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Nichole Cable: Search Continues

From Bangor Daily News.  For those unfamiliar with Statement Analysis:   We sometimes use news articles, add italics to the quotes and then add Statement Analysis is bold type for readers. 

Nichole Cable

GLENBURN, Maine — Well over 500 people took to the roadsides, woods and bogs of the Glenburn area Sunday in the search for 15-year-old Nichole Cablewho last was seen a week ago.
Thank you for coming to help find my baby girl. It means the world to me that the community is here for us,” Kristine Wiley, the missing teen’s mother, told searchers during a brief, emotion-filled appearance Sunday morning at the Glenburn Fire Station.

Note "my" is very personal.  "Baby girl" needs to be found, in context. 
Our goal is to bring her home safe and I want to thank you for being here,” Wiley said as she stood flanked by family before a small sea of volunteers, the vast majority of them wearing orange vests and sturdy boots.

Note the expected "I" from the mother, from the plural "our", making it very strong. 
Besides more than a dozen law enforcement officials, Sunday’s massive search effort drew an estimated 100 trained volunteers from 17 search and rescue teams from throughout Maine.
It also involved more than 400 people from Glenburn and surrounding communities who merely wanted to help bring the Glenburn teenager home.
“It’s probably the most volunteers, civilian volunteers, we’ve had on a search in six or seven years, that I can remember,” Dave Martin, president of Orono-based Dirigo Search and Rescue, said. “I knew we were going to get a lot. I didn’t think we’d get this many. But it’s gotten a lot of publicity. You know, it’s a kid.”
The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation into Cable’s disappearance began last Monday morning, when Cable’s parents, Jason and Kristine Wiley of Glenburn,reported her missing.
On their Facebook page, Bring Nichole Cable Home, the girl’s parents said they last saw Cable on Sunday night and that they believe their daughter was last known to be with a man using a fictitious name on a Facebook account.
Since then, fliers have been posted and shared over the Internet by family and friends throughout Penobscot County and well beyond and information about the case has spread around the world over the Internet.
While most of the searchers worked the roadsides, woods and boggy areas on foot, some looked for signs of the teenager on horseback or aboard off-road vehicles. Their area of focus was the land along Route 221, also known as Hudson Road, and Route 43 in Glenburn, Hudson and west Old Town.
To make sure every volunteer was accounted for by the end of the day, volunteers had to sign in and sign out.
Before sending them off to their designated search areas, Warden Rick LaFlamme outlined what was expected of the volunteers as he counted them off in groups of 10, each of which was assigned a team leader.
No one goes rogue on him,” the warden said. “If you go run rogue and someone gets hurt and someone doesn’t know you’re gone, we’re gonna be searching for you tonight and one search is enough for this town, I think.
“We’re not looking for cigarette butts, we’re not looking for soda cans or water bottles at all. We’re looking for possibly a belt and possibly some jewelry or a cellphone. That’s it.
While Sunday’s search was underway, the Maine State Police Major Crime Unit was at a residence on Maplewood Avenue in Orono with an evidence response team. It was not clear if that investigation was connected to Cable’s disappearance.
  Note that the search was in a specific geographical area. 
Penobscot County Chief Deputy Troy Morton could not be reached for comment late Sunday afternoon.
I don’t have any information on that,” Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, said Sunday evening.
Besides the county sheriff’s office and warden service, the search effort through Sunday has involved personnel and expertise from the Maine State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Center for Missing Children, Bangor Police Department and others.
Among the community members who turned up for Sunday’s search were Matt and Lynn McDonald and their three daughters, Kelsea, 14, Megan, 12, and Riliee, 9. Matt McDonald said the girls used to go to school with Cable in Alton before she moved to Glenburn.
“We’ve seen it on Facebook and stuff, they used to go to school with her and they’ve seen everything that’s going on, so we wanted to come out. We figured we could do our best to help out however they want to use us.”
She was in our elementary school,” Kelsea McDonald said. “She was friends with everybody. She liked to, you know, talk and stuff. She was pretty normal, I guess.
Matt McDonald said he hoped Cable would be found soon.
It’s kind of scary, having three girls,” he said.
“It’s hitting close to home,” said Lynn McDonald, adding that Cable’s disappearance was a wake-up call for parents.
“Not knowing, just not knowing anything, so many questions,” Matt McDonald said.
The McDonalds said that only their oldest daughter currently is allowed to have a Facebook account.
“We get to check it at all times. Nothing gets deleted. Anything suspicious, we take care of it,” Lynn McDonald said.
“I think we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing,” her husband said. “I hope some parents, they pick the pace up. I think it’s been too relaxed. We’ve always been really strict.”
On the eve of Sunday’s search, members of the community prayed for Cable’s safe return. Though it was too windy for the planned candlelight vigil, Glenburn Covenant Church Pastor Jack Dowling and his wife, Becca, led about a dozen people in a nearly hourlong outdoor prayer session.
The pastor said Saturday that he and his wife spent time with Cable’s family earlier that day and pulled the prayer vigil together in a matter of three hours because the community wanted one “and because of an acknowledgement that prayer works and we’re a praying church.”
“The family wanted the people in attendance here tonight to know that they appreciated the prayers, they appreciate their support and that they as a family are convinced that Nichole is going to come home safe and sound,” Jack Dowling said.
“Nichole’s friends have been with them all day,” added Becca Dowling. “It’s good to know that her friends are around her family.”
“There’s a number of people supporting her family,” the pastor said.
“It’s really sad. I have a 15-year-old granddaughter, so I can’t even imagine. It would be horrifying,” church member Sharon Brigalli said. “But it’s just nice to see how the community has come together. Not just Glenburn, but all the local towns. Old Town, Hermon, they’re all doing what they can. The kids are out there doing what they can.
“It’s just great to see that people can come together in a crisis situation like this, and knowing as we watched the helicopters all day long flying all around and all the police and everything … that everybody’s out there doing what they can,” she said.
“I just care for the whole town and I feel for her,” added Larry Gallant, who helped build the Glenburn church in the 1940s.
In an update issued via email early Sunday evening, Morton thanked the public for its support of the search on behalf of Cable’s family and the many other agencies involved in the effort to find her.
“The search for Nichole Cable continues,” he said. “Today, the Maine Warden Service asked for the public’s help conducting ground searches in the Glenburn, Hudson and west Old Town area. The public responded when more than 350 family, friends and total strangers arrived at the Glenburn Fire Station at 9:30 a.m. for an instructional briefing.
“Several items were located and investigators will be reviewing these items along with the tips that continue to come in,” he said. “Up to this point the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office has received more than 200 tips and leads. Ground and air searches will continue tomorrow but at this time no volunteers are needed.


