Friday, May 31, 2013

Nichole Cable: Navigating Local News

As some astute observers have commented, the local media is not always interested in presenting facts in their articles.

While posting the article from the Bangor Daily News without commentary nor analysis, some readers went on to read the affidavit for themselves, and saw the disconnect between the article, the headline, and what was reported in the affidavit.  Some even saw weakness in the writing of the affidavit and commented upon such.

What it may boil down to is a crisis of confidence in our nation's law enforcement, or at least, in some states.

How difficult can this be?  Let's look at what we know, rather than what is admissible and what is not:

An unemployed young male fumes over learning he is a father and has to pay child support.  He is buddies with a young real estate agent.

He takes out a life insurance policy against the life of this child; a big policy, piggy backing it on his car insurance policy, only to report her "missing" 6 weeks later.

The child's blood is found in the home and he fails his polygraph.

No arrests?

Tell me that Justin DiPietro bested law enforcement in the interrogation challenge?


Tell me that a Grand Jury would not indict with just these known facts??

Tell me that his buddy's hands are clean in all of this and that his buddy's mother is just hyper-vigilant without self interest?  Sorry, not buying it.

Have you seen local media question why there has been no arrests?  I haven't.

WIth Nichole Cable, the local media reported in a blurry manner that this was a kidnapping gone wrong.


They took a line from what the nut told his brother and made it the headline, which now means locals walk around repeating the nonsense:  you know, locals who will make up the jury pool.

Well played, Bangor Daily News.

At least they are consistent in their reporting.

For those of you who read the affidavit, your comments suggest that you are not in awe of the work done on this case.  This may be part of the larger picture.

Recall the article I wrote quite a while back extolling the virtues of the future jury pool who would seek justice for Ayla Reynolds, and how one commentator not only answered me, but pummeled me with statistics on the suitability of a jury pool.

Local media is not helping.

Bangor Daily News political slants have been well known for decades, but its desire to grab headlines, coupled with the lack of competition has conspired together to give some pretty weak journalism examples for us.

The Online Sentinel refused to publish anything, including investigative journalism, on the Baby Ayla case, unless it was given "official Maine State police" approval.

How much investigative journalism will we get if waiting for official approval?

Little wonder the only journalist who kept Ayla's story in the public's eye moved on.


Anonymous said...

Referring to Justin DiPuke, you said he was buddies with a real estate agent. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe his good buddy was a licensed insurance agent who worked out of his fathers' insurance agency and not a real etate agent. Or was he both an insurance agent and a licensed realtor?

John Mc Gowan said...


Pistorius: Images Show Bloody Scene Of Killing..

Images obtained by Sky News show the room where Reeva Steenkamp was fatally shot.

WARNING: These pictures may cause distress.

John Mc Gowan said...


'Hatchet Hitchhiker' Pleads Not Guilty To Murder..

Kai McGillivary thanks his supporters as he denies killing an elderly man who was found dead wearing only underwear and socks.

Sus said...

Maine news doesn't even semi to notice it's own discrepancies.

On May 16 Brian Butterfield told News Central he knew Nichole Cable from high-school and spoke to her maybe twice. He said he had forgotten about her until the sheriff's office showed up asking about her.

In the affidavit released May 29,police say the interviewed a young man named Bryan Butterfield who stated he hadn't seen Nichole IN WEEKS, he was aware Kyle Dube had a fake facebook profile in his name, and also aware Kyle Dube WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH NICHOLE, but she spurned his advances.

Bryan Butterfield cannot "forget about Nichole Cable" and "be aware of" a fact about her at the same time.

Sus said...

semi = seem

Anyone know how to turn off autocorrect? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, he could have forgotten about Nichole until something came up that refreshed his memory. He was no close friend with Nichole. Brian Butterfield had only known Nichole in passing, had seen her a couple of times in his life and not ever with any personal contact. How's that so hard to accept?

He had seen that someone else was using his name on facebook to hit on Nichole and already knew the guy wanted to have sex with her. You forget, he was in high-school and high schoolers talk, they know whose hitting on who, something he didn't pay any attention too at the time since he didn't even really know Nichole.

