Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kylie Dube Charged With Murder

Please note that there are no statements from Dube for analysis. 
BANGOR, Maine — A 20-year-old Orono man was charged Tuesday with murder in connection with the death of Nichole Cable, a 15-year-old girl from Glenburn. Police discovered a body they believe is Cable’s on Monday night in a wooded area of Old Town.
Kyle J. Dube was charged with intentional and knowing murder, police announced during a press conference at the former Superior Court building. Dube’s arrest came nine days after Cable was last seen alive on Mother’s Day evening. Hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement personnel had spent many of those days searching for the missing girl, combing the woods and fields for miles around Cable’s home.
Maine State Police Lt. Christopher Coleman said during Tuesday’s press conference, “I am not at liberty to go into details about what led to the arrest” of Dube, who has a minor criminal history.
Coleman would not say if Cable and Dube knew each other, but Tyler-Ann Harris, a friend of Cable’s from Old Town High School who was at the press conference, stated emotionally before a room filled with media that the two had been “hanging out” for the last 1½ to two months.
Information from “several different sources” led investigators to Gilman Falls in Old Town, located along Route 43, where a game warden and his dog located a female body about 9:30 p.m. Monday, said Coleman, who leads the major crime unit for northern Maine.
Dube was already in custody, having turned himself in at the Penobscot County Jail on Thursday to begin serving a 90-day sentence for a high-speed motorcycle chase and crash in June 2012, according to court records and jail officials.
His first court appearance on the murder charge is scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday, which is when more details about the crime will be released in a court affidavit, Coleman said. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson is prosecuting the case.
Stephen Smith, a Bangor lawyer, confirmed Tuesday morning that he has been appointed to represent Dube.
The Maine State Police, Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office and Orono police were at the Dubes’ residence at 5 Maplewood Ave. on Wednesday, May 15, according to neighbors James and Deborah Bowie. The Maine State Police Mobile Crime Unit was there Sunday and Monday, they said.
Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, said Sunday night that he didn’t have any information on why the crime lab was there, but the neighbors said the mother of that household told them that Cable had been there about a week earlier to visit and that she reported that to police.
Neighbors said Dube reportedly had been using his father’s black Ford Ranger for work purposes. The truck has been impounded, state police confirmed Tuesday.
Dube’s Facebook page shows he twice posted a flier about Nichole Cable being missing last week. On Monday, the day after Nichole went missing, he reportedly posted the following about a girlfriend who is not Cable:
“OK so I don’t with the droma. Let’s get this straight. I KYLE DUBE is and always will be with [my girlfriend]. We have had are up and downs but we have worked them out so stop talking to me if you are trying to flirt and guys you better stop hitting on [her] I get crazy when I’m pissed off and I’m about there.”
Early Tuesday morning, authorities were in the woods near the Stillwater River in Old Town at the site where a body believed to be Cable was found.
State police and other law enforcement personnel were gathered near the intersection of Routes 43 and 16 and were seen putting up yellow crime scene tape about 9:30 a.m. A state police spokesman confirmed the activity at the scene was related to the discovery of the body Monday night. A black minivan was seen entering the barricaded area and leaving minutes later.
Assistant Attorney General William Stokes said Tuesday afternoon that an autopsy on the female’s body was started but was not complete.
“I don’t expect to have any additional information until tomorrow,” said Stokes, who leads the criminal division in the Maine attorney general’s office.
Cable’s parents, who are divorced, were each told of the development by members of the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office and Maine State Police.
Jason Wiley, who is married to Cable’s mother, Kristine, answered the door at their house Tuesday morning and declined to comment until after speaking with the investigator. He and his wife later provided the Bangor Daily News with an interview.
Nichole Cable was last seen at her home on Spruce Lane on the evening of May 12, and her parents thought she was taken by someone using a false Facebook profile, according to the family’s Facebook page, Bring Nichole Cable Home.
“The fake Facebook [site] was real,” Cable’s friend Harris said Tuesday.
She said she believes that Dube created the fake Facebook page, but Harris added, “I don’t know why he would need to. She willingly would hang out with him before. I don’t know what else to think.”
Cable lived with Harris for a couple of weeks, at one point, and she spent the night at her house on the Friday before she went missing, Harris said.
“It’s been really hard. I’ve been really scared for her,” the Old Town High School sophomore said, adding that she is relieved that her friend is not suffering. “It’s been really hard to just wait and not know.”
Grief counseling was set up at Old Town High School for students, a school secretary said Tuesday morning.
Between 40 and 70 law enforcement officers had been working on the case, Troy Morton, deputy chief for the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office, said Monday.
“Every officer can identify with the pain of a missing 15-year-old,” Sheriff Glenn Ross said at the beginning of the Tuesday press conference, as he thanked every law enforcement officer — local, state and federal — who assisted, and the members of the public who turned out in force on Sunday to search for the missing girl.
“It was unbelievable,” Ross said of the 500-plus turnout. “I know the family appreciates it and we appreciate it.”
The sheriff ended by saying the Penobscot County case had been deemed a homicide and therefore would be handled by the state police. Maine Warden Service Lt. Kevin Adam said four game wardens searched the area off Route 43 where the body was found.
Dube, who was enrolled at Eastern Maine Community College in the spring semester of 2012, was arrested last June after he led police on a chase that reached speeds of 150 mph from Orono to Howland on Interstate 95 before it ended with his motorcycle hitting a police cruiser at the town offramp.
The chase resulted in charges of eluding police officers, driving to endanger and criminal speeding.
Dube slowed enough, evading two partial roadblocks, to apparently avoid injury in the crash. He refused hospitalization by Penobscot Valley Hospital paramedics at the scene, state police said at that time.
Dube told state police Trooper Chris Hashey after the crash that he evaded the trooper because “he was scared and just basically didn’t want a ticket,” Hashey said.
Dube had received his motorcycle learner’s permit three days before that arrest, Hashey said.
Dube has a criminal record beyond the motorcycle incident.
He was a juvenile, 17 years old, when he was charged for carrying a loaded firearm or crossbow in a motor vehicle that resulted in a January 2011 conviction and $200 fine, according to court listings printed in the Bangor Daily News.
Dube also was convicted of theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and burglary of a motor vehicle in January 2012 and was sentenced to a $300 fine for both, the BDN archives state.
He also has another theft by unauthorized taking or transfer conviction from February 2012 that resulted in a $500 fine, according to a background check done by the BDN through the Maine State Bureau of Identification.
Dube was employed by Getchell Agency, a Bangor-based home health care agency, according to an attorney for the business.