hobnobs an angry termite said...

I sick suck!

Lis said...

“We’re not looking for cigarette butts, we’re not looking for soda cans or water bottles at all. We’re looking for possibly a belt and possibly some jewelry or a cellphone. That’s it.”


Skeptical said...

I watched a documentary on Bigfoot a while back. The question was explored as to why no remains of a Bigfoot had ever been found. An experiment was done where a deer carcass was left out for a week in the woods to see what happened. Along with the scientists, I was amazed to see that it had been so scavanged by wildlife that there was barely a trace left.

This brought home to me how challenging it is for volunteers and organizations such as Equasearch to search for remains There is so little to find, especially in states like Maine with all the woods.

How cruel are mothers such as Billie Dunn and Casey Anthony and all the rest who discarded their children to be eaten by animals to save their own sorry selves.

jenna in tucson said...

Off topic -

Body found is Sidney Randall.

Sus said...

I agree, Lis...strange.

In the cig burrs, soda cans, eater bottles. Don't bring in the trash?

Do look for possible belt and jewelry. These would have to be separated from Nichole's body. LE talks like they have a body, or at least know what happened.

Do look for cell phone. I think this is why they have specific location...pings. And the cell phone died in that area.

Lis said...

A few quotes from the following article:

The social network site has been criticized because of people creating fake profiles in order to meet teenagers, which may have happened in Cable’s case. The Facebook group, as well as fliers seeking Cable, say that Cable may have been lured by someone using a fake Facebook profile.

Ellsworth police Detective Dotty Small asked parents on the Ellsworth Police Department’s Facebook page to monitor their children’s profiles and friends.

Small said she received a message from a woman who received a friend request from a male who was also friends with several area teenagers. The woman did an image search on the person’s profile picture and discovered it had been lifted from the Internet.

Small asked parents to sit down with their children and go through each of the people on their friends list and delete those they don’t know.

“I’m not saying spy on your kids, I’m saying have open communication with them,” said Small.

Many teenagers have more than one Facebook profile — one for family to see and one for friends to see, she said.

...In 2010, A 33-year-old British man was sentenced to life in prison after kidnapping, raping and murdering a 17-year-old girl he lured through Facebook by using a fake profile.

A Texas man was sentenced to 118 years in prison in 2010 after he was convicted of three counts of felony aggravated sexual assault of a minor and one count of felony criminal solicitation of a minor. Alfedo Ramirez Jr. searched Facebook and MySpace for victims. After gaining their trust, he arranged to meet with the person to sexually assault them.

“Tell them what’s happening and what’s dangerous and try to keep them safe,” Small said.

Sus said...

Raging autocorrect!
burr = butt
rate = water

Lis said...

I am thinking that if this is like other stories that have been in the news lately, the perpetrator may be taking part in the searches/vigils or at least is hanging around observing.

Lis said...

More info about Wade Robson, Michael Jackson's maid supports his claim that he was abused by Jackson:

The article contains an interesting quote by Robson from the 2005 trial:

"When senior deputy district attorney, Ronald J. Zonen, questioned Robson's account, he replied: 'I'm telling you, nothing ever happened.'"

