Friday, May 31, 2013

Statement Analysis: Zumba Prostitute Husband Analyzed

When a school teacher notices that a little boy, who, being defined as a noisy ball of dirt, suddenly is washing his hands repeatedly, she often will become concerned and seek to learn:  Was this child sexually molested?

Linguistically, we find the similarities where someone, for example, with sexual abuse on his or her mind, may reference, needlessly, water, in some form.

Off the charts was the Amanda Knox statement indicating guilty knowledge of a sexual homicide.

Yet it is the 'unnecessary' references to water that catch our attention.  Since everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom (hey, I am holding out hope here, give me a break), it is utterly unnecessary for someone to say,

"I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, went to my office..."

The reference to water can even give a possible time of murder in a sexual homicide.

The following comes from the Bangor Daily News, regarding the statements made by the husband to the "Zumba" prostitute, who's lawyer claims was "tricked" (did he intend the pun?) into getting paid for sex acts as part of the State of Maine "investigation" process into strange sexual behaviors.

Her attorney is also rumored to be taking bids on the Throgs Neck Bridge, but that's another story.

Here is the article, his statements italicized, with Statement Analysis and commentary in bold type.

It makes one lose all faith in Zumba.

Is he telling the truth to the court?  Or, is he seeking to make a portrayal of a victim like status in order to mitigate her sentence?  What did he do with the money she brought home?

ALFRED, Maine — Jayson Trowbridge, who last year married now-convicted Kennebunk prostitute Alexis Wright, told the court he would often come home in the afternoon and find her dangerously close to harming herself out of shame over her actions.
From the time we would depart each other’s arms until I would get the afternoon call or text message between 2 and 2:45 p.m., every day I anticipated that that morning would be the last time I would ever see Alexis,” Trowbridge wrote in a revealing single-spaced, two-plus-page testimony submitted to the court at Wright’s sentencing Friday morning.

Pronouns are instinctive and tell us what he thinks of the relationship. Next, we look for him to tell us what happened.  This is done via pronoun use ("I") and past tense verbs: 
I would get calls from her in tears,” he continued. “I would go to her in the afternoon and once again, I would have to pull her from the shower similar to [our] morning routine. But this time I would pull her from a scalding hot shower and prevent her from scrubbing her body clean until she bled or burned.”

Note that he does not say this ever happened.  When someone has a firm event in mind, and is truthful, a subject will say "I pulled her from the shower"; he does not. 

No past tense means no commitment.  If he cannot bring himself to commit, we cannot do it for him.  

Regarding sexual abuse/sexual activity, note the use of "shower", "scalding hot shower" (with "shower" repeated, making it sensitive) and he does not say she ever burnt herself or bled.  

"Would" is future/conditional tense and avoids directly committing to an activity, making this unreliable. 


He seems to be attempting to portray himself as a caring husband, waiting patiently for his wife to be done having sex with other men, yet he does not commit to anything. 
Wright was sentenced to 10 months in jail and ordered to pay $58,000 in fines and restitution Friday morning by Superior Court Justice Nancy Mills in accordance with a plea agreement reached with prosecutors two months ago. The York County district attorney’s office and state attorney general’s office agreed to drop 86 of the 106 charges against her and recommend the 10-month sentence in exchange for a plea of guilty to 20 misdemeanor charges related to prostitution and state tax evasion.

She was making money off prostitution as well as gaming the system with welfare fraud.  Why would a prosecutor agree to drop these easily proven accusations ?
Among the charges dropped were dozens of counts of privacy invasion and welfare fraud.
During Friday morning’s sentencing hearing, Wright and her attorney, Sarah Churchill, told the court that Wright’s history of being sexually abused by her father as a child made her vulnerable to manipulation at the hands of Thomaston insurance broker Mark Strong Sr., who convinced her to engage in prostitution under the guise that she was helping a government investigation into “sexual deviants.”

