Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nichole Cable, Ayla Reynolds and a Crisis of Confidence in Maine

I am frustrated at the lack of movement in the case of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds, plain and simple.

Can we really accept that the likes of Justin DiPietro outsmarted law enforcement?

Can someone buy life insurance against a healthy toddler's life, report her 'kidnapped' 6 weeks later, fail a polygraph, and leave the baby's blood in the house, and best trained law enforcement in an interrogation?

Before the rush to condemn local law enforcement, the FBI was in on this case in the beginning, which sealed off the notion that it was a kidnapping:  it was not.  Ayla met her death in the home where only three adults were, yet, no arrest.

This is not something that lends itself to confidence in the case of missing 15 year old Nichole Cable, as the 48 hour mark came and went, and the only announcement is that police are interested in one of the most popular vehicles in the area.

That's it?

Rumors abound from locals and none of them sounds good.

Unlike the Baby Ayla case, we don't have statements to analyze which indicate guilty knowledge of the subject, which then allows us to wait for...arrests.

When Hailey Dunn went missing, the mother went on national television and was indicated for deception before she ever hooked up to the polygraph.

When Deborah Bradley spoke, she was almost incapable of saying the pronoun "I", or using Baby Lisa's name; long before the investigation turned against her, we knew.

Yet, in this case, we have nothing to analyze.  If there has been a young male with defensive scratch marks on his body, who withstood interrogation, we don't know about it, and we don't have statements to analyze which allow us to know guilt or innocence from his own mouth.

We wait.

It is likely that Nichole will be found, one way or another, but in terms of successful prosecution, there is always Justin DiPietro, father of Ayla Reynolds, holding the State of Maine in contempt.

There's something quite ironic about this:

Imagine taking a citizen of Maine's life,  being uneducated but besting the State's investigators and prosecutors, having no criminal repercussion for the crime, but getting citizen's tax payers' money to be provided for.

Something just isn't right.

We wait upon news regarding the plight of Nichole Cable, but don't fault the citizens for their crisis of confidence. It may not be directly related to Casey Anthony, who's jury still cast a long shadow.


mommaklee said...

The way LE is handling this is very different from the way Jessica Ridgeway's disappearance was handled in CO.

Anonymous said...

was Jessica Ridgeway's case investigated by the FBI's C.A.R.D. team?

mommaklee said...

What I remember is that in Jessica Ridgeway's case, the LE put a lot of information out with the intention of capturing her abductor. They told people to look out for someone with defensive wounds, someone who suddenly didn't show up to work the next day, they released mug shots of sex offenders, some police sketches of those who didn't have mugshots, tied her disappearance in with a series of attempted abductions in the neighborhood, and other things along those lines. When I look up this case, even though it is a week old, there is just not a lot of information that indicates that law enforcement is putting that kind of information out.

mommaklee said...

Interview with Bryan Butterfield

concerned said...

You need to watch "Aphrodite Jones" true crime episode on Casey Anthony. It may be online but I know it's on Google Play. She makes an excellent argument of how the jury in the trial although she initially did not think so, made the only decision that they could. I agree. It was my reasoning before I saw her show and my reasoning now. We must be logical, intelligent, rationale thinkers or SA will never work. I hope you will consider it for you are at your best when you are logical.

HostWith eight bestselling books under her belt, and and hundreds of television appearances spanning 20 years, Aphrodite Jones is a highly recognized name in the field of crime profiling. For over a decade, The New York Times bestselling author has provided commentary on high profile crimes for FOX News, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and E! Network, focusing on providing insights into personalities such as Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Scott Peterson and Phil Spector.An investigative journalist for more than 20 years, Jones earned her stripes as a syndicated columnist before creating and hosting a crime fighting series for USA network called The Justice Hunters. Valued as a crime expert to journalists worldwide, Jones has been quoted by news organizations from Australia, China, Japan, Western Europe, Canada, and South America. Two of Jones' books were made into Lifetime TV movies, and her account of Brandon Teena, "All She Wanted," was the inspiration for the critically acclaimed feature film Boys Don't Cry.She currently lives in New York and Florida. Visit her website at

good times said...