-He says "I'm telling you" nothing "ever" happened.

mountain mama said...

"“We’re not looking for cigarette butts, we’re not looking for soda cans or water bottles at all. We’re looking for possibly a belt and possibly some jewelry or a cellphone. That’s it.”"

*** Why wouldn't they be interested in items with possible DNA evidence? Do they already have more than sufficient DNA evidence connected to the suspect?

Malaise said...

We’re not looking for cigarette butts, we’re not looking for soda cans or water bottles at all. We’re looking for possibly a belt and possibly some jewelry or a cellphone. That’s it.”

Aren't they suppose to be searching for Nichole? Why specifically a belt, jewellery or cellphone? Do these items belong to Nichole? Do LE know something more than they are disclosing perhaps?

Dee said...

"We’re not looking for cigarette butts, we’re not looking for soda cans or water bottles at all. We’re looking for possibly a belt and possibly some jewelry or a cellphone. That’s it.”


I agree with you all. Why so specific in what they want the searchers to be looking for? The searchers would be concentrating on these items and could potentially overlook something useful.

Ivanna-Anna said...

Mountain mama, I think it's because they are already overwhelmed with things they need to examine and don't want to waste time going through rubbish. When they released info on the vehicle they were interested in, they stressed that they only wanted to hear if anyone had seen it around the time Nichole disappeared and did not want people to contacti them with info on who owns such vehicles. They said they do not have manpower to handle the phone calls / contacts and the extra data.
Also, if a volunteer picked something up, they would contaminate it with their own DNA. Even if they knew how to handle the object without contaminating it, I doubt that the defence would allow it to be used as evidence in court.

Anonymous said...

GLENBURN, Maine — Police said Monday they are following leads developed from Sunday’s massive search for a 15-year-old girl who was last seen on Mother’s Day but are not releasing any information about what was found.

“We’re doing follow-up investigations,” Troy Morton, deputy chief for the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office, said Monday shortly after leaving the command center set up at the historic Penobscot County courthouse. “Different officers, with different specialities, are being sent out to do different [assignments].”

Nichole Cable was last seen at her home on Spruce Lane on the evening of May 12, and her parents think she was taken by someone using a false Facebook profile, according to their Facebook page, Bring Nichole Cable Home.

More than 500 volunteers conducted ground searches in Glenburn, Hudson and west Old Town on Sunday, led by the Maine Warden Service.

Searchers did find some things, Morton said Sunday.

Cpl. John MacDonald of the Maine Warden Service said Monday morning that crews were still assigned to the case.

“I know we’re helping,” he said, referring all questions about the location of any searches to the sheriff’s office.

Morton, who estimates there are between 40 and 70 officers working on the investigation, said several Facebook rumors have surfaced about the case but said he didn’t want to comment on any them. He said officers working on the case are focusing on legitimate leads.

“Our people are working really hard,” Morton said.

Watch for updates.

Anonymous said...

WEST VALLEY CITY — New information is expected to be released today in the Susan Cox Powell investigation.

West Valley police have called a 3 p.m. news conference they say will involve "detailed updates" pertaining to the 3 ½-year-old case.

The press conference comes on the heels of a two-day search in a heavily wooded area outside of Salem, Ore., last week. Nothing was found. At that time, West Valley police hinted it likely marked the end of their investigation, barring any new evidence that might come up.

The press conference will be streamed live on this website and updates will be provided on Twitter @DNewsCrimeTeam. KSL-Ch. 5 will also broadcast the press conference on television.

Anonymous said...

For whatever rat bastard took her and likely took her life, I say gut him, send him over a balcony like in the scene from "Hannibal" so his bowels fall out, only make sure he doesn't die from this. Sew him back up and then let him experience scaphism. Cases like this send all of my anti-death penalty notions straight out the proverbial window, at least in the heat of the moment. Forgive my vile and evil thoughts toward someone that would feed and prey on anyone, let alone a child.

Anonymous said...

There would be no way for civilians to know whether water bottles or drink cans were important, plus they cannot type for DNA on all the litter. They want victim specific items.

Anonymous said...

There would be no way for civilians to know whether water bottles or drink cans were important, plus they cannot type for DNA on all the litter. They want victim specific items.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off Topic

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – A police agency is closing the active investigation of the disappearance of Susan Powell, a Utah mother whose now-dead husband was a prime suspect, citing a lack of leads.

West Valley City police are also releasing the case file, with details that have been kept under wraps since Powell vanished in 2009.

Police held a news conference Monday afternoon.

Police spent two days unsuccessfully searching in rural Oregon last week for any trace of Powell. West Valley City Manager Wayne Pyle told The Associated Press that police were at the end of the investigation, without any active leads, and might close the case.

Police have said they would reopen the case if they get new information.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

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veruca said...

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Lemon said...
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Lemon said...

Body found believed to be missing teen (Nichole Cable)