I have not met a prostitute that was not sexually abused, and unlike Hollywood's portrayal, prostitution, drug abuse, and violence are organically linked. 
Strong spent 15 days of a 20-day sentence in jail for 13 counts of promotion of prostitution-related charges in late March and early April. He was convicted of the crimes by a jury in early March.
Trowbridge, who began dating Wright in 2007, said he learned about her “double life” as a prostitute in April 2011. Wright had a son in 2005 from a previous relationship.
“[W]hen the cameras were off and there wasn’t anyone present to capture the true essence of Alexis Wright, Alexis would start her day around 5:30 a.m., waking up to take a shower first thing in the morning,” Trowbridge wrote. “I would give her about 20 minutes before I would enter the bathroom. Ten minutes to allow her to shower and an additional 10 minutes for crying.”
Note that she has a "true" essence, and not just an "essence" indicating a knowledge of the deceptive lifestyle.

If you were going to talk about your spouse, would you associate the "true essence" with taking a shower as starting her day?  This is what is on his mind, washing, which is why it is in his statement.  We can talk about someone's "true" essence (which indicates deception) and begin the day waking up, having coffee, or go right into the personality.  He chooses her showering instead. This indicates a linguistic connection with the sexual activity at play in the statement. 

Note again, the use of the verb "would" rather than "did", and note, again, the reference to water with "shower."

We cannot say that this ever happened because he does not say it happened. 

What does this do to his credibility?

Despite the hidden prostitution operation, Trowbridge wrote that Wright continued to be “an extraordinary mother” and that she plans on going back to school to get a master’s degree after she’s released from jail.

Note "extraordinary mother" high praise.  It is likely that the child's father likely has said otherwise. 
I have lost a great deal of respect from many and I’ve also lost a great deal of friends that can’t fathom the reason why I stood by my wife,” he wrote. “I stand by Alexis’ side because I knew if I was to have walked away, she would have been left to the wolves without a soul to turn to.

Note "have lost" instead of "lost", indicates the loss of respect continues.  It may suggest that the losing of respect as ongoing because he is not truthful here, and profited financially from his wife's illegal activities. 

Note "because" shows the need to explain why, making it very sensitive to him.  It may be that he is acutely aware that he is not believed. 
I’ve never asked her to say ‘sorry’ but she does all the time,” Trowbridge continued. “I will never accept her apology because I feel that she doesn’t owe me one. I stood by my wife when I first discovered her nightmare and I continue to stand by her today. The fact that I chose to marry her after learning of her situation isn’t simply based on love. It is a testament to the true person she is and the real person I know. My vow of marriage was a choice to stand up for her when she couldn’t find the strength to stand up for herself.”
Note the highest level of sensitivity (blue) is noted again in his statement.  This is in regards to not walking away nor accepting an apology.  What makes this area of his statement of the highest sensitivity?  The reader should be on alert for deception in this portion of the story, even after seeing his refusal to say what happened before this. 

Note the reference to her as a "person" (gender neutral) and not "woman" (gender specific).  Note the difference from "person" to "real person"

Note that he refers to prostitution as "her situation" 
Note how often the word "stand" (body posture, yet phrase) is used here, making it sensitive and tense. 

It may cause readers to wonder if those who know him do not believe him, and think that he married her for profit.


Unreliable statement. 

His statement is deemed "unreliable" and his defense of her is highly sensitive suggesting that he is not sincere in his statement to the court.  

She was sentenced to 10 months.  Will we see a book deal or Made-for TV cheesy movie deal?


Nanna Frances said...

Her master's degree needs to be in creative writing! Her husband will be able to help her in her studies.

Will he still be interested in her when she is not making money?

Lemon said...

I have lost all faith in Zumba.

S + K Mum said...

One of the articles said the videos on the internet should be closed down and they will try to re-coup some money made from them........husband may have an interest there.

shmi said...

Why is she called the Zumba prostitute?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps comments need some moderation?

I can't agree with you here Peter. 'Would' here is NOT future conditional but refers to repeated or everyday actions in the past. You can argue it's not as reliable as past simple but it's simply wrong to call it a future conditional. There's no condition!

dadgum said...

Anon 1:05
That's how I read it as well. He says 'I would (whatever)', not I will, or would have. Though I have heard that speech pattern.