Apple said...

Dube was employed by Getchell Agency, a Bangor-based home health care agency, according to an attorney for the business.

Anonymous said...

Peter, why haven't you taken down the link to the other Kyle Dube who posted the rabid bear meme...he is not the same Kyle and your post and attention is misdirected and causing him significant emotional distress. He is a minor. Where is your self proclaimed defense of children here?

Anonymous said...

Delete my comment but not yours exploiting the wrong Kyle for the bear pic? Btw, Kylie is not anyone's name.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:45 AM ... maybe because he is too busy deleting comments on "Nichole Cable: Kyle Dube Turns Himself Into Police" S/A asking Mr. Hyatt to delete his error.
Mr. Hyatt could at least make a comment to say he made an error.
This has become a repetitive pattern for Mr. Hyatt, lately, trying to make two separate individuals into the same person.

Tessa said...

how did he get hired by a home health agency if he has a criminal background?

Trigger said...

I agree, Apple

crosbycat said...

Maybe the critical Anonymous is someone from LE who is embarassed by their lack of effectiveness in the Ayla Reynolds case, or baby Lisa, or Dunn...I am just glad this creep has been caught. And since I found this site after the Dr Phil Redwine interview, I read it every day and appreciate the science.

Sus said...

Julep Dube is employed by by ghetto Getchell Agency. They provide a range of services to people with DISABILITIES.

The agency's CEO, Renee Getchell, said in an email to the AP that Dube's background check and employee rdviews were satisfactory.

"He gave us no reason to believe that he might be capable of this crime," she said, "This is devastating news to us as we truly are a family."

Sus said...

I hate autocorrect!
Julep = Kyle

I have no idea how ghetto ended up in that sentence.

Anonymous said...

There is a local facebook page if anyone is interested. Lots of bad language venting though.

Anonymous said...

Peter stole this article. Copyright infringement. No source listed and entire article posted.
Please follow copyright rules.

Sus said...

