Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nichole Cable

There may be some updates coming...concern level is very does not sound good.

I will update when information becomes available.


Sus said...

Peter, The titles of your posts have Nichole's name spelled incorrectly.



SALurkerOne said...

This post made my heart sink. I pray she's OK!!!

Come home very soon Nichole!

How heart wrenching.

Dee said...

Oh no. I'm praying for her and her family.

Esther said...

I pray you are wrong! Her Mom rips my heart out!

exhausted said...

My HeartBreaksForHerMom. I'mPrayingShe'sOk.

Excuse My Bizarre Phone, ItHasAMindIfIt'sOwnTonight.

Anonymous said...



John Mc Gowan said...

First,i will say, it is difficult to get a close up of her mums face ,and second because of the resolution,and the shaking camera,i cant quiet see her facial muscles properly,to gaige her.

I will start with her dad.I would like to see his baseline when he is sad/distressed/and angry,or all three together.without a baseline it CAN be very difficult to read someone's body language.

What i do notice,WITHOUT A BASELINE of her dad is,he is not showing any of the above emotions given his daughter is missing i would expect at least one of them.His face looks neatral to me,even when Mum is speaking,there is nothing there.

When the mum says "come home you will be ok",her dad douse an inward lip role.This Inward Lip Roll is a strong signal of anxiety. Additionally, it is very often associated with a considerable effort to control/minimize an outward expression of a negative emotion. It's as if the psyche is calling on inner reserves to control the loss of temper.(Dr Jack Brown).Why he is displaying this we dont know.

He is leaning away from her with his head.This is not a good sign.When people are sad their close in their body language to comfort one another.He has his arm around,stroking her shoulder with his THUMB.I would expect his arm on her shoulder pulling her in,and doing a full palm,hand comforting stroke.What is most telling for me is,the lack of contact between them both.Apart from the dad having is arm around her shoulder,there is no contact between them.The mum is either holding paper or a photo, i cant really tell.Her hands are in her lap,and not reaching out to him

I would expect a lot of hand holding,and comforting between them.

What is VERY noticable is,all the way through the conference is their lack of eye contact.Why wont they look at each other?.I would like to know what their relationship was like before all this happened.


All this may be due to either,blaming each other for not protecting Nicole enough,or it may be some more sinister.Either way,this is not the body language of a couple who's daughter is missing.

John Mc Gowan said...
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Ivanna-Anna said...

Thanks for sharing your body language analysis, John.

Do we have a statement from the father?

(My opinion: mum was not involved with the disappearance. Up to now, nothing I have read about her actions or words has alarmed me.)

John Mc Gowan said...

Additionally to my above analysis.

When i say:"this is not the body language of a couple who's daughter is missing".

It's the way they are interacting with each other that is most noticable.

John Mc Gowan said...

Ivanna-Anna said...
Thanks for sharing your body language analysis, John.

Hi Ivanna-Anna.

What do you think of their interaction with each other?

MK said...

All reports say, "Nichole's Parents," but the different last names lead me to believe that it might be a mom and stepdad situation.

Ivanna-Anna said...

Hi John,

You're right, they don't act as a unit. Could this be from being numb as a result of a shock?

Have you done an analysis on this one?

Also, do you have an opinion on the dad's expression at 0:59 (when mum says "Nichole, we love you"? He does something with his mouth)

John Mc Gowan said...

Ivanna-Anna said...

Also, do you have an opinion on the dad's expression at 0:59 (when mum says "Nichole, we love you"? He does something with his mouth)



That is a great spot,i missed it.

The lip - pressed-against-lip mouth occurs in two quiet differant kinds of anger.

It occurs when the person is engaging in some form of physical violence,or bodily attacking another person,and it occurs when the person is attempting to control a verbal,shouting anger,and presses the lips together in an attempt to keep from shouting or saying something hostile.(Ekman)

This is a classic Micro expression of anger.

Why would he show anger when she says:

" Nicole We love you"?

Well spotted. Gold Star.. lol :)

John Mc Gowan said...

Ivanna-Anna said...

Could this be from being numb as a result of a shock?


I dont believe it is.All are instincts are to reach out to someone for comfort and reassurance that everything will be ok.Especialy in circumstances like this..

John Mc Gowan said...


Ive just looked at this,and yes there is some contact between them,that doesn,t explain micro expression of anger when she says:"We love you"

Is their relationship fractured?

Does the dad blame Mum??

Lucy said...

To me, Dad looks like he is angry with Mom. Maybe there was conflict over her internet usage. Perhaps Dad is blaming Mom for her being able to "meet" a strange man on Facebook.

Ivanna-Anna said...

Thanks for the analysis, John.
Please keep us updated.

Malaise said...

Hi John

Could he not be displaying anger at the situation? Nichole going missing? He displays anger, but could this be in relation to something he is thinking? Does it have to relate to what is being said?

Malaise x

S + K Mum said...

He could be angry that LE thought she could be a runaway...he may think things aren't moving fast enough. Even if authorities are doing everything they can, every minute your child is missing must feel like forever.

I don't want to take away your body language analysis John, I find it fascinating!

I would be devastated, my husband would be devastated but I think his first feelings would be anger towards someone who took his baby.

I hope there is news soon!

Malaise said...

Apologies for my abruptness. I'm new to commenting ( been reading this blog a long time. )

I'm hoping that asking questions when I am not sure, will help move me along :)

Ivanna-Anna said...

Has anyone been able to find out whether Jason is Nichole's biological father or step-father? (Someone here pointed out that Nichole has a different last name). If Jason is her step-father, perhaps that explains why Nichole's mum does all the talking, why he seems to have stepped back, and why mum and dad don't seem like a tight unit.

John Mc Gowan said...

I understand what people are saying about his anger.

Is it directed at whoever has nicole?.

Is it directed at LE for not doing enough?.

Is it directed at someone off camera?.

Did a thought flash through his mind? Etc.

The thing is, its at the precise moment when she says,what she says.


I ask someone,do you like fish,and the hate fish.99% of the time they will show disgust,or a mild form of disgust on their face.

Now i know that,that reaction is directed at their hatred towards fish.

Think about when some ask you something,or you see something that disgusts you,most people will say"Eeeewww"And show disgust,or mld form of disgust.Try it..

And this is my point about his micro expression of anger he shows.It flashes on and off when she says those words.

I do not believe they are involved..

I want to know why that triggered his anger.

elf said...

Neither of nicholes parents seem suspicious to me in either behavior or word. I'm a mother and a step mother and I can imagine the range of emotions I would feel if any of my kids was missing... fear, shock, anger, hope, despair...I seriously doubt nicholes parents believe that everything is being done to find their little girl because its not humanly possible to move heaven and earth. That's how I would feel anyway. And because of a lack of a solid suspect (not reported by news agencies anyways) its human nature to place blame, so to speak, when your a terrified parent I.e.'why did you let her go outside?' 'Why did you let her have a damn facebook' etc... (<again I'm just guessing but even in trivial matters parents sometimes disagree) .
As to the question of is nicholes dad her biological father- in terms of love he may be her daddy but if he isn't nicholes biological father perhaps the biological father needs to be questioned to rule out parental abduction. From all I've read though, not much out there to read yet, this seems to be a stranger abduction.

Ivanna-Anna said...

I agree, elf, nothing indicates mum or her husband is involved with Nichole's disappearance. (If they find this site and read our comments, I hope they understand why we analyse, ponder, question, and analyse again, and are not upset or offended by our efforts.)

Anon "I" said...

Could the father's reaction at 59 seconds be trying to hold back the tears?