsibility of the parents in 2013.

"It does not appear he has parents to protect him..."
His MOM went to TV with a piece on him.

"You're blaming this kid..."
I'm saying facebook has privacy settings he should utilize to be safe.

"your defense of Peter in this..."
My exact words were, "Peter, please do your part and unlink."

Here is the point I take from linking to the poster. Anyone can link to it. Anyone can tag it. Anyone here can go from Peter's link and get to Kyle James' site. It would be nice for Peter to do his part, BUT any "grizzly bear" can get there until Kyle James does his part. It's his end that has the real responsibility. He is inviting in the bears.

Anonymous said...

Sus said, "Peter, please do your part and unlink. You can put the poster up without his name."
- May 24, 2013 at 3:17 PM

Yes, you did, and I thank you for that.

I am the Anon who posted a comment in two parts at 12:33 & 12:36.

There are other Anons posting with a similar viewpoint, different delivery, as you may have noticed.

Anonymous said...

Anon, at 7:22, who are you thanking? He's letting thus go on so long yet bird dogging the Hailey Dunn case as if he's unaware that he's putting someone at risk. Doesn't Peter live in Maine? I hope his mom and his uncle finds out. Damn! Who would have ever thought a jid would get exploited bu and need protection from Peter Hyatt? I used to think he was a hero.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:35, I was thanking Sus for her post on the 24th at 3:17 PM, for asking Peter to remove the link to the minor's FB profile.
Sus repeated the request today at 5:55 PM.

Yes, Peter Hyatt lives in Maine.
So did Nichole Cable.
KJ lives there, still.
Notice, I used the word LIVES, as in he has his life ahead of with, with a possible stigma attached.

What I can do, is ask Peter Hyatt to remove the link, and express my opinion.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am the mother of 3. It makes me sick and caused me to lose all respect for you that you had a minors Facebook link publicly posted. I always assumed you had the same common sense you post about so ofter. Obviously you do not. You put a child at risk. No need to keep this blog bookmarked any more!!

Apple said...

Whoa, some of these comments are very cruel. I havent seen Peter comment on his blog in a while and my first thought is i hope he and his family are alright. I dont understand people who are so easily ready to crucify him. Remember, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. We need to be careful, myself included, on making rash and harsh judgements on others. Including while doing SA.

Anonymous said...

Therefore prison is worse than death

Anonymous said...

People with integrity correct their errors.
There is a bit of cult like following on this site.

Anonymous said...

A good reason to unplug from

Anonymous said...

Sus, there is nothing wrong with the bear link. It's true and it's a coincidence. You cannot find fault with that link for being on an innocent kid's page. If it was on your page, would you take it down? Would you feel wrong? I bet not. I would keep it up. It's visceral and it conveys a message through story telling. Very effective.

Anonymous said...

Apple! Worry about Kyle James! Peter is still posting articles.

Edward Kop said...

If anybody believe this was a failed kidnapping attempt at a rescue you're crazy. She was found nude in which the sex crime through and through. I don't know why they keep on saying this is a failed kidnap rescue attempt. That pisses me off.