Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Justin DiPietro

"Emotionally Incapable" of protecting a baby
                                                    Happy Father's Day, Justin DiPietro.

My thoughts are towards you, today, Father's Day, 2013.

I hope that today is the day you become a man, and come clean to police and allow Ayla to have a proper Christian burial!

I hope today is the day you look at yourself in the mirror, and you take responsibility for Ayla's death, and put away the stories of denial that you have told yourself, and those closest to you.

I hope today is the day you put away all unmanly excuses that you have made, blaming your own father, or even your mother.

I hope today is the day you decide to no longer let women do your speaking and protecting and realize how shameful it is for a man to be protected by his mother, his friend's mother, his sister, and his girlfriend.  We are the protectors in life, the ones who sacrifice for women and children.

We are the ones who make payments on life insurance policies so that others will benefit from our deaths, not the other way around.

We are those who, when it is cold, get up early, stoke the fire, and leave the comfort of warm blankets in Wintry mornings to our wives and our children.

We are the ones who work two jobs, exploiting our strength, for the benefit of our families.

We are the ones who open our mouths for those who cannot speak.

We are the ones who walk away from the fights we know we can win with ease.

We are the ones who makes shoes for others, even if it means going barefoot.

We are the ones who make mistakes, own them, tell others how sorry we are for them, and learn from them.

We are the ones who remain silent, knowing that our tongues could cause fires, when wisdom dictates.

We are the ones who rebuke when wisdom calls for rebuke, but do so knowing our own frail natures, and ability to harm. Therefore, we temper what we say and what we do, with sober mindedness.

Happy Father's Day, Justin, as you now stand with an opportunity to set an example for your living child, on how a man owns what he has done, and what it means to face consequences with a face set like flint, without pandering to emotional whims and follies.

Happy Father's Day, Justin, with today, perhaps, just perhaps, the day you do the right thing.

For those who do not know, Ayla Reynolds was reported kidnapped by her father, Justin DiPietro, who has not told the truth.  Statement Analysis indicated him for not only deception, but for indicating that Ayla was dead.

Police revealed the failed polygraph, and that Ayla's blood was shed in the home of Justin DiPietro's mother.

In spite of the lies that he, his sister, his mother, and his girlfriend have told, and the physical evidence of blood, he remains free to this day, without arrest.

6 weeks before reporting her falsely kidnapped, the chronically unemployed, single father, took out a life insurance policy, not for, but against Ayla, and not his other child.

He made a financial wager that he would out live his child.

He was right.

When asked to speak to the 'kidnappers', he hid behind women, who all readily spoke for him, in their own shame and folly, as the unmanly DiPietro hid in the bathroom, even after Nancy Grace took up his challenge to come to Maine and walk in his shoes.

Ayla was likely dumped in water (his statement included the phrase, "rumors floating around out there") and her remains are likely to be never found, but disintegrated by nature.

It also remains unknown why prosecutors have not issued arrest warrants for him and those who have lied for him.

Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, is left bereft of her child this day, and every day since that dreadful and fateful night before DiPietro called 911 to begin the tale of deception.


mountain mama said...

Justin you said, "I wanted to be there for her, because she deserved for me to be,".

The time is right for you to be there for Ayla now. She deserves that and so much more from you.

Red said...

Justin-maybe the women in your life have kept you weak? Time to stand on your own two feet and show your true strength and act with the dignity of a true father and restore Ayla to her place in this world, give her a resting place, finally take good care of her.You can do this.

addie said...

Don't we all wish n pray this coward would come clean.

Randie said...

A former San Diego elementary school teacher says she was fired from her job and her four kids barred from the school she worked at because of her abusive ex-husband.

In January, Carie Charlesworth warned her principal at Holy Trinity School that her ex-husband, who has a history of violent behavior, made threats against her, according to HLN affiliate KGTV.

Later, when Charlesworth's ex-husband, Martin, reportedly showed up near the campus, the school was locked down as a precaution. That's when Charlesworth says the principal told her to leave for a week -- and later told her not to come back.

HLN received a statement from Chancellor Rodrigo Valdivia, defending the school's actions.

"The diocesan Office for Schools acted responsibly in addressing the Holy Trinity School personnel matter with concern for the safety and well-being of both Cari Charlesworth and the children enrolled at the school."

Some parents told KGTV they threatened to pull their children from the school if ​Cari Charlesworth remained.

"This is a prime example of why victims of domestic violence do not come forward," ​Cari Charlesworth told KGTV.