Recounting repeated past actions..'going to walmart, I would first hit the dry goods, then I would get milk.'

Speaking of a specific trip, then I would say 'I got the eggs, and the milk, paid, and went home'.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous, I don't know what you mean by "comment moderation" but in terms of reliability:

"I took a shower" is reliable.

"I would take a shower" is not.

It may be true, but it is still deemed "unreliable" in analysis.

Given how often he tells us what he "would" do, rather than what he did do, overall, it is not a reliable statement of truth.

In fact, I think he is off the charts deceptive and full of deception, and is very well aware of those close to him who have said so.

You may feel "would" is reliable, but I hope you don't hang your hat on it for a financial deal of any form.

you'll likely regret the results.


S + K Mum said...

@ Peter,

I think the 'comment moderation' is referencing the troll posts above Anon 1.05's post?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

got it, thank you.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think it is important to remember that a human is using words that have been used by him, thousands, tens of thousands, millions of times (and so on, depending upon age) and is really good at it.

There is a reason he could not bring himself to simply use a past tense verb; something he has done thousands of times a week, for many years.

To ignore this is to not understand a basic principle of Statement Analysis: the law of economy.

he literally runs away from commitment to the actions and there is a reason for it. Had he actually done those things, he would have (conditional) said so, in at least one sentence. I have often heard "would" in recalling a past event; we still deem it "unreliable" rather than "deceptive", but it is his constant repetition that takes it to a new level.

I hope that readers do not miss the point of the analysis:

sexual activity in play, with the inclusion of water, repeated in the statement. This is why I used the article more than anything else.

Nanna Frances, I love your comment!

Ms Lemon, I don't know what faith you once had in Zumba, but Zumba without spice, is not really Zumba.

This woman was gaming the welfare system besides everything else she was doing, and the attorney insulted the court with his assertion of being "tricked" by another. Did he not even consider how that word would sound?

John Mc Gowan said...

“I would give her about 20 minutes before I would enter the bathroom. Ten minutes to allow her to shower and an additional 10 minutes for crying.”

This to me, sounds like he controls what she does,when she does it,and for how long..

Anonymous said...

“I would give her about 20 minutes before I would enter the bathroom. Ten minutes to allow her to shower and an additional 10 minutes for crying.”

The way that guys think is soooooo scary!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

= water!!!!Crying = water,,,,shower ,,,

Anonymous said...

Peter, I had to switch to the comments as soon as I read "I would give her 20 minutes to shower and then 10 minutes for crying." DOES THIS NOT INDICATE THE HUSBAND WAS CONTROLLING AND ABUSIVE? It is right there in the statement and I am surprised you didn't see it. He GIVES her 10 minutes to shower and then GIVES her 10 minutes to cry?! This sounds like a controlling freak who is coercing her into these activites!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to also question your analysis of his use of "would" in this context. I can recall myself telling someone about something that "would" regularly happen day to day in the past and that is how I said it "I would...". I feel like when you analyzed this you already had an agenda in mind that "the husband is lying". What I see is not so much that he is lying but rather that he is trying to soften the judgement upon the zumba prostitute and is revealing (without meaning to) how he himself coerced her into the activities. Keep in mind, everything I have learned about statement analysis I have learned here. Just had to say I am not getting the same interpretation you are in this instance.

Anonymous said...

Oh OK I read the last part of your analysis and we are more in agreement that I thought. However, I don't believe the "would" necessarily indicates lying here. I also believe from interpreting what he has said that he has revealed that he coerced (or literally forced) her into these activities. Any guy who is "giving" his wife 20 min to shower and "giving" her 10 minutes to cry before she goes off prostituting sounds to me like her pimp more than anything.

Sus said...

Here is something that helps me understand why conditional verbs are unreliable in SA...they are like an unfinished sentence.

"I would get calls from her in tears." IF WHAT?
This sentence is complete : I got calls from her. No ifs about it.

I OWN a car.
I WOULD OWN a car...if only what?

I HAVE $100.
Which of the above would you count on as reliable if you badly needed $100?

Shelley said...

I'm watching Aderson Cooper. It's about a murder case in (Texas) right now.