Did the jury hear Cindy's 911 call?
(Just another thing broken about the justice system in this country=If they didn't)

I am parapharsing(misspelling intended)

I've been looking for my daughter for 31 days and today she comes home and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car!
Here Honey, and hands Casey the phone.

She knew at that moment her granddaughter was dead at the hands of her daughter.

The jury could not detect being played by the defence? The jury didn't hear the obvious lies that anthony family got away with?

That jury was a joke.

Jazzie said...

Read this and it will make you wonder about justice and LE's ability to prosecute and think about the ties people have with the State:

I hope Maine and all acting LE agencies have what it takes to bring justice for AYLA REYNOLDS.

Lemon said...

"If there has been a young male with defensive scratch marks on his body, who withstood interrogation, we don't know about it, and we don't have statements to analyze which allow us to know guilt or innocence from his own mouth." - PH


Jazzie said...

Talk about holding the State in contempt:

"A Litchfield County man accused of killing his girlfriend in January 2000 has remained free for 13 years awaiting trial and has been earning a $129,000-a-year taxpayer-funded salary as a state sales tax auditor.

Peter Sebben of Winchester was released on a $125,000 bond after his arrest nine years ago in a case that has seen unheard-of procedural delays."

This just sucks. No justice yet. We the CT taxpayers are funding for this bastard killer's perky lifestyle.

Lis said...

The articles I have read about Nichole have been very soft with little info and the quotes from LE do not give clear, conside information. They don't give the impression of being sharp, on their toes, sure of themselves or committed to solving this case. Or Aylas. They come across as kind of helpless and confused. Maybe it's just a public relations thing?

In other states, people have been arrested on less evidence than they have on Ayla's case and the cases solved quickly.

With the secrecy that must necessarily surround LE handling of cases, one doesn't know whether anything is happening behind the scenes or nothing is.

In contrast, we have the ICE post the other day of an anonymous child pornographer whose face was extracted from a video- they didn't even know at first what country this guy was in, but they put out the photo to the public and in one day tips had solved the person's identity and he was arrested. It is not always best to leave the public out of the loop.

On the positive side, at least it's not as bad as Cleveland. I hope.

Jazzmine said...

I don't believe Ayla's case will be brought to trial without a body.
Justin DiPietro may not be smarter than the FBI or the MSP, but it's likely he knew how to get rid of his child's body so it wouldn't be found.

LE probably has accumulated enough evidence to bring a case to trial, but more likely the Maine State's Attorney is refusing to indict because Ayla's body has not been found.

The Casey Anthony jury couldn't convict even when the state had Caylee Anthony's remains and her skull with duct tape wrapped around her nose and mouth plus all the other evidence of Casey's evil handiwork.

Anonymous said...

Peter, why don't you write up the Anne Barber Dunlap murder in Minneapolis. Police have just released the husband's 911 call. A partial transcript is here:

If you could find the complete call, it would be super.

Background on the case:

John Mc Gowan said...

OT from above..

This is an interesting take on script reading when denying allegations of any kind.

Im going to do some research on this,to see the percentage rate of people who have been caught lying after they have used a script to refer to during a denial.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Denies Crack Cocaine Allegations
Is He Telling the Truth?
His Body Language says ....

Although it has not yet surfaced yet, a phone video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine exists. Staff of the Toronto Star has purportedly viewed it and feel it is authentic. The person possessing the video reportedly wants tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for the video.

The video above shows Mayor Rob Ford denying the allegations. Regardless of whatever words the "script" or "memo" he is holding contains, no innocent man needs a script to declare his innocence. Deception needs to memorize. Truth speaks from the heart. From a nonverbal standpoint, his memo serves much the same function as a young child's blanket. It is a MAP surrogate (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) and is a strong signal of high anxiety in this context. MAP surrogates are slightly more refined forms of self-touching.

His body language also betrays the lie as evidenced by the Mayor's relative lack of eye contact. Both in extended looking at his memo and prolonged looking down at noise on the floor provide subconscious excuses for looking away - and down - from his audience. We don't need to see the video. Rob Ford is guilty of smoking crack cocaine.

Also there is NO reliable denial.

SALurkerOne said...

That stood out to me too.

Now I'm curious.

The things that make you go hmmmmm....

John Mc Gowan said...

That takes me back that song
SALurkerOne. :)

John Mc Gowan said...