Her story reached national attention Friday when she appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" to talk about it. "I've done everything they tell a victim of domestic violence to do, and yet I still got punished because he made the choice to show up to school that day," she told the program.

Martin Charlesworth is now behind bars for violating restraining orders. His attorney, Aniko M. Rushakoff, says the principal of the school had a civil harassment order against him as well.

Rushakoff said his client feels bad about his wife's firing.

"He is devoutly Catholic, so he believes their marriage can never end," Rushakoff says. "He cannot accept that their marriage is over."

Martin Charlesworth is scheduled to be released around July 23. Cari Charlesworth says she has to figure out something for her and her four children. She is contemplating legal action against the school.


This is what this world we live in is coming to.

Randie said...

I forgot to put OFF TOPIC at the top!

Anonymous said...

I actually pray and wish whoever knows anything about sweet Ayla to come forward and bring her home no matter which way you believe. Ayla is whats important not what you believe. I don't know, and you don't know, and for you to cast stones without knowing makes you just as wrong. God Bless

youngandhopeless13 said...

Amen, Peter! Happy Father's Day to You!

Anonymous said...

I hate all the pleading for Justin "to come forth". Have these types of pleas ever worked with the hard-hearted and the conscienceless?

Very likely Justin DiPietro feels no guilt about what he or someone else in his mother's house did to Ayla. They all consider it an "accident". Not intentional, so no one's at fault.

So why should he confess? For him and the ones protecting him, a confession from him, or anyone associated with him, would not bring back Ayla and DiPietro's freedom would likely be forfeited.

We can't have DiPietro lose his freedom over a mere child. He is so much more important in the scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Is that a scar on Justin's head, in the hairline above his nose? Hey, is that an injury on the bridge of his nose?

Anonymous said...

Peter,,,, I would have preferred ANYTHING other than happy fathers day wishes to this lump of TURD!!! BTW I know you DON'T really wish him a happy fathers day BUT still hate it.

Anonymous said...

'bridge of his nose'??? Bridge =water!!

Anonymous said...

Look at the photo: Justin has an injury on his nose.(KNOWS)

Anonymous said...

Horrible things said here. Very horrible. The baby is gone. These people are from similar backgrounds. Bashing does nothing for the baby and certainly doesn't build up these people who have more than likely had years of this type stuff.

~ABC said...

Anon said...
Before you call Justin's family trash, maybe you should check it the circus that is Trista's family.
June 17, 2013 at 12:11 AM

lol and that elevates Justin how? Whoever may or may not be trashy, the baby disappeared on Justin's watch and he shows no signs of a grieving parent. His reactions are those of a guilty person.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Thankyou mountain m for the link. from the article:
DiPietro said Ayla was initially bashful in her new surroundings...
unfortunately no quotation marks.

bigmtn said...

Well said. Ditto.

bigmtn said...

Peter, I read every day. Please keep up the good work/word. Sincerely, bigmtn

Justin where is Ayla???????

bigmtn said...

To Abc.

Rarely look at anon posts, let alone reply.

S + K Mum said...

Wouldn't it be great if Justin told the truth? He never will, he is a coward. I will never expect him to do the right thing by his beautiful baby daughter. He is scared, scared of prison and telling the truth.

The women who have lied for him however, are wicked. They choose to protect him, over their innocent neice, grandaughter, stepdaughter. What can he possibly be bringing to their lives that outweighs justice for Ayla? They are all mothers.....that is scary. Any of their relatives should be watching their actions with their own very carefully (obv not the DiP side, they clearly wouldn't care).

Jeff said...

Awesome post, Peter!

Anonymous said...

Great point! Look at his hair it's unkempt,,, (she=hair='her')


My initial fury toward the perpetrator of this crime has LONG been overshadowed by an even GREATER fury toward those who enable him to remain unpunished... by lacking the balls to prosecute him.

Time to overhaul an ineffectual Attorneys General office in the fine state of Maine!

Unknown said...

Justin DiPietro,
You are a coward, you have done the worst killing of all, she was your child, how can anyone do this to their own I ask? You, low life piece of scum, and thats putting it mildly, your day will come along with you mother, sister, girlfreind and who ever else feels they need to protect you. Its called KARMA and in case you scumbags don't know what it means: often capitalized : the force generated by a person's actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person's next existence. It will catch up to you all. I personally would not say Happy Fathers Day to you, it takes a human to be a FATHER. YOU ARE AN ANIMAL!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Glenda says.