The District Attorney despite have 2 priests coming forward with direct information about a murder by another priest years before that was covered up by the church, this DA REFUSED to take the case to the grad jury.

This takes me to the Hailey Dunn case. I'm more concerned than ever that there will never be justice!!!

What is going on in Texas?

Shelley said...

So one of the priests has now passed.

But at the time both were alive. The priest that they stated murdered this woman

They said that this DA is going up for re-election. Texas folks..., his name is Rene Guerra. Does anyone know if this is the same DA that would be over the case for Hailey Dunn?if so I bet no justice is served while he is in charge!!! Get him off!!!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The comments are getting interesting!

Water does not mean sexual abuse.

What we look at is that when water is present in a statement, could there be sexual abuse at play?

The word "would" can be used in past tense activities as someone speaking of what is done, ritualistically, but even in this sense, we must say it is "unreliable", though not necessarily deceptive. We then move on to see some commitment, somewhere, in the statement using past tense connection.

In this statement, he goes far to avoid it.

This is where the skill of the analyst comes into play: an overall view and judgement. It is safe to say "unreliable", but given the context, and the number of times he used "would" along with the avoidance of past tense, I conclude: deception indicated.

There are other things in his statement which support "deception indicated" (including the cartoon like belief of a dutiful husband, waiting for his wife's text message saying, "just finished having sex with John, pick up salad dressing, see you soon! Love ya!"

Then, there is the money issue....

Commentators also picking up on showering and crying, which is really sharp.

Good work.

He is as full of it as he can be and exposed even in his own statement, as being part of the illegal activity which brought them wealth.

She should have gotten a longer sentence on the welfare fraud alone.


ima.grandma said...

Let's talk about the "water" issue for a bit. I have had flashbacks about water since 2008 when I started following this blog.

I was sexually abused by my father as were my two sisters. The "water" comes in my mind to trigger two horrible events when I was probably 11 or 12. I forgot to lock the door when I was taking a bath. I was in the bathtub when he came in the door. It was an accident but he did stop to stare at me naked in the bath and said "you are so beautiful baby" I have never forgot that day.

Another time when "water" came into play was when it was my turn through rotation to do the dishes. My dad was sitting at the kitchen table drinking his bottle of alcohol and was watching me. When I rinsed the dishes, he would tell me to do it again. Innocently I would do as he told me. I finally realized that while rinsing the glasses, my body would jiggle and he sickly was getting off on it.

Those are the only times I can associate "water" with my sexual abuse. Peter, I have wanted for the last few years to ask you to discuss "windows" as related to sexual abuse because I associate windows with my memories. Do you feel there is a significance?

I have been afraid to use my real tag because of the terrible commenters that have attacked me in the past. I can see you are taking back control of your blog, so I will take a risk and admit this terrible fact. After all, I did nothing wrong. It was done to me and I now know it was not my fault. (years of therapy) People, please be kind, this is hard to admit and not use the anonymous option.

Lemon said...

I'm very sorry for your pain.

ima.grandma said...

Peter, I apologize for the double post but I want to ensure I placed my personal request in the proper sentence structure to stand out as a sincere request. This is important to me. Please consider my question for comment. How do "windows" fit into my abuse? I have some insight but perhaps I could learn something about myself through your analysis. It is a strong consequence of my early life and issues with windows and doors remain. I am more than curious.

Side note:
Though I am not a daily constant blogger, this is the only site I make time for in my day. I come here to feel like I am keeping up with current events and belong to an outside community. I have tried other sites when the comments turned to vulgar but I didn't feel the connection that I do here. It has become part of my routine, I feel like I am part of a group reading the thoughts of intelligent conversationalists, many on here for years. There is a feeling of familiarity for us long timers.

I was furious that the "trolls" were ruining my guilty pleasure. Thank you for the current moderation of comments, this act indicates caring for this community. I use this site as an intended diversion to distract the sometimes monotonous daily responsibilities of life, learn (important!) from one who is fearless in his conviction to make his and our world a better place, and to charge my batteries. Then grandma gets back to reality and I count my blessings, again! everyday!