Some of you people make me sick. All you want to do is create ugly and slam innocent people, when there's already enough of the guilty you can go after.

John Mc Gowan said...


What WILL it take for Google to block child porn?

Jailed for life yesterday, April Jones's murderer is the latest child killer to use the internet to fuel his perversion.
Mark Bridger had a sickening library of violent child pornography
Follows revelation that Tia Sharp's killer downloaded child abuse images
Calls for search sites to crack down on how paedophiles can feed fantasies.


Google and Microsoft last night faced demands to act over the shocking ease with which child killer Mark Bridger used the internet to fuel his perversion.
Bridger, sentenced yesterday to spend the rest of his life in jail for murdering five-year-old April Jones, had a sickening library of violent child pornography.
It follows the revelation that Stuart Hazell, the man convicted earlier this month of killing 12-year-old Tia Sharp, regularly downloaded child abuse images on his mobile phone.

Locked up: April Jones's killer Mark Bridger is pictured in drag. He had a sickening library of child pornography

Jailed: Sexual predator and murderer Mark Bridger is taken from court to start his whole life sentence in jail
Children’s charities and online protection experts are now calling for search sites to crack down on the way paedophiles can feed their fantasies with simple online searches.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget John, Billie Jean & Shawn ALSO had their own collection of child pornography they had downloaded from the internet; AND I SUSPECT, distributed had made some of their own.

Let's not forget that we don't know yet how Hailey died or if her violent murder was video taped. Why wouldn't it have been, since adult porn, blood-letting violence, the deaths and rape of helpless animals, AND pedophelia was depicted on their 109,000+ images that were confiscated from them?

dadgum said... the hatchet guy..
No one should EVER be found dead wearing underwear and socks. Except maybe Beckham...

Shelley said...

It seems to often in this world that criminals are favored.

How many times do you hear about a girl that is raped by the high school team only to be the one harassed. The team supported.

Clear cut cases happen where guilt is clear yet the person walks free.

Cases where we know guilt is NOT present but there was corrpution and the person is locked away.

There is a serious issue in this world.

I just do not get why it is allowed by so many.

John Mc Gowan said...

Apologies for another OT..

I don't know if this has been addressed in the past,and i don't know if any charges were filed.

Second Infant Dies At Baby Sitter's Home.

Police: Baby Sitter Called To Report Infant's Death.

Posted: 01/20/2010

Police are investigating the death of a second infant at the home of a Muncie baby sitter.

Tina Byrd, 43, called police Tuesday afternoon to report that a 4-month-old boy in her care had died at her home at 3301 W. Noel Drive, said Sgt. Mike Engle.

Investigators said the cause of death was unclear, 6News' Ericka Flye reported.

"She put the baby down to take a nap approximately an hour and a half earlier. She checked on it after an hour an a half, and then a little more time elapsed, and when she went in to wake the baby and couldn't wake it," Engle said.

In November, police responded to the same home after Byrd called to report that a 2-month-old child had died.

An autopsy on the child was inconclusive, but Engle said the circumstances of the death were similar.

"It just seems very strange that this would occur," he said.

Neighbors said they were unnerved by the situation.

"We just said this is like déjà vu," said neighbor Liz Siedel. "This happened once before, and now we're facing this scene again."

Police questioned Byrd and released her Tuesday night. An autopsy on the 4-month-old boy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Investigators said Byrd provided baby sitting services through a local church.

BOTH 911 calls.

Jazzmine said...

Investigative reporting is a thing of the past...the far away past. One would have to put The National Enquirer or their ilk on the Ayla Reynolds case to get anybody to actually ask questions beyond the most rudimentary ones.

Of course, one is loathe to actually suggest that a tabloid undertake to ask the questions and attempt to get answers in the Ayla case which the MSM refuses to ask. Some of the tabloid stories are wildly inaccurate or made up. Yet sometimes, especially in political reporting, the NE and their sister tabs, will with uncommon persistence uncover what the MSM has failed to even question.

