Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nichole Cable: Mother Makes Plea

This is from the Bangor Daily News.  The quotes are in italics, with Statement Analysis in bold type.

BANGOR, Maine — The mother of a 15-year-old Glenburn girl who has been missing since Sunday made an emotional plea on Wednesday for the safe return of her daughter. Nichole Cable was last seen on Route 221 in her hometown on Sunday evening.
I would like to say, ‘Nichole, we love you and if you’re scared because you ran away — you’re not in trouble. It’s OK,’” Cable’s mother, Kristine Willey, said at a Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office press conference with her husband, Jason Willey, standing beside her. “If somebody has her — I don’t care [what happened] — take her to a gas station or a park. I don’t know what else to say. I’m waiting for you to call me and I love you.”

The first thing we note is that the article tells us the setting:  the mother and father are standing together.  Therefore, the word "we" is expected. 
"I would like to say" is not simply saying.  Distancing language of what she would want to say.  Why would someone want to distance themselves from having to say this?  It may be simply the pain:  she wishes this was something she did not have to do, nor should any parent, ever, have to do. 

"Nicole, we love you"

Note the use of the first name and the direct address to Nicole.  This is indicative of a good relationship.  See prior analysis where complete social introduction was given.
"We" is expected as the parents are noted to be standing together.  We look for a change from "we" to "I" to be very powerful.

"If you're scared because you ran away, you're not in trouble" is to ease the child's mind. Note "if" allows for this to be a possibility.  Note the change to the very personal, "I"

“If somebody has her — I don’t care, — take her to a gas station or a park. I don’t know what else to say. I’m waiting for you to call me and I love you.”

Note the heavy use of "I", as well as not caring (in the negative, very important) about anything but her child.  
Note the pronoun "I" as very strong.
"I'm waiting for you to call me"
Note "I love you"

The mother believes her child is alive, and is speaking directly to her child, as well as the possibility of her being held against her will, or by any form of coercion.  
Note this statement in stark contrast to Deborah Bradley (Baby Lisa), 
Justin DiPietro (Baby Ayla) and Billie Dunn. 

Deputy Chief Troy Morton leaned over and motioned for her to display the pictures she had of her daughter, one of which showed the teenage girl in a cheering uniform, two others that were school portraits.
“This is my daughter,” Willey said, showing the pictures. “If you see her please let the authorities know. Help me bring her home.”
Note the personal pronoun, "me"
There are 45 law enforcement personnel — federal, state, county and municipal — working the missing person case, Morton said.
“Maine wardens are currently conducting a ground search,” said Morton, who did not release the location of the search.
Cpl. John McDonald of the Maine Warden Service said searchers were out in Glenburn.
A Facebook group Cable’s parents have established, “Bring Nichole Cable Home,” had more than 2,300 members as of Wednesday afternoon.
Police agencies throughout the state have shared information with Cable’s description on Facebook, along with New England Cable News, based in Boston.
Cable stands 5 feet, 1 inch tall, weighs 90 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes. The teen has her nose, lip and ears pierced. She was last seen wearing jeans and a pink sweatshirt, according to her father.
Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office at 947-4585.
Watch for updates to this story.


John Mc Gowan said...

"if you’re scared because you ran away — you’re not in trouble"

Could this be were the sensitivity lays regarding the drive way.

Did they have an argument in the drive way about meeting the stranger,and Nicole has thought,im doing what i want and your not stopping me.?

I do hope that's all it is.

John Mc Gowan said...

I meant to add,and she has ran away.

Anonymous said...

What I'm about to say isn't meant in a derogatory way. This mother hasn't been focusing on looking good for the cameras. She probably hasn't slept or given a thought to taking care of herself. She's too focused on her daughter.

Anonymous said...

Everything is sensitive to her because her baby is missing.

I hope her baby ran away and wasn't taken away.

Her pain is palpable. BJD should take lessons from a real mother in pain. She probably wouldn't get it.

~mj said...

Thank-you Mr Hyatt for providing examples of what is expected and how statement analysis can be used in its entirety.

Commentors have become very aggressive with the many, many examples of guilty knowledge parents, that this is really great to see statement analysis at work for face value, not pre-conceived ideas of guilt.

I believe many have forgotten the beginnings with BJD, or the Dips, etc and they have forgotten that statement analysis does in fact function quite effectively.

Sad news of course, and I hope for her safe return, but thank you for posting her mothers exact words.

John Mc Gowan said...

Here is the VT of the mother's plea.

elf said...