PS,From my OT.

(Denying allegations in media conferences using script's,and later found guilty)

If anyone comes across someone be it celebrities,and or your average Joe Blogs.I would be very grateful if you let me know.


Eliza said...

OT Re: Anne Dunlap

The 911 transcript starts: "911? Hi, I was hoping you could tell me the procedure of who I might call. My wife left to go shopping about seven hours ago and I have not heard from her since, and I was expecting her back a long time ago.”"

The greeting (Hi) isn't a good sign. The insurance policy makes the whole story seem more suspicious.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Eliza,

Do you have a link to the transcript.


Eliza said...

Hello John,

unfortunately I don't have a link to the full transcript (I don't know if the full version has been released yet). I found this small part in the link mentioned by Anonymous above:

Vita said...

Nichole Cable, lives in Glenburn, Maine. Population of Glenburn: 4000, census: 2000

Nichole her High School in Old Town, population, 7833 (2011)

The areas in between are open land, low population of people, few residences, open land to be the haystack. As we learned this, by following Ayla's missing. Are these areas chosen (LE), led by tips, or needed and necessary to grid search, simply to eliminate. Where is Nichole Cable?

Yesterday, 5/18/13 Penobscot County Sheriff issues request-

Sheriff’s Office Needs Volunteers for Ground Search

Update in the case of missing teen Nichole Cable – the Warden’s Service is asking for volunteers for a ground search on Sunday.

Lieutenant Kevin Adam of the Warden’s Service is looking for volunteers to conduct ground searches in the Glenburn area.

Those who wish to assist in search efforts should be at the Glenburn Fire Station located at 144 Lakeview Road in Glenburn at 9:30 am on Sunday May 19, 2013.

The search will include wooded and swampy terrain. Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather and wear proper footwear.

Those with medical conditions that may affect their ability to perform in such conditions should refrain from this request and may be asked for other assistance in the future.

Volunteers should also count on supplying their own food and hydration. If possible please bring an orange hunter style vest.

Specific instructions and directions will be given during a briefing at the Search Command Post located at the Glenburn Fire Station.

Nichole has been missing since Sunday evening, when she told her mother she was going out to the driveway to meet someone she said she knew.

It’s believed she may have been lured away by someone who had misrepresented themselves on Facebook. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Penobscot County Sheriff’s office.

John Mc Gowan said...

Eliza's OT.

Minneapolis Police Reopen Anne Dunlap Murder Case.


Police say it was Brad who told the search party to go to the Kmart parking lot on Lake Street in South Minneapolis, where they found Anne Dunlap’s car with the keys in the ignition.

“It’s strange "BECAUSE" (when there is a need to explain it is highly sensitive) the keys are in "IT", I DON'T KNOW (Anything said in the negative is sensitive) what that means but I am just real hopeful that there is something in the "CAR" (Here we have a change in language,before he called the car "IT",why the change in language — maybe fingerprints or a clue. … We are grasping at straws at this point. We can only hope and pray at this point,” Brad said to reporters as he stood in front of the car that had just been found and as a bloodhound circled the car. “We are as "HAPPILY MARRIED" (Why the need to tell us they are happily married,this is unnecessary) as people could be. We are in the process of building a home right now in Medina. It’s our dream house. We are planning a family.”

A few hours later, police towed the car to their forensics garage at the Minneapolis impound lot. They found Anne’s body inside the trunk. She had been stabbed multiple times around the head and neck, but there was no sign of a struggle.

he first call starts, “911? "HI",(His wife is missing,why the need to be polite?) I was hoping you could tell me the procedure of who I might call. My wife "LEFT" to go shopping about seven hours ago and I have not heard from her since (The word "left" (or "departed") when used as a connecting verb the leaving of a place, as sensitive. This means that the leaving of a place is still on the mind of the subject, instead of the destination of where the subject went.) and I was expecting her back a long time ago.”

The next call came at 7:30 the next morning. Dunlap made two more calls to police precincts that day and was told he would have to wait 48 hours to file a missing persons report.

Regarding his body language.When someone is missing,and a family member,Husband/wife etc make a press conference.I turn the sound down a watch to see if their words match their body language.

Here is body language doe's not match his concern and worry.Watch it he could be saying anything,and you wouldn't know what he was talking about.