In most MSM reporting on crime, if anyone --witnesses, POI,suspect or LE, is questioned the first answer given is accepted and printed and no more follow-up questions are asked. That is not investigative reporting of the old school.

Even if the one questioned answered with a "No comment", then at least we'd know that the reporter knew enough and cared enough to ask the question and there'd be something on record which could lead to more investigation by the "journalists".

LE in the Ayla Reynolds case should be asked more questions, primarily regarding why no arrests have been made when they themselves made the statement that Ayla's blood was found in the parental house.

The family involved in Ayla's disappearance should be asked pertinient questions which the public has been asking for over a year. That family should not be let off the hook with a simple terse answer or excused from not giving a coherent answer to questions concerning Ayla's disappearance. If I were a reporter I would ask a question of Justin DiPietro's statement that he felt his daughter "was adjusting to her new surroundings and probably thinks it's a game." Would you at least ask him as a reporter "What in heck do you mean by that statement?". But from the MSM...not a question about this or many other odd statements from the DiPietros. "Well, thanks! See ya'" seems to be the reporters way of handling things.

Then the reporters rush to print with the bare minimum of any investigation as if a late date takes precedence over really digging into the things they've been told by both LE and the families involved.

I do understand the importance of LE keeping their case safe for a future trial, but LE, at least release the 911 call made by the DiPietros after Ayla was found missing.

I think Maine needs a "Sunshine Law". And they certainly the newspapers in Maine need a reporter like Kathy Belich from Orlando who showed what investigative journalists should be like during the Casey Anthony Case. She never let anyone off the hook with one answer or a "No comment".

Lis said...

In the article about Kyle Dube's story, there were a lot of comments and almost all were expressing disbelief.

News reporting is going downhill most places, though. Budgets are cut to the bone because the newspaper business is no longer profitable. People get their news for free on the internet, advertisers are dropping out of the newspaper venue.

Dee said...

Jazzmine said...I think Maine needs a "Sunshine Law". And they certainly the newspapers in Maine need a reporter like Kathy Belich from Orlando who showed what investigative journalists should be like during the Casey Anthony Case. She never let anyone off the hook with one answer or a "No comment".

There are very few reporters left like Kathy Belich and apparently Maine has none of them. The reporters that came up from FL to cover the firefighter drug case were doggedly persistent too. Enough so to get threatened by police. Apparently FL has the market cornered on investigative reporting.

Shoppergalone said...

Why is it that Maine St. Police don't want any questions asked? Or answered for that matter. In all the cases I've read about in Maine, there is none, zero, investigative reporting. Then I read that reporters are threatened by police. Do they just not want murders solved in that state? It's almost like they are hiding something. Why would they not want murders solved or even investigated? Can anybody explain this to me that is from Maine????

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I can't answer your question, but your assertion is correct.

We saw this in the drug dealing fireman case where one of our State police threatened to arrest the Florida journalists who appeared to have found the suspect before police did.

Imagine this case:

a baby dies from injuries while living in a trailer with two grandparents.

Nothing came of it.

Another baby, same grand parents, a few years later, also dies of injuries, and no arrest.

It is hard to believe but if people only knew the nature of government they would understand that they are surrendering their freedoms to the decision making of people who are NOT the best and brightest.

The best and brightest often leave to private sector to make money.

Sus said...

Anon May 31 9:03 am
Bryan Butterfield told News Central that he hadn't given a thought to Nichole, he'd forgotten about her till the police knocked on his door asking for her.

In the affidavit, he had told police he knew Kyle Dube wanted to have sex with Nichole, but she refused his advances.

It has to be one or the thought of a person in your mind or knowledge of something about the person. There is no in between in the matter.

The first statement comes from Bryan himself. I heard him say it in the interview. The second from the affidavit. I read the document.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the person who wrote or helped to write the affidavit, did not have first hand information, was under time constraints, under oath, did the best they could, at that time, may wish it was worded, better, and relied on what information was available, had an idea of the judge's schedule, in a timely manner, to place a person in a safe place, to protect, BOTH the reason/person, in question, and society, in general.