IT is Time Justin:

Time for Justin to buck up and tell the truth.
Over time as a matter of fact!
Time for justice for AYLA!
Time to stop throwing mud at Ayla's mother & family... Ayla was not "Disappeared" on Trista's watch. She was "disappeared' from her father's house right here in Kennebec County on Violette Avenue in Waterville.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you classify yourself as a good father, with the word "we".
Does a good father teach their children to judge others by their weight and size?
Does a good father teach their children to make disparaging remarks about someone's weight and size?
You did that about Elisha DiPietro.
We all know that our children follow our examples.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Ayla's paternal grandma Phoebe was accused of using her "insider" friend at DHHS to get custody of Ayla. Was this ever investigated? Phoebe hired a lawyer after Ayla disappeared.

Jazzie said...

To Justin:

What is written
in the tired palms of God?
Swing sets and diamonds.
Sweat from a furrowed brow.
Tears and trinkets silent.
Prayers tangled in denim pockets.
Sighs and violets deep.
Sparrows perched.
Truth unearthed.

I write this for you.
Because I do not know the truth.
I want to believe you love your little girl AYLA.
someone speak
for AYLA.

LawAbiding said...

Where is Ayla? Her father may not care. Her paternal relatives may not care. They may wish for her to never be found, lest their actions or inactions, lies and untruths, be exposed - at last!
Ayla, I care. Other perfect strangers care. Your mother cares. Your little brother cares. I pray for justice for you. May you rest peacefully in God's hands, until that day.

Trigger said...

I agree that Justin is emotionally incapable of protecting a baby or child.

He is not a man. He is a poor imitation that any real man can topple and squash at will because of his spineless jellyfish demeanor.

All bullies are cowards when confronted by someone who does not back down to their threats.

Trigger said...

"She is contemplating legal action against the school."

Why? Because her violent husband, who violated a protective order, is being placated by the legal system in her county.

His presence at the school is threat to all the children in attendance at the school.

The school is protecting it's students even though the legal system is failing to protect them.

This violent offender should have "special circumstances" attached to his offenses because he endangered a school full of children in attendance at the time of his violation of the protective order.

He would not be the first violent offender to take out his revenge on innocent school children because he was mad a someone else.

Trigger said...

I believe that the school where this violation happened is also a victim of this violent offender.

Why hasn't LE acted in a responsible way and charged him with child endangerment?

This man should be charged for endangering every child in that school, by his reckless behavior.

He should be charged one count for each child and one count for each adult who felt threatened.

JerseyJane said...

Yes, Trigger I agree.. That mom should be proud of the school taking action. Why isn't she considering the risk to ALL the schoolchildren, parents, and staff?? Maybe the DV goes both ways, especially since she is cold to how the school considered the WHOLE school community. I read that the school principal have an order also against the situation. If it went THAT far already, damn right, that principal did the right thing.
When u bring DV out to a community especially 80% of them children, yes, u do need to reroute the problem. The principal has ABSOLUTELY no way to even now the true facts or actions of the husband or wife. The wife may be egging him on, continuing and escalating the situation. She may be using the school as a fortress as will as at home. I'm not blaming the wife just saying any reaction whether meek or forceful from EITHER is and can be bad.... I commend the prinicipal, the husband AND wife are both blind to the safety of ALL the staff(sorry, mom, it's not just about you!).
Thanks prinicipal for letting the mice out so the cat will follow... As they say, "Not on my watch." "take it elsewhere!"

You are sooooo right about the charges.. And if she don't see that her presence is a threat to the safety of others( and don't care) cuz she thinks it all about her, then she needs to surrender her children to a safe place like a good mom would have done a long time ago....

Jazzie said...

To whoever knows the truth about AYLA:

Do not be afraid.
Please speak.
Be the voice for AYLA.
Do not let her be alone in this world.
I trust that you will do what is right.

Trigger said...

"Maybe the DV goes both ways"

Domestic Violence calls are the ones that are the most dangerous to peace officers because the DV usually goes both ways.

The officer risks getting assaulted by both persons who can turn their anger and violence towards him in an instant

Trigger said...

Savages like Justin don't ever admit to their deadly deeds.

What kind of monster takes a baby from it's mother by force, abuses it, isolates it from it's mother, then kills that baby for insurance money?

When his actions are examined in a reasonable manner, after his excuses and alibis are proven to be false, he blames the powerless mother for the baby's fate.