At 1;52 in the vt,he starts to laugh,and try's to cover it up by pretending to wipe a tear away a tear.

Coughing said...

Unfortunate news update: Maine is requesting citizen ground crew assistance, to walk through swampy/marshland wooded area together today...bring their own lunch, expect to work the day, that kind of thing. Without saying it, it sounds like they are saying, we're looking for a body.

Anonymous said...

They have been very tight lipped as someone mentioned above. It took me three days to get a mention of when she went missing (walked out to the driveway) one is stating what she texted her friend about or why no one noticed she never came on fromthe driveway until the next morning. There are a lot of empty spaces here, news of a party down the street...were more people involved...Huge gaps in time, and the whole incodent was not clear at all...the police must have been controlling the outflow on purpose. As far as staffing, I consider the crew looking for her to be a dream team. How does this case merit this over all other cases? I wish everyone got this, but those answers are close to LE chest's as well...local police, state police, FBI, wardens, independent company with more planes and helicopters, perhaps ICE.
This family won't be able to claim they weren't taken seriously. Im impressed by the LE efforts. I think some of the quickest resolutions involve limited flow of info, by the police, to the public. That keeps the criminals in the dark as well. I hope she gets a good resolution, but in the end, they're called in to chase down a crime in progress not prevent one from ever occurring. This is a quality response.

Vita said...

One missing poster created by (?) that is circulating. It is what is written on it. You can see the image here, it's a bit blurry.

At the upper portion, " she's just a little girl of 15, with her whole life ahead of her" which I believe this is Nichole's mother, quoted from one of the press statements she made.

-this written below,
Nichole was apparently meeting this man in her mother's driveway.
They weren't going to go anywhere, he was bringing her smokes.

This was written by who? a friend? the known communicated with Nichole on Sunday? It's what someone knows, that this is written upon the poster. It nullifies she is a little girl, her mother quoted. This is separate. It's not written in conjunction. The later is someone's own known knowledge.

The written condones her, permissions her for not only meeting the man, as it is excused, " they" weren't up to no good, as in what would this be? to do what? to leave together.

As it is Teen speak.
It's not like they were,..
She meeting a man at the end of her mothers driveway - " they" weren't going to go anywhere,
He was bringing her smokes.

As anon wrote, "There are a lot of empty spaces here, news of a party down the street...were more people involved..."

Yes, I agree, more people were involved. Who is closest? ear to the know, the youth her age, not necessarily her circle. Her mother is her first circle, as Mother has said, she has runaway before. She 15, she to have previously ran away. This then was of her own to know, she had a someone or someplace to " run to". This time not the same scenario.

Running away is no easy task, running to someone unknown, to a place unknown, is as easy as it is invited. The cigarettes was what she wanted. This person in agreement to provide them for her. "Bait" he promised her cigarettes.

In psychology of a 15 year old, this is figuratively perceived as " trust" - she wasn't judged, she wasn't told no, she wasn't scolded, it was someone who reciprocated her, her need, and said, no problem. What did she have to do in order to " get" what she wanted? she to go to the lengths of leaving her home, to walk down to the end of the driveway, that met the highway.

She let go of all her inhibitions.
This person is on my side. This person/s is who they are, not who they became to be, this person/s clearly is a predator. One who was savvy enough to speak 15, and yet was older, that she viewed as someone who survived " being a misunderstood" teenager, that my parents, blah yadda.

This person and or person's manipulated her, and they won. As she is what they wanted. This did not happen overnight, she was obviously groomed. A local/s known by many? in the community via their past? yet isn't a known to Nichole's intimate friend circle, nor her parents. The FB part of this as said, to be a mistaken identity. However it is that they met, went down, as it is not said. It is how they met, tied to social media, a understatement to parents: Facebook is not your kid's friend period.

I am listening and have been listening to Penobscot County Sheriff for 45 mins, for a community that is relatively small in numbers, the scanner is non stop. It is open, as I heard it the other day, LE countless times to go to and from Nichole's school. It's free to tune in:

Nichole is on my mind, yes she is. As she is and could be to anyone of us " related" - she is everyone's Daughter. She is typical, what happened to her is A- typical.

Lis said...

Interesting, Vita. What a shame.