Dylan Redwine's remains have been found within driving distance of the home of Mark Redwine.

 Dan Bender said the bones have been identified as Redwine's.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation positively identified the remains Thursday and notified Elaine Redwine's, who had recently been in contact.

We recently published what some called Mark Redwine's denial, but it was not a denial, only a very thinly veiled attempt to portray himself as a victim.

Police stated that  Dylan's disappearance is being treated as a criminal matter.

FILE -- In this Nov. 26, 2012 photo, a missing poster of 13 year old Dylan Redwine hangs on a trail head sign next to Vallecito Reservoir in Vallecito, Colorado. (AP Photo/The Durango Herald, Shaun Stanley)

Redwine disappearedwhile spending a visit with his father, Mark, in Vallecito, near Durango. It is apparent that an altercation of sorts took place, as Dylan did not want to visit his father, and wanted to be with his friends, instead.

Mark Redwine claimed he left Dylan at home alone while he was out running errands, and when he returned, his son was gone.  Statement Analysis quickly took this story apart. 
Mark Redwine told Dr. Phil he would take a polygraph, but knowing the consequences, canceled it, fueling the public's speculation that he was involved in Dylan's disappearance.

Statement Analysis concluded deception on the part of Mark Redwine, and his knowledge that Dylan was not "missing" but deceased.

Analysis HERE