If you have never been in that situation, please do not assume to know, everything.

*Note, please, I am not accusing you of anything.
I read your post.
I am hoping the information I am able to share, helps, if not you, maybe, one person.
One person, is worth my time.

To help explain, I will share something.
Recently, I had a visit to a doctor's office for my first time, there.
A staff member took my medical history and charted it.
When I met this doctor, he noticed, from my chart, I was 'allergic' to a certain medication.
That was NOT what I told the person, noting my medical history.
I am NOT 'allergic' to any medication, that I know about.
I told the charting person, I prefer to not be administered that medication, because of the side effects.
Granted, I have allergies, and understand the potential for anaphylaxis shock, and have had to have an EpiPen (epinephrine) auto-injector, handy, just in case, which helps treat anaphylaxis, available, instructed as to how and when to use it, if needed, when the medical field tried to boost my immune system, no, not bee stings, ragweed.
I know how and why my body would react, if I needed to use it, it would not be pleasant, but better than not being able to breathe.
I have an over active immune system, not under, my personal take.
Not important, for this comment/post.
Being prepared is a good idea.
I gave correct information.
The person charting my information used her words and interpretation, incorrectly.
--->>> My words were not on MY chart.
Her words, were what was on the chart.
Huge difference.
Yes, my doctor corrected that, and we moved on.

Did BB have a chance to proof read the affidavit that used his name, to place the 20 year old Kyle Dube in police custody?
I doubt it.
If so, link, please.

My suggestion, Sus, if you are bothered by the affidavit, make a phone call, and ask.

Yes, that simple.

I have.
And continue to do so.

As much as I dislike calling Hailey Dunn a 'case' ... there have been times I was bothered, enough, to make a phone call.
By paying close attention to the words one uses, both caller and informer, it is not difficult to understand when a boundary is being crossed, or not.
Be polite, honest, know the point and goal of 'daring' to make a phone call beforehand, and remember to thank the person, even if the answer was or was not satisfactory.
Keeping channels/communication open, from my experience, means I may be able to make a second call.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Not difficult.

Sus said...

I am fine with the affidavit and the interview as written.

When will Maine news sources notice that Bryan Butterfield is telling two stories, as I stated above.

Kyle Dube's girlfriend is also younger, around Nichole's age, while KD is 20. Bryan Butterfield is 19. He stated in his interview with News Central that he found out about the fake facebook profile when people told his girlfriend he was trying to "meet with OTHER young girls. I'M 19."

In the news interview, BB distanced himself from Nichole and KD stating he hadn't thought about her since high-school.

In the affidavit, he states he knew KD was "trying to have sex with Nichole."

My point is that BB distanced himself from the Nichole/KD situation for a reason. It was a man preying on a young teen girl. How much is that going on in that community? How many of the older guys are "running around" with younger girls still in high school? Did BB distance himself because that's exactly what he does?

Anonymous said...

BB has been cleared by law enforcement and two members of Anonymous (the hacktivist group).

BB wasn't the only person that knew Dube had been trying to become sexually involved with Nichole. Many people knew Dube was trying to have sex with Nichole because Dube's girlfriend told her friends that she hoped Nichole would be raped and killed for becoming involved with her boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

^This is the same girlfriend who was interviewed in a psychiatric hospital in Bangor, Maine. She told the police where to find Nichole's body. It's time for Sarah to be discharged and go to jail.

Sick of Insecure Posters Attacking Others said...

Anon, June 2, 12:07, what field are you in? You are insufferable. You strike me as a busybody with a lot of time on your hands, perhaps on disability, here to make sure that everyone on the internet acknowledges your superiority and correct their errors so as to instruct them.
I bet you are overbearing in real life and have few friends. I'm betting seriously on disabled, perhaps overweight, definitely insecure and feeling impotent about your ability to demonstrate your worth to others in a real life, meaningful capacity. You need to let others know you can do it better, but no one wants or needs you to. Ugh, that must be frustrating. But at least you got to try it out on Sus without giving your name or having to be forthright.