Kyle Dube does make a statement ...his facebook post. He posted it the day after Nichole went missing and he allegedly murdered her.

States finality.

"Ok, so I don't with the droma."
SO is an indicator of an explanation of why he feels finality. He doesn't something (deal?) with drama. With separates him from drama.

"Let's get this straight."
Let's brings in others and spreads the blame. Straight shows again that Dube likes things in their drama or upset. This before straight brings it close to him.

"I KYLE DUBE is and always will be with [my girlfriend].
Strong statement with "I" and caps on his name that he is with his girlfriend. He dropped the pronoun on "always will be" and separated himself and the girlfriend by "with." He feels shaky about his future with her.

"We have had our ups and downs..."
Now he uses "we", pulling them together rather than separating by with. He uses past perfect tense which gives a sense of ongoing ups and downs. Were these ups and downs the drama he finalized?

"...but we have worked them out..."
BUT counters the ups and downs they have had. They are still WE. "Have worked" is past perfect again...a sense of ongoing.

" stop talking to me if you are trying to flirt..."
SO indicates the explanation for how WE worked it out. This is very important. STOP TALKING TO ME. How did he make someone stop talking to him? To work it out? To stop the drama?

"...if you are trying to flirt..."
if talks to a judgment call. Who decides what you are trying to do...flirt or just talk? Kyle Dube? The girlfriend? We? Trying means not succeeding, at least in his mind. Maybe like he withstands the temptation.

"...and guys you better stop hitting on her..."
And shows something was left out between stopping girls talking to him and this.
Guys is a friendly term, as is "you better." This phrase almost sounds like he doesn't believe anyone "hits on his girlfriend." Or doesn't mind.

"I get crazy when I'm pissed off and I'm about there."
He takes full credit for himself here. He was not out of his mind when he killed Nichole Cable. He planned it. He is a methodical predator.

Pineapple said...

Is it just me, or does it seem likely to anyone else why Dube created a fake facebook account? He was trying to see if Nichole would cheat on him. That's my guess, although I would be surprised if I were wrong.
Anyone else?

Picked a name said...

Pineapple, that was my thought too - entrap her, test her, punish her.

Of course, I have another theory that contradicts that one - that he was showing himself or his girlfriend that he would be faithful by getting rid of a temptation, getting rid of someone who may have "flirted" with him.

I'm more inclined toward the first theory, the one you mentioned.

Grace Snow said...

I think he did use that facebook profile to test his girlfriend Sarah, who was the real Brian Butterfield's former girlfriend. The fb profile was created in October 2012. And he used it again with Nichole.

Anonymous said...

No sweetheart, Im pissed because he's failing to correct a mistake that's endangering an innocent child. What is your problem that you aren't upset too? Don't be happy one is caught while Peter takes an innocent down. I want you to read back clearly. I am criticizing Peter for endangering the life/welfare/psychological well being of the wrong Kyle Dube. Please have someone read that out loud to you if you need help understanding why that's not being 'critical.' Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to guess why Peter won't take his mistake down? I encourage everyone to write the innocent Kyle, envourage him to block Peter and his page and tell him about this one. Maybe he can get the police involved.

Sus said...

I'm not sure about that fake profile. From Kyle Dupe's facebook post, I can see he blames girls for flirting with him. Yet girls say he asked them under the fake profile to meet up.

Maybe it began as a test for Sarah as Bryan Butterfield is her former boyfriend. Maybe later it went to more of a set up of Bryan make him look bad.

Just a thought...could Sarah have created or taken over the fake profile?

Lis said...

Good analysis, Sus.

I wondered if "with" was a typo for "want" (I don't 'want' the drama).

Pineapple, I wondered the same thing.

The person who is worried about the other Kyle Dube's profile: don't you wonder why he doesn't take that offensive picture down? I do. Especially if he is aware of being mistaken for the other Kyle Dube.

Tania Cadogan said...

mamabear said...

The other Kyle Dube's photo captioning the rabid grizzly bear has been taken down, I can't see it anymore. The FB profile did appear to be a younger Kyle Dube. The mistake was very very easy to make. As Peter Hyatt appears to be human to me I'll afford him the luxury of being wrong, it's happened to me a time or two as well.

Anonymous said...

I read it as I'm done with the drama.