Peter, the "written word" is powerful alone, add in your talent to hit on readership triggers and an understanding takes place. This blog would be missed if the "trolls" survive.

ima.grandma said...

thank you lemon, your words are real...i can feel them.

Sus said...

I just cried for the second time reading this blog today. I haven't yet been able to comment on Ayla's post because it hits home for me.

ima.grandma, I am sorry for what happened to you. I'm happy you found a place you feel comfortable in this blog.

I'm not Peter, but doors open and closed doors can also indicate further investigation into abuse. Maybe windows fall into the same spectre.

ima.grandma said...

Thank you Sus, I appreciate the kind words.

I have a fear of being trapped. I need an out. I won't sleep in a room unless I'm able to open the windows just a bit in case I need to escape. I don't like locked doors. I do remember climbing out of windows to go for help because my dad was beating up my mom. I was the oldest of six children so it was my responsibility and she wanted me out to keep me safe because I would always fight back and he would start on me.

Eventually people just quit opening their doors when I would run from house to house banging on their doors in the middle of the night asking for help. No one wanted to get involved. Even when I could get someone to call the police, they would only take him on the porch and tell him to "take it easy" and then leave. It was not their business, it was between the Man and his wife. It was a different time back then, but also a long time ago. I don't feel bad about it anymore. I'ts over now.

Wow, it has been a long time since I've thought about these things. Sorry to ramble. It's tough getting old.

ima.grandma said...

Oh my, another memory just came over me. I remember standing in front of the sink washing dishes and he came up from behind pressing onto me. I felt so repulsed.

The reference to "water" playing an integral role in sexual abuse is a commonality in so many of the cases discussed here. It's one thing to read and learn about this association; it's another thing to feel it.

Anonymous said...

His analysis of why he married her is interesting to. It was not an act of love. He would have us believe he is a martyr, wedding Mary herself so that a legitimate Christ could be born. He deliberately and deceptively makes himself sound paternal and long suffering, a rally cry. Gag. He avoids looking like a fool. He has an investment here.

Anonymous said...

Good point John!!

Anonymous said...

Also, 20/10 is not in increments of 3's. He definitely times her!

Anonymous said...

He is trying very hard to make her sound like a sex addict, a troubled woman and not a mercenary hooker. I think he pimped her out. Her day starts at 5:30, liar's number. She would habe been left to the wolves. I haven't heard from her but I wonder if she was abused and vulnerable and he manipulated her into this, made her dependent and fearful of losing him. It's obvious he's casting himself in the role of savior, all powerful, the only one in the world who would stick by her. His depiction if departing each other's arms makes her trauma sound highly sensualized, it reads like BDSM fan fiction told from a woman's perspective. It reminds me of the Story of O.

Anonymous said...

Ima granma .I WAS a "troll"here against you.I HADNT read anything properly,i was only seeking "outrage"by mocking you.i apologise with all of my heart and wish you some kind of healing in your life x im sorry for my Evil actions xxxx

ima.grandma said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx

Katie said...

Ima.grandma, God bless you. Just when I was giving up on these cases and thinking I need to mind my own business, you post this about yourself. I can't believe your neighbors stopped opening their doors to you! No wonder you thought you did something wrong. Your neighbors alone told you you did by their actions. Did you realize in your comments you call your dad "him" and a "man"? I am not very good at SA yet, so that is all I can point out and I am doing so because I noticed it when reading what your wrote.

Katie said...

I have realized since learning SA that when I ask someone to do something I use qualifiers to soften what I say to make it more of a polite request rather than a demand. But it is okay for me to ask for things and I am working on removing the qualifiers. Also, when people are not clear on what they are asking for I finally get annoyed and make them spit it out, so it is only fair that I make my myself clear. Thanks, Peter and SA for helping me realize.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hugs you tightly Ima Grandma, i am sorry you were abused by someone you should have been able to trust, I wish i could take your pain away xx

Anonymous said...

ima.grandma I thought about you all day today. You are very courageous to share what happened to you. You are safe now.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob i want to HUG YOU!!!

ima.grandma said...

I feel so blessed. Thank you all.