God I hope she just ran away. My heart is breaking for this poor family. The difference between nicholes mom and Billie, Deborah, etc. is as different as night and day. People say there is no certain way a mother of a missing/endangered child acts, but I see it right here. This poor woman is scared to death. My thoughts are with nicholes family...

Tania Cadogan said...

The jury found aggravation factor especially cruel proven she gets LWOP or death yaaaaaaaaaaay.

What i did notice was wilmott had a tiny smile on her face as they polled the jurors

Unknown said...

"I would like to say....."
I bet she would like to say that to her daughter, but unfortunately her daughter is missing.

S + K Mum said...

I feel heartbroken for Nichole's mother. I see a real sense of urgency with her trying to get her daughter back. She is doing everything she can but still feels helpless.

Total contrast to some of parents discussed on this blog.

I hope Nichole is safe and home soon.

Anonymous said...

"Sunday night, my daughter Nicole want (went) to the driveway, in my drive way, to meet a friend, and it turned out to be SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN WHAT, WHO SHE SAID. It was someone that she didn't know that she met on Facebook."
It sounds like Nichole lied to her mother and said it was someone the mother knew so she wouldn't worry or tell her not to go meet the facebook person.

Unknown said...

Hearing an seeing the mother speak herself .
Instead of a reporters twist on there meeting is i80 degree turn around.

I was suspicious of the Mother reading the article written by the journo .

Telling bits a peices by proxy for the Mother.

Seeeing her live an speak she obviously loves her daughter and is in bits.

Sorry for my previous post being so wrong and negative of this distraght woman.

Sorry .

Anonymous said...

Interesting Eco, I wasn't suspicious Until I watched the video. I don't claim to be a good judge of human nature though.
Where are you John? I'd love your take on her body language.

Anonymous said...

Fwd: UPDATE: Nichole Kristine Cable was last know to be with a male using a fictitious name of Bryan Butterfield. He was using a Facebook account with that name and it has now been taken down. The authorities have no leads. Please! I am begging for help to fing my daughter and bring her home safely. Please if you have my CoCo, drop her off at a gas station or a park so she can call for help or for me to come get her. I dont care who you are, I just want her home. She's just a little girl of 15 with her whole life ahead of her. Please bring her home! Please call Officer Shawn McCue @ 2075700118 or 911 or please call me.I am her mother @ 2079491255.

Anonymous said...

@Echo.. I could be wrong, but I think the very first thing with SA is to believe what ever someone is saying, is the truth... I believe her, she has not given me a reason not too, based on the few statements..I also understand that we have to have several statements from someone..not saying you are wrong as you are always here and I am a just a lurker.

Nic said...

This was hard to read. God speed Nichole makes it home safe and sound.

NVmomma73 said...

the pain she is feeling for her daughter is jumping off the picture. It makes me wanna check on my kids to make sure they're safe in bed. It is the polar opposite of Billie Dunn's behavior on NG. I had read Dr. Lillian Glass mention fake crying before but I didn't completely understand.. until recently with Jodi Arias. She tried to push out tears during the trial but I didn't really get it until I saw her REALLY crying. It was a major difference. She was crying, or rather sobbing pretty hard. Sadly, in all her interviews and through out the trial the first time she shed genuine tears they were for herself, her selfishness poured down it was as plain as day.
Billie Dunn was so fake on Nancy Grace if we could've read her mind, she was probably willing herself to get one damn tear out, and i don't remember it happening. Now, this mother's suffering is so real she looks vulnerable. Poor lady, I hope her daughter is safe and home with her family soon!

yep said...

John, could it be sensitive because the mother says what she should say to appease the person who possibly took her daughter when she really wants to say, Bring my daughter back you sorry POS, leave her alone, don't you dare touch my child? She speaks with love and fear instead of anger, using her daughters name so she's seen as a human being. This is one of the things Billie Dunn wasn't able to do, say Hailey's name even though many of us begged her to do so.

rebeccaeee said...

Also in stark contrast to Mark Redwine, who cannot seem to address his son directly in any interview and, six months on, won't say Dylan's name at all.

rebeccaeee said...

Also in stark contrast to Mark Redwine, who cannot seem to address his son directly in any interview and, six months on, won't say Dylan's name at all.

Lemon said...

I was struck by the contrast to Billie Dunn's language. This mother has no problem saying her daughter's name, speaking in the first person with a strong "I", and calling out to her.

I hope they find her daughter soon.

rkg said...

Anon @4:50 - When speaking of missing children's parents, what you stated is most certainly NOT derogatory at all. That's precisely the way we expect a mother of a missing child to behave...unlike others we've seen in the not-so-distant past.