Anonymous said...

mamabear, Which?
Peter Hyatt made a mistake with your identity, or that you have made a mistake with someone else's identity?
Either way, owning up to a 'mistake' is preferable to erasing the 'mistake' as if it never occurred. -mo

jenna in tucson said...

^^The FB page of a local newscaster who has been reporting on every new development in the case.

jenna in tucson said...

FYI, from what I've gathered, quite a few local teens seem to think Kyle's girlfriend, Sarah, was behind Nichole's murder. Not physically, but in an influential sense.

This is purely speculation and I'd imagine rumors are running rampant right now in that HS, but I find it interesting that so many seem quick to blame her...

What about this girl, Sarah, and her relationship with Kyle and/or Nichole is causing this type of talk amongst her peers?

see above said...!/dylan.drinkwater.3?__user=100000294384555

Nichole's boyfriend... although It's mostly private.

Sus said...

Following the pronouns in his fb post shows his girlfriend did influence him.

He uses "I" through most of the post.

"We" is used when speaking of their ups and downs (fighting and drama?) and working it out. I'd like to know what he means by working it out. Especially since he goes immediately into saying, "so stop talking to ME if YOU are trying to flirt."

Thanks for the link, Hobs.

Anonymous said...

@laughing hyena, not quite as erudite. Know the reference?

Anonymous said...

@Hyenas, you from the UK?

Lis said...

Anon, aside from Peter posting the link to the wrong page...

Put yourself in this place:
You have the exact same name as someone who, the news is telling the world, tricked a young woman with a false Facebook account, possibly abducted and murdered her. You live in the same area. People are mistaking you for the murderer... Would you post that picture on your page? I just find it very strange.

mamabear said...

I see what you did there, anon 4:05. I never claimed that there was a mistake of identity in my case, only that I've made mistakes. As I'm sure you have as well. And in a glance, yes, the Kyles do resemble each other. IMO. Also both Kyles were friends with Nichole, and Kyle had more than one FB account.
When I went to look again, I still couldn't find the link from this blog, leaving me to believe it's been taken down.

Anonymous said...

mambear, the link Peter Hyatt posted in his S/A is still up, pointing to the MINOR AGED CHILD and NOT the 20 y/o currently incarcerated and charged with Nichole Cable's murder.

Peter, who is 'helping' you with trying to connect folks, who are NOT each other?

EM, again?

mamabear said...

My apologies, I've found the link that is still up. The page it was on is changed, is how I missed it. Again, i apologise for my mistake.

Anonymous said...

Lis, omg, he posted it in February!!!!!! It means nothing, it is the wrong guy and it was in February!!!!!


~ABC said...

Anon @ 6:07 PM

I guarantee you if the link is still up it is because Peter sees a reason for it to be up. A reason that you perhaps cannot discern. If at some point he sees the reasoning doesn't apply he will take the link down. Why don't you take a break from your screaming, demanding rants and shut up!!

Anonymous said...

~ABC, but will Peter remove it with explanation, or without an explanation, 'if' he does remove it?
Where is your guarantee for Peter having a reason to leave it up?

-not Anon of May 23, 2013 at 6:07 PM

~ABC said...

I don't know whether he will explain or not. It's his blog. He can do whatever he likes. Why can't you understand that? I've seen enough of the work he does to trust his motives. Kapeche? Smart people know how to play their cards close to the vest. Idiots shout all they know from rooftops and expect others to do the same. :-)

Anonymous said...

You made my point.
Thank you.

~ABC said...

If you say so Anon @ 5:25PM !

Anonymous said...

ABC, you spelled that word outside of any dialect. Try Capisci for Italian or capiche? for informal US.
You can't put blind faith in anyone. You have to utilize Peter's principals even if Peter falls from his own standards, falls from grace here. Maybe he's testing you. Maybe he's not but you don't know Peter. What he's done is wrong. He hasn't said it's right so you can't say it for him.
Why haven't we heard from Lemon or Hobs? Do they agree but don't want to knock Peter's ego?

Anonymous said...

ABC, read your own words, you sound like you'll drink his koolaid. You do not know Peter. He has never apologized for being wrong yet he has been wrong many times. Just because simeone is in power or an authority doesn'r mean he's above reproach! If you won't stand up for a kid, ABC, who the hell will you stand up for? What's your level of tolerance? When do you say, Enough? You shut up! Let's see your family member go up!